The Cake isn't a LIE

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Living Cavern
Here is the center of Weyr life, the living caverns. These two main rooms were man-shaped from smaller caves, and are joined by a carved arch with depictions of dragons in flight and dolphins leaping in swirling waves. One room has many round stone and wooden tables and a stone fire-pit instead of a hearth. Over the round-walled, gas fired pit is a large conical hood made of polished bronze, with reliefs of dragons with their riders flying over ships guided by dolphins. This hood and chimney keeps the room smoke-free. Through the archway is an enormous hall, with long tables and benches, some carved from the rock floor, many crafted of wood. This room is a combination dining and meeting hall, and can seat over 300 comfortably. Above both rooms, angled shafts lined with polished metal bring in sunlight during the day. Electric lights also burn, day and night

Tanit laughs, "Come on, I promise it is a good kind of surprise." The lanky diver moving in step with the vintner, "And I owe you for those drinks you procured anyway." The Living cavern is quieter in the after dinner hours, but not empty, a cake bedecked with sparkling candles staged at an empty table with people nearby. "Since you missed your Birthday, Riohra baked you a cake and Sev and I kind of helped."

Catwin isn't grumpy as she follows along with Tanit, but she is wary looking. "I really don't care for surprises." she murmurs as they move along and then she stops dead in her tracks as she sees the cake and then she pales as she hears Tanit's words and starts backtracking. "I don't do Turndays." she says finally as she looks at Tanit. "And how in the bloody name of Faranth did you even find out my Turnday?" Nope. She is sooooo not a happy Cat.

Riohra steps out from the kitchen wiping his hands on a clean rag "Hey Catwin Happy belated turnday" he says with a grin. He is also just happens to be blocking her escape route back to the lower caverns "I know you don’t like a fuss about things, but this is really good cake. My mother’s recipe, it is a rum cake with klah cream frosting" he just looks so happy with himself.

Shanatea was lurking, but he heard the word cake, and comes out of hiding. "Happy Turnday, he quietly quips from Catwin's left. Hopefully she's a righty and will hit someone not him. Heehee. He pulls something from his pocket and picks a piece of lint off of it before offering it to her. "Here, turn down for what. I mean, Turnday present for you." he waves a small notebook at her with a ribbon around it. "Its for your recipes and stuff. I figured someone who creates recipes can never have too many, right?" Awww, thoughtful.

"I didn't blame Riohra for that one. You better at least eat the cake." Tanit insists, especially after what the rum in it cost. Shanatea is noted, and the little book studied from where Tanit stands, the diver raking a hand through her hair, stepping off to go stand near Rio to get out of the blast radius.

Catwin is deadly quiet for several long moments. Her eyes narrowed and then she lets out a long suffering sigh as Tea hands her the notebook. She still doesn't look exactly happy, but she's at least not hitting anyone. Course, she hasn't hit anyone here on purpose either. "Rum cake, huh?" she murmurs finally. She hasn't moved yet, but she hasn't shoved her way past Rio to the lower caverns or high tailed it to the outside. Nor has she tried ducking under a table and running too.

Riohra grins and nods at the vintner "yup, come just try a slice, I promise no singing or anything just cake" he looks over as Shanatea joins in and grins "Hey bud, how are ya?" he still is watching Catwin. Waiting to see if Catwin will bolt, nothing new there but at least he tried to do something nice that isnt a total explosion of glitter.

Shanatea returns Rio's grin with one of his own, "Good, pal, and you?" Pleasantries! He waves the notebook cheerfully before she takes it and nods to her. "Hey, thought it was a thoughtful gift, yanno. All thinky and stuff." How many times can we use the base 'think' in one sentance? Well, probaly more than that, but he tried.

"Good Rum too." Tanit points out for whatever that much is worth, trying very hard not to smirk at Shanatea's use of the word think.

Catwin takes the book and grumps a little, but she is also rolling her eyes. She does that a lot with Tea. "Fine." she says and goes to sit down. But blow out the candles? She'll stare at them and then wave a hand at them. "Someone put those out before something burns down." she states. "I'll try this cake of your mothers."

Riohra grins and walks over to the table grabbing plates along the way and a serving knife. He will roll his eyes and say "just blow them out silly, it is bad luck for others to do it" he puts the plates down. He will sit next to Catwin and do a really dumb thing by handing her the knife to cut the cake with.

Shanatea turns a chair around backwards and straddles it, leaning his arms on the back and resting his chin on his arms. "Blow them." Hmm, maybe not the best choice in words, but well, Tea didn't notice. That might be for the best…..

"Please?" Because, cake. Tanit settles in an empty chair as well, the diver looking a little sleepier than usual by this time of night. "Would you punch me if I asked how old you are?"

Catwin just eyes Rio, and then the knife. "You want me to eat the cake? I'll eat the cake. But I am not blowing out the candles. I am not making a wish." She stops and takes a deep breath and sighs. "Please, don't ask that. I just. I just can't." She murmurs as she stares at the flickering candles that flicker in her eyes. "You don't know what you ask." she murmurs very softly. Tea's remark goes unremarked upon. It's undeserving of a remark. It's bad, it's terrible. It's. Yeah. Tanit is blinked at. "Twenty-nine." She says with a bit of a shrug. She's not ashamed of her age.

Riohra grins and winks at her saying "I didnt say make a wish, but if you want to wish for a new runner I am sure I can get Krenn to find you one" because every girl wants a pony. He tilts his head toward Shanatea agreeing with him, is it dirty? probably, does Rio know that….Nope. He will grin at Tanit saying "see people keep telling me I am not supposed to ask that question"

Shanatea peers at Catwin and considers a moment, and then he steals the moment and blows her candles good. "For you, Catwin, you're wish was my command. Now I am free!" Someone has been reading too many fantasy novels. Fanciful Harpers! Ahem….. "Yaye!" He applauds himself for being a windbag.

