Strapping Good Times? Or Not.

Western Weyr - Weyrling Training Field
Near the tall black eastern wall of the crater is a cleared field. The earth there has been churned many times over by the landings and take offs of young dragons and only a few patches of grass cling to life in this active area. Wooden props and markers used to assist the weyrlings as they learn the precise maneuvers required for the rescue and protection work that the weyr is famous for, litter the training field. Close to the rimwall, in the east where the sun is usually shaded is a large wooden slat barracks for the weyrlings to live in. Tropical trees and shrubs have been allowed to grow here, perfuming the air with a floral scent.

The overcast sky remains, though today there is a breeze that brings with it the scent of the sea and sweeps some of the heavy, humid mugginess away. Though the sun is up, it is still early; even if "early" is rather relative now that they are Weyrlings. S'van is awake, and has been for a while, escaping from the crowd of the barracks to the wide-open space of the training field. Aedeluth has been fed, washed and oiled, and is curled up nearby as he sleeps off his breakfast. Although it likely took several trips, Sev has settled himself near the bronze, a pile of straps and various leather-working tools spread out around him, a particularly thick piece of leather laid out in front of him. It's this that currently has his attention, and he works at settling the awl in place before, with a sharp thunk of the hammer, knocks a hole into the strip.

A glorious day to be out and Fascath is, and no sleep for him. He's happily flapping his wings and then flaring them out as much as they can go. Sometimes he turns to catch the breeze blowing in from the sea, his nostrils flaring as he absorbs the scent. Catwin is lugging out some small lengths of straps and she also has with her a straight length of wood with holes drilled through it. "Morning S'van." she says quietly as she heads over to where he his.

Another *THUNK* of that hammer, and S'van removes the awl to peer down suspiciously at the hole he's made. With a sigh, he settles back a little bit, setting down tools so that he can rub at his neck, tipping his head back as he stretches the muscles both shoulders and neck. "Hey Cat," he greets, reaching forward to draw in his sprawling pile of stuff and allow her some room to get comfortable. "What's that?" he wonders of the piece of wood.

Catwin is of the opinion to work smarter and not harder and though she didn't find Krenn, she found someone else equally as able to supply her with some ideas and things. "This is a hole guide. Cheaper than getting one made out of metal." Catwin notes. "It's all properly spaced for dragon straps. I would have gone with a metal one, but I used my marks instead to get a revolving leather punch." Which she pulls out of a leather pouch. She also pulls out an awl as well. Settling down she lays the wood onto a strip of leather and then uses the awl to place marks on it. After which she pulls out the punch and looks it over and then turns it until she has the size she was looking for. She looks at the strip, finds the park and slips the leather into the punch and squeezes. It takes a little doing but she manages to make it work. She shakes her hand out and hmms. "Well, this will certainly strengthen my hands some." she murmurs.

S'van was clearly not thinking the same way as Cat, but by the look on his face, he really wishes he had. "That's…" brilliant. Wonderful. Amazing, "smart." He studies that bit of wood and glances down at the strip of leather in his hands, picking it up to show her the line he'd drawn. "I was using a piece of knotted string to mark the holes, but I like your idea better." A sigh, and a run of his hand through his hair. "Kinda wishing I'd been a tanner instead of a butcher, pre-Aedeluth." Even if being a butcher means he has no qualms whatsoever for the gross, messy, hacking-up-food part of the job. "How much did that punch cost you?" he wonders. "I've got a little bit of savings still, after your damn expensive rum cake. You're welcome," but his voice is light and teasing when he says it. The bit of leather scrap he was working on is cast aside and a different piece is selected, this one not for hole-punching but maybe for leather scraping. Another tool is selected, though he takes a moment to flex his fingers, making a fist and relaxing it in turn. "Be careful," he warns her, "and make sure you take stretch breaks. When I hurt my wrist, the Healers told me it was probably due to repetitive motion with no breaks." Carpal Tunnel. It's a thing.

"Ten marks." Catwin notes. Course it is all metal and good springs and all. There is a glance cast at S'van "I'll tell you as well. No more Turnday cakes." she says quietly and goes to working on the next hole "On that note, however, if you're making me a rum cake. Go talk to Litral, and tell him it's on my behalf. He has a key to cabinet." she notes and then goes on about the leather "And for another five marks I got a box of tools with various different items. Like a groover, a stitch spacer and a stone and oil. I was told to keep the awl sharp and to put a diamond edge on it. He showed me how, but." she shakes her head "It's interesting." Fascath has finished playing with his wings and is now heading over to the sleep Aedeluth. Creep. Creep. Creep.

