Love and Tattoos on the Lagoon

Western Weyr - Lagoon Shore
A sandy beach running along the edge of the lagoon, between the sparkling waters and the bowl. Sometimes riders and dragons are seen playing in the water nearby or a dolphin can be seen cavorting. At other times seacraft can be seen coming in under the arch to dock. The lagoon is large enough to fill a quarter of the length of the bowl. A path winds out along a ledge out to the docks to the southwest, the lagoon to the west and the bowl to the east.
The vast majority of residents bustle back and forth on their many errands, keeping Western Weyr running smoothly. Children released from lessons scamper across the bowl while weyrlings bathe by the lagoon and practice. Delivery wings can be seen coming and going all day long overhead.Winter has descended once again upon the Western island, though those from the north would never be able to tell it, but the short days and the cooler nights are painfully obvious to those born here.

G'len reaches out to Jessamin to hug her as she whispers something to him. He looks down at the ground for a moment, listening and thinking. His cheeks are already reddish from being windblown. He gives a nod. "I'll explain later." There another hug then he seps back to look at her…and realizes that she's hardly wearing anything at all. Now you can se the flush on his face. "So that's the bikini, aye? It's…you look…amazing, Jessie!"

Mynna grins at Vora before charging along toward Delynni, chuckling a bit. Jessamin gets a smirk. "Using us as guinea porcines, huh? Fine. Don't forget to ask G'len about the combination!" She calls out, before grinning at Delynni. "Actually, I would really like a body tattoo, if that's okay. Maybe we should set up behind the boulder over there?" She points to their changing area.

Delynni nods, "Sure thing." She calls out to Jessamin. "Hey Jess, do you want a henna tattoo? They're temporary! Come right off in a couple of weeks!" She says cheerfully. "I have to mix the henna anyway, which takes a few moments."

Vora grins at Delynni, and then at the blushing Jess, waving. "Hey Jess! You haven't even said hi to me yet!" She chuckles at G'len's comment and calls to him, "That's why I gave it to her! Doesn't she look fantastic?" Her grin sticks to her face as she turns back to Mynna and Delynni. "Mynna, what do you think I should get? I haven't even thought about it!"

Jessamin turns a few shades redder, ducking her head in shame. "Shards, Vora, I'm sorry about that!" She offers an apologetic smile, tilting her head. "What happened to your little brown? Is he okay? Slip, wasn't it? Oh… and definitely something interesting Mynna and I have to show you later." She chuckles softly. "If we can ever figure it out ourselves!"

Mynna heads back toward the boulder, grinning at Delynni and Vora as she goes. "Sounds good. I'm really excited about this, I have a feeling it's going to look great!" She smiles at Vora. "Why don't you get what I get? That way we can match. I was thinking of getting some flowering vines along the front of my body, maybe with a couple stars and firelizards. Does that sound okay, Delynni?" She shoots Jessamin another grin. "Don't forget, ask G'len what he knows about it! Somebody has to know that darn combination."

Delynni grins. "Thats what I got my first time around, vines, stars and firelizards." She tells Mynna. As soon as they're around a corner Delynni lays out a blanket. She pulls out a package of dark brown powder and a flask of water. She begins to mix the henna, using a small wooden spoon and mixing it. "If you're going to get a body tattoo, then you'll want to be topless. Unless you want me to tattoo your clothing!" She grins.

G'len gives a gentle push to Jessamin's bare back…soft, warm skin on his hand…so soooothing…."Go see your friend there, Jessie!" he says softly to her. He waves to the other ladies. "This beach keeps getting better and better," he says. "Yes! You look great, too, Mynna!" He adds a wave and a right "Ahoy!" to Vora. Then he wiggles a finger at Gobhan to get him to come over.

Gobhan steps over to his older brother. He looks up and smiles. "Aye?"

Jessamin shakes her head, stumbling forward with the push on her back, but quickly regains her footing and refuses to budge. "I'd rather wait. It's been a little while since I saw you." There is something of a hurt look on her face as he tries to nudge her away.

Vora giggles at Jessa's embarrassment and wades into the water to give her a hug, considering dragging her up on the beach, but then releases her with a significant look at both her and G'len. She laughs and turns on her heel, running back toward Mynna and Del. She sits straight in the sand next to the blanket, blushing as she catches Delynni's words. "T-topless? Well, that rules that option out for me!" She nods vigorously.

