Two Greens, Three Weyrlings

Western Weyr - Eastern Bowl
The eastern end of the crater that forms the Weyr. The cliffs rise to the east, north and south of you, small openings in the face are individual weyrs of dragons and their riders. To the north is the large ledge and cave mouth of the Queen's weyr, with a wide ramp and stairs made by skilled stone masons providing access to the bowl floor. To the east is the Weyrling training area and the barracks, where young riders and dragons learn to work together. You can easily detect the weyr kitchen cavern entrance to the south, thanks to the aromas of fine western cooking.

The bowl is cast in the orange-gold glow of the setting sun, the weather is, well, pretty much perfect. The whole scene would be decidedly serene if it weren't for a pair of greenriders standing by their mounts in the bowl, the taller, willowy one of the pair gesticulating wildly at the other with what appears to be… a feather boa. "/Dahling/, /no/. We're /not/ going back until we've /found/ the damned thing, I simply /have/ to have it, Alvie, you just /don't/ understand! You /never/ understand!" He flips the boa at the other Ierne-knotted rider, while his green, Fayth, sways rather glowingly behind him, her eyes tinted slightly more purple than they were moments ago.

This flying thing isn't quite perfected yet. At least not to Geimhreath's standards. Even when the usual lessons and chores are done, he is summoning Keely out to practice. The pair are high above the bowl, slowly spiraling downward. The blue is fairly well-focused until he spots something pretty and glowy. Then it's all business and he's trying to show off with a few banked turns, instead of the careful descent that was intended. "HEY," calls the brunette from his back.

Feather boas, so flamboyant, although the dusky-skinned rider abstains from flaunting himself in such a fashion, preferring instead to keep to leathers just a bit tighter than one is wont. "Now Bar," Al'vyn clears his throat, reaching out to snatch at the boa for a moment, playfully so. "I'd understand, if you told me what it was that you have to find." There's a hiss of movement behind him, sinuous coils of serpentine dragoness beckspeckled with darker green freckles as Kieravyth stretches her wings, neck stretching upwards to taste the air with a flicker of her tongue, crooning towards the swooping blue. "Hey yourself," Al waves upwards, before sidling closer to B'clay. "Let's get looking then, babe."

Flight is awesome. It really is. Indianath loves being up in the air, and as the brown pair follow Keely and Geimhreath, he looks definitely graceful as he comes cruising down to the ground below… until it comes to the landing. There's nothing at all sleek about his crashlanding in the bowl, jarring Rou'x as she slips from his back. But, like his blue brother, Indy's noticed something of definite interest in front of him - and he croons towards the two greens. Rou'x gets it quick enough, and gestures to Keely while giving the greenriders a finger-waggling wave. "Kee - Kee, quick, c'mon down here, c'mon."

Weyrling landings are of no interest to B'clay, who now has his hands pressed to his hips defiantly. "That /ring/, sweetheart, the one I've been /telling/ you about for /sooo/ long? Don't you /ever/ listen to me?" He's getting more wound up - and the agitated Fayth behind him very quickly reveals the reason why. While her green companion tastes the air, she lets out a challenging croon to the two young males, before spreading her wings and leaping towards the corrals in one airy, well-coordinated bound - that lands her right atop a herdbeast. Bar looks after her, horrified, while reaching out to capture his mate's hand. "Shit. Alvie! Here?!"

It doesn't take long for Keely to clue in. Part of riding a giant libido. She flushes a bit and leans in close against Geimhreath's neck, focusing on getting the blue to /quit showing off/ and land. Fortunately, she's able to exert her will over the icy dragon enough to get him to land. It's not a terrible landing either; they've been practicing well enough that he's become competent. Not the terrible clumsy mess he had been for so long. The young rider is quick to fiddle with the straps and dismount, jogging lightly to Rou'x side. Geim takes this moment to preen a bit, settling on hind legs and extending his wings. Handsome, right ladies? This pose doesn't last long, for as soon as Fayth takes to the air, Geimhreath launches himself aloft. Amazingly, he doesn't flub it up. He's not overly graceful, no, but he doesn't make a fool of himself right off the bat either.