"This dragonrider business is damn expensive," decides S'van, though he looks rather envious as she explains the tools she's been able to acquire. "Good thing they won't actually wear the straps for another month or so, hm? Plenty of time." For what, he doesn't say. Scraper in hand, he gets to work sheering down the piece of hide before him, working on the underside to smooth and thin own the piece. "So cake is OK, just not the occasion that it was made for?" noted. "And I really wish I had thought about that before Tanit and Rio sent me to the freakin' Rec room bar." Gr. Grump. Oh well. But because he can't leave well enough alone, he'll casually ask her, "Why don't you like celebrating your turnday?" as he keeps his eyes firmly fixed on the leather he's thinning. As for Aedeluth? The hum and whir of his mind is soft and low. Sleep-mode. Breathing soft and even; totally unaware of his impending demise.

"Rum cake is okay, most other cakes not so much. Too dry." Catwin notes as she works down the straps, stopping every now and then to shake out her hand. "Well, most any business can be expensive, depending on the tools you aquire for it. I learned some time ago that it can be worth the extra expensive to get the proper tools for the job. I'm sure it's the same with being a butcher. Quality knives and taking care of them properly, better for getting up meat and such, am I correct?" As for the question of her Turnday, she stops what she's doing and her lips purse some. Fascath stops creeping up on Aedeluth and his attention swerves towards her. Cat's eyes dart towards him and then she rolls her head eyes and mutters something about damn barometer. She waves him off "Go back to what you were doing." He continues to stare at her "Enough! Gah. I've got work to do." And she goes back to the strap and agressively punches a hole into it. "Shards." she mutters as in her haste she missed the mark and screwed up the hole placement. "Just don't even say it." She grumps at the blue. He blinks and sits back a little. He hadn't even said it.

"It was pretty good," says S'van of the rum cake. "I'm not usually into cakes. More a pie-guy, actually. Peach," he offers, even if she didn't ask. But he agrees readily enough with her assessment of quality tools. "You're right. I got a nice set as a gift from my old… well, I wouldn't call him a 'master' cause there's no real butcher craft apprenticeship, but the guy who taught me. He gave me a nice set of knives before I came here." A smile for the memory, that waffles a bit as he considers, "Maybe I should sell them, now that I'm not…" a sigh, as if the realization that his old life was well and truly gone has just settled upon him. "Would make sense," he continues, now just talking to himself, "to sell it and get a decent set of leather working tools." Resigned. Another moment of leather scraping, and then a quirk of an eyebrow and a glance over at Cat and her back-and-forth with Fascath. "Oh-kay. Sorry I asked," of the turnday. And he won't bring it up again, either. Gaze flickers between weyrling and blue, lingering longer on the blue and his proximity to the bronze. A glance for the bronze (still sleeping soundly) and then back to his work.

There is silence still for some moments and then there's a huff from the blue and he settles down. After shifting forward just a little more. Neck stretches out as he lays his head down until he's almost nose to nose to curled-up sleeping bronze. Just looking at him. Watching him. Studying him. "Well, or keep them as a memento, use them to cut up meat for your dragon. You're always welcome to use my set for now" she says "Peach pie is nice, with fresh whipped cream smothering it. Though I tend to be more a cobbler fan." she remarks. An eye is cast Fascath's way, but since he's just laying there she says nothing to him. Maybe he'll go to sleep? Doubtful. After eying the screwed hole, she shakes her head and just goes onto the next one. She punches on the hole and then very quietly says. "Something happened on my Turn day Turns ago. Not something I enjoy talking about." She doesn't look up from what she's doing, just moves onto the next one.

