Door Found

Western Weyr - Kitchen

Perhaps you followed your nose here.. the cooking aromas are tempting. This is the main kitchen of the Weyr. At any time of the day or night you find cooks and drudges busy making meals and preparing foodstuffs for storage for later use. The cavern has been shaped into a huge room with a domed ceiling. The huge ovens and cooking stoves line the outer wall, their perpetual fires fueled by natural gas from a nearby well. Vent holes pierce the cavern walls, keeping the room amazingly clear of smoke. The inner wall has long counters of smooth stone, carved from the walls. You see a large, heavy looking metal-clad door. This is the large cold storage room, much like a man-made ice cave. The walls are made of volcanic rock, known for it's insulating properties. The heat exchanger is also powered by natural gas.

The kitchens are pretty empty at this time, food has finished being prepped and set for lunch and many are about on a break. This is when Kiley comes in, peeking about and then carefully setting to work in search of something. Apparently, whatever it is, is something hidden as she is checking behind things and all over. Eventually, though, she comes to a stop and sits upon a stool in the kitchens, one arm folding over the other while she chews her bottom lip in consideration, eyes scanning for something.

The kitchen, it seems, is an oddly attractive escape zone. Oh yes, after spending the morning tending to elderly people, Velrich is in definite need of a hiding place. /Any/ place, to not have to deal with…those people. Which is why he slinks into the kitchen area, eyeballing right back out the door for a moment or two before apparently deeming For the time being, anyway. Fingers drag through hair and over his scalp, unconsciously flustered by..everything about /that/ duty. It's only when he spots Kiley that he stops again, brows raising just a little as he stares at her…stool-sitting-scanning. "And…what are you doing?"

Kelthero wanders down from the gardens carrying some freshly pruned herbs and various vegetables. His attention seems focused on his task, as he approaches another kitchen worker, mumuring something. There's a brief exchange between the two and then the herbs and vegetables are taken away to be prepared for today's lunch or to be stored away for later use. Freed of his burden and chore for the time being, Kelthero pauses by one unused sink to clean off his hands, though his clothes are still somewhat dirt stained. He at least brushed himself off before coming down! It's as he's on his way out that he notices Kiley snooping around (or what he assumes, anyways) and that delays his exit. Instead, he's changing course and approaching her as she sits on the stool. There's a quick nod given to Velrich, before giving Kiley a curious look. "Loose something?" he asks, tone half-teasing.

Patori is totally is trailing after Kiley as the girl searches around the kitchen, dressed all in drab and secondhand clothes, the weyrbrat padding along like a little shadow. Or a puppy. Occasionally, he peeks in a corner or presses small hands along the walls, and now and again there is the muffled squeak of a stifled sneeze. Padpadpad. Achoo. Padpad.. acho. And so on. Some sniffling is done behind a hankie, the boy's nose already very pink at tip. Tucked under his arm, held close, is a little atchwork plushie, the lad clinging to it almost as desperately as the hankerchief. When Kiley finally settles on a stool, Pat plops down in a chair nearby, and rubs his nose with the cloth, huffing out a small, "Maybe we should ask somebody?" Some darting glances are cast around the kitchen, the arrival of those tall, manly men over there having Pat hunching down a little where he's seated, and peering at the other candidates all quiet-like.

"Looking for a door. Or tunnel… Or maybe stairs." Kiley notes to Velrich, giving the man a smile. "I heard a rhyme from S'chez and he said it was about the kitchen. Then I asked A'ven and he gave me the full rhyme. Now I just have to find the door to this place. But I am having trouble." The computer crafter chuckles softly, "I asked Pat to help me, already. You're free to help? Apparently it is a place that candidates can use as a safe-haven for a little while." The computer crafter gestures to the little Patori beside her, sniffling as he is. A look of concern is given to the younger candidate. "Are you allergic to something, Patori?" It is Kelthero joining them that she perks up, "a door. If one can lose a door. But not in the literal sense as I've never known where the door was in the first place. But," a hand is freed and she waves it just so before resettling behind her back. "Do you want to help?" Then, back to Patori and she sighs softly. "I had to work to get the answers out of A'ven and S'chez seems to have forgotten, if he even heard it. Who would we ask?"

