Babies in the Bowl

Western Weyr - Center of the Bowl
This is the center of the huge oval crater of the Weyr. Standing here you can see how immense it is. The cliff sides rise up all around you, dotted with the caves of the dragon rider's weyrs. To the west you can see the arch open to the sea. North is the hatching grounds, south you see the cave entrance to the living caverns, and to the south east the entrance to the infirmary, raised a little from the weyr wall.

Jessa has long since been ambling slowly about in the wee hours of the fog-veiled, getting her 'sea legs' back as it were. In her arms is a squirming, cooing, be-quilted bundle, which claims nearly as much of her attention as Ninkasith. Who, for her part, is rumbling, restless, and very glow-y. Dylanth seems to be doing a little dance step towards the proddy green, with his rider nearly falling on his face during the dismount in the process.

G'len regains his footing quickly but swats at his dragon…who just feels it as an affectionate pat and an approval for trotting off to coo at his green darling, Ninkasith. The rider straightens his jacket and comes over to put an arm across Jessa's back. He's got an amazed and amazing smile on his face. "First time out in the Weyr!" he says proudly.

Lissi is just exiting the Living Caverns, her own bundle held against her side in that typical manner, resting on one hip. Compared to her petite frame the bundle is a chubby one, a big healthy boy, or so it would seem with his blue blanket and blue outfit. She smiles to see G'len and Jessa, fingers wiggling a wave to them.

Ze'an has no baby, has no bundle, but what he does have is a little package in his hands. He sighs quietly as he runs a hand through his hair in frustration, "Can't believe they won't even let me into my own weyr.' Grumble, grumble. He pauses as he notes the small crowd, pursing his lips tightly in thought, "What is this, a baby boom?"

Jessa bursts out laughing, her smile positively beatific as she looks at G'len. "And about time, too, though you've got to work on your dismounts. Especially when Ninka's glowing." The tone is a gently teasing one, her smile just as warm at both Ze'an and Lissi. She waves to both, and smiles. "'morning!"

G'len mutters something about "darned dragons" under his breath but he just smiles at everyone. "Everyone, I want you to meet Jaissa! Want to hold her up a bit, Jessa, darling?"
"Hello G'len.. Jessa.." she says in greeting and shifts the baby on her hip to turn toward Ze'an, "Hello to you too.." she says. She peers over at the little baby girl and grins, "Ohhh.. I wonder how close tagether they were born.. this is Zallon," she says with a mother's look of pride as she turns the chubby cheeked baby around. Cuuuute!

Ze'an arches a brow as he looks from mother, to mother and then sighs, "Perhaps it's better if I just stay…here. I'm still really sick, don't want the babies to die or anything." He rubs at the back of his head, "Congratulations though, they're…cute?"

Jessa turns bright red, shifting so that the pink-bundled squirming thing in her arms is a bit more clearly seen. As she peels back the blanket, a squirmy, burbling, chubby-cheeked baby girl is revealed to view, with little tufts of brown hair like her father's, and still retaining the baby-blue eyes of the newly born, framed with impossibly long lashes. Her toothless smile widens particularly when in line of sight of either a green or blue dragon. "Oh, Zallon is adorable! Congratulations to you too, Lissi!" Ze'an gets a look of concern, brows furrowing ever so slightly. "Well… have you been to see a Healer yet?"

Lissi giggles some at the little girl and nods, "She's a darlin!" she chirps as Jaissa peeks out. "Thankee.. and ta ya two," she says with a smile. The comment from Ze'an makes her step back reflexively, the blanket put back over Zallon's head, much to his protest by flail of hands. "Aye.. ya need a healer.."

G'len gives a bow to Lissi. "Congradutlations and thank you! Lots of cute babies! Jaissa ia not quite…three Sevendays old." He reaches out to stroke the tiny curl. His eyes mist over. "She's so amazing," he says in a soft, almost awe-filled voice. "I've just been holding her and playing with her as much as Jessa will let me. How old is your lad, Lissi?"

Ze'an dips his head in a nod to Jessa, "Oh, yeah, A'ven has me on medication but it's still…probably better if I'm not around infants. I was dealing with some mold up in my weyr." He coughs into his hand, quickly moving to run his hand through his hair. "A bunch of people are removing it, they won't let me go back up there until my weyr is clean."

Jessa grimaces, taking a half-step backwards from Ze'an and makes sure Jaissa is appropriately covered. The wee one takes to the sudden lack of freedom just about as well as Zallon—not at all well. "Well… alright, I guess you're right." She smiles some, tilting her head to one side as she continues. "Hmmm, I don't think I've seen you about much, but then again, I've been mewed up in my weyr for a little while now. Jessa, green Ninkasith's, Archipelago wing. And you are….?"

Lissi beams at G'len, "Thanks.." then she blinks, "..Mold?" she asks and her nose wrinkles. "That'd be awful.." she comments then smiles, "Lissi, Green Shisuths..AWLM returning from a bit of maternity leave," she says in introduction as well.

G'len looks at Ze'an, worried. "That does not sound good. Where are you and your dragon staying while they clean the mold? That is so weird that you would get a weyr with mold in it!

Ze'an sighs quietly as his head ducks, considering the ground. He runs a hand through his hair again before turning on his heel to walk back far enough before curling up on a rock well enough away from the group. "This better?" he asks them, pulling up his knees to his head just enough so he's looking over them. "I'm Ze'an, blue Orykoth's, local clutz. Nice to meet you." He turns to Lissi, nodding, "Mold, mildew, rust, water damage, egg shells…you name it, my weyr has it." Ze'an turns towards G'len and shrugs, "It didn't look like it was used in a long time, most of the stuff in there was covered in something. We're staying in a guest weyr, I don't see what the big deal is. There really was no point in fixing it since I'm the only one up there."

G'len calls over to Ze'an, "Well, I hope you are going to be all right, Ze'an. Mold can be…well, not healthy is putting it lightly. You'd think they would have had it all cleaned for you like they usually do." He leans over his baby girl's head to give her a little kiss, nice and gentle.

Jessa positively melts at G'len's tender gesture towards his daughter, flashing an understanding smile towards Lissi. "The one thing that can melt even the stoutest heart in a man is his own child." What more needs to be said, a sage nod telling all.

Lissi frowns some then tilts her head as Ze'an explains about his weyr, "Well it'll be you and your blue, silly," she says then the blanket on Zallon's head is finally drawn down by one chubby fist and burbles happily. Lissi smiles, "Well..I do need to get on home.. L'ton had a late shift..he'll be home soon.. gotta get Elli.. it was good to see all of you.. and to meet you.." She calls out that last to Ze'an. "We should get them together to play sometimes.. as close as they are in age.." Then she nods at Jessa's assessment of meltability, "Aye.. I think I'll go have some o'that at home.." and she grins, waving in parting.

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