Confrontation or Collaboration?

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Row after row of hard benches to sit on, with a good view of the sands below and the action that takes place there during every hatching.. Despite the times, people still come to see the new pairs formed and place bets on the outcome.

It's lunch time at Western! Most people are flocking to the caverns. But not Zi'on. He's already got his lunch. Enough for two, actually. Clearly the bronzer was planning to bump into someone here. Probably Enka. But he's too hungry to wait for her. She's likely down with the queen or off doing some weyrwomanly duty or something anyways. Who knew when she would be back. His bronze is looking down from up on the ledge. Suldith was the first line of defense against airborne egg-snatchers! Zi'on is relaxing and enjoying a sandwich on one of the benches and sipping juice from a thermos.

Kelthero has never enjoyed any of the mealtime rushes and having a free day means he can escape wherever he wants too. Today, it seems to be the galleries where he seeks some peace and quiet. He has no food with him, probably having already wolfed down his lunch before rushing out. As he makes his way up into the galleries, his attention seems primarily focused on gazing out over the sands. It's not until he begins to pick out a spot to sit that he spies Zi'on not far off. In an instant, Kelthero's mood drops and he's regarding the bronzerider with a deep frown that borders on an outright scowl. There's a moment of hesitation though before he approaches, sitting down with ample space between them but close enough to be easily heard. "We need to talk." He bluntly says, forgoing polite greetings today it would seem - all serious business and no fun. Unlike Zi'on, he seems far from relaxed and more on edge.

Patori is totally slinking about the galleries, looking a little bit roughed-up, with dirt-stained shirt all askew, or maybe he's just taken a tumble down some stairs. Or fell out of a tree. Or something. In any case, the weyrbrat is skulking about, looking at the eggies, and being very quiet about it. He slips past row after row of benches, padding quietly, eyes darting here and there. He probably spotted Zi'on when he entered, and his tumy gives a little growl. But the weyrbrat only keeps padding along, craning his neck to peek at the sands without getting too close to the front rows. It's apparently safer up in the back. Kelthero, though, has the lad pausing to watch the former guard, eyebrows rising at his words for Zi'on. Teeth catch his lower lip briefly, and then he's oh so idly wandering closer, totally snooping, but trying (badly) not to look like he is.

Zi'on is mid-bite when someone addresses him. He peers up at Kelthero from his spot on the bench, and then a piece of meat slides onto his sandwich and then down onto his shirt. "Aww, man…" He picks the meat up and shoves it into his mouth. Then he raises a brow at Kelthero. "Uh, k. What about? Did we accidentally take your underpants?" Zi'on still doesn't look quite as frowny and concerned as Kelthero does. But he at least sits up. And brushes at his shirt where the meat fell. Zi'on spots Pat and gives him a wave. "Either of you guys want a sandwich? I don't think Enka is coming up to eat."

Kelthero blinks a little as some of Zi'on's sandwhich end up on him rather then eaten. For a moment, the former guard looks like he's ready to crack a smile, but somehow he keeps his expression serious. He snorts slightly. "No, you didn't. But I did come here to talk to you about that." He relaxes a fraction after that, though his gaze flickers away from the bronzerider for a moment, no doubt noticing Patori's approach. That seems to boost Kelthero's confidence to push forwards, regardless if the reason for the other candidate's presence being purely coincidental. A hand is lifted up to wave off the offer of the sandwhich and then Kelthero is locking his gaze back onto Zi'on. Taking a bit of a steadying breath, he finally speaks what's on his mind. No sugar coating it, either, he just dives right into the issue. "I want you to return what you stole. All of it." And it's back to being tense as the former guard braces for the answer.

