Meeting at the Wishing Well

Western Weyr - Maze: Wishing Well

A pretty wishing-well is tucked in a small group of berry-bushes. The well is built of uncut stones and mortar, with a roof made from hewn logs, and a wooden bucket hanging from a hemp rope. If you lean over the edge and shade your eyes, you can make out the shimmer of coins at the bottom of the well.

Kilarden has found himself at the mercy of a tiny little terror by the name of Kiltara. His free day, much as the one previous, has been thoroughly dedicated to keeping the child happy, and when she had heard whispers of a maze lurking about somewhere in Western, she had demanded that Kilarden absolutely must, must, must take her. They had first come themselves, to explore, but when the dark haired, grey eyed girl had decided it would be better enjoyed with company, they'd run off to find paper and writing utensils to make notes. The first had been left to Keelyra, a silly drawing (of Kiltara's doing) that consisted of too much color and indistinguishable lines. There, in the middle in barely legible print, were the words, "Meet us at the maze?" The second, in much the same fashion, was delivered to Velrich - the two candidates that the sibling pair knows best. "We'll wait at the well," Kilarden told Kiltara, and the little girl had given one of her smiles, clapping her hands together in delight as she raced to find the spot first. It's here that anybody looking will find them, with Kilarden holding tight to his kid sister as she leans just a little /too/ far over the well and peers inside.

Velrich is totally not headed out to the maze on the whim of a little girl and colorful scribbles. Not at all!It's another free day for him…again, and he has nothing better to do but to wander! And…somehow he ended up here. Of course. He does wander slowly up the path though, hands stuffed into his pockets for the time being. It seems he's actually cleaned himself up a bit today, freshly shaven and everything. There's a lack of scruff that adds a bit more youth to his appearance. Though once he spots Kilarden and the /leaning/ Kiltara, the young man sighs just a bit, shaking his head as he continues toward the well. "You sure went to a lot of trouble with the…summons."

Slowly Sororn makes his way around the corner, his hazel eyes lined with the gray tinge of fatigue and his blond hair a complete mess. Despite his discheveled appearance, a smile finds it's way upon his features as he glances around the maze… Kilarden is spotted and as the trader candidate pulls his hands out of his pockets, he slowly wanders over to see what they're peering at. "Hello, everyone," Sor says quietly as he stifles a long and drawn out yawn. Today may be his free day from chores but not from the workload that fell behind during the sevenday. Now that his final orders were caught up, unwinding was in order for the trader and hopefully his firelizard won't show up with more.

Someone must have gotten their wires crossed with Keelyra. Crafting duty. She's not a crafter! The girl likely could have posted up to work in the kitchens, but she's had so few of those precious free days that she's taking advantage of it. The letter has been tucked into her belt and her green 'lizard procured from raiding the kitchens. She moves at the easy pace of a native through the maze, heading towards the well. She's humming faintly as she does so, a smile coming to her features once she spots Kilarden and company.

Kilarden pulls Kiltara back when her little hands go to his arms and push in an attempt to stop dangling dangerously over ledges. "Velrich!" she shrieks, her delight unmistakable as her feet are settled on the ground and she throws herself forward and into the younger male candidate's legs. She wraps her arms around him, tilting her head all the way back to show Velrich a smile. "Kilarden helped me with the letters," she says, proud. "He wrote the words, but I drew the pictures." Sororn's approach has the little girl suddenly looking bashful, releasing Velrich as she scampers back towards Kilarden and hides behind his legs. She leans to one side, peeking out at the candidate briefly, before zipping back into place. "Hello," Kilarden offers, eyes taking in a new, rather unfamiliar face. "I don't think I've had the pleasure of learning your name just yet. I'm Kilarden, and this here is Kiltara." There's only fingers that come out to greet the oldest candidate - until Keelyra is arriving. There's another squeal of delight just before the child bursts away from her sanctuary and mauls Keely instead, bouncing as she grabs for the other girl's hands. "Look, look!" she says, tugging towards the well as she pulls herself up by her belly and leans precariously over again, pointing. "Look inside!"