"I dunno. I'm not that much into mementos, and I'm not sure butchery tools would make nice decorations anyway," says S'van with a shrug. "I may just keep the big cleaver, cause that's useful and would be kinda symbolic, you know? But the other ones, like the bone saw or the filet knives? Those I don't need. Aede doesn't care if his meat is prepared "correctly" so long as it goes into his mouth. And eventually he'll be hunting for himself." Is it an explanation, or is he trying to convince himself? Either way, his voice is pretty determined. A done deal as, with a shrug, he says firmly, "I'd rather sell them to someone who will use them, and invest the money into Aedeluth or myself. Maybe buy some nice flight leathers." Which ain't happening any time soon. He falls quiet as he scrapes away at the hide, pausing now and again run his fingers over his work to test for evenness. It's here that he stays when she speaks, eyes down cast and mouth a thin line as he listens. A little nod of his head and a soft, "I get it." Even if he doesn't *know* about it. Aedeluth is sleeping. Really and truly sleeping, which is the only reason Fascath is allowed so close to him. Soft breaths, warm and meat-scented from recent breakfasts. The hum of his mind broadcasts pleasant drowsiness, a little bit of a whir and flicker for dreams or memories, nothing solid enough to grasp or recognize.

Soft mist drifts across verdant moors on a lazy overcast day, the scent of burning peat hovers. Fascath does indeed not sleep. But he's quiet and enjoying watching Aedeluth for the moment. Catwin herself nods "I can see not needing most of them. And I'm sure there is someone who would be thrilled to be getting a god knife set." she eyes her strap after she finishes with the holes and massages her hands. "Well, aside from the one issue, looks pretty decent, don't you think?" she asks after a moment? The holes are nice since the punch removed the leather as opposed to pushing it aside. "Well, I'd say it was worth the marks."

"I'll give 'em to one of the younger butchers who're just starting out. Kind of like a farewell gift from me, and a welcome gift to them?" Or something like that. S'van picks up the bit of scrap he's working on, holding it up and assessing the edges as he looks for unevenness. His thumb rubs across an uneven portion, and he drops it back down to scrape at. "Hm?" as he glances over to her bit of strap. "Yeah, that does look good," he agrees, reaching over with the intent of running his finger and thumb across the hole-punched leather. "Can I try it?" he asks, already reaching for a new bit of leather in anticipation of her agreement. Maybe it is the proximity, or the misty-moors of that mind so different from his own electrical hum and drone, but Aedeluth stirs just a bit. Eyes do not open, but there's a spike in activity, the flicker of a screen as it begins to boot-up. A connection reaching out. « Whaddya want? » lazily. Sleepily. Only a little snarky.

Catwin hands over the revolving punch and nods "Of course, didn't I say you could use them?" she frowns a little. Least she thinks she said it. She's pretty sure she did. She meant to at least. Fascath's tail twitches just a little, the mist swirls and eddies and goes still again « Nothing. » Is answered simply. « Just watching. Nothing more. » Nothing less? And indeed. He contines to watch. « Just trying out this let sleeping dragons lie, thing. » Catwin continues to rub the palms of her hands. "I think that might be a nice gesture to do." The giving of the knives. "I'm sure they will be greatly appreciated.

The punch is eagerly accepted, though S'van spends a moment or two simply looking it over, playing with the dial and the mechanics, squeezing it in his hand to test out the feeling before punching the leather. "It's really solid," he admires. He rotates the punch back to the hole she had originally set it at, grabs up his scrap of leather, and gives it an experimental punch with way more force than it required. "Oh!" and again, this time more moderate. "Oh yeah. I need one of these." Or, you know. He'll just borrow hers. Since she did tell him (twice now) that he could. He gives another few punches to the leather, delighted in the ease of it, before offering it back to her. "When I get ready to actually make the straps, I am definitely going to take you up on the offer of borrowing that." Aedeluth's eyes open slowly, first one set of lids peeling back, then the next, and then the third, if only to narrow said eyes and peer at his too-close brother. « Well, you're doing it wrong. »

Well, just goes to show who has the stronger grip. Though larger hand is sure to help as well. " Go right ahead. I don't mind at all." she notes and then then looks over at the dragons a little. « How would you say I am doing it wrong? I'm not moving, you're not moving. » There's amusement in the blues voice as he continues to lie there. « But if you are no longer sleeping, then you could not be lying there. Maybe you should get out and stretch that leg some. Be good go you. » Catwin purses her lips and then shakes her head and rolls her eyes at Fascath.

