Meetings Met

Western Weyr - Hatching Sands

A wide, spacious cavern with a high, vaulted ceiling and ledges high above for dragons to perch upon. The pale white sands beneath your feet are uncomfortably warm, although they seem welcoming to dragonkind. Scattered shards remain from past clutches although the current brooding queen usually has a cleared spot for her own clutch. Just up from the sands are the ledges where dragons can land to watch, while along the eastern wall are the galleries for humans to watch.

Once again, it seems that Enka's plan to placate Miraneith has succeeded for when candidates are ushered onto the sands by one of the assistant weyrlingmasters, the queen gives little notice of them. She's instead peering intently into a crate at the back end of the sands, the tip of her tail wiggling every now and then before she drops her neck, lunging a bit, and snapping up something within the crate. Maybe they're wherry chicks or something little that appeals to the queen's peculiar hunting instincts. Enka is standing between the gold and the eggs, arms folded over her chest. "You know the rules," she says, and leaves it at that. And rule number one is don't draw the queen's attention. As long as everyone follows that, everyone will be fine.

Kiley follows the other candidates out to the Sands, glancing over towards Miraneith curiously before attention returns to Enka and she nods to the rules. And then, she is making her way towards the eggs. She lingers with her gaze settling on one in particular before drifting over towards A Deepening of The Evening Egg and gingerly placing her hand upon the shell.

Kelthero is ushered out onto the sands with the rest of the candidates, looking rather calm and collected even though this is still all new to him. But it becomes apparently quite quickly that he's following everyone else and his glance darts between candidates as he tries to gleam who is doing what and who's going where and then simply following suit. With a polite nod given to Enka and then a passing glance to the occupied Miraneith, his focus then settles on the eggs. Taking a slow, calming breath, Kelthero doesn't linger long before finding the first egg nearest to him and leaning forwards to rest the flat of his palm gently on the shell.

Patori shuffles out onto the sands with the rest, keeping to the biggest clump of candidates while he darts glances around the hatching cavern. There's some nervous looks sent Kiley and Kelthero, but he continues on. His head bobs at Enka before shoulders are hunching a little, and he finds the closest egg and approaches, the gold and crate over yonger given a nervous, if slightly curious look. Taking a soft breath, one hand slowly reaches out, his palm pressed lightly to the Plain of Peaceful Melodies Egg.

Kiley considers the egg with a slight tilt of her head, a furrow of her brows and then the slightest wrinkle of her nose. "I'm not quite sure if that is best. Not really the most logical of things to do, either." A deep breath and she closes her eyes, "though, I suppose we could try."

Kelthero's expression goes from calm to something completely different. He's grimacing a little, frowning as his eyes squint in reflex and… is he shivering? Nah, that can't be. Suddenly, his hand seems to pull back as if repelled off the egg and for a moment he only stares at his hand, then at the egg, baffled. It takes only a second though and he seems to steel himself before stubbornly returning his hand, flat palmed again, on the shell. This time round, he'll be ready! He has no comment to voice about this one. Not yet, anyways.

Patori quickly loses any tension he'd been holding onto, shoulders relaxing as he stands before the gg, palm lightly rubbing back and forth over its shell. There's a curious look on his face, almost that tugging smile, head tilting just a little. He briefly catches his bottom lip between his teeth, and then he really does smile, hand on the egg shifting higher upon the shell, eyes closing.

Kiley hums softly, the sound she makes often in consideration of things. Her head tilts again as if working through a puzzle and her nose wrinkles, "it is hard not to share with something in your mind." A soft chuckle and fingers slowly trail along the egg.