Velrich is /accosted!/ He steps back just slightly as Kiltara bowls into his legs, dropping a hand onto her head for a moment. He does at least look surprised though, staring down at her for a moment. "Yes, I'd figured they were from you. Kilarden..doesn't draw that well." And then she's gone again! He shakes his head though, looking over as Sororn comes into view with a somewhat curious gaze. Indeed, an unfamiliar candidate. "Velrich," Comes the quiet offer from the hunter, even as he heads toward the well. There's at least a faint smile there when Keelyra shows up though, nodding to her. "You're out here too, eh?" One arm curls right around Kiltara when she hoists herself up on the ledge again though, peering over. "Something fall in?"

Kiltara is glanced over and the trader does his best to offer the kindest of smiles to the young girl but it's proving to be a difficult task on his end, walking around and looking like the living dead. All he can do, is give the girl a friendly wave and glance up to the other candidates. "I suppose you're right. I'm Sororn. Trader. Nice to meet you all, formally." Heh. Sororn chuckles a bit and brings his fists to his eyes like a small child just awake from sleeping. He shuffles over to the well, leaning forward just a little bit to see what's down inside. The trader reaches into his pocket once more, pulling out a handful of random objects and after a quick inspection, a few small coins are produced. Throwing money away like this could only be a blasphemy, it's like telling women that chocolate isn't allowed… Part of him whats to throw them in and make a wish and the other just wants to hide in the corner with his precious, precious coins. Sororn - the candidate - isn't greedy by any means, the trader in him his hissing and spitting at the thought. There's only one sane thing to do, he holds them out to Kiltara and smiles. "Do you wanna make a wish in the well?" He could hear his cousins laughing at him now. The humming didn't go unnoticed and while he awaits the young girl's answer, he glances over his shoulder and spots Keelyra. And the poor man starts blushing.

"I received a very special letter of summons," Keelyra says to Velrich, trying to sound all official. Her smirk and the hint of a giggle betray her though. She is thusly mauled and tugged over to the wall. Eyes show some faint concern, but the teen helps Velrich hold onto the girl to ensure there's no falling. She smiles to Sororn, dipping her head to him; perhaps further pleased that he offers such a nice treat to the girl. "Enjoying your day off?" is inquired… likely of both Velrich /and/ Kilarden.

"Kiltara must not draw all that well if you couldn't tell that the objects in her picture were very shiny coins." Touche! Kilarden is laughing though, even as Kiltara, clinging to Velrich and Keely, whips her head around to look at her brother and shouts an indignant, "Hey!" The coins that are offered out to the little girl have Kilarden giving Sororn a look of sudden… respect. Especially when the child blinks those doe eyes to the proffered gift and then lights up like Christmas. "For me?" she asks, looking to Kilarden for the okay to accept. He nods his head once, smiling, and with a round of bubbling laugher, she takes them. "Thank you!" she breathes, just before turning her attention onto wishes and tossing. What she wants, however, is something that she refrains from voicing out loud. "Thank you, Sororn. It's not very often that she gets gifts." Pause, smile, and his attention is on Keely. "I think Kiltara is enjoying it more than I am, honestly. And Velrich too, since he seems to be courting my sister." That look? A wicked, teasing grin. He's looking back to Sororn though, pulling himself up to sit on the well as his eyes watch coins fall from Kiltara's hands. "Where did they pick you up, Sororn?"

Velrich keeps his arms steady around Kiltara. No, she won't be tumbling over. Not unless…he tosses her there. But since he doesn't look like he's going to be doing that, he just looks inside the well again, shaking his head. Coins! He holds his tongue though on his own thoughts on /that/ practice. Sororn gets a quick look when he offers the coins to Kiltara though, lips curving up just faintly. …And then the blushing causes it to grow into a smirk. "Enjoying it..I suppose. I don't like having too little to do." Being busy is important! He bristles though just a bit, shooting a scathing look onto Kilarden. "I am not /courting/ anyone!"

As the coins are taken, Sororn grins and takes a step back to watch the little girl drop them down into the well before glancing over to Kilarden. "I miss my siblings, I used to make them things all the time. All thirteen of them. Just the thought of having to make so many trinkets and things over the turns for his hordes of sisters brings a little twitch to the corner of his eye but a deep breath clears it up in no time. He's away from the masses for now since he arrived and so far, none have come to see him. Not even a firelizard. "I was picked up at the last hatching while I was wandering around collecting materials for my work. I think I was on the beach." The trader scratches the back of his head while in thought, he's traveled too much to know the when and wheres of his milestones.