Patori gets that caught in the headlights look, eyes going wide-ish, but only briefly. Because at the offer of a sammich, his stomach totally growls again, this time louder. The boy's cheeks pinken lightly, and with a hesitant turn, he bobs his head a little sheepishly at Zi'on. "Um, sure," and padpadpad.. he heads right over, gaze flicking to Kelthero and another bout of bottom-lip nibbling ensues. Zi'on's shirt, too, is eyed, though at least pat isn't snickering, sinking down on the bench and then making himself small. Wide eyes take in Kelthero's demand for returning the underpants, and again the weyrbrat;s bottom lip is nibbled. After a second, there's a soft, "..Kiley was really upset about losing her.. um, stuff." It's said in a 'trying-to-be-helpful' tone, but he trails off near the end and fidgets. And maybe darting a look between the two men.

Zi'on peers at Kelthero as he explains the nature of this meeting. "..k. How'd you even know I was up here, anyways?" Zi'on goes back to eating then, as Kelthero works up the courage to confront the bronzer. He hands Patori the other sandwich, neatly wrapped up so it wouldn't get sand or something in it. Then he blinks at Kelthero. "Heh. Or else what? You're going to tell on me? Or beat me up? Anyways, I don't have what WE stole. It's in the stores." He thumbs in the stores' general direction. "Actually I'm surprised no one's found it yet. I didn't think I hid it -that- well." He peers at Patori, then laughs. "Kiley? Spare me. She's such a faker."

Kelthero can only stare at Zi'on for a moment with an incredulous look. And here he figured it'd be easy to take on a rider? Smirking, the guard shakes his head. "Just happened to find you here. Can't pass up the chance to talk." He explains, which is the truth. Now even the smirk falters and he's lapsed into silence as he fumbles for his next reply. "I'd never fight you. I don't stand a chance…" and there's a pause as he glances up to where he figures Suldith is on the ledge before looking back to Zi'on. "…and I don't fancy having myself thrown out of the Weyr. But I might tell." Oh, threats? But he seems hesitant to go that route. Another glance is given to Patori and now the guard smirks again. "It's not like you were completely without witnesses." At the mention of Kiley being a faker, Kelthero bristles. "She was not! He's telling the truth. A lot of the girls were upset! And you don't have to listen to it day in and day out." Finally, Kelthero sighs and reaches up to scrub at his face before giving the bronzerider a level look. "Alright, so it's all in the stores, right? Why don't you just grab it all and make up some…phony story? You'll come out looking like you're the good guy. No one will suspect a thing and the girls will have their stuff back." He offers, almost sounding hopeful that that ploy will work. Only thing is… why doesn't /he/ do it himself?

There's a somewhat brighter, "Thanks," as Patori very carefully unwraps part of the sammich Zi'on hands over and starts nibbling one end of it, practically hiding behind the thing as the men talk. The weyrbrat's eyes go wider in slow increments, for what Zi'on and Kelthero say, eyes darting from one to the other as the boy oh so casually scoots slightly away, further back on the bench. Or maybe he's just getting comfy in case there's a show. Legs tucking under him, he munches on sammich, careful not to let his own meat go sliding out. There's a blink, and a, "Where?" is blurted abruptly, though it's followed quickly by a softer, "B-but she sounded upset." And see there, it might even be a lip-wibble. The mention of fighting has Patori telling Kelthero oh so helpfully, "..Plus, he's bigger than you." Not hard to guess where Patori's marks would be bet if there were a scuffle between the two, not that the boy even has marks, from the looks of his shoddy clothing. "I didn't see anything!" Pat protests, though, and then shrinks down and fidgets with a piece of crust, looking uncomfortable, "But.. but it's not nice to make girls upset. We should.. tell them where it is," this too, said to Kelthero, and then after a second and another glance at Zi'on, "Um. Or leave them a note?" hopeful tone there. Yup, the short little lad is full of suggestions.

