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Half Moon Bay Weyr - Weyrling Training Field

Near the tall black eastern wall of the crater is a cleared field. The earth there has been churned many times over by the landings and take offs of young dragons and only a few patches of grass cling to life in this active area. Wooden props and markers used to assist the weyrlings as they learn the precise maneuvers required for the rescue and protection work that the weyr is famous for, litter the training field. Close to the rimwall, in the east where the sun is usually shaded is a large wooden slat barracks for the weyrlings to live in. Tropical trees and shrubs have been allowed to grow here, perfuming the air with a floral scent.

The rain has moved on, though the heavy cloud cover remains. It's evening now, probably past dinner time. Someone (probably) brought the Weyrlings dinner, so S'van doesn't appear to be starving. Even if he DOES look completely and thoroughly exhausted. He's retreated to the great outdoors, and Aedeluth apparently made it there, too, if only to just outside the barracks before curling up in the mud (joy) to sleep. Sev is leaning against the stone wall near the Beast. Looking tired, but relieved.

Riohra is probably the last person S'van or any of the weyrlings expected to see. But here he is and he is carrying luggage? no foot lockers…Seems he was the one tasked with moving the weyrlings things from the candidate barracks to the weyrling barracks. He grins and will nod to the tall weyrling saying "evening Bronze rider"

Fascath is out of the barracks and moving. He's had his meal, he's had his nap. And now. He's awake. For a newly hatched dragon, he's moving with grace. There's strength in his steps and and easy agility. Course, it may help that he's not bounding along, but instead taking his time, for his Catwin certainly doesn't have the sme length of stride as he does. Each patch of grass must be examined though. And there's some interesting wooden props and all that he is curious about. Catwin follows along, quietly for the moment, but there is a smile on her face as she watches Fascath examine his new world. Though soon, the blue turns around and there's his clutch brother. Asleep in the mud? What oddity is this?

Food and then sleep, but now it is time for awake. At least for a little while and then it will be time for sleep again. Myrakath is out and about on the field nosing about, enjoying the real world, no longer confined to that shell. Baylee is there too with a tired look on her face and a yawn on her lips, but she's hanging in there admirably. Though eventually all good things must come to an end and she'll retire to the barracks with her new lifemate.

Maybe it would be an odd sight, if S'van thought about it longer than thirty-seconds. But he doesn't. And seeing Rio everyday for months means that seeing him down isn't so odd. At least, until he addresses him in that manner. Then there's a taken-aback look, a vacant kind of stare, and a quick flick of grey eyes to Aedeluth. Oh yeah. Him. A scowl, a tender look. Somehow mixed together. "Please don't call me that." Not now. Not ever, maybe. "And thanks," because he's assuming one of those is his. Aedeluth is… napping. Certainly he is napping. He is almost definitely NOT pretending to nap. The appearance of Cat and Fascath, and then Baylee with Myrakath are noted, eyes tracking their progress with idle curiosity.

Riohra will grin and shake his head "It is what you are my friend. And here is your foot locker, you were the last one I had to bring over." Yup he has been moving them the whole time they were off learning there first day. He will set it down in a dryer patch, and nod to Catwin and Baylee "evening Weyrlings".

Catwin blinks blankly as she looks at Rio. Okay, so she's not quite yet focused in on reality yet. She's still getting used to this whole new experiance of visuals and a voice and such. Fascath is cocking his head a little as he eyes the bronze and then suddenly his head is whipping around as his attention goes back to Catwin. This could be because she's looking a little nervous or something "Evening, Rio."

[Dragon/HMW: Half Moon Bay Weyr - Weyrling Training Field] Fascath sends forth a curious mixture of peat and heather and a sweet fruity touch of wine all mixed in with a soft mist that rolls across green hills. « Tis that really most comfortable? » A cool touch of brandy enters into his voice as the new comer comes « Who be he? »

It seems that sleep will come sooner rather than later. Myrakath and Baylee do a u-turn to head back to the barracks. Getting born is sleepy work after all!

