Slingin' Mud aka ALL THE FIGHT

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Weyrling Training Field

Near the tall black eastern wall of the crater is a cleared field. The earth there has been churned many times over by the landings and take offs of young dragons and only a few patches of grass cling to life in this active area. Wooden props and markers used to assist the weyrlings as they learn the precise maneuvers required for the rescue and protection work that the weyr is famous for, litter the training field. Close to the rimwall, in the east where the sun is usually shaded is a large wooden slat barracks for the weyrlings to live in. Tropical trees and shrubs have been allowed to grow here, perfuming the air with a floral scent.

Mid-morning of the day following the hatching is muggy and still, but not raining, at least? A few weyrlings are scattered around the 'field, but Ilyscaeth and Cita were off to the side by themselves. They aren't any more, with a visiting gold and bronze hovering around the little Ily, while the riders talk a little away. Ilyscaeth is excited, and can share — she's generous, excited, maybe a little worried about Cita's fit of bawling but it seems to have settled down a little. « You're real real quiet, too! » The little gold bellows, like some sort of foghorn, bandaged head canting. "Ily…" Cita tries, and fails, still sniffing ridiculously. « Warm, you say? » Ilyscaeth trumpets, excited, ghosting through the howling and trees with excited starbursts and billowing clouds. Yes! This sounds like a good idea, and there she goes, clambering in against Garouth and puffing up proudly. « I will be big, too! I'll be bigger! » And no amount of stomping around like a little monster can make her that big right now, but she'll try anyways, brash and loud and distracting Cita right out of her growing-common fit of sniffles. "It must be. I was fine, yesterday." She will accept that, and run with it, eyeing her little gold beadily. Completely oblivious, Ilysi beams back sunshine and echoes whales with Leirith, all but exploding joy everywhere. Cita doesn't look like a person who might murder D'lei, but IT'S A TRAP, because it's entirely possible that if he told, she'd have to kill him. Maybe. "I don't know. I think I made Ila cry." A confidential whisper, and probably a lie, if the sudden devilish smirk says anything. The effect is maybe a little ruined by the tears, but, you know. Cita can't quite come up with the words to express how she's feeling; she opens and shuts her mouth a few times, then shakes her head like a canine. "It's…she's beautiful. Ilyscaeth." Lets not go back there, Cita. She's only just started speaking full sentences again. "It is her job. She's, uh. Something." The healer laughs, a little shaky, still trying valiantly to get her face under control. "Me, too. I'm glad. I'm sorry the weather's not great for a visit!"

It's a metaphysical forest, the projected images of Garouth's mind, in which Leirith's dancers move with the breeze, jump with flashes of lightning as they string up lights in trees to add depth to endless shadow. She is just as much at home here as she is in her own mind, in Risali's mind, in Ilyscaeth's mind now, as she nips at bronze hide mischievously. Then bass and drums are almost deafening in response to being told she is too quiet, only TOO HAPPY TO OBLIGE VOLUME, BECAUSE SHE IS UNDAUNTED, AND HAS THE LOUDS IN SPADES. « IS THIS BETTER, LITTLE BADASS? » She's pushing those Xermiltoth-levels of obnoxiousness here, which causes Risali to wince and shoot her lifemate a look. A look that has Leirith laughing as Garouth tucks a wing around her, extends one for Ilyscaeth, and the newest gold takes him up on that offer. EXCELLENT. Leirith will give Garouth another nose-boop in warning before she moves from under his wing and comes around the other side of him, where Ily rests, so she can SETTLE HER BULK, AND SAMMICH THE BABY QUEEN, and unfurl one of those massive wings to tuck over them both. « Become the biggest, and the most badass! Do not let anyone stop you, or tell you what you can or cannot be! Then they will all scream when they see you coming, and you won't have to worry about anybody being too quiet. » Risali merely nods agreement with Cita, having //been there and perhaps still being there because she's crying, too. But less. Grey eyes flicker to D'lei, finding amber where they linger for a long moment, and she moves in closer to him again, finding one of his hands with her own to squeeze before her attention jumps back to Cita. "I know." IT'S NOT A LIE, and Risali's eyes lose some of that suspicious wet as she smiles, adopting that conspirator's tone in a way that's laughing at her father. "I saw him this morning, and said your name, and he couldn't even look at me." Because WALLS AND CEILINGS AND THAT ROCK THERE were more interesting, OKAY. And the curve of her lips turns into something much more gentle. "She is, and it's okay; we're not here for the weather." THEY'RE HERE FOR YOU, CITA. Still, she looks up at D'lei, leaning into him with a shoulderbump despite the fact that she's still holding fast to his hand, and then raises her brows as she looks back to Cita. "We could all dance?" JUST A BIG CIRCLE OF NON-FEELING LIMBS MOVING. RIGHT?

« Quiet is relative. » Garouth's amused, a rumble like an avalanche that starts quiet and then builds, and builds, until the ground shakes with the deep shuddery sound of it… oh wait. Maybe that's just him, with the sound he makes that's welcoming to little gold and, yes, warm. In both friendly-ish terms and body heat ones! Because he's got this body, it generates warmth, and his tatter-edged wing tucks over Ilyscaeth with a drape as … yeah, he's outclassed in the loudness game. This is fine. They can be the loud ones here! Garouth will just be the warm one… which, okay, Leirith also has, as she moves around to the other side and tucks her own, larger wing over both of them. NOW GAROUTH IS THE SMALL ONE. Which… he's okay with. « You will be bigger than me. » This much he knows, because Ilyscaeth is a gold and thus? She will be bigger. « Someday. » There he goes, talking about that semi-mythical future thing. WHAT ABOUT NOW? Oh right, that's for cuddles with a baby gold between grown gold and bronze. And a conversation between their riders! D'lei squeezes Risa's hand back, but he doesn't look at her, instead keeping his gaze on Cita for now. This is who he's meeting, this is what the conversation is, it's all good. And probably won't end in murders. Probably. But he grins as he listens to other people crying, because this is fine and can happen, and then… "She's got a lot of energy," he says of Ilyscaeth. "Like. That way where you can see it on the inside, in her outside." Which definitely could totally make sense maybe, and D'lei grins for it… and for Risali's suggestion. "There's even mud we could dance through. That patch over there looks like it might even get up to our knees."

