That Obligatory Robe Fixing Scene

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Candidate Barracks

Carved from a natural bubble in the volcanic stone, this small dorm room has room enough to hold around two dozen occupants comfortably. Along the walls are stationed sets of cots and clothes presses, each made up to the standards of the weyrwoman. Above, the soft white light from electric lamps cast down during waking hours.

It's late afternoon, and while some might still linger at chores, a group of candidates have found themselves in the barracks. Whether it's lounging, or napping, or studying, or doing whatever they fancy, they're here. And so is Sevran, sitting on his cot and staring down at the mess of white fabric in his lap with a devastated look on his face. "This thing… I have to wear this thing?" The horror!

"Just get an old one from the storage caverns." Krenn suggests from the comfort of his own cot. "I think that's what most people do." Not that he's following his own advice. He has his own robe nearly finished, still putting on the final touches. He may be a tanner rather than a weaver, but as someone who often makes clothes for a living it wouldn't seem right to pass on the project.

Baylee is working on her own robe it just so happens. At least robes are easy. Baylee's own robe is done, and she's sitting on her cot writing in her notebook, "You skipped out on the fashion show. This is the next best thing." she says to Sev, not really bothering to look up from what she is doing. She does look up to spy out Krenn's work though. "Not bad." she says to him before looking down again.

"This is an old one from storage," insists Sevran. As he lifts it, it does become apparent that the white fabric is already a robe, and one that looks like it has been well worn. "I tried it on last sevenday, and it fit fine. Now it's too short." Hence the frustrated, glare-y eyed look at the offensive fabric. "Can I add more?" he asks of Baylee. "Or do I hafta sort through the stores, again?"

"Wouldn't be much of a tanner if I couldn't at least handle needle and thread. Compared to stitching thick leather, this is a breeze." Krenn replies to Baylee with a grin, glancing over at her robe. "Of course, your work puts mine to shame. You going to model that for us?" He can't go minutes without teasing her, it seems. When Sevran asks his question, Krenn can't help but look a little amused. "Maybe you're going through a growth spurt?" He suggests. "Or did you try to wash it?"

"Ha ha." Baylee says to Krenn, "Robes are hardly flattering anyway." Which is apparently a no. "You'll get to see it when we get dragged out there." Though at that point no one will be paying any attention. Sev's robe problem is considered with a hmmm, "If you wanted you could just sew more materiel on. I mean this isn't a fashion show. We aren't going to be wearing them again after this."

Riohra chooses this time to come walking in from the hot springs were he was washing the work of the day off on him. As soon as he goes to walk on the barracks he looks at the sight of Sevran holding the robe up saying "Um bold fashion choice, that for dragon washing?"

"No," says Sevran, hesitantly. He brings the fabric in for a little sniff. "I mean, I think it's been washed before, but I haven't washed it. All it's done since I took it from storage is hang out in my trunk." Definitely a growth spurt, then, which has him looking irritated. "Great," sarcastic. He dumps the material back onto his cot for the moment, as if doing so could will it into being longer. "I can?" is asked of Baylee, and he considers the possibility. "How hard would that be?" to add more fabric to the length. "It's for dragon catching," he quips back at Rio, flashing a smirk. "All the rage, on the sands."

"Well, fair point, Baylee." Krenn says with a shrug. "But on the other hand, even if we only wear them the one time, we will be wearing them in front of a very, very large crowd. Not to mention our new potential lifemates. Something to be said for first impressions, isn't there? Plus, we've all heard horror stories of robes that didn't… well, quite cover what they needed to." The amusement continues as he resumes his own sewing. "But, yeah. Function over form for these. Doesn't have to look pretty, Sev."

Baylee shrugs, "Probably not very I'd imagine." She bites her lip in thought, "You could just sew some material along the bottom of the thing and lengthen it that way. Unless there is already material there that you could let out." She'd imagine some robes were just sewn shorter at times. "Do you think they will be paying all that much attention to us anyway?" she says to everyone, "I mean there will be eggs hatching. Not much interest in us." Krenn gets a shake of her head, "There will be no wardrobe malfunctions this time round." She hopes anyway.