Among the candidates herded to the sands are some of the newest arrivals, a young holder's son from Bluefire Hold — Alexavier — and little Zwi, the kitchen worker from Nabol Hold. They're mingling through the eggs, stopping here and there to touch various shells, while the possibly oldest candidate of all seems to be holding back, hovering at the edge of the sands which prompts Enka to move towards her. "C'mon, Dali," the goldrider says cajolingly. "You've been hopin' for this for a long time, your ma said." The older woman turns her gaze towards the younger. "But I didn't expect it to be now." "Just go touch," Enka makes a shooing motion. "Do it for my da, and your ma. They'd be awful proud. Maybe you had to wait so long because the time aint right before that." Looking dubious, Dalima finally moves out, allowing the weyrwoman to return to her vigilant stance between her feeding gold and the candidates.

Kelthero tentively moves his hand along the egg's shell, seeming to move slowly and deliberately, as if wary that one quick move may undo it all. "Not brave, just stubborn." he mutters under his breath, the corner of his mouth quirking up in a slight smile. He then flinches, grimace returning and his hand becoming frozen on spot. Then his expression clears again and he's shaking his head, pulling his hand away to shake it out. He gives the egg a long, thoughtful look, seeming to hesitate as he mulls over a final touch or moving on. In the end, both his hands are placed on the shell this time and he seems to lean forwards a little, studying the patterns in the shell.

Patori's hand pauses atop the egg, fingers just lightly pressed there, eyebrows very slowly drawing together. First, there is confusion, expression shifting back into cuiosity even as he leans close, head tilting to the side a little more, lips pressing into a line, though a moment later shoulders lift, the boy straightening. He keeps standing there, head tilted slightly.

Kiley does slump a bit as if worn out, sighing softly and slowly straightening out and then considering the egg that lingers under her touch. She pulls her hand back and her gaze lingers on the egg for further consideration before she presses her lips together in a thin line. This egg and then another two are considered and she drifts between the three of them before she steps back and moves to settle upon another egg. She approaches the Jewel of the Sea Egg and settles her fingers gingerly upon the shell.

Gulp, glup gulp. whatever Miraneith is eating over there out of that crate, she's pretty much swallowing it down live, a big lump moving down her short throat before it disappears into her gullet. Oh the bitter end! It's enough to have a few of the candidates on the sands casting nervous glances at the queen, but they're doing nothing to attact her attention, following the rules insofar as much to avoid being the next item on the menu. Enka is moving a little, her study boots helping keep the heat out of her feet enough, and she seems to be shadowing Dalima a little, talking softly to the older woman in encouragement as the redhead strokes the shell of one of the eggs tentatively. "Interestin', aint it?" the goldrider's trying to do her best to keep the other woman at ease, glancing over at Kiley, Kelthero and Patori now and then with an encouraging smile. "Everythin' all right over there?"

Kelthero leans as far forwards as he possibly can without loosing his balance, seeming to try to focus on something that is probably all within his head. He seems more relaxed this time, almost curious by the response he gets. This time, his hands are removed when he's ready and carefully he rises, giving the egg one last long look before moving on. He takes his time in choosing out the next egg, not seeming to hurry. Enka catches his attention for a moment and the candidate nods, "All is fine here." he says with a slight smile, but it's the truth. Then another egg has his interest and he's carefully picking his way over to lay his hand against it.

Patori, where once there was calm, suddenly stiffens, surprised washed over his face like a flood. Oh, there's is an open-mouthed moment where he seems attempting to protest, features quickly flicking towards panic, even as he begins to shake his head. Breathing increases, and all too soon he is abruptly pulling away fro mthe egg, eyes flying open. There is some blinking, and a shudder, as if trying to shake something off, with more side-to-side shaking of his head before he moves along to the next egg, casting a slightly frowny glance at the one he just left. Enka's question has Patori's attention drawn to the woman, the weyrbrat bobbing his head once with a very soft, "Yes'm." He swallows though, flickering gaze going to the gulping gold beyond, and then to his fellow candidates, pausng a moment to peek over at Zwi and Alexavier, before Pat slowly shuffles toward A Deepening of the Evening Egg, laying his palm flat against its shell.

