The Flight with the Bucket

Half Moon Bay Weyr - East Bowl
The eastern end of the crater that forms the Weyr. The cliffs rise to the east, north and south of you, small openings in the face are individual weyrs of dragons and their riders. To the north is the large ledge and cave mouth of the Queen's weyr, with a wide ramp and stairs made by skilled stone masons providing access to the bowl floor. To the east is the Weyrling training area and the barracks, where young riders and dragons learn to work together.

Feyruth is snarling in the center of the bowl, well clear of any others as Rukbat reaches the zenith above the weyr. She's resting back on her haunches stirring and clawing at the ground with her sharp talons so that a mild dust is rising from the floor. This continues for several minutes before a somewhat wain and yet wrathful looking Janja storms out over from the patio and proceeds right to the gold's feet. She looks up, raises a finger..and immediately vomits all over the ground at the gold's fore feet. "Look what you did!" Janja groans, still bent over.

Irkevalath is settled upon a ledge looking out over the bowl, th beat up blue curiously watching as Feyruth is snarling and throwing a fit it would seem. A soft snort escapes him, a slow lazy yawn escaping the maw while he is slowly stretching and a few bones pop back into place. Wings shake and stretch while he sits on the edge of the perch now. « Come come… No need to take your anger out on the mere dirt there… » Yes the blue is stiring the pot a bit!

C'vryn is following after Jan, although staying back far enough to keep out of Feyruth's way, and well. Janja's as well. "Are you both okay. Something I can do?" He looks vaguely hopeful that nothing will be required. "I could err, get you a bucket darling?" Emeliuth, himself is content to watch, carefully considering Fey's movements before warily resting in the bowl still.

L'or happens to be here; by random chance and random dumb luck. Business is business and someones one doesn't have a whole lot of control over where they go. Vorlath lounges nearby and peers at Feyruth with a squinty eye'd interest that he promptly hides every time someone looks his way. It's totally the dragon equivelant of checking out the ass of someone in a bikini at the beach then looking away and whistling every time someone glances his way. It's painfully obvious to anyone who looks on with half a brain but he thinks he is being /so/ smooth about it. So very smooth; except this is about as subtle as an earthquake. L'or is staring at him with a look of resigned fate and more than a little disgust at the violent emesis as her rider makes an offering to the soil. "Damn it, son." He mutters loud enough that there sure isn't any subtlety to that either. "Not now? Come on." He could think it but he probably thinks he's being quiet too.

« Look on the gams on that one, Rorn. She is feisty! I like fiesty. Love the blood, accentuates all her lady like features! » Rorn isn't having it. He's perched on the fence, face in his hands, shaking his head from side to side while muttering under his breath. Whatever it is, it's a good thing it's within his hands. It likely needs censoring. « Hey, baby! Why don't you share some of that blood with a real dragon! »

With a bellow, Feyruth's head snaps around to target Irkevalath with an icy glare. « Shut it, you! » But it's neither the gold or blue that has Jan's attention. She turns around around to glare at C'vryn instead. "Bucket? Bucket!" Her hands go up as does her voice pitch with each repetition. "This is all your fault!" She whips back around to look at the gold, kicking up the dirt over her mess and dragonic feet as well. "Listen up you overgrown lizard! Stop all this now and behave!" That seems to be just about the last straw for both ladies. Suddenly there's instant quiet and Feyruth turns around to loom over her rider, gold and blonde glaring balefully at each other.

C'vryn makes a disaffected hand motion that could encompass Jan, it could encompass Feyruth, maybe he's indicating the entire area. "I just thought, it'd be cleaner. If you have a bucket." He takes a step back, bravery only carrying so far. "And you're the one making the mess. I certainly didn't vomit over my dragon. Do you think it will work and she won't be so gold anymore?"

Irkevalath croons out and seems only more interested as dear Feyruth is snapping off at him. « Aww… But…There is no fun in that! »> He stands up on the edge there, tail slowly swaying behind in in a slow lzy ark. « Come now… What about a song instead? I think we'd have a lot more fun with something more musical honestly! » As if that would /really/ help at the moment!

