Morning Shenanigans

Half Moon Bay - West Bowl

The western end of the great bowl of the Weyr. You can see the steep walls of the crater to the south and south, with small openings and ledges in the cliffside. These are the individual weyrs of dragons and their riders. To the west you can see the great natural arch, and the lagoon, to the east, the center of the bowl. To the south you see a large natural cave opening that has been made into a tunnel. It is the main entrance to the Weyr from the road to Half Moon Bay Hold.

It's morning. The sun is up, and has been for at least an hour, though it's hard to tell with the cloud cover. While it doesn't threaten rain, it does provide shelter from the harsh rays of the early morning light. While he'd usually prefer to be asleep at this hour, Sevran finds himself in the Weyr bowl, bent over his knees as he works to catch his breath. Someone just had to run laps. Or do a million push-ups, or sit-ups. Or something equally torturous that has resulted in a sweaty, gross, out of breath Candidate. Must have been extensive, considering that Sevran isn't exactly 'out of shape'. A moment later, and he just kinda… falls backwards into the grass. No, he hasn't fainted, just resting.

Enter, stage left. Dun dun. Dun Dun. dun dun dun dun. Ahem. Catwin has emerged from inside the Weyr and is looking very much the grumpy cat. The grumpy, and very wet Cat. Head to toe, from her hair, to her tunic to her skirt and her sandels, she is well and truely soaked. Water still drains off of her and there are some soap suds still floating around on her head and her clothes. If looks could kill, someone is likely to have been buried deep within closed up cave. Of course, she's missed seeing Sev running, or even bent over gasping for breath. She didn't even see him fall. Nope, she just see's Sevran sprawled out on the grass. "Honestly, you would think you liked it the last time J'en saw you napping and hauled you up."

Riohra is also in the bowl, well more like above it as he slides down off a large brown dragons side. He is dressed in riding leathers, and has satchel over his shoulder, "Just let me know when your ready to head out again N'mon" He unlike his compatriots, has a happy grin on his face and a bounce in his step. He will walk over and peer at the scene of Catwin looming over Sevran "and what happened here?"

"Maybe I did," is Sevran's smart-ass reply, though he's panting much too hard to make it sound as smart as he wishes it did. "But this time, I wasn't napping," he notes, through sucking air into his lungs. He does open an eye, squinting up at Catwin, and tells her helpfully, "You're soapy. Right there," and hand lifts to point at a bubble. "What did you do? Fall in the laundry tub?" There's a small scowl for Rio and his chirper greeting, but he does reply rather civilly with, "I was training." Training for what, exactly? Who knows.

Catwin makes a bit of a rude nose "Wouldn't surprise. Half the guys around here seem to be wanting some of J'en and the other half seem to already have had some of him." Though the tone of her voice isn't one of jealousy or anything. Just a curious observation. As for her gradually creating a pool of water around her feet and having it trickle down to lower locals, "I didn't just fall. I was pushed." she notes, obsevational tone turning to one of pure ire. "Weyrbrats. I heard their giggles." A glance at Rio and then down at Sevran and she offers in a lightly teasing tone "Training for a Napathon?"

Riohra just shakes his head and laughs, offering Sevran a hand up "best not let you get caught this way or we will ALL have extra chores." when he looks over at Catwin he will say "I am sure they just found it funny that you fell. I mean why would they push you in?" they are always nice to Rio.

Sevran's response is simply an answering rude noise somewhere in the back of his throat. No words. Just squinty-eyed looks at the drowned Cat. "Well." But he has nothing to say for her being pushed into the laundry, just a tight-lipped look as he attempts not to laugh at her. Laughing would be bad. Especially given his prone form. "I'm just resting," he protests, though he does take Rio's hand and allows him to help him up. His breathing as slowed a little, and he's able to stand without the support of hands on knees. "It's called physical training," to Cat, another little narrow-eyed look her way. Growl-growl. Hiss. "Damn those Weyrbrats," is his response. "Wanna hunt 'em down and throw 'em in the lagoon?"

Catwin eyes Rio her eyes narrowed "I do know the difference from being pushed to just falling in." she states "Course, if you want to belive I simply fell. Fine. Why should you think otherwise. Why should you even belive me?" she asks and then she just blinks at Sevran. "Some of them are as tall as I am." She notes simply "Though if you want to, go right ahead, they may even enjoy it."

Riohra helps up Sevran and gives Catwin a frown saying "I never said you weren't pushed, just who did the pushing. Could of been that fellow Heyyu, he seems to follow you around like a shadow trying to get you to swoon" he will shake his head at Sevran's want for vengeance and say "AND what happens when they out number you? When you come back to the barracks in make up and doodles all over your face?"

