Waiting On Ships

Western Weyr - Docks

Wooden boardwalks lead out to where boats are tied to the dock. Once in a while a good sized ship will be docked here, unloading or loading various items.

Electric lights light the entrances as those on night duty come out to take over, moving quietly in the night so as not to disturb those sleeping about the Weyr.Winter has descended once again upon the Western island, though those from the north would never be able to tell it, but the short days and the cooler nights are painfully obvious to those born here.

Watching for ships! It's full of danger, excitement, and never-ending thrills! Yeah. Right. It's probably the most dull chore a candidate can have. So dull, in fact, that Keelyra has fallen asleep with her back posted up on… well, a post. She's just dozin' away, totally unnoticing of that great big- oh, right. There's no ships. Just water as far as the eye can see.

Padpadding along the docks, Patori is totally oblivious to the snoozing Keely, at first anyway. He's looking rather more nervous than adventurous as he wanders, careful footsteps making not a creak. The boy doesn't appear any different than usual, in dingy clothes, threadbare and secondhand likely, with their beige and off-beige coloration. He could have been just another drudge skulking around the weyr, if it weren't for the white knot on his shoulder, looking newer than anything else on him. Red hair, uncombed or just easily tangled, has been tucked back behind his ears, and there's a slight bruise under his left eye. But otherwise, it's just a wandering Pat. He walks right past Keelyra the first time, pausing only with a blank and a brif glance over his shoulder. The boy stops. Ponders. And then very carefully leans down and reaches out to her shoulder, with one finger. Poke. Poke poke.

It's rough when the knot is newer than the clothes. Oh those reused knots. Then again, that's the life of a weyrbrat. Hand-me-downs galore. Keelyra herself wears them, though in slightly better state than Patori's own duds. The poking earns a snort at first, then her eyes flash open and she flails about a bit. "I'm awake! I'm awake! Is a ship here, I wasn't sleeping!" and then she realizes it's Patori. Blink. Blink. "Oh. Hey. Uh." Furtive glances. "Don't tell anyone, kay?"

Kiley is quiet in her movements along the dock. Well, not too quiet as the wood is a helpful indicator when feet are walking over them. Especially when those feet wear boots and the boots are prone to making noise upon hitting most surfaces of the ground. Her path brings her down towards the other two candidates, a rather thoughtful look on her face growing more thoughtful at the sight of them. Her hand lifts in a sort of greeting before shuffling in closer. "What are you two up to?" Curious, she tilts her head and then peeks out towards the water with a thoughtful hum. "Seems like a rather slow day."

Velrich is not working either! And although the man definitely had chores today, he's certainly not shirking. No, he's done his duty, at least for the time being While feet make noise on the dock, it's the padding of bare feet on it. Indeed, it seems that the man has forsaken his shoes..at least for now. Still a bit dirty, and grimy…and sweaty from garden work though, he seems to have found at least some relief in the breeze that comes off the water. Thus, he walks that way, pausing next to Kiley as he peers down at Keelyra and Patori as well. /Stare./

Indeed, Pat is like the king of hand-me-downs. Even his ill-fitting and terribly scuffed shoes were probably somebody else's. And those holey socks? Better left not mentioned. Really. The snorty gets a twitch of amusement from Patori, kneeling down to peer at Keely, and then abruptly leaning back as the girl finally wakes up. And does some flaily. Eep. "Not yet," the boy laughs, softly, "Hey yourself. I won't. But you should keep an eye out." It's sage advice, it is. The soft creaking of the dock has him straightening though, and glancing over a shoulder, only to relax and just plop his butt down with a head-bob to Kiley, "Hi." Followed up, veyr quickly, by a very innocent, "Nothing." Yep. Slow day indeed. Velrish is spotted next, and Pat looks up. And more up. And stares right back.. up.. at the guy. Innocent stare.

