Another Goodbye - Tanit Leaves for DOC

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Weyrling Training Field

Near the tall black eastern wall of the crater is a cleared field. The earth there has been churned many times over by the landings and take offs of young dragons and only a few patches of grass cling to life in this active area. Wooden props and markers used to assist the weyrlings as they learn the precise maneuvers required for the rescue and protection work that the weyr is famous for, litter the training field. Close to the rimwall, in the east where the sun is usually shaded is a large wooden slat barracks for the weyrlings to live in. Tropical trees and shrubs have been allowed to grow here, perfuming the air with a floral scent.

The clouds have moved overhead and there's a slight drizzle going on. Good time to be inside, but no. Fascath is outside and is staring upwards at the sky and enjoying the feel of drops on his face. He has examined most every inch of the grounds, and thus this new experience has him fascinated. "Seriously? We have to be out in this?" Catwin murmurs « It feels very nice, it almost tickles. » Tickles. It's wet.

Aedeluth is out in the almost-rain as well. Parked in the field, curled into a bronze coil with the tip of his nose tucked under his wing. His Weyrling is laying against him, using a foreleg as a makeshift pillow. Exactly as Cat may have left them earlier, in fact. Apparently, S'van really needed that nap. But the water falling from the sky is going to get intrusive, and after a few drops splatter on his face, Sev is starting to wake up, swiping at his eyes to rid himself of the rain.

There had been a plan, even as bare feet squish and squelch in the cool mud, the diver remembers this. Long even strides carrying her across the bowl with a sodden canvas duffle over one shoulder. Baby dragons are not easy to resist, even if it means walking in the direction she'd been avoiding all morning. "I swear they grew a foot over night." Green eyes study the blue and bronze with a smirk.

Whirling blue eyes shift from sky to the young woman and there's a little whuffle at her approach and he heads towards her. Thankfully, he doesn't bound through the mud, but instead strides purposefully her way and then circles around her. Sniffing, examining this one he has pulled out of his Cats memories. "Tanit!" Catwin calls out, genuinely glad to see her. "I was wondering if you would come by to see us." She stops and then blinks as she eyes the duffel. "Are you coming to say goodbye as well?" she asks, the smile disappearing. « I like how she smells. What is this that I smell? » And blue gets even closer with his nose. Catwin chokes back a cough.

S'van is awake now. Whether it's because it's just time to get up, or because it's raining on him, or because he hears voices, the outcome is the same. He's awake, and now he's climbing to his feet. Grey eyes peer down at the sleeping bronze who, thankfully, remains sleeping. With a deep breath, S'van heads toward Cat and Tanit. He, too, notes the bag on her shoulder, eyebrow raising in silent question. When he arrives within conversational distance, he lifts a hand in greeting that quickly covers his mouth to stifle a yawn. "Hey." For Cat. For Tanit. For Fascath. For everyone.

Tanit grins sheepishly, "I admit I'd hoped to be gone and back before anyone had time to notice. I've got to head to the Dolphin Craft hall for a little while and play catch up before I can be stationed here officially." The nosey young blue is regarded, and finely scared fingers reach out, giving the dragon something to sniff at, probably smelling much like rain and seawater. "Congratulations by the way, Thanks to the lot of you I earned a fair bit of marks, I also lost a fair number."

Catwin blinks a moment, looks back over towards Aedeluth and then there's another blink "Can't be too comfortable sleeping in the rain, hmm?" she asks as she looks back towards Tanit and Fascath. There's a slight touch of the finger with a tongue and then he sits back a moment. Sweetened spice deepens into a heady rush that brightens verdant hills. A touch of sun amongst the drifting mist. « Aedeluth, you must wake up and come smell her. She smells tantalizing. Mine calls it the sea. That which I've smelled on the air. » He leans forward again whuffling curiously. "Fascath, leave her alone you goof. She spends her time in the sea, of course she's going to smell of it." she shakes her head and then she's smiling "Thank you. I hope you at least broke even."

