Western Weyr - Weyr Stables
This long wooden structure contains numerous stalls to house the runners that belong to residents and crafters here as well as those of visitors from the nearby holds on the Western Isle. Straw lines each stall and is maintained by fosterlings and beastcrafters posted to the Weyr. Bridles, saddles, blankets, as well as a bevy of various tools line the walls near the doors as well as feed bins, water buckets and feed bags. At the far end, reached only by a wooden ladder is a hay loft.

Mid-morning finds a group of candidates fleeing into the stable from a sudden, fierce downpour which had interrupted their oh-so diligent bird pen repair chores. The change from hot and sweaty to wet and bedraggled has some tempers flared. Rory can't seem to stop grumbling about the water in his boots and Idris has no patience for her half brother's whining, "You didn't even carry anything in!" is snapped as she ungracefully deposits the unwieldy toolbox she had wound up rushing in.

The fierce downpour seems to be sending everyone running for cover and not just those set on repair duty. Kelthero comes charging into the stables, mud speckled boots squelching as he does. Drenched head to toe, his own mood seems just as dark as the clouds outside and he's muttering a string of curses that would make a Seacrafter proud as he tries to shake of the worse of the water. Mud also seems to cling to part of his trousers along the legs - almost as if he had slipped in his hurry to find cover. He's not aware of the others in the stables yet, focused more on wringing some of the water from his tunic, though the effort is futile. It's not until he lifts a hand to peel back the hair that has plastered itself to the side of his face that he spots Idris and her half brother. "Is that your stuff out there?" he asks, skipping the greeting routine, gaze darting between Idris and Rory as he juts a thumb back over his shoulder in a vague direction.

One of those fleeing candidates is a very drippy, downcast Patori, the boy utterly soaked and covered in mud spatters all down his front, and on his elbows, as if he'd taken a fall in a puddle. Pat's clothes cling to him, too-large shirt hanging off slim shoulders, his mop of red hair plastered to forehead and down the back of his neck. He's holding in his hand a small hammer, but it looks barely light enough for the boy to lift awkwardly, let alone use. Small hands are clinging to the thing, while he stands off to the side and sniffs, red-faced, at the floor. He'd probably tripped, or stumbled, or gotten tripped in the rush to get out of the rain, though he doesn't look any happier for it. Idris' snapping at Rory has poor bedraggled Pat flinching away from the pair, wide eyes flicking to the angry girl, and then the swearing Kelthero, staring at the man as he enters.

"I was /surprised/, lay off Drissy, it's not like it's never been wet before!" Rory is unrepentant as he begins squeezing the water from his clothes. "Anyway I did bring so bring in something!" Okay, so it was a pair of nails that had been in his hand. But who's /really/ keeping track? "It /rusts/. And DO NOT use that name," Idris snaps again and stalks away from Rory, huffing indignantly and nearly running into Patori on her way down the aisle. The boy gets a stormy expression from her, and behind her, a shrug and raised hands from Rory who is too absorbed in his own world to notice Kelthero. The guard is granted a stormy expression from Idris as she begins to wring out her skirt. "Yeah, yeah it is." She is on the edge of adding a few curses of her own, but instead opts to angrily squeeze the fabric in her hands.

Kelthero's own stormy mood doesn't seem to be the only one in the stables right now. Seems the former guard hates getting drenched and he smirks while eavesdropping on the conversation between Idris' and her half brother. Brows rise up though at the nickname and there's a snicker from him. "Drissy?" he teases as he tries to bite back a laugh. The former guard sobers up quickly enough though. "Well, I may have broke something, though I don't know what. All I know is I tripped and thought I heard something crunch." There's a bit of a smirk and a helpless shrug. "Hopefully nothing important." Patori's sniff from where he stands off to the side catches Kelthero's attention next and he gives the soaked candidate a long look, no doubt noticing the hammer. "You had repair duty?" he asks, his tone almost sounding disbelieving.