L'or and Vorlath are having an argument; that much is plain. The sailor is standing there with his hand on one hip and glaring up at the bronze who has sidestepped a bit to get a better angle on Feyruth's butt. L'or is almost pleading with him. "Come on. You really don't want this one." He steals a few glances over at Feyruth's rider; too. Vorlath might have been carved from literal bronze for all of the success that L'or has. Statuesque he stares with draconian saliciousness written all over his (big and stupid according to L'or at the moment) face. « She's so pretty. I've never seen anything like her. » L'or thumps him on the foot. "Come on. Seriously!" « Look at those talons. Look at those egg laying lines. Look at the healthy meal that is in the bucket now. Why does she need a bucket? Is this something new? » He looks over at Feyruth, blinking. « Why does she need a bucket? »

S'rorn pushes himself to his feet, hands clenched into fists and he crosses the bowl as quickly as he can. "Just… Just get out of the bowl and go… somewhere! I don't have the time for this!" The brownrider hisses and storms off, pausing to dry heave a little. Even with all the drinking he's done, he never did get used to vomit. Watching someone makes it contagious and he just ate a lot of food just moments before! "Nyz *gag* get moving! Don't need to *gag* spectate! Seriously! Go… go anywhere but here. Now." The brown swings his head towards his rider and "gently" noses him to the ground. « Whoops. Looks like you tripped over something. Chump. I'm not going anywhere! Can't you see she's flirting?! The ladies always give me the silent treatment when they flirt. » S'rorn growls and pushes himself to his feet. He tugs his tunic back down, quickly dusts it off and shakes the twigs out of his belt with bells jingling angrily. « Rorn! Look! She's going to man handle that bucket when it should be you! Get out there! »

C'vryn must have a death wish, considering the look he gets from Janja. But in the time it's taken Jan to break her gaze from Feyruth and attempt to melt C'vryn with it, Feyruth's hide has brightened exponentially. With it, the gold's attention has shifted as well. Suddenly the other dragons have more of her notice. If this is a good thing, is yet to be determined as her eyes whirl equal parts red and gold. « None of you are worthy. » she sneers before springing skyward. A few quick wingflaps and stooping dive and the queen has cleared the corral fence by feet to smash a runner to the ground. « Who needs a bucket? I have teeth. » Feyruth bites down, looking to savage the runner as Janja screams at her. "Shards! Don't you dare!" The ladies snarl at each other again and the gold begins to blood.

Emeliuth was only waiting until Feyruth got first pick and then he is off and into the feeding corrals as well, landing heavily on a wherry and only after it is down pausing to shake it madly to snap its neck. The bronze begins to blood as C'vryn keeps a wary distance from Jan, going to stand near where other riders are gathering and innocently now trying to blend in with the crowd. "I'm not sure this is a good idea right now, in fact I know it's not a good idea." Then he's keeping a weather eye on Feyruth and on the dragons.

Irkevalath looks on amused from his perch and tilts his head. « Oh… Well there went the other shoe! Arn't you pretty… Oh… so pretty! An look at those teeth, so snarp and snapppy…. » Irk is actually bugling out now upon his ledge, wings a flutter and talons gripping with a slight amused croon is escaping him. « Should I dare… Dare to be a flare?…. Or perhaps more a thorn! » The blue actually leaps from the ledge and is bugling out as he flutters into the corrals, slamming down his bulk (for a blue) upon a beast and is eagerly bleeding it dry… Yep he went there…

L'or manages to win the argument. It won't be without cost because Vorlath will sulk for a week. He'll be back eventually and he'll have his chance to show everyone then, but as the others head for the grounds he stays put to watch them go. While the two won't trust a jump between right now and will be left to face the aftermath L'or at least wins this one and probably won't need a bucket.

« Now that's what I'm talking about! She's definitely playing hard to get! Don't worry baby, I love me some love bites! » "No, no you don't. You'll be crying about it later and now… now that you stalled /that/ is happening. Thanks alot, now get out of here and get to the feeding grounds. Shards, that runner is going to cost some marks." S'rorn grits his teeth together, wiping sweat from his brow as he fights to keep his composure and his food down. Nyzieroth isn't arguing this time, he quickly makes his way to the grounds. Rorn closes his eyes at the sudden breeze of hasty brown wings and he speeds up his trek after him… only to slow down at the brown's not so graceful landing. "Tsk, reckless."

Feyruth hisses at her suitors as the last of the blood drains from the runner. Least it was a good sized one. She springs again, after more appropriate fodder this time, bringing down a brace of wherries. Feathery things fly but the glowing gold is no longer fighting the command to blood. Each one seems to add to her glow so that the normal pale hide is nearly incandescent. She gives each male a long, searching look, full of contempt. And Irkevalath, that daring bard, him she taunts. « I'm going to run you into the weyr walls. » One last small herdbeast is taken down with a vicious tail slap. She bends to feed, licking the last ruby drops off her muzzle and launches full speed into the air, arrowing as steeply as possible as if she were trying to sail right to the dawn sisters themselves.

Janja groans as the gold launches into the air. "No, you are /not/ going to kill them." She mutters to herself while making her way slowly towards the other gathered riders. "This way." She says, eyes on the sky, as she leads those unfamilar towards a private location.

