Strain Pain

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Infirmary

This long, rectangular cavern smells faintly of antiseptic and strongly of pleasant medicinal herbs. The general atmosphere is one of bustling but orderly quiet and strict cleanliness. The back of the room is dominated by a small hearth for heat and medicinal preparations and by swinging double doors that lead to a small DragonHealing bay, an emergency surgery for human patients, the main storage, and the staff area where Healers can eat, shower, change, and the like during their longer shifts. The front of the room is a waiting and reception area where patients and staff can check in to receive treatment and begin work, respectively. The east wall of the room features examination, birthing, recovery and outpatient treatment rooms while the opposite wall is curtained off to provide privacy and bed-space for patients requiring overnight care.

Half Moon Bay can certainly handle most of the routine and sometimes urgent treatment needs of its residents here. It lacks some of the equipment available at the main Healer Hall. Once they are stabilized, patients requiring specialized or ongoing care are surely transferred there.

Late afternoon, and while he's thankfully not bleeding out or in immediate threat of dying, Sevran is finding his way into the Infirmary for something other than chores. His left hand is idly rubbing at his right wrist, as if the right one is bothering him something fierce. It must be pretty bad, if he's coming into the infirmary and not just 'toughing it out'. But once he's there, he looks kinda uncomfortable, perhaps having second thoughts about this whole 'healer' thing.

Kelani is sitting at one of the tables doing one of the many chores of a senior apprentice. The ever joyful task of filling small pots from larger ones. Given the imminence of the hatching today's cream is Burn cream! At the entrance of a candidate she looks up and offers a welcoming smile as she rises from her station, "Good afternoon, welcome to the infirmary again. How might we help you today?" She offers as her hazel gaze scans over him for any obvious injuries settling on the rubbing of the hand.

Off to one side of the large room, Jingum sits carefully crushing something or other setting it aside and repeating the process on another similar looking object. At the sound of the other Sr. Apprentice's welcome he turns around to see one of the candidates standing rubbing his right wrist. "Afternoon."

Friendly faces do little to dispel the look of apprehension from Sevran's face, though he does take a few more steps into the infirmary rather than away from it. With a bit of a sigh, a resigned look on his face, he seems to decide that he might as well do this, since he's here. And been spotted. The next few strides are sure and purposeful, headed towards Kelani. "Hey. Kelani, right?" see, he can remember names. "I dunno," is supplied, as far as what they might do. "I didn't fall or anything, but my wrist hurts." It sounds rather dumb to him, by the look on his face. "I'm only here cause, well…" shrug. "My sister won't leave me alone about it." Ah. Sisters. "Hey," is tossed to Jingum, a little lift of his chin in greeting.

Kelani moves around her table and steps over to the candidate, listening to his complaint before nodding. "If you could take a seat in the exam area, I will go fetch a Journeyman. Rest assured, it is never dumb to get something checked out. I could be nothing or it could be something. Peace of mind is worth the time." She assures him and leaves him to get settles as she goes to fetch the senior healer.

Journeyman Kalvin is standing nearby, working with another apprentice, showing her how to neatly wrap up a simple stiching job on the leg of one of the residents. He quickly finishes and then nods to her. "You can wrap things up form here. As Kelani approaches he looks back as Sevran makes his way to the adjacent exam area. "I will be right with you two. Kelani, go ahead and do initial evaluation and I will be right there." The Journeyman healer heads off to wash his hands before heading back to meet up with the other two.

Seeing as Kelani has Sevran taken care of, the apprentice healer goes back to crushing the herbs he has been working on, leaving the candidate in the capable hands of the senior healer and Kelnai.

There's a puffed-up, put-out look on Sevran's face as he's directed towards the exam area. Really, the discomfort on his face is real. Like, give him a good ol' knife wound and he'd probably he happy enough to get seen. But this? This was just silly; says the look on his face. Longsuffering sigh, but he does as he's told. But he won't hop up on the table. Oh no. He'll just lean here, and try to look casual.

At the direction of the journeyman, Kelani nods and washes her own hands before heading back to the exam room grabbing up a clipboard on the way in. She writes in the known particulars before setting it down , stepping up to the bedside and holds out a hand for his. "So no injury that you can think of?" She starts off asking. "Does it ache all the time or just doing particular movements or when you grip something with the hand?"

Kalvin finishes washing his hands and follows Kelani into the exam room. He pauses just inside the area watching both patient and Kelani, paying particular attention the questions the apprentice is asking and how she handles the candidate. He nods in satisfaction. "I am just going to stand here and watch. If you need anything Kelani, I am right here." He gives the candidate a glance. "You ok if I let her take the lead?"

"Nothing I can recall," says Sevran, giving a halfhearted shrug. He offers Kelani is hand without issue, contemplating her next few questions. "Well, not really. It doesn't exactly ache right now. But I was trying to finish my lessons earlier, and it kinda…" he pauses, as if searching for the right description, "burned? It was tight, like it didn't want to move, though I can move it fine," and he'll demonstrate, flexing his wrist with little effort. "But I can't write a sentence to save my life right now." The horror. As for letting Kelani lead? He has a single-shoulder shrug. "I don't mind. Not exactly a life-threatening injury."

Kelani looks over her shoulder as the Journeyman arrives and nods to him before looking back to the patient. Quietly she listens to him answer the questions and nods slowly. She lifts both hands up with one finger sticking up on each. "Can you grip a finger with each hand and let me know if it causes you pain. Let me know at the first of the pain and when it becomes to unbearable to grip." She says looking rather serious now she is under the watchful eye of the journeyman.