Since Velrich is doing such a fantastic job of making sure Kiltara doesn't take an unscheduled swim, Keelyra detaches herself from the girl and heads to stand nearer to Kilarden. Scoot. Scootch. "Have y'all eaten yet?" She does glance at Sororn, seeming to include him in this question. "I can send word to th' kitchens. I'm sure they'd be willin' t'bring somethin' up." She fusses with her hair a bit as she talks, tucking errant bits away.

"Thirteen siblings?" Kilarden inquires, brows furrowing as he looks from Sororn, to Kiltara, and back again. "That one is enough to make me want to /push/ her into the well. I can't imagine having thirteen of her running around." Can anybody? Kiltara seems to have finished her wishes, using Velrich as leverage to wiggle herself safely back down from the well and onto the ground. It's when she's on solid ground that she shoots her brother a solemn look from behind lowered lashes. "Velrich would push /you/ in the well if you tried, and I reckon I'm the best thing that has ever happened to you." Kil can't help but laugh, especially when that little tongue comes peeking out just before the little one dodges behind Velrich's legs and away from view. "You are /definitely/ courting her, Vel. And what a bad influence you are." As Keely approaches, Kilarden brings up one hand to rest on the top of the girl's head, pushing back strands from her face with the other before shaking his head. "Kiltara and I had food as she was making your invitations, but thank you for the offer Keely." Annnd, right back to Sororn. "Some place warm, I take it? What'd you do before they lured you into candidacy?"

Velrich glowers..just a bit at Kilarden. He does not date /children!/ Hmph. There's a quick look at Sororn though at the mention of siblings, expression giving a swift…and very brief flicker of pain. It's gone again a moment later. Instead he just acts as a sturdy wall for Kiltara to hide behind, lifting his chin a bit defiantly at her brother. "I think I might throw him in there anyway." It seems appropriate! There's a glance at Keelyra though, head tilting..just a little. "I haven't eaten, no. I've been—" He pauses, frowning just a little. "Why is everyone always so concerned about what people did before?"

"Not yet," he replies with a smile to Keelyra before turning his gaze back to Kilarden. He never really did pay attention to the time and the details of his current locations, he moved around too shardin' much. "Well, before candidacy the first time around, I was traveling with my families caravan, as a trader, in the High Reaches region and after I was picked up on search I just remained in Western. My siblings and I all make trinkets for sale but they usually saddle me with the creation part while they travel and get the supplies. Maybe three or four will make their own beads for jewelry. It wasn't too bad a life." Not too bad that he wouldn't want to catch up with them some time but bad enough that he longed for a change of pace.

"Alright, well…" Keelyra pulls some writing materials from a pocket and scribbles a note. Then she eyes her green 'lizard who seems more interested in trying to take the paper. She puts the note in a pouch the 'lizard wears. "Alright. Take this to the kitchens. The kitchens. You know where those are, right?" Apparently she's training the flying stomach. Eyes narrow a little at the creature and soon… it's off. "Well," the girl says, briefly leaning into Kilarden's hand. Her eyes flutter a bit, then open wide. "Hopefully that goes alright. If so, we'll have some food up here soon."

"Oh, I don't know, Velrich. I would want to know if there were Renegades among us, wouldn't you?" Kilarden is looking, for all the world, perfectly filled with glee. Has he just told the punch line of a very funny joke? One would probably think that's the case, what with the way he's /smiling/ at Velrich. He's even letting the snide remark about tossing him in wells pass, though Kiltara retaliates for him in the form of catching at one of Vel's legs, leaning forward, and shaking her head, 'No!' in protest. "Trader, eh? I'd like to see some of your work, if you still have any of those trinkets on hand." Grey eyes go to Keelyra, watching as she makes her note and then sends it off with the flit to the kitchens. "Keely, are you particularly good at spelling? I've been trying to teach Kiltara, but words are not my strongest point." How could they be? He didn't get a chance to learn them very thoroughly, after all.

