And Then There Were Five....

Western Weyr - Living Caverns
Here is the center of Weyr life, the living caverns. These two main rooms were man-shaped from smaller caves, and are joined by a carved arch with depictions of dragons in flight and dolphins leaping in swirling waves. One room has many round stone and wooden tables and a stone fire-pit instead of a hearth. Over the round-walled, gas fired pit is a large conical hood made of polished bronze, with reliefs of dragons with their riders flying over ships guided by dolphins. This hood and chimney keeps the room smoke-free. Through the archway is an enormous hall, with long tables and benches, some carved from the rock floor, many crafted of wood. This room is a combination dining and meeting hall, and can seat over 300 comfortably. Above both rooms, angled shafts lined with polished metal bring in sunlight during the day. Electric lights also burn, day and night.

Divine curls her tail about Turquoise possessively, eyeing the females in Jessamin's faire.

T'burk reaches over to smile down at the big bronze firelizard and give him scritches. "Out making friends, eh Flaim?"

Sekhmet ignores the possessive green, instead preening for Flaim. Let others set their sights on mere blues!

Mynna peers at Vaine as he disappears, shrugging her shoulders. "What a weird boy… I mean, he's nice enough, but…" She frowns a little, thinking how just to put her thoughts, but ends up just shrugging without articulating anything in particular. Beauty, perched upon Mynna's shoulder, lets out a friendly little croon to the other lizards, peering at them curiously.

Kyldar comes back up, now wearing her Candidate knot, and helps herself to some juiceand then gravitates toward the knot of people gathered here.

T'burk reaches out to draw Kyldar to his side. "Well, well! Look who has a Candidate knot!" He hugs Kyldar and kisses her forehead. "Everybody, please met my Granddaughter, Kyldar! Kyldar, this is Jessamine, Mynna and Vora! They are your fellow, and I use that term loosely here, Candidates!"

Jessamin raises her mug of klah to the newcomer, grinning from ear to ear. "Well met, Kyldar! Did you get settled in alright?"

Kyldar smiles and and hugs T'burk. "Granddad, hi! Yup, 'sme. They pulled me out of Ista to take me here." She bobs her head at Jessamin and returns the gesture with her juice glass. "Yeah, so far, so good. Thanks."

Kyldar looks around at the others as they are introduced. "Good to make your acquaintaces," she adds.

Jessamin arcs an eyebrow and grins. "Ista, huh? Born and raised there. How have things been going? I was Searched out of there for Xanadu about a Turn ago and haven't been back since." She takes a healthy swallow of her klah, smiling in satisfaction. "This is home now, though." She pauses, her expression turning a touch more thoughtful, as she looks down into her mug. When she raises her eyes again, they look towards T'burk. "You know… now that there are more of us Candidates, I was thinking we could all do something to help Xanadu out a little bit. The storms hit them pretty hard, and I know for a fact that's got to have done some serious damage to their crops. Fresh fruit would be awfully welcome in the Living Caverns there right about now." She pauses, taking a breath and smiling. "Maybe us Candidates could go out with a rider escort and see what's about on the island that we could send over."

Mynna grins ear to ear when the new candidate is introduced, giving her an enthusiastic wave. "It's very nice to meet you, Kyldar! Welcome to candidacy." She lowers her voice to a mock-conspiratorial tone. "Now you just have to watch out for the riders!" She looks over at Jessamin, thinking curiously at her suggestion. "Help Xanadu with fresh fruit? Hmmm… well, there is plenty of that around. Why not? It'd be nice to do a good deed!"

Kyldar takes a long swig her her juice, as if for restoration. "Mm," she says to Jessamin. "I'm a craftbrat, myself, raised at Harper Hall almost from the off, and yes, a harper myself. I was visiting at Ista, originally there for a vacation, but stayed to help with the relief effort after the earthquake hit. The place is pretty much restored now, buuuuut they're having some problems with renegades lately." To Mynna she says, "Thanks. I expect this to be an adventure unto itself."

