Missing Relief

Western Weyr - Docks

Wooden boardwalks lead out to where boats are tied to the dock. Once in a while a good sized ship will be docked here, unloading or loading various items.

Electric lights light the entrances as those on night duty come out to take over, moving quietly in the night so as not to disturb those sleeping about the Weyr.Winter has descended once again upon the Western island, though those from the north would never be able to tell it, but the short days and the cooler nights are painfully obvious to those born here.

Standing out waiting for ships is most certainly the most boring chore. Ever. And there Kiley is, standing against a post and looking rather thoughtful as she watches for the ships. Though a closer look would show that the computer crafter is lost in her own thoughts rather than actually paying full attention to her chore at hand. There's a soft grumble of a hungry stomach and then the computer crafter is drawn from her thoughts to partially stare at her stomach and then heaving a sigh. "I'm hungry…" Lips press into a thin line and she tilts her head back into the post and heaving another sigh. Now, she waits for lunch rather than waiting for ships, somewhat.

One would probably argue over which chores are the most boring, but Kelthero comes from a line of work where being on lookout is a prime part of the job. Dishes though? Are boring to him and its no wonder the former guard has fled the Weyr proper to enjoy some open air and familiar grounds. He's carrying a medium sized sack with him - lunch no doubt. Seems like he's off duty for now, at least until the next meal is complete. Taking in a deep breath of clean, outdoor air, Kelthero at last spies Kiley standing against a post. While normally he'd be happy to see her, he seems hesitant on joining her after the prank incident. Unresolved, he's still holding on to the ruse of his "innocence" in the whole matter. It's too late to turn back now though and instead he continues forwards, raising a hand up in a friendly wave. "Hey there," he calls out, smiling. "Lookout duty today? Or are you escaping from the crowds for a bit too?"

Kiley doesn't notice Kelthero at first, the sound of footsteps normally would be a good indication of company, especially on a dead day where no one is really venturing to the docks. And her stomach seems to hold more interest to her than listening for others. It is the sound of his greeting that draws her attention and her gaze settles upon him, a small little smile settling upon her lips. "Hey. Lookout duty. Someone was supposed to be bringing lunch, but they haven't come. And then there was supposed to be someone to switch with me so I could go get some programs done." She sighs softly and folds her arms across her stomach, holding there and then glancing out to the water. "Looking for some alone time, then?" She questions, head tilting slightly as she looks to him once more with brows lifting in question.

"I could probably help you with lunch." Kelthero offers with a crooked grin, holding up the sack he carries so Kiley can see. "Pilfered as much as I could from what was left. If I was to be stuck scrubbing dishes, I might as well get a good share of the food." He snorts then in amusement at his own logic, before giving her a sympathetic look. "Seems like they've left you out here." He remarks as he settles himself nearby, leaning back against a sturdy post and opening the sack. Inside is a various mixture of wrapped and unwrapped lunch foods, a little bit of anything that could be carried and not be spoiled or crushed. Kelthero offers it first to Kiley, if she's interested. "Nah, not alone time. Just wanted to get out of the kitchens. I wouldn't have minded food preparation but I got stuck with dishes." He smirks a little at that. "Had I caught you in time, I would have switched chores. I love lookout." Of course he would.

Kiley blinks and considers the sack with a soft chuckle, "taking all the good stuff before it got out, hm?" Though she doesn't seem at all angry about this, "maybe. I can't just leave, either." There's a roll of her shoulder as she shifts position so to sit by the former guard. "I'd feel horrible just leaving. I'll have to do the programming tomorrow and hope that I can finish it in time." The offered sack is taken and she is taking a fair bit of everything inside and making herself a rather decent lunch out of the pickings before offering it back. She isn't selfish, however, making sure to leave an equal amount behind for Kelthero. "Mm. Food preparation is much more interesting than dishes, at least you learn something with prep. Like how to make bread." A grin settles upon her lips and then she takes a few bites of her makeshift lunch. "I wish I had caught you before, then. But, I'll bear with it."

