Aftermath - Weyrlings

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Weyrling Barracks
Inside the wooden building fresh air circulates from the many open windows lining the two longest walls. Outside, you can see many tropical trees and shrubs. The walls and ceiling of the barracks are made of slats that have been pegged together tightly. Overhead are beams from which electric lights have been strung. The floor is of black volcanic stone, rubbed to a smoothness that will not hurt the tender claws of young dragons.
Along each of the two longer walls are cots set up next to rounded depressions in the stone. There are enough areas available for all of the young dragons and their new riders with room to spare. At the back of the barracks are trunks with oiling supplies and bins where fresh meat is delivered until the dragonets learn to hunt for themselves.

It's still raining cats and dogs outside, and doesn't seem like it will be stopping anytime soon, but R'hyn is all pep in his step as he finally sidles off the sands, eyes bright and grin brighter as he takes in the passel of new baby dragons with an excited sigh. "Hello, weyrlings," he greets, testing out their new title for size. "How're we holding up?" His smile implies he knows that question is loaded. Xermiltoth meanwhile is almost //quiet for once, holding words in check, instead beaming golden sunshine and warm music into new little minds in his own special form of hello.

Weyrlings? Oh right, that's him now. S'van glances up from where he is with Aedeluth, the concern on his face quite evident now that the limping bronze is his limping bronze. But still. There are no words from the butcher-turned-Weyrling. Processing. Still processing. « Great. Would be better if you'd feed me maybe. » Sarcasm. This one has it.

Citayla's looking a little bit like somebody brained her with a really, really big and heavy pan. Maybe that's because of Ilyscaeth, whose head is freshly bandaged? Possibly. "Ilyscaeth." The weyrling repeats, not for the first time; in fact, it's about the only thing she's said since they arrived into the barracks. « I'm REALLY HUNGRY. Isn't somebody going to feed me? Isn't that what's happening? Aedeluth, am I wrong here? » The little gold's voice booms, and actually, she's a little bit talking to everybody, swells of color and light that won't quite coalesce into true images. Hazy. "Ilyscaeth…" Cita repeats, for good measure, blinking a little dumbly. Aw. She's broken.

Baylee is a weyrling! She never would have in her wildest dreams pictured this moment. It's so out there and surreal that she wouldn't believe it if it were not for the true avouch of her own eyes, and her own mind which now has a dragon in it! It's like the touching only a billion times more. Just more! Myrakath hops at her side full of energy and vitality, « I could do with a bite to eat as well. » she says turning her whirling gaze on the place that will be home, and those she will share it with!

Sundari isn't to far from following R'hyn into the barracks, she would have been there sooner but had to wrangle yes wrangle a certain blue dragon before he attempted to startle some fresh young minds. At the moment Irkevalath is actually settled in the pouring rain acting as a buffer between it and the doorway for his rider. The WLM is curious to look over the group here and wipes a bit of water from her face in the process. "It is a lot for everyone to take in, for both sides I am rather sure." She soon speaks up and lets her arms fold losely behind her as she offers a smile. "Welcome to the start of your new lives everyone. Needless to say it will be a wild ride." A glance is sent to Cita and Ilyscaeth as she catches sight of the bandage and a soft ah escapes her. "We're take care of the being hungrey bit here right quick."

Judging by R'hyn's laughter that's just about the kind of spectrum of answer he was expecting from the newly-made dragonriders: broken muttering and silence. "It's all a bit much," he says in an understanding tone, nodding towards Sundari in agreement. "Indeed. There's meat already chopped and prepared just over there," a gesture to vats of it, "which you'll be supplied with the first few days until you can get your bearings. Then the real fun begins." That gleam in his eyes is terrible as he moves to peer at hatchlings, head tilting at Aedeluth in concern. "Still bothering you, is it? Any pain?" Xermiltoth, meanwhile, croons and lowers his nose to whuffle at Ilyscaeth and Myrakath before shifting out of their way. He's already been attemptedly-trampled once, thanks - no need for it again!