Vora allows her eyes to fairly light up at the sight of the newest candidate, and she stands from her position on the floor to meet the girl. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Kyldar. Welcome to Western's Candidate ranks. May you have good times and all the nastier chores," she adds the last with a chuckle, not quite sincerely hoping the girl would take all the disgusting chores - tunnel snake duty - off of her hands. Mynna can do that. She snickers at her thoughs, then turns to T'burk. "Grand-dad? Naw, you can't be old enough to be a grandfather." She winks at him and nudge-nudges. Turning to Jessa, she contemplates the suggestion, tapping her cheek in that habit she has, then exclaims, "That's a fantastic idea! There must be more than-" she makes an icky face, "-exterminating tunnel snakes that we can do to help the Weyr. Way to take initiative!"

Jessamin leans over to whisper to Vora briefly.

T'burk makes a slight huffing sound as he hears 'that word' again. "I was just over there earlier today, talking to Chaton about it. I saw Kadan in the Center Bowl for a bit but didn't see you. I'm glad you're here with me now, Kyldar, but I worry for Kadan," he says in a softer voice to Kyldar. But he raises his voice so the others can here his agreement with their thougths. "I think that is a excellent idea! Our crops have been a little slim because of the draought, but still we've enough for export."

Jessamin smiles, and nods to T'burk. "Might not necessarily have to take from the crops outright, if there's enough good fruit growing wild." With that, she sits back, and sips her klah. "Bet you know all the best places to look, too."

Mynna thinks on the idea for a moment. "Maybe there are some other places we could gather provisions from. Like outlying holds, or even the wilderness. There must be plenty of food out there that we could bring…" She beams at Jessamin. "You're awfully smart, and kind. You'll make a great rider, just you wait and see." She says with a grin before looking over at Kyldar again, regarding the new candidate curiously. "It sure will be. Just watch out for these two. They're real troublemakers! Bad influences." She points to Vora and Jessamin, restraining some laughter. She then grins at Vora again. "Oh, we really do need to catch up."

Kyldar smiles at Vora. "Yeah, T'burk is my granddad." The smile expands a little. "He's a spry one, isn't he?" Then: "As for the tunnelsnakes, um, well it seems that I've drawn vermin duty for now, so I guess you can both take a break from that." She pauses to take a swig of her juice and says finally to T'burk: "Kadan is safe for now. Last I saw him he was in the living cavern with Chaton and Shorynia, though, yeah, I do hope they get the situation under wraps soon."

T'burk chuckles at his Granddaughter. He nods to her. His smile flags a little at one point but whatever bothers him he tucks away. Too many things to worry abuot now. Time to be joyous! "I could organize a hungting party with some of the men and we could maybe bag a few of the wild porcine to ship them. They could make a feast out of those for a night or two."

Jessamin turns bright red at Mynna's comments, both at her supposed bad influence, and at her chances of becoming a rider. "Well, that's up to the dragons, isn't it? Here's hoping that the third time's the charm!" She laughs softly, shaking her head. "Too, if us ladies wanted to, we could go through my fabric stash and make some quick blankets to send on over as well. It might not be much, but it'll bring a few smiles. Willing to bet tempers are pretty short."

Vora gives a slightly worried look at T'burk, but shrugs it off with the thought that he can obviously handle whatever's bothering him. She hugs her two dearest friends, saying to them, "I can't wait to hear about your adventures, but I must go. The day calls!" When she turns to Kyldar, it's with a sincere and glad grin, "And good luck to you with your vermin. Congratulations on your Search." She waves to the whole of the group and turns away toward the open sun and air. Her faire flocks to her, all but Divine, who lingers with the object of her affections.

Mynna grins and waves to the departing Vora. "Meet me in the place later! You know where I mean!" She calls out before grinning back at Jessamin and the brand new candidate, along with the rider. "A hunting party, huh? I've never gone hunting before… could be interesting. But isn't it, a little, y'know, inhumane?"