And here comes S'van, out of the barracks and into CERTAIN DOOM! Unbeknownst to him, of course. Although really? At this point? The doom is pretty much a given. He wouldn't be surprised. Doom. It's all DOOM. And to prove this point, Aedeluth is with him, limping along on his gimpy right-hind leg, hobbling along in a most undignified manner than has faceted eyes whirling with red-twinged swirls. And S'van looks none too happy either. And is he limping too? Maybe. Probably. I mean, why not? "You have to." Pause "Because if you don't, it'll stay that way." Pause. "Of course you do! Yes. YOU DO! For fucks sake, Aedeluth, just walk on it." Day two. Already arguing. Ah, match made in heaven. And then the bronze is doing just that, walking with purposeful, limp-y strides towards trio of dragons and trio of riders that have caught his interest. Because they, at least, might be stimulating. And oh-ho, what is this? Forests? Fairies? Ahem. Dancers. Lights? BOOMING VOICES! Aedeluth is intrigued. And since he's going that-a-way to investigate, S'van must come along too. Even gimpy, the bronze has him beat, quickly out distancing his also-limping weyrling. The static interference of his mind trickles at the corners and edges of that forest. The pulse of blue light, electricity in the dark as power clicks-on. And then the eerie glow of a black screen. « Hm. » Booting-up. Processing. Downloading. « Why're you squishing Ilyscaeth? » Not that there's any concern there whatsoever. Idle curiosity, at best. Morbid fascination, at worst. By the time S'van catches up (and is able to recognize a certain goldrider) it's too late. Aedeluth has set his butt down and will refuse to be moved. There just might be a murder. Cause yeah. The DOOM is real.

« MUCH better! » Ily doesn't really catch the sarcasm that Cita might have put into that — were she not used to Xermi already — and is, instead, painfully earnest. She can hear that, rather than relying on the delay of her lifemate's translation into thought! Cue wiggling enthusiasm, and peals of flashing laughter as Leirith ambles on around to squeesh her between the pair of them. « Ooh! Warm! It was so cold without the sun out. » Which is an outright lie, but she probably believes it, if the happy burrowing and trilling says anything. The idea that others will just start screaming when she arrives gets a delighted giggle from the dragonet, who kind of poofs out her chest. « They'll have to run pretty fast to not get squished like that bug I stepped on earlier. So will you, Garouth! I think you'll be able to keep up, though. » That's for Leirith, maybe a little bit awestruck. Bless. For her part, Cita is valiantly trying not to start bawling again, lip trembling suspiciously on the Ila-report, eyes skittering off tellingly. Yep. Rock wall, very interesting: check. "Well, he probably deserves it." The weyrling reasons, clearing her throat loudly and trying a smirk, while Ilysi bugles from between her new friends for her clutchmate. « It's warm, Aedeluth. Join us! Being squashed isn't real bad. They are only bigger for now. » The goldling's weyrling just kind of waves, a little dazed, at S'van, then laughs. Non-murderously, probably. "Is it normal for them to have so much energy? I don't remember the last batch being so energetic. And none of her clutchmates…" Cita huffs, helpless and amused, but oh no. Oh no, Ily has to choose now to actually hear things on the first go. « DID YOU SAY MUD DANCING? WHERE? BRING US TO THE MUD. Aedeluth! We're going to dance in the mud! » Ah. Good. Cita facepalms.

Leirith? Well, she's busy tucking her snout in under shared-wing-warmth to the hatchling gold and nosebooping her like Leirith is some kind of doting mother and maybe also just finds delight in the presence pressed between her bulk and Garouth's lesser largeness. « You stepped on a bug? » DOES SHE SOUND PROUD? SHE FEELS PROUD, that might also be why she's getting a nose-to-nose boop from the older queen. « Such a badass! And Garouth will keep up as well; he is also a badass. We may be bigger than he is, but he chases moons, and fights, and lets me chase him. » And she's lifting her head, faceted eyes blue as they whirl towards the bronze and MAYBE SHE IS LAUGHING AT HIM, OKAY. « His smallness does not deter him. I see you do not let yours deter you either. » BUT LOOK. ANOTHER BABY, and he APPROACHES, and the gold shifts to glance at him and - thumthumBOOMBOOM - bass and drums beat enthusiastic rhythms as she RUDELY STARES AT HIS BITCHIN' LEG (listen, she's got wonky headknobs that sit at different angles and squat little legs - she's a sight too) and then she lifts her wing just so. MORE ROOM FOR MORE BABIES. « We do not squish her! You do not walk well, do you hurt? Garouth's warmth is good for that too. » JUST A PILE OF DRAGONSQUISH. GET IN. Or don't, because Risa mentions dancing, and D'lei mentions mud, and Cita is trying not to cry while Risali looks everywhere but at her so that she doesn't start up again too. BAH. EMOTIONS. "Leirith hasn't lost her energy, but none of her clutchmates were nearly as energetic. I think you're just doomed." SEE? DISTRACTIONS. SHE IS GOOD FOR THEM. And so is D'lei, unwittingly. "Mud sounds great," Risali says, tone forced through thick emotion as she gives D'lei a wicked look. "But I'm going to kick your ass this time. Cita might even be nice enough to patch you up after." She's reaching out her free hand for the healer-turned-weyrling when… it clicks. It happens. Risali's turning her attention to locate spots of mud and locates S'van instead. She falters, her brows furrowing as her lips pull tight and her grip on D'lei - and possibly Cita - goes alarmingly tight for just a moment. "Congratulations on your dragon," she tells the NEWLY ARRIVED WEYRLING with a tone wrought with sarcasm and dry humor. "Ran out of space in the store rooms?" BADUM, TSH.