Al'vyn's expression looks faintly guilty — /has/ he been listening or not? "Ring…" heartbeat. "Ooooh," his breath whooshes out, "/that/ ring. Yeah, darling, let's go get it." If it's here. The anxiety of the other greenrider has the man inching closer to B'clay, reaching out in a soothing sort of fashion before Fayth is headed right for the corrals — and with a snarled hiss, Kieravyth is not long in following her. "KIERAVYTH," Al's voice can definitely hit a higher pitch, especially at times like these and he reaches out, snatching at Bar's hand as the other man captures his own. "Damn, yeah." His gaze flickers, trailing towards Keely and R'oux while there's the sounds of a very messy kill and blooding coming from Kieravyth on the feeding grounds.

Rou'x captures Keely's hand and entwines their fingers, while Indianath takes after the proddy green. He takes down a herdbeast, sucking eagerly at its neck in between another brown and two blues that have also joined the chase - though his attention is split when Kieravyth joins the fray. Two girls! Dividing his attention between the two he bloods eagerly (messily), waiting to spring when one takes to the skies. His rider is blinking rapidly beneath the brim of her new, ever-present hat, clutching tight at Keely. "Y'wanna go wi' me, Kee?"

Fayth is jealous over her herdbeast, raising her head to hiss angrily at Kieravyth, before pouncing on another beast to claim it. Her wings raise and she makes guttural, primitive sounds as she lightly bloods a second carcass, snapping at a blue that comes too close and lashing her tail behind her to keep the rest of the males clear. Then she calls out a trumpeting challenge, before leaping skywards - once she's free of the ground and powering up above the bowl so the fading sunlight glitters against her fairydusted hide, all possessive instinct is gone as she focuses on speed.

Pale eyes are distant. Worlds away. Geimhreath has downed his kill and is blooding it, the dark substance staining his pale hide. He croons lowly at the greens, tail lashing behind him as he watches intently. Keely barely brings her attention back, shifting jaw as she realizes she was gritting her teeth. "Yes," she says in a low voice to Rou'x, leaning in slightly towards the more experienced — in some things — brownrider. Geim shakes his muzzle out, spraying some blood, as Fayth takes flight. Muscles bunch and soon he's aloft as well, cutting off another blue as he sets chase.

Kieravyth's lips peel back from her teeth, bloodied fangs bared for a moment at the other green as her narrow wings mantle over her own prey before her head darts down, jaws clasped tight around the throat of the herdbeast and she sucks greedily, tossing aside the drained carcass to strike out at a passing wherry in a burst of proto-feathers tongue uncurling to lap at emerald ichor. Then she tenses, head lifting, haunches bunched. For her, as she lunges skywards, height is her goal rather than speed, the green finding the thermals to shoot upwards, looping spirals into the sunset.

To the skies! Indianath is a fraction slow getting up there though, not /quite/ quick enough to beat some of the more experienced males off the ground. His wings snap open and he leaps upward, dark wings beating powerfully down to gain height and speed. It's Kieravyth he veers after, being closer to the second green. His single-mindedness has everything blocked out save for the chase, while Rou'x can feel herself getting lost in his determination. She curls her arm around Keely's waist, not entirely with him yet.

Ujinath was among those blooding, the blue keeping primarily to himself though his whirling eyes try to focus on both Fayth and Kieravyth as both greens lure him. Conflicted on who to chase, he utters croons and growls, low rumblings to both or none as he remains indecisive even as Fayth leaps first and then Kieravyth shortly afterwards. He's slow to rise as well, but once his wings flare and take those first few powerful sweeps, he's darting up with the rest of the pack only to then veer off sharply for his own path. He'll follow close to one to start, then arc or dive towards the other, weaving between competition before catching a thermal to bide his time, watching and waiting for a key time to begin the chase again. Down below, Kiena half walks, half jogs towards the eastern bowl, a pair of smithing gloves still clutched in one hand as she comes to a slow stop near the assembled riders, blue eyes cast upwards as she breathes heavily to catch her breath. Her brows are knitted into a heavy frown and she looks more uncertain and confused then upset.