More people to witness her failure as a lookout! Keelyra just stares right back at Velrich as she gets to her feet. She brushes herself off, sending bits of dirt, grime, and wood bits falling about her feet. "I, uh. I'm watching for ships." More-or-less. "You'd think they'd know when ships are due in. Can't they send firelizards to warn ahead or something?" And not make candidates stand out here all day.

Kiley glances to Velrich as he joins them, inclining her head in a sort of greeting towards the man. "Hey Velrich. How are you doing?" She questions easily, "how was touching the eggs for you?" Though this is soon directed towards the other candidates with her gaze moving to encompass them all. She settles briefly on Patori and smiles for his innocent response, pleased and simply nodding. Then towards Keelyra as she states her chores, nodding an understanding. "It seems rather boring." A shrug, "I thought ships had bells? I don't know why they have them watch for the boats. I'm sure there's a good reason, however."

Velrich is a giant! Compared to Patori, anyway. There's a faint shrug though, before he moves along to the edge of the dock, sitting to let his legs hang over the side. He's wearing shorts! There is leg. He leans back on his palms though just slightly. "Probably for the same reason they make us do anything. To keep us busy." Can't have candidates sitting around doing nothing every day. They'd fall asleep on docks and..nap all day! The mention of the eggs has the man looking thoughtful though, glancing back over his shoulder at Kiley. "My ears are still ringing from them. They weren't..all bad, of course. But a few of them were extremely..loud in my skull."

Patori scoots aside as dusted-off Keelybits of grime and dirt land at the girl's feet. Nose wrinkling, he peeks up at her, but remains seated where he'd plopped down, nodding agreement with a quiet, "Or have the shipfish do it. I mean, they'd know before anyone, right?" Green gaze drifts out toward the horizon, briefly following Velrich at the edge of the dock, though Pat himself is a good distance from the water. His attention is stolen by Kiley, though, and there's a brighter, return smile for the computercrafter, and a, "The eggs? They were.." cue slightly faraway look, "..Really strange. The last time I stood they weren't so.. I liked them." Despite that one almost making him cry. Sneef.

"Silly way to keep us occupied. Have us sitting or standing around all alone staring off across the ocean." Keelyra makes a slight face. "It's so boring. I'd rather be on nanny duty." But not latrine duty. A girl has her limits. She stifles a yawn with her fist, blinking from Velrich to Kiley. "It was rather strange, wasn't it? Not at all what I expected." She looks to Patori, then out to the waters, brow furrowed a little. "Maybe Jey knows why we gotta do the watchin'. I'll ask her sometime."

And what have we here? Tineska has arrived, and just in time! For what, no one really knows. "Firelizards would probably get distracted by food too easily," she offers to Keelyra as she makes her way towards the other candidates, brown Circuit in tow. She's a little dirty, having had to return to her gardening duties after the egg touching. But at last, she is done! Now time for some fun. Though it doesn't look like the group is having all that much at this point. But she can certainly change that. "Those eggs were interesting. Not quite what I expected." She is dressed in her bathing suite, and armed with a towel. Someone's intending to go for a swim, it seems. "Can't blame them for keeping us working, really. Who wouldn't pass up free labor?"

"That is as good as a reason as any, we're here waiting for the eggs to hatch and we shouldn't sit around wasting resources." Kiley determines, "that would be a waste of the stores and food if we just did nothing to earn our meals." Kiley rolls her shoulders and then looks to Velrich, nodding. "One of the ones I touched was extremely loud, shells. Then the last one I touched made me crave bubblies and I left to get a plate full." The computer crafter offers a sympathetic smile towards the man, "at least they weren't all loud." She looks down towards Patori and nods, "these ones certainly made me feel better than the ones in Xanadu. I have two of them that I really like so far." A happy little sigh and she seems content to reflect on those ones for a moment before arms are stretching up over her head. "Maybe. I suppose it wouldn't hurt to ask her, she probably does it often with Sungie… Watch for ships, I mean." Her attention easily drifts to the apprentice-turned-candidate and beams a bright smile over towards her. "I don't think you can really prepare yourself what they have to offer."

