Planning For Ghosts

Western Weyr - Public Stables

You enter into the stables where you see nothing but rows and rows of stalls filled with well kept horses that belong to the Western Weyr inhabitants.

Another cool mid-morning has settled on the Weyr proper, which is currently bustling with activities as various weyrfolk and riders begin their day. The stables are busy, with stablehands rushing to and fro, among other workers either doing maintenance work or other various tasks. There's even a Beastcrafter here and there scattered about on business. Among all of them, Kelthero can be found inside the actual stables and in an aisle of stalls that are largely empty. A quick look is all one would need to notice the wheelbarrow nearby to the entrance of the stall he's currently in and the pitchfork he carries to know he's pulled mucking duty. He doesn't seem to mind, actually. In fact he's… humming? Lost in thought, Kelthero's picked up some random tune to break the silence in the quiet stable aisle.

Kiley has finished most of her work, the milking and the gathering of the eggs and delivered them to the kitchens. A brief stop to the barracks for some craft work and now she is returning to the stables with her laptop bag on her shoulder. Though she finds a safe spot for it away from the activity and where it won't easily be smacked around or damaged. Sleeves are rolled up as she considers those gathered and eventually settling upon the stall in which Kelthero works. She makes her way over there and settles away from the stinky wheelbarrow and leans against the stall. "Kelthero. Did you read those stories?" She questions, then glancing over her shoulder thoughtfully. Luckily, she remains unnoticed by anyone who can give her extra chores for the moment.

The humming stops, likely not long after Kiley leans against the stall. Kelthero pauses long enough in his work to give the other candidate a brief glance, followed by a light smile. "Morning to you too, Kiley." He says while scooping up a sizeable amount of muck with his pitchfork. Politely, he keeps well away from the other candidate as he moves to dump it all in the wheelbarrow. Then he leans the pitchfork up against the stall, dusts of his hands and gives Kiley another look, lingering longer this time. "That's why you're down here?" he asks, unbelieving. He then snorts a little, a short fit of amusement. "I did, actually. Had to reread parts. I'm still not sure I understand the entire concept. Probably need to root deeper into things." There's a bit of a shrug then and now he tilts his head a little to the side, a curious look crossing his expression. "Did you read them? I mean, before giving the copy to me."

Kiley chuckles softly, "good morning." She returns, though taking a careful step back and attempting to keep him from worrying about her sake. She watches, nose wrinkling slightly and then her gaze settles upon the former guard. "Yes, kind've. I saw that you were in the stables as well and I finished my tasks earlier in the morning." She beams a bright smile. "I figured why not, then I was going to try and catch Jey, if I couldn't then I'd do some extra work on programming." She leans against the stall once more, tilting her head at his explanation of his understanding for the stories. "Mm. It is a difficult concept, but I believe it was people just seeing things or playing pranks on others." Her brows furrow a fraction in consideration before she's nodding. "I did read them before I handed them over to you, I thought they were interesting and I was trying to understand what really may have happened. But it must be impossible to know unless we were to speak to someone from Earth. And that is impossible. Or maybe they are simply stories to scare people."

Kelthero chuckles a little when Kiley wrinkles her nose, no doubt unaffected himself by the odor or the less glamorous work. "You were?" A brow quirks up at that tidbit of information and then the former guard is giving a bit of a sheepish grin. "I didn't check who else got what on the board this morning." Kiley then has his full attention for a moment, all by a simple name. "I've only got one stall left after this. If you want, I'll come with you if you're going out to find Jey? You didn't happen to see what chore she has?" With that said, the wheelbarrow and pitchfork are collected and Kelthero motions with a slight nod and tilt of his head for Kiley to follow him. Not that it's that far to the next stall. Not missing a beat, he's already back to work, still talking away while his body goes through the familiar motions of an all too simple task. "I'll put my marks on seeing things." He admits with a smirk. "They are interesting, but I just can't wrap my head around it. If you're dead, you're dead." There's a brief laugh. "Definitely impossible! So we're left to guessing - and you've probably got it there. Probably some scary tales to frighten the gullible or the young."

"We're friends, so I like to see what work my friends are up to." Kiley shifts to rest her elbows upon the railing she leans against, then perching her chin upon her hands. "Wonderful. I'd like that. Jey is in the garden doing some harvesting, so she must just be starting, I believe." When he gestures, she extracts herself from that railing and follows on after Kelthero without hesitation and finding another place to rest upon while he works. "Me too. Seeing things or someone hiding and moving things." The computer crafter laughs and nods, "it is certainly a strange concept, isn't it? Dead is dead and there is no changing that." More laughter and she grins widely, "the gullible, the young, and those who are scared easily and those who don't see the logic behind such strange stories. We should have Jey read them next, I'm sure she'll like them."

"Ahh, well that makes sense then." Kelthero muses, smiling crookedly as he goes about his work. "Great! And she'd either be just starting or about to finish. Last time I found them all working up in the gardens, it was barely past dawn and they were already at it." He shakes his head a little, then comes to the wheelbarrow again to fill it and for a pause. Wiping the back of his hand across his forehead, Kelthero glances over to where Kiley has settled herself, grinning when she laughs. "Oh, I don't doubt they're elaborate pranks too. I've heard rumors of some of Earth's strange beliefs but never figured they were complex." Again, his shrugs his shoulders. "Logic? I suppose. Though some would just enjoy them purely for being without it. They're more a…what is it? A legend? Or a myth?" he grins sheepishly. "I get those mixed up, if I can remember the terms at all." Then he laughs before heading back into the stall. "I'm sure she would! I still have the printouts, so if we find her, I'll just grab them."

