Brief Stop

Western Weyr - Candidate Dorm

Carved from a natural bubble in the volcanic stone, this small dorm room has room enough to hold around two dozen occupants comfortably. Along the walls are stationed sets of cots and clothes presses, each made up to the standards of the weyrwoman. Above, the soft white light from electric lamps cast down during waking hours.

It is it is early afternoon at western weyr and candidates come and go from the barracks. One of them Kaldrozen sits silently on the edge of his cot reading from a scroll. not really paying much attention to those about him.

Tannim steps into the room, his hair frazzled and his face a deep red. He moves silently to his cot and collapses on it in a heap grumbling something about laundry. "If I have to clean one more soiled bed linen…" he trails off as he rests his head against his pillow.

Kaldrozen looks up as the other candidate flops down near him and says softly, "Everything ok?" looking with some concern.

Tannim peers over at Kaldrozen and nods his head slightly. "Yeah, sorry. Just been on laundry duty in one way or another the past couple days. Kind of sick of laundry is all. Now I am doing laundry duty for the infirmary." He gives a light hearted chuckle. "Thought I wouldn't have to do any of that at least for the immediate future once I got searched away from Healer Hall." The young healer notices the scroll in Kaldrozen's hands. "What ya got there?"

Kaldrozen sighs and says, "Just a letter from a friend back at Ista." he chuckles, "This is a situation I never though I would be in." he waves his hand around him." "Expecially after my ex, got seached a while back and broke up with me because of it."

Tannim sits up on his cot and nods, "Well can't say I know what it is like to have someone break up with you, but I do know what you mean about being in this situation." He looks about the room. "I never imagined I would get searched. My whole life was all about helping people at Healer Hall. From the the time I was young enough to know what I wanted, it was all I ever thought about. Now to be here, it takes getting used to. Then again I was never one to say no to new opportunities and this certainly is that."

Kaldrozen nods and says, 'I was supprised when they asked me. I am just a handymay really." he smiles and leans back, "I just hate the waiting." he looks to Tannim, "What was it like at healer hall?"

"Always busy." Tannim chuckles. "There was always something to do, especially as an apprentice. It was really only recently that I really started to help the Journey healers even do any healing work. Otherwise I was doing" He shakes his head, "laundry or cleaning." He smiles. "I guess it wasn't always that bad. We also spent quite a bit of time in class. Don't want someone opening you up without knowing exactly what they are doing."

Kaldrozen nods and says, "I can see that." he leans back, I sometimes wish I had joined a craft." he shrugs, "But I guess not everyone can." he look over to Tannim, "I am Kaldrozen by the way.'

Tannim stands up and runs his hands through the tangled mess of hair atop his head. "Tannim, and well you already know I am or was an apprentice healer." He sits back down. "No I suppose your right, not everyone can join a craft hall. What you do as a handyman did you say? Well things would certainly fall apart without you." He flexes his shoulders back, "Everyone has their own unique talents and ways of providing for themselves, families and communities."

Kaldrozen nods and says, "I know. Folks over at ista wanted me to go get some lessons with woodcraft." he shrugs, "I am pretty good at carvin stuff and can make basic furnature but." he shrugs, "I though I was a bit old to be apprenticing you know." he looks around, "but this is something else.

Tannim nods in agreement. "That is for sure. Something else entirely. Well as for leaning something new, I know I certainly would not be able to do what you probably do every day. Fixing someone maybe, but fixing mechanical or electrical things, not so much." Tannim puts his hands behind his head and leans back against the wall. "So what are your thoughts so far on candidacy?"

Kaldrozen shakes his head and says, 'Really other then the diffrent 'chores' It isn't much diffrent from my regular life. Normally Id be out poundin some nails somewhere but." he shrugs, "One can adapt."

Tannim shrugs back at Kaldrozen and chuckles, "I bet if I tried to pound a nail I would end up needing my own services for a broken thumb bone."

Kaldrozen shakes his head at Tannim, 'It isn't to hard, if you end up with a chore that has you out there with a hammer, let me know, I will show you the trick." he lean back on his cot and glance about the dorm.

Kiley enters the barracks with a yawn, stretching out and then moving to consider the chore board with a frown. Hands are lifted to idly run through her hair, pushing the locks from her face and then reading over once more before she is stepping away and moving over towards her cot and press. Another yawn is drawn from the woman and she opens the press to pull out her laptop case and then to settle on her bed. She then pulls it out and settles herself into a more comfortable working position rather than sitting upright and partially bent over. She leans against the wall and fingers slowly dance along the keys of the laptop. This continues a few moments until she is more fully awake, blinking once or twice before she considers her surroundings in the barracks and those gathered. She gives a polite nod of greeting towards Kaldrozen and a smile that matches before eyes are drawn to the screen.

