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Half Moon Bay Weyr - Rec Room
This large cavern is painted a pleasant shade of pale blue-green, with purple highlights along borders. The weyr's badge is featured in a twin tapestries hanging on either side of the entry. Directly inside the doors and to the right is an area with bookshelves and a long computer desk for the public computer. Several chairs line the desk so that people waiting for the computer may pursue other studies. To the left of the entrance is a sitting area with a chess set built into a table.
Along the wall to the left is a bar, set up against the storage closet. Tall metal chairs with bright purple and blue-green cushions line the bar; beside the bar is a pair of gambling machines. Prior to recent renovations, the bar was set up on the other side of the room in front of a huge mirror inset into the wall. Now that mirror is behind a slightly elevated stage featuring a piano recently built by the Harper Hall and transported to the islands. Several music stands and musician's chairs are stacked against the wall, for use when Harpers or weyrfolk desire to perform.
Along the wall opposite the entrance are dart boards, each with a set of couches and chairs nearby for relaxation between turns. And all throughout the room are sitting areas with similarly constructed couches and chairs, all featuring blue-green or purple fabric. Short, darkly stained wooden tables are centered inside each sitting area, for games, food, drinks, and whatever else weyrfolk need. Near the center of the room is a large, long table useable both for crafty pursuits or table tennis, and interspersed throughout the room are card tables with wooden, cushioned chairs.

OOC: The Musical Challenge: Take a favorite musical scene or song, and turn it into a scene! We used Gaston's song from Beauty and the Beast.

It was a dark and stormy night, the lights dim and the bartender surly as he approaches a forboding figure, dropping a dark looking ale onto the end table next to the high-backed chair presently occupied by a very dissatisfied-looking bronzerider. Well. Three out of six ain't bad. It is night, or rapidly approaching it, and there is ale and a broody bronzerider taking up a chair, but the bartender's perfectly polite, the room as cheerful as ever, so perhaps that's just R'hyn's mood permeating the space, even if he is too polite to forego thanking the man who brings him his drink. It's clipped, but earnest, even as he turns back to his present task - whipping an entire fistful of darts at the nearest board and honestly not doing a half-bad job considering he's slouched and muttering. Whip. THUNK. Whip. THUNK. Repeat.

If there is one thing Tanit cannot resist, it's a dark broody figure in the corner. We just don't question her sanity over it anymore. "Gosh it disturbs me to see you, looking so down in the dumps." If she all but plops in R'hyn's lap so be it!

It's probably good that R'hyn doesn't notice Tanit's approach; the surprise makes the situation all the more better as he continues to mumble words under his breath, increasingly clear the closer she draws. "Dismissed, rejected… It's more than I can bear." And on he goes in a surly growl when his lap is suddenly and inexplicably occupied, and it's unclear exactly what R'hyn was expecting to come of this evening, but chances are good it was not that. "Oof," he says, intelligent-like, hands instinctively raising as though to push her right back off him or at least set her aside but— he pauses, bemused, as her words sink in. "Wait, what?" A beat, as though trying to place her, or why she'd be so disturbed. "Do I know you?" Another beat, then, dumpily, "And I'm not down in the dumps." Lies!

Tanit laughs, low and throaty. "I don't think so, or at least if we have I don't recall. Tanit, soon to be of the dolphin craft." She gives her name and perhaps the reason for intoxication, adjusting to fix him with sea-green eyes. "If I'd waited a few more moments I think a literal storm cloud would have formed over your head." The diver grins, "So, whose the heartbreaker?"

Well, at least that clears that up, though it perhaps begs the question of just what R'hyn's been doing lately that he wouldn't remember. "Well met, then, Tanit. Congratulations?" Or condolences? "I'm R'hyn, assistant weyrlingmaster, soon to be fired for punching a goldrider in the face." And maybe it's the memory of the punching, or maybe response to Tanit's laughter, but he almost looks amused right there, blue-grey eyes glittering with a flicker of mirth before they go dark again. "What? No it wouldn't have." Seeming to realize he's frowning again, and maybe she's right, he seizes on the change of subject with alacrity, if not entirely too little context: "My weyrmate." A squint into the distance. "So maybe add murder or at least slight maiming to reasons I'll be fired." He's… probably joking?

Tanit laughs, "I have it on good authority that goldriders are a little bit like felines, there's always that one that doesn't get along with anybody. More beer?" She gives him a serious look over, leaning back just enough to get a good picture. "Why would your weyrmate reject you?" Someone probably should have warned him about tactless questions, but it is too late now. "Seems like every guy here would like to be you R'hyn, and I'm sure punching her made you someone's favorite guy."