"I'll probably borrow that wood thing, too," he decides, resuming the scrape-scraping of his scrap of hide until it's even and smooth. "Though, if I'm gonna be borrowing all your tools, maybe I ought to contribute to the cost. I can give you a little something back, you know. Since you already bought them." Shrug. There is a tired-sounding sigh from Aedeluth, the flickering of his screen as he lets his emotions bleed through. Mild annoyance. « Because. » and he shifts just a little, lifting his head and uncurling his neck. « to let sleeping dragons lie, you must actually ignore them. » Maybe « But whatever. I am awake now. » as for stretching his leg? There's a zing of code, show through the dark with menacing precision and viral intent. « It's fine. It's been stretched. » Grump. But with a roll of his shoulders, he hauls himself up onto all fours, stretching out his wings for a good flap or two, sending gusts rolling off in each direction.

Shaking her head Catwin shifts a little in her spot "It's no bother. They were just sitting there anyways. I always put a little aside for something of interest. And I've not really touched it in Turns. I can spare the Marks. I made good marks working here after all." She notes "I really don't need anything in return." « Then that should be 'Ignore sleeping dragons.' » Fascath reasons and as Aedeluth rises, so does Fascath. His own wings are stretched, flaring them out as he sits back on his hindquarters. « Isn't it wonderful to be able to stretch out? »

S'van probably hears her. Probably understands what she's saying, too. But it's not gonna stop him from making sure her generosity is somehow paid back. Even if it's not in actual monetary form. For how, he's just going to pick up another strap and a bit of a buckle, and fiddle with it. "Did you happen to bring any of that thick, waxed thread? I think I left it on my cot." He's apparently all over the place today, from holes, to skinning, to buckle's and sewing. Aedeluth? Another long sort of sigh, the buzz of energy flying through the multiple screens of his mind. « It's a metaphor. » with a very 'duh' type of sound to his voice. « But whatever. » Begrudgingly, he agrees, « It is, » in regards to stretching, and he goes a step further by really stretching out his back and limbs, first one and then the other (with just a little hiss and red-whirl of pain for his gimpy right leg).

Catwin hmms a little as she opens up a small box, the ones that contain the rest of the leather working tools she picked up. "Ah, here's some." she says as she hands over the spool. She eyes the supplies and gets out the leather groover. She fiddles a little with the spacing bar and then grabs a small square scrap. Placing it down on a block of wood that was brought along. Dragging it along the leather she grins as she watches small little strips come off and leaving a little groove behind. "Nice." she says with a grin. It's a little uneven as she doesn't always keep it straight, but it's a nice little path. « I think I prefer a straight forward meaning to things. Less confusion that way. » There's more stretching on the blues part and then a warble of concern at the hiss of pain and he brings his nose close to but not touching the leg. « Why is it not better yet? »

"Thanks," is S'van's quick reply as he takes the spool from her. Fingers briefly run along the thick, waxed thread before he peers around for his needle; a blunted-thing meant for sliding thread through already-punched holes, rather than doing the piercing itself. "I'll only use a little," he assures her. "Just wanna practice getting the buckle on straight." With needle and thread ready, he sets it aside and picks up the scrap and buckle once more, manipulating it against the leather, then marking places with a flick of the awl to determine where he wants to lay it out. Aedeluth, with Fascath near, continues to stretch out wings and body, languidly despite the pain in his leg. « That's no fun, » for straight-forwardness. His brother's concern for his right hind leg is pushed aside, a quick toss in the 'delete' pile, though he does offer a brisk, « because it never will » and, after a pause, begrudgingly explains, « they say that I will always limp. And may always hurt. » but he's gonna own it. Just watch him.

Catwin shakes her head a little "Use as much as you need. That, at least, is extremely cheap to get." she notes as she continues to work on grooving the edges of the scrap leather. The corners are a little off, but still it's not too bad. Yay for spacer bars. She does watch him with the buckle and looks thoughful. Pondering a little. Course she doesn't stop grooving and the inattention causes her to go off the leather. "Oh shards." She mutters "It was looking so nice too." Sorta. Fascath ponders this « Perhaps not. I shall strive to work on these metaphor things. » Leg is eyed again and there is a thoughtful look. « Well, no help for then. You shall be stuck with a most becoming, I'm sure, swagger. »

It may be a quiet morning for some, and even Irkevalath isn't to eager to show off at the moment as well. The blue is making his way into the field carrying with him bits of leather, old straps, buckles and the like, though that is hidden in a set of bags that rest within her fanged maw. The blue's wings flutter a few times at his side, tail slowly swaying with a low croon escapes him. « Morning everyone. » This is only offered to the young dragons though. Sundari follows at her dragon's sides with a few rolls of parchment tucked under a arm. Her gaze drifts over the few here, a soft smile seen. "Morning. Hard at work on straps I see."

