Rum Cakes and Kitchen Dogs

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Kitchen

The kitchen cavern is a huge and perpetually bustling place, one that rarely seems to slow down - if at all. The cooks certainly seem to be busy both day and night, preparing meals or getting things ready for the next day. The cavern itself is large and with a domed ceiling that seems perfect for trapping the aromas of deliciously prepared food. New steel-bodied ovens and stoves have been designed and installed along the walls, utilizing the natural gas that's piped in from a nearby well. The vents are also new - shiny metal exteriors that house silent fans to pull any fumes and smoke from the space. The walls, too, appear to have been painted fairly recently in a warm off-white color to contrast the dark tile floor.

The interior is an open space - or would be, were it not for the rows of neatly organized counters. The counters feature a dark wood as the main body - some have wood surfaces while others are capped with black marble. Several islands have wheels on them and can be moved as necessary. Many of the counters double as storage and the fixed ones have shelves built into the ends for storing various odds and ends, like spices and herbs. Hanging from the ceiling are wood and metal racks that have been arranged, just so, to allow pots and pans to be hung out of the way - but still within easy reach. A heavy, metal door leads to the cold storage chamber, which has been outfitted with a refrigeration device of some sort. Cold foods and ice are kept there, ensuring that the Weyr's foodstuffs are always fresh.

It is well after the noon meal but before the start of the dinner prep. But the kitchen seems to be active right now as Riohra seems to be moving around collecting ingredients on the prep station. He is whistling and double checks a cooking book next to him saying "Now where am I going to get the Rum?"

Cue Sevran carrying, not rum, but two giant bags of flour, or sugar, or something else that comes in a giant sac and looks heavy. There's a quick exchange of words with one of the people running this kitchen area, and then he's moving off again to deposit items in their proper locations, directed by pointing fingers and hot looks. Down they go with a *Fffhmp* type sound, and he's stretching out his back and rolling his shoulders. Somewhere in that process, he spots Rio and, curiosity getting the better of him, slinks over to see what he's doing. "Rum?" he asks. "Why do you need rum?"

A cheery whistled tune on her lips, the lanky diver hoists the nets over her shoulder, one holding the day's catch and the other clinking softly as a trio of brown glass bottles shift, their contents sloshing. Tanit's self-satisfied grin however faulters as she catches sight of the two candidates, and the last snippet of the conversation. Maybe she can inch away slowly and neither Sev, nor Riohra will see her. Maybe.

Riohra grins over at Sevran as he draws near to the mess… in progress, "for the cake, see it says add two cups rum into the mix" he will point at cook book. He goes about looking in the cabinets and drawers for the missing spirits "Got to be quick so this will cook and be done before dinner time." With out even breaking his search he will call out "Hey Tanit, smells like you caught a big hall today?"

Sevran knows nothing of kitchens, or baking, and so will just stand idly by and look totally useless as Rio begins his search. It's his call to Tanit that has him casting his gaze in the direction of the diver, a wide smile on his face for the look on her own. Hah. Caught. "Hey Tanit," and he juts his chin at her bag as he seconds Rio, "Whatcha got there?" and then, without much of a pause, "Got any rum?"

"A decent one," Tanit answers slowly. Sea-green eyes cast about for an escape route of sorts as Sevran's question is noted. "Just the day's catch." Shifting her body just so, trying to hide the bottles from view.

Riohra is still hunting through things but will grin at the diver and say "That is good, always nice to make a decent days hunt" He stands and starts checking the cabinets saying "I am making a cake for Catwin it was her turn day not to long ago and well she has had a rough go of this. figured it would be nice for her to have a sweet treat.":

"That's nice of you," he says to Rio, surprised. But before he can add more, his eyes are narrowing and his attention distracted. Sevran sees you, Tanit! And he knows her well enough to suspect something is afoot. "What are you doing?" Rio and the search for booze takes a backseat as Sev's attention focuses on the shifty-looking diver lass. He'll just kinda start heading her way, casual-like. Definitely not stalking. Nooo, not stalking at all.

Tanit says, "Catwin's Turnday?" her head tilts to the side with the revelation. "Why would that require rum?" Not that she has any, nope. Sev is eyed, and Tanit's stance changes ever so slightly, feet set shoulderwidth apart and her center of gravity lowered But she'll try to shift the net low into a barrel of pickling ingredients wating for the liquid and other items to be added, while swinging the oyster net wide out to Sevran. "Here you go you greedy bastard.""

Riohra will laugh at the two and comment "you two fight like me and my sister. The rum is for the cake, Catwin is a vintner so it would be nice for her to have a good taste of her craft" oh becuase that makes all the sense..not.

Sevran snorts. "I just wanna know why you're acting so suspicious," he states, though the playful side of him is up for chasing and wrestling. Maybe not in the kitchen, though. His head bobs to Rio for the explanation. "She's a vintner," so she likes rum, right? Like he's a butcher, so he likes meat? Maybe?

