All The Things!

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Weyrling Training Field

Near the tall black eastern wall of the crater is a cleared field. The earth there has been churned many times over by the landings and take offs of young dragons and only a few patches of grass cling to life in this active area. Wooden props and markers used to assist the weyrlings as they learn the precise maneuvers required for the rescue and protection work that the weyr is famous for, litter the training field. Close to the rimwall, in the east where the sun is usually shaded is a large wooden slat barracks for the weyrlings to live in. Tropical trees and shrubs have been allowed to grow here, perfuming the air with a floral scent.

Myrakath settles herself on the ground in a crouch position, ready to bound up if she needs too but she doesn't feel that she probably will and a little rest does a dragon good. "Yeah. I think so." Baylee says as she goes over the blur that has been her life since the hatching, "I don't think Myrakath likes her brother very much. Sev's dragon is very obnoxious, and a little mean." Baylee says going off of just what she has seen from him so far, "Myra doesn't like it when others are intentionally trying to be hurtful." Who does really? Though its her turn now to ask about his life, "Is work going well? You working on anything really nice?"

Krenn considers that new information about Sev's dragon, smiling and shrugging his shoulder a bit. "Well… if he's anything like his lifemate… he puts up a tough exterior, but he's probably an alright guy once you get to know him. Hopefully that will get easier with a little more time and familiarity. Good thing you've got a wonderful lifemate to help you through it." The question about his work earns another shrug. "Oh, you know. Catching up on a backlog of orders, mostly. They've been shorthanded for months, there's plenty to do."

Well. Speak of the devil, and he shall appear. Or in this case… Speak of Aedeluth, and he shall come wandering (limping) from the barracks, weyrling in tow. The bronze is still hobbling, though he does his best to make it look as nonchalant as possible. Sevran's sporting a few new bruises, most notably a new black-eye, on the same darn eye that he keeps getting a shiner on. He stifles a yawn with a hand that is clutching a rag. The other swings at his side with a small pail, presumably oil. It's the dragon-half that spots the pair first, and of course he's going to wander over to hang out with his favoritest-sister ever. Lookin' at you, Myrakath. So Sev follows and greets Krenn and Baylee with a sleepy, half-yawned, "Hey."

And there is Aedeluth! When her brother appears on the scene Myrakath looks away from him, she's going to ignore the obnoxious bronze as best as she can with his encouragement of mud wrestling and fighting he has earned that status of persona non grata. « He's an idiot. » Myrakath says to Baylee who can only nod her head, "I know but he's still learning." Baylee says trying to put the best spin on things. She waves to Sev when he appears, "Hello." she says. Sev is always doing something to himself and after the display the other day she isn't surprised. Krenn's words earn a smile, "I'm sure they are very happy to have you back. They probably missed you." Lucky co-workers get to be with Krenn.

Krenn looks a touch surprised at Sev's state, even if it really isn't all that shocking under the circumstances. "Training's going well for you, I see." He remarks with a little bit of dry humor. "Congratulations, by the way. Holding up alright, besides the obvious?" He looks back to Baylee, giving her another warm smile. "Oh, they were just fine, I'm sure. Probably just glad to have less work to worry about now."

Ah. So we're playing the 'ignoring you' game, are we? Aedeluth can do that. He's a freakin' champ at that game. Just watch him ignore Myrakath. What Myrakath? There is no such thing as 'Myrakath'. Not even a flicker of static in her direction. Nope. No connection at all. Might as well be a wall, for all the attention he gives her. S'van, on the other hand, is not so lucky. "Yeah, yeah," is somewhat muttered to the bronze and, once he has settled in a spot, the human-half dips the rag and begins to methodically start oiling. "Hm?" to Krenn for the question on training. And maybe assuming he's referring to the shiner and other dings and scrapes, he'll offer, "This had nothing to do with training, and everything to do with a visiting harpy." But it's almost affectionate, the way he says that. "And thanks," for the congratulations, even if it makes Sev look a little uncomfortable, and maybe a little guilty. "Sorry… I mean…" what do you say to a friend on the other side of things? Sev doesn't know. "How are you?" that's a better thing to say, right? His gaze drifts between Krenn and Baylee, and he offers a rather sympathetic sounding, "How are you two doing with… things?"

If Myrakath is in the least bothered by her brothers lack of attention she doesn't show it. She really wanted to ignore him, it wasn't a ploy for attention or an invitation to some game. So when he follows suit she considers it to be a win! Win for Myra! Win win win! She stays put in her place near Krenn and Baylee. Baylee feels the need to explain to Krenn, "Some people showed up the other day and dragged him into mud wrestling. Why I couldn't say." Because really how does one explain something like that? Sev's sorrow for Krenn is noted and appreciated. She felt the same way but life is going to be OK. She looks to Krenn to let him answer that question.