Zi'on peers suspiciously at Kelthero. "Suuure. I'm sure I'm real thrilling to talk to." He laughs. "Fair enough." Suldith is still up there on the ledge. Though he seems more interested in the eggs and warbling at the queen every so often. "Anyways I figure if you were going to tell you would've already." He blinks at the bristling about Kiley. Then he laughs. "Well, I reckon' that was the point." Zi'on finishes his sandwhich and takes a sip of his juice. He furrows his brows at Kelthero. "You want me to bring it back? No way. Not a chance, sorry. If -you- bring it back -you- look like a good guy. If I bring it back.. I look like I got into trouble and was forced to return it. No matter what story I give them. If you want I'll carry it down and slip it into the room overnight, but I'm not just going to waltz in carrying a sack of girls' panties. You may as well go tell on me if that's the case." The bronzer says all this matter-of-factly. He looks to Patori then. "They'll get over it. I can leave them a note, too. There's an idea. I'll even apologize in it." It means less work for the bronzer. Zi'on isn't really apt for fighting. At least not someone he considers a friend. Plus it's been a while since he's been in any sort of scuffle.

"I'm aware of that." Kelthero mumbles in reply to Patori's remark, though his gaze doesn't quite leave the bronzerider. The former guard doesn't want to fight either, for very obvious reasons, but he's not backing down quite yet. He doesn't flinch under the suspicious look from Zi'on, but his facade cracks at the bronzerider's suggestion. "Are you crazy?" he exclaims, rather loudly before clamping his mouth shut and being decent enough to look sheepish for a moment for the outburst. Collecting himself, he mutters a quick apology before clearing his throat and replying in a much more reserved tone. "And you don't think /I'll/ look guilty? It's not like I can just waltz in there with a sack of girls underclothes either." He then falls into a silent brooding mood, gaze slipping away as he frowns deeply in thought. Clearly he's taking some of Zi'on's matter-of-fact response to heart. "Alright. So maybe you have a point. Right now, I don't care really how they get back. If it's you, me or all of us." And he makes a sweeping gesture with his hands, a side-glance given to Patori as he does. Suddenly, another idea strikes the former guard and there's a brief hint of a smile given to Patori. "Actually, a note could work. An anonymous one! Put the apology in, but also give directions to where their clothes are stashed. Let them find it. Then they'll never suspect us and none of us have to do anymore sneaking around." Now it's apparent that Kelthero may have never intended for Zi'on to actually come clean about the prank - he just wants it resolved.

Patori fidgets some, idly picking off bits of breadcrust and nibbling them without really looking at the sammich, eyes darting still from Kel to Zi'on and back. "You could.." adressing either of the two, "..bring all of it down and justr leave it in the barracks? They would get their stuff back without anyone noticing." A pause, and he thinks about this, the idea of lugging a bunch of girls' underthings up from the storage caverns not looking too appealing, as his nose wrinkles a bit, "Or maybe.. just tell them where it is." There's a lot of head-bobbing for the idea of a note, the boy practically beaming at the two taller guys, "They could go looking for their things. Or, um. Directions." Nodnodnod. Oh dear, a panty scavenger hunt of sorts.

Zi'on laughs. "-You- don't have a reputation for pulling pranks and otherwise being a miscreant." He points to Kelthero specifically, but it's not like Patori has a reputation for that either, does he? There's a grunt from the bronzer as he relents to returning things. "No, I'd better deliver the sack. Maybe not to the dorms directly though, but someplace they'll be able to easily find it. We can pin the note to it, or something." Zi'on was sure he'd be blamed for the prank anyways by some of the candidates. Whether or not they had any evidence. At least the bronzer isn't thinking about scattering them across the weyr. Well, he might be thinking about it, but it's a lot of work. Unless he just tosses them as he flies overhead or something… If Patori wants to set up some sort of scavenger hunt well… he was more than welcome!