"I'm not acting suspicious," Striding away from the hiding place, but moving as though she still has something behind her back. Tanit will try to draw him away. "Catwin seems like the type that you'd probably want to use very good rum for, you don't think there's a good bottle for sale in the Rec Room bar?"

"Buy a whole bottle of rum, just for one cake?" This does not make sense to Sevran. "And a good bottle is going to be expensive," emphasis very clear. "Yeah, sorry. I like Catwin, but not enough to empty my savings into her birthday cake." Must be a meager savings. His chin lifts, eyes lower halfway, as he peers across at Tanit. "I will chase you," he warns her. Cause now it's a game, see?

"I wouldn't use any of the nice label stuff in here unless you ask the kitchen's staff for permission." Why exactly this is the case, Tanit does not explain. "I can pitch in a mark or two, your share of the earnings from the incident that got you pushed into the drink." The pier event bringing a smile to her lips with the memory. "You will not."

Riohra laughs saying "Just need this much" he holds a measureing cup up. Then will nod to the diver saying "If you could get it for me?" Big blue pleading eyes at her while he grins at her.

"I would," insists Sevran, though he backs off now. "Fine. How much is this stupid thing. I'll pitch in a little too." And grump about it, just a little bit. "And why not?" use the stuff in the kitchen. "It belongs to the kitchen, right? What else would they use it for besides cooking or sharing?"

Tanit reaches to the strapped pouch at her leg, and fishes out three marks, dropping them into Sev's hands, Riohra's statement earning a look. "Just promise me you won't."

Riohra grins and hands the measuring cup to Sevran saying "just fill this up, thanks" he turns and starts mixing the batter. Yup one track mind this guy, but surprisingly he doesnt make to much of a mess with the eggs.

Sevran looks questioningly between Rio and Tanit, though his hand closes around the marks she gives him. "You want me to take a measuring cup to the bar…" cause that won't look at all suspicious. "Alright," he says with a resigned shrug. He takes the offered cup as he adds, "I'll swing by the barracks and grab my share," cause he's fair like that, "And you can give me your part when I get back," to Rio. "Be right back," and off he goes, slipping out of the kitchen with marks and measuring cup in hand.

It is just after lunch, but still, well before dinner preparations have begun and Riohra is hard at work with a whisk while Sevran has been sent to fetch a measuring cup full of Rum. (Perhaps a suspicious purchase for any candidate hopeful.) Meanwhile, the lanky young pearl diver squares away from the net of oysters into one of the saltwater barrels, before perching on a counter to watch the madness ensue. "Can Catwin actually eat the cake if you use rum?" Tanit isn't sure how this baking thing works unless it pertains to seafood.

Riohra grins over at Tanit, mixing bowl in hand as he is whisking the ingredients together for the cake batter, "It makes off enough that the taste is there but you cant get drunk off of it. Can't go breaking the rules now can we" He looks over at the book and adds some spices when it tells him too.

T'ana walks in, her right hand in Niki's left, the mutt Kor trialing between and behind them. Niki wears hunting attire that's a bit ill-fitting on her, a bit larger than her frame really needs, while T'ana wears a long winter coat, beneath which is a dress a touch shorter than her frame really needs and quite a bit "frillier" than she's used to. "…so then I said to the guy, 'If that's not a duck you need to see a healer,'" she says to Niki, grinning and mid-conversation.

Niki laughss At T'ana joke as she walks in shifting the weight of th bow and quiver she wears. Spying Riohra shes smiles brightlys, "There he is…..and they are letting him cook?"

Baylee pokes her head into the kitchen and finds, people! Specifically people she knows. At least some of the people she knows. She steps in all the way and waves at Rio, "Hi Rio." She also waves a greeting to the others present as well.

Sea-green eyes shift as the women enter, a tip of her chin given by way of greeting as the Diver takes note of the Ierne knots at the shoulder. Baylee too gets a tip of her chin by way of greeting, though the Tanit says nothing much else yet.

Riohra will turn and see new faces, then he stops mid stir and just blinks amoment taking in the scene saying "T'ana? Niki?" yeah he is abit loss for words at the moment seeing his cousin in a dress. Thankfully Baylee is there to jumpstart the boys brain, he will go back to his mix and then says "Hey you all.." yeah focus on the task at hand.

T'ana gives a warm smile to the others present, though when she sees Riohra, it becomes a full-fledged grin. "Yes, dear cousin?" she asks with insincere innocence, as Kor hurries over to the man to get some attention. "Are you alright? Candidacy isn't becoming too much for you, I hope…?"

Niki smirks in Riohra's general dirrection and swaggers over towards him and says, "I would hate to think things had gotten to tough for you." hitching her thumbs into her belt.

Baylee hangs back a bit trying to figure out what to make of all that is going on. The best way to figure things out often is just to ask, "Rio. Whats going on?" she asks. Rio is the man in the know it seems since he is the one doing the cooking.