S'van is at least being careful, and doing the whole 'measure twice cut once' thing, as he presses the buckle back against his scrap for a final check before, setting it aside once more, he picks up the various instruments necessary to make the cuts, dividing a bit of the leather in two so that it can wrap around the buckle and be re-fastened. A glance over for Catwin's words, a quick look at her piece and a grin. "Good thing it's just a scrap, hm? But if you're already doing well, just imagine how nice it'll look once you've had practice." First cuts done, he asks, "Can I use that thingy. The one that lays out the marks for your stitches." It probably has a name, he just can't recall it, and will point for emphasis. That one. Aedeluth is quiet, the buzz of his mind fading into a distant drone as he studies his blue brother. A little chuff, mildly amused, and he decides, « Swagger. I like that. Yes. I shall 'swagger', not limp. » And then Irkevalath is here, and the bronze twists his head back to regard him with a swiftly-whirling eye. His greeting is a simple flick of a connection, a screen of black that illuminates into being. Connection established.

Grabbing the stitching spacer she hands it over to S'van "The stiching spacer?" She asks with a smile. She then glances up at the incoming ELM. "Morning Weyrlngmaster." she says and then she frowns a little, well she remembers candidacy. Scraper is eyed, WLM is eyed. She carefully sets it down and then gives a salute. Then another frown as she decides that maybe it's better to be standing up to do that. Course, after sitting down there for some time, she doesn't spring up real easily and in fact lands right back down on her butt. Fascath « That's the spirit. » ANd then, the blues attention is on his Cat and he's moving her way at a fair drop, whuffling a little at her distress. There is a faint « Morning » in return to Irkevalath, he is not about to ignore the dragon, but his Cat is down. "It's okay, I'm okay." Embarrased, but okay.

Sundari looks on a bit amused and shakes her head a bit as she hears Catwin, she doesn't go about trying to correct her or not with the standing or not standing. She's never been one to follow /all/ the rules. "Strap making is rather hard, especially when stating out." She waves Irk over to where the two are and he drops the bags he is carrying. "Some more strap making bits, buckles and the like. Always good to work at a set, practice makes perfect after all." Irkevalath rumbles out lightly once fre of the bags and is settling down watching the young dragons, though mostly Aedeluth and the fact that he knows very well just how the other is wiath that leg of his perhaps.

"Yeah," with a sheepish look because, really. That name is pretty self-explanitory, right? S'van accepts the tool gratefully before casting a glance up at Sundari. He will give her a salute (tool in hand) but remains sitting. Catwin's up-down stumble has him lifting an eyebrow, and the corner of his mouth twitches in amusement, but he won't comment. "Weyrlingmaster." His quick greeting, as his eyes go toward the back of goodies that Irkevalath has dropped. "Oh." And he eyes the pile of stuff briefly, skimming over bits and bobs for strap making. With the stitching spacer in hand, he sets about lining up the leather once more before running it across and gently marking the spaces. This buckle, at least, is gonna be done right. Aedeluth tips his head the other way, fixing Irkevalath with his second eye, and then both. The screens of his mind pulse a bit brighter, code scrolling and flickering in and out as if it cannot decide what to be. « Your hide is unusual. » polite-ish. At least he's not using mean words. Fascath's concern for Cat does not go unnoticed either, and he snorts just a bit at his reaction.

Color her throughly embarrassed, and since nothing was said to the contrary, she just stays down on the ground. Seated. Thank you very much. She's silent for several moments as she gets her embarrasement under control and instead focuses on the items that have been dropped. "Thank you." Catwin says as she picks up another piece of leather. She keeps her head ducked down a little though. Yeah, amusement from others did not go unnoticed. Fascath, after snuffling at Cat and reassuring himself that she is indeed okay turns his attention back to the larger blue. Coloring is noted and there is a cocking of his head as he sniffs the blue, searching for that salty sea tang. As for the snort from Aedeluth, it doesn't bother him. He's content that his Cat is good, doesn't matter to him what others may think of that.