B'clay's only just got enough clarity left to nudge Al'vyn towards… something. Somewhere? He doesn't know where they're going. But with Fayth getting higher, he's increasing uncaring. High above the Weyr now and demonstrating the aerial abilities of her tiny form, Fayth ducks and dodges the attempts of blues, browns and bronzes alike as they come close, drawing them on in a teasing chase that's close to Kieravyth - but not /too/ close. Close enough, perhaps, for the field of males to merge and become confused; though the delicate belle doesn't care as she soars higher still.

Geimhreath does not veer for the other green. He knows that lessens his chances more; best to stay focused. It's certainly not to be polite to his clutchmate, even if it may seem that way. Keely quivers a little where she's settled in Rou'x's arm, struggling to keep control. Her lifemate has an overpowering personality on the best of days… it's certainly not easy in a situation where there's such a primal drive that can overpower. Her breathing has quickened with her heartrate. Geimhreath doesn't fall for the confusion… nearly, perhaps, but it's the aerobatics versus height that draw him in. Perhaps he expects Fayth to tire sooner. The icy-toned blue dips and weaves, trying to edge out the rest of the pack.

Al'vyn is nudged, and he goes not unwillingly, as his fingers tighten in — and around — B'clay's grip, the greenrider reaching with his freehand to loosen the collar of his flight leathers, just a tad. His gaze flickers, trading between the surroundings, the young women about them, and his greenrider darling. "Wasn't expecting this," he quips dryly, and with just a hint of amusement, dragging his gaze upwards towards the flight… flights? Kieravyth seeks height, a teasing snarl sent towards Indianath as the brown pursues her, her narrow wingsails dragging at the air around her, sweeping updrafts that carry her higher. Acrobatics are lost for her, just the steady beat of wingsails before she suddenly dives, a dart downwards towards the other green and her suitors. Mingled now, no doubt, although Kieravyth keeps her distance in her own way, arching her back to gain lost height in a sinuous lunge.

"Kiena!" Rou'x calls out to their fellow weyrling from where she's holding Keely to her, waving her over with grabby-hand beckoning. Three's definitely more company than a crowd in this situation. High above, Indianath's got a so-smooth croon for Kieravyth in response to her snapping, tucking his wings to his side to dive down after her - and narrowly avoiding crashing into another brown as the two sets of chasers merge. He gathers himself quick enough after the diversion though, winging his way back into the contending crowd chasing the glowing green.

Ujinath lacks the discipne to reserve all his strength, though some form of instinct (or lingering common sense) keep him from going headlong into the frey. The blue wheels up and after Fayth again for a moment, tailing her glowing hide and mimicking some of her teasing movements until she lures them all back towards Kieravyth and he goes for the bait, switching paths again and chasing the other. All the while his moves are almost laid back, sometimes surging forwards or pulling a few maneuvers to feint and fool his competitors but aside from that Ujinath is content to remain almost invisible among the pack, never quite still but not draining all his energy in one futile shot. But with his continued indecisiveness between the greens… will he last? Kiena's attention had drifted to Al'vyn and B'clay, eyes slightly unfocused and distant as she glances between the two until Rou'x's call snaps her back into her senses for a moment. Shaking her head, she pulls herself away from Ujinath's hold on her, enough to shuffle awkwardly over to where she stands with Keely. Three is more company and at least it's company she knows.

B'clay is too absorbed in the moment - and himself in general, really - to be as caring as Al'vyn is about the young girls gathered whose dragons have gone after their own. Fayth is far more attentive, creeling a challenge at her suitors as she powers forward, even though she's tiring. Little dragons are built for little bursts of speed, not drawn-out chases. The twinkle of pixiedust along her back and wings is fading as the sun sets even more, and Fayth turns her flight to the higher skies once more - only to scream as her rival green dives down past her, dipping her own wings to echo Kieravyth's path, bringing the vying males together once more.

As both greens dive, Geimhreath is not so easily able to keep his focus. He's now lashing out at fellow suitors, snapping at tails and trying to angle them out of the flight. He nearly gets taken out himself by a stray wing, but manages to duck low at the last moment. He doesn't dive yet, waiting to see what the greens do before he expends more effort. He's begun to flag, like many of the others surely are, and instead tries to keep pace. Keely wavers back and forth a bit, as if warring with her desire to stay with the familiar and the draconic influence pulling her towards B'clay and Al'vyn. She blinks briefly, vision clearing as Kiena approaches. There's a greeting, but it's really just a grunt.

