Nice To... Not Lick You?

Western Weyr - Hatching Grounds Entrance

The entryway is in the shade, but its no escape from the heat. The heat of the hatching sands nearby is such that it warms even a cavern as big as the one before you. The edges of the entryway look to have been carved by a dragon's claws, possibly the original queen who first chose this place and broke down the wall to make it posible for her to enter. The rest of the cavern looks like a natural formation, except the seats of the galleries perhaps.

Candidates have been assembled. Not everyone of course, but the group's pretty hefty. Any stragglers have since been rounded up, and Enka's waiting there by the entrance. When everyone is in place, she holds up a hand for attention, and then waits for any last minute whispers or shuffling about to die down. "Candidates," the goldrider inclines her head in a sharp nod. "Mir has informed me that the eggs are hard enough to touch. There will be a few rules to observe, and you will follow them. Or else." She looks rather fierce right there. Don't mess with no weyrwoman, you hear. "There will be no rough-housin' and runnin' around the eggs. You move slowly because you don't want to go smashin' into an egg. If it breaks, I can't be held responsible for what Mir will do." she pauses, fixing everyone with a look. "There will be no slobberin' or droolin' all over the eggs. No lickin' them." Because someone's /bound/ to try. "And above all, do not, I repeat, do not bow to Mir. She will be busy, and gettin' her attention is the last thing any of you want to do. Are there any questions?"

Velrich has been rounded up! And at least he's somewhat cleaner now. At least his hands are, at any rate. While his clothes are still rather sweaty, and grime has been worked in around his nails, he at least doesn't appear like he might leave dirty handprints on any unsuspecting egg. There's a nod though as instructions are given, tongue taking a brief swipe over his lips. "Don't break them.. And don't..lick.." The man trails off at that, warily looking around at the other candidates. He's not licking anything that a dragon pooped out…no sir! "Got it."

Kiley is assembled! Waiting patiently, the computer crafter busies herself with idly straightening some of her clothing or straightening her hair and once Enka lifts her hand for attention, her gaze settles there and she straightens up to listen to the rules. There's silent nods along to each rule, having heard most of it before. There's a blink at that final one for the bowing, and brows lift. "Understood." She doesn't question it at all, however, simply falling into place and waiting.

The very idea of licking an egg has Draval going cross-eyed. But still, this is not the time for joking. Instead, he merely offers a quiet, "Yes, ma'am." He, too has been rounded up after having cleaned up somewhat; his hair is a mess of cowlicks, though his clothing is clean, despite the streak of dirt that decorates his face.

Kershaw slowly nods his head as the Weyrwoman recites the rules for the egg touching, "No questions Ma'am…" He will not do anything that will get him into anymore trouble than he usually gets into so he just waits until they are ready to head onto the sands.

Woo, saved from staring for ships! Keelyra could get used to that. Except she probably won't. Tomorrow it'll be some other chore likely to set her longing to be where she is now. The teen rocks from foot to foot, looking all the world like a candidate already on the sands doing the hot foot dance… except she's just plumb excited. She's watched these things from the gallery, but has never actually been out there! "Can we sniff the eggs?" Hey, if licking is out…

Tineska is here, of course. Happening to have been in the right place at the right time on this day to hear that some egg fondling would be taking place. "Is this our reward for latrine duty? Cause we definitely deserve one." The Computer apprentice is, like most of the other candidates present, quite excited and perhaps just a touch nervous to be in the presence of protective mama Gold. Between the rules stated by Enka and the comments made by Velrich, the idea of lickage has her curious. "Did someone really try to lick them? I wonder what the egg had to say about that..must have been a bit awkward." She sticks close to Kiley, and tries hard not to bring /too/ much attention to herself. "I do have one question. We'll be touching the eggs…but they'll be touching us as well, yes?" It's an idea that has only just occured to her, and seems to have her just a bit unnerved.