Emeliuth is not quite first, but neither is he last as he discards the second wherry he had taken down to get up and into the air after Feyruth. Each and every other chaser ignored except to bank and jostle with them for position, as they lead into that first bunching of the pack after the gold. Emeliuth takes a moment to rise higher and to the left of the others, perhaps anticipating, perhaps just not wishing to be crowded so already as he scrambles up and ever higher into the air, wings pumping strongly now at the very start. The bronze at least has had time to learn to ignore the gold's contempt for all things not her rider or herself.

C'vryn continues to stay well away from Janja, wisely choosing not to comment at all about anything and looking appropriately wary as the whole grouping is lead off. A quick whisper to someone near him, an answer to a question, or not as the man shrugs his shoulders for a bit and then just continues walking with the group.

« There is a hole in the world like a great black pit…. » Irkevalath is busy feeding on that beast before his talons have grabbed another and is dragging it down to work on it as well. « Me… Why would you waste such energy on little 'ol me? » He questons back to the dear gold with a crooningbugle that is soon echoing around the pens. When Feyruth takes to the skies he turns to followwith a lash of his tail the beast is tossed into a post cracking it over at that.

Giddy should not be a word used in times like these but there goes Nyzieroth, awkwardly prancing in place while covered in blood before goring another animal. « I'm going to chase a gold and it's going to be a bloodbath! » It already is! "Yeah, after she's done tearing you into pieces," Rorn growls while shaking a raised fist! Darn kids! The brownrider finds himself a good spot perched on the fence and he crosses his arms tightly over his chest with a scowl on his face. Today was not what he wanted. Then the gold is in the air and the brown is quick to follow.

Sundari is running out from the caverns. "Irkevalath!!" Comes the cry towards the blue, just as he is taking to the skies. "You have to be sharding kidding me right now?!!!" The Weyrling Master looks on, eyes wide as plates with her mouth open, why oh why is her blue atually attemping to do something so dumb. "Bloody-da…" The rest is lost as she catches the spell of well vomit and is left losing her lunch soon as well, and also coughing a that.. She catches sight of others moving around.

Feyruth sends a quick glance back just to gauge where her suitors are in this race against time and they must be closer then she'd like because the queen takes a tact normally saved for later, tired wings. She veers round in a modified barrel roll, stooping towards the pack on her tail. The little distance she has added to the dive gives her a good bit of speed as she arrives, talons and teeth bared. « I'm going to remove you from the gene pool. ». The gold skates just over the top of the pack, scaring more then a few of the younger or more passive chasers and ruining the flight path of most of the others. She pulls out of the dive just as she hits a thermal and uses it with her combined speed to put some real distance between pack and prize. « Later, boys » she calls with a mocking croon before doing what golds do best. Now comes the endurance part of the contest. Speed and time just keeps ticking away. « Stupid fools. Silly Jan, I'm free! I'll just have to kill them later.»

Janja is mostly just trying to ignore the riders who gather around her, as well as those who choose to avoid her. In fact, it's hard to tell if she's lost in her own thoughts, in her dragons, or just green around the gills again. Sundari's arrival at least gets some notice as Janja grimaces. "Sorry." She mutters before fading back into her own thoughts. " Just don't hurt yourself ok?" she mutters a bit later, looking at the sky as she says it.

Emeliuth is holding steady, not so far back that he thinks himself out of contention but giving the bright, incandescent gold a wide enough berth that he is safe from sudden direction changes or the misplaced thermals that might send him off course. Even Feyruth's sudden dive and scattering of her pack has only left him lightly buffeted and he soon regains most of the lost distance back. Trying ever harder now, there is soon a sense of urgency to his efforts to step away from the pack, even as everyone around does the same. Still, he is entirely in the game yet and pacing himself as much as a dragon remembers to do in these flights.

Ryn moves to take a step forward, almost reaching out for Janja before he remembers himself and steps back, back into the crowd gathered. A softly mumbled, "You'll be okay." is whispered before he is steadfastly moving to look up at the flight, even as the dragons have now gone mostly out of sight, away from the weyr. A quick glance at one of the newly entering riders. "Do you need a bucket too? We could send for more." is quickly offered with a diffident shrug.

« Doooooom!! All that enters there will be doom…» Irkevalath cooons out happy like it seems. « I'm guna sing The Doom Song now, for it is are doooooooom! » The blue is actually following after Feyruth, wings taking him upwards rather easily, and quicker then the bronzes and browns around him. Then when the gold turns back upon them he is actually diving backwards in a rather interesting move to escape her attack. « Doom dooom dooom dooooooom! » He turns sharply to even out, wings catching that air current and it brings him back up with simple ease before he is following once more, bugling all the while.