The scream is echoed, Kieravyth's piercing challenge ringing out across the darkening skies, although the green makes no move to close with suitors nor rival alike, preferring instead to continue her upwards climb — but that, well, it's a tricky move and if greater height is to be sought, weaving and wending one's way through the cluster of chasers brings the lean and lithe green into perilously close contact with some of the males, her talons lash out at a bronze, daring to venture too close, and then she's free, streaking upwards. "Close call," Al's voice is muted, the greenrider locked in rapt bonding with his dragon; only aware of B'clay's proximity before he moves closer, winding an arm around the other greenrider's waist. "Too close."

Rou'x reaches out to curl her arm around Kiena's waist, just as she has a hold on Keely, pulling the three of them close into a little weyrling triangle - though she'll not deny either girl if they want to break free, of course. Her eyes close and she shudders as she joins Indianath, giving a little cry as her lifemate narrowly avoids Geimhreath's teeth, only to barrel into another chaser. The impact brings the two of them down until they can regain their wings, knocking them both out of the running; but the young brown dragon keeps going anyway. What's a little bruising in the face of a good green?

Ujinath dives down again with the rest of the males, growling in anticipation and frustration, as he cannot choose between Fayth and Kieravyth. Wheeling to avoid Geimhreath's teeth, he flashes his own to his clutchsibling, uttering a cold hiss before darting up and away, while Indianath barrels into another. That has the blue soaring up and up again, despite the strain on his already tiring wings as he seeks to put some distance between the other chasers and still keeping the two greens within his sights. Kiena doesn't protest when Rou'x reaches out to curl an arm around her waist, moving in close but not too close. Keely's greeting is echoed much of the same way, her jaw too clenched to match the tension in her body. She's up there with her blue mostly now and when her eyes aren't focused on the other riders, they drift skywards.

Fayth is flagging badly by now, her wings growing more tired with every beat. She has enough energy left to dodge the midjudged attempts of a blue and a bronze, screeching at them as they fall too far behind to be in contention for her affections any longer - but she knows who she wants. The snapping and snarling of a male behind her has captured her attention, and she calls out to him, impressed by his competitiveness. She veers towards the tiring Geimhreath, tangling herself in his icy paws and bringing her flight to a very satisfying close as she twines her neck possessively with his. Bar lets out a gasp and a groan as he leans heavily against Al'vyn, wrapping his arms around his weyrmate's waist to drag him towards the shelter of the ground weyrs.

It's the ivy blue's first catch proper and he lets out a triumphant bellow of a trumpet to the other males. /His/. It's a quick fall, his wings spread to help him support the glowing Fayth. Keely's eyes cloud over almost completely and rather than just cower in Rou'x's grasp, she's grabbing at her fellow weyrling with something of an urgency. Hopefully she can get the brownrider to something more private than the middle of the bowl.

Kieravyth needs more height, up up up! But even she, large as she might be for a green, has her limits, and she's fast reaching the end of them. One wingbeat… two… and then she falters, dropping down… down… down. Right into the pack of the pursuing males. And right into Ujinath in particular. The urge to flee is knocked out of her, her tail curling and coiling with his, a tangle of wings and neck, she surrenders herself, caught and rightly won. Al's breath catches, indrawn, and then he's going willingly, swept up by B'clay's insistent arms, ground weyrs bound.

Defeated, Indianath spirals back down to the ground, though Rou'x is distracted by Keely. "I gotcha, Kee…" And then, knowing that Kiena's Ujinath has caught too, the more lucid of the three weyrlings gently starts to nudge the other two towards the ground weyrs… not that she's got any intention of /leaving/ them, of course. She has disappointment to get over for her and her dragon's sake!

Ujinath is soaring up and up and then Kieravyth is dropping down and right into his grasp. He almost fumbles with the green, giving a startled cry that promptly turns triumphant and he croons lowly to her as they twine together as one. As she surrenders, he'll use the last of his strength to carry them onwards and safely beyond. Below, Kiena's breath hitches sharply, eyes widening as her mind is lost to her blue and if she weren't attatched to Rou'x, she'd have tried to follow the two greenriders. Instead, she focuses on the brownrider weyrling and eagerly follows wherever she is led to go, very little nudging required.

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