Feeding Guests

Western Weyr - Living Caverns

Here is the center of Weyr life, the living caverns. These two main rooms were man-shaped from smaller caves, and are joined by a carved arch with depictions of dragons in flight and dolphins leaping in swirling waves. One room has many round stone and wooden tables and a stone fire-pit instead of a hearth. Over the round-walled, gas fired pit is a large conical hood made of polished bronze, with reliefs of dragons with their riders flying over ships guided by dolphins. This hood and chimney keeps the room smoke-free. Through the archway is an enormous hall, with long tables and benches, some carved from the rock floor, many crafted of wood. This room is a combination dining and meeting hall, and can seat over 300 comfortably. Above both rooms, angled shafts lined with polished metal bring in sunlight during the day. Electric lights also burn, day and night.

Kiley tilts a look towards I'srie, listening to him speak and offering a smile. "I can't really imagine what it was like, everyone says it is amazing." She agrees, then there's a laugh at his suggestion of color. "Who knows? Maybe it will be." A shrug of her shoulders for that variable, not lingering on that anymore than the brief comments. As the joke appears to go over their head, she shrugs again, "I thought it was funny." She told it, after all, so of course it was funny to her. "That's horrible. I don't understand why your father wouldn't send anything, especially with you being there. At least your mother will send something." Another shrug of her shoulders and she considers P'rel as I'srie mentions his weight, considering the other boy with a slight furrow of her brows. "You probably should make sure he gets fed." Anything else that may have come in commentary instead is left in silence as she turns attention to P'rel, listening to his explanation of Impression with a very slight tilt of her head, curious. "At least you didn't constantly fight and eventually found even ground." A soft chuckle for the bronzerider's insistence on no drinking while around the Earthen books, it also brings a wider smile to her lips and she leaves it at that. And then, she is being grabbed along with the bluerider and dragged off into the Living Caverns. Once in, she wiggles herself away from the bronzerider to fetch herself a plate and a helping of some fruits and veggies, and a small bit of meat before she's finding a place for all of them to sit.

I'srie watches P'rel's hair absently, fingers twitching juust the slightest before pondwater-blue eyes are flicking back to Kiley. There might be a alight arching of brow for Py's seriousness there, but the bluerider makes no further commentary on it, leaving that for future planning. Instead, there's only a sideways glance for the grrface, and a blink, though the promise of food proves more immediate a concern, and he allows himself to be dragged to the living caverns. He'll make no explanation to Kiley about his father's decisions either, expression creasing only briefly into a frown, gaze sliding away to take in the weyr as they go. Unlike Kiley, Iessrien goes for the meat. Well, some meat. Soem veggies. Some.. fruit too. All even portions all in neat sections of his plate, though separated as he finds a glass of something cold and follows Kiley to a seat, though he'll wait for Py before actually dropping down into a chair.

P'rel scowls to a degree as everyone continues to fuss about his weight, releasing his grip on the other two, admittedly long fingers lingering on I'srie's arm before he lets go there as well. As for the bronzerider and the food, the boy eagerly helps himself to enough food for three people, piling on up and high with gravy on top. Even on the bits of fruit there. It certainly didn't look very appetizing in the least, but the blond is practically spilling the tall glass of ice water he brings back to the table with the bounce in his step. He grins happily ear to ear as he sets his plate down on the table, along with the glass, taking a moment to strip himself out of his long riding jacket. This reveals the snuggly fit black tank top beneath. It was plain, and unadorned. As well as untucked, the bottom hem gathering a little at where his leather pants hung low off his hips. Pants that accentuated his backside rather, nicely. Cough. Turning his chair around so that the back faced the table, and he drops into it, straddling the seat. "Hmm, not constantly. But we fought…often." he tells Kiley, golden eyes darting to I'srie, and of course he noted that the holder hadn't seated himself until the former harper had. Lashes lower, and he picks up his fork, stabbing it into a fingerroot stick, and very delicately, nipping off the tip with pearly white teeth. Chew. Chew.