Krenn can't help but be a little amused by the interplay between the two dragons, but offers no comment beyond a little smile. Sev's explanation for his state gets the same reaction, and the apology is quickly waved off. "I'm alright, I promise. My lifemate wasn't out on the sands. Maybe it'll happen another time. Or maybe it won't. It'll be fine. I have a long career ahead of me in the Tannercraft, things will work out." The more pointed question prompts a glance at Baylee. "Everything is just fine. Thank you for your concern." It's a much more terse response than is probably polite, but likely Krenn is very wary of getting into things too much with Myrakath in earshot.

Aedeluth? Well. He considers it a personal win that he's driven Myrakath to such lengths that she is ACTIVELY IGNORING HIM. So. Win-win? A little shift-shift of his wings, lifting one as S'van gets beneath it with the rag and oil. "How is that?" he wonders about going back to the Craft, casting a glance at Krenn, "Getting back into the swing of things, I mean. Does it feel like you have to re-learn stuff, or is it like coming home?" And then a pause in the oiling, a glance between Krenn and Baylee for the terse response, confused. But then he gets it. Myrakath. Right. "Ah." And he won't press any further, even if his eyebrows furrow, and his gaze briefly drifts, distant and dazed, to the bronze dragon at his hands. Frown. A shrug. And he pushes whatever thought he had aside. As for Baylee's question about mud wrestling, he offers only, "Maybe it's their thing?" the visitors. "I mean, she's kinda violent at the best of times." He probably means Risali.

So many things that can't be talked about with young dragons about. So many things that have to wait until they are older. Which is what is happening now. Baylee knows full well Krenn wasn't being rude but protective and she appreciates it. "If it is their thing its weird. Why would you do that in front of people you don't know. Why would you do it at all?" There are so many questions that will likely never be answered there, but thats ok in Baylee's book. That is about all the active ignoring that Myrakath can handle she shoots up from her resting position and hops over toward Aedeluth and Sev, « It isn't funny that people could be hurt. You should be encouraging your rider to the better side of his nature. » Lightning flashes in her mind as she revs herself up further, « You need to learn some manners. » Lecture time!

Krenn shrugs his shoulders at the next question from Sev. "Well, it's not like I fell completely out of practice. They let me help out in the workshop in lieu of chores every other week or so. Granted it's an adjustment going back to it full time, but… well, I don't think I let myself get too rusty. Hopefully." The issue of mud wrestling brings a little bit of amusement to his face. "Well… I mean, I think some people think it's… well. If they were doing it for that reason, weyrlings probably shouldn't be subjected to it." Krenn really needs to watch his words now.

'for that reason?' Sev is briefly confused, and it shows. "What do you mean, for that…?" and then it clicks, and he scrunches up his face in a grimace. "Ugh, no. I didn't mean it like that! I just meant… I dunno. They're playful?" And violent. So violent. As the bruising will attest. "And I completely agree with you, Baylee." It is weird. But he can't really say much more on the subject, considering he JOINED them in the mud wrestling. Maybe it was worth it. Another swipe of the oil, head cant to the side thoughtfully. "You said you make clothes, right? Do you make flight jackets?" Aedeluth was enjoying his oiling. One set of lids down, second set rapidly joining the first, eyes whirling a pleasant blue-green. Until a certain hippity-hop sister decides it's time to give him whats-for. And then one eye opens, slowly. Languidly. As if he cannot be bothered to give her his full attention, just half. Connection established. Transmitting now. « Manners? » he questions, the tenor-tone amused. « You mean, like not interrupting someone while they are trying to relax? » as she just did. « By all means, Honey. Enlighten me. »

That was more than Baylee wanted to even consider. Ewwww. Just Ewwww. Thankfully though there are other things to think about like flight jackets. It's good that she has Krenn because he will make her things! Straps, flight leathers, all kinds of things! Yay gifts. "Not that we'll be needing them any time soon." Baylee adds. Because lots has to happen before that point. Though straps will come first. Myrakath is not put off in the slightest, « Yeah. Manners. Like being a decent dragon who cares about other people. Thats why we are here. We are put here to make the world a better place and you haven't earned any relaxation time yet. »

"I'm sure there are other reasons. If tales at the crafthall are to be believed, Ista used to have some sort of wrestling contest as part of their regular games." Krenn assures, smile mildly sheepish now. Best to try to provide innocuous explanations under the circumstances. "Flight leathers are my specialty." Krenn says with a note of pride. "And I will, of course, be more than glad to provide full sets for any of my fellow former candidates who would like them." He gives the dragons a little smile. "Though that should wait a bit, I think. From what I hear, there's nothing like weyrlinghood for putting muscle on you. Measurements might change between now and flight lessons."