The senior healer stand watchful without interfering in Kelani's careful minstrations. "No it does not appear to be life-threating." He smiles at Sevran. "Kelani here as I am sure you know is perfectly capable. Don't mind me." The last part is directed at them both as he continues to stand just inside the little room.

The look on his face clearly says that Sevran feels this is a lot of fuss for nothing. But he's not about to risk the wrath of Healer, Apprentice, or his sister. Even if the former is not currently present. With a barely contained sigh, he reaches out and grips her fingers, one in each hand. He can grip pretty tightly before he winces just a touch. "About now. It's starting to hurt. Don't know if it'll reach 'unbearable'," he remarks. A little nod at the Journeyman, though he is focusing on Kelani. At least he's kinda taking this seriously.

Kelani nods for him to let go of the fingers, "You can let go now." she says then writes some notes on the chart. She then holds out her hand for the sore head so she can examine it more thoroughly, prodding some of the areas around the joint. "Have you been using the hand more than usual or in ways you are not used to?" She asks of him as she examines him, occasionally glancing back to the journeyman for guidance. Don't want to break a candidate after all!

His lack of commenting and his occasional glance back out towards the main area of the infirmary is not a reflection on his dis-interest, but rather the good job the sr. apprentice is doing with Sevran. Kalvin catches one of Kelani's looks back and he just smiles nodding his head.

Sevran is tough. He'd be very difficult to break. He settles his left hand back on the cot, leaning against it casual-like. "Well… sorta I guess," he says, thoughtfully. "I've been working on my, well…" and now there's a bit of an embarrassed look, "Handwriting. Penmanship. I've been writing letters. And trying to sew." Sew. Him. The thought has him kind of scrunching up his nose as if even he can't believe it. "Would sewing do that, though?" he wonders. "Cause if so, I'll just stop doing that." This plan, he likes.

Kelani looks thoughtful for a moment, "Might be a strain from overdoing it with that hand doing stuff you aren't used to. Remember some harpers would get all achy in their wrists when they wrote alot and forgot to take breaks." She suggests and bites her lower lip for a moment, "Well it could well be both doing it. You got to remember to take breaks and do other stuff with the hand thats not so..tight." She says not really happy with the word but leaving it for now. "Get some cold on the wrist to help with the imflamation, but mix it up with some warmth come tomorrow. As for telling you not to sew, well …I don't know what your rules are in the barracks, but maybe trade for a task you can do with your other hand or that won't stress it?"

Kalvin nods his head at Kelani, "That sounds about right." He takes this moment to step fully into the roomand next to Kelani. "Maybe have him stop writting for a day or two until the wrist has had some time to heal?" He nods at Sevran with wry smirk on his face. "Sewing is a good skill to have, but maybe as Kelani here suggested you can trade for something else that will let you rest your wrist." As the healer is talking, Jingum pokes his head in carrying a small wrapped package. "Sevran, I was told to give you this. Still having trouble sleeping?" The other apprentice nods to Kelani and the senior healer. "What's up with the wrist?"

All Sevran really hears is, 'no more sewing. You're not allowed to sew. DO NOT SEW' which is exactly what he's gonna tell the weyrlingmasters. No sewing. Healer said so. This, he looks perfectly happy about. "Great. It's just my robe," the thing that keeps him covered on the Hatching Sands. No need to make sure that's finished or anything… He grins a bit, maybe looking a touch relieved that it's not any worse than that. "Cold, then hot. I can do that." Easy. "Ah! Thanks," and he'll lift his hand out of Kelani's grasp to accept the package from Jingum. As for his sleep? He just quirks a little side of his mouth and offers not much else. "Apparently fine." Thankfully.

"Some willowbark tea may help if it still throbs after resting. You could put numbweed on the area but frankly that will just encourage you to use and the area won't actually get healed." Kelani says and turns and writes her notes on the charts and passes them to the Journeyman to look over. "Well if you can't get another candidate to trade, I don't mind doing a bit of sewing in trade for doing some deliveries around the weyr." She offers and gives a little shrug, "Could always use stitching practice."

Jingum hands the package to Sevran and nods, looking at Kelani. "Well glad nothing to serious wrong." He nods to the others before departing again, leaving Kelani and Kalvin still in the room. The senior healer takes the charts from Kelani and quickly scans her notes. "I don't think numbweed would benefit. Willow Bark would be good to help ease the pain and as prescribed cold then heat." He smiles at Kelani and nods his head in approval. "One other thing is try to keep your wrist elevated, above your heart while resting. This will help the healing process. If you still are having issues after tomorrow we can wrap it to help immobilize it."

"The only thing I need to do is finish the hem of my robe but honestly," says Sevran, "I think I'm gonna leave the raw edge. I only have to wear it for, like, an hour." Shrug. Not concerned. "But I suppose if you wanna do it, you can. I'll run your errands." Now that he's not doomed to amputation or any other such horror, he's perfectly happy to be helpful. The package from Jingum is tucked under his arm, presumably to be taken back to the barracks immediately following this appointment. He really is paying attention, though, nodding his head along with the instructions. "OK," though it's debatable whether or not he'll actually return if it still hurts. Cold. Hot. Tea. He's got this. "Thank you, both."

The Jouneyman Healer nods to Sevran and Kelani before heading back out to help the next person. "Kelani, don't forget to finish taking care of your chores before heading out tonight."

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