Kaldrozen smiles and returns the polite nod towards Kiley as he notices her glance, his eyes go curiously to her laptop having grown up on a poor cot he hasn't had much exposure to techno marvels such as it. Not wanting to disturb what ever she is working on he look back to Tannim for the moment.

Since it is mostly quiet in the barracks, Kiley remains seated there with her laptop settled upon her lap and typing away with a thoughtful hum of consideration as she considers the screen. Brows furrow and then she continues to type a few more things before she is shifting once more and reaching into the laptop bag. A disk is inserted into the laptop and a few more things are entered before she leans back in waiting for the disk to finish. Her head tilts back against the wall and eyes close briefly before she heaves a sigh and resettles herself once more. Laptop is lifted and settled upon the cot before she moves to her press once more and digs around. A journal is produced in which she begins to flip through idly, writing a few things and then considering those in the barracks more.

Kershaw walks to his cot and sits down, he pulls out some clothes of his that require mending a needle and thread then starts on fixing a tear in a pair of pants that developed a hole in it's knees. In between stitches he looks around the dorm to see what the other candidates that are awake are up to. Kershaw is fairly handy with a needle and thread from his time on the Leaping Packtail and repairing the sails as needed.

Tannim nods to Kaldrozen concerning his comment about lending him a hand, or maybe perhapsa thumb to spare his own. "Thanks man, I would greatly appreciate it." We watches Kiley enter and half watches with mild amusement as she works on her laptop and gets what appears to be frustrated. As she gets up and heads back to her press he gives her a soft chuckle. "Giving you problems? I could fix that for you. Well if you want it to never work again that is."

Kaldrozen smiles to Tannim and says, "Hey it is not like we are here in competition with each other.' he leans back a bit, "If anything we should all be a team, it'd make oure time here go smoother." he glance over toward Kiley as Tannim addresses her. He gives her a smile and another nod, not really having intruduced himself to many other candidates yet.

Kiley peeks at Tannim and shakes her head, "no. I am waiting for the program to finish being transferred onto the disk so that I may send it off to the one who asked for the program to be updated to fit their needs. If it were to be causing me any issue, I would be able fix it myself. It is part of my craft that I know how to take apart and repair a computer." A slight shrug of her shoulders, "I simply did not want to wait as long, the program takes up a lot of space." Her attention briefly settles upon Kershaw as he works on the mending and offers a wave of greeting with her free hand before dropping it back down to hold her journal in place so that she may resume writing. "How have you been doing, Tannim? Are you liking Western?" Her gaze lifts again to consider the other candidate before drifting towards Kaldrozen and she offers another polite smile in his direction. "Kiley, journeyman computer crafter."

Kershaw keeps his attention fixed on the sewing so as not to end up with a needle stuck in his hand, or end up sewing his pants to his clothes (he's done this before and it really isn't fun removing said clothes) Almost finished he returns Kiley's wave and smiles at her introduction, deciding one of his own might be in order, "Kershaw stablehand from Ista Weyr." He places the newly mended pants on his cot and takes a shirt that requires a button sewn on and fixes that fairly quickly it not requirering much skill.

Kaldrozen stands from his cot and moves over towards Kiley offering his hand in greating back to Kiley and says, 'It is a pleasure to meet you Kiley." as Kershaw introduces himself he says, "And im Kaldrozen…Kal for short, handyman from over at Ista as well."

Evidently his joke did not go over as he had intended since he didn't get the desired laugh from Kiley. "I was joking as to fixing it since you know I don't know the first thing about them." Tannim siles at the Journey Computer Crafter. "I think I am finally started to acclimate to the heat. I am not always short of breath and sweating incessantly anymore. Although I am really getting tired of always getting some sort of laundry duty." The healer waves to Kershaw, wishing he could have mending duties rather than laundry duties.

Kiley nods politely towards Kershaw for his introduction, "well met." She smiles warmly in his direction and drops her gaze for a few brief moments to finish off her thoughts in the journal, closing it after a moment before peeking towards her laptop to check on the progress. Her gaze lifts to Kaldrozen as he offers his hand in greeting and hers reaches out briefly to take his own, shaking just a short moment before falling away. "Well met, Kaldrozen." The laptop is considered again and then the disk is removed once finished and settled carefully into a cover. "I am just starting to understand jokes, so, I apologize for not understanding it right away." She offers a sheepish little smile before the laptop is closed and returned to the case along with the journal and disk following it. "That is good, it is just something that your have to get used to. As for chores… Well, you'll draw something else eventually? I got stables today and that was a first. I was doing gardens for a few days straight." A soft chuckle and the case is lifted up and over her shoulder. "And speaking of stables, I should get back there after I make sure this disk gets going to the Hold." An incline of her head in farewell towards the trio, she makes her way back out of the dorms.

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