Irkevalath just watches the two, he is darkly colored, and large for a blue but what sets him apart is the countless scars that run across his form. Some jaggered, other's long and thin, whatever happened it has been some time as they are old but never forgotten in a sense it would seem. « Indeed I do suppose it is. » Someone isn't to talktive at the moment it seems. Sundari tilts her head while looking to Catwin, seeming to note the other is embarrassed over something, she didn't catch it right away it seems. "Might you two have any questions over the matter or perhaps something else?" Sunny questions as she settles upon a seat to look on upon the pair curious like.

For a moment, S'van is absorbed in his work, doing his darnedest to make this the best buckle he's ever done. It may be his first. Or it may be his tenth. Hard to tell. With the stitches laid out, he sets the tool aside and goes for the awl, making fast work of punching the necessary holes so that he will be able to sew the sides together around the bit of metal. It's only when Sundari asks her question that he lifts his head and considers her. At first, a shake of his head, but then a pause and, eyes flashing towards Aedeluth briefly, he offers a hesitant, "Actually… I do." He settles his materials aside briefly. "It's nothing to do with straps though. But I was wondering," and he pauses again, eyes going to Aedeluth briefly. Finding the bronze absorbed in his own thoughts, Sev continues with, "He's rather difficult. He likes to fish around in my head. I can't stop him, but he needs… Boundaries." The bronze, for his part, does seem thoroughly engaged in his own thoughts, and in the larger blue he is studying. « Hm. » and an investigative file pops up, a second screen added to the mix, lines of code flowing bright blue on black backgrounds. « Did you get into a fight? Or were you born with it, as I was? » even if his leg is not so much a scar as a deformity.

Fascath makes a study of the scars and there's a musing. « Much like knife scars, but not? » Is the blue's remark. There's a look from Cat at the blue and Fascath flutters his wings a little. She mutters under her breath "Boundaries, indeed." Concentration is given to the leather as she grooves the leather. This time not slipping off the edge. A second piece is matched and she cuts it to match and this too she works on grooving.

Irkevalath looks from the bronze then to the blue hatchling and ponders the answer with a slight glance to his rider. « I was defending my rider to th best of my ability at the time. » His mindvoice is suddenly soft, almost low and a slight echo found on certain words as if a faint trickle of water drifting in through his ind that reaches the pair of young dragons. « One does things for them even if we do not wish too. With time you will perhaps understand such things. Though I do hope you do not have the need. » Sundari is quiet and looks toher dragon slighty before lifting a hand to scratch slightly at her neck as if the subject is one that bothers her. She has her own scars but most of hidden save for the ones across her wrists which are somewhat seeable to the pair. When S'van brings up the bit on boundaries she chuckles a bit. "It… Can be difficult to do I will admit. Everyone handles such things differently. I am afraid at the moment there is very little one can hide from them. But… I do understand the need for such things, we shall work on them if you wish?"

Lips pressed into a thin, thoughtful line, S'van tries a different approach. "I know that I'll never keep him out of everything but…" and a glance is spared for Catwin, though she already knows most of what he would try to hide, anyways, "There are things that I don't want him broadcasting to others. Things that are my memories, but another person's secrets. Does that make sense? I need to keep some things from being… leaked." A pause. "He has no discretion. And when he gets irked he can be… well." And he just shrugs, because there are no words to describe it. Aedeluth considers what is said with whirring, humming, electrical consideration. Document saved. Information stored. His mind tunes into Irkevalath intently, and there is respect flowing through the screens displayed. No words. Just satisfaction for the answer and a sense of admiration. There is a fierce sort of pride that wells up from the bronze, and a strong link is suddenly thrust at S'van, able to be perceived by all but felt by him alone. It makes the weyrling wince, and then look a little emotional. "I know," murmured back to the bronze beast.

Catwin glances over at S'van and then she nods a little "Some things certainly do not need to be mentioned." Another look at Fascath "And they do not really understand why not. Or well, Fascath doesn't. Aedeluth I'm sure is a whole other matter. Fascath ruffles his wings « I would go to the ends of the earth for my Cat. There is nothing I wouldn't do for her. » The blue says solomnly. The scent of smoking peat strengthens as does the hints of whiskey. Mist swirls. Catwin glances again at S'van and then green eyes shift towards Sundari, briefly noting the wrists, but nothing is said as her eyes goes back to the work in hand. She's quiet. Just listening.