Velrich takes a slow look around the kitchen at the mention of a hidden door. Interest? Oh yes, it is /there/. Kelthero's entrance earns a look and a nod for the other candidate as well. As for Patori? Well, the sniffling…smaller boy is stared at for a moment or two, with a faint nod at the mention of allergies. "I wouldn't be surprised.. If you're about looking for hidden doors, who knows what sort of dust and cobwebs you're sorting through. Though.." He trails off quietly, taking a slow few steps around the kitchen. "Have you checked..under things? Floor is one of the best places to hide a door.."

Kelthero's interest seems to be piqued for sure, even by the time Kiley offers for him to join them. There's a bit of a crooked smile and the former guard is chuckling. "So we're basically looking for a door that is not a door? Sounds tricky. I could try to help, but I'm terrible with riddles." He shakes his head a little, before also giving a slightly concerned look to the sneezing Patori. While Kiley points out allergies, Kelthero seems to be on another train of thought. "You're not getting sick are you? From getting soaked that day at the stables?" And did Kelthero just seem to shift away a little from the weyrbrat? Velrich's suggestion has him frowning in thought before he grins towards him. "Good point. It could be a trap door, then?"

Patori makes himself small, bringing his knees up and curling all sniffly-like, though it might just be the eyeing he's getting fro mthe cooks. Sneezy person in a kitchen? Probably not a great idea. That hankie is held up close to his face, just in case. "I think I heard people talking about it, the last time I stood," the boy offers quietly to Kiley, though he appears to have been unhelpful this far, having found nothing himself. "Think I got a- ah- /choo!/ - ..cold," sneeef. He rubs his nose with the hankerchief again, nodding saddly to Kelthero, and peeks over at Velrich, staring right back, but instead of looking the man in the eye, he's peering about two inches to the left of the other candidate's nose. Sneef. "Mm'fine," us mumbled at the nose, "Just got wet in the rain." ..And then fell asleep in a cold, damp stable for a few hours. Tsk. He misses the guard possibly shifting away, but there's an, "I think I should have just run back to the caverns," though his gaze continues on, this time eyeing the floor rather than the walls.

"That is true, we'll be going into all sorts of dust," she looks to Patori, "if you are allergic, then it is probably best to wait? Unless you want to find something to cover your face, that may be best for us all to do, possibly." The computer crafter considers and then looks back to Velrich. "Under things? I didn't think of that. Are there any rugs or some place in which they could hide the door?" Attention flickers to Kelthero and she laughs, "I've already solved the riddle, apparently that is the key to the door. But we're missing a door." And then he is mentioning the stables and she's fixing a careful look on the younger boy. "Really? Do you remember where it was or what was said?" Then the confirmation that he slept in the stables for a short time has her brows furrowing in concern. "Shells, Patori. That's not good. You should keep yourself warm."

Velrich continues to watch Patori for a time, and then moves on past him…although one hand does fall to pat the other candidate on the head at least. Poor, sick thing! He even bypasses the idea of looking for a 'door' in favor of heading to one of the pitchers of brewed klah sitting nearby, pouring a mug. And then? It's held out toward Patori with a vaguely impatient look. "Here." He steps back again though, sighing. "Unless there's some..special knife that needs pulling to reveal a hole in the wall, finding a place that is an opening..shouldn't be /that/ difficult." There's a glance given toward the floor then, before the hunter simply crosses toward one of the mats that lay about. Poor cook-feet need cushioning from that hard stone floor, don't they? Tugging it back a bit, there's a bit of a smirk as there does appear to be a trapdoor on the floor. "Trapdoors are..convenient when looking for a place to hide. Or store things out of sight, I suppose."

Another subtle shift and it seems like Kelthero is trying to put distance between him and Patori, but not be obvious about it. "Maybe you should go see a Healer about it. But it could be allergies too." There seems to be a touch too much hope in his voice on that remark, but then the former guard's attention is drifting back to Kiley once again. A hand comes up to scrub at the back of his head thoughtfully. "I don't think there are rugs in the kitchen…" he remarks, uncertain on the truth of that. It's not often he pays attention to the floor of a room. "… but there may be trap doors in storage areas?" Then his expression changes to a puzzled frown and the former guard only looks confused as he stares off at some random spot in the kitchen. "How can we have a key, but no door? Is it an actual key? Or did you mean the riddle?" Apparently there aren't rugs, but there are mats and Kelthero tilts his head a little as he watches Velrich lift ones up and - 'lo and behold, there is a trap door! Blinking slightly in surprise, he snorts a little in amusement, wandering over closer to the other candidate to get a better look at it. "You think this is it?" he asks to no one in particular.