"Believe it or not, I've slept in worse places," offers S'van, flashing a wry sort of look Cat's direction. "But the key word in that is 'sleep', which I did. And I am glad." Even if he's still looking like he could use a bit more of it. "Dolphin Craft…" Sev tests out the idea of it while looking at Tanit. "Good luck." And then a quick, "Do I wanna know which side of that I was on?" the win, or the loss, of a bet. And then Fascath is reaching out to Aedeluth, and Aedeluth is responding. A hazy, lazy connection established. Click. Whirr. Powering on. With a bit of a huff, he drags himself to his feet and, with a distinct mental glare for his brother, hobbles and limps his way over to the trio of human creatures. A cautious sort of sniff in Tanit's direction, though he won't get near enough to touch. « Salty. »

"I always smell of it, no matter what kinds of soaps I use." The diver admits, with the faintest creep of color in her cheeks. "Did a fair sight better than even." The bronze's approach is noted, her mouth tugging downward in the corner, "So I didn't imagine it." The limp may be what she means, but the words that emerge are, "You really went and impressed a bronze." Sea-green eyes studying S'van now, quiet.

Catwin smiles gently "There's nothing wrong with smelling of the sea. Certainly beats the way young men can smell like." she notes quietly, though the smile wavers a little "And He did indeed Impress a bronze, though I'm of half a mind if the bronze is impressed." she notes quietly. Fascath « Salty and more. Of life and things swimming. » Blue inhales deeply and then gets some rain up the nose and then he sneezes. Oops.

"I did," confirms S'van, unnecessarily. But how he feels about it is ambiguous; his tone is flat and even. A statement of fact. But one hand will reach out, caress the skin of said bronze, before his palm is pressed flat to that shoulder. Comforting? Warning? Unknown. As for smelling of the sea, "I like it. It smells like freedom and possibilities, and just… you." It's not a romantic statement in the least. Again, just fact. Shrug. Aedeluth's eyes whirl, blue-green, tinged red around the edges as he settles his weight on an opposite leg, letting the gimpy-one hover a bit. « Well, aren't you a poet, » for Fascath? Probably. « I just smell salt and- » pause. Searching… searching… « Fish. » And because clearly this one is meaningful, he will study the little diver intently, a flicker of a connection reaching out to brush against her mind, only to retreat rapidly away. "Don't." And that is definitely a warning, meant for the bronze, who turns and huffs at Sev's hair. « Hm. »

Tanit swallows, and says nothing more of scents, choosing instead to focus on S'van like every good sister/not-sister should. At least until he says something that coming from anyone else would have her ears a deep crimson, instead they only pink faintly. "Uh, thanks. I think." Whatever of her mind the bronze might touch, is also got the salt-sea taste, like the wind before a storm. Tanit's attention focuses wholly on the bronze now, unblinking.

Fascath is curious now himself and there's a brief touch of highland moors covered in heather and the moist earthy scent upon the mist upon Tanit's mind. Then it's gone. Fascath seems satisfied and there's even a touch of a nod and then the blue is moving back over to his Cat. « I approve. » Cat looks at him and blinks. "Well. Glad you approve." she says just a bit wryly. Still, there's a soft smile that he likes Tanit as well. She does eye S'van a moment and then shruugs "Well, he's not wrong. It's a pleasant smell. Not like some of that perfumed stuff that holder ladies wear."

And like a good brother/not-brother, S'van is not going to bring up the whole smell-thing. At least not right now. But he's definitely noting the pink ears, and there's definitely a bit of a quirk to the corner of his mouth. "How long do you have to be at the 'Hall?" he asks, bringing the topic back to dolphins, and Tanit's departure. Aedeluth's thoughts on the diver are kept to himself, though he offers a bit of a flash of a screen toward Fascath. Server linked. Connection established. « Interesting, » though he's intentionally vague with what he finds interesting. Because he's a jerk like that.

"Right." If her 'smell' wasn't unsettling enough, being approved of, or disapproved of by two unfathomable creatures has her uneasy. "Journeyman Kalen said up to six months, depending on how long I take to catch up. I'm at an advantage because of what I do, but it would be unrealistic to expect no difficulties getting up to speed."

Catwin hmms a little "Six months." she murmurs "Wow. Still, it's an amazing opportunity and I'm glad you're taking advantage of it. It can only stand us in good steed to have the additional skills." Pink ears may have been noticed, but certainly going to be on her to say anything about it. There's just a glance for Fascath however as the blue's mist swirls about while he answers his brother « Indeed »

"Six months." It's like a punch in the gut, though S'van tries mightily not to let it show in voice or expression. And a beat later, he adds his sentiments to Catwin's, a quick and honest, "She's right. You'll do great. I mean, you're practically part fish," he notes, flashing a grin. "Just missing the gills." It's probably a compliment. Maybe. "And if it means what when you get back, you're staying…" Maybe he can handle it for six months. If he even survives them with Aedeluth. « Are you going to inspect all of your little kitten's friends, before you allow them to remain so? » he wonders, almost lazily.