Jessamin whispers briefly to Kyldar.

Kyldar says to Jessamin, "Well, at least let me try my hand at it. I need to get into the swing of these Candidate chores, y'know." To Mynna, "Thanks. I hope this turns out well for me. Ridership seems to be a tradition of the family, or something."

S'chez turns in his chair to watch the Weyrleader come in. He offers a smile and a bit of a salute in way of greeting.

It's early afternoon, and a busy day in the Living Caverns. Three of those present wear white knots, while two ridersLy'am and T'burkseem to be keeping an eye on things. There are a few flits about, chittering amongst themselves and being an overall friendly bunch. Mynna looks a little bit perplexed at something someone has just said, as does Jessamin. "Never mind inhumane… meat has to come from somewhere. But ummm… hunting sounds a little dangerous for Candidates. What about fishing, though? And, of course, gathering wild fruit to send."

"Fishing could be good…" The suggestion seems to make something dawn on Mynna, though. "Speaking of fish… shards. I'm probably already late helping prepare dinner. Stupid chores… they're the worst part of candidacy." She sighs and gets to her feet, smiling at the others. "Nice meeting you, Kyldar. And nice seeing the rest of you. I'm off to more drudgery." She salutes the riders, then shuffles off to the kitchen.

A'ven has been sitting at a table for a while now, smiling as he works on some paperwork. How joyous to go unnoticed for this long. He blends in with the comings and goings of the busy cavern, and nobody is bothering him for this.. or that report. It's a chance to listen, to enjoy the thrum and bustle of the place he calls home, without so many distractions.

Kyldar takes a swig of her juice and sets the glass down. "Well, I could probably gather wild fruit if anything. That's if I have time after taking care of tunnelsnake duty first. Shards, I haven't been this far from home sinceum, sincewell, I don't think I've ever, so I wouldn't know the wild fruits of the area."

T'burk says "Well, weren't you and Kadan talking about coming here anyway?"

Jessamin grins, seeing the idea really starting to take off. She takes a good, healthy swig of her klah, setting the mug down on the table. "Ha, never let it be said Candidates can't pitch in when another Weyr is in need! There's plenty we can do!" Eyes a-twinkle with delight at the prospect of a fresh challenge, she looks over to T'burk. "Question is now, who should approach the Weyrleader about this? It's only right, especially if it involves helping out another Weyr."

T'burk thrusts a thumb over his shoulder in the direction of the young WeyrLeader. "Go to it! He don't bite."

Jessamin 's eyebrows go up, and she bursts out giggling. "Shards, don't tell me he's been there this whole time?" Sure enough, when she turns about… "Oh… there you are!" Having learned her lesson the hard way, she offers a salute, and smiles. "How much of all that did you hear, sir?"

Kyldar says to T'burk, "Well, we were considering it for our next vacation, yes. It was bound to be quieter than the chaos currently at Ista." To Jessamin: "Shards, I've been spending almost the last couple months helping Ista. I can do a thing or three for another Weyr."

T'burk says "Wait…I got an idea…We'd sent a lot of supplies to Ista when they had that bad earthquate. Kyldar, did they so with all those supplies? Did they use everything?"

A'ven chuckles to himself, "I don't bite.", he announces, somewhat surprisingly because it destroys his hard won anonymity. It's also surprising to a few of the people around him, who hadn't noticed him until he spoke. "What's this about another Weyr in trouble?", he asks in his direct way. "… and the Candidates of Western Weyr are bound and determined to save them single-handedly?" He takes sip of his own drink and raises his eyebrows, "I gotta hear this."

Kyldar says to T'burk, "I don't know. I don't think so. We brought blankets and tents and such, and lots and lots of food. I'll have to see if anyone knows, actually." To A'ven, "Um, hi," she says shyly.