"We could be caught if we brought it down though." Kelthero turns his head a little to give Patori a glance, smirking a little. "Which is why when you mentioned a note…it could be a way to do it." When Zi'on points at him, the former guard gives the bronzerider a blank look. "You don't know me very well then." He admits cryptically. Hey, everyone has his or her little secrets, right? Kelthero doesn't linger on that for too long though. Instead, he continues rolling with the options of the underclothes being returned. "That could be doable. Quick and easy." He agrees, albeit slowly and after another thoughtful lapse of silence. The former guard doesn't seem to know exactly how Zi'on will go about it. In the end, he seems to be easing off now that a stalemate of sorts has been reached. In fact, enough of the tension leaves Kelthero that he actually leans back, crossing his arms over his chest. "So is that it then? You'll drop the sack off with a note and leave it at that?" Clearly, he expects no more pranks. Silly, silly, Kelthero!

Patori probably isn't noticable enough most of the time to have acquired a reputation, other than perhaps being the occasional convenient weyrbrat punching bag. And thankfuly, perhaps, Patori is not devious enough to starts a panty scavenger hunt, but maybe some of the others might be. If they can wiggle the bag's location out of him. He intimidates so very easily. "Where are you going to leave it?" the boy does ask Zi'on, nibbling still on that sammich and totally not noticing the crmbs which have managed to scatter across the front of his shirt and lap. The thought of getting caught has Pat gicing Kelthero wide eyes, the boy hunching further and mumbling into the sammich, "Maybe let him do it.." indicating the bronzerider, though Kel's cryptic comment earns a rather curious look from Patori. He doesn't ask, though, taking a more proper bite of sammich. Munch munch.

Zi'on shrugs a bit at Kelthero's notion about being caught. "It's just a brown sack. Unless someone sticks their big nose in it they're not likely to be able to tell what it is. Or I can leave directions. Might be hard to spot in the stores. 'Brown sack on shelf' describes about everything in there." There's a brow raised for Kelthero. "What kinds of pranks have you pulled?" Zi'on is all about trading stories! Also about getting new ideas for pranks to pull. There's another shrug at Kelthero's last question. "Sure, I guess." He rubs his chin at Patori's question. "I dunno. I could leave it in the caverns or something. Or the laundry area. Or Enka's office." He laughs a bit.

Kelthero only catches a glimpse of Patori's wide eyed stared, but it's enough to eventually lure his attention. He only smiles faintly though. "I think that's the plan." He says, before looking away and thus missing the curious look. Tilting his head a little, he frees one of his hands long enough to scrub thoughtfully at the side of his head. Eventually, he just sighs and shrugs. "More good points, I'll admit to that." All the tension seems to leave Kelthero at this point. What was once a confrontation now seems to be shifting to collaboration. Not intentionally, but the former guard goes along with it all the same. He starts a little when Zi'on asks him about pranks. "None. I'm not a prankster." He admits truthfully, though he seems hesitant on giving the actual truth. He goes for the vague option in the end. "I got in trouble in other ways." He says, before waving his hand in a dismissive gesture. Sadly, there will be no prank swapping stories. Suddenly, Kelthero is giving the bronzerider another incredulous look. "You wouldn't do that to Enka, would you?" There's a pause, and the guard's expression goes blank. "Wait, don't answer that." He says, smirking. "Caverns or laundry area seem good. Public enough to be noticed and not blend in. So is that the deal then?"

Patori relaxes as Kelthero does, the boy watching the former guard still, and contentedly munching on sammich. His stomach has stopped being all growly, certainly, though he does seem t be eating very slow, tiny bits taken. There's a tug of a grin for the poitns Zi'on makes about the brown sack on a shelf being like everything else in the storage caverns, and nods his head in agreement, "I don't think anyone would find it in there. They'd have to search everything." And again that curious look is for Kelthero, Pat scooting forward slightly to ask, "What ways?" As for sticking bags ful of panties in Enka's office, Pat's eyes widen again, and he opens his mouth, glances from Kelthero to Zi'on, and then has to quickly stifle a slight snickersnerky sound. Hey, he might not have the guts to do it, but clearly he thinks it'd be /hilarious/. "Um, maybe put it in.. in the hall outside the barracks? Someone could bring it in.." not that he's volunteering at all, suddenly preoccupied with the food in his hands, which is starting to fall apart slightly as he eats it, "The note could be left out in the barracks to tell them to get their, um, things."