You'd think, having been working in the stables on repairs all day, that Keelyra would have been free of the sudden downpour. But no, no such luck for the kitchen girl. She had a stack of spare boards and the like outside the stables and is in the process even as the others return, hauling those things in. She's pretty much soaked through and it's well clear just how thin the tall girl is; surprising, perhaps, for how much she eats. Go go teenage metabolism! She looks up at those rushing in and shakes her head to clear her hair out of the way — hands currently full with supplies — as she looks them over. "Ya'd think we'd have some system by now t'know when somethin' like that is gonna happen." And there is, but like most things… it's never reliable.

Patori squeaks, and scurries out of Idris' way, ducking back toward one of the empty stalls and leaning to very carefully set the hammer down, and then begin wringing out his own clothing. Fingers puch back his hair from his eyes, water dripping down his back as he shoves fingers through the tangled mop of strands. He tries in vain to brush the mud off him, but only ends up getting it all over his hands and smeared worse of the his clothes. A small breath is puffed out, and after a few seconds, Patori gives up, leaning till his shoulder hids the side of the stall, and fidgeting slightly under Kelthero's look. A halfhearted head-bob is in response, and a mumbled, "Yeah, chores." If Idris and Kelthero are stormy, Pat would be a lackluster drizzle. The weyrbrat does pout some, and add, "I lost my nails." He does peer out into the rain, though, trying to see what Kel might have tripped on without having to move. His lips tug downward at Keely's mention of a system and the weyrbrat adds, "They probably wouldn't bother to tell us, unless we were doing something imortant."

The stormy expression grows just that tetch darker when Kelthero tries out the nickname, though Rory doesn't bother hiding his laugh and smirk. "Y'okay, Patori? Here, have a nail," One of the nails he saved is tossed towards Patori. Boy weyrbrats unite, really now, can we have a huzzah?! Rory makes no move to help anyone, though he leans against a stall and continues wringing out his clothes. "Broken, Kelth? Y'sure?" Idris's tone is on the edge of sarcasm, though she shuts her eyes a moment later, expression fading to frustration as Keelyra makes it inside. "Anything else vulnerable left?" she asks, though at the same time she's striding to the entry to check for herself. The downpour chooses that moment to intensify, of course, so standing right inside is no protection, and the baker rushes backwards til she's far enough to keep from getting splashback. "Well that's just brilliant. Lunch is out there. You couldn't've even grabbed /lunch, Rory?" The brother doesn't dignifity that with an answer, just a snort and continuation of his water-removal process.

"That would make the world too perfect." Kelthero remarks a touch sarcastically to Keelyra, smirking a little. The former guard seems to fidget for a moment, tugging at this tunic as the damp clothing starts to stick to him. That causes him to grimace and it's obvious that discomfort is being added to his already dismal mood. Some shred of his politeness remains though and he motions with a jerk of his chin to the boards that Keelyra carries. "Want help with those?" To Patori, he gives him an actual sympathetic look. "Oh, they'll be good and lost now. Shardin' downpour is making everything muddy." He mutters, glancing back out to the entrance with a disgusted look. "How long do you think it'll last?" he adds, but to no one in particular - just an idle though spoken outloud. And it would seem he's jinxed it, as the downpour only increases. Glancing back to Idris', Kelthero rolls his eyes a little as his hands come up to wring out the worse of the water from his hair. "Uh-huh. Usually crunching sounds aren't good." He replies matter-of-factly before smiling crookedly. "Maybe I stepped on lunch." It's meant to be a teasing remark, but the guard isn't quite in the right mood and it comes out a wee bit more sarcastic then he meant.

"There's a container of fasteners and nails out there," Keelyra says, grunting a bit as she hefts the boards to one of the stalls she's working on. Old wood seems to be getting replaced with new. She winces a bit as the storm worsens nearly right on top of Idris, her pale gaze drifting to Kelthero. A small shrug is his initial answer. "Never know with these sorts… Could be a few minutes, could be days." Ahhh, Western's rainy season!