Jessamin raises an eyebrow, twin roses blooming in a charming coral hue upon her cheeks as she faces A'ven. "Then you didn't hear about the storms that hit Xanadu, did you?" She shakes her head, looking somewhat dismayed. "They got hit pretty hard is the last I heard from G'len. Bad enough to wipe out a good bit of their crops. Now, I know Candidates can't be involved with the real dangerous stuff, but what's to say we couldn't take some time to gather fruit around the island, if we had an escort? Or even fish or… well, T'burk suggested a hunting party, but I'm not sure if he meant other riders, or us." She offers a smile, brushing her hair back from her face. "Nobody's saying we're trying to save them singlehandedly, sir. But surely we can manage a few small things to pitch in?"

T'burk calls out from where he's sitting, "They did get beat pretty hard, sir. I was over there with another Healer, Chaton, and we stayed to do as much healing as we could. Storm came up right quick, it did, with water spots, trees being uprooted. Right nasty weather."

A'ven turns first to Kyldar, "No, we haven't met, it's very nice to meet you. I'm A'ven.", he says as his smile broadens and he remarks to T'burk, "I should have you two were related." Then, twisting in his chair he gives a bit of a wink to Jessamin, "Who says you can't do the dangerous stuff? Maybe you're the best group for it…", he says, "I heard about the storm… bad… I think you're going to need a big basket… lots… of big baskets, if you really want to make a dent." He holds up a hand, "Not, that I'm trying to discourage you… no indeed…"

Kyldar inclines her head toward A'ven. "Well met, good to make your acquaintance, and all that. Yes, I'm here as the latest Candidate. I was brought in just today by Ae'gus and that big, big bronzeum, whatshisnameHalinith. I was visiting at Ista, which is having problems with renegade incursions—just when it was recovering from an earthquake, so helping Weyrs in need seems to be the thing for me to do of late, y'know."

Jessamin shakes her head, grinning lopsidedly at A'ven. "If I was someone to be easily discouraged, do you think I'd be Standing for the third time? You're right, it'd take a lot of big baskets. And likely a good few days or more to gather enough to send a significant amount. Plus, there's just five of us." Her voice lowers some. "But it can sometimes take only a few to make a difference. And anybody who wanted to help would definitely be welcome."

Kyldar finishes her juice and sets the glass down. "Anyway," she says to all. "I hate to be so short but I guess I should get a headstart on the chores. Thanks, everyone, for the welcomes and all that."

A'ven stands, moving a little closer to the other table, "No, I don't suppose any of you are the sort to give up… and yes, I think it's a good idea, and Yes…. I think you can get more than just the Candidates to help you if you talk to the right people.." He continues jovially, "… and yes, I guess I'm one of those people. Do what you can, by yourselves, and when you're ready come talk to me. I'll fill in the gaps."

T'burk gets up and waves rather than salutes to A'ven. "Well, I was up early. Need to get my beauty rest…so I can get beautiful wrinkles. Not the ugly kind. Pleasant dreams!" He goes out whistling a jaunty sea chantie.

Ly'am slipped away during the massive lunch time gathering to go check on the eggs. He returns without his green, the proddy creature probably having found a gaggle to flirt with. When he returns he picks up a plate to grab what remnents are leftover to make himself a lunch out of and settles back down to a table. "Hey there A'ven…and Jessamin?" He asks of the candidate checking to see if he got her name right. "Odryth needed me to check out an egg…he thought it looked funny." He rolls his eyes at that before settling in to eat.

Jessamin nods to A'ven, snapping a jaunty salute. "You've got it. It'll take a few days, and we may need to borrow a little space in cold storage, if that's alright?" Her smile is brighter than it has been in some time, and she seems to stand a little bit taller as if to meet the challenge ahead. When she hears her name, she turns about, smiling at Ly'am as he enters. "That's right, sir. Jessamin." A touch of her smile fades, to be replaced with an expression of concern. "Looked funny? How? Is the egg alright?"