"Hopefully less." Tanit amends, something almost apologetic in the slant of her mouth. Pest winks out from between and circles madly around his giant cousins. "Dolphins do not have gills, or so I've been told. And I'm sure you can manage a decent letter or two."

"No, lungs and a blowhole if I remember correctly." Catwin murmurs. "And I can certainly manage a letter or two." she says quietly "Curacao can easily deliver it I'm sure if I get him to settle down enough to take a message." Fascath « I had not thought about that. This one though is well thought of. I can see why. That is what I approve of. »

"I said fish," repeats S'van, rolling his eyes. "I do know that dolphins don't have gills. You can see them spit into the air when they come up for a breath." Fingers flex, sort of scratch-scratching against bronze hide. A little furrow of his eyebrows, and a sideways glance towards the wall. "I'll try to write." But that's all he's gonna commit to. Deep breath. Held. Exhaled. Aedeluth spares a glance for the buzzing firelizard, but nothing else. Little pest indeed. « If you are using her memories to base your opinion, then wouldn't that mean you must approve of all her friends? For who would have negative opinions about their own friends? » which is a roundabout way of saying, « Do your own research »

"So says the biology books I've been reading in preparation." Tanit agrees, whistling sharply and causing the blue to land and settle on her shoulder quietly. "Please write? I know we both will be busy, but it's what siblings are supposed to do right?" Never mind the lack of actual blood, or the way Tanit looks guiltily away. She shakes her head, "That reminds me, did your guy ever find the dive gear?" Tanit asks of Cat.

Fascath glances at the bronze « I did. What I saw, I liked. And there is many negative opinions and fears.. » Catwin is eyeing Fascath and then she lets out a long sigh. "Enough." she murmurs as she leans into the blue. Fascath nudges her gently and then settles down just behind her and his tail wrapping around to the front of his Cat. She need no more than ask. At Tanit's question, Cat blinks and then she nods "Indeed. Litral has it at the moment. I didn't want to risk keeping it in the barracks." Fascath looks at her. « She can't help herself. » "I know she can't help herself, but it does get a little touchy for having things that can break." she murmurs. She wrinkles her brow a little at Sev's phrasing and then she hmms a little "Well, if you want to send something off when I do, just let me know."

Another punch in the gut, only this time it has S'van looking guilty, gaze fixing itself on the bronze shoulder his hand is resting on. "Yes. I'll write." This time it's a promise. Sibling to sibling. "That would be nice," to Cat's offer. "Thank you." Throat clearing, and suddenly Sev finds his dragon's hide extremely fascinating, staring at the whirls and divots, the little lines of gold across the bronze hide. "Diving gear?" That, at least, pulls his thoughts back to the present, glancing curiously between the two. Aedeluth huffs a little, streams of code running vertically but lazily across glowing screens. « Negative opinions and fears, hm » and something is plucked from the mind of his weyrling, and offered to the blue. « Such as this? » Sketchy image, shuttering in and out of focus; Catwin. A garden. A rough hand around the collar of a shirt that does not belong to her, but to the one whose memory he has taken. The look of fear, the outburst. The running away. « Is that what you mean? »

"I'll get it on my way to the boat then." Tanit gives her thanks with a nod. Easier to focus on that. "Who can't help themselves?" Feeling very much like she's missing two-thirds of a conversation that is simply beyond her. "Yeah, I'm going to specialize either in diving, or biology. Depending on how the assessments come out. There's gear that lets you stay under, up to fifty minutes I think?" The lanky teen scrubbing at the back of her neck.

« That is but a small piece of a larger puzzle. » And that's all that Fascath offers up as he nudges Catwin lightly. She rubs the soft hide for several moments and then she's nodding "Yes, diving gear. I had some connections that I got a hold of. It's amazing the kinds of people you run into when you travel." A brief pause and another little nudge "Still, I called in a favor and they came through. Tanks of air, mask, flippers, inflatable vest with it's own tank. Perfect gift for someone venturing forth onto a new path, don't you think?" she asks quietly. And then there's a pursing of her lips. "Ilyscaeth" she says after a moment "Our goldling. She's umm, not very graceful."