As gleeful as Kilarden might look, Velrich looks about ready to slug the snotty candidate in the /nose/. He remains still though, caught by the leg by a little girl that just…well. He's trapped there. There's a sigh though, dropping back just a little to set his hand on Kiltara's head, lightly ruffling her hair. "That's a real /generic/ term. Don't you mean /thieves/ and murderers?" There's something of a droll look given to Kilarden then, before his gaze settles elsewhere, offering a grateful not toward Keelyra. "Only if it isn't trouble for them.. I can always go down and eat in the caverns. Sororn," He looks over then at the trader, brows lifting. "I think I'll want to see what you have as well.."

"Thank you, Keelyra, that's very thoughtful of you." Sadly, if someone doesn't mention food, then the trader will forget and will go to sleep on a very loud, empty stomach. The exchange between Kilarden and Velrich is given nothing more than a raised brow and a little smirk. There's more to renegades than that, but he's not one to mention much at all in that respect. Even those holdless folk often pay his caravan for their wares and services. Sororn glances around and spots a small bench, settling down before he unshoulders the small leather bag resting comfortably at his back. As he opens the flap, a little brown head peeks out and offers a little peep in irritation! I told you not to bother me while I'm vacuuming my er… lunch bag! Only, denied of the morsels as Sororn didn't pick any up yet. The flit skitters out and begins to stalk a trundlebug in the distance. "Well, I do have some things here with me," he says as he removes one small bag and another leather bundle rolled up tightly. The bundle is unrolled first, revealing a line of hooks, knives and drilling tools. Sororn quickly closes it up and shoves it back in the bag with a shrug, then opens the smaller bag, carefully removing it's contents and placing them upon the bench at his side. A variety of charms and bracelets are laid out, made of various materials and some in different states of completion. "They take up a lot of my downtime but at least it keeps me in practice."

With Dancer gone to hopefully deliver a food order, Keelyra shifts her feet a bit. So she might drift backwards towards Kilarden a bit. THINK NOTHING OF IT. At his question, she glances up and back, "Mm? Oh, uh… I s'ppose I'm alright. They made sure I could do enough t'handle shipments an' orders. I might be able t'help Kiltara, but y'oughta see if the WeyrHarper can include her in th'lessons." She does cast a look between Velrich and Kilarden at the teasing, eyes narrowing just slightly. HmmmmmmMMMMmMmmMm! Sororn gains a bright smile, "Anytime. I worked in th'kitchens 'fore I was given this knot." The shiny, awesome, white knot! "So they're pretty good 'bout givin' me food when I need it." Then he's got the shinies out. Her fingers twitch, but she doesn't launch towards them… as much as she would clearly like to.

If Kilarden feels the need to further push Velrich's buttons, he does the exact opposite of that. The hand on the top of Keelyra's head smoothes down her hair to the back of her neck, where he gives a gentle squeeze before letting her go. There doesn't seem to be any acknowledging hint that Kilarden caught on to the momentary bloodlust, and when he descends on Velrich it's with a strange kind of /gentleness/. One hand lands on the younger candidate's upper arm as he leans forward to whisper something in his ear. A clap to his shoulder, and he's leaning down to retrieve the spoiled girl hiding away - but is stopped short when she makes a mad dash after the firelizard. "Can I play with him?" she calls over her shoulder to Sororn, though she doesn't wait for permission. As Sororn pulls out his accessories, Kilarden pulls away from Velrich entirely and moves to stand over him, eyes praisingly moving over the work, but he's answering Keely before giving the trader his full attention. "I don't think she would take well to that, honestly. I want her with somebody that she feels comfortable with, since she's already stuck with nannies all day." And to Sororon, "How much do these usually go for?"

The tension leaves Velrich entirely after a moment or two, although there's a bit of a wary look given when KIlarden invades his space. Alien! There's a bit of eyeing done for the other candidate though, shoulders giving a faint shrug of acknowledgement for..whatever might have been said to him. Kiltara's dash over to the firelizard is watched though, before he simply lifts himself up to sit on the rim of the well. If he falls, he'll blame Kilarden for /pushing/ him. He doesn't go crowding over to look at the trinkets though. No, he'll let others have their space and time to do that. But he watches intently though, looking at what he can see from his vantage point.