Patori blinks at Rory, and then is having to push away from the wall, reaching out to catch, and miss, the tossed nail. There's some bit of fumbling, the thing rolling off into the stall, with Pat scrambling after. Though he does manage to mumble a, "Yeah," in response to the other weyrbrat, slightly sheepish thanks added belatedly as he picks up the nail with muddy fingers. Idris' question about anything else vulnerable out there gets an eye-dart, and some lower lip nibbling as Patori catches his bottom one between his teeth, but doesn't answer her. Instead, he just nods sadly in agreement to Kel. Alas, the nails be lost for good. Or until someone slogged through a puddle and stepped on them Ouch. And though his lips tug up at the sides for the woman getting re-drenched over there, he at least doesn't laugh. "Maybe it was just soem scrap wood," he timidly offers the possibility of what Kelthero stepped on, though he's shuffling closer to the exit as Keely mentions the container of fasteners and nails. "Mmaybe I should.." glancing back at the others, then down at his already-drippy clothes. He's /already/ drenched; he can't get any more wet.

Idris glowers at Kelthero, nowhere near her normal 'let me fix you' self. "No, guess not," is all she has to say about crunching. There's a grimace at Keelyra. "Where at?" she asks of the container. "Might as well get it too, it's not like I can get wetter, right?" And really, going back into the rain gives her an opportunity to let out her frustration away from everyone else. Being in bad humors is not something in which Idris revels. Before braving the rain again, she's going to find eye protection, and she searches a tack room and finds a runner's fly mask- not perfect, but she'll be able to see. As she comes out, she's also carrying the barn first aid kits- human and runner. She sets them down unceremoniously in front of Kelthero and grumbles grudgingly, "There. Better get it cleaned and wrapped til this… stops." She heads back for the door, waiting for Keely's direction before heading out.

With one last glance to the entrance, Kelthero gives a disgusted sigh and moves away as well, though not far. He hadn't intended to be in the stables today and he intends to leave the second the rain lets up. "Well, lets hope it's a few minutes." He grumbles, watching as Keelyra continues to heft the boards along. There's a pause, where he hesitates, then shakes his head and moves forwards a little. "Where you taking those boards? Cause if you want, I can carry some." He offers with a shrug of his shoulders before turning his gaze back to Patori. "Could be." Kelthero admits with a crooked smile, and then gives the weyrbrat a questioning look. "You're…not thinking on going back out there are you?" he asks, frowning a little. Apparently, Patori isn't the only one planning to head out and now Kelthero is watching Idris' with the same questioning look - one that only intensifies when she drops the two first aid kits in front of him. "Cleaned and…what? What am I supposed to do?" Kelthero asks, clearly confused.

"Didn't ya say y'broke somethin'?" Keelyra almost missed that part of the conversation, but she thinks she has the gist of it. She must be near enough her destination for she plunks down the boards by a rather shabby looking stall. "Th' box is right outside t'doors to th'left," she calls… both to Idris and Patori. She doesn't care who gets them… so long as it's not her!

Idris starts fastening the fly mask around her face, which of course makes her head look like a giant bug. "They're just inside on the hooks, if you wanted one," the bughead nods at Patori and moves a little closer to the downpour. Rory snickers at Idris, "You look ridiculous," he can't help but interject. Kelthero's response to the first aid kit does not sit well with Idris. "Oh for Faranth's sake! Just sit and wait then," Idris is back to snapping, this time at Kelthero. Patori is shrugged at, "You get her box, I'll get lunch." Because you never know, lunch might still be good inside the basket… maybe? At least the parts from the cooler box would be. Off she goes, running out. There is some whooping and hollaring like a banshee going on- endorphins are great!