Sevran looms over people by this point, all lanky height. "Probably not taller than me," and his offer will stand, but if she's not intent upon revenge, then he isn't either. Way too much work. "Hm," he says as he lifts his hand and pops one of the bubbles hanging out near her. "I don't think Heyyu would push Cat into the laundry. I mean, he's a guy, and maybe he's not that bright all the time, but I'm pretty sure he's past the stage of picking on girls that he likes."

Catwin stares at Rio like he's lost his marbles "Yeah, sure he does." she notes concerning Heyyu. She shakes her head. "Just.. you know." She throws up her hands. "I give up. You don't think the little brats did it. Fine." She delibertly turns her back towards him. Fuming, she crosses her arms. "Thank you Sev. Heyyu's an odd one, but he's never harrassed me. Side's I think pushing anyone in is too much trouble, he's almost as lazy as you are."

Riohra shrugs and even the fuming Catwin can't ruin his day today, he will glance at the taller butcher saying "Have they started you on weights and strength training yet?" he will let the Catwin simmer for now before he will attempt to apologize.

Tanit walks barefoot up from the direction of the beach, her halter styled sarong the same sea-green as her eyes. The lanky teen spots the gathering of candidates, her path altering to greet them. "I feel like I've walked in on a joke, waiting for the punchline. Three Candidates show up on a beach." Sudsy, sweaty, and - happy?

"Hey!" protests the sweaty Sevran, "I am not lazy!" He just… takes a lot of naps. Not lazy, just sleep deprived. But he won't grump for long, cause he never really does. Instead, he'll just gleefully and dangerously keep poking her bubbles. POP! And then another. POP! So much fun! "Maybe you've never met these particular weyrbrats," he says to Rio. "I mean. Have you met Tiysa?" Shudder. "So much for cute and innocent." Frown. "What do you mean 'start'?" strength training. "It used to be my job. I think I'm OK." Shrug. "But I kinda miss all the physical labor. Hey Tanit!" Grin. "Please, no punchline. I can't handle any more violence."

"Would you quit that!" Catwin snaps at Sevran and brushes away at his hands. "Honestly! You're has bad as a kid. Touch, touch, touch!" She turns at Tanit's voice "Please, help. I'm surrounded by them!" She leaves off any labeling of what them are. But she doesn't seem to look relieved when Tanit shows up. As for punchline? She's clueless on providing anything helpful.

Riohra grins at the diver saying "Morning" Yup he is chipper and happy this morning dressed in riding leathers. "And I mean actual training, like holding in one hand while your arms are out stretched." he says to Sevran, he will casually step back when Catwin starts swatting at people know how much of a magnet Sev seems to be fore her attacks.

"Bubbles or boys?" Tanit asks Catwin, lips twitching in amusement. "Not sure I can do much with the bubbles." Long fingers rake through disheveled locks, as she studies them each in turn. "Dare I ask what happened to the lot of you?"

"I was only trying to help." And pop bubbles. But Sevran does relent, moving just far enough from Cat to resist the temptation. And to avoid the swatting. Sigh. "No," he says to Rio of the weight-lifting question. "I mean, we do some of that in training, but as a routine?" nope. But maybe he will? Hm. "And just what are you gonna do about the boys," he teases Tanit, crossing his arms over his chest, eyebrow arched. "Cause I think I could take ya."

Catwin rolls her eyes "Sure you were. You looked like you were having way too much fun popping." she notes and then she points to Rio and Sev "Boys. Gah. Don't they ever grow up?" she asks "THe bubbles don't bother me." At least water is not pouring off of her like it was, but she's still damp, but slowly drying.

"You really don't want to find out." Tanit grins evilly at Sev, "There are all kinds of ways to fight without ever throwing a punch." Tanit laughs, "My father claims they do but it takes a while, while my mother would tell you they never do Cat."

Riohra shakes his head saying to Sevran "no offense man, but I am pretty sure she might be able to win." Does he know about wrestling yes, will he say how she will win no. He looks over at Catwin and says "Would you like me to leave these letters from your craft with Litral or did you want to see them first?" he holds up correspondence from the Vintner hall out for her to see.

"Helping can also be fun," notes Sevran, not ready to give up the game. "You may want to go rinse off, or you'll itch from all the soap." See? Helpful. He grins wide at Tanit, offering a quick, "Something tells me you're right about that." He won't push his luck. He does have sisters, after all. "Of course we grow up!" debatable. But he won't try and argue his case further, preferring to just grin and be a little annoyingly smirky. Rio is finally given a good long look and he wonders, "Why are you dressed like a dragonrider?"