« Perhaps I will. » Garouth agrees to Ilyscaeth. « Or… perhaps you will catch me like Leirith does, and squish me under your paws. » He rumbles, ducking his head in to seek for a tiny little paw to nibble… or, really, whatever else of Ilyscaeth he can manage to capture. Om nom getting his revenge on her now for potential future squishings! …if by 'revenge' we mean teasing nibbles that don't even use a trace of teeth, but it's the principle of the thing, ok? Nibbles and squishes and cuddles just belong together, that's another principle of the world as described by Garouth. Even if Leirith thinks he's badass enough to keep up, and even if he rumbles to her. « That just makes it the greater triumph. Easy prey is no fun at all. » Garouth is wild, untamed bronze! Who sits with his wing over one gold because she's little and with the wing of another over him because she's big. This is just how he rolls. Er, sits. Like D'lei stands, and… hehs. Energy? Yeaaah… "Some of them are just like that," he says, with a glance to Risa and a crooked grin, then back to Cita. "Top speed until they fall over, then a quick nap before they do it all over again. Though… she's not the most energetic I've seen?" Is that meant to be encouraging? Probably. Is it? Maaaybe noooot. But hey, at least D'lei also provided half of a distraction, and he grins to Risali as she runs with it. "Ha. You will not," he retorts. "By the time I'm through with you, the weyrlingmasters will be wondering where they got an extra brown." …but, speaking of extra dragons, Aedeluth is here to distract them from the distraction! And S'van, too. Who… hmm. D'lei studies the new-minted bronzerider with a curious, affable expression, even as his fingers squeeze tighter for a moment in response to Risali's death-crush on his. Not gonna say anything, nope. Not him. Garouth, though… he pixelates a tree or two, just so they'll render better for Aedeluth's monitor. « She likes it, » he answers the young bronze's question, matter of fact. Which. She does, so see, he's telling the truth! « …and also mud. » A spatter of heavy raindrops plop down into muddy puddles in his mind as he lifts his head to survey the grounds for suitable spots to cause a terrible mess and require bathing and piling and so much inconvenience (and also fun). Or maybe Cita will succeed in distracting Ilyscaeth from these terrible ideas (or she'll distract herself, with the sudden hunger or whatever else of a hatchling) and the doom will not ensue… today. Well. Not that doom, anyhow. There are others to be had on this muggy but not actually raining morning after hatching, that much is certain!

ERROR. Does not compute. « Eh. No. » for the offer of joining them. Aedeluth does not want to be squished or cuddled. And warm? If a dragon can narrow his eyes, Aedeluth has narrowed his. Even if it's just the projection of the sensation of narrowed-eyes. « And just why would you think I would do any sort of dancing, hm? » in the mud or otherwise, there's a whole lotta 'nope' implied in that statement. Does his leg hurt? « … » pointed look towards gimpy leg. « Sure. » Actually, it REALLY REALLY HURTS but he's not gonna say that. Or even indicate it. Except for the twinge of red he can't get out of his eyes. Damn open-book emotional eyes. And again with another offer of dragon-squishes. Previous answer still stands, a whole lotta « nope. » in that tone and tenor. From the human half, Cita gets a return wave from S'van, even if it's just a raised hand, which is quickly dropped to his side. And then to the side of his bronze. Because maybe he can use him as a shield? Does Aedeluth care? Maybe. Maybe not. But he's parked himself here, so Sev may as well use him as a blockade. For Risali there is just a look. A look that says so much, if he could get his face to cooperate with his brain and come up with an expression a little less DEER IN HEADLIGHTS and a little more I DON'T CARE FOR YOUR TONE OF VOICE. Alas. S'van is rendered mute. But maybe that is for the best. If he doesn't speak, he can't say the wrong thing, right? « I like her. » for Risali, who now has the bronze-ling's full attention. Humor. Amusement. « She's sassy. » Pixelated trees are appreciated, even if he'll insert some of his own little code. There. Solid. Impressive. Viral? Maybe. He'll add his own version of tiny dancies, which seem more like tiny… damaged, deranged zombie-robot-dolls. Twitching spastically. Flickering in and out of being as if they cannot establish the connection. « Of course she does » dripping in dry humor for Ilyscaeth and the love-of-squishing.

Hippity hop goes Myrakath out from the barracks into the light of a new day. There are new smells to be smelled, new sights to be seen, and new thoughts to be thunk. A life is just begining and filled to the brim with possibilities! Stepping out into the sunlight of a new day fills the young green with warmth and optimism. Great things are going to happen this day. She can feel it in her bones. She hops forward her claws making indentations on the damp ground. The moisture in the air fills her lungs and she breathes it in. Life! It's even in the air. Her mind is the ocean with gently wafting waves that reflect the glint of the sun into a vibrant shade of color as the water dances within itself. This is shared with her siblings and the other dragons on the field. « What is going on out here? » she asks brightly. There does seem to be a good deal of activity going on and this must be investigated! So she hops using her back legs to propel her upward and catches herself with her front paws, repeating the motion little by little she comes ever closer. Following on the heels of the green is Baylee. The woman looks groggy and tired but that probably is to be expected given the rather serious life change that happened to her the previous day. She had not been expecting to impress, not in the slightest. Her friends, sure they would impress but she'd expected to be on her way back to the hall to finish her studies. Instead she will be completing weyrlinghood. She walks along with the green as hops along, keeping a watchful gaze over the baby dragon. "I'm not sure." she says to Myrakath, just what is going on out here? Squishing? That can't be right.