Enka quirks a brow at Keelyra's question. "I can't imagine why you would want to sniff 'em. They don't particularly have a smell." Except maybe of hot sand, and the scent of mama dragon paws. "Just try and keep all body parts, except for your hands as far away from the shells as possible." Since there don't seem to really be any particular questions, the goldrider's going to lead the way right out there onto the sands. But then, there's a question, and she turns back to regard Tineska. "You may get feelings," the weyrwioman states, "emotions and sensations from the eggs. So yes, they will be touching you back in a figurative way." Any further questions? No? Well, she'll march right out there then. Careful, the sands are warm. Hopefully everyone's wearing sturdy footwear.

Western Weyr - Hatching Sands

A wide, spacious cavern with a high, vaulted ceiling and ledges high above for dragons to perch upon. The pale white sands beneath your feet are uncomfortably warm, although they seem welcoming to dragonkind. Scattered shards remain from past clutches although the current brooding queen usually has a cleared spot for her own clutch. Just up from the sands are the ledges where dragons can land to watch, while along the eastern wall are the galleries for humans to watch.

Hey, /someone/ had to ask the question for all the olfactory-focused candidates out there. Keelyra was just doing them a favor. Her eyes are wide as she steps out onto the sands, angling herself in Velrich's direction. Better to travel in groups lest mama-gold get angry. She waits for a signal before angling off into the midst of the eggs. Where was it- ah! She comes up near Beguiling Wealth Egg and squints at it for a moment. Must… resist… licking. She doesn't want to, mind, but once you're told /not/ to, the temptation suddenly exists. However, she resists and reaches out to place a hand upon the egg. Gently, oh-so-gently.

Kiley chuckles softly at Tineska and follows after Enka onto the sands. She glances over towards the apprentice and beams a brighter smile for her fellow crafter. "That is an interesting way to put it." And then, she is looking out towards the eggs with a thoughtful consideration. After a moment, she is stepping towards the Desert Verdance Egg.

It seems the weyrwoman has found a plan to keep the normally protective gold mama occupied, a crate has been placed at the back of the sands, and Miraneith crouches there, peering down into it with the tippy tip most of her tail twitching back and forth. Whatever is in there has the queen quite engrossed in watching it, so much so that she doesn't notice the arrival of the candidates. Enka moves out onto the sands, and takes up position between the eggs and the candidates. Three of them, the greenest one, and the rainbowy one and the one with the black lines all over it have been placed off to the side. "Stay away from those three," the goldrider warns, and then crosses her arms, content to watch for now.

Velrich moves along onto the sands, although there is hesitation there. Definite hesitation as soon as his feet touch the heated grains, and there are definite eggs at eye level. As well as a dragon. Much different than the perspective from the galleries, at least. And while he might not notice people around least not at the moment, he does seem to get up the nerve to actually move. And thus he does, walking out to touch the Plain of Peaceful Melodies Egg.

Patori pads out onto the sands, staying with the biggest clump of candidates till they start to spread out and go for eggies. The crate, and gold, over yonder are peered at but briefly, before Patori is stepping carefully - and slowly - toward the nearest egg. He pauses before it, peeking down almost timidly at the shell before a hasitant little hand is reaching out to lightly place a palm on the Ensanguined Heart Egg.

There's a rapid few blinks from Keelyra shortly after her hand is on the egg's surface. Huh! "Oh, shhh," she says to the egg, eyes dropping a bit. "I don't wanna talk about crushes or nothin' here." She shifts her feet a bit, relieving them of the heat that begins to creep up. "But pie, I /do/ love pie."

Kershaw is drawn towards on particular egg, its colors seem to call him to it so he wanders over towards the Fossilized In Blood Egg. He examines it's surface and the various interplay of the colors in the over all affect on the egg itself, with cracks and crevices seeming to cover the surface of the egg giving the appearance of a shattered window or a shipment of glasses dropped on a pier. Kershaw takes great care in his examination of the egg wanting to discover what it was that called him until something invades his mind transporting him elsewhere then without warning tries to toss him aside like so much unwanted trash. Shivers course through his body as his hand slides down the surface of the egg as if he were at high reaches in the middle of winter and not the hatching sands here at Western.