[DTU/Project] Fascath senses that Aedeluth is all hums and drones, the slide of green ones and zeroes on a field of black. Lazily. Collecting data. Compiling. Analyzing. And then a heave of a mental sigh for his clutch brother. A testing of the question. Comfortable? What is comfortable? It is not uncomfortable. It is. Simply that. As for strangers? Aedeluth has no recollection of there being a stranger. There is no one. Must be imagining it.

"Yeah, but you don't have to call me that." 'That' being distasteful, right now at least. "You can just call me Sev. Or if you must, 'weyrling'." But not bronzerider. Please no. S'van shifts, just a little, crossing arms over his chest. There's a stiffening of his shoulders, the cast of grey eyes upon false-sleeping bronze dragonets, and then a glance to Catwin and Fascath. "You didn't have to do that," for Rio. For the footlocker. But maybe he did? Sev doesn't know. "Hey Cat," and he casts her a bit of a smile.

Riohra grins and waves it off "I was happy to do it, I volunteered." He will smile at Catwin and her little blue and nod rubbing his shoulder. He is dressed in his hunting leathers again, knot back to being of Fort Weyr. "I figured you guys were busy, seemed like a good gesture."

"Hi Sev, I mean S'van." There's a little but of a wry smile at that and then she's looking at Rio "Thank you." Cat murmurs "I had forgotten about them." She admits. After one last look at Aedeluth, Fascath moves to Catwin, nudging her gently. "It's okay Fascath, this is Rio." A pause. "A friend." The last is said just a little hesitantly. She knows she hasn't been the nicest to him, so who knows if that still holds. So what if he's smiling. He's like a dolphin. Always smiling. The blue gazes over Rio for a few moments and then his nudging Cat again, and then wrapping around her a little. "Really, it's okay." she murmurs to her blue.

"Sev is fine," and if he's bristling at that wry smile, he does his best to hide it with a roll of his shoulders and a hand through his hair. "Busy… yeah. I suppose so," and another glance for the bronze mudball, though said mudball does nothing to indicate he has any of his attention on their conversation whatsoever. "I kinda forgot, too," he admits. "But I doubt I could get all the way back to the candidate barracks to retrieve it." Not in one go. Not with a baby dragon more willing to lay in the mud than do something productive. Like meet people. Fascath is eyed curiously by the weyrling lad, and then a flicker of a glance towards Cat. There's a study happening here, but S'van's expression is unreadable.

Riohra laughs merrily and nods at Catwin "Always your friend, Catwin. And yours to there Sev" he will nod at the tall Weyrling and still smiling, because as Catwin says that is what he does. There is a bit of sadness in his eyes as he gazes upon the dragons but his eyes don't linger there to long. "I bet I have been in and out of here for the past hour or so dropping them off and you all weren't even able to notice. Like having a new baby I am told"

Fascath finally settles down, curled around Catwin, his head on her feet. Catwin is gently running a hand along the warm hide. There's silence from her for quite some time and then she blinks a little and gives herself a shake. "Oh, umm. Yes. That is what they say." she murmurs. "Thank you." she says. Oh wait, she already said that, didn't she? She can't remember. So much going on. Still, she said it now, she's sure. "I'm sorry. For not noticing." she adds "I didn't mean to ignore you."

"Worse," says S'van, even if he's never had to deal with a newborn human baby. "These ones talk back to you right from the get go. And threaten to take off your fingers if you don't hurry the fuck up." Maybe that's just Aedeluth though? "But I'm sorry I didn't notice," he says honestly. "It is appreciated. I'm sure the rest of them," weyrlings, "will appreciate it, too." Pause. "How're you doing? How is Kass doing?" and there is concern there, for both of his friends who left the sands without a partner. The hand that ran through his hair is now rubbing at his temple, an almost pained look on his face as he scrunches up his nose.

Riohra still smiles and waves away the apologies "A good hunter knows how to move with out being seen. And we are holding up well, she is resting for the night and then we will be heading back." He cants his head to one side watching the pair as they are adjusting to there new lifemates "How are you two holding up? your world is evolving faster than mine".