"Like I said, it was my share! I was going to miss most of lunch and by then most of the good stuff would be gone." Kelthero admits without a shred of guilt. He then shrugs a little and gives Kiley another sympathetic smile. "Well, obviously you can't leave. Do you know the names of those who were to switch with you?" There's a pause, and the former guard's expression falls for a moment. "It wasn't Meshcha was it?" he asks, not bothering to hide his obvious dislike of said individual. As the offered sack of food is taken, Kelthero crosses his arms loosely as he waits and then reaches out again when it's handed back, flashing Kiley a quick grin. "See? I would have liked that. Though I doubt my baking skills are anything but… lacking." Then he's reaching into the sack and pulling out his own share of food, taking a few bites before glancing back to Kiley. "You won't be too far behind if you don't get the programming done tonight, I hope?"

Kiley chuckles softly, "yes. Your share." She agrees easily enough without much fuss. After all, she did get a lunch for that very reason. "No. I don't… It was…" A pause before her head shakes, "something." A soft cough and she takes another nibble from her food, letting out a soft 'oh' at the name given. A hand flies up to cover her mouth for a moment as she chews and swallows. "Yes. That was it." Brows furrow and she gives him a questioning look. "Why? Does he often abandon chores?" The woman sighs softly and lifts the previous hand to briefly rub at the bridge of her nose. Calm returns and she offers a smile, "my cooking and baking skills are very poor, but it doesn't mean that I don't like learning about it. Though I can cook fish out in the wilderness without all the fancy stuff in the kitchens." A soft chuckle and she takes a few bites and lingers in silence for the moments in which she chews. "I'll be pretty behind. I have a half a days work that I'll need to finish in the morning. I'll probably have to get up early and to work on it."

Kelthero tilts his head a little. "Something?" he asks gently, but doesn't seem to try to push any farther then that. He's mid bite though when she does confirm the name and his brows furrow together in annoyance. Swallowing, his remarks are far from pleasant. "Shardin' brat. Can't trust him to do a lick of work or do it right." He grumbles, before giving an apologetic smirk. "Sorry. Can't stand the boy. Doesn't surprise me though." And then he nods, shaking his head. "Doesn't abandon, exactly. Just tends to "forget" things or some other lame excuse. Never thought I'd meet someone who's long overdue for a good tannin' and a few hard lessons in responsibility." He then takes a slow, deep breath to calm himself, taking a few more bites of his makeshift lunch. When Kiley mentions cooking fish, the former guard looks more then amused at that. "Really? Didn't take you for the wilderness cooking sort." He teases, before coughing slightly and adding a hasty, "No offence meant, of course." When she admits she'll be behind in her work, Kelthero's mood changes again and he's back to frowning. "That's a shame and not your fault either! How much time do you have left on your shift?"

Kiley chuckles softly, "sometimes I forget names. Especially of people I haven't met, yet." The computer crafter gives a slight shrug before blinking at the former guard with wide eyes. She stares at him for a long moment before her face falls and her expression is one of dejection. "Shells, I really got unlucky with this one." There's a shrug and her hand lifts to rub at her eyes again. "It is abandoning if he knowingly forgets." Lips are pressing firmly together as she considers the candidate in question then giving a weak little shrug of her shoulders, "there's no one who will do that, unfortunately." She takes a few more bites and slowly begins to calm once more, considering the food and then the guard with a smile. "Mhm. We had to learn as candidates in Xanadu, otherwise we wouldn't have been able to eat. They had us do a survival camp in the wilderness so… I started learning from the people who knew." A chuckle, "no offense taken. I wouldn't take me for the type, either." As for her work, she shrugs. "It happens and I'll have to manage. I should be done soon. I was supposed to get lunch and then be free to go a little after."

