Beach Picnic

Western Weyr - Beach to the South
This white sandy beach is located halfway between the Weyr and Half Moon Bay Hold. It is wide enough for a large dragon to walk along without brushing wings in either the thick vegetation to the north or the surf to the south. Bits of shell and driftwood are occasionally cast ashore here. There is a bit of a freshwater stream that flows down from an inland waterfall. A path leads along the edges of the stream further into the jungle to it.
All around you hear the music of the night, whispers of firelizards hidden in trees, clicks and gurps of insects as they move about unseen nearby.Winter has descended once again upon the Western island, though those from the north would never be able to tell it, but the short days and the cooler nights are painfully obvious to those born here.

Escaping? Surely not! Nevertheless, the golden form of Miraneith is here, the gawky ungainly gold settling heavily to the sandy beach, her plump tail curled out of the way before she crouches low to allow her rider to dismount. "Got your tail out of the way, Mir?" the goldrider's bustling about, unhooking her riding straps, and tossing a soft bag down onto the sands before she's scrambling down to the ground herself. "Did ya tell Azaeth where we are?" There's a momentary pause, the gold blinking sleepily and then rumbling softly, her mental voice stretching the width of Pern. « It is done. » And then her head is dropping, settling to the sand to doze while Enka unpacks the bag, spreads out a blanket and settles onto it, with Emalia leaning against her, babbling happily in toddlerspeak.

Azaeth is already rearing do go back at Xanadu, and it's K'ael who is taking a while, gathering this or that making sure he's dressed for the beach and that he smells nice and all of that. Soon the bronze and his rider appear overhead, Azaeth swooping down in a lazy circular pattern. Once they're on the beach K'ael works at getting Azaeth's straps off, and after a short greeting to the gold Azaeth heads off into the water. K'ael heads over towards Enka after he strips out of his riding gear. He's toting a small backpack himself. "Hey there!" The bronzer gives a wave to them, squatting down to say hello to Ema. "Hey there, Emalia. Do you remember me? Probably not." He chuckles.

Miraneith's greeting to Azaeth is a soft rumble of sound, sand flying up at the idle thump caused by her heavy tail, and she watches him head for the water, although she makes no move to follow. If anything, she's a bit sleepy, and is providing the means of blocking the sun for her rider. "There you are," Enka's grinning up at K'ael as she reaches for the bag, pulling out some more items packed inside. "Lovely day isn't it?" Well, early afternoon, at any rate, and the sun certainly is nice and warm. "Brought Kiki," Emalia's squeal is a cheery one as she reaches up to pat a small hand in the vicinity of the bronzerider's cheek. "Kitty good." Enka grins. "She's been gettin' better with her words," the goldrider comments.

Azaeth wasn't really expecting the gold to follow, at least not right away. He makes a game of catching and gobbling down fish for right now, though he'll probably be back on the beach a bit later. K'ael grins to the goldrider. "It's beautiful out, perfect day for the beach. This was a great idea." He grins to Ema, and chuckles a bit. "I guess you do remember me then. Yep, I brought the kitty." The bronzer pulls Emalia in for a gentle hug. "You like your kitty hm? You gonna go swimming today?" The second question is more directed at her mother. Likely 'swimming' for Ema involved getting her feet wet and splashing around. "Yeah, she talks pretty well already. I can understand her, so that's saying something."

"Kitty happy!" Emalia giggles again, clapping her hands, watching the bronzerider for a moment. "Me happy." the toddler beams proudly, looking first at the man, and then at her mother before she willingly slides into the hug, cuddling against K'ael the way children are wont to do when held lovingly. "You got a way with kids," Enka observes, grinning before she chuckles softly, nodding. "Thought we'd go wadin' a little later, not too far out though." Of course, by then, Miraneith might want to head for the water herself, which makes swimming with children that much easier. "I'll be relieved," Enka admits, "once she starts talkin' in sentences. So far, she can manage two words pretty well, but that's it." Well, no rush, she's not even two turns yet, so why worry unnecessarily?"

K'ael grins at Ema and chuckles. "I'm glad you like her." The bronzer scoops Ema up and gives her a little bit of a spin before leaving her at his hip. "Heh, I guess after having enough you get used to them." He nods to Enka. "Sounds good. I figured we'd stay in the shallows, let Emalia get her feet wet. Always a good idea to let the little ones get used to the water. And eventually learn to swim, just in case." He chuckles. "You should be careful what you wish for. Eventually she will start talking in sentences, and you might have a chatterbox on your hands. Right, Ema?" K'ael grins at the toddler, before setting her down. "When were you planning to foster her?"

Enka laughs, her smile happy and amused at her daughter, giggling in the arms of Enka's bronzeriding lover. "That's another nice thing about you, love," Enka replies, "you're a father yourself so you know how to treat 'em." And that ought to be number one in any woman's book — how does her man treat the kids that aren't his? "Know she'll be a chatterbox," Enka remarks, grinning cheerfully. "She's my daughter, isn't she?" And Enka's talkative enough most of the time. "Tryin' to see if I can bribe my old foster mother to come here," the goldrider explains. "Da said she's gettin' on in turns, and needs warmer weather. I figure if she's just got Emalia, it wouldn't be too much work." Once down on the blanket again, Emalia bounces up and down, happily, clapping her hands repeatedly, and looking pleased with herself.