Sundari glances over to Irkevalath whom sits quietly for the moment. "It is not always easy, but we must develop walls to protect outselves but also them in a sense." She looks back to S'van and Catwin, a light smile seen. "It might seem strange to put up a mental wall, but until they understand, or if it is something you truly don't want them to share freely it must be done." It would seem she's had to do this herself. "It is not a easy thing to do, and when I had the need it was several turns after I impressed so perhaps a bit easier then what you are all going through now." « One must learn to try and understand our riders. While we share thoughts and feelings it is always not ideal for us to share with other's just what they are thinking. We are their other half as it were, no one knows them like we do. They tell us things that no one else knows, and they trust us to never let other's in on the secret's. » His mindvoice is calm, like a faint breeze across the sea. A soft rumble is soon escaping Irk as he looks to Fascath. « Indeed, any dragon would for their rider. Without them there is no us, without us there is no them. » Very few riders survive if their dragon's 'die' after all. "To put up a wall you must put forth a good amount of concetration and actually think of that 'wall' as a mental bit instead of a physical bit. You have to picture it as the thing you want well hiden actually inside it and in such a term 'off limits' as it were to our lifemates."

S'van has the attention of his bronze, now, who comes ambling and limping over to blow hot breath on his head. It is half affection, half warning. Sev lifts his hand up, scratching at the underside of Aedeluth's chin, setting the bronze's eyes to whirling and his lids to closing. But it is clear the beast does not approve of this 'wall' building. There are flashing lights now, system-errors flashing across the screens of his mind, making his weyrling wince. "Maybe… we'll practice some other time," which earns him a not-too-gentle bump in the back of his head by his beast. Aedeluth's admiration for Irkevalath has not faded, though now the blue is pitched into the 'warning' category, and his mind pulls back a connection or two. « He is MINE. » and the claim is strong there, connections established, diving deep into the mind of his weyrling. « He cannot keep things from ME. » Huff. « And I shall share them with whoever I want. » But right now, his possessiveness has him setting up his own barrier, a shield of his own around his mind and S'van, briefly blocking out senses and making Sev stiffen and his eyes go blank. "I can't see, you big jerk. Stop blinding me." Another irritated huff and the bronze relents, if only to settle himself behind S'van and hover possessively over him.

« You would keep things from me? » Fascath almost seems to droop at that thought. The pain and thought of such betrayal darkening the moors and the smoke thickens. "Oh Fascath!" Catwin cries as she drops what she's doing and she gets up to go comfort the blue. COurse she's limping a little from one foot going to sleep. Which has the blue looking curiously at her foot « What happened? Is it like Aedeluth's? » He asks curiously. "Oh no silly, it fell asleep." A blink « Feet sleep? » Cat can't help but laugh "It went numb." « Oh. » "Maybe I will try the wall later."

« No one said he was not yours. Though you must understand he is the rider, he in the end is in control. » Irkevalath offers, mindvoice cool and collective, a slight bit of a storm starting to roll in his sea and his eyes swirl a soft yelloworange. « One should not share unless our rider wishes it to be done. Do you like it when he shares about your limp? » Sundari is curious to watch Aedeluth, though Fascath's reaction does make her sile a bit. "It is a process, it will not happen over night." She murmurs softly. "Sometimes it can be as easy as getting them to think about something else. With Irk I had to bring up a dozen or more other options if he was hell-bent on finding something out." Sunny takes in a light breath. "For now start with simple things, little things nothing major perhaps."

Though he says nothing, the flashing screens (of which four more have popped up) and zipping, inconsistent code, clearly says that Aedeluth's hackles are up and he does not agree with Irkevalath. Sev is not in charge. He is. Afterall, he was the one that chose him, not the other way around. A snort, dragonbreath ruffling S'van's hair and the leather in his lap. For his part, Sev simply drops his hand from the bronze chin and fiddles with the leather straps once again. "We shall see," though who he is speaking too is a bit unclear. Grey eyes watch the interplay between Catwin and Fascath, but whatever he feels on the matter is kept carefully masked behind a neutral expression. Aedeluth huffs a bit, tail twitching. « My leg is not a secret, » he points out. « It is clear for the world do see. What could he possibly say about it that has not been seen or said already? » grump grump.

