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Dolphin Craft Hall - Training Beach
// The training beach has been set into a secluded ocean cove well away from the shipping lanes running to and from Rubicon River Hold. The beachfront is long with shaggy softwoods and waving palms scattered over the outskirts, gradually giving way to a pristine expanse of white sands. Several small wooden open air classrooms are built on the inland side of the beach. A single long pier reaches into the depths with a large dolphin bell set prominently at the end. Most of the cove has been dredged deep to allow plenty of room for the pods coming in and out, but a section has been left shallow for swimming and teaching. A well-worn path of beach sand leads to the courtyard in the southeast.//

The mid-afternoon sky is over cast; it is winter here, so it is genuinely cooler. But that doesn't stop dolphineer hopefuls. Apprentices are lined up on the docks over the shallower area of the bay. Boys and girls of all ages are dressed down into there swim clothes. "Alright today we are treading water, that means you sit there in one spot keeping your shoulders out of the water with out leaning on anyone." calls the voice of the younger Journeyman with the two different colored eyes and shaggy black hair as he sits down on a stack of boxes. "this is an important skill not just for search and rescue but for all types of work here in the craft."

Quietly, a lanky teen with sea-green eyes and unkempt hair watches intently from the shade of a large palm, her back braced against the trunk. Her attire does not mark her as one of the hall’s residents, a sarong, though there is swim gear underneath the halter styled cotton dress. She is careful not to interfere in the lesson, bare toes shifting in the sand where a tiny blue firelizard attempts to pounce on them.

With a nod to those standing there he says "When the break bell sounds you can get out. remember keep moving" he then smacks the side of the dock with a rowing paddle. This prompts all the hopefuls to jump into the water, there is talking and giggling as it first starts. The shorter man will nod to another Journeyman who will watch them while he goes for a walk along the sands in the direction of the girl under the palm tree.

Tanit's lips twitch at the corners as she watches, perhaps remembering first swimming lessons with her cousins on her island home. When the man is within earshot she smiles and gives him a nod of greeting.

Kalen looks over at the lady, really it was the firelizard that caught his attention, "afternoon miss, where you hear visiting someone or just down to catch a glimpse of the dolphins at play?" he says with a warm smile, his different colored eyes sparkle a little.

"Visiting the Hall actually, as a prospective apprentice." Pushing off the tree, and moving toward him, she smiles. "Of course, I might be a bit old to start now." Raking one hand through disheveled hair. 'Tanit, of Black Moon Cothold. Well, I suppose currently Half Moon Bay Weyr would be the more accurate."

Kalen grins and offers her a hand "Kalen, Journeyman currently at Monaco but up on a teaching rotation." He looks her up and down gauging the woman's body and muscle tone. "I doubt you are over the age of people to far advanced to take the strain. But you would be having to work harder to catch up against people who have been doing this most of their life." He still smiles but is straight forward with her, no point in not telling her what she is in for.
"I've been free diving since I was ten turns old.' Tanit admits with a wry smile, “Our hold was founded a few generations back by a couple of craft drop outs. I might not quite be up to standards, and I know next to nothing about using equipment or dolphins." But she's not as far behind as some might have been. "Do they take apprentices out at Half Moon or would I have to relocate to start the training?" She asks, appreciating the honesty.

Kalen looks at her and nods "you have the swimmers look, and relocation only happens for a short time depending on how fast you will learn. Everyone comes to the Hall and is taught the rules as well as introduced to possible future dolphin partners." He crosses his arms over his chest and grins "While being a dolphineer seems like a glamorous life, it is hard work. If you think you can do it, unless you are one of those flighty girls that just want to look good in a bathing suit." his tone is teasing but there is enough truth in his words that show it happens alot.

Tanit nods, "I'd like to stay at Half Moon Bay if it's possible. But the rules are understandable." Tanit snorts, a smirk curling the left side of her mouth. "Dive suits cover more. Pearl diving is what I've done for most of my life, I see this as just an opportunity to see new places while doing it. Of course, I like seeing everything up front, know what I'm getting signed onto so to speak." She tilts a head at the mention of partners. "Do you have to partner with one, or can you just work with a pod?"

Kalen grins at the her responses and nods "yes learning that way is the best way to do it." With a shake of his head "you and the dolphin decide if you want to be a partnered or not. Not all dolphineers get partners it will depend on your field of focus." He looks at her and says "Mostly you will work with a pod, but as far as staying at Half Moon that is never a forever thing. the craft will move you if they need you another place."