Riohra pads into the room and again checks his bunk before sitting down on it, "So we have to wear those?" yup he is lost. And today was starting off so well, "are there extra's somewhere or do we have to make our own?"

"Exactly the point," Sevran says, agreeing with Krenn. "It's gotta cover all the right places, and this one's just a little bit, ah… sketchy in that department." A grimace. "As it is, really not looking forward to wearing something that so closely resembles a dress." Cause really. It does. "But longer would be better." The idea of wearing this in front of a large crowd has Sevran scowling again, looking very much like a wet cat, all agitated and puffed up, even if Baylee's sure the crowd won't care about them. Definitely not thinking happy thoughts. But her question distracts him from his melancholy, and he peers at the white robe once again. "How can you tell?" if it can be let out. He pinches the fabric, holding it this way and that, with no real clarity coming to him. "Yeah," he says to Rio, glancing over. "Haven't you been to a Hatching?" Beat. "Candidates wear white robes. That's how they know we're candidates." Right? That's why? "Storage cavern," is the answer for 'extras'.

Krenn gives Baylee another one of those amused, teasing grins. "Most of the crowd will be weyrfolk. They've seen plenty of hatchings. For some of them, an attractive candidate having a wardrobe malfunction will be a much more interesting sight than a newborn dragon." Maybe he's just joking, but it can be hard to tell with him. He then looks back to Riohra, nodding in agreement with Sevran's reply. "It's yet another candidacy tradition."

"I'm sure you'll be able to find something that works really well for you Rio." Baylee says encouragingly. The storage cavern is filled with the things. "You can check along the bottom hem. If there is material there it will be sewn up a bit. You can just cut the stitching to let it out a bit. If there isn't then you need more material or a new robe." Krenn gets a disapproving shake of her head, "I hope they have better things to be doing with their time." She says putting her notebook down and standing up to move to sit on Krenn's cot, "Besides our robes are all going to look just fine."

Riohra shakes his head "only ever been to one, and that was right at the end so didnt really see what they were wearing." he is now eyeing the fabric himself like it is a tunnel snake. "I hope so, I have grown out of almost all my clothes since I have been here." Looks like this growth spurt thing is catching, just hope it isnt as bad as glitter.

Sevran is just gonna ignore the thought of a wardrobe malfunction, for the most part, although there's a bit of a chuff of amusement. "He's hitting on you," he tells Baylee, in case she didn't catch it. But it's cute, really, the pair of them. At her explanation, Sevran flips over his robe to peer at the bottom hem, following it along with her finger. "It is doubled up a little," he notes, relief in his voice. "May be just enough…" and he glances up again. "Got scissors?" he asks, because he is sorely unprepared for this business. "Well, if you can't find one," says Sev to Rio, "you can always poach a bedsheet. Cut a hole for your head, sew up the sides. Good to go!"

Krenn gives Baylee a little grin, putting an arm around her shoulders as she takes her seat by him. "Well, you're right about that last part. We'll make sure everyone has something suitable before we all rush off. Oh! And sandals. Don't forget sandals. They won't let us wear shoes for the hatching, and you all know how hot those sands get." Another amused glance goes to Sevran. "Now that is /definitely/ a recipe for a wardrobe malfunction. You know we're supposed to be naked under those things, yeah? I think you'd at least want a sash."

"That should be it." Baylee says to Sev and points toward the stiching, "A simple cut and you should be better off." All the guys seem to be doing the growth spurt thing, "Well it could be worse guys. Growing is good." Her head shoots toward Krenn when he makes that comment, "You can't be serious. I was figuring shorts and a shirt underneath." His thoughts on sandals are lost on her at the moment it seems.

Riohra just stares at Krenn "I am with Baylee, are you sharding serious?" yeah he is a little surprised by the worst prank that has been played on him yet. "No way I am walking out in just that" he exclaims, he has that wherry in the dragons sight look like he is going to bolt.