Velrich shrugs faintly. "Silly or not..they don't have to give us reasons, just point us in the direction of the job they want done." There's rules and all! "There were a few..yes. I couldn't imagine impressing something that..loud..that would always be in my head." He'd go insane! Tineska's sudden arrival as well earns a look, as well as a brief smirk about free labor. "You're going to swim?" If the bathing suit and towel are any indication..

"It's better than latrine duty," Patori points out to Keely, again glancing out to sea, abnd bobbing his head, about asking Jey. Tineska's arrival earns a brief head-bob in greeting, and likely agreement about the free labor. At Kiley's talk about the eggs, there's more nodding, wisps of hair untucking form behind his hears at the moment, and brushing lightly across his forehead. "Yeah, there were two.. they were nice. One was really sweet," again the sort of faraway look, though he doesn't at least sigh for the thing. At Velrich's metnion of swimming, eyes dart back to Tineska, and then at the water again. Scoot. Scoot. He edges over till he's sitting more toward the center of the dock, and tucks his knees inder his chin, bringing his arms to wrap round his legs as he mumbles, "I hope the other eggs are nice. Some of the ones.. the last tiem I stood. They were kind of mean."

"There has to be reasons beyond keeping us busy," Keelyra points out, leaning her butt up against that post. Hey, her legs are tired! Napping… er, watching is hard work! "Idris and I worked in the kitchens before we were Searched. It's not like we'd just be a waste of resources if we kept doing that." The teen looks towards Tineska, then something dawns and her shoulders slump. "Maaaaaaan. You're all done with your chores, aren't you? This sucks! I'd prefer a chore where I just had to finish doing something. But this one you gotta be out here all day." She sniffles a bit, "Fooey. And I bet all the best bubblies will be gone by the time I'm done."

The apprentice-flavored-candidate smiles sheepishly at Keelyra. "…..Maybe?" She's done, yes, yes she is. But she feels a bit guilty about trying to go for a swim now. She gives a wink to Velrich and nods. "I'm going to try. I'm not very good, so if I get into trouble..one of you are going to jump in, right?" Tineska flops down with the group for now, though. She's going to have to build up to the swimming part, it seems. "I liked all of the ones I touched so far. They were interesting. I liked that they were wanting to learn about me as much as I wanted to learn about them. I thought it would be uncomfortable, but..it really wasn't. Loud? I didn't think they were so bad. I kind of enjoyed the excitement." Bubblies…that is starting to sound good right now. Or it would..if someone hadn't mentioned latrines. "Latrines…I'd take anything over that. Never again."

Kelthero has, for once, a free day to himself. This alone would explain his good-humored mood - one that wasn't even deflated much when his search of lagoon for a certain individual proved in vain. With nothing else to pass the time, he's gone to his usual habit of wandering - within the Weyr, of course. Habit brings him to the old haunting ground of the docks, all too familiar from many a patrol shift passed here when he was a guard. So it isn't the large group that surprises him, it's the fact that the entire ensemble seem to be candidates and most he's familiar with. What luck! "Hey!" he calls out, one hand already up and waving slightly as he approaches. "What're you all doing out here?" he asks next, grinning lopsidedly.

Kiley chuckles, "they say that what they are like in the egg is sometimes the smallest part of the personality. Sometimes it is the biggest, they're not fully developed, yet. So there is no way to tell what it will be like when they actually hatch. Not that I'm entirely sure on this fact or not." She offers a shrug and another smile towards the man beside her before peeking curiously at Velrich. "I'm glad there were some that you liked as well." Her attention lingers on the boy, quiet for a long moment before she's nodding. "They're reach different… The ones in Xanadu tested us a lot. Though there was one that was so full of love. It made me feel awkward." Attention briefly settles on Tineska before returning towards Keelyra. "That is true, but what if people who still had to do chores complained that it wasn't fair because they weren't from the Weyr beforehand? I still do chores and my craft duties." Hands are tucked into her pockets and offers a sympathetic smile to Keelyra. Tineska draws a look of concern from the woman, "you're going to try swimming and you don't know how? Maybe you should wait until Jey is around so she can teach you and be there should something go wrong." Lips press briefly together before she's looking over towards Kelthero and lifts a hand in greeting. "Heya Kelthero. We're talking about chores and the eggs."