Jessamin hugs Vora for a moment, smiling a bit as she releases her. "I'll try not to be long, okay?" With that, and a wave to Delynni, Vora, and Mynna, she steps back, leaning against Dylanth.

G'len nods. "Naw, go ahead and mingle. I just need a quick word with my brother for just a short moment. Then you have my, what is it they say…undivided attention." He gives her a little hug again, using one arm, and even gives a little kiss to her hair. Then he turns to Gobhan. He leans over just a little to talk to the shorter boy. They talk quietly amongst themselves for a few minutes, Gobhan gesturing a little nervously pointing here and there. Then G'len just nods a couple of times, ruffles his hair and hugs Gobhan with his other arm, holding him to his side. Life is good!

Mynna grins back at Delynni. "Not a problem. So long as we're behind the boulder, anyways." She smiles apologetically to the others. "Not that I don't love all of you, but… well, we do have a youngster among us." She points at Gobhan with her thumb, giggling a little as she retreats to the changing area, grinning at Vora. "C'mon, join in. What've you got to be embarassed about?'

Vora chuckles at Gobhan's reaction, calling to him and waving, "I'm Vora, by the by!" She smiles as she turns to Mynna. "But I'm only getting my upper back and neck anyway, so the swimsuit doesn't have to come off. Unfortunately for you," she teases and sticks out her tongue. Then, to Delynni; "I was thinking something leafy, like vines, with firelizards hidden in the leaves."

Delynni finishes mixing her henna, "Alright, who wants to go first?" She asks, pulling out some delicate brushes. "Any takers?" She asks.

G'len pulls his heavy flight jacket off. "I will!" he calls out to the other rider. "Can I get one on my arm?"

Jessamin utters a soft sigh, turning to Dylanth and reaching up to offer scritches. Her posture is a little tense, and her smile is not quite as bright as usual. "Well, at least you're still here." She rests her head against the blue hide, hiding her face from view. "What have I done wrong….?"

Mynna sticks her tongue out at Vora and giggles. "Spoilsport. However are we going to match?" She seems just about ready to volunteer to be the first to go when G'len charges over. She smiles and leans back against the boulder, patiently waiting. "I'l go second, then."

Delynni chuckles to G'len. "G'len its mostly for the candidates, but if you think of what you want on your arm I'll get you when I'm done with the girls okay?" She offers. "Alrighty, then Vora turn around and I'll get you first." Delynni adds. "You also might want to pull back your hair."

Dylanth lowers his head to warble at the lovely lady.

Vora chuckles at Mynna's unusual patience, then turns to call Jessa over as well when she notices the girl's sad-looking figure. She wades her self over and puts a hand on Jessa's shoulder. "What could possibly be the matter, dear? You're here with your best friends, your love, and a beauty of a dragon." She gives an admiring look to Dylanth.
G'len says "Sure! But I know what I want." He smiles over at Jessamin. "Exactly what I want."

Jessamin turns to look at Vora, smiling a bit more. "I guess I'm just not used to him nudging me away like that. It hurt." She lowers her hand, reaching out to give the other girl a great big hug. "And Dylanth really is quite the handsome one, isn't he? I think he knows it, too." Hmmm, time for a change of subject. "What do you think I should get for a tattoo? I've never done anything like that before."

Mynna looks a little concerned when Vora runs off to Jessamin, but reassured when Jessamin seems to perk up a bit. She gives them both a smile before she looks back at Delynni. "Well, since she doesn't seem ready yet, I suppose I'll go first." She peeks around to make sure Gobhan isn't watching, then unties her top and tosses it onto the boulder. She smiles at Delynni. "Should I lay down?"

Delynni nods, shifting from Vora to Mynna. "Mkay. You want it on your back? Yes, then lie down. Now what do you want me to put on you. I don't like the thought of making your tats match, but thats just me as an artist." She tells Mynna.