A'ven's attention is drawn away momentarily by Ly'am's statement, "No… can't be. Well, I mean I suppose it could be but I've seen all the eggs too, they looked fine to me…", he says, wanting to hear more. He goes on to share a nod with Jessamin, 'Of course, whatever you need for the project just let me know. We have plenty of things, and they're suffering — so how can we not help? It's part of what makes Western… Western." He blushes a little, "Besides myself and Rea of course.. and the others.. oh, and my assistant." "Naturally they all help, in their own way, yes."

Ly'am leans in to A'ven with a grin, "This clutchfather thing is great, they are all saluting me and calling me sir and most of them are older than me!" He says in a stagewhisper and a wink before leaning back casually into his chair trying to look all older and manly. "Ah yeah, ain't nothing wrong…just was tilted at a different angle and the light struck it funny. Got him to straighten it up again and all was right again." He tilts his head as he gets tidbits of conversation, "Suffering?"

Jessamin nods, her smile almost gone now and her expression decidedly more grave. "Yes. Suffering. Xanadu got hit by some really bad storms, and the last I'd heard, a lot of their crops were wiped out." She takes a deep breath, perhaps only just now struck by the enormity of what the tiny group of Candidates is about to take on. "We're not many, but I think the Candidates can help, at least a little bit. When I was taken out flying, before being Searched, I saw a lot of good fruit growing wild. It'd take a few days… probably really long days… and a lot of very large baskets, but I know edibles would most likely be welcomed there right about now." Now she does smile some, eyeing the serving table. "Especially as good as the fruit grows around here. It'd be a treat most times, but very much needed right now. Then there's fishing, too, and if it's not too terribly dangerous, perhaps a bit of hunting."

A'ven says to Ly'am, "Yes indeed, being a clutchfather makes certain introductions go much more smoothly." He grins, "You know how old I was when I became Weyrleader… oh, I remember how scared I was." he shakes his head, "Anyway yes, Western's Candidates are going to make their mark on the storm, in a good way I hope… it's the right thing to do, why not them?" "I think it's wonderful, really."

Ly'am nods more somberly at the mention of the storm, "Ah yes, my cousin sent me a bit about it. Right mess the weyr is at the moment. I am sure they will appreciate any help people are willing to provide. It is far enough from the hatching that the candidates might be spared but I suppose up to you Boss." He tilts his head over to look to A'ven again a grin on his lips , "Well Ody nearly caught Orla's gold fresh out of graduation, I about browned my britches over that one. That is one knot I hope Ody don't fly for for quite some time." He says before looking back to Jessamin, "So what you think of them eggs?"

Jessamin blinks, looking a little bit surprised at the question. She turns an interesting shade of crimson, grinning sheepishly. "Guess I'm busted. Okay, so I snuck into the viewing gallery a few times with my sewing." She cants her head thoughtfully, as she finally sits back down, her crimson and ruby skirt rustling softly as she settles into her seat. "I guess my first thought was that I wish I had fabrics that beautiful, because those eggs would make a gorgeous tapestry or a quilt. Especially that brown one that looks like it's wearing a pearl necklace." She looks up quickly, a touch of concern returning to her eyes. "That wasn't the egg that looked funny, was it?"

A'ven laughs a little bit, "You're allowed to look at the eggs.", he says firmly. "There's no shame in that. Just be sure you don't disturb the queen." He smiles, "In fact, very shortly we're going to have to go down to the sands and get you better acquainted… so, maybe you'll get a bit of inspiration from that." He nods, "Do you remember all the eggs from Odryth's hatching? My memory of Glyith's big day is starting to fade, but I did write a lot of things down in my journal at the time, so it's not so bad. Try not to forget those times… they're so important."