"But they take a while to make, right?" asks S'van of flight jackets. "So maybe… actually scratch that. I need to finish growing first." Cause apparently that is still a thing he's doing. Aedeluth is not at all ruffled by little hippity-hop sisters and their righteous anger and moral compasses. Not at all. « Where is the fun in that? » he wonders, dry-humor hissing through his mental connection. « Better doesn't mean better for everyone, » he notes. « Your world would have me outcast. How is that better for me? » but there is no emotion there. At least no negative emotion. Amused. Dry. Barely interested, really. "Wrestling contest?" Sev considers this. "I don't recall. But I did spend more time in Igen, so maybe I missed all the action at Ista?" Beat. "And that would be great!" for Krenn's generous offer. "And I'll pay you a proper commission." And then a nod-nod of acknowledgement. "Yeah." For the muscles.

These dragons are stubborn. It seems that Myrakath will not be convincing Aed that good is more fun any time soon. Though that doesn't mean she will not keep trying. One of the joys of boundless energy is that it is well boundless. And all of it can be brought to bear on her erring brother who is in dire need to being placed on the right path. « There is all kinds of fun in that. » Myrakath chirps, « My world wouldn't have you be an outcast. It would have you change into a better version of yourself. » All are welcome, but not all traits are it seems. Baylee considers Krenn's comment about how weyrlinghood changes your muscle mass, "I hope that I won't have to get all new clothes." Because you know small things like that are important to Baylee, "I like the things I already have."

"The time consuming part is tanning the leather." Krenn answers. "But if you know what you're doing, you can do a lot of good work quickly. I can certainly make eight sets without too much time. You'll all be set." Krenn assures with a thumbs up. He gives Baylee a smile hee intends to be reassuring. "Oh, I'm sure it won't be all that dramatic a change. I'm just a perfectionist, you know that. Besides, everyone who impressed already seemed to be in good shape."

The shining gleam of a well-oiled dragon can be seen as Fascath steps out from the barracks, then he's striding confidently out, move with an ease of grace that would put the most confident wild feline to shame. « Must we all argue? » Comes the fog blanketed green hills, hints of fruit with a tang of earth. The blue eases on over near his siblings. Catwin is following along behind and looking quite out of sorts in the pants and shirts she is wearing. In fact, she keeps tugging at the pants a bit as well. The shirt, however different it might be from her tunics, is still long sleeved. Still, she doesn't look real thrilled.

« Ah. My mistake, » replies Aedeluth, additional screens booting up. Connections establishing. « So, you don't think I'm good enough as I am. I see. » And mock offense is had, thick and false. « You would have me be like you? Then the world would not need you at all. For who needs a savior, if all the world is saved? » If S'van is tuned into the interplay between green and bronze, he doesn't let on. There is just the oiling, the next pass of the rag as he moves down the side of his dragon. The gimpy-leg is given thorough attention, and there's a little hiss from dragon-half as the bronze wips his head around to nip in Sev's direction. "Cut that out. It didn't hurt." Huff, from both. In unison. And here comes Fascath, with logic and peace. « Yes. » Yes, we must.

Myrakath is never shy about her opinions on things, « I think that you need some tweaking yes. » It might be blunt, but there is optimism there. People and dragons can change. They can shave off some of the more unsavory parts of their personalities and replace them with better ones. « I think the world would be a better place at that point. » Might not even need her help then, but for now things are looking like they still do. She shoots her head in her other brother's direction, « This isn't arguing. This is teaching. » She's going to stick with that. Krenn gets a wide smile from Baylee, good. Wardrobe changes are hard. As Catwin is apparently already experiencing. "Good." she says to Krenn.

Krenn offers a smile and wave to the latest pair to arrive on the field. "Cat. Good to see you're doing well." He is feeling just a little more outnumbered by the weyrlings now. And, as much as he would prefer to ignore it, he has stayed well past the amount of time he was supposed to be visiting for his errand. So he gives Baylee a bit of an apologetic smile which is quickly extended to the rest. "I suppose I have to be getting back to the workshop. But I'm glad I got to stop by. When you all get a little more freedom to roam around the weyr, don't forget to visit, right?" He steps back, smiling a touch sadly as he waves, readying to depart.