It's a bird, or a plane… Wait what's a plane? No matter a large shadow is angling downwards from the sky and once close enough the shadow is actually a blue and known as a certain crazy one actually. Irkevalath bugles out as he turns sharply in the air, wings tucking in closer in the process as he sweeps down low over the field almost as if about to crash upon the ground before he actually pulls back up into the air. Dirt is kicked up and sent in all directions in the air and actually seems to stick to his hide, and let's face it also showers down across anyone that the blue may have gotten to close too. "Honestly…" Sundari murmurs out, she is settled upon her dragon's shoulders gripping onto the straps a bit tightly. "If you crash and kill us I'm going to kick your ass…" Sunny doesn't get to finish her thought as Irkevalath rumbles and flips backwards heading back towards the ground with a sharp bugle heard once more. // As if… // The blue sweeps to the side with a good bit of a elegant movement or two, and then does a awkward landing that involves hopping, a skip and perhaps a stumble near the end even. No one saw that… "I swear to all that is holy I will end your poor excuse for a life if you ever do that again while I'm in the straps." Sundari's voice is heard as she is undoing the clips and before she can say something else Irkevalath shifts with a flutter of wings and Sunny is kissing muddy ground face first. MEET the WLM kiddos, you know encase you haven't met her yet.

ALL THE CUDDLES, ALL THE NIBBLES, ALL THE NOSEBOOPS. They happen under grown sails with the amusement of at least one of those two matured dragons, that same amusement that bleeds out in the form of too-much-sound as she is REFUSED cuddles, but offered honesty for the pain she can see. But, she addresses little golds and Garouth first. « Garouth is right, Ilyscaeth. Easy prey is no fun - I suggest to never be the prey. You chase, and let them flee from you. » And there's laughter, cryptic words carrying dancers through that forest with paper-lanterns, where they stop to behold screens and macabre dancers. Risali? Well, D'lei's crooked grin earns the bronzerider an answering smile of her own, while she listens to conversation and they come back to talk of mudfights. She will leave Cita to her not-crying-at-all wall staring for now, because she knows what it's like, and punch D'lei's arm without withdrawing her hand from his. "That sounded like a challenge, bronzerider." You know, those things that Risali stands fearless in the face of, to the point of brashness - even if S'van is RUINING EVERYTHING with his existence and not answer to sarcastic remarks (which, really, probably is for the best that he's gone mute). It's probably also why Risali is letting go of D'lei's hand even if she can't lose the tension in her shoulders, tying her hair up while grey eyes stay locked on amber with a promise for violence (of the not-actually-violent-maybe? sort) before gently pressing a finger into Dash's sternum. "I'm about to show you how it's done, Dash. Pay attention." LIKE LEIRITH. « Garouth, » she tells the Monacoan bronze - without bothering to narrow down a path for just her to him. « He is tiny, and he is fierce. Like my Risali. » SHE MUST NOSEBOOP HIM, which is why she is craning her long neck, and maybe wiggling a little in mud if she must to get just close enough to - boop goes a snoot, RIGHT IN AEDE'S LITTLE FACE. But then she goes back to where she was if she's had to leave, massive wing tucked back over little queens and one not-so-little Garouth. And then it is literally a sensory overload. Risali is getting spattered by mud, there's a little green that hops when she walks, and Sundari and Irkevalath are busy being EVEL KNIEVEL UP THERE, and then DOWN HERE and for a moment Risali looks like she's not exactly sure what just happened, and possibly like murder is now a thing to be considered, and then… she's laughing. Laughing like Leirith is laughing WITH (NOT AT, IMPORTANT DISTINCTION) Myrakath and Irk. « You have a funny way of walking. » The gold informs the green, but the words are not unkind by any stretch of the imagination. « We are sharing in Garouth's warmth! We have room for more, if you would like. » Literally between them, because Ily is a cute little gold sammich tucked under a Garouth wing with Leirith on the otherside, wing-blanketing them both. Leirith is lifting her wing again, because DRAGON CUDDLES WITH THE BIG DRAGONS, WHY NOT? And Irk? Well. He gets an amused, « I give it an 8 on the scale of badassery. You did not stick the landing. » Still, Risali SHOVES D'lei's shoulder, and then smears mud on him from what Irk's spattered on her. "I think Sunny just saved you," she whispers, as eyes go to Baylee who… is unfamiliar, but gets a muted smile from the Xanaduian goldrider none-the-less, and then Sundari. Who… her last interaction was not great with. "Nevermind," she breathes, leaning down to gather MORE MUCH and SQUOOSH IT IN D'LEI'S FACE with a cackle of delighted LAUGHTER. ABOUT THOSE DISTRACTIONS.

Hippity-hoppity sisters do not earn Aedeluth's attention. Not even a pixel is sent her direction. To the point where it's obvious he's pretending she does not exist, and knows perfectly well that she is there, in all her sun-shiny optimism. Joy. Bronze shoulders roll, seconded by human shoulders as S'van mimics the gesture. And then a little scratchy-scratch to the bronze hide his hand is on. Soothing him? Warning him off? Could be both. The blue performing acrobatics above them, kicking up all that dust? That earns a look, a flicker of attention, and a dull, « Show off » and another hunch of bronze shoulders. He could totally do that, too. And he would stick the landing. Just you wait. But S'van? There is just a little wince, a lift of the hand not currently touching his dragon, to rub absently at his forehead. Pain. Much pain. At least he is only the target of HEATED LOOKS and not MURDER. So thank you for that, Risa. But big, booming, muddy-ish golds coming in for a nose boop? S'van is not OK with this, even if Aedeluth stares DOOM in the face and just… takes it like a champ. Nose booped. SO undignified it does not even warrant a response except maybe, just maybe, the static at the edges of the mind gets a little more… intense. Screens flashing. Lights blazing. Code scrolling. Too much to see. Too much to focus on. "Ugh," from the human-half, a squinty-scrunched up face. At least he pays attention to hippity-hoppity siblings, if just to say, "Hey, Baylee," presumably once she is in speaking distance. "Ma'am," for Sundari. Cause that's a thing, right? Still gotta say ma'am and sir? And probably salute? Which he forgets, as both hands are occupied at this moment. Bronze beast is amused at mud-in-face at least, code receding, blank-screen back. Analyzing. Downloading. Saving. To be reviewed.