Catwin stares at Rio "What in the bloody blue blazes are you doing with our craft mail? And of course those go to Litral! He's currently the senior Weyr Vintner. They should have gone to him straight off. If he has any questions about any of it, he knows where to find me, but he doesn't need me holding his hand." Lets just forget the fact that he just climbed down off a dragon and all. She turns and looks at Sevran with narrowed eyes. "Is that a fact?" she says "And if you want me to leave, just say so then." And lets not also mention the fact that she had been heading that way to see about washing off, but then got distracted. A glance at Tanit "I'm inclined to agree with your mother."

Riohra grins and looks over to the large sleeping brown saying "rider shadowing, I am giving N'mon a hand delivering the post while he handles the larger stuff. Best chore if you ask me, well second behind fish and game" yup he has strange priorities this boy. He glances at Sevran saying "Do you want her to leave?" he isnt trying to poke the fire but well, the road to Igen is paved with good intentions.

"How do you like it Riorha?" Tanit calls, curious. Sevran just gets a toothy grin, rather than an outright answer. "She does seem to know what she is talking about most of the time, why in Faranth's name are you covered in bubbles anyway?"

"That wasn't what I meant…" but Sevran is just gonna stop right there, deciding silence may be the best option with the hissing Cat. And maybe he wants to answer that question of Tanit's, but he just… doesn't. Silence. Except when Rio is speaking, then he has questions, "They let you go? Really? I guess since you were with a dragonrider… but they seem to be rather strict about leaving the Weyr these days, with the eggs so close." Lots of words, but as they're directed at Rio, he shouldn't get an earful, right?

Catwin sighs a little and just shakes her head "Sorry, Sev. just a bit touchy I guess." A bit? She shrugs a bit at Tanit "Got pushed into the laundry tub. I think it was some of the weyrbrats, I heard them giggling just at the same time as I was pushed and all, then then they were gone. Course, no one is fessing up to it. I swear, they like watching them brats. Rio there insists I either just fell in or it was one of our fellow candidatates who wasn't anywhere around." She glares at Rio. "And this yayhoo offered to help through them into the lagoon." she rolls her eyes.

"Just get out of the way next time and let them toss themselves in the wash." Tanit suggests, "Though the lagoon might make the lesson stick a bit harder. Kids are less likely to play pranks if they respect you. The exception being those who see it as a form of affection." She eyes Sev, "No drowning the weyrbrats. Please."

Riohra was looking through his bag the whole time people were talking to him, sorting mail and such then will nod "Oh yeah, lets not do that Sev. I dont think Shanatea and the other dolphineers would like to have to fish them out"

"S'ok," is Sevran's quick response to the apology. No hard feelings. And he wisely does not try to pop any more bubbles, not wanting to trample on that goodwill being tossed his way. "Erm," and there's a quick 'no-no' and hand slicing at his throat for Tanit's quip. "Pretty sure she would've if she could've," of avoiding the push. "But, ya know…" and then he's feigning outrage and scoffing at Catwin. "I was trying to be NICE." Heroic, even. And then a look at Rio, and a sigh. "I wasn't really going to do it." Probably.

Catwin isn't so quick to take offense where Tanit is concerned. "What he said, I was arms deep in the tub grabbling ahold of a blanket to pull out when they got me." she notes. There's a glance at Sev "And you are how much older than they are? Hmm?" she rolls her eyes. "Sides, you'd be the one getting in trouble for it, not them." she murmurs.

It's that time of day when all the chores are just begining. Baylee's chores are yet to begin and so she is walking through the bowl toward the living cavern to head down toward the barracks to see what is in store for her. . There is a smile on her face and a spring in her step. She spies the others and lifts a hand to wave to them, "Hello."

Riohra turns to look at Tanit asking "How is your morning? got anything good from the sea bed today?" yup, easier to change the subject from drowning people, he gives a little shiver still thinking about that. He will turn and grin over at Baylee with a wave "Morning, Baylee"

Tanit just grins at Cat scolding Sev. Riorha's question earns a sigh from the diver, "No, but I've not been diving today yet either." Baylee also gets a nod of greeting from the lanky diver.

Sevran cannot win. Just… seriously. Why does he even try? So he won't. He'll just stand, arms folded over his chest, lips pressed together into a thin line, though there's amusement dancing in his grey eyes. His silence even extends to Baylee's arrival, which only nets a jut of his chin in her direction; it's all the acknowledgement she's going to get right now.

What? So Catwin doesn't want him getting in trouble, that's a crime now? Phht. Oh wait, she questioned his age too. She gives a little smile and a nod of greeting to Baylee "Hello." she replies back. Sev's attitude just gets an eyeroll and a shake of her head. If she was a more demonstrative person, she might actually lightly shove at his… knee? *cough* Instead, he just gets the eyeroll and all.