Zi'on was a wiley one! He could talk his way out of anything! Or maybe Kelthero isn't the type to get mad and stay mad. The bronzer eyes Kelthero suspiciously when he claims not to be a prankster. "I see. In other ways? You like… bully some kids or something?" Zi'on never was much of a bully, unless you were talking about his siblings. He laughs then. "Do what to her? Drop a bag of undies in her office? Yeah I would. It's not like it'll hurt her or anything." She'd probably laugh. Plus the bronzer was always tricking her, or pranking her. Well, not always, but they did joke around a fair bit. "I'll drop the sack off tonight. In the caverns. That way it won't -not- be found. And then everyone can get their underwears back and not be all upset about it." The bronzer seems satisfied with that enough to change the subject. "So you guys picked out your favorite eggs?"

Kelthero's eyes close for a brief moment, as Patori seems to ask "that" question. There's a slow exhale from the former guard and then his eyes open again, gaze fixing on the smaller candidate right off. But then Zi'on is getting too close with his questions and the candidate chuckles dryly. "Not a bully, per say. But I did cause trouble, but then I was also young and reckless." He doesn't sound proud of it; instead he seems uncomfortable and quickly drops the subject. There's another snort from the former guard and he's simply shaking his head. "Of course it wouldn't hurt her… ahh, I give up." Kelthero admits, tossing his hands up in a gesture of defeat. "I've never understood pranks." Stating the obvious, it's true that Kelthero can't stay mad. Once, perhaps, but not anymore, and so he gives in. "Deal then. I have your word?" Now he grins, extending his hand out to Zi'on. Seems like he's satisfied enough to let the whole matter drop. The topic change takes him by surprise though and for a moment he only blinks, trying to sort out his thoughts. "Favorites?" he echoes, before shaking his head. "I've a few that stick out, but I'm not sure if I'd say favorites yet."

Patori totally fidgets uncomfortably when Kelthero fixes that look on him, the weyrbrat's own eyes darting away and off to the side, all shifty-like. There might even be some shrinking back when Zi'on suggests he might have been a bully of some sort, lower lip catching briefly between his teeth as Pat drops his gaze to.. Kelthero's shoes. "..Trouble?" the lad's forehead creases, brows drawing together, though he flicks a glance back up to both of the other two, "Wouldn't you get in trouble if you left them in her office," neatly witching topics back to Enka's office and the pilfered panties. Maybe he really doesn't know what Kelthero got up to in his youth. As for pranks, Pat makes no comment on them, only shoving bigger bites of samming into his mouth, practically inhaling the thing now. The question of eggs, however, gets a blink, and then is given some thought, or maybe Pat just needs time to munch and swallow. Eventually, though, the boy bobs his head and mumbles, "The one there. It's blue," pointing towards the sands, though he gives no reasoning for it, simply a slight tug of a smile and then it's back to nomming sammich.

"Young and reckless? Shards, ya sound like you're an old man." Zi'on laughs. After all, the guard couldn't be that old. Or he'd be too old to stand. Zi'on certainly hadn't quite grown up though, yet. "Heh. They're just to get a rise out of someone. Not meant to be like… hurtful." That's when it becomes bullying. "What do you mean by stick out?" He peers down at the sands. "Is that good or bad?" Patori clearly has had some experience with bullies. Too bad him and Zi'on hadn't been friends earlier. There weren't a lot of weyrbrats around willing to pick a fight with him, since he'd always been on the big side. There's a nod to Patori. "Just from the outside, or from touching it, too?"