Patori nibbles his bottom lip, giving Kiley a bit of a poutyface, "B- but I want to help find it." It's plaintive, almost. Just look at this big green eyes. He's totally willing to brave the dust! The hankerchief is eyed, and he promptly shoves it up over his nose. There, face covered. Which doesn't leave any hands free. "I'm fine," he insists quietly to the girl, weak smile given for her concern, "I've had worse back home." There's a pause, and more bottom lip nibbling, before he schoots forward in his chair. And then flinches away from the head-patting Velrich, making a face at the tall man, and just eyeing the offered klah. Then the plushie he has under his arm. Then the klah. Dilemma. In the end, there's some head-shaking and Pat muffles a sneeze, keeping hold of the plushie. "Mm'fine," he continues to insist stubbornly, stifling another tiny sneeze and watching as the mat is pulled aside. If he notices Kelthero edging away at all, he doesn't show it, but a pout is given for the former guard's suggestion of a healer, "I'm not that sick." Sneef.

Kiley gives Velrich a thankful smile as he hands Patori some klah, relaxing her shoulders once the boy appears to be tended to. "That would be rather crazy. A knife that opens a door to a room?" A wrinkle of her nose as the concept of such a thing. Instead, she's focusing on him as he reveals the trapdoor on the floor. A soft squeak of excitement and then she is hurrying over there. "That is true. It would be a good place to store things, and if this is where all the candidates were going, I can imagine /why/ they would wish to cover it up as they are doing now." Her arms shift from behind her back to fold over her chest as she looks to Kelthero. "The riddle. Here, it goes like this: Add the way up plus two, to honor the Weyrleaders that lead me and you, then reverse that answer and add it to the end. You've found your way through but you'll need a friend." The computer crafter pauses for a moment before continuing. "I went and counted how many flights of stairs there were in the Weyrleaders' area. There are three flights, and you add two: that makes five. Five looks like a two if you reverse it and add two once more and it equals four. Or, you get seven for the answer if you add two to five. I'm not sure why we'll need a friend, though. Unless it means all of us…" She trails off in consideration, looking at the trap door with a furrow of her brows. "It must be it. Now we have to find out how we get through, exactly, using the riddle." Patori's insistence is met with a smile, "you can stay if you're feeling up to it." She can't say no to those eyes, apparently.

Alas, the poor mug of klah goes unloved and left on a counter for someone else to clean up later. Velrich snorts faintly though, looking from the trapdoor toward Patori with a faint narrowing of his eyes. His aid was jilted! "You don't look or sound fine. But if I get sick later from what you're sniff-snorting into the air in here, I'll know who to look for." One foot stomps slightly on the trapdoor then, before he moves out of the way completely, giving Kiley a confused stare for the riddle. "I' good with things like these." A nod goes to Kelthero however, as well as a shrug given. "Maybe it'll if you pull on it."

Kelthero tries not to grimace when Patori sneezes and sniffles again, but the battle is half lost. He's not edging away any more though, mostly because the interest over the trap door wins out. "Maybe it'll clear up by tomorrow, then." He says, trying to sound reassuring to the weyrbrat. Or is that reassuring himself? As Kiley recites the full riddle, Kelthero stares at the trap door as if the answer were written right there as he frowns in thought. With a sigh, he gives a helpless shrug after a pause of silent thought. "I've no idea what the answer could be. Like I said, these sort've things go right over my head." There's a bit of an apologetic smile given to Kiley. "I'm not going to be much help at this stage." Velrich's comment earns a shrug in return, followed by a crooked smile. "Doubt it. Kiley said it needs a key. But I guess it can't hurt to try." And so try he does - crouching down, he gives the door a good pull with no results. Still crouched, the guard frowns before glancing back up to the other candidates. "No good. Unless we're doing something wrong."