"Because you probably would get punched, I get away on the technicality of also being a girl." She amends "Sometimes." But there's something in Catwin's response that has the diver starting to get up and put them out. Shanatea saves her the trouble earning a second look from the diver, "I don't think I've met you yet."

Catwin says, "Tanit, Tea. Tea, Tanit." Catwin states. Tea is eyed, but then there is a thankful look before she's glowering at Rio and his grin. "Glad you think my being uncomfortable with this whole thing is funny." she states. "I do not need a shardin' runner, and yes, guys shouldn't ask girls their age. It's rude." Yes. Grump. Grump grump. She still hasn't taken the knife. "Just cut the damn cake already." And a tad irked."

Riohra grins and cuts and dishes out cake to everyone and forks saying "Yes ma'am, I apologize for teasing you" he really does apologize. But takes a bite of the cake anyway and just mhmms as it is moist and gooey and all kinds of yummy.

Shanatea almost gleefully swipes the second largest piece of cake, leaving the biggest for Catwin. Because he's a GENTLEMAN. He also reaches out and slides that biggest piece towards Catwin with a companionable grin. At least he never tried to 'help' Catwin out, like so many other folks like to do. He's nice that way…. MUNCH. MMMMMM. CAKE. Its not pie, but good anyways.

"Tea." Is Tanit's greeting for the olive skinned candidate, and then there is cake. And the cake is good. Tanit all but inhales hers, "Rio that is delicious." She glances back to Catwin, fishing in the pouch that belts to her leg for a minute, before producing a small velvet bag and passing it her way. "They aren't much, but I thought you might like them." The pink and peachy hued pearls in the bag.

More gifts? Catwin has just taken a bite of the cake when bag is handed over. With a mouthful of rummy cake, she just can't say anything. She chews as she opens the pouch and then bout chokes at the little objects inside and she stares at Tanit. What is it with people and pricey little gifts anyways?

Riohra has gotten up and returned with some glasses and milk. He sets the glasses down and pours everyone some before looking down at the pouch and asking "Hey what did ya there?"

Shanatea is QUITE busy pushing cake into his pie hole. He watches everyone quietly, munch, munch, munch. Brown eyes center on the pocket sized gift and he watches Catwin choke quietly. Good, distraction! He swipes a second slice of cake. Shhhhhhh. It wasn't him.

The stare is met with a sweet smile, "Kind of find them for a living so don't freak out. Please, and thank you." Catwin may not have seen the theft of the cake, but Tanit did and just shakes her head.

Catwin drinks the milk down, before grimacing at the taste of it, but it does clear the throat and she just eyes Tanit "And I know how much they can also end up selling for." she says. As for seeing Tea or not take the slice, he's rather obviously has more since the other was disappearing quickly. Boys. She doesn't mind though. Tanit, however, is still eyed warily.

Riohra is smiling happily, he has cake and Catwin got a gift. He hasn't got yelled at life is good, he sips his milk and takes another bite of his own before the dolphineer steals his too.

"If you refuse them as a gift, then count them toward what I owe you for the equipment you promised to find." Tanit supplies blithely, waiting to make sure Catwin gets her fill before taking another slice. "Though that defeats the point of a gift."

Shanatea continues to just listen and eat….. NOM. "Cake's good, Rio. Grats on the achievement." he notes, cramming food in his face. Delicious. And thats why he was invited, right? To finish all the leftover cake?

Riohra grins and nods to the complement saying "I am glad you like it, I figured you cant go wrong with a good rum cake." he takes another piece for himself, listen to conversations about the nature of gifts and grins but is smart enough not to speak on the subject.

Catwin has had enough cake with her one slice, in fact she hasn't even eaten it all. Course, she's not one for eating a lot anyways. That's Tea's territory. She eyes Tanit and then sighs. "Okay." she murmurs. THough which part she is saying okay, she does not clarify. "Tea, want some more cake?" she asks as she slides the rest of hers his way. Of course he wants it. He's a human food disposal unit.

Shanatea doesn't want to know. Pricey things are not his forte. He eats cake, glorious cake! Desert is the best meal of the day. then he is offered Catwin's slice. This is where the normally well mannered boy doesn't even think, he slides it over. "Thanks, don't mind if I do." CAKE. He likes food, is it a crime? He stabs the cake, eating it as happily as humanly possible.

Tanit grins. "I hate to eat and run, but unfortunately I have a very early morning tomorrow." The threat of sleep is immenent.

Riohra eats his own second piece, if her not eating a whole piece is new to him he doesnt show it. Instead he will smile and say "Happy turnday Catwin" he then starts to clean up giving a wave to Tanit as she leaves.

Shanatea finishes that third piece and stands. "Actually, I have things to get done before bed too. Night all." he waves to Catwin, "Happy notebook gift day." he winks, and then escapes towards the Barracks.

Catwin stares at Tea as he runs. "Cocky little.." whatever she was going to say is cut off "And has for you." she says as she eyes Rio. "Never again. I do not celebrate Turndays." she states as she stands up. "Not anymore." A pause "The cake was good." A glance to Tanit "Good night. And I should be going as well." One more look at Rio "No more." She shakes a finger at him and then sighs a little. She's not glaring, but she's not happy either. "Please." she adds and then turns and heads down to the lower caverns.

Riohra smiles and holds up his hands saying "This will be the last one with me I promise". He laughs to himself once the others have headed to there own things todo. He will pick up the rest of the cake as he hid some away from Shanatea's gaping maw, and clean up after the group. He hums happily to himself and goes back into the kitchen to finish cleaning up the mess he made with the baking, before heading off to sleep.

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