"Well, she's right, we can't get anymore wet," Patori mumbles, in answer to Kelthero, but the boy doesn't seem too terribly enthusiastic about running back into the rain. However, seeing as Idris is also volunteering to head out there, the weyrbrat edges closer to the exit, bobbing his head to the girl, and glancing around with a mumbled, "I wonder if there are towels in here." Apparently, this isn't a spot he's spent much time in. He leans against the wall trying to spot the box without getting too wet i nthe process - it doesn't work. The boy shivers, arms wrapping around himself, and totally smearing the mudspatters worse across his shirt. "Broke something?" and here Pat glances from Keely to Kelthero, but there's a nibble to his bottom lip, and then the little weyrbrat is darting out into the rain, not waiting for an answer.

"I might have broke some material. Scrap wood or something crunchy." Kelthero offers as explanation to Keelyra, though he's still staring at the medical kits as though they're the strangest oddities on Pern. In fact, he nudges one experimentally with the tip of his muddy boot, before huffing and stepping back. He's not going to touch them it seems and for a moment stubbornly crosses his arms and remains where he is. Then he's looking at Idris' in surprise, not just by the fly-mask she's using but also by the snapped remark. "And what in Faranth's sake crawled up your backside and bit you?" he snaps back before he can stop himself. His expression goes blank for a moment, but he doesn't take it back. Instead, he simply shakes his head and falls into a sulky silence. Patori is given another look, followed by a slight snort that may be of amusement. No doubt Kelthero thinks they're both crazy for going back out into the downpour.

Apparently whatever upset Kelthero and Idris has gone over Keelyra's head. The girl seems rather baffled by it all, watching the two with a mild confusion. "Well, mebbe she didn' know that?" she offers to Kelthero, moving to retrieve the medical kits that are oh-so-terrifying to the guard. They're put back before she returns to the damaged stall and crouches down, examining it vaguely. "Y'know," she says after a moment, "I'm thinkin' this is gonna need braces an' not just th'fasenters and boards I got. I might hafta go lookin' through th'store rooms for those." She doesn't sound too thrilled about going out in the rain either.

Idris is already heading into the downpour by the time Kelthero throws out his response to her snap, though Rory starts laughing, "It's always there, Kelthero, she's just nasty!" After /maybe/ a minute outside- with plenty of shrieking, Idris is back in, the lunch basket clutched in her arms. By the time she gets back to the stable entry, the shrieking has gone from venting frustration to gleeful, and her expression is triumphant. Endorphins are indeed fantastic. "We can eat!" is pronounced as she sets the basket down. "The bread's soaked through but the rest should be fine. Wait out the storm here, there's food!" She grins at Keelyra, then realizes she's still a bug head. The fly mask is pulled off and hung on a stall door's hook. She squeezes the water out of her hair and peers at Kelthero cautiously, expression repentant. "Um. Anyway. Sorry. Please… let me help you?"

Patori, by contrast, makes not a peep, darting through the downpour and sloshing through puddles, and maybe giving Idris the concerned look or two. By the time he makes it back inside, he's totally and utterly drenched, though at least some of the mud has washed off him. Squelch squelch squelch. He ducks back into the stables and plonks the container down, letting out a bit of a huff. "I miss Telgar," is mumbledwhined to no one in particular, before the boy is shivveringly heading further inside and pushing that container out of the way. He lifs a hand to shove back his hair, then hesitates, fingers still having mud clinging to them. The boy absently wipes his hands on his pantlegs, which doesn't do much good. "Food?" this certainly perks his interest, darting a glance between the girls and then sighing, and heading to the entrance again to hold his hands out under the rain. They're getting ..cleaner at least. And he's still getting wet.

Kelthero starts a little, no doubt having forgotten that Idris' half brother was still here. He gives him an uncertain look, not quite sure how to respond. "Uh-huh. You sure she's just not miffed over getting drenched like the rest of us?" he grumbles. As Keelyra approaches him to take the medical kits away, the former guard simply shrugs his shoulders though smiles faintly. "Probably right." He grudgingly admits. Then Idris' has returned and Kelthero is eyeing the basket of food and then the fly-mask. He can only shake his head at that, clearly not understanding the logic behind covering only one's head for rain protection. Suddenly, there is an apology being given and he's peering back at Idris, though he nods his head a little to accept it - even if he's not entirely certain why she's apologizing. "Help me with what?" he asks, still puzzled though the snarky-ness seems to have left his tone and - is that a hint of a smile? As Patori comes squelching back into the stables, that seems to snap Kelthero out of his funk and the candidate laughs. "You look so miserable." He points out, before sobering. "Shells, is there a blanket or something? Can't be good to be that drenched. Not like it's as warm as it was."

