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Half Moon Bay Weyr - Fruit Garden

Situated just outside the weyr's bowl is a sprawling garden of fruit trees. Far too regimented to be considered an orchard, neat rows of trees dot what might be better called a courtyard, forming a neat, even grid of shade. Carefully contrived sunbeams dapple light onto the occasional bench, or tiny grottos where firelizards and small avians gather to pick at seed and offerings left in small bowls. In the far corner is tucked a fountain, its soft babbling heard throughout the space. This is mostly due to the garden's clever system of irrigation, trees kept watered despite the predominance of flagstones by a spiderweb of grooves that lead from the fountain into the trees. Water bubbles constantly through the little tunnels set into the stone before eventually being recycled into the lagoon somewhere beyond.

Shanatea is sitting under a fruit tree with a basket of berries. He's covered by shade, and seems to be tediously sewing a sleeve onto a white robe. Yes, they were told to get ready, were they knot? errrr, not? So there he sits. Every so often, he reaches out, snags a berry (think strawberries) and chows down on it, tossing the green stem part away. FOCUSED.

Sevran is here. Also has a basket. Also picking berries. Not sewing a robe. Because the Healer's told him not to sew. And he's gonna listen to them, darn it! "Pretty sure those are for the kitchen," he notes in dry humor, eyeing Shanatea and his eating of the berries. "I mean. Aren't you supposed to be picking them?" Maybe not. Maybe eating-and-sewing is Tea's thing today.

Shanatea looks up and offers Sev a bright grin. "I picked too many, now I have to fix that mistake." he notes with a bright grin, pulling the needle through the fabric without looking at it. Of course, it was probaly already set through the fabric, but who knows, maybe he has eyes in his fingers or something weird. Eating is ALWAYS Tea's thing.

"How are you not ten-feet tall and as big around as a dragon with all the food you eat?" It's hypothetical. Probably. Sevran just rolls his eyes, though he looks more amused than annoyed at the bottomless-eater. As for him, he'll just keep plucking, tossing, maybe taste-test one or two. And then toss one at Tea. Because why not? "Are you sewing sleeves on your robe?" which seems a novel concept to him. "It's gonna be hot out there."

Shanatea actually SQUEAKS when he's hit with a berry, and gives Sevran a look that says 'If I didn't have a great sense of humor, you'd be in for a fight' and instead shakes his fist at him playfully. "I just like food, its heaven. And I'm really good at eating it." He grins, then nods to his robe. "I'm installing short sleeves, cause maybe I have ugly shoulders or soemthing." He doesn't think things through always, either. But he's good in heat.

There's a raised eyebrow for that implied challenge. A distinct 'try me'. Go ahead. But Sevran does not throw any more food. It just goes into his own basket, even if he's not being particularly careful about what he's plucking. Is this one ripe? Maybe? Sure. OK. In it goes. "Yeah, OK. I can think of a number of things more pleasant than food. Not that I don't like to eat," cause he does, too. "But I think you take it to a whole new level." As for sleeves? Tea is given a side-eye, and then an eyeroll. "Don't think anyone's gonna care about your shoulders."

Shanatea just grins in return, very pleasantly at Sevran. "I don't just like food. I love it." He says with an Anton Ego-esque hoity-toity air. "Well, I think my shoulders are boney. So, cap sleeves." Yes, thats why he did it, not because he has no real idea who it'll be like out there. Hopefully mayhem and CHAOS. Ahem…… He munches a few more berries and then sews another half-hearted stitch and then peers at Sevran. "What do you like better'n food?" He's so curious.

A shrug of his shoulders is all the response Tea gets for his hoity-toity declaration. Sevran's attention is on his task. Or, at least, his eyes are trained in that direction, and it can maybe be assumed he's paying attention, even if he looks paused in mid-pluck. "Cap sleeves…?" he has no idea what those are. Sleeves are sleeves. Shrug. "Well… free time. Sleeping through the night. Sex." To name just a few. "Maybe not in that order, but you get the idea." Cause really. There are things beyond food. "People. There are definitely some people I love more than food."

Shanatea considers this a moment. "There might be a few people I like more than food. And I do like sleeping, but thats after food." He considers for another moment or two….. "Sex, well, sometimes. But how about sex with food?" That might be an interesting one he has to try sometime. Ahem.

"Sex. With food." Sevran peers over at Tea, and it's not quick look, either. It's a long, peering, assessing, slightly obnoxious look, probably. "Just how freakin' old are you, Tea?" cause maybe he looks a lot younger than he is. "Please tell me you don't…" but he doesn't even finish that sentence. Nope. NOT GONNA GO THERE RIGHT NOW! Ahem. Either way, fruit plucking is being ignored now.

Shanatea grins innocently. "What?" He pretends not to actually hear, but its obvious he does because… can you say cat that ate the canary? "Well, almost seventeen…." Ahem, that makes you sixteen. Just don't ask the age of his partner. He eats a few more cheerfully red berries. "I'm just…short for my age." Pout. And its an ADORABLE pout.

There is definitely more suspicious peering from Sevran toward Tea, but he decides not to push the age subject. 'Almost seventeen' seems to be acceptable. Though he follows that answer very quickly with, "Weyrbred?"

Shanatea beams at Sevran. "Very, very Weyrbred." he admits without guilt. "My mom and dad are riders, T is a rider. My twin. My grandfather was a rider…." he thinks about this for a few minutes. "And my great-grandmother was a rider." He thinks thats it? Yes, must be, because he munches another berry.

Sevran makes a face. "I get it," cause he does. Long line of dragonriders makes for a very, ah… weyrbred Tea. "OK, well. I guess that answers some questions." Some. All? Not even close. But maybe Sev and Tea aren't close enough for him to ask those kinds of questions. Instead, there will just be suspicious side-eye peering from the tall butcher-turned-candidate. And then a slight change of subject. "I don't have a single dragonrider in my family."

Shanatea ponders that a moment. "NONE? Never met anyone with NO riders in their line somewhere….Thats weird." As a Weyrbred child, he would think that…. Then he considers this a moment. "What other questions do you have?" He's very open, at least with Sevran. He likes him. Why wouldn't he be.

"Nope. Not one." Yeah. Sevran's kinda shocked he got Searched, too. But he just gives an idle shoulder shrug, gives up the pretense of doing anything with the fruit, and comes over to sit down on the grass close to Tea. Conversationally close. Not, like, close-close. As for questions? Sevran just kinda… says nothing about it. There's a pause, a kind of grimacy-face and a shake of his head. "Yeah, I think I'm safer not asking. Thanks, though." Appreciate it.

(and then Tea had a power outage, and we lost the scene. Argh, darn power!)

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