Fascath gives Aedeluth a look and then just slips himself in a spot between the green and the bronze. « Well, he is what he is. » A glance at Myrakath « I forget, you are what you are too. » There's patience and acceptance there, and since there is no actual altercation he doesn't seem all that worried about it. Catwin frown a little as she watches the bronze and the oiling "That certainly seemed like it hurt him. Isn't their anything the dragonhealers can do for him?" She asks and then there's a s small smile for Krenn. "Thank you. I'l glad to see you, and do come back again." she murmurs and then she's tugging again at the pants. "How do people stand wearing these all day? I'm going to swelter in them."

« And I think you need a total reboot » is Aedeluth's quip right back to her. But it's just mild amusement in that tone. Aedeluth is secure in his person. He's a jerk. He knows it. He embraces it. As for teaching? « You think this is teaching? » OH that is amusement on MAX right there. And even a hum of laughter whizzing through those connections. « Must not be doing a good job, cause all I hear is 'blah blah blah I'm perfect and you suck'. » Settled, his eyes close fully this time, sinking into the lovely, lovely oiling he's getting from his human-half. "Of course!" for making sure to visit Krenn. S'van's gaze lifts from the dragon to his friend, flashing him a wide smile. "It was really good to see you, Krenn. Really." And he means it, too. He lifts an oily hand, a quick 'bye' kind of gesture before he goes back to his task. "Lift up," he says and, for once, Aedeluth does as requested and raises his gimpy leg for Sev to manipulate and oil. A quick glance to Cat, then a double-take because she's wearing pants. Stare. "You look uncomfortable," for her awkward clothes-tugging. At least his eyes go back to the dragon and the rehab exercise he's doing. As for Aedeluth and his leg? "It hurts, but not in the way you might think," he explains. "It hurts when he walks. It doesn't hurt when I touch it. At least not oiling it." As for the dragonhealers? "Yeah. Well, no there's nothing they can do for him in terms of treatment or splints. It's what he does for himself that will determine the progress, at this point. They said it's under-developed. So they recommended exercise and massage to help the muscle catch up." So it's necessary, what he's doing, if unpleasant for both.

And now comes the moment to part once more. It seems so soon and there is still so much to talk about, but it will have to wait for another time. All Baylee can do is awkwardly wave to Krenn as he gets ready to go, "I hope you come back soon." she says softly. "It's good to see you here. I want to keep seeing you and I want Myrakath to see you too." It is a good thing for the green to get used to Krenn now since when graduation rolls around he will be an even bigger part of their lives. Though she can't hug him goodbye as she might wish but the feelings are there all the same. Myrakath is too busy lecturing Aed to worry to much about Krenn's departure, though she did like the man. The green brightens when he says those words, « I'm so glad we understand each other. Thank you for admitting it. Admitting you have a problem is the first step to solving it. » And with that she hops away, her work for the moment is done. Baylee turns her attention to Cat, "I'm sure you'll get used to it in no time." So the skirts are no longer a thing.

"Of course I'm uncomfortable. I might as well be naked for all the comfort these things provide." She sighs "I didn't even think about this part of the whole thing. I don't even own a pair of pants. Had to get these out of the stores and they smell musty and I swear I keep seeing that awful glitter here or there on them." She hmmphs a little at Baylee. "I've never worn pants. This is just, just.." Fascath croons softly as Catwin leans up against him, and nudges her gently. And once she's settled again he turns his attention to Aedeluth « Underdeveloped? Did you lay on it wrong in the shell? Well, I'm sure we shall have many fine excercises to get it working quite right. »

There is no real response from Aedeluth to Myrakath. She can think what she'd like. He knows he won this round. Point. Aede. But with the physical demands being placed on him, he has little time to revel in his perceived victory, eyes whirling red-twinged when they once again open. But he allows the manipulation of his leg; even assisting some, with the flexion. And then he leaves it be as S'van kneads firm hands into feeble muscles. There is pain, to be sure, and a little of it leaks out of his mind and touches those around him because he just can't help it. And because he wants the sympathy, probably. "You know," says S'van to Cat, "In Ista I'd see a lot of the girls wearing these really long, flowy-looking pants that almost look like skirts. Maybe that would be more comfortable for you?" He's trying to help, at least. "At least, it wouldn't be tight on your legs?" Aedeluth flashes a screen towards Fascath, his opinion of the situation clear for the world to see, if not exactly understandable in that binary code flying across the black-lit glow. « How would I know? » if he laid on it wrong in the egg. « It is what it is. »

Baylee generally wore dresses. Though she did own pants so her situation was not as dire as Catwins. She sighs now that Krenn has departed and walks over toward Sev and Catwin, "I guess you could always do like Sev said. I'm not sure they'd accept it as part of the uniform but there are pants that are much more baggy." The weaver in her can't help but throw her two cents in. Myrakath doesn't feel sorry for Aed at /all/. No sympathy for the wicked. Or at the very least the jerky. It is a just punishment for his behavior.