"Um," and at least S'van is sort of talking now. But there's still that 'deer-in-headlights' look about the poor lad. At the location of food, he's up and on his way before Aedeluth can prod him with his nose, helping himself to a generous portion of the already chopped meat. Halfway through scooping, he stops and just kinda… laughs. "Heh. Weird, being on this side of the slaughter." But then he's back, and Aedeluth is non-too-happy to be waiting. At R'hyn's question, there's a snort and stubborn, « No » from the dragon, but a quick and firm, "Yes," from the weyrling. "When he walks." « Traitor. »

Ilyscaeth is being still, thank you very much, and she is — « I'm so hungry. » Myrakath gets a mournful look, then Aedeluth, but Cita's still broke. There's no fixing her. "Ilysi…" A weak kind of giggle, and the weyrling's eyes snap up to the Weyrlingmaster. She blinks, once, then glances over at her peers. Then Ryn. "Fun?" Citayla repeats, a little skeptical, and she might be monosyllabic here but at least she's found another word! Mutely, the weyrling goes to grab a bucket of meat, glancing sternly over her shoulder. Ilyscaeth grumbles, mortally offended, mind exploding in images too quick to really grasp. "Ilyscaeth." Oh, good. We're back here.

Baylee is still very much in a daze. She'd gone from terror, to excitment, and full circle into dazed. It's so much to take in and there is no way to take it all in. She's barely able to process anything, lucky for her though Myrakath has got this! The little green continues to vibrate with energy, almost bouncing in place. The look from the gold causes a little bit of concern, « I don't think we need worry. We didn't just come out of those eggs for them to let us starve to death. » She hops forward from Baylee's side toward the meat, « See. They have some right here and I'm sure its for us. »

Sundari lifts a finger slightly and eyes Irkevalath as the blue is creeping in a bit more and crooning out towards the cute little hatchlings. Honestly he is as bad as the hatchling's at times. While R'hyn is working on checking on Aedeluth, Sunny's gaze settles back to Cita and she smiles with a soft chuckle is heard while she moves over to her. "Right, she's Ilyscaeth and your still Cita. I'm rather sure she wants to eat too." A wink is sent to the healer while she goes about offering a helping hand it seems with the bucket of meaty foody bits. "Just no letting her chew on me got it?" Cause that is one way to get a grumpy WLM before the day is out.

R'hyn snorts for S'van's observation, eyes glittering with mirth. "I bet. Funny how things turn out sometimes. And yes, fun," the assistant weyrlingmaster drawls, gaze switching over to Cita, though he more or less addresses them all. "Once you get your bearings, you'll be responsible for cutting it yourself. Maybe Sev'll be nice and give you some pointers." Jesting aside, there's a squint from him to the bronze and a promised, "I'll send a dragonhealer down to take a look." Xermiltoth's mind mingles in Ilyscaeth's, beaming golden warmth in like a spotlight as though looking for sense in the miasma before finally speaking to Myrakath with a quiet, amused, « The more you bounce the hungrier you'll get, little one. Mine will help yours. » Indeed, R'hyn's already moving to join Sunny in scooting one of those big buckets a little closer to Baylee.

Aedeluth is still hungry. And really has no patience for the wide-eyed idiot that he's decided to claim. Really. « Hey. In here, bozo. » and mouth is opened wide, impatiently waiting for S'van to get with the program. "That would be good-Ouch! Shit. Here," and a gob of meat goes into the waiting mouth, the weyrling glaring down at the bronze. But it's that weird kinda 'I love him but I kinda fear him' sort of look. Love. Fear. It's all the same, right? RIGHT?! Oh Faranth help him. As for Aedeluth? Pft. Ain't got no time for anything but the eating. Might as well be alone in here. « more. » Now. The now is definitely not implied. "Are they always so…" wince. "pleasant?" And even if Aede has no time for the rest of the room, Sev is glancing around to see who's in here with him. "Baylee!" as if he just saw her. "Cita!" Yeah. Definitely missed that one.