Tineska follows the group obediently out onto the sands, her eyes bulging a little when she finally gets a taste of the heat on her feet. "Ouch." She doesn't speak all that much, but after flashing Kiley a nervous grin, she awaits until the proper time and marches up to one rather roundish looking egg, and places both hands squarely along the top. "Hello, little one. It's nice to meet you." She closes her eyes, hoping to gain the utmost experience that the one within the egg offers. She smiles at what she senses within, physically and mentally relaxing a bit at what she is experiencing. Perhaps she has found a kindred spirit? Well, only the soon-to-be dragon can decide that for sure. In the meantime, Tineska seems to begin humming along, but suddenly stops. "You intrigue me. Is there anything you would like to know of me?"

Draval's fingers cradles Cling to the Green, exploring lightly its surface. As images wash over him, his eyes widen, and he squeaks, yanking his hands free. One might even see a bit of… fear… in his gaze. "That egg tired to keep me." He mutters, backing away and rubbing his sweaty palms on his thighs.

Kiley is completely silent as her hand rests upon the egg, shivering suddenly as her eyes close. There's a wrinkle of her nose as one hand lifts to press at her ear, holding there a moment before she is drawing a slow and deep breath that comes out not even moments later. Fingers twitch and then her eyes open to stare at her surroundings. Eyes close again and then, she waits.

Patori's eyes sink closed, and the boy's shoulders likewise slant down, a sort of relaxed calm evident in his posture, features touched by the hint of a smile. It's not to last, though, a sudden twitch to his frame as he startles, cringing a little at something or other. Back hunching, he leans down just the slightest, and for a second looks like he might draw back in surprise. But eyes inevitably widen, and there's something more like curiosity, his hand remaining on the sgg's shell.

Keelyra begins to lean in close to the egg. Clooooser. Closer. Her mouth starts to open and the pinkness of her tongue pokes out… and she pulls back. "No, no no. I can't lick the eggs. I can't!" Lip quivers a bit and it's clear she /wants/ to. "Flowers are pretty," she tells the egg, tone rising a bit in timbre. Perhaps she's hoping it'll stop tempting her so. "You should think about flowers." And the girl thinks about flowers as hard as possible… probably to avoid that whole licking situation.

Kershaw jerks slightly as the mind inside the egg tries to explore his mind, and feels curiosity and a lesssening of the initial anger at his intrusion as he touched the egg, then just as suddenly his hand is jerked free from the surface of the egg and Kershaw looks around a bit dazedly as he finds himself sitting on the sand with the heat penetrating his butt as he quickly stands and steps away from the egg.

Velrich is quick to look at others as they react to what they must be sensing in the eggs they touch. Brows furrow just a little at the mention of pie though, before he shakes his head. Then…there! There's a blink from the young man, at that sensation that slowly creeps upon his brain and into him. He doesn't seem as..disturbed by it as he thought he would be though, moving his hand lightly on the surface again.

Tineska tilts her head ever so slightly, savoring all that the emotions and sensations that the egg is revealing to her. "Why? I don't know. There is much to do and see in this world. Soon enough, you will have someone who will help you reach all that you want and more." She seems to enjoy talking to the egg, almost as if she's having an actual conversation with it. She closes her eyes once more, stroking the egg in a maternal fashion, silently waiting to see if there is anything more to be seen, heard, or felt.

Keelyra extracts herself from the egg, patting her belly which rumbles faintly. "We'll eat one of Idris' bubblies as soon as this is done," she promises her poor, sweet-yearning stomach. The teen moves amongst the eggs once again, glancing for the reactions of the others who touch them. She's as curious about that as she is about the eggs, fresh off the high of her first touched egg. The girl comes to a stand still before Fossilized in Blood and studies it, contemplative. Finally, she reaches fingertips out towards it. "Please don't make me wanna lick you."