Ly'am grins at Jessamin's reaction to his question. "Oh come now, Odryth loves to show them off. He was about ready to round you lot up today himself but the queen wasn't ready." The young rider picks up bits of his meatroll as she continues to speak on them, "It is a rather lovely lot if I must say so myself, but then again I am a little biased when it comes to them." He cants his head as she describes one, "The one with those milky blobs on top? I suppose yeah pearls is an apt description…yeah, but don't ya worry weren't nothing wrong with it but a trick of light." He nods to A'ven, "Well I weyrmated one of them and good friends with a couple others. I reckon the rest moved down Xanadu way though a couple actually stayed up at Reaches." He wrinkles his nose at that as he reaches for his Klah.

Jessamin breathes a sigh of relief and smiles. "Oh good. Glad it's alright, then." She picks up her mug of klah and goes to take a sip; she wrinkles her nose as she finds the spicy-sweet stuff has gone cold. "Bah… either of you need more? Just as easy to get three mugs as one." With a swish of shimmering crimson and ruby, she gets up and makes her way over to the serving table. "No way would I disturb the queen. That's insane. Oh… the egg touchings are that close at hand?" Her mug seems forgotten on the serving table, that smile returning. "It's impossible to forget those times. And there was one egg in Avaeth's clutch that really spoke to me. Not sure if that one hatched Faraeth or Mikalath." She shakes her head, falling silent and simply listening for a few moments.

A'ven stands, "No, I'm afraid I have to go. Glyith says that we have an important visitor arriving in just moments." "Sometimes, instant transport is quite inconvenient when you're receiving guests. I can't afford to look unprepared.", he smiles. "At least, not to the outside world." Indeed, here in his own Living Cavern, A'ven seems very much a simple, direct, and gentle soul, but as he prepares for his visitor, perhaps even someone he finds personally distasteful, you see his face change as he tucks away certain guarded portions of himself. "I'll try and find you later… and yes, it won't be long before you have the best possible seats… for the Hatching." He smiles and moves toward the door.

Ly'am waves to the Weyrleader as he makes to depart, "Have fun." He calls out with a smirk, before leaning over to Jessamin, "And that is why I rather not win a senior flight…my weyrmate keeps me hopping enough without half of pern begging my attention as well." He settles casually back into his seat again and nods to Jessamin, "Yep, any day so, they are hardening up nicely." He grins as she reminisces, "Well with any luck…out there, I couldn't tell you who hatched from what once Odryth impressed. Noone else mattered."

Jessamin returns to her seat with a fresh mug of klah, and waves to the departing A'ven. "Alright, just don't be surprised if you have to scour the island looking for me. It's going to be a very busy next few days for us Candidates. And I don't think anybody will mind missing out on tunnelsnake duty one bit!" She laughs, shaking her head lightly before turning back to Ly'am. "Impression's that intense, huh? I've heard stories from different riders about their experiences on the sands. Some say it's the one moment of peace you'll ever have in your life, and others say it's finding a missing part of yourself that you never knew existed. But what about you?" Steam coalesces on her cheeks in little droplets as she takes a sip of her klah. "What was it like for you?"

A'ven tilts his head and smiles one last time, "I wish I could say the same… no, when Glyith hatched, I didn't get the sense that nothing else mattered. I got the sense that.. everything and everyone matters, has their place." Maybe he was trying to tell me something of what was to come. I don't know." He slips out the door.

Madder croons softly at Snare, his eyes whirling gently turquoise.

"Don't worry, we know where you kids are at any given time…we have our ways." Ly'am says in a secretive manner and a wink before grabbing up his Klah. As she asks about his impression Ly'am's smile grows softer and he leans back in his chair. It is a look many riders get when thinking on their impression. "Well…I suppose I had an odd upbringing. My parents loved me of course but they had their own duties. I suppose I was a little lost out on those sands, not thinking I needed to be taken care of but needing it…and Odryth stepped into that role from the first moment. Father, brother, friend. My guiding star when I seemed lost…" He looks down into his Klah for a moments, eyes unfocused as he shares that moment with his lifemate once again. He looks up with a chuckle, "Sorry about that…I suppose we all get a little silly when we think back on those moments."