K'ael chuckles and nods. "I suppose. Though if it weren't for having Milo around so much I'm not sure I would know as much as I do." K'ael likes kids, so he didn't mind other people's. And Ema was very cute. He grins to Enka. "You're not a chatterbox, Enka. I'm more of a chatterbox than you." He nods to her. "I wish I could get my mother and father to move. They're getting on in years, too. Could stand for some warmer weather. It's not like they take care of the farm or anything anymore either, my brothers do that. Can't imagine Ema is too much trouble, either." K'ael leans over to give Enka a hello kiss before settling down on the blanket. "I brought some fruit for a snack. Melon and grapes."

"Well, you still know enough to be a good parent," Enka shrugs absently, watching a trio of firelizards suddenly flutter into view, settling onto Miraneith's neckridges, the gold raising her head briefly to glance towards Azaeth in the water, a cheery chuff of a dreamy princess's happy thoughts sent his way, and she's resettling herself, eyes half-lidded in contentment. "They might not want to leave," she admits, "bein' as it's their home and all, but you're right that they might do with nice warm tropical weather. Maybe you could suggest they come to somewhere tropical in the winter? Least when it's cold up there, it wouldn't be so bad here or at Ista. Like a winter getaway home or somethin'." She leans against him as he kisses her, soft, yielding… happy, and smiles at the thought before she resumes unpacking the rest of her bag. "And I brought juice for Emalia and me, sandwiches, and…" a bottle is wiggled at him. "Somethin' for you."

K'ael smiles to her. I guess that's another benefit of dating an older guy, right? Though not all older guys like kids I guess." Azaeth lifts his head from the water for a second to look back at Mir, a big fish trying to wriggle its way out of his mouth and being slurped back in. K'ael nods. "True. Plus my mom has grandkids in the house now, so I dunno. It's really my father though that's the stubborn mule of the two. I can't even get him to come visit. He doesn't like dragons much." Or at all, really. "Oh?" He raises a brow to her, trying to examine the bottle as she wriggles it.

Enka giggles. "Mmm, experience, /and/ knowin' how to like kids and treat 'em," the goldrider grins cheerfully, "can't get any better than that." She nods fervently, turning her head to watch Miraneith suddenly glance up, watching that big wiggling fish before she's warbling plaintively, wings rustling. "Hard to please them then, hmm?" Enka comments, the topic of the matter being K'ael's parents. "Just gotta make sure they have everything they need, I suppose." The goldrider looks thoughtful, but shrugs, pointing the bottle towards him. "Got some of Western's best ale for you. If you want it that is." Emalia's crawling forwards now, puttering around on the blanket, making little growly noises. "Dwaggie." she says, plopping upright to point at Miraneith. "Mir." She can say /that/ pretty easily. "Pretty."

K'ael chuckles to her and nods a bit. "You can count on it." The bronzer nods about his parents. "Yeah. My father's a holder and he's pretty rooted to up there. My mom is weyrbred, so she's a little more open to things. But they've been living there for so long I think they're sort of afraid to leave." He grins at the bottle. "Oooh! How sweet of you, Enka. Thanks!" The bronzer can't wait and cracks open the bottle as soon as he gets his hands on it. He nods to Ema. "Yep. Mir is a pretty dragon." Azaeth comes trudging in from the water, bearing a big wriggly fish as a present for Mir. A trick maybe, to see if she'll come out fishing with him. It's tail is hanging out of his mouth, flopping around. "That's Azaeth. He's a dragon too. Not as pretty as Mir, though." Kinda scary, actually.

"Holders," Enka shakes her head ruefully. "can't really understand 'em much. Though that's most of my extended family right there, both sides." she shrugs a bit before regarding her dragon who's now huffing giddily at the arrival of the bronze and his offering of fish, and the gold makes a grab for it in one of her quick snapping moves. "Careful!" Enka's yelping, ducking and eyeing the two dragons carefully, before Miraneith begins to shuffle towards the water's edge. "Thought you'd like it." she smiles wryly. "Nice treat, you know." Folding her legs, she settles cross-legged, her skirt a puddle of fabric about her before she pats her lap, inviting the bronzerider to rest his head there if he wants.

K'ael chuckles. "Well, my dad doesn't like the weyr because of what happened with my mom. Her parents wanted her to stand, but she didn't want to since her and my dad wanted to get married. So they ran off together and now he hates the weyr." K'ael shrugs a bit. Azaeth is a bit surprised by the lunging gold, and jerks his head back a bit. The fish likely getting pulled apart or ripped from his jaws. Either way, Mir will end up with most of it. K'ael leans in to give Enka a kiss before laying down with his head in her lap. "You're good to me, Enka." He smiles up to her, then looks over towards Ema. "What about you, little hatchling? You wanna come lay with me? Or bury my legs in the sand?" As long as whatever she was doing involved not chasing after dragons or running water-wards.

Miraneith huffs in contentment, the goodly portion of the fish going down her maw with a slippery slurp before she cranes her short neck forward, her stubby snout rubbing against Azaeth's in thanks. With that, she waddles towards the water's edge, presumably to catch more fish, or to sport cheerily in the waves with the other dragon. "Sounds like my granny," Enka remarks as she tucks her skirts up around her lap to make a nice pillow for the bronzerider. "She wasn't too happy that Da has a dragon, but only gave her a few grandkids. I think she was hopin' he'd marry some fat holder girl and have a whole bushel of fat little babies. Didn't happen." So the old Holder woman is pissed off, but that's another story. "That's because you make me feel so good, darlin'," Enka remarks to K'ael, running her fingers through his hair before trailing them in a gentle caress along his cheek. "Love you." Perhaps it's sappy, but who cares. There's a sleepy chortle from Emalia, the toddler curling up alongside K'ael, thumb in mouth. With dragons in the water, and the three humans on the blanket enjoying the sunshine, it's a nice little moment of familial bliss. Or something like that.

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