Kiley allows her attention to flicker towards I'srie, not questioning his lack of seating until the bronzeirder arrives, instead moving her gaze to settle on P'rel with a thoughtful tilt of her head and watching his process through the food tables and with that water, brows lift a bit curiously and then she is smiling as he finally joins them. "You look happy." Chuckling, she takes some fruit into her hand and breaks it into smaller pieces before placing it into her mouth, chewing thoughtfully. "Often. Hmm…" She considers and sighs, "I suppose that you never really know what dragons personalities are going to be like."

I'srie drops into a chair as soon as P'rel sits down, more normally instead of straddling the hting, watching the other weyrling a second or two before he turns his attention to his own food. There might have been some idle glancing at the bronzerider's behind, too, but it was a mere flick of a glance, hardly worth mentioning. Again he makes no comment on fighting or the other's lifemate, concentrating on filling his belly as quickly and neatly as possibly, tablemanners at least intact despite the food shortage back at Xanadu. He falls quiet, though, eating with only a flicker of a glance to the other two.

As far as table manners go, P'rel, probably didn't have any. Not with the way he was sitting in his chair, or the way he scarfed down his food like a man starving. He's actually about halfway through before he slows down some, wiping his mouth on a napkin at least before he picks up his glass of water and downs half of it. He chuckles at Kiley when she says he looks happy, "All this food…why wouldn't I be happy?" he asks, idly, before digging in again. No, no table manners at all. The plate is clean in no time at all, the gravy cleaned up with a bread roll, before they too is popped into his mouth and disappears in no time flat.

Kiley continues to break off pieces of fruit and eat them in smaller bites rather than scarfing down the food as the bronzerider does, more for the fact that she is entirely used to having a lot of food offered out. Though it is a curious look between the two before she begins eating at a more regular pace than lingering in the slower more steady one. She focuses entirely on P'rel and chuckles softly. "You're easy to please." She muses, "I remember that time that you got mad at me for mentioning that Karona had paid for us to go to Ierne for a meal. Soon you'll be able to go to wherever you want to eat, when you graduate." A soft chuckle and she moves onto the veggies once the fruit is cleared from her plate.

I'srie eats quietly, without rushing, savoring the food and possibly smirking a little at the way Py scarfs down his plate. "Isn't going to run away before you eat it, man," he jerks his head to indicate the other boy's food, flicker of amusement replacing the earlier epxression. He leans back a little after a time, jacket draped scross the back of his chair, so that it creaks lightly in a new-leather sort of way. He catches that curious look from Kiley, and arches a brow at her. There's no question asked, though, the bluerider then mumbling absently as he lifts his own glass, redfruit juice by the looks of it, "I've been buying him food." Well, he has. And probably not all of it was junkfood, either. "I wonder what happened to her," he does add idly, pondwater blues returning to his plate as he picks up his fork again and continues eating.

P'rel shrugs one shoulder in regards to Kiley, or rather he rolls it upwards before setting down his fork in his empty plate and concentrating on his water. There was a wedge of citrus fruit in it. The blond eyes it, before plucking it out of the glass and nibbling upon it absently. "Karona had a serious issue with guys. Every two seconds it was 'boys!' 'boys!' 'boys!'." he grumbles softly, tossing the empty fruit peel onto his seemingly clean plate before folding his arms over the back of his chair and resting his chin upon it, some of his hair as well as the blue braid slipping to drape over one forearm. His gaze drifts over to I'srie then, "I don't know, am I easy to please Iess?" he asks, slim brows lifting upwards at the question. He does chuckle however, "You have no idea. I am going to gorge myself everywhere if I can." That said, he does nod though. "He has been buying me food. He knows I'd rather starve than eat fish. Spoils me rotten if you want me to be honest. Not that I'm complaining." he murmurs, tongue idly playing with the steel hoops present along his bottom lip.

