Training Two Simultaneously

OOC Date: July 9, 2012
Location: Western Weyr
Participants: Seryic, S'rorn, Qiana

IC Date: Day 25 of Month 11 of Turn 2693
Time of Day: Dawn
Season: Winter
Weather: Slightly Foggy

Pearl Dolphin Resort - Racetrack
The racetrack at The Pearl Dolphin Resort is a place celebrating all things equine. From elegant sculptures set up in the main entry courtyard, to reliefs all along the horseshoe-shaped outer walls, and even horse-shaped lighting features; this is truly a horse-lovers paradise. The white-stone horseshoe building opens at the center in a series of elegant arches, the three keystones each in either purple, teal, or black, leads to the top walkway where the betting offices, registration, shops, and refreshment stands are located. The farthest left and right ends of the building are reserved for premier accommodations for the runners. A dozen rows of descending grandstands leads down to the track itself, where only the best care is taken to ensure the ground is fit for the races. Even deliberate time has been taken to make sure decorating hedges and fine blonde sand is kept groomed, promoting a bright, clean appearance to the entire area. One can see the racetrack was built right on the coast, as just past some dunes on the other side of the track is the massive spread of beach against which the western seas lap and crash, promoting an always-present breeze that keeps the teal, purple, and black flags all around rippling and fluttering.

It's early winter in Western Weyr now, and the day is just getting started. The fog is still a little thick in places, having not had the chance to lift yet, but that doesn't seem to be hampering Qiana this morning at all. One of the middle-aged racers has been tacked up in racing training gear, but the journeywoman is making no moves to mount the runner. No, there had been a lesson arranged with her apprentice for today.

Seryic makes his ways slowly out to the track, the young beastcrafter doesn't seem to mind the early hour or the fog, not exactly sure what to expect from the change in his normal activity he carries a satchel slung over his shoulder as he nears. Spotting Qiana with one of the racers all prepped he glances about appearing to wonder why she isn't astride at this point, "Morning Ma'am."

S'rorn isn't too far off from Qiana, himself, standing off to the side as he peers at the creature with a side long stare. He isn't sure if Nyzieroth is putting ideas and crazy notions in his head, or this runner really is giving him the stink eye. The brownrider frowns, readjusting the strap from the woven basket hanging at his side. Faustus cheeps, gripping onto the lid with wings half open as he tries to keep his balance on his perch. The brown firelizard dips his head, holding still til his human is done fidgeting. "At least the weather isn't too bad this morning, otherwise Nyz would want to be out here with us." Anything to torment unsuspecting delicious looking creatures! Fortunately for him, there's a few glowing greens out on the beaches today to distract the brown dragon.

It probably is the runner giving everyone the stink eye this morning. He was taken away from his comfortable stall, and now he's been tacked up and no on is getting on! "Morning, Seryic. Drop the satchel and do your stretching if you haven't already. You're going to be taking Riven out for his exercise today." S'rorn is given a bit of a grin as she makes her way towards one of the first seats on the railing. Hey, she doesn't have to be standing for this. "A bit damp, but at least it's not too chilly yet. Just enough to kind of … bog you down."

Seryic blinks and says, "yes ma'am.' he moves to begin to limber up, not having been trusted to really give one of the racers there exercise before his. His build not exactly what you would expect from a jockey after all "Just the basic ma'am I good walk to warm him up for you?"

S'rorn slowly moves over towards Qiana's side, placing the basket down between them carefully, so as not to dislodge the firelizard in the process. Faustus is one of his good ones, the other… a little too excited about man made food stuffs. The blue doesn't quite have his manners down just yet. The little brown flit relaxes his grip on the lid and curls up, his little pointed head peering over at the runner, tilting from side to side like a small confused dog. As long as the big thing doesn't try to eat him, he's going to enjoy watching, too. The brownrider chuckles a bit, offering a crooked frown shortly after to the beast before smiling at his weyrmate. "This one looks lively," he says, nodding his head towards Riven. Hopefully Seryic won't have too much trouble.

Qiana leans forward, resting her forearms on the railing. "Oh, don't tell me all of our lessons have gone right out of your head?" There have been the theory lessons after all, book-teaching and knowledge-sharing, but eventually it comes for hands on experience. "No, Seryic. You're going to /exercise/ him. You're going to walk him. Then trot him. Then the gallop, and then, you'll let him go full tilt for half a lap. He looks restless." Faustus gets a little scritch between his eyeridges while Qi leans over the basket, lowering her voice. "He looks worse than he is. He's just grumpy I interrupted /his/ breakfast."

Seryic nods to Qiana and says, "oh… alright…" he looks to the runner and smiles a bit, "i think I can handle him ma'am…Never been on a racer but, I have spent alot of time on the riding mounts and some on the jumpers…." he licks his lips a bit and begins to stretch himself further.