Kelthero crouches down carefully as his fingers begin to lightly trace idle paths across the egg's shell. That soon stops though, but his touch remains. His gaze is suddenly darting from side to side, though never lingering long from the egg, as if he's expecting someone to be joining him. But all he sees are a fleeting glimpse of Miraneith and Enka, and the rest of the candidates — none of which are too close to be considered inside his personal space. That has him frowning a little, but he seems intrigued and far more relaxed. "I'm here." he mumbles, tilting his head a little to some sound he hears. Curiosity has definitely gripped him though and soon enough Kelthero's hand is on the move again, ever gently and carefully exploring the patterns on the egg's shell.

"Good," Enka nods briefly in response to both Kelthero and Patori. They seem to have their wits about them and matters at hand, so she'll just observe and let them experience the time on the sands while she focuses on the more inexperienced of the lot. "Carry on then." there's a wry grin from the goldrider for the both of them before she gives Dalima a reassuring pat on the shoulder. "You're Weyrbred too, you can handle it." and then she's moving over to clap a hand on Alexavier's back, and give Zwi a smile. Enka does glance over at Miraneith, the queen still quite preoccupied with her meal, but it's not like the gold is entirely oblivious to the fact that candidates are on the sands, she'll tolerate them only so far, and for now, her meal in the crate is garnering the bulk of her attention. It's as easy as fish in a barrel — which is a novel idea, perhaps that will be attempted the next time.

Kiley is quite lost in the egg once her fingers touch upon the surface, twitching slightly before an odd little smile settles upon her lips and eyes close to become completely lost in the thoughts of the mind within the egg. A soft chuckle and then she is drawn from her thoughts to look up at Enka, blinking a bit. "Oh. Yes, just fine… Thank you." She drops her gaze back down to the egg and lingers there once again.

Patori takes some slower breaths, though again the tension drains, posture relaxing as he stands with his palm upon the shell of the egg. There's a headtilt once more, though this time the smile appears more readily, idly chewing his lower lip before eyebrows rise and he's nodding absently for something or other, an eagerness in the way his hand brushes over the shell. Indeed, there's almost a tug of a grin there.

Kelthero flinches a little again, but soon relaxes and begins to chuckle heartily - at least until he catches himself and the chuckling turns to a muffled cough. Again, his gaze wanders for a moment, as if trying to track something down that's moving but eventually he gives up, turning to gaze down at the egg with a puzzled frown. He then blinks, taking a slow inhale of air, but even that is short lived. Suddenly, his nose is wrinkling and then he backs off, hand jerking back and a look of disgust and horror is given to the egg. For a moment, he gives a startled look towards both Enka and Miraneith and then he tentatively puts a few of his fingers back on the egg. Not squishy, quite firm. There's a sigh of relief from Kelthero and a sheepish smile. Fooled him there, it did.

Kiley tenses just a fraction, limbs tightening and then slowly relaxing after a moment with a slight smile forming upon her lips. "Curiosity is a good thing." She breathes out to the egg, speaking softly now. A tilt of her head in consideration, fingers slowly trailing along the shell of the egg before a bit of laughter comes forth. "You know what you'll be." She promises, "I don't really know the details beyond a dragon." Another bit of laughter and she shakes her head. "Sorry, but… That wouldn't really be possible." Her lips twitch a little more with amusement as she lingers there on the egg.

Patori takes a breath, the movement of his hand over the shell slowing gradually till it stills. There's some small measure of a smile remaining, though shifting expressions soon brush it away, the boy so easily affected by what he's likely seeing. There's a semi-nod which pauses halfway, and a more nervous look to his face, even a little lip-wibble somewhere in there before it resolves into a kind of determined expression. Lips are wet briefly, though he keeps standing there, tensed, waiting almost.