"Forever seems like a terribly long time for anything," Tanit notes thoughtfully, looking back to the practicing apprentices. “Of course that's all provide I pass whatever examinations I need to take even to get in." The idea, however, has merit, and is worth giving some consideration at least. "Do you often get washouts who come for the swimsuits and shipfish? Only to bail on the real work?"

Kalen nods and looks sadly out at the apprentices "Yeah sometimes, always hard when people give up with out really trying", he will turn to her and smile again "and as far as exams, they are really aptitude tests to see what is best suited for you. Like myself, I am rubbish at paper work, but hands on training I excel at" he will move over and lean against the palm tree "Do you have a sweetheart?"

"There isn't much option back home, other than to stick it out. We don't have the craft affiliations that other holds do." The question, has dark green eyes shifting to study the man, a soft smirk forming on her lips. "Isn't that sort of thing not allowed? Fraternizing with the apprentices." She teases brightly before adding, "Though if the question pertains to the rules, the answer is no. I have no – lingering attachments to anyone in a romantic sense.”
Kalen laughs merrily saying "we discourage relationships between direct chain of command. Such as if you were involved with a Journeyman that was of the specialty you were focusing on, he would recuse himself from your advancement testing." he does nod saying "But yes, one of the reasons I asked was to know if you would be leaving some poor moony eyed person behind. that comes up a lot too during the first few months."

Tanit laughs too, a full throaty sound devoid of self-consciousness. "I'm not familiar with the specialty either; I'm used to harvesting shellfish for pearls and food. Never thought that there would be other options." The corner of her mouth twitches up at the corners, "Do I seem like one of those girls who leaves a trail of broken hearts in their wake?"

Kalen looks her over and again, a bet more slowly and then nods "Yeah, yeah you look like someone one who could, but would you? I have no idea" it is an honest answer about her looks. He looks out at his students still treading water in the shallows saying "well there are all sorts of things you can study, dolphin medicine to ocean sciences. My sister is a linguist, learning to better communicate between them and us."

"Neither do I," Tanit replies. "What would you recommend, for someone obsessed with the glimmering treasures that can be found in the creatures of the deep?" Sea-green eyes watch the swimmers, perhaps making odds on which ones will last the full lesson and which ones will give up and try for the docks. "Is the point of the lesson treading water? I wonder how many of them will figure out that they can float and give themselves a slight rest to recover. The waves aren't too bad today."

Kalen grins and nods at the observation "Very good, but the instructor will make them keep going. The actual point is for them to work as a pod. Even though I said no leaning on each other, they will be out there for the next few hours at least. Eventually they will get tired and have to admit they can't do it by themselves, dolphins work together there are no lone heroes in our craft." He thinks on what would suit her best…

"So you set an impossible task to encourage them to break the rules of the assignment," Tanit smirks, "Seems like a set up for a lot of bad habits, but also a lot of thinking outside the box." She lifts a shoulder. "So the ones who don't play well with others will be the first to drop out?"

Kalen nods "or learn to work even if they don't like it, when you are out there you have to relay on each other." He looks up having come up with something saying "You could always be a dive specialist and instructor. As you know there are many things on the bottom of ocean waiting for people to discover."

Tanit grins. "Sounds about right, though I don't know about teaching." Studying the students in front of her, "I doubt I'd have the patience. I'd like to stay at Half Moon at least through the hatching before I come here to train. If I take up the craft at all." But there's that echo of promise there, "Learn about the biology of the oceans, spend my days in the water. Doesn't sound like a bad way of life."

Kalen grins and nods "well the choice is yours, the masters at the hall can schedule you your aptitudes but don't wait to long". He is watching her as well as his students he will say softer "You never what tomorrow will bring you, so don't go closing doors just because you don't think you can do it."

Tanit smirks, "Oh, I'm confident I can handle whatever you want to throw at me." However as a greenrider of similar complexion and eye color approaches, signaling that the time she has to visit is up. "We should chat again soon." Tanit makes her way back to the rider without another word.

Kalen will wave at the leaving young woman, and openly watches her walk away and nods "oh that we should" he will say with a playful smile. He turns and heads back to his little class, and starts telling jokes to them to keep there spirits up as he watches over them.

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