Catwin is more being held up than holding up, but same thing, right? "Good." She notes simply. She still seems to be just a bit bewildered by the whole thing, and not sure what to think. Really. "It's different." Heck, even feeding the raw meat directly from the buckets didn't seem to register. It was feed, wait, feed, wait etc. Then sleep. However, now that she's a little calmer, so is Fascath. The little blue gives Riohra another curious glance and then his attention has been caught by the trees and shrubs and he is exploring the ones that are close to his Cat, for he doesn't stray far. Always stopping to check on her and then it's back to his curious examination. "What about Tea? Have you seen him?" she asks as S'vans question gets her thinking that maybe she too should show some concern.

How is S'van holding up? He doesn't seem to have an answer for that yet. Lips pressed into a thin line, face still a little scrunched with some sort of mental pain (headache, maybe), one hand idly rubbing at his temple. But he is listening, and he cracks a small smile when Rio explains that he and Kass will be leaving. "Leaving Half Moon Bay so soon?" but he doesn't push the subject beyond that. Catwin has his attention as she speaks, and the little glances he casts towards blue Fascath can only be considered curious. Thoughtful. A glance between the two. "Different," he echoes, more repeating her word than agreeing with it. Testing it. And then a nod. "Different." So very, very different. "It's way more than a voice in your head. It's a whole…" but he doesn't have the word to describe it, and before he can offer one, there's a quick twist of his head a small huff "I was gonna say 'presence' but whatever," towards the bronze.

Riohra nods and will explain "Yup, Kassala has her studies to get back to. And I have my job, you know me never leave anything half finished". As the two explain how things are going for them he gives them a kind and a little envious smile "sounds like an adventure" he will turn and give Catwin a merry laugh "You know him, he looked abit sad but once he remembered he could have a drink and see that boy he has been sneaking around with he perked right up"

Catwin doesn't even frown at the mention of drink. Give her time for that to sink in. Like tomorrow, maybe. "Well, that's good. He did seem to be happy with that boy." she notes. There's a glance at Sev and she nods "Presence doesn't really do it justice. It's as if a veil has been removed that I had not known was there." she gives a thoughtful frown. "There's a vibrancy and a.." she frowns a little deeper. "It's as if suddenly I'm awake and alive."

"Boy?" questions S'van about Tea. Clearly, someone was paying too much attention to his own love-life to bother with anyone else's. But it's idle curiosity; a polite question that he does not intend to probe any deeper. Let Tea have his boy, and his food. And his drink. Even if Sev looks like he could use one, right about now. A drink, that is. "A veil," and Sev tests that out as well, rolling it around the brain he now shares with a bronze mudball. "I didn't feel that," he admits, curiosity getting the better of him as he absorbs what Catwin experienced it and contrasts it with himself. "It was more like… I was me. And then I wasn't anymore. I was there, on the sands… and then there was him, soaking into every part of me. Taking over." Hostile takeover, maybe. And only now does the bronze move, and just the tip of his tail. A little twitch. A little opening of his eyes to whirl blue-green towards the trio of humans and his blue clutchsib. Only now does he acknowledge the 'stranger' without a dragon, a little feeler of electricity zipping through to touch him. Probe. Question. And then retreat; dismissing him as irrelevant. "Yeah," but that comment from Sev is clearly meant for The Beast and not his human friends. "Didn't Kass come from Ierne?"

Riohra nods at the question "yup, she is going to school for dragonhealing. But I guess she is asking for a transfer to Fort, not that I am complaining. Means less travel time for me" always mr bright side. The bronze dragon gets a raised eyebrow but that is all, irrelevant seems the be the common occurrence with dragons and the tall hunter.

Catwin blinks a little at S'van. "Taking over? Fascath isn't anything like that. He's simply there." a tiny little smile softens her face. "Always there." There's an odd look to her face, even as Fascath comes back over to her to simply lean his head against her. A look of wonder "He loves me." she murmurs. It's such an odd concept for her to grasp in some ways. "There's no pressure, it just is." She nods a little as Rio talks, her hand resting on the blue. "She should get some good experience there."

"Are you guys still…" but S'van lets the question fade off, because if Kass is moving, then the answer is likely 'yes'. "Don't take it personally," he says for Aedeluth's behavior. "He's like that with most things. Almost everything, actually," except maybe Sev himself. Catwin, studied again, gets a bit of a "huh" in response. "Yeah. I… hm." Words escape him, at least for the moment. "I'm glad," he finally says at last, genuinely pleased for Catwin. As for him and Aede? "He's… forceful." Love? Probably there somewhere. "Overwhelming. I feel totally outmatched." Like trying to fight with a brick wall.