Velrich nods very slowly. "There was..one in fact. That just…" He doesn't finish though, smiling just a little to himself. Though mention of the latrines has his own lips curling somewhat. Ugh…yeah..that's not high on his list either! Kelthero gets a nod when he arrives, glancing in Keelyra's direction with a smirk. "Watching Keelyra watch boats." And not sleep! Tineska's mention of not being able to swim well causes a brow to raise a bit, however. There's a sigh even, before he shakes his head, untucking his tunic. "I'll go in, too." And why not? He's dirty from being in the gardens. Rinsing off seems like a good enough plan.

"I could run and get you one?" Patori offers to Keelyra, about the bubblies, the boy's own stomach giving a very tiny grr for the thought of them. Someone possibly hasn't eaten yet. His gaze flickers to Tineska, and there's a touch of a frown, echoing Kiley, "Maybe you should wait for someone who can swim.." because at least Pat totally can't. A wandering Kelthero is peeked at when the man approaches, another slight head-bob given, Patori offering a quiet little, "Hi." And then glancing about, "Loafing." A Pause. And a snicker for Velrich's summation of what they're doing. "Except her," pointing at Keelyra, "She's been out here watching for ships all day." He sounds sympathetic, at least. He tilts his head, though, eyes drawn back to Kiley, having listened to her explanation. "I hope they're all nice," is mumbled, more to himself than the others, brows lifting slightly, "Made you feel awkward? Why?"

Tongue pokes out between lips and is directed straight at Velrich. Nyaaah! "Next time you're on nanny duty, I'm gonna sit and watch the whoooole smelly time." See how you like being watched do your work! Or not do it, as the case may be. She peers over the edge of the docks. "We're close enough that swimming should be safe enough. There's ropes and all if anything happens." She looooooks towards Patori at his offer, eyes growing wide. "Couldja? Really? An' maybe a sammich and some meatrolls and…" Her stomach rumbles also. Yeah, watching for ships makes eating on a normal schedule difficult!

Tineska ponders the eggs she interacted with as Kelthero approaches them, giving him a passing glance. "There were some very playful ones in the clutch. I kind of like that. Might be as much fun working with a dragon who is too hardnosed." Perhaps she wants one who is as young and naive as she is. Might not be the best idea for riding nor swimming. The young woman is beginning to doubt the idea of swimming. Wading in the shallows, oh she's done lots of that. But She may be getting in over her head, literally and figuratively. "Maybe." is the only reply she gives to Kiley about it. She does brighten a little at Keelyra's teasing about nanny duties, but she still looks a bit concerned until Velrich offers to do it with her. Her eyes brighten, and she stands up with him, gratitude evident in her expression as well as her speech. "Really?" She drops the towel down to the wooden planks of the dock and tiptoes up to the edge, ready to jump in.

"Interesting mix of topics." Kelthero muses, chuckling as he glances towards Kiley. As he had approached, he probably caught a few snippets of on going conversation, but he doesn't jump in quite yet, settling instead to glance from one candidate to another. There's a sudden peak in his interest though at the drop of a name. "Jey?" he asks, though not to anyone in particular. "Actually, have any of you seen her lately?" His expression seems curious enough, thought he's probably not looking for swimming lessons from the former dolphineer. To Velrich, he snorts in amusement. "Heh, lookout duty, eh? Nice." Never mind that he said he was watching her, not the boats. Patori's remark earns the same amused reaction. "How… nice of you two to keep her company." He teases lightly, before he's chuckling at Keelyra's reaction. His attention then drifts over to Tineska for a moment, no doubt noticing she's approaching the dock's edge. There's a curious quirk of a brow to that, but the former guard says nothing.