Vora keeps her hand on Jessa's shoulder, looking on as the man volunteers himself for tattooing. She looks back to Jessamin, a reassuring smile on her face, "Are you sure he was nudging you away? I think he just wanted you to have a good time, and didn't want to be selfish. Actually-" she taps her cheek thoughtfully, "The more I talk about him, the more I like him. He really seems to care about you. He probably was even volunteering to get a tattoo just to get one about you." She chuckles.

Gobhan stays by the dragon and absent-mindedly rubs the dragon's neck. He calls round to his brother, "I want to get a real tattoo!"

G'len says "Did Dad say you could?"

Gobhan says "Not…exactly…..Okay, he said no."

Jessamin cracks a smile as she sees G'len volunteering himself for tattooing. "Maybe you're right, Vora. And… oh my, you don't think he'd actually get a tat about me, do you?" She shakes her head, laughing some. "Don't know why he'd want something like that. But you didn't answer my question. What do you think I should get when it's my turn?" She leans in to whisper something to Vora for a moment….

Mynna ponders Delynni's words for a moment. "Hrm. Well, if you think it wouldn't be as special, maybe you're right. Maybe the three of us all getting any kind of henna is enough of a bond." She grins. "I wanted to get both my back and front done. Would that be too much for a single sitting? I want a spiraling vine, with flowers on it. Maybe with a firelizard or two clinging to it. Does that sound doable?"

Delynni chuckles. "No, thats fine. Dryssa once did from my neck to my feet. If you want the tattoos to stay you'll need to get a touch up." She adds. "A spiraling vine I can do. On the front, you won't be able to use it but may I suggest a lead line. Its very sexy."

Vora pokes Jessa in the nose. "I think you should get a fierce feline, completely at odds with your gentle self." She laughs and hugs her, then whispers in return as she does so. She hears Mynna's request and calls, "Don't steal my idea!" She chuckles, thinking for a moment, then adds, "Nevermind! I'll come up with something more /original!/" She teases, of course, but then sets her brain to creative work in thinking hard on something to get.

G'len waits patiently. He can wait patiently because he's come back to Jessamin's side and has his hand around her waist. His calloused hand rubs gently against her smooth skin. He watches Delynni at her work, looks at his brother occupying himself with Dylanth, He looks up to see what Wing members are taking off and landing, if any. Then he leand over to give Jessamin another kiss to her hair, sniffing in the scent of it. It's like flowers.

Mynna sticks her tongue out over at Vora. "Whatever, fatty!" She taunts the overly skinny girl with a grin, only helping her make her point about Mynna's lack of originality. She then beams at Delynni. "Sexy? That sounds just perfect… go for it! I'm at your mercy. What do I need to do?" Suddenly struck by remembering something, she calls out to Jessamin and G'len. "Hey! Ask him about the combination lock, will you?"

Jessamin rests her head on G'len's shoulder, her smile returning as she enjoys a brief, quiet moment. But that silence is shattered, and she is jerked back to awareness by Mynna calling out to her. "Huh? Oh shards, that's right!" She blushes, and looks up to G'len. "Did you ever see an old note in the dorms when you were a Candidate?" Vora's suggestion of a fierce feline gets a smile, and a chuckle. "I'll think about it."

G'len turns to Jessamin and admints, "Y'know, I never figured it out. And none of the other weyrlings would ever show me."

Delynni grins. "alright, I'll do flowering vines around your back, stars between the vines. How many points do you want on the stars?" She asked. "Or do you want it to be a purely foliage and floral design?" She frowns, working on vines. She carefully spreads the line of the vines along the girl's shoulderblades. "This is going to be totally cool." If you looked at the outline of the vines, one might think after looking long enough that they resembled wings as much as foliage. "I'll have the vines feather out along the shoulder blades, they'll look very good when the muscles beneath them move. It will make it look like the vines are swaying in the breeze."

Mynna grins devilishly at Vora's reaction. "Sweet revenge." She says to herself, too quietly for the other girl to hear. When Delynni begins working she gets as still as she possibly can be, doing what she can do avoid disturbing the work. "Cold… ooh. But that does sound nice. And the stars… uh… five points? Isn't that traditional?"

Jessamin purses her lips at G'len's answer, but her eyes twinkle. She snaps her fingers, letting out a low, soft chuckle. "Shards. Well, I had to try." She grins up at him then, tilting her head to one side. "What do -you- think I should get for a tat? Vora seems to think a fierce feline." She grins at the other girl then, laughing to herself. "You didn't see me telling Chaton off one time then, did you?" One hand goes up, her fingers curled in mimicry of claws, and she lets out a hissing, growling sound like a feline attacking.