"Perhaps, though as Baylee says, I'm not sure they'd accept that." Catwin murmus and then she gives Baylee a soft smile "At least you'll still be able to see him? Maybe time will go by fast." She glances in the direction Krenn left. "Though I don't envy you the time. I don't know how hard it'll be." a pause and a wry smile. "How could I, but we're here for you." she notes quietly. « Well, if you dinnae know, you dinnae know. » Fascath stretches out lanquidly, careful of his Cat as he does.

S'van might have an inkling of what Baylee is feeling, though he's not gonna offer any sympathy or tips in this particular moment. He's too busy focusing on his task. Or maybe he's focusing on his task to ignore the emotions. Who knows. But soon enough, ministrations are complete and he's moving right along with rag and oil-pail, around to the other side as he works his way from hind-to-head this time. If Aedeluth was more apt to be snappy, he might have some choice words for Myrakath and her 'it's no fun when people are hurt, but I'm gonna revel in your pain' hypocrisy thing she's got going. But maybe he doesn't have the energy for that just now. Or maybe he's just relieved that the physical therapy part of this process is over. The red recedes as the pain does, and he settles back into a neutral blue-green. There is no response to Fascath. He already said it, right? "Could always wear them, then apologize if they don't meet requirements? I mean, we're not gonna actually be riding them for months, right? So why would it matter what you're wearing?"

Baylee can only nod her head to Cat, "Yeah." Maybe the time will go fast but still will be hard, though for the moment probably best not to talk about it. Because talking about it can't really help. Though for now its best to head in for a nap. Myrakath is begining to get droopy. "I'll see you guys later." he says as she and the green make their way back to the barracks.

Open mouth, insert foot? Catwin purses her lips a moment and then sighs. "When will I learn to just keep my mouth shut." she murmurs softly. "Oh, I'm sure I'll survive. I survived the ban on drinking." Sorta? "I'll survive this." After all, it's not like she's being asked to parade around half naked or anything. She'd have some issues with that, to be sure. There's a glance at S'van and then she frowns a little more and shakes her at herself and then looks upwards. "Lovely weather we're having."

"Bye, Baylee," says S'van, though he's too engrossed in the task to pick up his hand and give her a wave. He'll see her later, certainly. Aedeluth doesn't seem to notice when the pair leave. He's back to playing the 'ignoring you' game. And then there is just Cat and Fascath, and S'van and Aedeluth. A glance towards Cat, around the neck of his growing beast. "The weather?" he asks, arching an eyebrow in amusement. "You want to talk about the weather?" This is highly amusing, at least to him. "Yeah, sure," lovely. "At least it isn't raining?"

"At least the weather is generally a safe topic?" Catwin notes "Not too many seem to have a problem concerning topics with the weather." She doesn't grump pr scowl about it. Just stating a small little fact. She hmms a little as she leans against Fascath and just looks S'van over. And if anyone can make weather a possible issue, it's Cat. "Course, your own face seems to be sporting quite a colorful sunrise itself"

"I suppose it is," a safe topic, the weather. "But really? It's so… introductory." S'van slides the oily rag around wingspars, Aedeluth extending his wing so that all the places can be reached. "How is Fascath?" because he hasn't asked, and it's probably polite to do so, even if Sev could see the blue with his own two eyes if he wished to do so. As for his face? The comment brings up an oily hand up to his face, and streaks of the stuff are left in the wake of his fingers as they gently touch the black eye. "Yeah." Amused little huff and the flash of a grin. Clearly there's no hard feelings for it, whatever 'it' is. "Mud wrestling." Cause that's a normal part of Weyrlinghood, right?

Foo on S'van for being logical. "I suppose it could be considered as such. Perhaps I should instead say 'How is your mother?'" Couldn't be anyworse than the results she gets from most anything else. Or well, there is asking how someone's dragon is. "Fascath is well, I expected a little more clumsiness with him being new and all. But he's just so graceful." she smiles as she runs a hand along the warm blue hide. "Physically he seems to be great, though he does have a tendency to get a little anxious." she murmurs. As for mud wrestling being normal? She hopes not for her. « It t'was a real nice donnybrooke » Fascath certainly didn't see an issue with it.