Patori is being helpful. By sitting there watching all the others try to figure out the trapdoor. Yup. Totally helping! He might eye the counter-sitting klah, but he's keeping tight hold of that plushie and his hankerchief. Clearly, the poor boy needs to grow anotyher hand or something. Head tilting to the side, he manages to stifle back the sneezery to listen to the riddle Kiley recites, forehead creasing faintly. "Maybe.. it needs two people to pull on the door?" is his slightly lame suggestion after watching Kelthero try, and fail, to get the thing open. He practically beams at Kiley for her allowing him to stay, though is then scooting back for Velrich's words. He peers at the other candidate, and sort of huddles down a bit. Sneef. "What if you, um.." he ponders the trapdoor, then Kelthero, then the door again, "..Push on it really hard? Maybe it opens the other way?" Not likely, but it's all he can come up with.

"Hopefully you won't catch it as he got it from sleeping out in the cold." But, the computer crafter doesn't know much about colds and what have you. Kiley instead focuses on the trapdoor in which the three of them, the two others being Velrich and Kelthero, are gathered around. Arms unfold and settle upon her hips, while her gaze narrows upon the door accusingly, more so when Kelthero gives a pull and nothing happens. "How can you use the numbers if it is a door? Doors aren't voice activated. Maybe you should… Um… Jump on it. Wait. No. Don't do that." A sigh of frustration and then she considers Patori's suggestions. "Maybe we do need two people. Or maybe we need to push. I don't get it." It is quiet in the kitchen. And almost empty. Except for the four candidates trying to figure out how to work and open the trapdoor.

Velrich busies himself with moving the mat the rest of the way off the trapdoor. Sure, there's a bit of floor dust that goes flying as he does it, but that doesn't matter, right? He kicks it a little further away once done though, grinning faintly as Kelthero tries to pull it open. "Well if it's not going to open, it has to have a lock, right? Since it needs a..key.." The man trails off just a bit after that, dropping down to take a better look at the door. "A combination is also a key. And you said there were numbers, didn't you? In that riddle." His gaze flicks up at Kiley then, brows raising upward.

"That could be it." Kelthero admits after Patori's suggestion of it taking two to open the door. But his tone is distracted and the former guard is still crouched as he inspects it. Maybe he really does intend to stare the answer out! Then he's shooting Kiley a puzzled look. "Voice activated? What's that?" he asks, frown deepening as he now has unfamiliar words to deal with. Now he uses a hand to scrub at his chin, though it seems to do little to help his thoughts organize into something helpful. "Jumping won't do it and it couldn't open from the other end unless there's another door." That prospect earns a grimace from the former guard. This door is proving to be a challenge enough - the idea of two just hurts to think about! As Velrich joins him in inspecting the door, Kelthero glances over to him and smirks. "I hadn't thought of a combination. Seems awful over the top though for a trap door, though." Even so, he's reaching out with a hand to the handle again, leaning forwards to check for any hints of a possible "keyhole" or any hints in general.

Patori is still helpfully sitting back on his chair and watching the other candidates puzzle the door out. He tucks his knees in and semi-curls up, hankerchief hovering just over his nose as he continues to sniffle. Thar plushie under his arm is hugged tighter, though he does bob his head to Kiley, "It's too warm here to get really sick." Weyrbrat logic, apparently. "You could kneel on either side and shove it down with your hands?" he suggests to Kelthero, though when that mat is moved, he all but dissolves into tinysneezes, for all the rising dust. Sneef sneef. "Maybe there's more than one key, and you have to find all the keys?" the boy ponders, after he's secovered from thr bout of 'achoos' and settled back in the chair.

"It didn't say anything about a combination, simply that if you found the number you have your way through but you need a friend." Kiley's hands are dug in deeper at her hips, "the numbers I came up with were four and seven? But, shells, I don''t know how that would help us get through?" Her head tilts slightly with lips pressing firmly together as she considers. She is only drawn from her thoughts again by Kelthero, blinking at him. "It is when something responds to a voice or a phrase of sorts." The woman tilts her head towards the other side and then rolls her shoulders. "It is a little over the top because it is supposedly an area for Candidates to go. You don't want just anyone stumbling in, I imagine." Attention flickers over towards Patori and she shakes her head. "It definitely said if you figured out the numbers, that would be the way through."