Sororn glances up towards Faustus and chuckles a bit, "He wouldn't mind it at all!" The brown firelizard raises his head and sends those beady eyes towards Sororn with a look of fury! He better get some meatrolls out of this! The brown waggles his teeny rump and begins to run on small hind limbs around the maze, letting Kiltara follow. He's used to this routine with the trader brats so it's nothing new. Out of the corner of his eye, he spots Keelyra's gaze and he places his hands in his lap. "Go ahead and pick one out," he says and glances over to Kil with a shrug. "Honestly, the prices and terms are all done by my elder sisters, I just make them and send them back, usually. What I have here, though, is off the books so I can part with it." A moment later, a man comes around the corner and begins to huff, his hands on his hips for a moment while he catches his breath. "I know ye were supposed ta have the day off, lad. But uh, we're in need of some help down in the storage rooms. 'fraid we're needin' ya now." Sororn lets his shoulders fall down with a slump and he nods, picking up what didn't get collected. One little trinket is offered to Kiltara, a pink ribbon with a little white bird charm on the end. "Alright, I'll see all of you back in the barracks, later." With a heavy sigh, he shoulders his pack and begins to follow his collector down into the maze. Over the hedge… "No, that way! I know where I'm going!"

"Mmph," Keelyra says, considering what Kilarden has says about Kiltara's comfort levels. She glances towards the girl, before rolling forward on toes to begin the forward movement towards Sororn's wares. From a bit outside the maze can be heard the rattling of a tray and soon a Wild Vegetable Appears! Oh, wait, it's a drudge with a tray full of snack-like foods and a pitcher of what is likely juice. Flying lazily after is Dancer, whose belly is clearly rather full. The green zips ahead and lands on Keely's shoulder, chirping in that proud, egotistical 'lizard fashion. Keelyra watches Sororn get lured away, just in time to miss delicious snacks. Well! It lets her relieve the drudge of the tray and take his spot on the bench.

Well, Kilarden /was/ enjoying the wares, right up until they were gathered in a hurry and rushed away. Kiltara looks disappointed at the thought of losing her friend, but cheers considerably when she's offered a trinket in the firelizard's stead. She holds it tightly between tiny fingers as she watches Sororn sulk away, bouncing as she leans into Kilarden with her arms curled up tight against her front and a smile on her lips. "You should become friends with him," the child prats, and Kilarden is left to shake his head and laugh. "I can't just force friendship on people, Kiltara. Maybe /you/ can, but that requires being abnormally cute." As soon as the food arrives, Kiltara is pouncing the the tray like a savage beast. "You would think I've been starving her," Kil murmurs under his breath, watching Hurricane Kiltara hit. "Thank you, Keely. I guess the little wherry was hungrier than I originally thought." He's looking at Velrich then, brows arching up toward his hairline in a silent question. Why so serious?

Velrich shakes his head, although he does lift a hand in a wave as Sororn takes his wares and heads off again. "I'll talk to you about them later." Where he will have time to /peruse/ items at his leisure! The arrival of food though has him pushing off the side of the well again then, heading over to the bench to get something for himself. After all, he's hungry too! "Thank you," Is offered to Keelyra. She got them! Though he drops a hand on Kiltara's head even as he eats one of the snacks. "They're not going anywhere." Maybe she'll store them in her cheeks for later.

Fortunately, Keelyra is not very hungry. She just snags a meatroll or two for herself, leaving the rest to Kiltara and Velrich to devour. The girl looks quite amused by it all, watching the two. There's a commotion further in the maze and the girl rolls to her feet, standing on the bench to try to get a view. Even with her tallness — for a girl her age — she can't see and hops down. "I'm gonna go check that out!" And, on a flight of fancy, as she heads past the other candidates, she makes sure to swoop in and try to give Kilarden a big ol' cheek-smooch! Mwah! … hahaha!

Kilarden is… kissed? There's confusion as his hand comes down on his cheek, brows furrowed as grey eyes trail after Keelyra. Kiltara is busy stuffing a meatroll in her mouth, but watching the look on her brother's face none-the-less. Is it good? Is it bad? Even she can't tell, but she does turn with a giggle, climbing up to stand on the side of the well. She leans forward, lips finding /his/ cheek just before Kilarden is catching her under the arms and swinging her up and onto a hip. "Absolutely not," he says, fixing Velrich with an even look. "Women are trouble." Solemn, said even as Kiltara fills the silence with laughter. There's no goodbye, no nothing offered for his companion. Kilarden just simply… leaves.

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