Kiley considers Velrich a moment and smiles, nodding but not pressing for more information. "I have to go write down what I felt about the eggs. I want to keep a record of it all." The computer crafter settles her gaze upon him a moment longer as he agrees to get in with Tineska, visibly relaxing and then shifting to lean against a post. There's a soft 'thank you' that goes in his direction as well. Patori's offer to Keelyra earns a smile and the fact that he echos her sentiments towards Tineska. "Hn. Well, because I am not used to those sort of feelings. It hatched gold, though, maybe that was why." A shrug of her shoulders and she offers a smile before she is peeking at Keelyra as she reacts towards Velrich. A soft chuckle and a shake of her head, though the chuckle grows into laughter as the girl's stomach rumbles. "Maybe see about getting a basket, Patori?" Tineska gets a careful little look, making sure that the apprentice is safe and her gaze simply lingers there like a protective mother hen might. "I haven't seen Jey at all, I'm afraid. Our chores haven't lined up too much at all, and in the barracks I'm usually focused on sleep or programming."

Velrich cants his head toward Keelyra, brows lifting. There's a faintly amused look though, before he shrugs. "If you want to sit there through all the screaming, then by all means, feel free to sit around and endure the shrieking.." He would not willingly sit around with shrieky babies if he didn't have to! "Yeah. Need to rinse off anyway." Surely he's not getting in just because Tineska needs a chaperone, after all! No! But he does drag his tunic up and over his head. Those clawmark scars on his side are certainly still there, although his right shoulder also sports a large burn across it as well. "I haven't been keeping track of Jey, no.. Haven't noticed her about.." And then? Sploosh! He steps off the dock.

Patori smiles to Keely, and bobs his head, scrambling at leas to his feet. He is probably shorter than nearly everyone, even when he's standing. Poor shorty. There's a kind of nervous look at Tineska tiptoeing to the edge of the dock there, but Pat doesn't appear /too/ worried. There are all these people about, after all. Head tilting again, breifly at Kelthero, the weyrbrat shakes his head, "I haven't seen her her in a while." There's more of a nod, this time to Kiley, and Pat starts off immediately down the dock, promising, "I'll find a basket for all of us," because he is so useful. Or maybe just fleeing from lots of peoples. Because peoples are scary, even if he knows all of them kind of. The boy stops though, and stares. At scarry Velrich. Green eyes go wide for a second, and then the weyrbrat is padding off again, toward the kitchens. For bubblies!

And there, on the horizon, something white. Keelyra just happens to be looking that direction when she sees it. The girl hops to her feet with a bit of a squeak. "Oh! Oh, oh. I need to go tell the dockmaster." She looks in Patori's direction, but, well… maybe she'll be back in time to eat and if not: more for the rest of them. Another glance towards the ship and then she's off. Woosh!

The humans are not the only ones looking a tad bit concerned about Tineska. After she carefully slips into the water, Circuit patrols the vicinity, the brown's whirling eyes keeping tabs on his lady as well as her swimming companion. Within a moment, a tiny green firelizard also joins him in watching over their mutual meal ticket. Tineska's mostly oblivious to this, though it is apparent she is trying to be careful. She turns in the water back towards the talk and reassures the rest of the group of her safety. "This isn't so bad. The waves were stronger back at the Dolphin Hall." She gives a quick wave to Keelyra as the girl takes off suddenly. Drifting over closer to Velrich, she focuses more on the burn scar. Her childlike playfulness subsides, and she seems much more serious. "You sure don't mess around when it comes to injuries, do you? You've certainly seen much more than I have on this planet. Pretty sure rainbows wouldn't do that much damage to a body." She still seems a bit fascinated by Velrich. Whether it's out of curiosity, a youthful infatuation, or perhaps a touch of envy, the reason behind it remains unclear.

