Letters between siblings


Dear Sevran S'van,

It still feels strange putting that to paper, It can only feel stranger for you I imagine. I am sorry for leaving like that. In my mind it seemed better to go now when you should be focusing on becoming a rider anyway, I could tell though that I was mistaken. I'm sorry for that.

The Dolphin Craft Hall is as expected, almost as full of moony eyed dreamers as the candidate barracks, but in truth it isn't the dolphins that interest me as much as learning to use dive gear. Just think of all the treasures that await down there!

It is time for me to go to the testing area, but I promise I will write again soon. I want to hear from you.

~ Tanit ~

(messy but legible, with multiple smudge marks across wrinkled paper. A corner torn off, with an arrow pointing to it and the name ‘Aedeluth’)


I started this the evening you left, but I only got as far as writing your name. You’ve already sent a letter. And it’s been a few days since I got it. Mine has been sitting here, shoved between the mattress and the wood of the cot, because I don’t know what to say. I hate writing letters. I have a hard enough time speaking aloud, and you want me to put words on paper. Damn frustrating.

Can’t say I’m surprised, about the moony eyed dreamers. Dolphins are People seem to like dolphins. And I never pegged you for moony, but treasure hunter? Yeah, I can see that. You still have to teach me how to dive. Maybe we

There isn’t much I can say about Weyrlinghood. It’s tough. Aedeluth is not at all what I expected a dragon to be like. I watch Cat and Fascath and they seem so Aedeluth is more like It’s hard. Maybe it’s because he is a bronze? He wants to dig into my head. He wants to tell everyone about Jae I’ve asked the weyrlingmasters for help setting mental boundaries cause he’s difficult because I don’t need the world to know

See this is why I don’t write letters.

I miss you.

Good luck. Of course, by the time you get this your test will be over probably

~ S’van

p. s. yeah. It is really strange to write that.

Dear S'van,

I think you are just supposed to write about the things you would say to me in person, if you could. Aedeluth is lovely up close, so many sublte variations in his hide, but he does seem… Maybe it's the limp?

Of course I will teach you how to dive, and we can go oyster hunting together.

I don't know anything about dragons, it felt so strange being around Fascath and Aedeluth, I think it's the first I've realized that there is a thinking mind in that hide and the prospect is terrifying.

I wonder if you've seen Mr. Urchin lately, and what his reaction to your impression might have been. You seem to be a glutton for all kinds of punishment. I imagine that's one of the many things you don't want him to know.

Tell Aedeluth his addition was appreciated but he can write his own letter rather than trying to eat yours for spite.

Just keep swimming?

~ Tanit ~

PS I miss you too.


Aedeluth is amazing. But he can also be a jerk. It’s hard to explain, and I know the rest of the weyrlings don’t get him at all. He and Myrakath (Baylee’s little green) are always going at each other. He thinks it’s really funny that she gets so worked up over him. I think he does things just to annoy her. But there is more to him than that. He’s smart. Way smarter than I am. It’s kind of scary at times. But he is also a baby, and there is so much he doesn’t know yet.

His leg is getting better. Sort of. The dragonhealers think he will probably always limp, but that if we keep doing the exercises and massage, it should alleviate some of it. They are working on a pain management program for him. Right now it really hurts for him to walk on it, but he tries to hide it. I feel his pain when he walks and sometimes I limp because of him. I wasn’t expecting that. I knew they talked to their riders, of course. And I knew they felt flight-lust. But I didn’t realize I’d feel everything.

Trust me. It is even weirder to be bonded to one. At least at first. But there is also this sense of It’s like I wasn’t really ME until Aedeluth was there too. I can’t imagine my life without him, now. And yeah, they are definitely thinking minds. Almost like a person, only different. I don’t know. Dragons are dragons.

As for J’en? I haven’t seen him. Not since I told him that I loved him. I don’t know what he thinks. Of me or of Aedeluth. I try not to think about it, because I think I really <hastily scratched out word> messed things up. And you’re right. I am a glutton for punishment, cause I still want him. He was clear from the start. And somehow R’hyn found out, too. He’s been watching me like a <another hastily scratched out word, angry marks on the page> hawk. I can’t even twitch without him looming over me and wanting to know why. As if having Aede in my head wasn’t bad enough.

