Healers, Dragons and Dolphins, Oh my

Emerald Isle
Emerald Isle - Main Beach
This long, wide beach extends in an unbroken expanse of brilliantly white sand for miles in either direction, and is a popular destination for those who prefer their beaches without tourist-trade interruption. Wide enough for a large dragon to walk along it without brushing wings in either the thick vegetation to the east or the surf to the west, it eventually fades back into the jungle that encroaches so thickly against it. In places, the waves out to sea rise high enough to surf, but there are also gentler stretches, well-suited to swimming. Bits of shell and driftwood are occasionally cast ashore here, but the sand is otherwise smooth and clean.
At the northern end of the beach, a narrow freshwater stream flows down towards the water from an inland waterfall, with a path that leads alongside it before disappearing into otherwise impassable jungle.

It is mid morning the weather is nice and warm, not hot but warm enough to venture out into the shallows that surround the island. Kalen is standing on the white sand beach today he is dressed in board shorts and rash guard shirt. He is using hand signals to call in a large almost black dolphin to the waist deep water.

A blue dragon glides along in the sky, approaching the island. The flight has been nice and easy, with Korvath actually showing off a bit on just how fun a flight can be. Naturally, he wasn't showing off for T'ana, and /certainly/ not for the mongrel Kor, currently strapped at T'ana's lap in a rather ungainly manner. The showing off is for Kelani, sitting behind T'ana in the passenger seat of the saddle. After a nice glide through the skies and seeing the lands from the air, he arcs to the ground, where a few furious flaps let him settle upon the sand with a gentleness non-riders don't often think dragons capable of. He eases to a laying position, so the humans and mutt can climb down easily, with T'ana helping her daughter down.

Kelani has been experiencing more and more rides of late. Making deliveries for healers, visiting her Ma and Da and the like. Few has she enjoyed as much as this flight. Whether it be because of the blue's flights skills, the destination or both it may be hard to tell, but likely the whole experience all together. Once they land she takes the offered help down and smooths down her hair and clothes from the windy ride. "I am a little nervous…don't think Rio knew I couldn't swim when he got this for me, but he assured that a dolphin wouldn't let me drown."

Kalen waits patently at the waters edge as the dolphin is in position he will turn and wave and the now familiar blue rider. He beckons the two females to join him in the shallows, "Morning" he will smile friendly enough.

"Morning!" T'ana calls back as Kor winds around herself and Kelani a few times. As he hurries toward Kalen and the water, she begins heading over as well and adding for Kelani, "They don't. You have the dolphins, Kalen, Kor, Korvath, and me. I'm probably the worst swimmer of everyone, but you won't drown." She rubs Kelani's back lightly, smiling at the younger woman as they head over.

Kelani nods to the woman's reasurance and reaches down to pet the dog as he dances around her. Sava left in the care of another healer back at Half Moon. As the dolphineer waves at them, Kelani lifts her hand in greeting as well. "Good as It would be hard to resuscitate myself." She says in aside to her mother. "Good morning sir, Are you the dolphineer my cousin Riohra made arrangement with?"

Kalen will nod and smile saying "I am Kalen, Journeyman Dolphineer. You must be Miss Kelani, yes Riohra informed me of the situation. I am also a on the search and rescue wing at Monaco with atlas here. But since you dont know how to swim today will be at your own pace, if you feel comfortable enough we can move on to a ride. But for how come meet Atlas" he turns and steps into the water up moving up to his waist. Then the large bull dolphin will glide up and wait patently for the women to come over.

T'ana reaches down to lighty hook her right-hand fingers around Kor's collar. The mutt would happily run over and jump into the water to investigate the dolphins; as it is his tail wags to beat the band and he does fidget a bit, though he doesn't fight too much. Korvath gets to his feet and starts heading off to the side, to slip into the water and head around to the deeper waters.

Kelani gives Kor a quick stroke, "Wish me luck…" she murmurs and smiles up at her mother. "Here we go.." She says squaring her shoulders as if facing into battle before turning back to the dolphineer, removes her sandles and heads over to the edge of the water, following him in. "Yes I am Kelani. Search and Rescue? You must see some real interesting things. I am hoping to specialize in Emergency medicine myself." She wades into the water behind the man and gasps a little at the appearance of the large dolphin, "Oh…it is handsome…boy or girl?"

Atlas will not move but say to her "I am male, we are fastest rescue team" Which causes Kalen to shake his head and grin saying "He isn't wrong" He will reach his hand out offering it to Kelani for support if she needs it "Emergency medicine huh? Sounds like we might be seeing each other if there is a disaster" When she gets close enough he will say "This is Atlas"

For her part, T'ana bends over to murmur to Kor, who promptly sits down, though his ears lower a touch. Kicking her shoes off, she goes into the water next to Kelani, smiling at Atlas. "Hello again, Atlas," she says warmly, smiling at the dolphin before looking to Kalen. "And I bet you'll be seeing a lot of each other—she's going to be a healer, you know. Going to treat any problem you have." Why yes, there's notable pride in her voice, there.

