Is Three a Weyrling Crowd?

Western Weyr - Weyrling Barracks
Inside the wooden building fresh air circulates from the many open windows lining the two longest walls. Outside, you can see many tropical trees and shrubs. The walls and ceiling of the barracks are made of slats that have been pegged together tightly. Overhead are beams from which electric lights have been strung. The floor is of black volcanic stone, rubbed to a smoothness that will not hurt the tender claws of young dragons.

Along each of the two longer walls are cots set up next to rounded depressions in the stone. There are enough areas available for all of the young dragons and their new riders with room to spare. At the back of the barracks are trunks with oiling supplies and bins where fresh meat is delivered until the dragonets learn to hunt for themselves.

Halfway into the night before, several of the male weyrling dragons decided to give chasing a go, when one of Western's greens took to the skies. Indianath was among them, proving only slightly more successful than last time in that he managed to get a little further than before. Still no nookie for him, though! Rou'x, on the other hand, would seem to have been a little more successful; because she's seemingly naked where she's curled up in her cot, beside Ir'e's, with a Keely cuddled in her arms! The brownrider is snoozing, while her dragon watches the world from his nearby couch.

First flight: a loss. Geimhreath was none too pleased, which left Keely even more out of sorts than she would have been otherwise. So a familiar face to, ah, ease her through the new sensations — on more levels than just her dragon's more-blue-than-usual balls — was a welcome respite. Geimhreath is at his couch, sleeping comfortably and clearly unbothered by his lifemate being in a different cot than usual.

Well, at least Indianath didn't fly off with Rou attached to him right? Ir'e sadly wasn't so lucky in that department and he got quite a wild ride before he managed to get Yiska back down to solid ground. But the bluerider slinks in, having spent the night somewhere else and comes upon the two girls with a bit of a start. A low whistle is given, "Well.. that works. Too bad I wasn't around for the show."

A mental nudging form Indianath wakes Rou'x up, and she peers bleary-eyed at Ir'e… then at Kee. "Oh, shit." Surprise! The busty brunette sits up, bares all, then grabs at the blanket to protect what's left of her modesty, rubbing at her eyes with one hand as she tries to bring Ir'e into focus. "Ir'e?" Then Rou laughs, reaching over to gently nudge Keely. "Hey, Kee. Morning, sunshine."

It's not a quick awakening. Keely always was the heavy sleeper. However, it isn't long before those pale eyes open, clouded with sleep. "Mrm?" she mumbles, but soon realizes that there's totally someone there next to her. Skin touching even. With Geimhreath waking, there's assistance in filling in sleep-addled gaps in memory. Ir'e being present is just the icing on the cake as the teen blushes. Well, really, her whole top half becomes red. Remember this moment folks, it might be the first time Kee's ever been embarassed while naked.

Rou'x has modesty? Could have fooled Ir'e! But as he's walking by he reaches out to ruffle her already rather bed tousled hair. "Seems like you had a good night." He glances at Keely, offering her a rather cooked smile as well. "Or are you starting a new habit, Rou?" Attention goes back to the brownrider before he flops down on his own, still made cot. "That flight really did a number on us didn't it. Lemme tell you, Yiska's gunna be turned into a glorious rug the next time he tries to go chasing with me still attached!" Grumble and then he adds, as if on an afterthought, "That's a nice color, Keely." To her blush of course, he's so considerate about delicate situations.

Rou'x's not a cold-hearted lover, and she curls her arm around Keely's shoulders to kiss the girl's cheek. "S'alright," she grins reassuringly, giving her a squeeze. "I was /awesome/, right?" Then she winks over at Ir'e, patting the cot beside her and beckoning him over to join them. "Yiska went up with y'still attached? Hooooboy, that would've /sucked/. C'mon and we'll make y'feel better for it, yeah?" Despite having a naked chick in her bed, Rou'x's got no qualms inviting a third in!

"Uh, well…" Keely turns an even darker shade around her ears, "Considering you're my, ah… well, let's just say you're the best for now." Could've been worse, so much worse. She could've found herself with some old, skeevy greenrider if Geim had won one of /those/ flights for her first time being intimate with someone. She blinks at Ir'e, "Still attached? Faranth, I couldn't even imagine." Not with how brutal Geim was acting. Rou'x's invitation has her casting a glance around, lifting a hand to run through her hair. "I know we were told it's OK, but it still feels kinda… like we could get in trouble." Not that it sounds like she minds that.