Very few, if any, know of Kelthero's actual past in Western - but Torince Hold? Is another matter all together. As Patori fidgets, his attention focuses back on the other candidate and he gives him a reassuring smile. "It was a long time ago." He remarks cryptically again, shrugging his shoulders and letting the topic slide off for good in favor of other conversations. Kelthero smirks at Zi'on at first, before finally relaxing enough to actually grin. "I'm not /that/ old! But I'm getting there." He admits, with a chuckle. Because twenty-two is such an old age! "Well, you certainly got the girls all riled up if that was your intention. No one was hurt…but the crying was bad." Kelthero then shrugs his shoulders a little, looking sheepish again. "Not a bad thing! I just… I've never done this before. Didn't think we'd feel so much from just touching 'em." When Patori points out his favorite, the guard is distracted for a moment, gaze going out to the sands to try and spy the egg. Eventually though, he glances back to both Zi'on and Patori. "For instance, one of the reddish ones…" And a finger points out to the vague direction of said egg. "…it actually repels you at first. But touch it again and it doesn't." Kelthero tries to explain, though his brows knit together in confusion. This is not something he's finding easy to put into words.

"How old are you?" Patori peeks up at Kelthero, and then fidgets some more. Really, he looks more worried about the fact that the guard might have been a bully than anything. Poor Patori, doesn't have many friends outside of those candidates who seemd to have taken pity on him; he was probably too afraid of Zi'on even if they had known each other at some point. The bronzerider was one of those tall people, after all! "..Touching it," is mumbled to the man, Pat's eyes flickering back to that one blue egg, "and that one." Another egg is pointed out, this one more purpley, "They felt.." his brow creases again, this time in an attempt to describe it, "..I don't know. Like I could understand kind of." Though what, he doesn't go into, shoulder lifting in a sort of helpless shrug, another big bite of sammich taken, the thing almost completely eaten. The reassuring smile from Kelthero at least has the boy not diving behind the row of benches, but uncertain glances are sent the man's way. The egg he points out, however, is peeked at, and there's a slight nod, "Yeah.. I don't think some of them like us." Also, apparently finding it hard to put into words.

Zi'on laughs. "You better not be. Otherwise Suldith made a mistake, and I'll be takin' back that knot." But Kelthero isn't really that old. Maybe a little older than the bronzer. He blinks then. "Crying? Over some underwear?" He hadn't really meant for -that- to happen." He scoffs a bit at Kel and then laughs. "Wait until you have one of your own. Touchings are fun though. It's good for the eggs, too. At least I think so. Course it's been a while since I touched any eggs." The bronzer gets up to stretch then. "Anyways, I need to go find Enka and make sure she's eaten something today. And deliver a sack of undies. I'll see you guys later."

"Twenty-one Turns" Keltero tells Patori without a hint of hesitation, though he gives Zi'on a startled look before chuckling. "It's the truth! I won't lie about that." Age he's fine with sharing, it seems. Again, he gives the smaller candidate a non-threatening smile. Kelthero is anything but a bully - in fact if anyone should be nervous of Kelthero it would be the bullies. "It /is/ their underwear. Kind of important, I guess, for them." Kelthero says with a shrug to the bronzerider. He then gives a curious glance to Patori though when he describes the eggs. "Huh. I don't think I got to touching those ones yet." He admits, giving the sands another searching look to no doubt commit those eggs to memory. Next chance, he'll probably be touching them - if he gets another chance. The former guard then chuckles at Patori's final comment. "So far only that particular red one seems to." There's a thoughtful look then and he's glancing back up to Zi'on. "Oh, it was fun. Just a bit of a shock." As he gets up to leave, the former guard raises one hand in a half wave, half salute. On better terms now, Kelthero mood has also improved - so the bronzerider actually gets another grin. "Take care then." He says, followed by a half mumbled. "And thanks… for returning the clothing."