Must be all the food they eat? As for Sev, he looks pleased as punch that he doesn't have to sort through the stores again. "Do you have any scissors?" he'll ask again, getting up from his cot to try and find some… somewhere. "Wait- naked?" he clarifies. "Ugh. This is just getting humiliating. Might as well go out there in the nude, if that's the way they want it." He's certainly not shy. Grimace firmly in place, he just skulks around for those scissors. "I said sew up the sides, sheesh," he teases them. "But fine, fine. Rio, there's plenty down in storage. You just might have slim pickin's at this point, and may have to get an oversized one to take in… is that the term?" and he glances at Baylee for confirmation.

"Nope." Krenn replies to Baylee, his amusement at the various reactions still obvious. "So long hemlines, conservative necklines, and strong, tightly-tied sashes are the order of the day here. But look on the bright side! We'll all be terrified and standing on blistering hot sands. At least it'll help keep us cool, right?" Ever the optimist.

Humiliations galore! "They must think of this stuff just to mess with candidates." Baylee says. That can be the only thing she can think of for that, "I mean some idiot did that once and then it became a tradition and now we have to do it." She shakes her head, "Nope. Not doing it. I'm wearing something underneath. It's not like they will check." She shoots a side eye at Krenn, "So are you." She will slip out from under his arm and move back toward her cot to recover scissors for Sev, "Here you go." she says walking the short distance to hand him the scissors, "Yep. It's taking in."

Riohra will get up and still eyeing Krenn like he is the glitter bandit, "ok so storage cavern then? I will be back" he heads to go and retrieve a premade robe.

"I will, too," says Sevran, if just to give Baylee a show of support. "I don't think I could stand out there in what amounts to a dress without at least a pair of boxers beneath." Cause… weird. "not sure if the sash is going to help or hinder the look of a dress," he muses, grimacing. But he gives Baylee a quick "thank you," as he gratefully receives the scissors from her. Back to his cot, and now he's being extra, super, special careful with nipping the threads that hold the hem in place. "Sandals, though… definitely gotta remember those. And I don't think I'll be terrified," he notes, going back to an earlier comment. "I think I'll be sweating my ba-," and he stops up short before finishing that sentence, amending it with, "Sweating to death, but otherwise I'll be fine." A head-bob at Rio and a dry, "Good luck," as he heads off.

"All the more reason to have a sturdy and concealing robe. Don't want to get caught." Krenn gives Baylee yet another look of great amusement. "You've turned into quite the little troublemaker, haven't you? Flaunting rules and traditions. How scandalous." Krenn gives Sevran a look, arching one eyebrow. "If you think you won't be scared when a bunch of hungry and confused hatchlings are barreling at you… well, you're either braver than me, or you just haven't seen one of these before." He shrugs. "I mean, don't get too scared. We're all going to be fine. But still. A little fear is probably good, right? Keeps us sharp out there."

Baylee returns to sit down on Krenn's cot again and sighs. The last hurdle to be overcome before new hurdles present themselves. Either with dragons or without. "I will not be getting caught. Besdes at that point what are they going to do? Kick us out?" They will have more to worry about at that point Baylee is sure about, "I thought you would approve since you are going to be breaking rules with me." Yeah. Dragons. "I hope it all goes really easy and nothing bad happens."

Sevran snorts, though his eyes don't lift from his work. "I've seen tons of Hatchings. And more than a few maulings, too. The key is to move and not stand there like a statue when they come at you." Fear? At least not in this moment. And he probably won't admit it on the day off either, now that he's put himself out there like that. Snip-snip and little bits of thread fall away to litter his cot. "Bad things happening are rare," he says, to reassure Baylee and maybe himself as well. "Very rare, considering the size of the clutches these days. Ten dragons shouldn't be hard to keep an eye on." Yeah. Keep telling yourself that.

Krenn smirks at Baylee. "Fair point. Though you are the mastermind of all this. But I know better than to fight you on this one." Or much of anything, truth be told. "Well, the important thing is we all stay focused and look out for one another out there. We'll be alright, just need to be careful and alert."