"I suppose you could go there," and ask about mothers, and family and stuff. "She's good, thank you for asking," cause S'van is just a bit cheeky like that. "My dad is good as well," he continues, as if this was a real thing she was interested in. "Overly delighted to finally have a dragonrider in the family, even if he was freakin' surprised as heck that it happened at all." Shrug, and then a bit of a frown. Whatever thought caused it is pushed away, and he continues with the polite back-and-forth by stating, "He does seem to be unusually graceful. Not at all like Ilyscaeth," which earns a snort of amusement. "Aede'll be good. Once we get his situation fixed." The leg is now 'the situation'. « Good times, » agrees Aedeluth, a flicker of a screen for his brother. « And the boy, » presumably S'van, « did pretty good for himself. Even if he got beat by a girl. »

Catwin quirks a little smile "Good to know they are in good health, my own were pleased as well. Though my uncles." she rolls her eyes a little "They wanted to know just how in the blazes I was going to keep making booze with being a weyrling." There's a real genuine smile though "Threatened to not send me anymore Shine until they something productive out of me. Which, I suppose is for the best. Less tempatation that way." Burning peat and smooth tones of whiskey roll down the misty moors. « Perhaps more excercise for him as well? One should be fit, and make a good impression. »

S'van agrees with an amused, "Yeah, probably a good idea. Temptations can be very… tempting." Grin. "But once Weyrlinghood is past, you'll have time for booze-creation. Still gotta make a drink for me, right?" Cue an even wider grin, flashed in her direction as Sev moves from shoulder to head. "Do you have any dragonriders in your family?" he wonders. "other than you, of course." Aedeluth leans into the caress of rag against eye ridges, eyelids closing again, the happy whirr of machinery thrumming through his mind and all connected to it. « Oh. He will get plenty of exercise, do not you worry, » even if Aedeluth's voice is just a bid sadistically amused. Running laps for punishment is 'exercise' too, you know. « I would be more concerned about your own scrawny little woman, Fascath. » It's not really meant to be mean, per say. It's just him.

Catwin laughs brightly and nods "Indeed I do and I already have some thoughts and just what I might do." she notes and then she hmms a little "There's been a few from time to time. I've some cousins or something like that that are and then there's a great aunt or maybe great great." she shrugs a little "I've not paid that much attention to it really. « I do look forward to seeing what they have for us. » A glance Catwin and the blue croons « She be a boonie wee lassie, aye? She'll hold her own, she has me after all. »

There is a flash of a grin, a sparkle in his grey eyes, as S'van glances back at Cat. "Can't wait." For that drink. But the grin flickers and fades, and the amusement goes dim, as he considers her words. "Yeah. Figured." Dragonriders in the family. There's a roll of his shoulders, and for a moment Sev is invested in the task of oiling Aedeluth's head. And then he's done, and the rag and bucket are set aside. Hands wiped on pants, leaving big, greasy stains behind. "I don't know a single person in my family tree who is a dragonrider, Cat." Pause "Is that weird?" Finished with the oiling, Aedeluth settles himself down in a little bronze coil, tail tucked under his chin as eyes close. He's not sleeping; not yet at least. « Hmm. 'Bonnie'. Sure. » he'll sort-of agree. But human females hold little interest for him. « Seems she held her own before ya came along, too, » and a screen pops up, a flickering and static-filled screenplay of memory, plucked from the head of his weyrling. Flailing limbs and fighting spirit amongst sand and eggs.

Catwin shakes her head "No, not really weird. I probably wouldn't be too familiar with any of my relations if I hadn't spent several Turns researching things and trying to dig up recipies from family before they were lost. The cousins are pretty far removed actually. I think the closest is a fifth cousin, four times removed. So, if you go that far in looking, then you're sure to find some." she notes "Heck, there are Harpers that love digging into that sort of thing. They tell me that if you look hard enough you can actually find a relationship to just about anyone. Not that it really means much, it's essentially tracking back to an ancestor held in common. For the most part, my family has been Vintners for a great many generations. So, we tend to make more note of great vintners than riders, since most who become riders drift away from it." She sighs a little "Which I should likely get around to finishing up the book I was writing with all the things I've learned. Be a good thing to pass onto my cousin." « Aye, she did. A plucky lass is my Cat. » Oh yes, he's quite proud of his Cat and will sing her praises till the end. « Hmm, yours does seem to have a problem when it comes to fighting girls. Maybe he's better against a guy? >

There is companionable silence from S'van as he listens to Catwin discuss her family tree. And maybe some of his tension lessens, and he looks less distressed about the lack of dragonrider-heritage that he has. But there's still a look about him, like he feels the situation is fishy. "I didn't know you were writing a book!" he exclaims, surprised and sort of delighted sounding. "I'm sure it'll be greatly appreciated," even if he has NO IDEA what kinds of vintner things would go into a book to be passed along. "Elixy- well, Xyvette now, I suppose - She was helping me with my handwriting during candidacy. Writing is tough work." Aedeluth is amused by 'fighting girls' but even more so at the notion of his Weyrling being better against a guy. « Oh, my dear Fascath, let me tell you- » only it's cut off with a quick 'THUNK' of a hand against his shoulder from said Weyrling, along with a hissed, "Don't you dare go there." Huff. « You're no fun. » And though his un-uttered statement is RIGHT THERE on the tip of his mind, almost clear enough to see, he decides not to push it today, and will simply settle for a flat, « He can hold his own, » as a final response.