Velrich does another quick look over the latch, and makes a noise of his own. Excitement? Perhaps there is! "There's a lock here..with numbers. Four of them.." He fingers the lock just a moment, glancing up again, and then just shrugs. "I don't know about a 'friend'.. but… Well. You were pretty good with those numbers, weren't you? You said..three flights of stairs, didn't you?" He rolls the first number around to the '3' at that, before glancing up again expectantly. "Damn well over the top, it is. They're not smuggling anything down here, /are/ they?" Locked doors, combination locks? Sounds fishy!

Patori's next round of sneezing distracts the former guard from investigating the door and Kelthero's glancing up warily to where the weyrbrat candidate is settled on a chair. He waits until Patori has recovered before replying with a frustrated sigh, "I hope not. Doesn't seem like there'd be multiple locks. But who knows?" Clenching one hand into a loose fist, he gives the trapdoor a good thump before leaning back and getting to his feet. Grimacing, he shakes out the cramps in his legs before taking a side step to lean up against a countertop edge. "Ahh…another technology thing?" Kelthero tries to sound like he knows what he's talking about when replying to Kiley but fails miserably. His sad lack of knowledge is showing, so he promptly switches the conversation back. "I guess that would explain the riddle and the key. But what good is a hidden room if the next candidates can't solve it?" There's an amused snort when Velrich seems to share a similar outlook on the whole situation and then Kelthero's back to crouching again when the combination lock is found. "Huh! So there /is/ one." There's a pause and then he adds. "What about two next? It mentioned something about adding it up by that number, right?"

Patori tilts his head, listening to the others discuss the trapdoor, but looking like most of it is going over his head. Or maybe the lad's just tired; with all the sneezy, he probably hasn't slept too well lately. He nods to Kiley, though, nibbling again on his bottom lip and then slipping off the chair and shuffling closer to peek around the woman when talk of combinations is going on. Peeeek. Eyes widen, "Smuggling? Smuggling what? Stickybuns?" glancing dubiously around the kitchen. He echoes Kelthero's 'Huh!' when the thing seems to actually work, and leans closer, hand pressed up to his nose with the hankerchief, totally curious.

Kiley leans in as he points out the numbers, letting out a soft oh. "There is a combination!" Surprise is heavy in her tone and then she's moving to settle beside Velrich. "There are three flights of stairs, you add two. That equals five, then you reverse the number, which looks like two, then you add two which is four." The computer crafter recites. "Unless it means to reverse five, which looks like two, then add it to five. There's not more numbers?" The computer crafter lets out a soft sound of frustration, "maybe it is simpler than that, though? I don't get it. There's too many possibilities." Fingers run through her hair and she murmurs, "doubt they're smuggling something and whispering about it." Attention settles in Kelthero and she grins, nodding. "Technology, yep. Something I am quite fond of." Lips press together after a moment to consider the door again. "This may drive me crazy." Then, she peeks back at Patori and offers a smile. "That'd be an interesting thing to smuggle."

Velrich snorts. "They could be." It could be a new crime wave about to happen! Stickybun smuggling! He shakes his head though, entering the numbers given before giving it a tug…and a growl of frustration. "No good." He does at least get up then, stretching out bent legs as he moves to lean on the counter again. "I don't know much about technology, but I don't really like most of it." He rubs a hand down his face then, before waving at the trapdoor. "Unless you've got a better idea about what it could be, I think we're at a dead end."

There's another snort from Kelthero and he's giving Patori an amused side-glance. "You're always thinking of sweets, aren't you?" he teases before 'tsk'ing' slightly. "Faranth knows what's in that room. Whoever found it and locked it sure didn't want to make it sharding easy to get in." When Kiley comes over to try and puzzle it out, the former guard shifts a little to make room. He's completely out of his element again now and can only watch as she goes over some possible numbers. His expression looks almost pained at one point, no doubt he tried to think of all the possibilities and that promptly shut down his thoughts. "Way, way too many possibilities. We'd be here for the rest of our lives figuring it out if we tried each and every one." Both his hands come up to rub at his temples then and Kelthero grumbles something under his breath that sounds a lot like 'going to give me a headache'. Velrich's comment on technology has Kelthero chuckling. "It's not that I hate technology, it's just that I can grasp most of it." He admits before pushing himself away from the countertop and glancing back down the kitchens. "Well, it was an interesting puzzle. But I need to get back to my chores. I never did check to see if we were actually done for the day." He grins sheepishly and then tosses a quick wave to all three candidates. "If you do get it solved though, let me know? Otherwise, good luck! Guess I'll see you all around." And with that, he's off and headed back to the gardens.