"If I need to find someone I know where they are, as well, should their chore still be going on, otherwise…" Kiley gives a slight shrug of her shoulders, "the garden seems to have rather interesting hours of work. But, I suppose that makes it one of the more interesting chores." The computer crafter shrugs once more an peeks over at the stable, attempting to peek at how much work there is left to be done. "Very elaborate… I wonder what it would take to mimic something like that. Might be something that we could try to do." Oh no. Now the crafter is instigating pranks. "Earth certainly has a lot of strange beliefs. And yes, they probably do. I find it interesting for the fact that it seems to defy all logic." Chuckle, "unless you take the story apart." There's a pause for consideration, "I believe it is a myth. A legend is more of a story." She leans forward a bit to peek at the stall and laughs. "She would. We'll bring her to get the printouts if we find her."

Kelthero says "That's what I said to them! Has something to do with the heat or whatnot. Not that heat really matters now that we're moving past summer." Kelthero admits with a bit of a sigh, no doubt silently reflecting on how fast time moves ahead. A peek into the stables would reveal that there isn't much left and he's already working away at getting the last of it cleared off. Work falters though at Kiley's suggestion and Kelthero is staring back at her with an incredulous look. "You can't be serious." He says, though his tone hints at hope and betrays him. So the former guard does have a mischievous streak! - for half a second. "It'd be near impossible to pull something like that off." He shakes his head, glancing back to the work at hand. "Not to mention… would the others get it?" As Kiley explains the difference between myth and legend, Kelthero nods, frowning thoughtfully. "Ahh, then I did have it backwards." He muses, mucking up the last bit of the stall and returning to the wheelbarrow for the last time. "I mean could you imagine being haunted by the dead? Would a ride come back alone or with his dragon?" He falters there, face screwing up into a mixture of puzzlement and disbelief, as well as part 'did I just say that?'. Giving himself a shake, he waves off the whole concept with a gestured sweep of his hand. "Completely impossible." He firmly repeats. "Earth can keep that belief." Then he too is laughing again, glancing once more to Kiley as he safely sets his pitchfork aside. "Alright then, we'll drag Jey into this too and get her opinion on it.""

"Ah! I was wondering why exactly it was staggered like that, it makes sense. Winter should be a little cooler than summer was, but it is still great weather for gardening, at least." The computer crafter chuckles softly. Her gaze then settles in the stall and considers the amount of work before leaning back. Kiley returns his look with a simple smile and a slight shrug, "it wouldn't be about them understanding it, it would be more about scaring them, right? That is the point of a prank, yes? We could probably set something up in the store rooms, or the barracks when there aren't any others around and have it happen at night?" Though the way she says this is casual so not to draw attention to the conversation for those who are passing and likely drowning them out in favor of placing their attention elsewhere. "I have no idea." She blinks at the former guard for a moment before shrugging, "best not to linger on those thoughts. Earth is better off with them." She chuckles softly and then nods, "we'll ask Jey. I'll talk to Zi'on about it, he may have a good idea what we can do as well."

Keltherobends down to grasp the wheelbarrow handles, lifting it with minimal pause and motioning again for Kiley to follow him. Last task of this chore is to simply empty it and then he'll be free until the next rotation of stalls need mucking. "I guess." He reluctantly agrees, not seeming quite on board with the idea of the prank. "Night would be best, darker and easier to hide. What were you thinking? Just moving things, having stuff mysteriously disappear? That sort've thing?" he asks, glancing over his shoulder now and again to be sure Kiley is still with him. As busy as the stables are, a candidate muttering to himself will most likely draw in attention fast. But it would seem they're both being passed and ignored today. So their plans aren't spoiled - yet. "Zi'on?" Kelthero almost stops walking for a moment, before continuing on and turning the corner at the far end of the aisle. It leads outdoors to a large manure and waste pile. He heads out, but doesn't expect Kiley to follow. So it's not until he's finished emptying the wheelbarrow and tucking it aside and rejoining her that he speaks up again. "He'd be in on this?" Kelthero sounds surprised that a rider would be in on a prank.

Kiley pushes up and moves to follow along after Kelthero, thoughtful. "I'm not sure, not something that would really cause any hassle or inconvenience to the rest of the Weyr or to supplies, just something to spook." Her hands fold behind her back as she walks along after him. "Yeah, Zi'on." A thoughtful smile settles on her lips and then she watches him dump the waste. "He would be. He's the one who told me to think of one." A hand lifts to signal for him to wait and she rushes over to fetch her laptop case. The strap is settled over one shoulder and she makes her way back over towards him. "I think he could help elaborate it."

Kelthero just continues to look baffled as Kiley rushes off to gather her laptop. Eventually, one hand comes up to thread his fingers through his hair in an idle gesture as he mulls over his thoughts. "Never thought I'd hear of a rider helping candidates to plot pranks." He admits with a crooked grin. "I'm still hesitant, but if he elaborates on it a little, maybe I'll be convinced. Right now I just can't picture it working." There's another shrug of his shoulders and then a glance to the entrance of the stables. Side-glancing back to Kiley, he grins broadly. "I'm finished here. Mind if we stop by the barracks for a second? I'll clean up and grab those printouts. Then we'll go find Jey. Sound good?" He chuckles then, already beginning to head off even before Kiley begins to reply. No doubt he's planning to head back to the barracks regardless.

"He's a weyrbrat." If that makes any difference. Kiley offers a sheepish smile, "I think it might be fun, just to see how people react to it." The computer crafter chuckles softly, "we'll have to work on it some, of course, but it may. And even if it doesn't, it would be an interesting experience." She tucks her hands into her pocket and nods. "That's fine. I'll follow along and we can talk about other things on the way." She follows after him as he starts, and starting up a different conversation but still lingering on the topic of Earth. They get to the barracks, of course, and then off to find Jey!

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