Catwin blinks "Oh well, no I suppose I haven't said much about it." she frowns a little and then there's a slight shrug even as Fascath nudges her gently "It's been some Turns since I've done much with it." she says finally. "I'm sure it will. There's a number of different suggestions for ways to brew. Different liqueur mixes. Additions for wines and whiskeys. All sort of things that our family has done. Little anecdotes and even some fun little stories." Fascath is now quite curious. « Already had a few run ins now, did he? »

"I suppose I shouldn't be surprised, seeing as there is a whole craft dedicated to it," says S'van, building it into some sort of apology as he says, "but I really had no idea so much went into… alcohol. I mean. Different brewing methods?" It's all beyond him, though he is a bit curious. "I thought it just kinda… went into a barrel and sat for a while, and then came out great." And then amusement and curiosity turns into a warning look fixed on the bronze, then a flash of apprehension toward the blue, and fleeting anxiety toward Cat. A hand reaches out, touches Aedeluth's shoulder in a firm manner, as if to put emphasis behind an unspoken demand, command, or plea. The bronze, for his part, is gleefully delighted in his brothers curiosity, even if poor Fascath may have no real inkling as to why Aedeluth's next few words are dripping with delight for the hiding meaning behind them. « A few, certainly. Oh yes. He comes out on top most times, too. Can't say the same for the other guy. He's a fighter, my Sev. » and then a round of laughter, expressed as 1's and 0's across flashing screens.

There's a little smile "Oh, if only it were so simple. So much can go wrong. If you're lucky you've got usable vinegar for cooking. If not, you have to through the whole thing out. Even the barrel you put it in can affect the taste. The type of fire you use for malting grain plays a big impact on flavors, as can the water. Location plays a big part in things." She blinks a little as she watches S'van and then she eyes the two dragons a little. A glance back at S'van and she looks mildly concerned. « A few? And very good, he shouldn't be goin' down without a fight. Make them work for it. »

There is some tension around his jaw now, though S'van is holding fast to the topic at hand. "I knew that, about location," he says, somewhat pleased to be able to say so. "At least, they're always talking about wines from here or there being better than so-and-so Hold's wines. But I'm not really into wine. I go more for whisky and scotch." Shrug. "Not that I paid much attention… Heh. Now I get why some is more expensive than others. Or at least, the justification for it." So interesting! Even if there is a hardening of his eyes, and a tightening of his hand on that bronze hided beast he calls his own. As for Aedeluth, he is just so damn pleased at the conversation and all the resulting tension, and subterfuge, ah. Reveling in it. « I assure you, Fascath. That is not a problem in the least. » The hum of electrical currents vibrates through the air; sheer delight.

Catwin frowns a little "Yeah, the soil plays a part as well. That's why some are a little foxier than others." She stops and just looks at him "S'van, is everything okay?" she asks after a moment, looking concerned. Course, she's completely clueless and murmurs "If you've been fighting recently, I won't tell anyone. Your Aedeluth certainly doesn't seem to be at any harm for it." she notes « Well good know. Always good to know who can hold their own and come out on top. A frolicking good time indeed. »

Nope. He's definitely not OK. And when she asks, S'van will go ahead and drop the topic of alcohol. Maybe come back to it later. For now, he'll just peer down at Aedeluth and ask, "How much of this conversation are you following?" and he clearly means the conversation between dragon-babies, not the topic of booze. "I haven't been fighting," he says flatly, and there's a look on his face as he glances briefly at Catwin. "Fascath may want to change the subject." Because Aedeluth is not gonna give up on this. And the punchline is RIGHT THERE HE CAN TASTE IT! « Frolicking. Good word, my dear Fascath. Did you know he even- » and because stealing Aedeluth's thunder is the last option Sev has, he'll just take it. "He's about to tell you about me and Jae." There. Punchline delivered.

"I hadn't really been following it too closely." Cat starts to say and then she Ohs. "Is that all?" she shakes her head a little "Well, I did wonder about the two of ya. Seems you're in the same boat as poor Baylee." she murmurs and then hmmms "And I suppose a bit like Cita too. I think. I'm still not all to sure if I understood that right." She frowns a little and thinks "Do you supposed Aine and the Xyvette have someone as well?" she muses. "Might be a long weyrlinghood indeed." She's quiet a moment as she looks at Fascath. There's then a little bit of a dragon snort « Frolicking indeed. » He seems amused.