Kershaw moves towards Fallen Star Egg and slowly examines the surface of the egg noting the star on its surface. As he looks closer it reminds him of his time aboard the Leaping Packtail when he was lying on the deck of the ship staring into the night sky with the multitude of stars filling the sky with their gleaming points. He lightly traces the lines of the star with a finger then moves around the egg looking at it from all angels not wanting to miss a bit of its colors and wanting to see if anymore stars were marked on it's surface.

Velrich twitches somewhat, brows furrowing. There's confusion there, even as he pulls himself back just a little bit from the egg. Fingertips remain, though that expression of consternation stays fixed on the young man. "Why..?" It's a soft query, murmured in a hushed tone.

Kershaw feels his breath catch in his throat as images of forests and plains flood his mind, the over whelming colors filling him with a sense of peacefulness and calm, "Now here is a place I could spend some time in, no worries, no rushing around just a sense of contentment.." Your hand slips from the surface of the egg as you shake your head and move away from the egg looking to see if anyone overheard your words or if it was in your mind only?

Patori continues to stand there, half-hunched over, hand still on the egg, though his expression relaxes. This time, as eyes widen, it's more in wonder than anything else, any apprehension drifting away as the boy stands there. He draws in a little breath, slow and shallow, eyebrow quicking up a little more on one side. The boy's head tilts, and he gives it a slight shake, tugging amusement at the corners of his mouth, partial confused smile without eventually giving way to a soft.. giggle. His free hand comes up to cover his mouth though he keeps the other pressed lightly to the shell.

Velrich jerks back somewhat, finally. Fingers leave the surface of the egg with a bewildered look at it, eyes just slightly wide. He even looks at his hand, staring there before his gaze flicks up again at the egg. "This is.." Strange? Weird? Exciting? Some of all of the above, perhaps. But he does wander off again, glancing curiously at a few of the other candidates as they touch, eyes narrowing curiously. Until he comes to another one, anyway. He touches, fingers brushing along Deepening of the Evening egg.

Nope. No licking to happen here. Instead, Keelyra begins to… shiver? Yes, in the sweltering heat of the sands where some begin to dance on their poor footsies, one girl is shivering. She huddles in close to the egg, but remains with only her hand upon it. "H-hey, I… I'm sorry." Aww, see that lip quiver? Wait. It's probably the shivers. She doesn't move though, despite it all. Not yet, at least. She wants to dig deeper.

Kiley's fingers twitch along the shell again, thoughtful with another tilt of her head. Another smile begins to form on her lips, growing wider and with a touch of confidence. Her head even tilts back as if she is basking In some sort of sunlight until finally, her eyes open and she's pulling back to stare at the egg. There's a curious pause and then her fingers erach forward to touch once more, seeking something further from the egg.

Velrich is still for a long moment, and then his other hand reaches out to carefully touch the egg as well. Lips curve, just a hint of a smile working over the young man's lips. No, this isn't so bad at all. Not really. And while he still keeps the rest of himself distant, both palms now move over the surface, sliding down the smooth side of the egg even as he makes a circle around it, inspecting curiously.

Patori shakes his head, a little more forcefully as if trying to clear it, but eyes widen abruptly, another faster breath taken, deeper this time with whatever unseen wonder has his face lighting up, almost a grin tugged there, though it's quick to fade. And he starts to blink a bit rapidly, nose wrinkling before he quite abruptly steps away, withdrawing his hand and bringing it up to brush fingers back through his hair. Another, slower breath is taken, and then the weyrbrat is padding quietly along to the next egg, glancing back only a couple of times. His hand next reaches out, the shell of the Fallen Star egg beneath slender fingers.