Jessamin chuckles softly, inclining her head in understanding. "I kind of understand… and I don't. With me, it was the egg touching. But Impression?" She shakes her head slowly, looking down into her klah. "Maybe someday I'll find out, if it's meant to be." Her look turns decidedly more sympathetic, her smile softening as she looks back up at Ly'am. "I know what it's like to be lost out on the sands, too. There was nobody there the last two times."

"I remember touching his egg and it was like we knew each other the moment we touched. There was the beats and rythems there like he knew I was a drummer. I suppose he did…I got lost forever, following the music. The Weyrleader had to get my attention as I nearly mooned the candidates in the process. I touched his egg after nearly drowning and went on the sands in nothing but a blanket from the infirmary." He says with a grin, remembering the day fondly it seems.

Jessamin attempts to stifle her laughter at the image of Ly'am in nothing but a blanket—and fails miserably. Her flits look back at her, startled by the outburst of mirth. "Shards, that must have been priceless!" Little lights sparkle and dance in her azure eyes as she glances over to him. "The egg I remember the most… it was like the wind was whispering questions to me. Very deep questions. Questions I've been asking myself ever since." Though her smile remains, her voice trails off for the moment.

"Yeah, went ice skating and fell through the ice…another candidate rescued me. It was near a releif to be out on those hot sands that day even if all I had on were soggy boots and a blanket." Ly'am says with a laugh as if he didn't just recount a near death experience. "Or'un finally had to shuttle me off before I exposed myself, but not before I got to touch HIS egg." He grins again and listens quietly to her memories, "Well with any luck your lifemate will be out there…"

Jessamin grins lopsidedly at Ly'am, and nods. "One can only hope. And maybe there'll be some more answers, finally." As if some have already been found, perhaps? Laughter bubbles up within her again, though, erasing the momentary pensive expression from her features. "Well, I hope if that happens that I'm in a little more than soggy boots and a blanket. Oh, that reminds me… did anybody out there on the Sands need something to eat or drink? Wouldn't be the first time I pulled Sands duty." She chortles softly. "And Zevida thought that was a punishment. Ha!"

"Well if you are at least it won't be because you were fished out of an icy lake. There are things I miss about Reaches, but I reckon I am well glad to leave the cold behind." Ly'am responds as he picks up some food from his plate, "Oh I am sure Jolie would love something to drink whether she thinks she does or not." He says with a roll of his eyes. It is well thought that that older woman can not stand the younger clutchfather.

Jessamin nods to Ly'am. "I'll have to put a little basket together, then, before I go out on the first fruit run with the other Candidates." She cants her head to one side, brows furrowing slightly. "Sevaruth won't be upset at the intrusion, will she? Last thing anybody needs is an upset mother… winged, or two-legged!"

"Just leave it on the bottom step. You should probably not risk going the sands without accompanyment. Sometimes though she does sit in the galleries." Ly'am suggests with a grin, "She loves to talk about the eggs, you should talk to her about her Many years as a Weyrwoman. She was a weyrwoman even before I was born I reckon." Just add to the little fued there. He can't help but grin at that little bit as he brings his cup to his lip again.

Jessamin rolls her eyes and chuckles, putting one hand up in a mock show of defense. "I'd rather not get between you two, thanks. But maybe sometime, I'll have a chance to talk to her. Perhaps the next time I take my sewing up there to the gallery." She traces the rim of her mug with one slightly needle-pricked finger. "I'll have to bring my scrap bag next time, maybe see if I've fabrics to match those eggs. A quilt block for each egg, and add the names of the dragons and Weyrlings beneath each one after."