Ir'e looks as if this is a really hard decision for him. His eyebrow tilt down and his lips form into a straight line before he shakes his head. "I think Rhab'd have me by the balls if I went straight from his bed into.." But notice that he's not exactly trying to avert his gaze or anything at the two naked women. ".. well that." He motions to her cot as a whole. "But the idea is tempting." He adds, winking playfully at her before glancing back over at Keely. "Yeah, it was terrible. Yiska bites and claws whoever gets too close. I was worried I was gunna get smashed between him and one of those big fat bronzes and he flew by." He shakes his head, never wanting to have repeat of /that/ adventure ever again. "Well, I think it's the lack of privacy to be honest. Once we have our own places it shouldn't feel so strange I think."

"Shit. D'you think /ev'ryone/ saw… n' /heard/ us?" Randy Rou'x is quite a vocal character! The thought makes the brownrider laugh, even as she colours as red as Keely and scrunches up her nose in embarrassment. "Aaaw, shit. Don't matter no way anyhow, everyone's gonna do it /sometime/. And stuff Rhab, Thei. Y'know he's an /arse/." Her hand under the blanket wanders a little bit, and she winks at the bluerider in her bed as flesh is squeezed. "Y'pretty hot y'self, Kee. Y'reckon we should show Ir'e what he's missin' out on? He don' wanna sleep with me, y'know, cos've his moody boyfriendy-thing."

There's a squeak from Keely, cutting off any initial replies. She looks a little flustered, but something enough kicks in that she leans into Rou'x a bit. The gentle, familiar type is definitely the way to go- at least for this bluerider. No longer stressing out over what her first time might be like, or who with, she's able to be a little more her old self. Just in this new kind of role. "Didn't, ah… expect it to last beyond…" she waves a hand absently in their dragons' directions. Then a nervous giggle, "Glad it has, tho." She looks towards Ir'e, "What's he gonna say when Yiska does win?"

Ir'e makes an uncommitted type of throaty noise at Rou's question. "I didn't hear ya. But I would have definitely come back earlier if I had known this was going down." He laughs pretty loudly, regardless of who else might still be asleep at the Rhab comment though. "You two really dislike each other now, don't ya? He's not always an ass you know. But he's got a pretty fine one." His laughter has died down to a low chuckle at his joke as he watches the two and their play. "I'll just sit right here an watch if you two are gunna put on a show. Nothing wrong with watching." And he waves off Keely's question then, "Rhab doesn't have any issue with me sleeping around. He just doesn't really want me sleeping with Rou, is all. I'm sure he wouldn't mind you though." While normally he might not be overly friendly with Keely on account of the bit of history they have, he's on a high at the moment and being overly friendly by the looks of things.

"Kee's mine." It's oddly possessive, the way Rou'x says it in response to Ir'e's comment, and she tackles the blueriding teen back down into her cot, pinning her there with arms either side of her head. Slowly, she leans down to kiss her, a brief, sweet affair, done as much for Ir'e's benefit as for her own desire. Then she winks over at the man on the cot beside them, before pulling the blanket up over her head, hiding them from view! There's no mistaking the movement beneath the blanket though, nor is there anything to muffle Rou'x's giggling or the throaty, moany little sounds she makes. It might be fake, to tease Ir'e… or it might not.

There's no time for Keely to respond to Ir'e. He'll just have to wonder if she's intrigued or upset by the offer! Maybe both, in a weird and confusing way. She seems surprised, initially, at the kiss, but responds to it well. The initial giggles from the bluerider may very well imply that it's fake, but they do rapidly change tone to one that certainly implies enjoyment of /something/… and it's doubtful Kee would be anywhere remotely talented at faking things.

"Fine fine, you can have her. I'll just sit here and you know, mind my own business." Ir'e murmurs, laying back on his cot before a yawn manages to force his mouth open. "Well, you two have fun, I think I'm going to grab some shuteye, or try to at least. Didn't get much sleep last night, and I'm sure you two didn't either." Ha! "Just next flight, make sure to include me.." His voice fades out as he passes out cold. Poor sleepy baby.

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