Results of Thieving

Western Weyr - Candidate Dorm

Carved from a natural bubble in the volcanic stone, this small dorm room has room enough to hold around two dozen occupants comfortably. Along the walls are stationed sets of cots and clothes presses, each made up to the standards of the weyrwoman. Above, the soft white light from electric lamps cast down during waking hours.

It is the morning after a certain bronzerider struck, and all are beginning to wake and get ready for the day. For Kiley, this includes going through her press for new clothing, then checking the board and then going for a bath. But this routine is interrupted as she begins to go through her press. A loud squeak and the computer crafter stares at in disbelief. Then, she's considering the rest of dorms and then her press. She frowns a little more and then settles at the foot of her cot, lingering there and sighing softly. Hands lift to cover her face, staying like this for a good long moment. Then, up she goes again and peeks into the press again, the end result does not change, however from the look on the computer crafter's face.

On another cot, Kelthero is reluctantly stirring awake, hands coming up to scrub at his face and fingers run through the tussled mess that is his hair. Then both hands just flop back to his sides and it seems the candidate is going to rebel at the idea of waking up. Long night? Definitely. But that's his little secret. A loud squeak has him up though and stifling a yawn, he quickly straightens his rumpled clothing (the same from the night before) and shuffles off to investigate. He notices Kiley's expression as he approaches, but his sleep-deprived mind isn't sticking two and two together yet. "What wrong?" he asks, looking genuinely concerned.

Patori has been tossing and turning all night, even moreso after the ..incidents which had awoken him so many hours earlier. In face, the weyrbrat is still bundled under the covers of his cot, though when people start stirring, the boy can be found peeking out from inder the blanket, one lock of tangled red hair falling right over his face. Peer. His darting green gaze goes, first off, to Kiley, that squeak having tugged his attention, and there is some definite lower lip nibbling, as eyebrows sneak together. He shifts slightly, curling up under the blanket and making himself small. Small and unnoticable. Maybe he's hoping she cannot see the Patori, for he is HIDING. Yis. Even if he is right there. When Kelthero wakens and heads over to Kiley's cot, the redhead peeks ut a little more, more of his face visible as he eavesdrops unsubtly.

Kiley blinks and looks over at Kelthero, lips quivering a bit and she gestures for the former guard to move closer. "Kelthero…" She looks even more uncomfortable, "you were a guard. And you're my friend." This is how it starts out with another visible fidget from the computer crafter as she abandons her fresh clothing upon her press. "It isn't my laptop, at least, so that is a relief. Though, it would be easy to figure out who took that. That is just as illogical to take, shells… But that's my most expensive thing, and it doesn't even make sense why it isn't but it does. But it doesn't make sense compared to what /is/ missing." Obviously flustered and confused, the poor woman rambles away. The shifting of Patori draws her attention and she stares at him for a moment before shaking her head and quickly looking back to Kelthero, leaving the younger candidate alone, for now.

Kelthero gives Kiley a long look, no doubt noticing how uncomfortable the other candidate is and the fidgeting. Concern still shows on his expression and he listens carefully even though she's rambling. Eventually though, he's able to piece enough together to get the gist of it and his shocked look looks genuine enough - even if for the wrong reasons. "Something of yours stolen?" he asks, careful to keep himself looking as innocent as possible. "But… how is that even possible? Are you sure its gone?" It could be considered a good thing that the former guard hasn't noticed Patori yet, so he's safe for now to eavesdrop.

Patori totally ducks back under the covers when Kiley glances over, though one green peeper is still peeking out. He listens, all quiet-like. His nose buried in the sheets, Pat makes not a peep, eavesdropping still, though that creased brow has gone right into a frown as Kilay continues all flustered-like. Darting glances are sent Kelthero's way, gaze flickering to the rest of the mostly still-sleeping barracks, before he's shuffling further under his blanket. Maybe he'll just pretend to be asleeps. No one will suspect then!

Kiley nods firmly, "a /lot/ of things." The computer crafter insists softly, shuffling uncomfortably. Then she leans in to whisper, what, exactly is missing to the guard. She takes a step back and folds her arms firmly across her chest. "I don't /know/ how it is possible. I'm thinking about it and it seems quite illogical and then there is the fact that I didn't hear anything last night. I couldn't have placed them all somewhere else, because there is no possible place whatsoever." Lips curl into a pout and she stares accusingly at the press before her gaze lifts over towards Patori and staring as he hides even more under the blankets. Suspicion begins to creep forth and she peeks curiously at the guard beside her. It is morning in the barracks and people are beginning to wake, and upon waking Kiley has started some commotion after ruffling through her press and finding certain things missing. A quiet morning is certainly far away.