Kelthero's good mood seems to falter for a moment to be replaced by a frown, but it's soon replaced by a smirk. "Seems to be the same with me too, even with a free day." He admits as he glances back to Kiley, with a shake of his head. At the mention of eggs though, the former guard seems to lapse into silence, simply listening in with mild interest. He's soon glancing back towards Velrich though and Kelthero simply nods his head. "Eh, she'll turn up eventually, I guess. Was curious, that's all." Sure he was. If he notices any of the scars or burns, he masks his reaction well as he watches the candidate steps off the dock, previous smirk now turning back to a grin. He doesn't seem to want to join in on the swimming - not yet anyways. Instead, he steps back a little, choosing to idly watch not far from Kiley. Patori's exit to find food is given only a brief side-glance, but he's gone before he can muster a reply. Keelyra's sudden squeak and abrupt departure has the former guard glancing out over the water, hand coming up to shield his eyes. "Huh, so there is a ship!" Then it's back to the swimmers and his gaze settles on Tineska for a moment. "Water here at the docks is usually pretty nice." He admits with another crooked smile. "Unless there's a storm coming in."

Kiley watches Velrich step off the dock with a lift of her brows and then moves so that she is sitting with her legs off the edge but certainly not joining in. Even if she is dirty from her weeding chores, nope. She is not getting into that water, more content to watch apparently. Her gaze flickers towards Patori and she nods, "wonderful. Thank you!" And she's waving after the fleeing candidate. Keelyra's sudden departure has her looking towards that ship and she hums thoughtfully. Her gaze then resettles on the apprentice and watches, careful and then relaxes once she is in the water and not randomly sinking under. And with Velrich there, her attention shifts back towards Kelthero and she pats the place beside her. "Glad you finally got a free day. You'll see Jey sooner or later." A bright smile for the other candidate as she shifts to lean against the post.

Velrich does turn in the water a bit, looking for the ship Keelyra finally spotted. They do exist! He shakes his head though, one hand rubbing the water from his face before looking to make sure Tineska is still nearby. In fact…rather close, even. There's a slight smirk though as he treads water, reaching his hand up to grab the edge of the dock to keep steady. "Life does, though. Things…happen." Or maybe he's just clumsy. He pulls himself up just a bit though, peering over the dock. "He's coming back with food..yeah?" Velrich may be getting used having more than just mealtimes.

Unconvinced, Tineska gives Velrich a hard, probing look, but it quickly twists ever so slightly into a moderately maniacal smirk. She's up to something. Suddenly it is gone again, and whatever plan it is she is up to is now in motion. There she is, surrounded by water. What else is she going to do? Splash Velrich. Then anyone else she can catch close enough to the edge of the dock. Her two firelizards suddenly erupt in a duet of squawks. Perhaps they are trying to tip the rest of the candidate class off? Or are they just providing a distraction for their lady while she carries out her mission of mischief? dun Dun DUN! *SPLASH*

Kelthero doesn't hesitate to join Kiley when she pats the place beside her, but he doesn't hand his legs over the side. Instead, he opts for sitting cross-legged, resting his arms across his knees. "Thanks, Kiley. At least the free day won't be completely wasted. I might get to reading those print-outs you got me." He flashes the other candidate a quick grin. As Velrich pulls himself up enough to peer over the dock, Kelthero simply leans forwards a little to peer right back. "Who is?" a pause, as he frowns and then the connection clicks. "Ahh, I think he is?" Now he's glancing to Kiley for backup, not seeming certain at all in the end. So it's not until it's far too late that Kelthero realizes what Tineska is up too. Sitting cross-legged backfires for him and he catches quite a bit of the splashing before he can uncross his legs and move away with a loud curse. He's still cursing even then, but more under his breath as he assesses the damage, sparing enough time to also shoot Tineska a narrowed glance. Hmph! "What'd you do that for!?" he exclaims, looking annoyed but his tone hinting at amusement. No doubt once the shock wears off, the former guard will mellow out.