"I bet you are the fastest, you are so very large." Kelani responds with a nod of her head to the dolphin. "Pardon me Atlas. I should have addressed you, I had forgotten. I have only seen a couple of your kin before." She says in apology, "I am apprentice healer Kelani." She offers in formal introduction. She looks over her shoulder as her mother joins them and dips her head at the praise, "I am but a senior apprentice yet."

Atlas will give a happy set of clicks and whistles as he moves over closer so Kelani can admire him. The bull dolphin will address T'ana saying "Bone lady" he gives no explanation but happy clicks as well. Kalen for his part is straight faced but will smile at Kelani and say "Dolphins enjoy contact as much as humans do, the top part of there heads or the 'melon', is the most sensitive and open to such rubs of affection."

T'ana takes the cue to crouch and lightly rub the "melon", waiting for Kelan every step of the way. In the distance, Korvath can be seen peeking his head above the water for a moment before diving again, to find other dolphins to pester and play with.

Kelani nods to Kalen at his advice to pet Atlas and turns her gaze to the dolphin and reaches a hand to stroke the melon of his head, "It is a pleasure to meet you Atlas." She says before canting her gaze to Kalen, "How did you two meet…or bond?" She asks canting her head to look up at her mother and out to Korvath and back to the dolphineer.

Kalen will give Kelani a small smile saying "I have know him since he was born, he is only six turns old. We were partnered while I was still and apprentice at the hall. We dont bond like dragons and there riders. A dolphineer can have many different Dolphin partners over the course of a life time." He will give her a small bow "Thank you for asking." Atlas enjoying the attention will give happy clicks and close his eye as he is happy for the attention.

"Watching you two," T'ana says thoughtfully, watching the way the light shimmers on Atlas' skin as her hand works over the bulbous melon, "it may not be exactly like riders, but I can see the bond. It's definitely there." She grins at the dolphin, then looks up the Kalen, brows lifting.

"Atlas is your first then?" Kelani asks as she strokes the dolphin's head and looks back to Atlas, "I can not swim on my own but I am told you will allow to swim with you. I would like that if you do." She offers, having gained her confidence through the meeting of dolphineer and dolphin. She nods to her mother's words of the bond.

Kalen nods, his miss-matched eyes twinkle, as he says to T'ana "We share scars of adventure." When Kelani will state her intention he will nod saying "do you wan't your mother or my self to ride with you? He is strong but two people in this instance will be his max." He motions out to the semi deep water where the Dragon seems to be playing "Atlas wont take you any father than where your lifemate is. Then back here to this spot." He turns as Atlas will move to get in position next to Kalen, waiting for the next step in the instructions.

"Go with him," T'ana says immediately, smiling at Kelani. "He's the teacher here. I'll swim around here with Kor until you return." Unable to help herself, she reaches over with her right hand to tuck a strand of hair behind Kelani's ear.

"I think for the first time, you. If that is alright..Are there any directions I should know. How do I hold on so it doesn't hurt him?" Kelani takes a breath and takes a step beside Kalen.

Kalen grins and crouches down next to the dolphin and will take her hand so it will cup around the dorsal fin. He will then places his hand over hers, as if to lock it in place. "Now he is fast but will slow down if you ask him to. If you want him to slow down just say so he will hear you." Atlas will click happily and say "Hold tight" he will slowly start to inch forward.

Kalen grins and crouches down next to the dolphin and will take her hand so it will cup around the dorsal fin. He will then places his hand over hers, as if to lock it in place. "Now he is fast but will slow down if you ask him to. If you want him to slow down just say so he will hear you." Atlas will click happily and say "Hold tight" he will slowly start to inch forward.

T'ana moves off to the side and starts wading deeper. A snap of her fingers to get Kor's attention, then she beckons to him. The mutt flies to his feet and races down to, then into, the water, dog paddling with a canine smile on his muzzle.

Kelani smiles at her mother's attnentiveness, "I will be alright." She says as much to asure herself as her mother. She turns her attention back to the dolphin and moves alongside and places her hand as directed."Ok, So I just hang on tight.." She says and actually relaxes as his hand goes over hers and nods. "Ok I am ready."

And as the young woman says she is ready Atlas takes off not to fast at first but if you have never traveled by dolphin it would feel like she is flying through the water. Just the momentum will make her rise a few inches out the the water adding to the sensation of flying. Kalen is grinning happily he squeezes her hand to make sure she isnt going anywhere except with dolphin.