"Usually I don't remember names that well either." Kelthero admits, before smirking. "But this one stuck. And I'm sorry to say you are unlucky if he was to be your replacement." He then snorts again, chuckling dryly. "Doesn't matter, he'll whine and plead his case and try to be all innocent." Again, the former guard has to take a breath to calm himself, unless he wishes to go on a rant. So in the end, he simply waves his free hand in an idle sweeping gesture. "Anyhow, enough of that." He says, grining as he sets the now empty sack aside and turns his full attention to Kiley. "A survival camp? That actually doesn't seem like a half-bad idea." Kelthero muses, looking thoughtful as he glances out over the waters for a moment. "Do you think they'll do something like that for us here? Or is each Weyr different?" He's then chuckling again, but in a far better mood. "Well, at least lunch was covered - or a snack anyways. I'd offer to take the rest of your shift but… I'm guessing the damage is already done?"

"If I meet the person when they give me their name I remember it a lot better than simply hearing the name. A name and a face is easier to remember." Kiley heaves a soft sight, "oh well." She considers him a little longer and her nose wrinkles, "probably not worth the time, then, I won't bring it up and it is easier to just leave it alone." The computer crafter finishes off the rest of her small lunch and then slowly stretches out. "Mhm. I didn't like it too much, but I ended up getting Stan there and I learned a lot about camping and the wilderness. I don't believe I want to do it again, they took us off somewhere and then made us find our way back. We were gone all day and I ended up getting scratched up and thirsty." A nose wrinkle and then she gives a shrug of her shoulders, "I think that each Weyr is different." She breathes out a soft sigh and smiles, "thanks for the lunch. But, if you want to take the rest of the shift, I'd be able to get it all done."

"Trust me, when you meet him, you'll wish you hadn't." Kelthero edges in one last comment before finally letting the matter and subject truly drop for good. Instead, he tilts his head a little to the side while listening to Kiley, a brow quirking up at certain points. "Who's Stan?" he asks, sounding rather amused before his mood sobers again. "So it wasn't supervised? What happens if anyone gets lost?" That seems to baffle Kelthero the most and he can only shake his head, smirking. "I guess you were lucky then to only be thirsty and just a little scratched?" He then makes a disappointed 'tsk' like sound with his tongue. "Maybe it's not such a good idea then. I'm used to having to travel through wilderness, but generally well supplied." Kelthero then lapses into silence for a moment, looking thoughtful as his glance slips down to the docks, as if they hold all the answers. Suddenly he grins, looking back up to Kiley. "How about I take the last of your shift then? You'll have to be sure someone you can trust will come take over though. I'll be needed back in the kitchens by the dinner hour."

Kiley chuckles softly, "maybe." But no more on that topic as the guard seems ready to drop it entirely. "Stan is my crawler. He's in my room. I go and feed him every day, or make sure he's found some bugs. Hardware also gets him some bugs. I trained my firelizard not to eat him." The computer crafter goes on as if this is a completely normal thing to do. "It was supervised the whole time. There were dragonriders constantly in the air checking up on us to make sure we weren't getting too badly hurt. But that doesn't mean it was entirely awful. We got lost quite often. But, I suppose it could have been much worse." There's a chuckle and the woman smiles pleasantly, "it is not the best idea, but, I suppose it helps others learn." A slight shrug of her shoulders before she's grinning brightly at the former guard. "That would be wonderful, I'll find someone to come relieve you quickly and then you can get back to the kitchen." Hopping to her feet quickly, she looks quite ready to go. "I'll have someone here soon, Kelthero." And off she goes, as quick as she can.

"You've got a crawler as a pet?" Kelthero exclaims in disbelief. But rather then be disgusted, the former guard almost seems impressed. "Well, well. Aren't you just full of surprises?" he teases lightly, giving his signature crooked grin. He's then nodding his head, crossing his arms loosely across his chest as he leans back a little more to get comfortable. "It could have. The wilds are unpredictable. But they were smart in providing aerial supervision at least." Kelthero then laughs, freeing one of his hands long enough to give Kiley a parting wave. "Anytime and glad to help! Good luck with your work!" the last is almost called out, as the other candidate is most likely already well on her way back to the Weyr by then. With a bemused sigh, Kelthero gives a slight roll of his shoulders and then settles down into the all-familiar duty of lookout.

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