Enka didn't notice a thing, really. And while there is a snort from Miraneith, it appears the sound is not directed at the candidates themselves, the queen's tail is jerking back and forth, the endmost tip of that plump appendage twitching slightly as she darts her head down, snapping up something in her jaws and tossing her head back to swallow it. Gulp! Enka eyes the gold narrowly for a moment, and glances towards Kiley when the woman speaks. But for now, she'll remain where she's standing, shuffling from foot to foot every now and then, eyes on the candidates all.

Kelthero is tense at first, not quite sure what will come this time with this one. But soon he's relaxing again, enough that his other hand comes to rest on the egg and actually smiles this time. Even as the presence in the egg leaves, his touch lingers and for a moment the candidate looks nostalgic, and perhaps a little saddened. But that disappears as quickly as it appears and with another sharp intake of breath, he removes his hands and gives himself a bit of a shake before getting to his feet again. Then it's back to the hunt for the next egg to touch and he moves slowly, always careful. A few eggs are occupied already and so he's drawn to one in particular that catches his eye for its hue alone.

Kiley shifts and stretches slightly, "you will." This promise is more firm, certain as she speaks to this egg, smiling and then shaking her head. "You're the only one who knows this one, too. Eventually, it will happen." Then, she stands straighter and consider the egg that lay there before her, her hand drawing away and considering it a few moments longer. Another smile plays on the woman's lips and she seems utterly content as she steps away and moves to another egg. She stops before the Fossilized in Blood Egg, staring at it before glancing back at the others and carefully reaching out to place her fingers upon the shell.

Patori lets out a long, slow breath, just slightly shaky. There's a tremble to his frame, though neither fear nor cold appear to be the cause, feet still shuffling slightly upon the hot sands. He pulls his hand back from the egg's shell, giving the thing a somewhat dubious look, eyebrows sneaking together as he puzzles over it. After a few more seconds, the boy just shakes his head and, idly nibbling on his bottom lip, moves away to the next one. The Frozen Iridescence Egg is regarded for awhile, before slowly his hand reaches out to gently brush the shell.

Kelthero seems genuinely surprised for a brief moment, but that passes soon enough. Soon he seems completely lulled and ensnared by some unheard beat. He fights the temptation to tap out some rhythm with his fingers though, mindful to keep them steady. Suddenly, he's grinning crookedly and chuckling a little under his breath. Seems like he feels pretty comfortable with this egg and so his touch remains firm, his gaze distant yet still looking down at the egg's shell.

Kiley stiffens and shivers visibly, nose wrinkling and even sniffling softly. "Hate the cold…" She whispers, fingers linger upon the shell though flexing as if trying to regain feeling there. There's a blink as she pulls herself briefly away from the egg to consider her hands and then draw a deep breath, shaking despite the fact that her hands no longer linger on the egg. She eyes it, then frowns and looks torn. A shake of her head and her hands come to rest upon the shell once more.

Patori twitches, stilling and canting his head slightly, as if listening, his brow furrowing a little while he stands there. Eyes dart back and forth, unseeing of the sands around him, and a tiny droplet of sweat trickles down the side of his forehead, unnoticed and ignored. There is a small, sharp intake of breath, lips parting briefly, before the boy quite suddenly starts, tugging his hand back from the eggshell and blinking down at it. It takes him a second, looking around him at the other candidates and eggs, eyes flickering to the gold over that way, before his gaze finally returns to the egg in front of him. It takes him that long to work up the nerve to put his hand back on the shell, just the faintest touch.

Kelthero's breath seems to quicken, his gaze moving but not quite focusing on anything, though he keeps it lowered on level with the egg's shell. His grin broadens and so does his good mood. He seems completely snared in whatever this one is sharing with him, going along with the rhythm without protest. There's a sudden laugh from the candidate, luckily not a loud one and then he's silent again. In fact, the candidate's good mood seems to deflate a little and he withdraws his touch for a moment, as if to catch his breath and gather his thoughts. He can't stay away for long though and one hand soon returns to the shell.