There's whistling coming through the doorway, as Tineska returns to the dorm. She's been up before the others of the candidates, assisting the kitchen staff in getting breakfast ready for the day. Having been granted a break, she's back for a few minutes with some meatrolls for her two firelizards. Noticing everyone looking around, she raises a brow, and asks the obvious question. "What's going on?"

Kelthero tilts his head a little and politely leans forwards as Kiley decides to whisper exactly what was stolen to him. And judging by the red tinge that creeps up the candidate's neck and to his cheeks, it's clear that he's just as shocked as she is. "That's…just wrong." His reply is hesitant, but could be blamed on the whole situation just being odd and illogical as Kiley put it. "You're sure they're not misplaced? Laundry or something like that?" He's grasping for reasons, anything, that may turn suspicions away. Kelthero glances over his shoulder when he notices Kiley's curious glance towards Patori. Rather then look guilty or worried, the guard smirks. "Seems like I'm not the only one who hates waking up." He jokes, trying to cover for the younger candidate. Innocent, see? The former guard then takes a slow intake of air and lets it out just as slow, a thoughtful look crossing his features. "Of all things to go missing. And it seems odd that it was done at night." As Tineska enters, he all but leaps on the chance for a distraction before his facade crumbles. "Have you had anything go missing?" he asks, before realizing he's answered a question with a question. "Uh, seems like some… clothing items have gone missing."

Patori is just going to hide there, under his blanket. Maybe he's gone back to sleep. He certainly goes very still as Kiley keeps talking. The whistling Tineska does get a nervious peek, though, the weyrbrat poking his noise hesitantly out of the blanket and then quickly shuffling back under again with an eye-darty glance at Kelthero. There might even be a soft whoosh of a held breath when the guard jokes about not hating having to wake up. One hand reeaches out from under the blanket, and snags his pillow. And oh so slowly drags it under, Pat inch-worming his way, all wrapped up, back into proper sleeping position. Seem not waking up! He is totally being ASLEEP. Cough.

Kiley blinks at Tineska as she approaches, eyes wide and then she colors a shade of red and mumbles something softly in reply. A look to Kelthero as he colors in response to what is stolen, then nodding firmly. "It is. Who would do something like that? It is just… Illogical!" There is no other word for it, it seems. "I am sure, I make sure of it. I wouldn't let that be misplaced because they are important." The computer crafter fidgets, shuffling about and then picking up her fresh clothing and fidgeting a bit through the clothing, as if searching desperately for that last bit of clothing, hoping to find one last bit. Alas, there is no such luck. Another look towards Patori and then she considers Kelthero's words, nodding in understanding. "Maybe he didn't sleep well." Another peek at the young man and then focusing on the guard. "What should I do?"

The eyebrow remains raised while Tineska surveys the situation. "Clothing items? What kind..oh." The look on Kiley's frantic face tips her off. "Those clothes." She immediately heads to check her own clothing, and quickly comes up with the verdict. "Mine are gone, too. I'm pretty sure they were there before I left for the kitchens." The brown and green are stationed on her shoulders, one on each side, looking down at her hands. She has forgotten them in the commotion, but they won't let her forget for long. That is, until Circuit notices Patori "sleeping", and launches of the apprentice's shoulder, landing right beside him, peering suspiciously. Humans are soooo strange. "Well, this is not shaping up to be my best turnday," she announces with a frown.

"Illogical and stupid, among several other words I can think of." Kelthero admits with a smirk, still doing his best to feign innocence. So far, so good as he nods his head, giving Kiley a sympathetic look as she sorts through her clothing again. At the mention of Patori, the former guard does glance towards his cot, but it's a brief look and he simply shrugs his shoulders. "Maybe. It's been days since I last got a good night of sleep." He pauses, before adding. "Though last night I was out cold." Liar, liar. When Kiley looks back to him, Kelthero frowns deeply, perhaps in thought - or worry. "Well…" he begins, hesitant, a hand coming up to scrub at the back of his neck. There's another deep breath and then a slow sigh. "It's a theft, so it has to be reported. If you're sure it's been stolen, it'd be the first step." And then he somehow manages to smile. See? He's helpful - and not guilty! Nope. As Tineska also speaks up about her missing clothes, Kelthero grimaces again. "You too, huh? Shells, I wonder how many of us got hit." There's a sympathetic look when she mentions a turnday though. "Bad timing, for sure."

Patori is certainly failing slightly in the unsuspiciousness department, what with the strange inch-worming up the bed like that and hiding in the covers. Then again, the quiet boy might just be strange as a general rule. Mop of red hair just peeking out of the bundle of curled-up blanketbrat, the boy totally buries his face in that pillow at Kiley's words. There's no movement at all. See. ASLEEP. Yes. Even if he is oddly still when Kelthero is talking. He might have stopped breathing there for a second. Even Circuit is ignored, for a time. It's Tineska's mention of a turnday which gets a soft, involuntary-almost groan. And then Patori is shuffling further onder the covers and making shooing motions at the firelizard with one hand. Shoo.