Perhaps it is a little late to be escaping from the downpour outside, or, perhaps a certain computer crafter had decided to stand out there for a little too long before deciding to take shelter. Kiley is as drenched as one would imagine as she finally wakes her way to find shelter from the rain, the stables being closest for her wanderings. And then, she is making her way in and pushing the wet hair from her face and then slowly wringing it out as she begins to take in her surroundings, and notably those in it. Patori is one of the closer ones, being towards the entrance and she offers a rather cheerful grin towards the younger candidate before her attention is drawn to the rest of those there as she begins to attempt to wring out some parts of her clothing. "Hey everyone." She beams a smile towards the other candidates and remains where she stands for the time being.

"There may be blankets," Keelyra says, poking at some rotted boards again. She straightens and stretches briefly. Damp clothing pulls in various directions. "I gotta go retrieve some other materials fer this… Y'all enjoy yer lunch. If th'rain lets up 'fore I get back, I'll see 'bout bringing in some towels or somethin' too." Then she's meandering her way towards the stable doors, likely mentally bracing herself for the re-wettening beyond.

Rory shrugs at Kelthero. "She's sort of my sister, I think she's miffed about everything." When she gets back in that much gladder for the run, her brother can only shake his head in wonder and walk off down the aisle- not before sneaking a hand into the food basket and taking an apple. Idris smiles tenatively when she catches Kelthero's nod. "Your leg?" she clarifies, gesturing towards the first aid kits. "After I wring out, anyway," she adds, throwing a grin at her fellow rain-braver Patori. "There's runner blankets in there…" she mumbles, turning away from the boys to look back in the tack room, her wet skirts dripping a puddle across the floor as she goes. Hearing Keelyra leave, she pokes her head back out, "Some real towels /would/ be nice!" She shuffles around in the tack room for a minute and comes out with a runner blanket- large, thick, meant for keeping in the heat and keeping out the cold. It's heavy and colorful, and she lugs it over to Patori and lets it drop to the floor on a semi-dry spot before heading back to see what else she can find.

Patori does indeed look miserable, standing there partly in the rain, trying to clean off muddy fingers and getting re-soaked every time the wind shifts. There might even be a little pout. Which quickly turns to a more sheepish expression when Kelthero points out his miserableness. "The world hates me," he half-jokes weakly, just as an especially strong gust forces a wad of tangled hair across his eyes, the weyrbrat making a face and shoving the mop of reddish strands back again. And hurrying further into the stables now, thin frame shivering visibly. Brr. Even in Western's warm climate, wind and soaked clothes make things a tad chilly. The arriving Kiley, at least, gets a tug of smile in return, and a quiet, "Hi." Eyes dart around and the boy offers, "Don't runner have blankets? Maybe there are spares in here somewhere," though he doesn't look like he really knows. rms curls around himself again, as he shuffles along further into the staples, offering Keely a, "Good luck," and then glancing out to the rain with a suggested, "We could, um, just run to the caverns. Since we're all already wet." He hesitates though, shifting from oen foot to the other, before trailing slowly and puppy-like after Idris, toward the tack room, another tugging smile when she dumps a blanket at his feet. He immediately leans down, lifting up one the heavy thing by and edge.