Baylee comes to a stop and just watches. Ok. Someone is being cranky it looks like. She pauses and just waits to see what is going on, "Good morning?" she tries gently. It might not be a good moring judging by some of the looks.

Riohra is having a great morning, he is dressed in rider leathers and has a mail sack slung over his shoulder. Some has gotten to bounce around on dragon back for the day, he nods to Tanit about not getting in the water yet saying "well here's hoping you get a nice haul. and if you find any nice colorful shells I will pay for them". Raising an arm he will beckon Baylee to come and join them/

Tanit mms Riohra, looking skyward. "Not if I don't get a start on the day." She claps Sev on the shoulder, "Don't let it get to you Sev, you lack the right chromosome to win, but you'll get your revenge one day." Whatever that means. "I'm afraid I must get going, but Cat, I hope to catch you later?"

Is that what Cat was trying to do? Hm. Maybe her presentation needs work. Either way, Sevran is not grumpy. Nope. Just knows when he's beat and should probably choose silence over words. Because it's hard to get mad at silence, right? RIGHT?! Ahem. But there's a quirk to the corner of his mouth, a little bit of a grin peeking through, and humor in his eyes. At Tanit's clap on the shoulder, he rolls his eyes and finally break his silence with a soft murmur of, "Ain't that the truth."

Catwin never said she was good at this social business. And if anyone could get mad at Silence, it would be Cat, because well, she's Cat. But not this time. Silence is forgotten as Tanit is heading out and her comment to Sev. She blinks, looks over at Sev curiously and then she's nodding to Tanit "Be safe out there in the water, and I should be around."

Whatever that moment of tension was it seems to have passed. At least enough for Baylee to feel comfortable speaking up, "How is everyone's morning going?" Everyone seems to have been more busy than she'd been thus far.

Riohra watches Tanit leave, and then looks through his bag and pulls out a letter for the diver and sighs "Well better catch her, you all have a good morning. Catwin sorry people pushed you in the water, I hope your day gets better" He grins at Sevran saying " you got all you need to win, just use your head" and to little Baylee he just grins and waves as he takes off at a jog to catch Tanit.

At least she's trying? And no one's been injured yet, so there is that. Even if he courted death with bubble-popping. "Hey Baylee," says Sevran, because he's decided that talking is OK again. "It's alright. Though I'll need a bath before breakfast." He pinches his shirt, fanning himself gently in the humid morning air. "Freakin' PT work kills." Or something. "Bye Rio," as he goes after Tanit. "Yourself?"

Catwin shrugs a little "I was on the wy to wash up after getting doused, until I got this loafer, loafing." she says. It's in a lightly teasing tone, or about as teasing of a tone as Cat can manage. "Well, maybe get up earlier when it's still cool out? Catch the dawn breeze off the water?" she suggests after a moment.

"I haven't begun my day yet." Baylee says smiling to her friends, "It's going to be a long one I think. Dragon washing…yay." There is only so excited that a person can get about that. "Glad to see people are more energetic than me today." she smile to Sev, "Especially you." He's not the morning person after all.

Sevran is teased, eyebrow arching upwards at Cat. But he won't comment on the loafing. Not directly. "Training," he names as his own chore. "And this is pretty darn early for me, thank-ya-very-much," but he's teasing just as much as she is, no bite or malice in his tone of voice. "But hopefully I can get into a routine." A nod for Baylee. "Thanks for noticing," he remarks, grinning. "You can thank Cita for it. She gave me this tea-stuff and it's been helping me sleep." Apparently a full night of sleep does wonders. Who knew? "

There is such a thing as a full night of sleep? Lies!!! "Tea stuff?" she asks and looks thoughful. "Wonder if she's got something to stave off…" she trails of a moment and shakes her head. "Well, I suppose it's early for some." For Cat? She's generally asleep late and up early. Less sleep, less time for nightmares and all. "I should go wash up and get a new change of clothes." she murmurs quietly.

Baylee should probably be getting going herself, "I best get down there and start working. Otherwise I'll be late." she says with an apologetic smile for the both of them, "I'm sure that I'll see you later." Barracks life!

There's a thoughtful look given to Cat, and an encouraging, "you should ask her." For whatever it is that Cat may need to stave off. "The tea works great. And I don't start dreaming 'till about morning, so…" shrug. Maybe they have similar problems. "I should, too." For change of clothes and bathing. "And then back to work," cause it's another day of being a candidate. "See ya later, Baylee. Cat."

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