Riohra has no frame of reference for the conversations current path. But he will listen might as well learn something before he goes. Rio will grin at the bronze rider "oh no nothing personal at all, is his leg any better?" he looks back over to Catwin as she talks about love and nods giving her a small smile before turning back to Sev.

Catwin looks startled "Oh, that's right. How his his leg doing?" she asks as she looks more than throughly embarrased to not have inquired about that already. She really is a terrible maybe friend or clutchmate are whatever it is. She looks over at the bronze "Forceful?" she muses. "Seems to like napping as much as you." she finally surmizes.

S'van may just have some misgivings about discussing all of this dragon-stuff with and in front of Rio. At least, he looks a touch guilty for bringing it up in front of his friend, and once-candidate. Only a few hours ago, they stood on equal ground. Now there is a rift between them, even if they're trying to mend it and work around it. It's still there. Settled into every part of Sev's being. He is not the same person who left the barracks with Rio as the dragons hummed. But he tries. "Good. Cause he's an ass." Aedeluth. Though it's said with the utmost affection. "Oh. Well, not quite sure. I think they are going to have a dragonhealer take a look tomorrow. "He's not in any immediate danger; there's no wound. So they felt it best to let him rest tonight." And probably to let Sev rest, too. Catwin is given a smile, and a shake of his head. "Don't," because maybe he heard some of that embarrassment in her voice, or read it in her face. Or maybe he's making a wild leap in logic. "You've got a dragon of your own. I don't expect you to pay attention to mine." Faranth knows, he hasn't been paying attention to anyone else's new beasty.

Riohra can see the conflict on the tall mans face, he knows there is a gap now. Some deep chasm that the others can cross but he walks it anyway he walks right up to S'van and gives the taller man a hug. A joint popping, rib crushing hug he may be taller but Rio is by far no slouch in the strength department "I am happy for you, my friend." he says and then sets the other man back down grinning. He will turn to Catwin and say "I would give you one too but I know how you feel about it. But I am happy for you too my friend you guys made it fun and seeing you two with your new partners eases the sting away. Because I know they got the best of the group with you both."

Catwin eyes widen just a fraction as Rio turns to her after that crushing hug he gave Sev. Then she relaxes a little as he doesn't venture the ssame treatment onto her. She does shake her head a little "That is unfair to the others. Baylee, Cita." She trails off a little, she at least doesn't see herself better than the others. She glances a little at S'van. Then she gives a little nod in acknowledgement. She opens her mouth to say something and then she just nods again and closes it. Fascath for his part is starting to look sleepy again, as is Catwin and she sighs a little "Should probably turn in. No telling when they'll get us up." They being dragons or trainers.

Maybe a hug is exactly what S'van needed. He certainly doesn't look distressed or upset by it, even if Aedeluth is picking his head up and focusing decidedly not sleepy eyes on Rio now. "Thanks," and there's a return hug, of the bro-hug style to his friend. A clap on the shoulder, and then a step back and awkward sort of throat clearing. Emotional? Him? Certainly not! *cough*. As for what Rio says? S'van seems to interpret it differently, and just grins, "I dunno. We're a great group," to include those that Catwin mentions, "But it would've been nice to see you, and Kass, and Krenn, and Tea in there with us." Next time, maybe. Next time. He inclines his head towards Catwin, eyes focusing on her, and then Aedeluth, as he processes what she says. "True," for turning in. "And I'm going to imagine that it'll probably be very early," for when the dragons or weyrlingmasters will have them up. But still, he is loath to return to the barracks, perhaps for more reasons than one.

Riohra grins and turns to walk away saying with a wave "Clear sky's, Dragonriders. If you ever get up to Fort look me up I will by the first round" He walks with his head high, and whistles that silly little drinking song about a wherry.. He strides into the bowl heading not for the bar or the barracks but a Brown dragon in the middle of the bowl. He climbs on and gives a final look around before the dragon lifts off taking the hunter to parts unknown.

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