Patori shuffles after Kiley, sticking close without totally getting underfoot. "So.. out in a bunch of numbers?" is asked as he peeks at the thing curiously, tugging smile for the girl. And he totally gives Kelthero a totally innocent look for the commentary about sweets. Yep, he's a weyrbrat alright. "Maybe they hid, um.." pondering as he plops down right beside the door, "Treasure? Like.." though he kind of fails to come up with anything. A hand is raised to wave at the departing Kelthero, before the boy is glancing sideways at Ve;rich and then scooting forward to play with the lock.. thing. And snifflesneeze into his hankie.

Kiley sighs softly as nothing happens when Velrich attempts to open the door, "shells." Lips press into another line and she stares intently at the numbers as if they will give her the answer. "I think we're at a dead end." Agreement for that subject as she tilts her head this way and that and rolls her shoulders. Talk of technology is abandoned for trying to solve the problem presented to them. Then she's looking up when Kelthero talks about his chores, nodding. "I hope that you are. I'll see you later." A hand is waved before attention is drawn to Patori. "Maybe I didn't count enough stairs." A soft sound of frustration and she pushes to her feet. "Maybe I'll try asking A'ven. Or counting more. I do hope that there /isn't/ treasure… At least not pirate-like treasure."

Velrich smirks faintly to himself. "Why not? Take a few things, lock it up after you go..make a bit of profit." Nothing wrong with stealing from /criminals/, right? Right? He shakes his head though just a bit, gaze following Kelthero out of the kitchen before he pushes away from the counter again. "He isn't the only one. Let us both know if you manage to get it open." With that he heads for the door himself, making his way back out into the world take care of the old people. Or to..pretend to take care of the old people.

Patori scoots closer to the trapdoor, till he's almost sitting on top of it, the plushie dragon moved to his lap while he holds his hankie up to his nose and makes some squeaky sounds that might be stifled sneezes. He'll just sit there turning the combination thingy, and darting glances around the kitchens. Once Velrich has departed, Pat leans over and snufflingly mumbles, all quiet-like, "I don't like him. He has a scary face." Yup. Hunching down, the weyrbrat mumbles, "How many numbers could there be? I bet if we made a list.." nose wrinkling slightly, "Who would hide pirate treasure under a.. /kitchen/?"

Someone who thinks such a thing will never be discovered. Draval manages to find himself in the Kitchen, following his nose to where the foodstuffs lie. And lo and behold, he comes in to mutterings of treasures and secret doors. Edging closer to Kiley and Patori, he attempts to both eavesdrop and appear innocent.

"But… Shells. That would mean pirates are in the Weyr." Which is a problem. Kiley makes a slight face before she's nodding a farewell to Velrich, her hand lifting in a farewell before attention is on the door. "He's not too bad, Patori. You shouldn't judge people on how they look." Then there's another sound of frustration. "I don't know. I'm going to go count stairs." A bright smile towards Draval, "see if you can help Patori with the combo? I guess… You can just guess. I'll try and be back soon." She's a woman on a mission. A mission to count stairs.

Patori is still fiddling with that combination thing, turning it this way and that. "What if.. we just found an axe?" because candidates tearing up the kitchen floor is such a GREAT idea. He totally doesn't notice Draval oh so innocently eavesdropping over there, but he's preoccupied with the trapdoor they'd found. "That seems silly," he tells Kiley, about pirates in the weyr, obviously not believing such a thing, "Someone would know." Hopefully. He, too, makes a bit of a face, and then lifting his shoulders in a slight shrug, "He looks at me mean." Poutyface, he has. First impressions, alas, they last. He blinks up when Kiley addresses the other candidate, and bobs his head in agreement, "Maybe we can figure it out.." He might sound a little dubious, though, having been sitting back and only watching till racently.

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