Kiley chuckles at I'srie's statement, barely containing the laughter and she lifts more food to her mouth to silence herself. She chews on it and then swallows before nodding. A shrug follows shortly after, however, "maybe she went to finish her craft and then got married. That's what she said she would do." There's a soft snort of laughter for P'rel's statement, "she did do that a lot." A soft sigh and the computer crafter rounds up the rest of the veggies upon her plate. The question he directs to the bluerider has her lifting her brow as the food is lifted up and into her mouth, remaining silent as she chews but nodding along with the bronzerider's words. "That sounds like you'll… Have a lot of fun?" If one could consider gorging fun.

There is a laugh, sunshine light, for P'rel's response to the question about Karona, the bluerider agreeing, "She had serious issues, period. Faranth," with a flick of a glance toward Kiley, "I can't imagine any man who would put up with her." A soft snort is given as well, the boy lifting his glass again to sip, saying after a few seconds' thought, "Maybe she found herself a woman to shack up with, She seemed the type." Yeah, he totally went there. And without even a blink, either. Py's question earns an arching of brows, though, and a twitch of a smirk, "It depends. Maybe for those who know how," lashes lowering this time with an unmistakable smirk. He glances away before the cheesy gets any worse, luckily, assuring Kiley with an idle, if thin, smile, "We will." As for spoiling Py rotten? There's an upward twitch at one corner of his mouth before Iessrien murmurs absently, "Hmh. Well, you'd better get used to it." Doot dee doot. More fod is than eaten. Yummy food.

The bronzerider was suddenly rummaging around in his coat for something, a bit of a frown now pulling down the corners of his lips. "I don't know, guy would have to be some kind of head case to marry her." P'rel mutters, pulling out several handfuls of lollipop sticks with empty wrappers out of one pocket, which made the boy's frown deeper. "Fuck me." he breathes, and puts the trash on his plate, continuing on with the rummaging. "Fun?" he asks, glancing to Kiley, "Um, yeah sure. I guess. Really just hoping for lots of food and sex. Anything else past that is gravy." Blunt to a fault, as usual. He growls though and comes up with another useless handful of wrappers, adding it to the growing pile on his plate. Golden orbs flick to I'srie though, about the time he makes that comment about Karona being the type to shack up with some woman somewhere, and then goes hurriedly back to searching the inner pockets of his flight jacket. There is a shiver for the bluerider's next statement, and his brows furrow. He doesn't comment though otherwise, apparently in his frustration. There is a pause though at mention of getting used to being spoiled, and Py stops in his futile attempt to find something in his jacket to look at the former holder evenly before he smiles softly. If there was any doubt in that look, which the bluerider was missing, you'd have to be blind. It was love. A blink later and then the bronzerider goes back to stuffing his hands into his pockets. "Fuck." No luck in finding what he was looking for. A deep sigh, and he purses his lips. Fidget. "Iess…you got any candy on you?" Boy was feigning, he was feigning hardcore. Twitch.

"I'm sure there is someone who liked her. She said she wanted kids." Kiley notes softly and then picks at the meat on her plate, lifting it and nibbling thoughtfully at it. "That's good. I liked that I was able to travel for my research, I'll have to continue it again at some point. Whenever the variable becomes something known and I able able to work out my plans for the future in a more set manner." The rest of the meat is bitten into and chewed for a moment, causing the woman to linger in silence as her gaze settles on the bronzerider. Brows lift at the lollipop sticks, making no comment on that but his next statement draws a soft cough from the woman. "Right." A few more coughs before she finally regains composure. "Right. Uhmm." She peeks between the pair and looks quite ready to leave. "Should… Go."