R'hyn snorts under his breath for the analogy, lips finally quirking up at one corner with a mirthful, if rather unkind, "She is feral." A glance at his beer and a shrug. "What for. It isn't helping. D'you want it?" If anything it's apparently making him worse, for her leaned question earns a harder frown, this one puzzled as though her words don't make sense and then- "Oh. Oh. No. That's not- That is to say-" An eyeroll for choppy words, and he tries again. "The goldrider is my weyrmate's ex. He tried to mend a bridge at their daughter's behest and she- she called him a-" Something that brings on a healthy swell of anger, big body shifting in agitation under Tanit before he seems to remember she's there. "So I punched her." There goes that storm cloud again! Which still doesn't explain why said weyrmate's the heartbreaker, but Tanit's moved on, and R'hyn can only fix her with a disbelieving look, though he jokes back with a gruffly amused, "Not terribly hard to see why. Glass of ale, dartboard full of bullseyes, pretty girl in my lap? Who wouldn't be awed and inspired by me right now." Sarcasm game strong. "But enough about me. Any particular reason for dolphineering?"

Tanit grins, and appropriates his beer. Happy as a pearl in an oyster, or – something. As for the story, she listens her eyes glittering in amusement. "A magnificent display of temper. Let me guess, he thinks a punch was going a bit too far?" As for pretty, it's Tanit's turn to smirk, "I thought I was being pretty slick," She's claimed a warm spot and his beer. "I'm a diver, pearls particularly. I'm hoping I can go deeper with craft training and get at the real treasures under the sea."

Something something happy, something something clams - regardless, R'hyn's eyes scrunch when the beer is taken, humor brief and fleeting in the face of an expression that's much more troubled than it is mad. "Worse," he breathes with a flaring of eyes, trying to make a joke out of it but possibly falling short. "He believed her." And that's the heartbreaking part, but he tries to gloss over it with an expansive gesture and a, "So now he's sad, his daughter's mad, and my best friend's gone and impressed a gold so I'm short a Misery Loves Company drinking partner and here we are." At least he seems a little less grumpy now, huffing laughter for Tanit's smirky words. "Indeed, and you were certainly quick," he agrees, teasingly adding, "just be careful. That ale's incredibly thick. It'll put hair on your chest." Twinkle, an interested raising of brows, and a curious, "Pearls, really? Shells, how'd you get into that profession?"

"Oh." The upward tilt of her mouth falling with the gesture. "Well I can't promise to be miserable, but I don't mind being company to miserable parties." As for the ale, she takes a healthy swig of it, "So you are saying it will turn me Manly?" She grins, "Like you a perfect Paragon?" The sea however draws the diver's fullest attention, and she straightens in his lap, hooking her legs over the armchair in barefoot comfort. "It is a family thing you could say. We have reefs that ring our island, make a nice shelter of sorts for all kinds of shellfish."

R'hyn winces for the mood transfer, blue-grey gaze apologetic as he replies, "Nor would I wish you to be. It's the company, more than the misery, and you've solved that brilliantly already." As is said in a thankful tone, hand raising around an invisible glass to mime a toast to her as she drinks. The gesture devolves into an eye roll for her 'praise,' a playful push aimed for one shoulder with a drawled, "Quite. I know whose team I'll prefer to be on, 'cause there'll be no one as burly and brawny as you. You'll have biceps to spare." Biceps he teasingly demonstrates with a flex, the implication clear: if he has those, she'll be buff. He settles as she shifts to speak of herself, though, rampant amusement dimming back down to actual interest, 'huh'ing under his breath. "Fascinating. I never really thought about where they came from before I guess, that somebody'd have to fetch and harvest them. Will you head back home with said dolphin after you're trained?" Said with perhaps a tad bit of plaintiveness - he only just made her his drinking buddy, surely he can't be losing her?

Tanit cradles the mug, (or stein, steins are classier) in both hands with a warm smile fixing the corners of her mouth. "The feeling is mutual. Always good to find another friend." To which Tanit will toast. It is at the last that she shifts to pull herself up from the man's lap with a laugh, "I don't know about a partner. But, I have done my best to ensure that I get stationed with the new journeyman and the master here once I catch up to the rest of the apprentices."

I mean have you seen R'hyn? He's huge. It's definitely a stein, one he seems content to leave her with in the end as she shifts up off his lap. He follows her to his own feet, straightening clothing frumped by his earlier slump before flicking her a crooked smile. "Agreed. And, thanks." For plopping into his personal space in the first place! As for her remaining stationed at the weyr, "Good. In that case, I look forwards to seeing you again. I promise to be less down in the dumps. Next time we'll do something exciting. Make a huge breakfast. Have a spitting match. Decorate somebody's weyr with antlers." Shrug. The possibilities are endless. "For now, I've gotta see to something in the barracks. The babies are young enough it's hard to tell if something's actually broken or they're just being dramatic, but somebody's raising a fuss. Catch you around, yeah?" And then he's off with a waved farewell!

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