Ly'am chuckles "Ok, just bring her the water…those old women do dry out a bit quicker." He says with a wink and a quirk of his lips. "I suppose I should try to find a way around our little fued. I am hardly going to get old enough for her to think me approrpriate nor she younger…perhaps I should try flattery and sonnets?" He asks of the candidate with a grin, tilting his head curiously at her project, "Weaver?"

Jessamin grins, puffing up with no small measure of pride. "Apprentice. I've Loeashia as a mentor." If she were a flit, she'd be preening right about now! "Guess I took after my mother, though she never formally apprenticed. For a little while there, I considered my father's path." She chuckles softly. "But so far, stitching's kept me in enough marks to get by, and besides… things make sense when you're creating beautiful things."

"My auntie is a weaver…well she tries at it as much as her dragon allows." Ly'am says with a grin for his Aunt Lisle. He is quiet as she speaks of her craft, nodding in understanding at the last words. "I know what you mean…I am like that with my drumming." He sets his mug down and starts to tapping on the edge of the table. "If I ever need to think or sort through something I get to creating and let my mind flow around it and find the solution." His fingers start with a simple beat, slowly increasing in complexity.

Jessamin 's flits turn their heads towards Ly'am as he starts drumming his fingers on the table. Within seconds, they begin bobbing their heads in time to the beat, shifting back and forth on their hind legs. Madder starts crooning, soon followed by Turquoise, and finally Sekhmet's higher pitched, flute-like trill. Jessamin grins as she looks on, simply sitting back and sipping her klah.

The flitter chorus just seems to encourage the young rider and he increases the tempo, varigating the rythm as he goes. It is not long before he closes his eyes and just flows with the beat, rocking ever slightly as he loses himself. After a few minutes the beats finally slow down and he lifts his fingers up in a flourish. He laughs as he opens his eyes and looks to the flitters, "Why thank you for the accompanyment!"

Madder crow hops over to the young rider, spreading his wings and inclining his head in a bow.

Sekhmet chirrups, peering coyly at the rider over the leading edge of her wing

Turquoise bobs his head and creels, the sound broken as if it were laughter

Jessamin rolls her eyes and bursts out laughing, leaning over in her seat to tap each flit gently on the snout. "Cheeky lot. You were just singing for your supper again, weren't you?" An apologetic smile is offered to Ly'am. "And here I thought they were through with begging!"

"Well I think y'all have well earned a reward." Ly'am replies and tears up the remnants of his meat roll and tosses it to the waiting maws of the three flitters before grinning to Jessamin. "Never will they tire of begging. Why hunt when you can get a meal ready made?" He asks with a laugh thinking of his own pair.

Each bit of the meat roll disappears in short order down the three greedy maws. Jessamin just shakes her head and laughs. "Point taken. Better be glad my other three aren't still here, or you'd -really- have your hands full!"

Madder chirrups as he finishes his treat, looking back to Snare

"You have six? Poor girl…its amazing you ain't nothing but skin and bones yourself. Me and my weyrmate only got four between us and that is well enough to keep us busy." Ly'am responds with a shake of his head in amazement for her. Snare chirrups from her perch in the rafters, having become bored of the suiters she found on their return from the sands. She glides down to the table once she notices hand outs being offered. Gracefull in her landing, she flips her wings neatly to her side and walks imperiously up the table, her slender tail whipping behind her.

Jessamin grins sheepishly and shrugs, letting out a short laugh. "Well, it keeps my figure. And it would have been five, except the egg Indigo hatched from was actually left behind by his dam." As if on cue, a small midnight blue flitter swoops in through the entryway, creeling as he lands upon Jessamin's shoulder. "I was the last one on Xanadu's beach. Couldn't stand to see the egg hatch wild, so…" Indigo butts his head up against her cheek, crooning affectionately. Jess can't help smiling, reaching up to scritch his belly. "Besides, six is pretty handy on tunnelsnake duty. This lot's getting good at rousting out the little buggers."

And so the night wore on, with much small talk, flit singing, and laughter all around, until sleep finally called new friends away….

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