S'van has probably spared everyone from a graphic re-telling of exploits, if the look on his face, and the emotions coming out of Aedeluth are to be believed. The bronze seems a bit irked that the gig is up but, as he is still a baby, and rather tired now, perhaps it is for the best. A wide yawn, a deep breath. Mimicked a moment later by the weyrling. "Yeah, well, at least Baylee's dragon doesn't threaten to broadcast her emotions," or worse, "to the Weyr at large." Huff. As for Aine and Xyvette, he muses, "I thought Xyvette's husband died?" So that would be a 'no' there, for all he knows. "And Aine? I dunno. I doubt it, though. She seems like a bit of a loner? And then you're not pining for anyone. Maybe we're in the minority" But really, how much attention was he paying to the others if he didn't even know Tea had a boy on the side. As for long weyrlinghood? Shrug. "I dunno. Maybe long is good. I don't think he wants to see me anytime soon."

Catwin snorts a little "No, I'm certainly not pining for anyone. Not now. Not ever." Then there's a loving smile for the blue "But then, I don't think I need to worry about." she murmurs as she runs a hand along the soft hide. "Well, he may not be ready for ya." she notes and then she's frowning a little as some of the dragon conversation begins to make a little more sense. Well. "Or perhaps maybe you're what he needs." she looks thoughfully at S'van. "Long may indeed be good. Give ya both time enough." she notes. "But you may be right about Xyvette, I think I heard someone mention that. Though people can move on, she's still young after all."

"I told him I loved him," admits S'van, "Right before the dragons started humming. I dunno what I was thinking, but it seemed like a 'now or never' moment." Shrug. A hand through his hair, leaving it slick thanks to the oil still present on his fingers. "It doesn't matter. Can't do anything about it for another Turn at least. Damn that's a long time," as if it's only occurred to him. "But maybe you're right. Maybe time is good." He's got enough distraction in Aedeluth, at least. Grey eyes study the details of the bronze dragon's hide, following the dings and rivets with his fingers. Affectionate, even if he drives him crazy. "I know what you mean," because even though he's difficult beyond belief, there is still the deep, unfathomable love that exists between dragon and rider. "She is," he agrees of Xyvette, drawing his thoughts away from himself and towards another. "And she deserves to be happy. I don't know her well, but I always felt she was a bit… guarded. Like she didn't wanna get too close."

Catwin is silent "That was a brave thing to do." she murmurs quietly. "For better or worse though, it's in the open and who knows. You've got the thought percolating in his mind, and he can't do anything about it either really. Abscence makes the heart for fonder they say." Absinthe is better though. "Well, I don't really know her. She was always elsewhere it seems. So" she shrugs some as she leans on the blue. So little and yet so big and so completely there for her.

Brave? "Or stupid." S'van shrugs his shoulders, cause it is what it is. And he'll say as much. "It is what it is. And nothing I can do right now anyways." And then he will let it go. A little shrug for Xyvette, and then attention on that blue. A little smile. "He's really handsome, Cat. I dunno if I told you. I'm really glad for you." And then a cant of his head to the side, a look at the vintner turned Weyrling. "And you seem really happy. He's perfect for you." But what dragon isn't perfect for their 'mate?

There is that "Well, many think they might as well be one and the same. But, I've done plenty of stupid things that I wouldn't say were brave. So. Think about that." Another smile for Fascath "He is, isn't he?" she murmurs "And, I am happy. I don't think I've been this happy in a long time." she shakes her head some. Course it may have also helped that she's slept soundly for the first time in Turns as well. In fact even moreso. Sleeping in a bit longer than she did in the candidate barracks. "He is perfect. Thank you. Aedeluth certainly seems to be keeping you on your toes. But you seem to be thriving under it."

"I dunno about thriving," says S'van wryly, "But I'm doing something. Either I'll get tougher, or he'll take over." He's probably joking. The bronze hide gets another affectionate touch. He's innocent when he sleeps, at least. And speaking of sleep, "I should probably catch a nap while he's out," he apologizes. But as the great bronze beast is currently napping in the field, Sev has no real choice but to nestle down here as well, using the bronze as a sort-of pillow. "It'll be an adventure, that's for sure," of Weyrlinghood. "And I'm glad you're along for the ride."

"I am glad you are as well. I think this would be more difficult if I didn't know anyone." she notes quietly "You're a good friend, and I do hope things work out with you and J'en. You both should be happy." she notes quietly and then she's nudging Fascath along "Come, lets go for a walk." she tells him and then she smiles at S'van "Have a good nap."

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