Sorry about the missing corner on the last letter. He kept trying to wrestling it from me, and got a good chunk out of it, but I didn’t want to rewrite the whole thing. Now I just write after he’s asleep.

How did you tests go? Or are you still doing them? I’m sure you’re passing it with flying colors and making the rest of the apprentices green with envy. Don’t boast too much, though.

~ S’van

I think that just may be a guy thing, a good number of my cousins love being irritating just to see the reaction they get. I'm glad to hear about his leg too, do they know what might have caused it?

The dolphins are – chatty. Fast in the water but they also tend to act like a group of six year olds always wanting to play. Right now though they have me doing drills. All the swimming drills. There is more surface swimming involved than what I'm used to, but Kalen's drills are helping. They have this game where there's a watertight box hidden somewhere in the bay and if you find it, you get to keep the contents. The current one's been under for four days but I'm betting I can find it. Can't be much harder than finding oysters.

I can't say too much on the topic of love either, I've never been in it myself. Are you sure you want to put his name on paper though? I'm not sure how much privacy you guys get there but we have next to zero. Maybe he's the broody type? I do know he likes dark beer, so maybe when they lift the alcohol restrictions you can try again? Mr. Sunshine's intense but at least he is interesting. R'hyn seems like fun though, at least when he isn't broody. Hopefully his mood has improved since I saw him last, but he's complicated too.

I don't mind the missing chunks. (here an arrow points to an ink spill.)

The tests. Ugh. I think my brain had devolved into sea-slug paste by the end of it. I can read and write fine, and do figures if given enough time and paper. History though, I need work in.

The physical side of it was utterly exhausting, they do different kinds of swimming and treading water, and you have to do this thing where you stay on top of the water which was never terribly necessary back home. I am going to see if I can get someone to make some strap on weights to work with. So, there isn't much to boast about. I really am behind the others who have months of practice behind them. I sneak in extra practice and drills whenever I can though.

I also miss steak.


(messy, hasty, scribbled lines across the page)


Don’t have much time; just writing between lessons while Aede’s napping. Between the regular stuff and his physical therapy, I feel like I have no time to do anything. I barely have time to eat.

Aine used to say that dolphins want you to talk to them like they are smart, but not like they are people. I really don’t know how someone would do that, but maybe you can tell me. Six year olds sounds about right. She says they always like to play games. Make it a game, and they’re good to go.

You better find that box. I want to know what’s in it.

There is no privacy. One of the “benefits” of being a Weyrling that they don’t tell you? Baby dragons have zero filter. I know everything about everyone. More than I wanted to. And they know everything about me. Like I said, R’hyn already knows. So do all the weyrlings. I wouldn’t be surprised if the whole Weyr knew, because Aede finds it very funny to spill my secrets. But I’m working on those mind-exercises.

Aede’s waking up. More later.


p.s. I miss sleep

(Second letter, neater, but still characteristically messy)


Got a bit more time now. Aede’s asleep, and we’re on a break, so I’m outside writing. The barracks can be really stifling. Even more than when I was a candidate. I dunno. Maybe I do have clawsto clawstraw a fear of being in small spaces? Though I wouldn’t call the barracks small. Oh well. I’ll figure it out later, after this Weyrling business. Right now, I’m drinking Cita’s tea to get some sleep at night, and staying outside as much as I can.

You asked about Aede’s leg. The dragonhealers don’t know for sure, but they pretty much think it has something to do with how he was laying in his egg. They said it’s underdeveloped, or malformed. One of those freak things, I guess. At least it was his leg, and not his wing. They said it shouldn’t affect him outside of his walking.