G'len's eyes narrow as he thinks. Not a feline….I was hunting those not so long ago…: Then he striaghtens, eyes sparkling. I got an idea! How about a pair of those avians we saw when we were by the waterfall? Remember? The ones with the very rounded beaks and the long tails?"

Vora watches the activity then starts, "Oh, I forgot to answer you earlier!" She says to Jessa. (Not Mynna, right?) "Slip's fine! He was just tired from handling his new groupies." She chuckles and waves a hand toward the chittering greens atop the boulder, peering down at the tattoo-related happenings with interest. Then, she sits beside Mynna's and pets the girl's head, careful to be out of the way.

Delynni frowns. "it was traditional on the ancient's world. Actually the number of points had different meanings. On the ancient's world, seven points was the faerie star, eight was used in ornaments for their winter festivals, six meant heaven, five could mean earth, or it could mean something called a pentacle, which was the four elements of fire, water, earth and air plus spirit. The five pointed star upside down was bad luck, something about an evil spirit using an upside down pentacle as his sign. Um… on Pern though the eight pointed star is more common, and is used in reference to Bitra and Lemos. The five pointed star is more geometric here." She adds. Then grins. "I studied different symbols when I learned how to do henna. The tattoos on old earth were so intricate, that they were almost like a language unto themselves."

Gobhan says "Hey…." calling out. Then he comes over to the rider doing the painting. "If I gave you a piece of eight, could you do one for me when you have time? I want one with eight points, like a compass. Could you do that for me some time? Please?"

Mynna smiles at Delynni as the woman works on her tattoo, still focusing on staying extra still. "Wow. You sure do know a lot about all this." She says, rethinking her answer. "Well, then maybe I should go with eight points. Whatever you think is best. I'm more interested in how it looks than what it means, to be honest." She looks just a touch worried when Gobhan comes over, raising an arm to cover her breasts. "No peeking." She chides.

Gobhan just clicks his tongue and turns away. "Can't wait till I get older like my brother."

Jessamin coughs lightly as Gobhan gets just a little too close to the tattoo proceedings, shaking her head. "Shame on you, wait until the lady's decent." To G'len, she smiles, and looks down at herself. "Actually, I was starting to think the same thing, maybe one of those avians. But where would it look best, do you think? Or maybe I could have vines, flowers, and a pair of dragon wings on my shoulders, hmm?"

Delynni nods and grins. "Sure." She eyes Gobhan. "You have permission to right? Cause if you lie and say you do, I won't give you a touch up, and you'll end up with the tattoo fading away. I don't want anybody's parents angry at me for 'corrupting' their little ones with body art. Mkay?"

G'len gives his brother a confused, no more like doubting look. "Why? Doesn't give me more priveleges. A gentleman is a gentleman, no matter what age you are. Tell you what, Gobhan…why don't you go get some bubblies or cookies or something, maybe some fruit or cheese, and bring some out here for all of us. Do that and I'll pay for your tattoo." He calls over to Delynni, "I'll vouch for him on this one. It's all right."

Vora waves a hand at G'len, jumping up. "No, no! I have to go back to the kitchens anyway. I'm still working on this really complicated recipe. I'll send some food back for you." She grins, despite her reluctance to go. "You guys enjoy yourselves," she says specifically to the lovers.

Mynna maintains her modesty until she's sure Gobhan isn't looking anymore, giving Delynni another smile. "Look, uhm, what you've done is absolutely lovely so far… but maybe we could finish this up in a place with a little more privacy?" She leans in to whisper something to the artist, then smiles apologetically.

Gobhan calls out to Vora, "I'll go with you!"

Jessamin waves at Vora and smiles. "You too. Let me know if you need help with that recipe, maybe two heads will work better than one!"

Vora waves at Jess, winking. "Will do!"

Delynni nods and looks over at Gobhan. "I'll find you a star. Just get your parents permission to have one done. Alright Mynna, there's a secluded area a few coves down from the lagoon. Ryukith can lift us there immediately."

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