Well then. No cuddles for Aedeluth! Just pixel-trees that change to red-black patterns as the palettes shift… at least, in that small section of the forest. Beyond that monitored space, the only electricity is lightning and fireflies… which aren't even electric, so, yeah. « He will not stay tiny. » Garouth observes to Leirith. « He might remain fierce. » The older (if maybe not wiser? Who knows) bronze remains where he is, though he lifts his head to observe new arrivals. There's Aedeluth, of course, as Leirith attempts to boop that fierce little nose, and then… Myrakath, hopping her way into action. A dapple of shadow from Garouth's mind greets her. « We are visiting. » he answers her, because why are strange adults even here is one part of the question. Leirith answers the other part, that explains cuddles and reveals tiny gold bloop to tinier green one. Because these visitors are stealing away baby dragons, which means it's a good thing Sundari is here before they can get too far. (Or have they already? TOUGH TO SAY.) Also…. tough landing, for the bluerider. Garouth rumbles, deep in his chest, as a cold breeze brushes out to Irkevalath in a wordless greeting. But mostly? The bronze watches, with curiosity and amiable warmth. Physically, anyhow. His mind's a cool place. D'lei, on the other hand… well, he grins to Risali. "Sure did," he replies. "It's that, or an insult to your honor as a mud-wrestler." WHICH CANNOT STAND, and he knows that, which is probably also why he made it. Also why he grins, as he leans into that poking finger that threatens him. "Bring it." Which, of course, she DOE- WAIT. THAT MUD WAS. WAIT. WHO. WHERE. MUD? "Probably not for lo-" WELP. There he goes, getting mud in the fact, and D'lei laughs as he reaches for Risali to hug her like a bear and drag her into the mud, with him on the bottom like the lead weight tied around her. Pay heed, young weyrlings. This is what responsible, mature, respectable/ riders of gold and bronze dragons do with themselves. They are setting your example.

Myrakath is undaunted when the big gold tells her she walks funny. To her it just seems the best way to get around, « I walk perfectly fine. Everyone else walks funny. » When you are little and the world is new you get to make sweeping statements like this. The green hops closer to /investigate/ this larger bronze dragon that the others are cuddling so close to, « I don't know. Seems like there is lots of warmth coming from everywhere. » The day being as muggy as it is she can feel it on her hide, « Why would someone want to be more warm? » she asks questioningly as the waves churn and bubble in her mind. There are so many things to figure out and it all must be known and all must be categorized. « And why would people throw bits of the ground at each other? That doesn't seem entirely safe. » Given their expressions no one seems to be in peril and no one needs to be saved yet, this is just odd behavior. « Is that how humans greet each other? Should we all be throwing bits of the ground at each other each time we meet? » Then there is the blue's arrival, « Wow. » Myrakath says in awe, though that awe is tempered when the blue's rider also faceplants into the dirt. This dirt thing is a recurring theme and must be investigated! « So if I throw dirt at someone what does that mean? Does that mean hello? Does it mean something else? » So many questions! Baylee knows Sev of course and returns his greeting with a smile and a "Hey." Though she does salute the weyrlingmaster, since that is what you do now. Her wince says all that needs to be said about the faceplant. Best just ignore that. You want to make a good impression right? Risali gets a wave of sorts in return and a shy sort of smile, as does the bronze rider who is clearly the perfect example of what it is to be a grownup rider. This day might be weird. Though nothing can top the oddity of impression.

Sundari isn't moving, nope she is just going to turn into a bit of ground there and not have to worry about standing up. Would anyone miss her? Nope she is rather sure at the moment none would. Irk shifts on his paws, stretching in a feline manner. // I think it was more like a nine… I didn't fall after all. // The blue offers with an amused bit of crooning before he shifts forward towards the other dragons leaving his rider to wallow in the mud perhaps. // Everyone doing well today yes-yes?? // Irkevalath pauses before the others and looks to the gold and bronze that are new to him, at least for now. // Sorta big for hathlings an't you? // Sundari shifts an mutters finally as she gets herself standing and is working on shaking off the mud ad such. "Moring… Or… What have you." Is it still morning? Perhaps! She catches sight of Risali whom will get a smile from her. "Hello Risali, been a spell. Your gold is lovely." Shedoesn't seem that upset it seems. A nod is offered to the others Weyrlings and the bronzer she doesn't know.

« He will always be small to me, » Leirith laughs, amusement thick to hint that she's teasing him for how small he is (compared to her), if all those feather-masked dancers suddenly leaning down to gently pat the smallest overgrowth isn't some kind of a hint. Small and PRECIOUS AS THAT DRAGON BLOOP BETWEEN HERSELF AND GAROUTH, BECAUSE RISALI HAS AN ADMIRER IN HIM. Tiny bronze dragons that appreciate her ferocity in lieu of their lifemate's intense dislike, even if Aedeluth is not so fond of the queen who just nose-booped him right on into indignity without any cares to give. She is a badass, and he is cute, and he may one day yet become a badass - but is now only fierce enough to earn affection, like how Myrakath earns laughter for her retort to the observation of her walking. CUE BOMBARDMENT OF BABY CURIOUSITY, all of which Leirith absorbs with gentle amusement and patience. Risali? She returns the wave to Baylee from around a Cheshire Smile with muddied hands, grey eyes going to Sundari as she swallows a breath to say something and shrieks instead. DOWN SHE GOES, BEAR HUGGED INTO THE MUD, ON TOP OF A BRONZER who earns more laughter from Risa as she thrashes against him. Risali tries to pin him down, and shove mud where it doesn't belong (his hair, down his collar, against his mouth, MAYBE IN HIS EYES) and then… did she just FLING SOME at S'van? MAYBE. MAYBE IT WAS AN ACCIDENT (FIGHT HER). She's too busy NOT LOOKING AT HIS FACE to notice maybe he's in pain, but hey. A little mud never hurt anybody. "SUNNY!" A beat. "YOU!" That's to Baylee. "ARE YOU REALLY GOING TO LET HIM - DASH, NO, STOP -" interlude for laughter. "DISHONOR." DISHONOR ON YOU, DIHONOR ON YOUR FAMILY, DISHONOR ON YOU COW. "HELP ME." To the women… because she is a cheater. SUNNY, BAYLEE - SISTERS - HELP HER. Like Leirith is trying to help Myrakath with her curiosity by letting Garouth handle it. JK, but it probably would have been better. « Because they are fierce, and they are badass, and they must contest each other. You do not have to join us, but warmth feels better when you are pressed to another's hide. » Because COMPANIONSHIP, DAWW. And Irk? Well. BOOMBOOM - LAUGHTER. « Eight and a half, » Leirith tells him, « and we are. That is why they sit under our wings. You are welcome to come. » She's lifting her other sail. ROOM FOR DAYS.