I can write (obviously) and do some figures. We had to do them when I was a butcher. History sounds terrible, but what I’m worried most about is politics. I just do not understand it. Le’em tried to explain it to me. He used to be a Harper, and they studied stuff like that. The relationship between Hold and Weyr, and even Weyr and Weyr. It’s all over my head. I’m kinda dreading those classes, but thankfully they won’t happen for a while. I guess the weyrlingmasters feel we’ve enough to deal with right now. Dragons are a lot of work.

It’s kinda funny. You’re there, and I’m here, but we’re both doing similar things. Well, sorta. We’re not treading water, but we are hacking up meat and oiling and washing dragons, which is more physically demanding than you might think. And Aede’s already freaking huge. We’re also continuing PT from candidacy. Also, I think I grew another inch.

Don’t work yourself too hard. Don’t want to injury or strain anything. Then you’ll really fall behind.

I’ll make you a steak once you’re back and I’m free again.



Well I won a 5 year old bottle of spiced Rum and two weekend passes, which I've heard are more precious than steel around here. They are still doing evaluations of course and I ran into N'talya studying for her journeyman's exam. I wonder if Aine plans on continuing training after? I could get to like this box game even if the speedo's are a little off putting.

I haven't seen Shanatea either, so I don't know what he did after the hatching, I have some sketches from Riohra that he gave me before he left. Funny how people you used to run into on a daily basis just sort of disappear after a while.

Hm. Weyr politics, I think I know of someone who might be able to help, there's this older guy in the kitchens sometimes who often does paperwork there. Cook up one of those steaks and bring really nice deserts with you and he may help. Just don't pester the poor guy too often. I make no promises of course but he was really cool. He is also why you NEVER drink any stashed booze you find in the kitchen, as it probably belongs to him.

I did get hit on by a proddy greenrider, which was different. Not bad, and not nearly as bad as the guy who offered to fold my underwear when I first met him. Just different.

So does that mean I should keep things I don't want the whole weyr to know from you too for a while?
I am sure by the time I finally make it back, I won't recognize anyone or anything and just make gibbering noises. Tell Catwin I said high and that the new dive gear works great.

I've got early morning drills again, but I'll be able to write soon. Your right I am actually glad to have Pest for once, he makes the whole letter thing so much easier.

~~ Tanit~~


I won’t tell Catwin about your prize rum. She might get jealous. And what does a weekend pass get you? Is that just a reprieve from lessons and chores, or do you get to leave the Hall? (And yes, I am selfishly hoping it means you can come visit).

It sounds like there is a lot that goes into dolphin crafting. I had no idea there were so many tests and stuff. Course, I’m beginning to realize I know just about nothing about everything.

I think I asked Aine about it once, but I can’t remember what she said. I haven’t asked her since Impression. Maybe she changed her mind? I haven’t seen Tea either. But then again, I’m pretty confined. We can’t really go far yet. The Weyrlingmasters have warned us to stay near the barracks, in case of something. I dunno what. Maybe the dragon falling dead asleep too far from my own bed? Not that Aedeluth would care.

I’ll keep your mysterious kitchen-friend in mind when learning politics becomes important. For now, I am pretending the only lessons I need to learn are strap-making and boundary setting. (But get this. Apparently, we’re also required to learn dancing. ME. Dancing. Yeah. I laughed too).

Who was the greenrider? Did you punch him in the face? Of course I’m making a rather grand assumption that the greenrider was a guy. Ugh. And now you’ve got me thinking about H’yu and his green going proddy. I think I’m gonna clip Aede’s wings (just kidding. Maybe).

And yeah, you may want to keep things to yourself, if you don’t want others to know them. At least until I can get a handle on this mental block thing. Sundari (she’s the Weyrlingmaster) was talking to me and Cat about it, and Aede kinda flipped out. He actually blinded me. With his mind. I didn’t even know dragons could do that. But I’ve been practicing, and I’m getting better at keeping some things away from him. At least until he learns some self-control. I don’t really care if he tells people about me. It’s the stuff that’s not really mine to tell that I need him to keep quiet. Does that make sense?

Good luck on drills. Even if by the time you read this, they’re ancient history.

~ Sev

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