Kershaw moves over and starts to examine Beguiling Wealth egg and immediately notices a difference between it and the others he's touched already, this one bringing memories of the fancy pottery that he's seen in the richer holds, prized for their beauty and costing more than he'd earn in 5 turns of saving but it's beauty is undeniable the deep, rich colors quite attractive.

Kiley's mile grows wider and entirely pleased. She is saying nothing, for there is nothing to say to the egg. Though she looks quite ready to curl up and lay with this egg for the rest of her time here. Even though the sand is hot and it isn't the best of ideas to curl up and lay there. Though after a moment, she straightens and sighs with a disappointment. "Thank you." Even though the disappointment is there, she still smiles and opens her eyes. Her hand is drawn away and she stares at it for a moment longer, tempted to touch but she retreats. To the next egg she moves, to the Ensanguined Heart Egg and fingers reach out to gingerly touch.

Velrich slowly, very slowly, closes his eyes. Indeed, it seems that the candidate is becoming much more comfortable with this whole touching..experience. There's a faint shudder though, a twitch of a frown and a furrowing of his brows before he opens his eyes again to stare at the shell. The thin barrier between himself and the dragon within. "Am I?"

The shivering continues and a soft sound escapes Keelyra's lips. She keeps her hand, stubborn as ever, against Fossilized in Blood, head bowing somewhat. "Why won't you share with me," she says, words hushed. Brow creases somewhat more and head tilts back and forth slightly, as if she's looking for something.

Kershaw finds his mind aswirl with memories of the times at his mother's table the aroma of fresh food wafting filling his senses with an over whelming sense of serenity, of home and of security. Thoughts of girls past and present leap through his mind, some pleasant some happy, some sad but he cannot control the flow of the memories till he feels the mind slowing down and an invitation to desert suddenly fills him with a hunger for some fresh baked pie. "Yes, yes I'd love some thank you.." escapes his lips before he realizes where he is and gives his head a shake.

Patori seems less hesitant this time, fingers brushing over the egg's shell, posture once again relaxing, any tension flowing away as he stares unseeing down upon the shell. There's a smile there, briefly, though it gives awy to a creasing brow, flicker of confusion to marr the earlier calm. Deeper furrows appear as eyebrows draw together, though still his hand remains, lightest touch to the egg, his lips parting as if to speak but no words escaping.

Tineska steps back from the Jewel of the Sea egg, smiling with a bit of satisfaction. She looks around at the other candidates, who all seem to be rather busy with what they are doing with the clutch. She ponders choices for a moment, and then steps up to the Desert Verdance Egg, placing her hands confidently on it's hardening shell. She is definitely getting the hang of this, or so she thinks.

Kiley releases the softest of squeaks after eyes close and she settles into the feeling of the eggs. Another squeak and the candidate visibly tenses, though her touch does not change away from the gentle touch. In fact, she slightly pulls back but maintains a thin line of contact between herself and the egg. "Oh." She breathes out with a soft laugh following before her hand gingerly comes to rest fully upon the egg. "Kiley."

Velrich eases away from the egg, breath ever slowly being released. There's awe there, complete and utterly staring at the egg as he backs away, careful of where he moves on the hot sands. No, it's not what he expected at all, touching these eggs, and there's a quick dart of his eyes to find Kiley near another. Still, he moves on, once again finding an egg with nobody beside it, laying hands on the Frozen Iridescence egg.

Kershaw moves from Beguiling Wealth Egg and pauses a moment before deciding to try the Color of Life Egg, he moves towards it and starts to examine it noting the green, the ever present green of it's surface, though there are too many shades of green to count they are intriguing and hold his attention as he tries to identify each shade and what they might represent. jewelry that's what the colors remind him of, their deepness and shininess would make some amazing jewelry!