Iess might clear his throat quietly at Py's bluntness, but at least his face wasn't coloring terribly, the bluerider instead flicking a mild glance at the other boy, idly watching the failed quest for candy. Even before P'rel is dune rummaging, I'srie is shifting back, absently drawing an arm back over his chair to the jacket, fingers slipping into a pocket and tugging something red and wrapped out. By the time P'rel asks, there's already a lollipop absently held out to him, practically under his nose. Another quiet snort at Kiley's words, and Iess mutters, "I'd feel sorry for any kids she had," nose wrinkling slightly. Kiley's sudden need to leave has a brow arching at her, and Iess' lips twitch slightly, "He didn't mean right this second." Then again, maybe he /did/. But Iess still has some holdbred sensibility in him.

P'rel is hardly noticing anything let alone looks from Iessrien, at least not at first. He takes the offered lollipop though, looking up at the barer of it with a wide smile that quickly faulters. "Wha…?" he starts and then looks to Kiley and back to the bluerider. "Oh." he says, and then his eyes widen. "OH! Nonononono." he says flushing darkly and shaking his head vehemently. "Not right NOW. We're here to visit you, not…" Yeeeah, he'll just unwrap the candy and stick it in his mouth now. And be very very quiet. Chin goes back to rest on his forearm, and fingers self soothingly rub over the braid of dark blue dyed into his otherwise blond hair. "Sorry, Kiley."

Kiley colors at Iessrien's statement, stammering quietly and then scraping the fork along the empty plate and looking entirely awkward as she avoids looking up at the pair. P'rel's protests, however, draw her gaze back up to him and she blinks owlishly at him. "Oh. Oh… Okay. Right. Shells, sorry." She gives them both a smile and nods to P'rel's own apology. "It's okay." She places the fork upon the plate and folds her hands neatly upon her lap. "Thank you for coming to see me, you two. I was really surprised and I'm really happy that you did. And, I am really happy to be able to consider both of you my friends."

Iessrien simply clears his throat and goes back to eating. Food almnost gone. Sadness. Oh look, a /sprout/. He eats that. Slowly. So very slowly. Pondwater blues don't flick up to either P'rel or Kiley, deliberately missing all the embarrassment and awkward there, focusing instead on lifting his glass once again to sip. "We'll drop by every chance we get," I'srie promises the girl, regarding his glass in a more thoughtful manner, "If you want us to bring you anything from someplace else, let us know?" He'll just pretend the prior ..conversation didn't just happen. Yep.

The candy can be heard clacking against P'rel's teeth as he moves it around the inside of his mouth, golden eyes peeking up past thick lashes at Kiley but he makes no further addition to that past conversation no. Apparently just as willing as I'srie is at pretending that it never happened. "It'll probably be more often once we're graduated, long as our wings don't have us running around like chickens with our heads cut off." he says with a sigh, candy taken out of his mouth so that he talked without sounding muffled. A pause and then he tilts his head in regard to Kiley, "Do you?" he asks, "Need anything?"

Kiley is quite happy to forget that whole conversation /ever/ happened, yep, even if she's shifting about rather awkwardly. "Well, sure. I'll let you know if I need to go anywhere. Fort and Ista are still on my list so I can get more research done, depending." The computer crafter chuckles, "I think Zi'on may be busy with doing craft stuff, too, and I'd hate to bug him." She shifts to rest her elbow on the table, her hand lifting to cup her chin. "That'd be great. What wings do you want to get into? Or, do you not get a choice? I never really had the whole things about wing clarified to me." She blinks and colors a light shade and shakes her head, "I don't think I need anything."

I'srie has to snort softly in agreement, about their prospective wings, sidelong glance at Py before the bluerider is jerking his shoulders upward in a slight shrug. "Diplomacy wing, whichever that is," is answered to Kiley, "That, or search and rescue. I don't know how we're chosen for wings, though. I guess the wingleaders recruit us or something." He doesn't sound terribly thrilled about this, really. "Who's Zi'on?" he does ask with some mild curiosity, settling back in his chair and sipping juice while they talk, the plate before him empty now.