« You can't be sure, can you? Maybe it's for — » What, the other baby dragons? Ilysi's voice is loud, and only partially because she might be a little bit deaf. The imagery isn't controlled yet, flickering images and absently fantastical settings (why are there bubbly-trees??), but it's sure there. « The more you bounce, the funnier you look. » And sure, it's probably because she's shaken her brains up and there may or may not be two Xermis now, but WHO'S TO SAY, HMM? HMMMMMMM? "She does," Cita agrees placidly with Sunny, taking the bucket with a surprisingly meek kind of smile. "Thank you." Sev? He gets a wide-eyed kind of look of agreement. RIGHT. YES. "Sev!" And then again, just in case it's really any question: "Ilyscaeth." this time, at least, she's doing something, daintily offering the goldling a small chunk of meat.

There's a cant to his head, the flicker of a whirl towards the goldy over there, but that's the only indicate Aedeluth gives that he's even aware there are other dragons in the vicinity. Nay, the world. And maybe, just maybe, there is an exasperated sort of mental sigh that he just happens to let slip out of his brain and towards the others. Probably accidental. Probably.

Sundari smiles to Cita and nods to her. "You won't get to far with that small chunk of meat Cita, trust me she wants to eat so let her eat. The small pieces are ok just offer her up a bunch of 'em." She gives the other's arm a soft pat. "I'm happy for you. It'll get easier in the next few days your see." A glance iss ent over the others. "Just remember if they are hungrey then let them eat right now. We're work it out and explain things more fully soon enough." She turns to head on back to the entrance of the Barracks. "I'll leave you all in R'hyn's capable hands for the moment. I will check back in on you shortly." Get use to that she is EVER watching, and if not her then a certain blue may be around. If no one calls for her attention she will head back into the hard rain with Irk settling down just outside ever present and watching for the rest of the night.

And who is it that slips into the barracks ignoring everyone and everything? It's J'en. He heads straight to R'hyn wherever he maybe and leans over to murmur something into his ear, dark lashes low. Low until they aren't, golden eyes slamming into S'van for some reason with a look that clearly spells his immediate death. A death that comes with a casual like jerk of his thumb in the newly Impressed bronzelings direction before patting the Assistant Weyrlingmaster on the shoulder and stepping back. Back low the lashes go, chin launched upwards and hands shoved forcibly into his jacket pockets before he simply turns his attention towards the way he'd come in and lets his long legs carry him right back out again. Without a word aloud to anyone.

Catwin is all bemused and bewildered and now that Fascath has eaten he's curled around Cat's feet. Not asleep, just looking up at her. Cat herself is just sort of standing there, almost like 'what do I do now?' Then as J'en walks in and gives S'van that look, Cat looks even more bewildered and the little blue croons and nudges against her gently.

Does Sev see his doom in the form of J'en? Maybe. Though likely not. Because he is staring at Aedeluth like he might have a second head or something. At least he's figured out how to feed the beast. "Yeah, yeah, I get it, shit." And more meat disappears. That narrow-eyed look on the bronze hatchling? Totally love. Absolute adoration (not). « You're slacking. » which means FEED ME FASTER BIOTCH.

Again R'hyn laughs, but it's not cruel or demeaning, just unholy amused and happy and probably about half as many things as they are feeling, but still full of emotion nevertheless. These are his dragon's babies, after all, and these are now his weyrlings and it's all just so very much. He realizes he's been asked a question just a touch belatedly, offering S'van an eye-crinkling smile. "Probably. They might settle," he says with a pointed glance at Ilyscaeth's loud mind before shrugging, "or they might not." Because his dragon STILL yells when he's not being sensitive about baby brains. "That's the joy of it. You get to find out." Joy. Riiiiight. Still, there's a thud from over yonder as H'yu's dragon dines much less politely than everyone else's and R'hyn sighs as he sidles thataways with only the briefest pauses to EYE THE FIGURE IN THE DOORWAY. There's a brief stiffening of surprise when the bronzerider gets up in his personal space, but Ryn listens as he always does, and then he blinks. One beat. Two. And then he too is fixing S'van with a look, jaw cocking to one side sassily. He likewise refrains from words - NOT TODAY - but two fingers point from his eyes to Sev's before he turns away, sidling to offer Cita a brief one-armed hug and an ear-whispered congratulations for his bestie before jogging to corral Katsuoth.

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