Nyzieroth keeps a steady pace but doesn't burn himself out just yet. He pumps his wings rhythymically, watching her every move and manages a quick look when he almost looses Feyruth in the fray. « Come on now, you know you want to fall into these waiting arms! » The brown hisses and snaps at any males that gets too close and he works to close the gap once more. Buckets. There better not be a bucket in sight for at least a sevenday. S'rorn clears his throat to clear up the pressure building and he takes a deep breath. Out of the corner of his eye, he spots Sundari but keeps his mouth shut for the sake of breath. Not only that, the building crowds would drown him out anyhow.

Sundari wipes her face with the back of her hand and is coughing a bit once more. "I'm going to strangle that damn blue…" Is half murmured out to herself while her gaze lifts to the sky and then around, worried.. Her? Never…. Alright so maybe she is at the moment. She catches sight of S'rorn and almost seems to be begging for help at the moment while she looks skywards, no way is her blue getting out of this in one piece. Seems he already lost his mind, though that already happened long ago!

A great deal of time has passed in 'flight time' that is and some of the smaller, weaker, or just smarter males have dropped out. Even the glowing gold is starting to show signs of tiring, her speed dropping and wings showing more of the strain. The pack, now less tightly gathered, is close at her heels so Feyruth turns to tricks to drive more of the suitors away. One unwary brown gets just a little too close for the gold's taste and nearly finds his wingtip in her mouth. The snapping teeth and a sly wing buffet are enough to send him plummeting, only to pull up and out with a wing muscle strain. A bronze takes a sharp rap to the muzzle from her tail. And there..there is the bold, over-stepping Irkevalath. « YOU! How dare you think to catch me? » The gold veers her path full at the smaller, more agile blue as if she really intends to smash him. « Now, you die! » Her talons head right for the smaller dragons head, possibly actually clipping him across the cheek as she slams past. « Down! » she orders at him with all the weight of a queen behind the command. The movement likely fouled his flight but it also messed with the gold's leaving her open to the few males she has either forgotten about or deemed at least possibly worthy.

If he lost it, it's probably because Nyz stole it. Cause Nyz likes to "permanently borrow" things and then decides he doesn't want them anymore so he leaves them on random weyrs and fields and hut. You get the picture. « Hey! Why you running away?! Aren't you interested in this delicious brown goodness?! You better get a bite before a more superior gold decides she wants to be treated like royalty! » S'rorn takes a deep breath, offering a quick and crooked smile at the expense of his lifemate. He pushes himself up off the fence rails, hands balled into fists as he takes a few staggering steps away. "Ha! That's what you get! I hope she picks the biggest, burliest bronze dragon out there and makes it last right in front of you!" The brownrider just yells at the skies before shaking his head and stomping over to the crowd. « I ain't giving up yet, chump! At least I gotta chance with the ladies! All you got is Wilson! » "At least he has sense!" Nyzieroth watches as one dragon after another begins to drop out and his own energy is waning. He puffs angrily, pumping his wings with frustration, exploiting every thermal he can but try as he might, the blue of all blues has him beat in terms of proximity. « You were only second class ANYWAY! » Down he glides back to parts unknown. No one is going to watch him sulk! Maybe there's a green or ten to cuddle with. He's not picky.

Irkevalath shifts in the air and is on another thermal that helps him glide along closer and closer to the gold… Though really he is getting tired of this game at the moment, which he is a blue the fact that he is still in it should be a surprize! « Doooom da-doooom….» His singing stops as his eyes go wide catching sight of Feyruth heading right towards him, a sharp surprize squak heard and he turns sharply to try and escape her 'attack' though that it does catch him across the head and because of him turning that he also takes it across his neck in the process. He is quiet now… slowly heading downwards with a grump and grumble in the process before he is landing in the bowl, black icor running like a river from his neck and even across his face. « …dooooom…. »

Emeliuth is still in the thick of things, as living with Feyruth has taught caution and a slight wariness to the bronze as he manages to still stay out of her way. He moves ever closer, sneaking up on the slightly tiring gold even as he avoids a snap of teeth and another bronze plummiting past him. A turn to keep a watch on the bright gold and then a slight pause, even mentally as her anger is again roused and he moves to take up a chance as she takes her temper out on Irkevalath, hatching a plan that has him reaching for the gold, ahead of the rest of the pack and hoping that she is still unwary, unaware. « Mine! »

Feyruth is well and truly caught, nabbed all unaware while venting her spleen on another. And it's somewhat of a surprise for the gold but she's quick to give in as Emmy brings them slowly back down to the Weyr below.

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