"Fifty minutes…" the idea is mind-boggling to S'van, who looks rather intrigued by the idea. As for specialty, he can't really offer much of an opinion, except, "You seem to enjoy diving. What do dolphineers dive for?" There's a little acknowledging nod of his head for Catwin's statement regarding traveling connections. "Guess so," is all he can really contribute though. And then a lift of his eyebrow for Ilyscaeth, offering only a quick, "That's an understatement." Aedeluth is absorbing the scratch-scratches he's getting from Sev, and the information he is getting for Fascath. The buzz and hum of energy connecting to different sources spikes briefly and then dies down. Programs operate in the background. Energy-saver mode. And then a spike in activity, a quick scroll through the menu, a file saved. « Just how large a puzzle are we talking about? » because now it's a thing, and he must investigate it. And though he will try to probe for more, there's just a huff of annoyance as he is denied access. File saved. He will evaluate at a later time.

"Oh yes, Cita." That was a break even bet if ever there were one. "I honestly have no idea." She says of Dolphineers, "part of what I get to find out on that lovely first day." Tanit draws a breath in shaking her head, "She's the biggest one of the bunch too, that has to be rough."

The green moors seem to stretch out endlessly and then the view zooms out, the moors turning into an island surrounded by a sea and even that recedes out of view and then the planet is seen and then other planets and a sun. The image a little grainy. A playback of a memory of a memory. Then it fractures into a multitude of images. Some imagined, some factual, but all real in their own way. « Vast. » Is said simply. Catwin is eyeing the blue. Not quite a glare, but it's a look. Talk about making a mountain of a molehill. The blue looks back as if to say she's one to talk. "It is a bit rough." she murmurs and then a nod to Tanit "Well, I don't know much about biology and what that would entail, but the diving sounds good. Another flicker of a look to Fascath and then towards Aedeluth and then a look at S'van "Tell me again why we let ourselves in for this?"

"Yeah," says S'van, for Cita and Ilyscaeth. "I was already gone, but I heard that gold ran into the wall before she ran over Cita." Basically, that was the preview version. "Hopefully she grows out of it, before permanent damage is done." If it hasn't been already. As for diving vs biology, he really has no more to add except a little shrug. A 'guess you will' for her 'finding out' comments. And then a glance of grey eyes toward bronze dragon, and then blue dragon, as information seems to be relayed between sources. Downloaded. Processed. Stored. He says nothing, though, and quickly turns his attention back to Tanit, and her inevitable good bye. « Interesting. » And Aedeluth does find it so. And if his tone suggests only passing interest, the flash and wiz of code now running across multiple screens faster than can be followed, may say otherwise. "Because we were erroneously led to believe that it would be magical, and wonderful, and just simply glorious." And maybe it is. When the dragons aren't conspiring to thoroughly embarrass them. And maybe, just maybe, Sev is glad that the focus is not on HIM this go-around. Sorry Cat.

Tanit hefts the bag at her shoulder, "Personally I think it is because you are both missing some crucial desire for self-preservation. But what do I know." It's quick, the steps to cross and hug Catwin, and Sev in turn. "I need to get going or else I'll have to catch a dragon flight out and I hate putting on extra clothes just to go between." She looks to the two dragons with a puff of breath at her bangs. "I hope you two will look after them, or at least don't torment Sev too much. He breaks easily and I would hate to have to replace him." And with that, she's out.

Catwin startles at the hug and there's a noticeable stiffening and intake of breath. Eyes are wide, but she doesn't yank back. Instead breath is held and smile is forced on. Then a sudden exhalation of breath "Be safe." she murmurs. Fascath is sitting up and all talk with Aedeluth is forgotten for the moment as he nudges her hand multiple times before she's running her hand down his nose "I'm okay." She murmurs very softly "I'm okay." She takes a moment but she gets it together and then a glance at Sev "Well, it's an experience?" This is said just a little weakly.

"There's that, too" and a grin, for the lack of self-preservation. S'van's hand lifts from Aedeluth, so that he can wrap both arms around Tanit and give her a proper hug. A hug that he'd likely extend, if he could. This is not the first time he's had to say good-bye to a sister recently, even if she's not his blood. "Take care of yourself," he murmurs before letting her go. Aedeluth casts a thin line of thought towards Tanit in acknowledgement of her request, but his response is for S'van alone. It makes the weyrling grin just a little, and his grey eyes glance towards the bronze as he reaches out and places his hand on his shoulder once again. "An experience," he repeats in a soft murmur, testing out the words. "I suppose it is."

"I hope she'll be okay." Catwin murmurs and then she quirks a smile "Of course she'll be okay. She's strong." she notes quietly and then just settles herself down on Fascath's foreleg. 18+ feet of dragon. Growing faster than bindweed on steroids it seems. Fascath lies still and is quiet as he shelters his Cat.