"Where would they be?" Kelthero asks, glancing back to where Keelyra is busy inspecting the boards. He's not familiar with these stables and doesn't seem keen on rooting around in damp clothing. As she moves to head out now, the former guard smiles slightly. "That'd be nice. Good luck heading out into that mess out there!" Then to Idris again, he simply blinks. "My leg?" he says, glancing down at his mud spattered trousers. He then gives the baker a quizzical look. "My legs are fine." He admits, which is the truth. Now he's shifting a little awkwardly, clearly confused and frowning in thought. Patori's half-joking remark earns a chuckle from the former guard and he turns his attention back to the candidate. "I think the world hates us all a little right now." He muses, only then noticing that Kiley has arrived in from the rain as well. Another surprise? Even so, he gives a mock half-wave and a bit of a grimace. "Get caught too?" he mumbles, fidgeting with his own damp clothing as it continues to nag and stick to him. "This is so uncomfortable." He mutters most to himself.

Keelyra straightens and means to brush at her legs… but she just smears the dirt and dust on her damp slacks. Eugh. "Well, like I said… if it dies down before I get back, I'll come with towels." Then, with a nod to those there, the girl is setting off at a brisk pace into the rain. Sure, she'll get just as wet(ter), but she'll be out of it that much faster!

Kiley looks to Keelyra and offers a smile towards the younger girl as she makes her way to the stable doors, "towels would be appreciated, thank you." Another smile and she watches the girl takes off. Turning, she shakes off her wet clothing even if it won't do too much to help her dry at all. Her gaze drifts towards Idris, watching her bring over the runner blanket and settle it near Patori, nodding once towards the other woman before shifting attention towards Patori. "Running could get you there, and it isn't like getting wetter is going to do too much damage to you. You'll just be cold, with the potential of slipping and hurting yourself on the ground." A slight shrug of her shoulders and she offers a rather unhelpful smile. Attention is drawn over towards Kelthero and she offers a cheerful smile, though it fades for the grimace that the guard presents and she is moving over closer. "Caught in the rain, yes. Did you hurt yourself?" Concern is heavy in her tone as her arms fold over her chest in an attempt to gain warmth.

"All the way across the bowl?" Idris raises a brow at Patori's suggestion, though a grin tugs at her lips. "That's a long way when you're already drenched." Then she's on her way back to the tack room, pausing midstep when she hears Kelthero admit he's not broken. "You're. Fine. Really." There's ever-so-slight an edge- it's not a question, merely a statement. But she just had a glorious run in the downpour, she shrieked, she saved the food. "Well. I guess that's good." Her tone is not exactly happy for him, more irritated that she'd gone out of her way and he wasn't even /actually/ hurt. "You can walk your feet in here and put those kits away yourself then." And then she's in the tack room, hunting down another suitable runner blanket. When she emerges with a polkadotted purple and white blanket- somewhat smaller than Patori's, she purses her lips and looks at those gathered. "Blanket, Kiley?" The blanket is set over a handy bale of straw and she goes back in one more time, bringing out another blanket- even smaller and of course colored green, which she wraps around herself as she sits on another bale of straw.

Patori tilts his head, peering at Kelthero as the girls worry over his apparent.. not having an injury? The guard gets a curious look, but at least Pat doesn't start asking if he's hurt himself. Instead, that big blanket is wrapped around his shoulders, and the weyrbrat goes to perch on a hay bale. His muddy boots are kicked off, along with socks, though the rest of him is bundled under the blanket like some kind of red-headed caterpillar. Bunching up on the bale, he peeks out at the others, shivering only slightly less. "Probably," is agreed with another tug of a smile, for Kelthero's comment on the world hating them all, turning to also offer the faintest smiel back at Kiley. "Guess you're probably right. I don't.. need to fall over in the mud again," the boy makes a face for that, and shaking his head, adjusts the heavy blanket aorund him. There's more nodded agreement, with Idris, too, "I wish there were more tunnels, so we could just walk abck to the caverns," though if that were the case, they'd be saved, "At least Western isn't cold. We probably won't get sit from sitting all wet like this." Hopefully.