It's lunchtime, and a bronzerider and two candidates are sitting in the galleries, looking at eggs. Pat has a mostly-eaten sammich which he is having trouble keeping together by this point, kap and shirt front already speckled wit hcrumbs. Patori blinks at Zi'on's theat about taking Kel's knot, though he seems to decide the man is joking and keeps eating his sammich. "Girls don't like their things being taken," is mumbled at the breadcrusts, though the little weyrbrat does bob his head whe nthe bronzerider gets up to go, not daring to let go of his food to try to wave to the man, and instead mumbling a, "Thanks for the sandwhich." And lookie. A /smile/. Patori actually has those. It vanishes quickly though, replaced by another wide-eyed look for Kelthero. "Really?" head tilting to the side, mop of reddish hair shifting to fall across the boy's forehead slightly, "Huh. I thought you'd be older." And the fact that Kel is probably anyhting but is bully is likely why Pat isn't scurrying away from him already. It's like the boy has a sixth sense for meaniefaces. Then again.. mean people weren't really too subtle around the boy. "They're nicer than some of the others," is mumbled about the blue and purpley eggs, Patori then stuffing the last scraps of sammich into his mouth. Omnom.

Kelthero laughs for the first time the entire time he's been up in the galleries and quite possibly since the whole prank situation. "Good to know!" he says to Patori, no doubt finding the remark of his age the source of his amusement. "Your turn now though. How old are you? Or are you going to make me guess?" There's a grin flashed to the younger candidate and then he's slouching in his seat, fully relaxed and at ease, gaze slipping back to the sands. "Some of the others?" Kelthero asks in an obvious curious tone; though he doesn't turn to look back at Patori, save for a quick glance over his shoulder. "You've stood before?" And then the eggs are studied again, the former guard's gaze lingering longer on some more then others. Seems the guard wasn't entirely truthful when he said he didn't have favorites.

Kiley comes up to the galleries with the audible stepping of boots, looking entirely thoughtful as she considers the ground she walks on. It is highly unlikely that she noticed anyone in her way over. After she reaches the top of the stairs there is a notable hum before she is making her way towards one of the benches. She doesn't exactly make it, however as attention is drawn to those gathered. One arm goes to lift, though pausing as said arm is in a sling and the left to hang at her side while the other goes to finish the job and offers a wave towards the pair before approaching. "What're you guys doing in here?" A smile for the pair before attention is drawn to the sands, lips pressing together in a consideration for the eggs settled there. "I mean, beyond looking at the eggs…"

It takes awhile for Patori to munch down the rest of that sammich, the boy licking his fingers and then absently brushing crumbs off his shirt with no great amount of effort. Kelthero's laugh has Pat's lips tugging up at the corners slightly, though the question of his own age gets a slightly awkward shrug and a mumbled, "..Seventeen." At 5'3" the weyrbrat is totally runty. As for standing before, Pat starts to nod, and then seems to realize Kel won't see it and answers aloud, "Yeah, once. V'ine searched me when I first came to Western." He rubs the back of his neck, mumbling a softer, "I didn't impress." Well, obviously. He might notice where the guard's gaze is lingering, or he might not, but his own green eyes flicker over the sands. The sound of footsteps draws his gaze, though, and there's more of a smile at the sight of Kiley, though it falters with blink and a concerned, "What happened to you?" The girl is eyed up and down, though he seems to relax after a second, shrugging an absent, "Nothing. We're pretty much just looking at eggs."

"Seventeen? Really?" Kelthero shifts in his seat a little, turning his head now to glance back at Patori. The young weyrbrat is given a long, searching look and then the former guard is chuckling again. "I thought you were younger. Goes to show I'm not great at guessing ages." He's probably well aware of Patori's smaller height, but he's being nice and not pointing it out or teasing. There's a sympathetic look to Kelthero's eyes though when Patori answers his next question. "Ahh, so you're not originally from Western?" he asks gently, smiling. He's no doubt about to ask more, but his next question is interrupted by the sound of approaching steps and the candidate looses his train of thoughts. As Kiley arrives, sling and all, Kelthero looks away from Patori, his brows rising in surprise. "Shells, Kiley!" he curses mildly. Seeing as Patori beats him to the obvious question, he doesn't ask what had happened. Instead he only gives her a concerned look before shrugging his shoulders. "I've a free day today and I wanted to escape the lunch crowds. Figured I'd take some time to relax in here."