« It is a kind of playing. » is what Garouth adds to Leirith's explanations to Myrakath. « Nothing is completely safe, but it is good exercise… and fun. » Yes. These are the shrieks of fun! D'lei did at least manage to get a wave in to Baylee and Sundari before that tackling, so at least they've been cheerfully greeted before he is wrassling with Risali, rolling back and forth to dip her in the mud on THIS side, and THAT side, and HAVE MORE MUD, RISA. Not that he isn't covered in it himself, but he ACCEPTS HIS FATE. Or, well, fights it. With a roll over that - ha, now he's on to- oh shards, too much roll, now Risali is again, to fling mud and call for aid and see if she can't cause more chaos as they set their example for all. Sundari, you're the only hope of dignity! Call this rabble to order before things escalate. Garouth, meanwhile seems amused by Irkevalath's question, with a cold breeze back that makes the shadows shift as branches sway. « Our eggs were the usual size. » he replies. « But we did not hatch yesterday. » Not them. Nope. « My D'lei's Risali's friend's dragon did. So, we visit. » And cuddle, yes. Many cuddles. Much dragon. Very warm. « I am Garouth, from Monaco Bay. She is Leirith, from Xanadu." And introductions! So polite. MANNERLY, unlike those riders of theirs.

No cuddles suites Aedeluth just fine, thank-you-very-much. The fringes of the pixelated forests twist and distort, flickering in and out of being before, in a blip of power failure, are extinguished. Connection lost. Rebooting. Back, but red now. Everything is red. Trees, which are really tree-shaped streams of binary. Tiny, zombie-robot dancers, flickering in and out as they attempt to hack the system. Streams of code on glowing black screens. And now another screen. Compiling. Processing. 'Fierce.' Definition: adj. having or displaying an intense or ferocious aggressiveness. Acceptable. He is OK with this. A pleased sort of hum for Garouth, filtered and distorted through mechanical means. Myrakath. Now unavoidable. Thinly lidded eyes slide over the hopping form, assessing. Decompiling. « Because it is amusing. » that is why they throw 'bits of ground'. « It's called 'mud'. » Noun. Soft, sticky matter resulting from the mixing of earth and water. The tenor tone, only slightly processed, dry-sarcasm ever-present continues, « The sassy one seems to enjoy it. » whirling eyes cast back at S'van. « Perhaps that is- » "Nope. NO. Stop that thought right there." « Well. Aren't you touchy. » Smug. "Are you alright?" because maybe S'van is becoming more aware of surroundings, and has noticed that Sundari is face-down in the mud. But does he help? Does he stay where he is? WHAT SHOULD HE DO? He doesn't know. So he goes for the ol' standby: Nothing. And then the Weyrlingmaster is up, and alive, and seems to be in once piece so… yeah. All good. Until it's not. Because now there is a glob of mud, sliding down his face and his shirt. Ugh. SO GROSS. Only Aedeluth doesn't seem to think so. In fact, there's now at least three, no FOUR screens flashing up, all going crazy with binary and bits of code. Flashing things randomly like FIGHT HER and DO IT, and BE A MAN, YOU PUSSY because S'van is just standing there like a flipping idiot. Staring at Risali. « If you don't fight her, I'm going to take you back, and demand a refund. » Yeah. That's a threat. So is the next bit. « If you don't fight her, I'm gonna tell everyone about the time you- » "OK OK!" and now he's diving in. And Risali's gonna need the backup, because he's going straight for her.

Myrakath accepts the explaination readily enough, « Ok. Playing got it. » Though who has time to throw mud around when there are so many other things to figure out. And then there is her brother. Her sarcastic, slightly obnoxious brother. Most brothers are that way in the best of times, though the sarcasm butts up against optimism. Intense optimism. Coupled with a boundless energy that is not going to be so easily thrown aside. She hops over toward the younger bronze and stands before him just staring him down, « You shouldn't talk to me like I'm stupid. I know what mud is. » She probably did anyway and even if she didn't she won't let on that she didn't know. She thumps one of her feet on the ground as her brother demands that Sev fight. Just doesn't seem right, « Look. I know they said that its all in fun, but if you have fun in the wrong way people can get hurt and then the fun stops. I don't think we really need to be encouraging fighting unless its necessary. Right now it doesn't seem like its necessary. » Sure if there is a villan to be stopped she'd be right there and in their face, unafraid to use whatever means necessary to bring them to justice, but there are no evildoers here. And sarcasm isn't evil. It's just stupid! Myra huffs when Sev joins the fray and she looks longly over to Baylee as if to ask her to step in and stop this foolishness. Baylee has her own struggle going on. There is a strong desire in her to fit in, but mud wrestling with strange people? Even Krenn couldn't convince her to do that. "Sorry." she says apologetically to Risali. The sisterhood may be a thing, but it isn't a thing that Baylee is willing to go that far for. She will speak out for her though, "Sev. You shouldn't really be doing that. The weyrlingmaster is like right there." She sends her eyes over toward Sundari with an apologetic smile. Maybe Sundari can fix this? That is her job right? Keep the weyrlings under control.