As the dolphin heads out into the open water and Kelani trails alongside side, soon her fears are forgotten. There is a large smile on her lips and her haze eyes are bright with excitement. "This is amazing…it is like flying!" She calls out to dolphineer and his partner.

Kalen just laughs and calls over to her "If you want to go faster just ask him". Atlas for his part is moving along easily and making wide turns but never really loose his speed keeping track where there deeper water is and isn't. He will give a whistle indicating he can go faster if she wishes.

Kelani nods at first to Kalen's words, then turns her face back towards the dolphin's head. "You can go faster…" She glances back to Kalen, "Just don't let go." She says though her trepidation is much lessened. Her wild curly locks are now plastered by the spray about her head and she lifts her free hand to move them out of her face. "I am ready." She calls out even as she waves a hand towards Korvath and T'ana.

Atlas waits for Kalen to squeeze the young girls hand, and then really opens up, the friction even in there swim gear is making the skin on her arms and legs, and anywhere else not covered by cloth tingle. Kalen for his part is whooping and holding on tightly to Kelani, he wont let her go. The Dolphin will use Kalen as a counter weight making a wide arcing turn that will send a spray of water out behind Kelani like wings made of clear blue crystal.

T'ana and Kor stay more or less near the shore, her playing with the mutt though without giving it her full attention. She watches the others, smiling and lifting her right hand to return the wave.

Kelani's own grip tightens as the speed increases, her eyes closing against the spray of water. The closed eyes not taking away from the experience, but adding to it even with the stinging. With dragon flying there is such solid contact with the dragon , but still amazing in its own right. Here…for a girl who has never even learned to swin…it is like she is flying on her own. The wide smile doesn't go away even with the tingle of skin.

Kalen will say something to the dolphin that is lost in the rush of air, but Atlas knows. The large bull dolphin will make another turn this time skipping Kalen on the outside leaving Kelani safely nestled in the sea. Atlas starts his fast pace return from the deeper water to the shallows.

A soft exhalation comes from T'ana as she watches her daughter, and her general mien of quiet thoughtfulness makes even Kor calm down. He paddles over to her, looking at her expectantly. She glances at him and starts rubbing his head, then she watches the others return. Her smile widens as they approach, her focus returning to the moment, to her daughter.

Kelani opens her eyes as they make the turn and there is less spray in her face and gasps to see how far away from shore they are and nearly lets go save for the hand holding it in place. The moment of surprise passes and she relaxes once more along the dolphins side. As they pass mother, dragon and dog she lifts her free hand out of the water again, "It is amazing!" She yells out and looks back to Atlas's head, "You swim so well Atlas! This is so fun!"

Kalen does hold on, even if her grip was to somehow loosen off his iron hold wouldn't let her fall. Atlas will blow air and mist out of hole atop his head when she complements him, but all go things must come to an end. The dolphin starts to slow down as they get closer to the shallows where they first met that day.

Kor takes it as an invitation, barking once as he begins to hurriedly paddle to meet the others. T'ana swims out at a more leisurely pace, though the smile stays on her lips. "I'm glad you're enjoying it," she calls back as she makes her way toward the drop-off point.

As they slow down in the shallows, Kelani lets her feet drift down to the sand beneath the water and she finally does let go. She lifts her hands up to smooth back her hair again , then extends one over to Atlas to stroke his Melon again. "Thank you Atlas…thank you Kalen. This..was amazing." She seems a little lost for words and wades over to give Kalen a hug if he allows it, "Thanks for not letting go!" She looks over to T'ana when she rejoins them, "Did you see us? Have you done that too?"

Kalen grins but is still taken back by the hug, he will give her a quick squeeze and then turn her loose to her mother saying "You are most welcome." Atlas, if a dolphin can, looks rather pleased with himself but will click at Kalen and say "food now" The Dolphineer will not at his partner saying "go on you, today I think we earned a good lunch break" he will slowly start his trek on up to the shore like where he will wait to get his land legs.

"I watched you every moment," T'ana says, beaming as she wades up a bit. "I'm so glad you liked it. And yes, Niki and I were fortunate enough to do it a little while ago." She lightly wraps her right arm around Kelani's shoulders, then she lifts her left hand at Kalen and Atlas. "Thank you both for doing this," she calls out.

Kelani waves to the departing dolphineer, "I will come back if that's alright. Thank you again." She calls out before looking back to T'ana and leans into her mother's side as the arm is draped over her shoulders. "It was like flying…I mean, not like how I feel when I ride Korvath, but how it feels for Korvath to fly. I really should have taken the time to learn to swim before this."

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