There's a moment of silence as S'van just watches Tanit walking away. His lips press into a thin line, but whatever he may be thinking is sealed away, face carefully neutral to avoid betrayal of his thoughts. "She'll be fine," he agrees, certain. "it's us that should be worried," and there's at least a bit of a lighter tone for that, a touch of the old humor. A little pat to Aedeluth's side, and Sev joins Catwin on the ground, settling in even if the bronze is not providing any sort of support for him, emotionally or otherwise. "Have you started on any of the straps, yet?"

Catwin gives a little nod "I have, somewhat. I've the strips of leather and I've been oiling them and softening them. There is certainly an awful lot to them." She murmurs "But I suppose you are right, I keep waiting for them to really start into things." Fascath snuffles a little at S'van and then he tucks back in next to Catwin "What about you? Have you started on yours yet?" She asks as she tucks herself in against the warm dragon hide.

S'van leans back on his hands, letting his fingers wiggle into the still-soft ground. Aedeluth lays his bulk behind Sev, curling around without actually touching him, but presenting an eyeridge to be scratched. The weyrling obliges, lifting a now-dirty hand to begin scratching. "Sort of," he admits. "I've been fussing with the scraps, trying to get a hang of the awl and the punch. It's darn hard to make a straight row of holes, you know?" Sigh. "I'm used to hacking up dead beasts, not fussing with their dead hides." But he's at least practicing. "During candidacy, I was assigned to J'en for rider intern," and there's a bit of a smirk there for the memory, "and he made me take Leketh's straps off. They were heavy. The leather was super thick. I can't imagine punching a hole through it."

"That's one thing I never got asked of me. I've no appreciation for the sheer multitude of it." she shakes her head "I haven't even tried putting holes into it yet." She admits "Kind of scared of screwing it up and then having to start all over again. I really don't want to mess it up. Fascath snorts a little « You will wither get it or not and then you will do it again. If you fail, you at least know you're doing. » Fascath seems unconcerned and just weaves a comforting mist around.

A nod of S'van's head, for the appreciation of the magnitude. "He had me wash and oil Leketh, but only the joints. The idea of washing the whole dragon sounded daunting at the time, but I never gave it much consideration; I didn't really think I would Impress, let alone a bronze." Now? He's got a lifetime of large-dragon washing to look forward to. Aedeluth hmms contentedly, eyelids closing as he receives delightful eye-ridge scratches. "They have the little scrap pieces," he notes, helpfully. "You should practice on those first, before you mess around with anything permanent. That's all I've done so far. I've one with a bunch of holes in it. Another that I'm using to figure out how to attach the buckles and sew it all together… I haven't even touched the actual stuff yet." The material that will become true riding straps. « S'no shame in failing, » offers Aedeluth, if a bit sleepily. « You learn. You grow. You become the best. » on this, he is in agreement with his blue brother.

Catwin gives a nod "That's a good idea, thank you. I think I'll do that." There's a glance at Aedeluth "Well, I suppose one thing with starting out oiling them from hatching is that you get used to their size and you grow into it as they grow into their size. But I do not envy you, or Cita for that matter, on how much drgon you will have to wash later on." She runs a hand along Fascath "He's going to be bif enough as it is."

"At least once they are finished growing, it won't have to be every day," says S'van with some relief. "Right now, he grows so fast I feel like we're constantly itching. But I heard that it slows down a bit… and you can get away with spot-washing and spot-oiling rather than full-body everything, every day." He desperately hopes, at least. A snort, and a grin towards the blue. "Yeah, he'll still be a big guy. No dragon is little." With Aedeluth content to be scratched on, Sev kinda scoots himself back to nestle into the natural space created behind his shoulder. "Let's just enjoy it while they're small, hm?"

Catwin gives a little nod "Yes, enjoy it while they are small." she agrees and then Fascath is shifting, as if all this talk of oiling and itching has gotten him itching. Cat lets out a little laugh "Okay, we shall go get you oiled my dear one." she notes as she stands up off of his foreleg. "Lets go in and get some of that oil if Curacao hasn't bathed it all away." Silly firelizard thinking vats of oil were made for 'lizard swiming. "I'll see you around S'van." she says as the two head back inside.

S'van is having a moment, which may be rare for him and Aedeluth. So he is just going to stay put and enjoy it. "I'll see you later," he agrees, lifting his free hand to give Cat and her Fascath a proper farewell, flashing her a soft smile.

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