Tineska's brows arch, as she feels the heat and depth of the one who lives within. she suddenly stands up a bit straighter, appearing to be a more confident young lady all around. It almost appears that she might be sweating now, and it doesn't seem to be from the heat of the hatching sands. It seems…more than that. Without warning, she reaches up to rub her arms, as if she feels a touch of winter coming on, and then her hands go back onto the egg, curious to see more.

Keelyra appears to relax. Her brow unknits itself and a calm comes over her features. The shivering, even, comes to a halt. There's finally a bit of a smile. "See," she murmurs, "I knew there was more to you." When all seems calm, the girl retracts and moves away from the egg, shifting slowly to one nearby. The next she comes up to is A Deepening of the Evening and by now, she's more relaxed. It's a fascinating experience; one that is exciting her.

Kiley wrinkles her nose again, tilting her head just a bit and then there's a soft 'huh?' that slips from her lips. "I… That… What?" Confusion wafts off the computer crafter and then slowly she pulls her hand away, head shaking. "That's confusing." There's another consideration of the egg before she's moving carefully /away/ from that egg. "Sorry." And to another egg she goes, settling at the Beguiling Wealth Egg and gingerly touching this one, instead.

Patori breathes in deep, creased brows relaxing, eyes closed gently to take in whatever he's being shown. Palm continuing to drift over the curve of the shell, the weyrbrat again relaxes, though there's an underlying tension to the set of his shoulders, not entirely at ease. But it's quickly draining away. There's something curious in his face, that keeps that smile tugging back, slight twitch between his shoulderblades as the boy again wrinkles his nose. This time, it;s accompanied by a shiver, and eyes fly whide, deep and sudden breath drawn in. And then he's blinking curiosly down at the shell, and his hand ..remains.

Kershaw memories of walks through spring grass, of peaceful forest trails traveled with a lover, a sense of belonging of being somewhere where nothing bad can ever touch you "Yes you are comforting you bring a sense of peace to me that I've not known for many a turn." The breezes keep you cool even though they only exist in your mind, you feel them as if they existed then and there.

Compared to the previous egg, this one is a cakewalk. Or perhaps Keelyra has simply found a like-mind within the depths of the shell of A Deepening of the Evening. A smile comes easily to her features as her hands drift over the surface. "Oh, you wish to travel, too? I hope to see all the corners of Pern someday." Her voice is quiet, but peaks in excited tones.

Velrich makes..a face. Oh yes, his expression screws up a little, one hand left to the shell as the other reaches up to press at his temple. "What..the..?" And the other eggs he had touched were so…quiet! This one, however, has him shaking his head just a little before leveling a glare at the egg. Take that! Glare!

Kershaw removes his hands from the surface of the egg, a look of longing fills his eyes as he steps back from The Color of Life Egg. A shake of the head as he tries to return to the here and now leaves Kershaw wishing he'd actually been in that place with the heart beat of life flowing through the land and his body, but that was not to be he was here and he had a hatching to attend to at some point so he'd best be paying attention to that, but a last whisper escapes his lips "Fare well may we meet again and may I live there till the end of my days!"

Kiley sighs softly, relaxing visibly. Though there's a notable twitch as she tenses up again and colors a dark shade. "Yes…" The answer is shy, and quiet but answered nonetheless and she tilts her head a little bit with a soft bit of laughter. "I don't quite know." Silence and there's a soft sigh, a little more pleased. "Maybe. That might be nice." A soft chuckle and she is content to linger.

Tineska still has her eyes sealed tight, but her tongue reaches out to her lips to wetten them, as if they have just become unbearably dry. "You want many things, don't you? I can certainly see the appeal in each of those. You have some very grand plans. Where do you wish those things to take you?" She opens her eyes to look the egg over once more before focusing completely on the mind she is meeting.