Kiley continues to shiver, fingers flexing once more and a slow breath is drawn and released. "Not really… Brave. Just curious." Fingers stroke along the the shell, seeking some warmth from the egg. Then there's a soft little whimper and she cringes visibly. She does not pull away instantly, then, her hand is removing itself and she is staring at the egg. Lips tremble just a bit and she frowns. A look to the rest of the eggs before she looks down to the egg she lingers by. Then, she reaches forward to place her hand down upon it once more.

Patori does some anxious shuffling as he stands before the egg, catching his lower lip between his teeth just briefly. There's a searching look given the shell, curious, almost nervous look only getting more nervous till he's frowning down at the egg and shifting just a little more, though this time his fingers never leave the shell. There;s a slight tremble again to his slight frame, the boy sniffing softly, before he shivers again. The movement turns into a shudder, palm pressing light and flat to the shell even as the boy's nose wrinkles.

Kelthero gives a slow, relaxed-like, sigh and for the first time, his eyes actually drift close. He doesn't sleep though, although there seems to be no tension in his body, completely lost within his thoughts. Eventually, he has to stifle a yawn and blinking, he gives his head a firm shake. His movements are almost sluggish as he pulls away from the egg, giving it one last final glance, studying it carefully. Then he's gone, but his good mood lingers. In fact, he seems quite distracted as he wanders among the other eggs. He seems to focus more on the other candidates instead of finding another egg for himself.

Kiley partially relaxes, only remaining tense for the shivering that she does. Another breath is drawn in and released like one does when it is cold. Her head tilts in a curious manner, entirely lost in the thoughts that the young mind presents and then, she is blinking and pulling away from the shell. Cheeks color a dark shade and she stares at the egg, almost accusingly. Her hands are then rubbed together despite the fact that it is so hot on the Sands already. Arms wrap around herself in consideration and she then looks to the other candidates with her eyes landing upon Kelthero and offering a slight smile. She steps away from the egg, "thank you, Enka." She inclines her head just so, "going to go collect my thoughts…" And then she is shuffling out to do just that.

There's a loud snort that echos through the caverns, accompanied shortly thereafter by a growl. Her crate of munchies finally empty, Miraneith has swung around, and well .. she sees what you all do thar. "Mir," Enka's voice is full of warning, the goldrider moving towards the dragon. "You stay right there, you," she all but shakes her finger at the queen, glancing towards the candidates for a brief second. "Go," she suggests. "But don't run." Running would be bad. Most of the candidates are more than willing to depart, Zwi and Alexavier leading the way, with Dalima not far behind. "You're welcome," Enka remarks to Kiley before she's at Miraneith's side, hoisting herself up the dragon's shoulder via her forearm to scold the queen, her attention torn between making sure the candidates have all departed, and making sure thre gold has calmed once more.

Patori stands there, tense and anxious, the sands around him ignored in favor of a long, unseeing look down at the eggs shell. Slowly, so very slowly, the candidate relaxes, creased brow smoothing out. He lets out a quietly relieved breath, released in one soft whoosh whick has shoulders sinking the last little bit, and then he's smiling, soft and sheepish. He licks his lips, and his stomach gives an all too-audiable 'grruumblgrowl' which has round cheeks pinkening abruptly. The boy blinks, brought back to the present, and hesitantly lifts his hand from the egg. He shakes his head a little, though there's a downwad tug to the corners of his mouth even as he glances at the egg again, quietly stepping away and then giving a start. For that loud SNORT. Eyes widen a bit, Patori only bobboing his head once at Enka and daring the slightest glance to the growly Miraneith, before he's walking out of the hatching sands.

Kelthero lingers too long to choose another egg it seems and the snort from Miraneith, followed by Enka's suggestion, has him quickly joining the others without hesitation or protest. He doesn't run, but he doesn't lag behind either. Normally the former guard would offer thanks as well, but that slips his mind as he departs just after Dalima and Patori, not wanting to be the last out.

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