WELP! Looks like the weyrlingmaster has gone temporarily deaf, mute, and blind because no one is coming to help - not even Baylee. ULTIMATE BETRAYAL OF THE CODE OF SISTERHOOD. Risali is still fighting D'lei (and getting rolled around and muddied and all manner of grossness that squelches wetly and thickly every time she moves or is moved, more accurately) when Sev joins in the fray, grey eyes blinking up in just enough time to see the male weyrling coming right for her. There's another shriek (this one indignance) preceding a peal of the kind of laughter that starts in your belly and makes your sides ache. RISALI WILL TAKE ALL OF THE MUD. EXACTLY ALL OF IT. And then she will GIVE IT BACK - in ELBOWS, and booted feet that KICK (or dig into mud for leverage) as she tries to gather more mud and flings that at the incoming S'van. And then so what if she is trying to grapple D'lei enough to use him as a human shield. IT IS ONLY FAIR RIGHT? AND THE ONLY FEMALE WHO STILL STANDS IS REFUSING TO COME GET DIRTY WITH HER. "TRAITOR!" she laughs to the stranger who tells her sorry and watches her probably get taken down (OR LEARNS HOW IT'S DONE, BECAUSE RISALI IS PERSISTENT, AND A BADASS, AND IS STILL TRYING TO SMEAR MUD ON BOTH MEN NOW. In THICK, GROSS, HEAPING GLOBS OF YUCK). An extra kick S'van-wards (though it's not meant to land, just DETER). "Yeah Sev. Go LEARN SOMETHING." Like how to elbow D'lei in the RIBS, like she is. Leirith? Well, she listens to Garouth give introductions, and listens to baby dragons bicker, and… there's amusement for all of the life happening around her, a kind of joy that thrives on the chaos. « There is much fierceness in these ones, Garouth. Look at her. She has fight. » AND LEIRITH APPROVES. « One day, they will both be badasses, I think. »

Flicker of static, touching the hippity-hop sister. « Then don't act like it. » 'like you're stupid'. « But if the shoe fits, » and the mental equivalent of a shrug. Unruffled. It is what it is. And then a chuff of amusement, both verbal and mental. « Honey, » and that's definitely a patronizing tone, like parent to misunderstanding child; a clear 'poor little dear, let me explain', « it's only when someone gets hurt that it becomes fun » Silly bunny. I mean Myrakath. And then oh-ho smuggy-smugness as Sev gets a good ol' glob of mud down Risali's… somewhere. He didn't really see where. But he's sure it was a good one! Weyrlingmaster? Pft. It's all in fun right? « Bite her! » Maybe not. Because now Sev is taking an elbow, or a knee, or a foot (who can tell in all this MUD anyway) right to the face. (and that same DAMN EYE- WHY!) "Ow!" and an echoed « HAHAHA » from the bronze. Cause he knows it's all in FUN, and his weyrling's not gonna die or anything, and she's not really trying to KILL him, right Risali? « Fiesty! » Aedeluth is in love. Sev's gonna take the hit (several, in fact. And a whole lotta mud) but he doesn't give any punches back. He's just gonna try get mud in places Risali probably does not want mud to go. Cause he's nice like that.

No backup for Risali! The mud is swift and… okay, actually, it's gloppy and thick and somehow cold at the same time as it's hot, like the worst bowl of sticking-to-the-pot gloopy stew ever. D'lei is …. that is D'lei, yes? Covered in mud, it's rather hard to tell, but he is a D'lei. The taller of the mud-covered figures that are now joined by a third… but not to save Risali. Oh no. S'van is diving for her to apply more mud, to wrassle her right down into it, and D'lei is - mud-smeared and mud-dripping - a human shield who's flung between bronzer and goldie. He laughs, ducking his head down and giving it a shake that sends flecks of mud flying (because really, they needed more, right?) before he butts it to Risali's stomach. Because he's a goat, now. A mud-goat. Totally a real species, you can check it in the encyclopedia! These are true facts, and now there are three people who are covered in mud. And one of them's a weyrling, which may mean that when Sunny gets over her own mud-face incident (or the ruckus summons another weyrlingmaster) there will be Ends To Games and the two visitors will be looked at sternly and sent home, or at least Not Here. But until then? They shall wrassle, as D'lei does his best to at least make sure that S'van has plenty of mud as well. Down his pants, perhaps? HE WILL TRY. SO MUCH MUD. Garouth rumbles, lowering his head and then tilting it up toward Leirith. « She does, » he replies, with a softness to the wind, a stillness to the air behind as pressure systems change. « Though he might become only an ass. » A snort, huffed exhale of breath, and then the bronze turns his head to survey the younger ones once more, a looming shadow cast over them as he speaks. « If someone becomes hurt, there will be a great deal of waiting in infirmaries, and lessons on how to avoid it in the future. It will be boring, but instructive. »

Myrakath can handle the insults directed at her by the young bronze, « Only a very small person feels the need to try to tear down others to make themselves look smart. » the young green points out to her brother. « A very small and insecure person. » Though when he says 'honey' the game is on. Her face screws up in irritation and one of her back paws thumps against the ground in a steady beat, « You don't get to call me honey. » If she was crabby about things before his next comment makes her see red, literally in fact. Her eyes glow a shade of crimson at the thought of someone getting hurt being fun. That is the antithesis of fun! « You are a bully. » The ocean roiling as waves clash against each other, with thunder and lightening appearing above. The energy is still present in her voice but gone is the brightness, « If you think that I'm going to stand for you pushing people around and trying to get them hurt you are very much mistaken. And if you think that I'm not able to do anything about it you know nothing at all. » The pull of 'right for right' and 'might for right' is strong with this one. Even joking about harming others is enough to get her blood boiling, « Your going to have to learn a few things, and I'm going to teach you. » So he likes 'fiesty' good! Because he's going to find out just how fiesty this little green can be. The words of the older bronze are lost in the waves. Her brother has her full attention at the moment. Baylee is at a loss and just standing there. With Sundari MIA there isn't much she can do to stop this.