Velrich shakes his head rapidly after a few more moments and then rather abruptly pulls away. Oh yes, there's still a rather aggravated look on the man's face, as both hands move up to rub away the /ringing/ in his head. Kiley is once again sought out though, giving a bit of a grumble toward her as he passes by. Definitely away from there. "You didn't mention them being loud." There's once again hesitation as he touches upon the Ensanguined Heart egg. There's much wariness now!

Kershaw stands off to the side, the minds entering his have left him exhausted and in need of a break from the eggs. He is content to watch the other candidates as they react to the minds within the eggs that they are touching.

Patori tilts his head slowly, gazing down upon the egg, but not really seeing it. Eyebrows begin to drift upward, slowly at first, then more obviously, dismay mingling with something else, and his chin gives a little tremble. And then a wibble. Oh dear. Brows sink low and crease abruptly, and he looks oh so SAD. There's gonna be spillover. Oh, there totally /is/. Luckily, the boy is then suddenly blinking away, another, shakier breath taken, before lips press together and he stares down at the egg. And fingers just give it a soft little brush, back and forth, as he puzzles over it. And then steps away, taking a few moments and a few breaths, before he's rubbing at an eye with the hell of his palm, and then stepping slowly and carefully around /that/ egg, and over to the next one. The Color of Life Egg is touched, so very lightly, fingers giving the briefest tremble.

A laugh suddenly bubbles forth from Keelyra who leans in a bit closer to A Deepening of the Evening. Not so much to risk harm or anything, but as if she's sharing secrets with an old friend. "Oh, you're fun. So fun!" She seems to be relaxing from the previous eggs, opening up slightly. More her classical self. "You shall have such grand adventures someday soon, I'm sure of it."

Tineska is definitely smiling wide now. Such an offer! "Wow. I..I don't know what to say. Thank you so very much. It's an honor, truly." Seemingly finished, she gives the Desert Verdance Egg an affectionate pat before stepping back and contemplating her next encounter. A fertive glance goes towards Miraneith, however. Just gotta make sure she hasn't done anything to upset the one who brought these fascinating beings into existence.

Kiley's stomach growls and the candidate wrinkles her nose, "shells. I wasn't hungry." It is a soft whine, but she persists and lingers there rather than pulling away at the first touch of hunger. There's a soft hum, "this world is complicated." She offers, "there's so much to it." Her head tilts again, rolling slightly as shoulders shrug in an attempt to fully relax. Though there's a tensing of her shoulders and then a soft bit of laughter. "Certainly."

Tineska cannot suppress a bit of a giggle. "I'm sorry, little one. I did not mean to disturb you. Would you like me to let you rest? Because I would really like to get to know you a little bit better, if you're willing." She stands at the Green around the Gills egg, pondering whether to stay or go now. Will it allow her a little more?

Oh, that's better. Velrich loses some of that tension that had been building up within him. Calmness does indeed settle over his expression, palm laid flat against the egg and then..he winces. His shoulders even twitch, head ducking as if some loud noise nearby startled him. But he shakes his head just a little bit with a bit of an annoyed glower at the shell. Loudness again! "..Velrich.."

Patori is still blinking with slightly glazed eyes, though they unfocus further as he continues to stand there, palm pressed lightly to the shell of the egg before him. This time, as shoulders begin to relax, there's almost a slumping in his posture, eyes eventually sinking slowly closed as his head tilts to one side. A wisp of hair brushes across smoothed forehead, and again that tugging smile appears. It settles this time upon his features, the boy going very will, listening almost. Deeper, slower breaths are taken, and the weyrbrat stands there. Peaceul, almost.

A look left, a look right, and Keelyra makes sure the coast is clear… or as clear as it will get. Then she leans in and gently, sooooo gently, hugs the egg. "Thank you," the girl whispers to Deepening, stepping back with a smile. "Even if you don't choose me, I'll still be glad to know you."

Velrich sighs faintly, though perhaps the noise is becoming a little easier to deal with. Maybe it just lacks the intensity of the last egg he touched. He turns his hand over a bit though, so that his knuckles graze the shell instead of his palm. "I'm not really one for jokes, I guess.." He meanders around to the other side of the egg then, still inspecting it. Maybe it's colors are just interesting enough for him to stick around.