Kiley settles near, actually taking a seat now and crossing her legs. Her arm is taken from the sling and she gives a rather sheepish smile towards the weyrbrat. "I took a spill, sprained my elbow. The healer said it'd be fine in a few days time as long as I treated it properly. And, it is rather hard to do things with one arm, I'm learning." A soft chuckle and her arm is partially stretched out and then settled into the sling once more and she offers a rather sheepish little smile to Kelthero for his reaction to the sling. "Sorry." The computer crafter glances away and to the eggs, "it happened when I went to get someone to cover for me at the docks." Another glance to the former guard and she grins, "another free day, huh? I understand that, though, avoiding the crowds… It gets noisy."

Patori shrugs again, though this time more awkwardly with a self-conscious eyedart away, across the hatching cavern. "Yeah.. most people think I'm fourteen," a pause, and a vaguely mumbled, "I'm short." As if /that/ weren't terribly obvious already. Still, the weyrbrat appears to appreciate the effort at niceness, bobbing his head to Kelthero's next question and mumbling an all too offhand, "From Telgar." The corners of his mouth pull downward briefly, but the boy is soon turning his attention back to Kiley, eyebrows rising. "How do you.. sprain an /elbow/?" glancing at his own, as if suddenly suspicious of potention arm injury. "I wish I had more free days," Patori leans back a little on the bench, pressing the heels of is palms down on either side and stretching a little, "It's nice here though." Nice and quiet, if warm.

“You’re not that short.” Kelthero offers by way of encouragement to Patori, though no doubt the weyrbrat has heard that plenty of times before. Even so, the candidate grins, even when Patori’s reponse of his previous home seems less then enthusiastic. He doesn’t pry any further, considering the former guard doesn’t like delving too much into his past home either. Kelthero grimaces as Kiley begins to explain the injury is quickly replaced by a look of guilt. “Aw, shards.” He mumbles, running a hand through his hair as he shifts a little uncomfortably on the bench. “Why are you apologizing? I’m the one that sent you off. You wouldn’t have been rushing.” He gives her an apologetic look, but his concern does seem to ease off. “So a few days and you’ll be fine?” Relief settles over the former guard and he relaxes again, grinning back. “Yeah, another one. And that’s pretty much why I try to escape. The noise of so many conversations at once gets to me.” Suddenly the guard stretches out, a few joints popping in protest before he gets to his feet. “Warmth in here is getting to me now though. I’m going to head out, maybe wander by the lagoon for a bit.” No doubt on the prowl for a certain other individual. With a grin and a half-wave, Kelthero lingers only to give a quick. “Take care, see you guys back at the barracks!” And then he’s gone, disappearing back down into the weyr.

"Really recklessly, apparently. I don't really remember too much about the fall, I was worried more about getting my chores and work done properly." Kiley shrugs and offers a grin towards the younger man of the two. "I doubt you'll do it so easily, if that makes you feel better." Her grin grows into a warmer smile and she sighs, stretching her legs out. "Free days would be nice right about now, but I suppose the chores aren't too bad. As long as I don't get anything that makes my arm worse. And even then, I figure I can trade." She looks to Kelthero as he looks guilty, wincing just a bit. "It isn't really your fault." She promises. "I'll be fine soon, though." Another promise and then she's peeking down at the sands in a consideration as conversation takes another turn. She looks to the former guard and nods to his plans, "sound good. Have fun." She beams a bright smile and then pushes up to her feet. "I should go rest my arm and try to work a little. I'll see you later, Patori."

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