BECAUSE HE DESERVES IT, THAT'S WHY. S'van says, 'Ow,' and where any other human being would probably stop long enough to apologize and ask if Sev was alright, Risali fires back, "SUCK IT UP," to him - because clearly saying 'ow' when you are GETTING SOME KIND OF APPENDAGE TO THE FACE (you guys, come on, really? GET YOUR MINDS OUT OF THERE) is emasculating. And Sev has to be alright anyway, because he's… not quite giving as good as he gets, but he is certainly making the great Glop Monster that is Risali more… gloppy. But she is not trying to murder him - at least not a lot. What's a LITTLE DEATH BETWEEN FRIENDS EVEN IF SHE WAS? Or… frienemies? Mud-goat D'lei butts his goop-covered head to her tummy, and Risali's hands scrabble at D'lei's shoulders for purchase as more laughter escapes her (and a second to breathe), and then they are back at it - one Half Moonian, one Xanaduian, and one Monacoan running AMOK AMOK AMOK. "DISHONOR!" she shrieks again. "CHEATERS!" and then she cheats by MUDDING D'LEI WHEN HE MUDS SEV. And then HELPING MUD SEV because TWO AGAINST ONE IS BETTER THAN… ONE AGAINST ONE AGAINST ONE. RIGHT. As for Garouth, well. Leirith meets his words with amusement, and laughter, and a muzzle-to-neck nuzzle from over wings that protect a little gold bloop between them. « Maybe! » She's all joy and exuberance and excitement like she always is. « But there is potential in them both. It will be interesting to see how they grow. » As Myra rips into Aedeluth and Leirith lifts her head a little more alert now, watching the interaction with silence. « I do not believe she heard you, Garouth. »

« Only a small person who wishes they were a big person would consider a small person to be lesser » Another look at Myrakath. « And I, for one, am rather offended that you would consider a smaller person to be anything less than equal to the rest. Small people deserve love, too. For shame. » And a little, mental 'tut-tut'. Ones and zeroes, now in a blazing GRIN across the screen directed towards her. He might even start to like her. The screen connected to Garouth, however? Slow, low strings of characters, stretched out and dripping as he considers… Waiting. Infirmaries. Lessons on avoidance. « Worth it. » Yup. Totally worth it. Aedeluth would be in there, wrassling too. But that would be messy, and rather physically demanding. And he's got that bum-leg, you know? Practically crippled. Best for him to sit out and referee. Yes. Monitor the situation, as it were. Act as look-out? Pft. No way. That's not amusing or fun. So although the bronzeling is not at all surprised when a rather stern-faced older gentleman with a distinctly 'weyrlingmaster' vibe comes striding over, he does nothing at all to warn his muddy-mate. Nope. This is just too good to interrupt. "Stop, stop stop!" and although S'van just got a handful of mud down his PANTS (thanks, D'lei! Traitor) and Risali is joining in on the humiliation, he's going to do as he's told and stop. Because that was a voice of authority, and Sev is trying to avoid trouble. Even if he's now more mud-monster than Weyrling, and wiggling because mud is in PLACES that it should not be. Back to Aede, who finds all of this highly amusing, « Bully? » and the word is considered, run through test-programs. « I prefer to think of it as 'enlightened'. I mean, it's really all about equality. Should I treat them differently than anyone else? Of course not. That wouldn't be fair at all, to show favoritism like that. I shall treat them all the same. » And then again « Gonna have to teach me that lesson some other time, Honey. », long and drawn out, lingering on the tongue with all the sweetness that the word might represent. Because now Sev is being hauled up and rather verbally abused by said Weyrlingmaster. And half a heart-beat later, he's being sent somewhere to "clean up" and Aedeluth had better go with him. So up he goes, hobbling after his muddy weyrling, humming, along to the tune in his head, just as happy as can be. And you can be sure, said Stern-Faced-Weyrlingmaster has an earful for Risali and D'lei, as well. Only Baylee gets away with being ignored (if only cause she's not muddy, and therefore, must be innocent in this).

D'lei holds no alliance and believes in no treaties! Except the ones of convenience, there in the moment. Which is to say, he's against Risali, and against S'van, and sometimes they collaborate, sometimes there are sudden (yet inevitable) betrayals, and… SO MUCH MUD. « There is potential. » Garouth agrees to Leirith, even as he listens to more of the younger ones interacting. It's a more cautious opinion than hers, far from believing the worst but… stopping well short of thinking the best. « We will see. » How they grow, what they become… and Garouth rumbles, curling his tail around to go behind Ilyscaeth in her dual-dragon shelter and drape over Leirith's as well. « I do not think she did. But… she is not my hatchling, and… neither is he. » Someone else's problem, even if Garouth seems… not entirely pleased, rumbles in deeper shadows that don't stir past the surface of bark and branches. And indeed, there's the someone else whose problem it is! A weyrlingmaster, with lectures and lessons, and D'lei is polite enough to stand there but not polite enough to wipe the smile off his face as he does, until eventually he and Risali will also go clean off. Hand in hand, of course. Because they are not repentant in the slightest, even if they are so guilty.

Nice try brother. Nice try. Myrakath refuses to fall for his sophistry. The green responds only by saying, « I'm big enough to deal with you. » She might be small and she might always be small in comparison to almost everyone else but it would be a mistake to consider that a weakness. She fumes at the indifference that this bronze embodies. Though it seems outside justice will intervene this time with the appearance of the weyrlingmaster who sends everyone to their rooms without supper for being naughty. « Ha ha! » directs to Ade, « You see how I was right. You shouldn't have been encouraging that sort of behavior. It's against the rules and you are now in trouble because you weren't smart enough to do the right thing. » Crisis averted though she will be keeping and eye on he brother more closely in the future. Lessons will need to be taught. And she's just the one to teach them. With the crowd broken up she will content herself to hop happily through the training yard free of all these terrible influences. Baylee will stand there just out of the way waiting for this to come to and end and once everyone is sent to clean up she'll follow Myrakath through the yard as she goes about her investigations of new things. All is right with the world.

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