Kiley's stomach rumbles again, and one hand rests there as if to appease it. "There /is/ a lot." The computer crafter agrees with a slight wrinkle of her nose and she sighs softly at the comforts offered by the egg. Then, another rumble of her stomach and she sighs softly, hand pulling away. "That wasn't…" Though she realizes where she is again and blinks a bit. "Thank you." This is directed towards Enka and there is one candidate already sneaking her way out, muttering something about bubblies and getting her fill of the treat.

Tineska grins. "You're absolutely right about that! Life is meant to be lived. It is true!" She pets the egg a bit with her hand, and giggles some more. "You are quite a youthful spirit, I like that." She sighs, sensing that their time together is nearly over. "Have you anything else you'd like to say?" Her feet shift, ever so much, as if she's dancing almost.

Maybe Velrich was wrong. There's a continued wince for whatever might be going on in his head, finally pulling away from the egg as it becomes too much. Which is probably good, considering that the presence seems to disappear even before his fingers even leave the shell. There's a moment or two of standing, a little rattled on the sands before he turns and makes his own way out, walking slowly for the archway.

Patori stands still, unmoving. Eyes closed. Maybe he's gone to sleep. On his feet. But no, a deeper, sharper inhale has him shifting his hand upon the shell, brushing palm to egg, moving upward along the curve, eyelids lifting slightly as he regards the colors beneath his fingers. His head begins, just slightly, to nod, as if following some slow, unheard rhythm, the movement sending more wisps of hair across his forehead, the boy leaving them to fall over his eyes, unnoticed for now. And then, bubbling out very softly, is a little laugh, the smile tugged somewhat wider, taking a deeper breath as he remains, otherwise unmoving.

There's a sound from the back of the hatching grounds. Miraneith has been dipping her head into that crate repeatedly, the tippy tip of her tail doing a wiggle-wiggle every time she darts her head down, and lifts back up, a lump moving down the line of her short next until it's swallowed and gone. And now the answer of just what is in that crate becomes clear, the gold tipping her head back and closing her jaws on something squirmy and alive. Ewwww, it's still wiggling. A tufted tail pokes out, is gnawed on and gulped back. The queen's eating /live/ things! Snorting, the dragon swings her head, catching sight of candidates. There's a loud snort, the ungainly queen swinging her ponderous tail about as she regards them closely. Enka's between them though. "Better start clearin' off." she suggests to the candidates. Fast.

Though some might expect Keelyra to pout at having to leave so soon, the last egg has actually left the girl in a chipper enough mood that she's more than happy to begin her exit from the Sands. She does move at a slightly swifter pace, making to flee the scene lest the gold mama gets too out of sorts.

Tineska nods a little, opens her eyes, and steps back, but not before speaking to Green Around the Gills one last time. "Adventures..I've always been one to enjoy a good adventure. You are about to be set on the ultimate adventure, though. Perhaps it will be with me?" That would be fun. She moves over towards the other candidates who have finished, mentally exhausted from this experience, but happy to have had it. She offers Miraneith a meek but appreciative wave as she hightails it off the sands.

Patori still stands there, the fingers upon the eggshell giving a slight twitch, and jusdging from his expression, the boy is totally entranced. Somewhere along the line, that calm smile turned a little sad, and again eyebrows sneak upward, lips parted without sound. Eyes open, to regard the egg,. staring down at it for a long while, without moving. Eventually, his hand brushes across its shell, gently, un hurried. That is, till Enka speaks, and there's a blink over to the weyrwoman, green eyes darting left then right as he becomes again aware of where he is, and of the other candidates. Feet give a shuffle backward, hand drawn away from the shell as the boy bobs his head, and makes to head for the hatching grounds entrance.

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