"You think they would have talked more about it." Baylee shrugs as she ponders this information, "So we just have to get out of ther way if they come at us? I'd be worried about stepping on them or something. I'm sure their mother and father will be watching closely. I'd not want to upset one of them." Baylee gives Krenn a little nudge, "Just keep telling yourself that for the rest of our lives and you will be a happy man." Sev's words are at least encouraging, "Guess there isn't much we can do one way or the other."

Riohra comes back in holding two robes in his hands, one will fit him in the shoulders while the other is long enough to cover him modestly. He walks back in and heads for his bunk to sit down and figure out his next step. "I wonder why there isnt a class on sewing these things?" he askes to himself.

"Well, yeah," says Sevran with a small shrug, momentarily pausing in his seam-snipping to glance over at the pair. "Just move. They're not tiny little babies, either. I mean, you've seen the size of the eggs," he notes. But he nods along with Krenn and adds, "Sticking together is probably a good idea. But really, there are only ten of them and, what, forty of us?" Roughly? "So four people for everyone one dragon. No reason anyone should get hurt." Now he's just setting himself up for failure. "Maybe that's why they assign us laundry duty?" and suddenly it makes sense, and he's maybe wishing he hadn't traded those out. "Oh well. Like Baylee said, it's a one-and-done thing. Only has to last the hour."

"I'd be more worried about them stepping on you than you stepping on them. Even the littlest newborn dragons are as big as runners. You're not going to do anything to hurt them. Just try to keep yourselves safe." Krenn suggests with another nod, even as he grins a bit at Baylee's nudging. When Riohra comes back, he gets a thumbs up. "Looking good, Rio. And… well, probably because most people do what you're doing and just raid the caverns. It's the path of least resistence." Sevran's theory on the lack of classes earns a grin. "Or just because it's a nearly-free source of menial labor. I tend to think that's the real reason for most of these chores."

Ok. So the dragons are going to be bigger than she thought they were going to be. Thats even more scary. "I'll be light on my feet then. If we are all together we can keep an eye out for each other." Rio's return from his adventure seems to have born fruit, "One of those should work well for you Rio. I'd go for the longer one." She breathes in and then out, "Yes. Only an hour." To decide the rest of their lives.

Riohra nods and holds up the longer one then turns it inside out, he opens his foot locker and pulls out a fish skinning knife and starts to pop the seems to let out the extra material to loosen it up. "You know we could do, like dodging practice or something? give us all some help jumping out of the way?" it is an idea not a good one maybe but better than being scared.

"Maybe a large baby runner for the greens," offers Sevran, pondering this thought. "Definitely not as big as the big draft runner's though." With wings." And claws. And sharp-sharp teeth. Rawr. As for his theory, Sevran nods along in agreement. "Oh, that is absolutely what the chores are about," but he's not upset at it. "I mean, they feed us, and house us, and clothe us," and he picks up the robe to demonstrate. "It's only fair we give back a bit." Even if he has ducked out of chores a time or two. "Dodging practice?" asks Sevran. "You mean, like… one of us pretends to be a Hatchling and they others dodge?" This could be fun.

Krenn shrugs to Sevran. "Well, sure. I mean, they're nothing compared to full grown dragons, but… look. I'm not trying to frighten anybody. The important thing is to be calm and careful. We've all done touchings, that supposedly goes a long way towards making the hatchlings comfortable with all of us. We'll be okay."

Woe! Doom! Death! Destruction! "I think we should probably talk about something else." Baylee says as she looks down to her lap with a sigh. Getting all nervous now won't do anyone any good. Especially since no one is going to chicken out at this point. It's the sands or nothing. "We should think happy thoughts. Like we all impress." Which of course probably won't happen either. It seems there is a shortage of positive true thoughts.