"He's coming back with a basket of food, yeah. I think it'll be nice to have a… Picnic on the docks, of sorts." Kiley smiles and considers the space behind her, "though I suppose we can find a spot that isn't so in the way than right here. Probably off where they're not docking any boats yet." The squawking firelizards get a brief look and then she's peeking towards the water, scooting back just a bit should they begin to splash. "You're welcome. I hope they're good reading for you, let me know if you enjoy them?" A bright smile but then there is someone approaching after a moment. She is blinking at them as they whisper into her ear. There's a blink, "really?!" Excitement is unrestrained as she hops up, "I'm sorry. I have some visitors." The computer crafter beams a bright smile and then quickly hurries off.

There is..splashing? Velrich winces a bit as water flies at him, although he does turn to look at Tineska rather..intently. Oh, it's going to be that way? Well! He lurches away from the dock again, kicking from it as he rushes to grab hold of the splashing girl, and even make an attempt to pin arms to her sides. "Get over here…" At least he makes a good floatation device, if all else fails.

The deed done, she gives no immediate answer to Kelthero, save for a bit of laughter. She attempts to escape the water, and would have been successful in doing so if not for Velrich, who is quite successful in capturing and pinning her Of course, this only makes her laugh harder, a laugh that could be described as a cross between a two-turn-old and some Terran mad scientist. She almost gets to the point of hyper-ventilating..but not quite. It is only when her breathing slows and laughter begins to subside that she realizes Kiley has taken off. "Wait..visitors?" She starts to ask, sounding a bit sad, but a look at the faces of Kelthero and Velrich make her grin from ear to ear.

"I'd probably be best to have any sort of picnic off the docks." Kelthero mutters in between the grumbles over his partially soaked clothing. There's a smirk and a snort as Velrich goes after Tineska, but the candidate keeps his distance now from the edge less more water comes flying his way. "Once that ship comes in to dock, it'll get real crowded here. Better to go back to the lagoon shore to eat." Then he glances away from the water a moment to smile to Kiley. "Of course!" As the mysterious person approaches, Kelthero lapses into silence again, politely looking away while they talk. Then it's a curious glance to Kiley before she hurries off. "Take care, then!" And there's a bit of a wave and with her now gone, he goes back to watching the waters and the swimmers. Tineska's laughter seems both infectious and odd to Kelthero, but he ends up laughing even if he's wincing a little. He still won't approach the dock's edge though.

Velrich shakes his head just a little, though he wrestles a bit to keep control of the madly laughing girl. At least he does finally notice that Kiley hurried off. The assessment of the docks being…crowded earns a bit of a grunt from his as well as he muscles Tineska toward getting out of the water. "He's right. Not the place to be swimming anymore." He lets go though after a moment, starting to pull himself up onto the dock. "I need to head in anyway. You all have your picnic." There will be more food with less people! But off he goes, picking up his shirt as he heads off the dock.

Tineska pouts a little, but doesn't fight Velrich. The two men are right, and she knows it. Grabbing her towel and calling her two small co-conspirators to her side, she starts to head in the direction of the barracks. "Guess we can grab something to eat inside? I am starving now. I think I forgot to eat earlier.." There's a merry skip in her step as she heads off.

Kelthero watches in a bemused sort've way as Velrich all but muscles Tineska into getting out of the water. He doesn't step in to intervene or anything, simply standing back and watching all unfold with an amused smile on his face. "Not unless you want to get up close and personal with a cargo ship." He remarks, one hand gesturing to the now far closer ship that was spotted earlier. Never mind that it could very well be headed for another part of the docks. It makes for a good tease! Seems everyone is getting up and heading out, so with a shrug of his shoulders, Kelthero follows suit. "Hmm, food right now isn't too bad of an idea." He admits with a bit of a grin to Tineska. "Though with free time still left, I might sneak up to the maze for a bit." Most likely to read, but he won't admit that outloud.

And poor little Patori totally comes back to nobody there! Possibly, the weyrbrat got wrangled into kitchenhelp when he went to nab the basked of bubblies. He promptly scuttles off to find Keely, though!

Tineska intercepts Patori and takes all the food!

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