"No, I didn't! I just slipped a little when I stepped on something outside. I think whatever it was is in far worse shape then I am. Because I'm /fine/." Kelthero stresses to Kiley, starting to sound a little frustrated as his confusion over the misunderstanding grows. He gives Kiley a bit of a smile though. "Maybe you should grab a blanket? You look cold. And how's your elbow?" Seems like the former guard is eager to have the conversation switch from him for a moment. As Idris brings out the blankets, Kelthero can only watch her with an incredulous and slightly wounded look. What'd he do now? Shaking his head, he gives her a bit of a narrowed glance before grudgingly doing as she asked. The kits are snatched up rather roughly, but he gets them safely stowed away all the same. When he returns, he's dusting off his hands. "Satisfied now?" he drawls to the baker in a tone that is both sarcastic and teasing. That said and done, he picks out a spot on a nearby stall to lean back against, no doubt not far off from where Patori has chosen to settle. His arms cross loosely across his chest again and he's then giving the weyrbrat a slightly crooked smile. "Maybe there's some hidden ones?" he muses, before chuckling. "Don't give us bad luck by saying that! Though I'm sure we're fine." Oh, but are they?

Kiley peeks at Idris as she speaks to Kelthero, brows furrowing in such a way that shows concern. And then she is offering a blanket out from the tack room and another thankful smile settles upon the woman's lips. "Thank you so much." The blanket is taken and she wraps herself in it to seek warmth from being entirely drenched as she is. After a moment, blanket is shifted so to rub at her hair and attempting to dry it somewhat. "Falling over in the mud would be the least of your problems if you got hurt. Sprained elbow, sprained ankle… Sprained something." A gentle smile towards the younger boy. "Probably best to wait it out seeing as we have blankets at least. Once the rain is done we can go for fresh clothing and get completely dry." Kelthero's reaction to her question has her staring at him for a moment. "Oh. Okay, I was just concerned. But as you are fine, the I'll leave it be." A smile, this one gentle as well and then she considers her arm. "Out of the sling, I'm just being careful about how I use it. But, otherwise: I could be considered at peak running condition." Her gaze lingers on the former guard and her head tilts just a bit before she's shuffling over to Idris to whisper a soft question.

Idris snuggles into her chosen blanket, knees up by her chest and blanket drawn around shoulders and knees. Patori gets a grin. "Tunnels would be fantastic. You'd think we'd've heard of them all by now though, how long we've lived here." When Kelthero sits down after putting away the kits, Idris grants him as magnanimous a smile as she can muster. "Why thank you, sir, I am as satisfied as you could /possibly/ make me." There might be a tinge of challenge and sarcasm in there, but then, that could be reading into it. Kiley's question gets a snort and a headshake. "Don't /even/ start," she starts to shrug but it makes the blanket slip so she just shakes her head again and stares at the entryway, where the downpour seems to have slowed.

Patori totally ducks his head a little bit, hiding behind his knees and trying not to snicker at poor Kelthero there, and the misunderstanding. "Maybe there's another blanket?" the weyrbrat suggests to him, when he comes over to lean against a nearby wall, Patori still shivering in his and wrapping it more snugly around himself as the rain outside continues to pour. Though at least it is slowing. The suggestion of hidden tunnels gets a thoughtful glance around, though Pat mumbles, "If there are tunnels in the stable, they're probably really well hidden," nodding to Idris, and there might be a flicker of amusement in his face. It vanishes, though, at the mention of bed look, Patori looking sheepish and huddling down a little more. "Sprained nose?" the boy peek at Kiley from out of his blanket bundle, a bit of mirth flickering briefly in green eyes, the boy nodding for the suggestion of waiting it out.