Faustus? Total ham, leaning into those scritches, complete with happy little trills and cheeps to Qiana for the attention. "As long as he isn't so grumpy that he's going to eat your apprentice, then here's to hoping a little run will tire the grump out of him." Though, there's no telling with runners. They can be as unpredictable as children and some women. S'rorn leans back where he sits, stretching his arms over his head as he yawns and settles once more. The brownrider clears his throat and peers down to the brown flit, offering his own scritches before turning his attention back to Seryic and the task assigned to him.

Qiana offers her apprentice a smile. "Well, you remember how your seat differs between jumping, riding and racing, right? Keep your butt /off/ the saddle." Partially because it'd be plain awkward not to, with how short the stirrups are. "Now, you want a boost up into the saddle, or you got it? Riven looks like he's ready to go." Qi once again resumes leaning on the railing in front of her. There's absolutely no reason to be pacing around. "Sweety, if he needs a boost up, would you? He'd squish me in about two seconds." And the brownrider gets a sweet little smile from his Weyrmate for the favor being asked before her attention goes back to her apprentice. "And you know why we're covering racing too, right?"

Seryic nods to Qiana and stands to moves over to the runner making sure to approach from the front, taking the time to check the straps and bridle himself he says, "I think I can get up on my own." the the runner he speaks in soothing tones, "It ok boy we will be running shortly." before he moves to pull himself up into the saddle.

S'rorn tilts his head to peer over at Qiana, offering a crooked smile before turning his gaze over to Seryic. Surely he can climb up on his own? After all the trials of getting Nyzieroth to let him mount the unruly brown, the rider thinks he can be stubborn enough to climb on anything. Sure, he might not get it at the first fifteen or twenty times, but he'll be persistent! "If you need help, Seryic, I'll lend you a knee. Just make sure he doesn't go for my throat."

"Mmm. He shouldn't do that. He's not a nippy runner. Just energetic." After Seryic is up on the runner she nods, more or less to herself. "Now just like I said; start him off at a walk for a lap, trot for a lap, gallop for half and let him go for the other half. Then cool him down." And then she's back to speaking to Rorn, though her eyes are glued on the apprenticed mounted up on a racing runner. "I'd be surprised if he did more than try and get the bit in his mouth to take off." And indeed, Riven is pulling on the reins, trying to see how much of a pushover Seyric might be.

Seryic loops the reins about his arm and gives a firm pull back on it as the runner tries to test him, "Alright ma'am I will take it easy on him to start..' before letting a little more slack back into the rein and nudging the runners side with his heel.

"Energetic in a good way or a bad way? Some of my riders could be called 'energetic' for all the wrong reasons." It's still a bit awkward leading a group of grown men and women, some of which old enough to be his parents but responsibility knows no ages or boundaries. S'rorn chuckles a bit and peers down to his arm as Faustus climbs up carefully before gliding down the way a little bit. He perches on the railing and opens his wings, taking in the little warmth the island sheds as the day progresses. The brownrider opens his basket, pulling out two bottles before passing one to Qiana.

Qiana mms as she's passed one of the bottles. "Warm or cold?" Is asked as she opens it up, taking a whiff of whatever may be inside first, so she knows what to expect. "Anything in that basket to munch on? Like a meatroll or something? I'm nibbly." Speaking of being in biting moods… Riven snorts as his reins get a good pull on them, and in turn he stops pulling. For now. But instead of heading straight down the track, he's angled at enough of a direction to run the pair directly into the railing in just a few strides. "Straighten him out, Seryic! He's old enough to be stubborn about new riders. Just show him you know what you're doing." And her voice is loud enough it should carry easily.

Seryic uses a first steady hold on the reins and says "Woah boy, you don't wanna be runnin into that," using the rein to guide the runners path more to the center of the track. His concentrating fully on the runner now, not a novice to runner back he take a firm hand to the rein and attempts to coral the unruly beast.

"You know, I've been around runners and other beasts in the caravans for a good chunk of my life. I think he's doing shards better than I ever did. Every runner has always had it out for me." Either that, or they think of many creative and different ways to turn the brownrider into glue. Turnabout is fair play, after all. "Cold. And there's meatrolls, fresh fruit and bubblies." S'rorn grins and pulls out the smaller basket, flipping back the lid revealing the meatrolls inside. What kind of man would he be if he didn't bring something to compliment the cold drinks?

There's another snort from Riven, and a tiny bit more weaving to be had before the racer straightens out, a quarter of the first lap gone. But then he's straightened out with his mind on the track, and the change is pretty noticeable. "Alright. Now just practice getting up into your seat while he's walking. So stand in your stirrups, crouch, and lean forward over his withers. You want to be as close to his body as you can without resting your weight on anything but the stirrups." Qi takes a sip of her beverage then, reaching for a roll to go along with it. "You spoil me." She states with a playful grin, sparing her eyes off her apprentice for two seconds.

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