P'rel sticks the candy back into his mouth, going quiet again, which is probably for the best. Soft sucking noises commence, along with more of that hollow clacking sound as he working the treat around in there. Though when Is'rie shoots him that sideway glance, he bronzerider sighs and shakes his head. "It's the Weyrleader's wing." he says, lollipop extracted again. "Malphath insists on getting in there one way or another. It's one of the reasons I had to get as near a perfect score on those stupid tests they made us take as possible. If for no other reason then not having to listen to the constant berating." he mutters, growling just a fraction there near the end. He sounds about as thrilled about it as the bluerider does, honestly. At mention of someone named Zi'on, the younger boy as well looks to Kiley, his pierced brow lifting slightly. "Did you get a boyfriend?" he asks, now giving the woman an appraising up and down once over, as if that would tell him anything.

Kiley hums, "I think that would fit you, I'srie." There's a firm nod from the computer crafter before she considers the second option, "I've been hearing that the search and rescue can be hard work, but I'm sure you can do that as well, whatever they put you into… I'm sure you'll do well." This is extended to P'rel with a single look before resettling upon the bluerider. "He's my friend. I met him over in Landing, he recruited me to help him with some computers and then he ended asking me to move here permanently. I like it here a lot so I agreed." She settles her gaze on P'rel and blinks just a bit, "he sounds ambitious. Not that it is a bad thing, simply interesting…" It is his final question that has her cheeks darkening and she answers with a slight nod of her head. "Yes, but, it isn't Zi'on. His name is Nikolas and he's a computer crafter. Uhm… But we haven't spoken for some time, I think that he's still upset with me for agreeing to Stand, again."

I'srie tilts his head, murmuring a soft, "Those tests weren't too difficult." Guess who got a perfect score on those. Cough cough. He does scoot his chair bec from the table a little, stopping into a sort of slouch, despite the decent posture he'd been maintaining before, though his knee quite absently knocks against P'rel's as the bronzerider goes on about his dragon berating him. There might be sympathy in the bluerider's expression, there might not. It would be hard to tell behind the glass as he continues to sip from it. There's a twitch of a smile for Kiley's assuance that said wing would fit him, though lashes lower a little as he, too, gives the girl a slightly appraising look. "Nikolas? Why would he be upset about that-" arched brows drawing together before there's a quiet, "Oh." Though whatever reasoning he's apparently come up with, on his own, he doesn't share.

"Yeah, well, that doesn't mean they weren't boring as fuck." P'rel grumbles, working that poor lollipop to death there for it. Guess who else got a perfect score? "I'm fucking sixteen, not sixty." More soft complaints are heard but they trail off into the inaudible, cutting off completely when the bluerider's knee knocks against his, a hand almost thoughtlessly drifting beneath the table to rest gently over the other boy's. It's done so casually, that Py continues talking as if the gesture hadn't occurred. As for wings and ability, the blond just mutters under his breath, perhaps not as ready to grow up as others were. The topic of this Nikolas person certainly peeks the bronzerider's interest though, enough to snort and crunch down on the treat. Crunch. Crunch. "Sounds like a insensitive prick to me." he comments, dropping his chin into the palm of his hand, fingers curling in against it. "Not going to make any assumptions though, but being a guy myself I can probably imagine why he blew you off."

Kiley blinks at the talk of tests, but makes no real comment on it. It all really goes over her head. Then she's blinking at I'srie's sudden discovery of reasons why, exactly, her boyfriend may be avoiding her. Brows furrow in concern, mouth opening and then closing as she looks awkward for a moment or two. Then, she is staring at P'rel. "Ah…" She trails off and then sighs softly, "maybe you're right." She inclines her head slightly, "I'll… I should uhm… Check some things. Thank you for coming to see me, I really do appreciate it. I'll see you whenever you visit next." Another incline of her head and she pushes to her feet, making her way quickly into the lower caverns.

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