"Ah, that's good to know then!" Kelthero seems genuinely happy to hear that Kiley's injury is well on the mend, his sour mood shifting long enough for him to flash her a quick smile. "But uh… thanks for the concern though." He mumbles as an afterthought, even though the concern was never needed. To Patori, Kelthero waves off the offer of another blanket. "Nah, I'm fine. But thanks." And then he's chuckling over the comment of the tunnels, simply nodding his head in agreement. Idris' over the top comment only earns her a long, narrowed glance from Kelthero. He seems tempted by the bait, still somewhat ruffled from before but in the end, he only scoffs and lets it drop. Instead, he pushes off from the stall he's rested against and strides over to the stable's entrance. Squinting a bit, he seems to be lost in thought before glancing back over his shoulders to the rest of them, all snug in their blankets. "I can't stand being in these damp clothes anymore." Kelthero admits with a smirk. "So I'm just going to suck it up and head back to change. Seems to have slowed a bit out there." There's a brief wave given to the trio of candidates and then he's hunching his shoulders and slipping out into the rain at a brisk pace.

Kiley looks between the two once more, brows lifting at the snips that bounce between the former guard and former kitchen worker. She makes no comments, merely staring between them before Idris is answering her. "Oh. I won't, then." More blinking and then she resettles her blanket to turn attention towards the entryway as it appears the rain is starting to let up. Shoulders hunch a bit with a slight wrinkle of her nose in consideration of the weather before her attention is drawn towards Patori. "Tunnels?" This holds her attention for a moment before she's watching him in that blanket of his. Laughter slips out and she shakes her head, "I think you can only break a nose. But, I am no healer." Attention flickers to Kelthero and she smiles brightly. "Yes. I'm sorry for worrying you. And, no problem. You're a friend of mine, whether or not you are hurt I will be concerned." Just like the whole incident with Jeyinshi. Her blankets are pulled in closer and partially shifted to cover her head. "Later, Kelthero!" And she watches him leave, her gaze lingering there before she's turning on Idris again. "What had him mad?"

Idris scoffs at the suggestion of another blanket for Kelthero, shaking her head. "Come on, you know how tough he is, he needs nothing!" Which is why she brought him nothing. Deliberately. She merely sniffs at his scoffing and looks toward Patori. "I've never heard of tunnels in the stable, anyway. But then, I do spend a lot of my time in the kitchen… the 'brats who've been in the stables from birth probably know about'em though." She grins a little at Patori. "If you find out, let me know maybe?" And then Kelthero is up and leaving, and she's smirking after him and again shaking her head at Kiley. "Just forget about it, it doesn't matter enough to bother."

Patori bobs his head to the departing Kelthero, watching the older boy leave and then darting a glance at Idris, though whatever he's thinking about all the tension, he doesn't make a peep about it. Instead there's a nod for Kiley and a muffled, "Yeah. There are probably hidden tunnels all over the place. In Telgar-" but he cuts himself off with a muffled sneeze. Oop. The lad wrinkles his nose, sniffling in the blanket and hunching down a little more. "He does seem kind of tough," Pat agrees with Idris, nibbling on his lower lip though, and peering at the slowing rain, but turning back to nod to the girl with a quiet, "I will." And then he's curling up tight in the blankets, and maybe convering his head, a little bundle of weyrbrat perched on a hay bale.

"Kelthero is a guard, he is supposed to act tough, I imagine." Kiley shrugs slightly, then considering the path in which the guard took before refocusing on the conversation. "Oh! I should ask the brats, they'll probably know where it is." Pause, "Idris, you work in the kitchens, right?" Of course she does. She doesn't wait for an answer, however. "Have you ever seen a… Place with a door? Something that is hard to open. It is a hidden place, though." Brows furrow just a bit and she drops the topic of Kelthero entirely. Brows furrowing slightly in consideration, head tilting just so as her gaze returns to Patori. "Really?" This seems enough to have the computer crafter shuffling towards the entrance, but not without doubling back to place the blanket down. "I need to count some stairs, I almost forgot. I'll talk to you about tunnels and doors later!" This is to both, however, as the computer crafter goes off to apparently count stairs. And eventually, the rain lets up to release those taking shelter in the stables, to let each person go about their day. Except Patori, who apparently fell asleep curled up in his runner blanket.

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