Riohra grins "you want happy thoughts there is still half a rum cake hidden in the fridge from Catwin's surprise turnday. That will put a happy smile on your face" he seems faily proud of that for some odd reason. He finishes adjusting the seem and then asks "Baylee do you have any straight pins I need to mark the seem"

"I'm not scared," says Sevran, but then he glances up and catches sight of Baylee's face, and there's a guilty look flashing across his own. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean… Krenn is right. We're all going to be fine." And for her sake, if nothing else, he will try to be positive. "And look on the bright side, if we don't Impress, we still get to enjoy the Hatching feast, and the festivities. No matter what, it'll be great," he decides, channeling a little of her old enthusiasm. "An expensive rum cake," murmurs Sevran, though it was totally worth it. TOTALLY WORTH IT. An eyebrow lifts at Rio, and he can't help but ask, "You've done this before." Erm. "Well, not this this but… you know what you're doing over there." Not the case over here. He's got the stitches undone, and the hem is longer, and Sevran seems to believe that this is now good enough. No need to re-hem, no? what could go wrong with an unfinished hemline?

"I don't think I've actually ever seen anyone die at a Hatching." Catwin murmurs as she walks in, bringing with her the scent of soap and humidity and wet linens. "The cake, though inappropriate, did have some nice flavor to it." she adds as she walks on down to her cot. Settling down on it, she yawns just a little. "However, I have seen a few maulings, or the aftermath at least. Course, those were generally because the idiots got in the way."

Krenn gives Baylee's shoulder a little squeeze. "I think you're exactly right. Sorry. Probably made the whole thing sound more dire than it is. Let's switch to a more lighthearted topic." Fortunately, in walks Catwin and provides an interesting distraction, at least as far as Krenn is concerned. "… They got you an inappropriate cake? How was it inappropriate? Did they write something terrible in the frosting?"

Baylee was briefly there for the making of the cake but escaped while the getting was good, "They put lots of rum in it." she says to Krenn to explain the 'inappropriate' nature of the cake. Though it could have been in other ways as well, though one of the others will have explain that, "Did you have a nice turnday Catwin?" she asks. It sounds like it had the makings of fun anyway.

Riohra will nod to Sevran saying "when your accident prone as I am you learn to fix your own clothes. Though I will probably have someone who is better check it when I am done" He will look over at Krenn and Baylee saying "most of it cooks off in the baking so it is all good." He will smile at Catwin but go back to marking spots waiting to see if Baylee heard his request for straight pins.

"I got exactly as much as Rio asked me to get," protests Sevran for the 'lots of rum', "So that is not on me." He just did as he was told, for once. 'Finished' with his robe for now, Sevran shoves it down to the foot of his bed, stretching out and folding his arms behind his head, laying back against his cot. "I guess that makes sense," to Rio for his explanation. "Your accidents must involve a lot of clothing damage." Not the same for Sev clearly. With a yawn, he folds his arm over his eyes and mumbles, "Someone wake me when it's time for dinner," before drifting into a light sleep.

"The inappropriate nature of the cake was the assumption that I would appreciate a Turnday cake, or in fact any reminders of my Turnday." Catwin states as she looks around at them all. And that is all she says on the matter, not whether she enjoyed or not. She turns her attention to her clothes press and gets out a thin rectangular box. Opening it, she pulls out a leaf of paper and a pencil. Box is closed and paper set on top and she starts writing something.

Krenn only looks more confused at Baylee's answer. "Wait, really? But all the alcohol cooks out during the cooking like Rio says, doesn't it? Surely we're not banned from merely cooking with alcohol, are we? That'd be news to me. Not that I imagine it comes up much." Catwin's answer provides some more clarification. "Ah. Not much for surprises, then? I suppose that's… well, not surprising. They meant well, I'm sure."

"Everyone appreciates cake." Baylee says to Catwin. Maybe not the surprise that goes with it, but cake itself is a good thing. Sev gets a wave as he slips off to sleep before supper, "Have a good nap Sev." she says with a grin and then looks back toward Krenn, "I think that it probably does. But they still had to get alot of rum to put into it." Probably looked weird having a candidate get that much rum. Baylee missed the request for pins, too lost in thought but she does get up and open her crate under the cot and gets some for Rio, "Here you go."

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