Kiley blinks at Tineska, "what time did you go to the kitchens?" She stares at the youngest candidate with wide eyes, then frowning and pressing her lips firmly together, "I'm sorry, Tineska… Happy turnday." Despite the situation, the wishes are still offered and she quickly looks to Kelthero. "There are so many words that I can't even really place them. Shells. Shells." Panic is visible as she clings tighter to her clothing, "It is hard to sleep in the dorms, sometimes. I wish I hadn't slept last night." His suggestion earns a nod and she smiles thankfully, "I'll do that. Thank you." A sigh and she presses her face briefly into her clothes, deep breaths, deep, deep breaths as she attempts to regain some calm. "I can't believe someone would do this. It is indecent." Then she shuffles over towards the chore board. "I suppose I should go through with my bath like normal."

Tineska thinks hard, reaching a hand to her face as she tries to recall the requested information. "Around 4, I think? Yeah, that sounds right." She doesn't look very happy, but her expression softens when Kiley wishes her a happy turnday. "Thanks. I appreciate it. Fifteen turns today! Getting older every day.." Some of the other candidates who are waking up also report their garments missing. With a drawn out sigh, she concludes," Kelthero's right. I guess we should get it reported." She doesn't find anything particularly suspicious about Kelthero, at least not at this point. A chirping firelizard does call her attention away from the members of the K Club, and she turns and walks towards Patori's cot. "Circuit? What are you doing? Come here!" She scoops him up, and tries to stick him back on her shoulder, but he won't stay. He's onto Patori! Layali, the green, decides to figure out what he's so interested in. After all, it might be edible. "At least I managed to get a clean pair before it happened."

With more candidates waking up and more victims of the thefts, Kelthero begins to fidget a little. Too many eyes, he can't keep his masks up all the time. So as Kiley tries to regain some calm, the former guard reaches out to give a reassuring pat on the shoulder — or some such gesture. "No problem. I'm sure this'll be figured out quick enough. Maybe it's just a silly prank and everything will be back by the end of the day." He suggests hopefully, although there seems to be a pointed look given to Patori's cot. But then again, his attention could also be drawn by all the shuffling under the blankets and the shoo'ing of a firelizard. Clearing his throat, Kelthero begins to make his escape. "I'm going to go grab some breakfast before it gets too crowded." He juts a thumb over his shoulders in an obvious gesture to the exit. "Maybe I'll pick up on something, see if this is just something happening in the barracks." Sure, that's why he's sneaking out. He doesn't wait long, however, for farewells. There's a quick wave to Kiley and Tineska and then he's gone.

Patori huddles way under the blankets and makes faces at Circuit. Bleeah! Alternating eye-darty looks between Kiley and Kelthero as he lifts his head, unable to shake the firelizardy pestering, he instead opts for distraction! "Um. They probably want this," there is rummaging, one arms snaking out to nab something stowed at the head of the bed, in a wrapped bag, "I got it from the kitchens so I could, um. Eat. When I was in here," fidgety fidgety, and some strips of wherry jerky is pulled out. And he quickly tosses it to Tineska, as if that explained everything. Yup, he totally just threw dried meat at her. And then Kelthero is /leaving/, and Pet's eyes go a bit wide. Squeaking out from the bundle of blankets there's a tiny, "I bet the storage caverns have extra. Um. Clothes. Whatever you're missing." Eye-darting left and right, Patori disappears under the blankets again.

Kiley sighs at the time, "shells." Lips press firmly together, "you're welcome. Congratulations on getting older, Tineska." She glances back from the chores to smile at Tineska and then considers again quietly before her gaze settles firmly on Kelthero and a thankful smile is given once more to the guard. "Prank? I do hope so." There's another sigh and a hand lifts to rub at her face. "Right. Enjoy breakfast I should go take my bath and then get breakfast like normal. Thank you, Kelthero." She waves a farewell and then looks back towards Patori and Tineska, peeking at the firelizard bugging the boy. The reason as to why earns a soft laugh and a smile, "thank you, Patori." And out she goes, perhaps making a quick stop by the stores.

Circuit's jaws snap shut around a piece of wher jerky. Mmmm. Tineska gives a slightly bewildered wave to Kelthero as he bolts out of the dorm. "You're growing on him, Patori," she says with a laugh. Then the mind goes back to the undergarment incident. "Older and wiser! They've got to be somewhere in this Weyr. We'll get to the bottom of it." She crosses her arms, and begins searching the room for any clues that might be had. As Patori and Kiley both leave. "Shards! Gotta get back to the kitchens!" She races off, knocking into one of the other candidates headed into the room, but in too much of a rush to do more than make sure he's not injured.

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