Sevran returns, measuring cup of rum in hand, and a sour expression on his face. "It wasn't that absurd a request," he mutters. But his grumping stops mid step as he notices the new figures with Rio. "Um. Why is there a canine in the kitchens? You may wanna get him outta here before one of the cooks catches him." Would not end well. "Here's your rum," and it's thrust at Rio with only enough care to ensure nothing sloshes out. "Damn expensive. Hope it was worth it."

"Friends of yours?" Tanit asks of Rio, lips twitching as Sev mutters to himself. "He's baking Cat a Turnday cake." As for why everyone else is there? Tanit hasn't a clue. "Indeed." She says of the expense of the rum.

Riohra is in the middle of cooking, when the rum shows up there is a very very hard look at it like wants to drink it down. but instead into the mix it goes and heats the ovens saying "Everyone this is my cousin T'ana" he motions to the Woman in the dress with the scars and dog trailing her, "and her mate Niki" if they are acting weird he doesnt say. "Cousin, this is Tanit, Sevran and Baylee." After introductions are made he will turn to Niki and say "And candidacy is fine just this is weird you two dropping in" and wearing different CLOTHES!!

As she's introduced, T'ana gives a respectful bow to the others, though Sevran gets an arched brow for his admittedly understandable concern. She tries to meet his gaze and let her head dip just a half-beat longer, acknowledging his valid point. She looks to Kor, then, body stiffening just a little, voice dropping to project better. "Kor," she says, getting the dog's attention. "Come. Sit." Slowly the dog trots over, with a sem-confused, "what did /I/ do?" look on his face, though he plants his rear on the ground between T'ana and Niki, as the former looks to the others. "Apologies," she says in her regular, softer voice, smiling as well. "I hadn't intended to cause a—health issue. My weyrmate and I simply wanted to surprise my cousin."

Baylee ohhhs softly as Rio explains what is going on, "I should probably go make sure she isn't going to come in here or something." And with that Baylee skitters out. Maybe it was the mention of of the rum? Who knows.

Niki smiles to the candidats and says, "you all can blame the crazy visiting riders for the dog if the cook shows up." before loking back to Riohra .

"I'm just thinking of, you know," and Sevran's hand flips around in the air in a little circle, "hair. Getting into food. It wouldn't be good. Plus, some people may have allergies," he notes. He's just being practical, and although the dog is eyeballed quite seriously for still being in the kitchen at least it is no longer moving around. "Sevran," he repeats, even though Rio already introduced them. "Not sure what you mean by clothes?" Cause it looks fine to him, even if his eyes are avoiding that skirt like the plague. He'll just keep his gaze at face-level, kay? Yeah. "Here," and he thrusts his hand at Tanit, handing her something back. "Change. It was expensive, but splitting it even net you something back."

Tanit studies the women and Riohra in succession, a twist of her mouth flashing white teeth at the word cousin. "Faranth save us from our families eh?" The diver teases brightly. "Well met, though Sev does have the right of it. Bad enough that the flits can nick in an out." She eyes the change as though she'd not expected any but nods. "Maybe I'll bet it on you yeah?" She teases the candidate with a wicked smile.

Riohra shrugs as they discuss the dog he pours the cake into the pans and when the oven is ready he puts them in. He will set an egg timer for it to cook then turns and grins at the others "Well this candidate is quite surprised to see you two out and about. I see you have shown Niki the joys of hunting, think she will change jobs?" to Tanit he will snicker, poor Sevran gets the blame all the time.

"That's true," T'ana says, then turns to Niki. "I'll be outside with Kor," she tells the other woman, smiling at her and giving her hand a squeeze. "Take your time, okay?" quick kiss of Niki's cheek, then she turns for the exit. "We'll catch up soon, Rio," she says with a wave of her left hand to her cousin. So saying, she gets Kor's attention and snaps her fingers lightly, beckoning him to join her.

Niki smiles to Riohra and says, "Oh she is taking me hunting shortly." she smiles, you never know.' she turns and says, "We just wanted to stop by and check on you." watching T'ana as she begins to head out.

"Just don't blame me if you lose it all," mutters Sevran, though it's a grin that he flashes at Tanit. "Alright, I think my job here is done," Rio has the rum, the cake is baking away, Tanit has her change and the dog has been removed. It's time to make his escape, edging towards the door. "I'd better get back to my own chores. Um. It was nice meeting you," he offers to Niki, even if he's already forgotten her name. "And your… her." The other name he forgot. "Yeah. Bye." And he's gone, disappearing down the corridor as fast as socially acceptable.

"Haven't you figured out it is always your fault Sev?" Tanit teases watching the butcher depart with a grin. "I have an army of cousins myself back home, though I think only one or two would actually come visit. You should consider yourself lucky Rio."

Niki smiles and says, "Oh he is luckier then he knows.' she gives Riohra a waves, "We will eave you to your chores. Hope to catch you on your next free day.."

Riohra laughs "oh I love these weirdos" he will give Niki a big hug and waves to T'ana "Oh I should have a free time in afew hours so you guys should go and check out the sights. But if you have to leave then come back tomorrow I might have the day off" or he might not but hey here is hopeing.

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