Oh hey, I've a dragon with a wooden leg named Smith. What's the name of his other leg? Ahem. Smoke settles down drifting aimlessly away, the misty fog settles and fint hints of spiced wine drift along « I have no secrets. » Fascath responds, even though he was not asked. « To keeps things buried so, they have not helped her, only hindered her. Would it be better to just.. » "Fascath!" Catwin sighs and lays her head on the blues hide "Enough. please. Not now." Oh please not now. Fascath snuffles at Cat's hair a little. "Course, it still does't have them unsee what they have seen."

As the topic of hiding secrets and building mental walls dies down, so does Aedeluth's overbearing, possessive hovering and electrical connections to S'van. When he finally moves off to settle himself down for a nap, the Weyrling half looks rather exhausted and thoroughly relieved. Eventually, he picks up the bit of leather and the buckle he was working on, and gets back to the task, even if his hands shake just a touch. "Did they warn us of the lack of privacy?" he wonders somewhat dryly, attempting to inject a bit of humor into the otherwise somber conversation.

Catwin thinks about that "I don't remember anyone saying anything about it." She notes softly "Course, maybe they're afraid they won't have enough candidates if they had full disclosure?" she murmurs as she gives Fascath one last touch and then settles back down herself to work with the leather. Fascath eyes Aedeluth and lays down himself. He's not so close to be in his face, but he's watching the bronze again. Who sleeps so much when there is so much to see."

Myrakath and Baylee emerge from the barracks on this cloudy morning. It isn't exactly beautiful but clouds at least mean it is less hot. Scanning the field reveals Cat and Sev, and of course their dragons as well. Baylee walks toward the pair of them, "Hello." she says with a wave of her hand. Myrakath is hopping by her side, surveying her siblings but she says nothing just yet, "Whats going on?" Baylee asks.

"Maybe," agrees S'van, though it's in good humor now. Or at least some kind of humor. "Or maybe we just got super lucky with this batch of dragons. I mean… well. Considering how the egg-touchings went? Maybe it's unique to us." Shrug. A little more fiddling with the buckle, and then he reaches for the threaded needle to start sewing things shut. "Hey Baylee," he says at her arrival, glancing up briefly to flash her a half-hearted smile. Aedeluth yawns mightily, and although the emergence of his favoritest-sister has him sending out a brief connection, his exhaustion is starting to creep up on him. He's still a baby after all. And growing fast at that. Gotta get all that beauty rest.

A glance to S'van and then the dragons and then she's glancing at Baylee "Well, we're playing with leather and straps and all." And as Bay gets closer "And maybe ways to block certain thoughts and memories from." She nods her head towards the dragons." she whispers. Fascath looks up as his sister comes hop hoping along. Oh good, someone who is not asleep. He sits up « Beautiful morning, is it not? »

Maybe it's her dragon, or maybe it's just that her life has before now been rather boring, but Baylee has no thoughts really that she needs to hide from Myrakath. Sure she can't go into great detail about Krenn, but such is the nature of things for the moment, "Oh." Baylee says looking between her fellow weyrlings, "I don't think we need to hide too many things right?" Secrets can't be good for a relationship. The strap part sounds sorta boring, "Why do we need to do that?" she asks. Myrakath sends out the smallest of connections to her brother in return sine he is trying to sleep, though she's able to be more open with Fascath, « It looks like it might rain, but thats ok. We have to learn how to power through things. »

"Trust me Baylee," and S'van glances up and fixes her with a dry sort of smile, "There are definitely things in my head that you do not want Aedeluth to broadcast to you." He will leave it at that, and fiddle a bit with the strap and the sewing. "If you want to eventually ride your dragon, you do," he offers with a bit of a snort. "I know your fiance is a tanner, but dragonriders have to know how to make and mend their own equipment. Your life may depend on it someday." And so, Sev is being very studious as he manipulates the items in his hands. As for the bronze? Another large inhale, and the flutter of his electrical connections blip out. Power-down. Sleep-mode.

Catwin blinks at Baylee "How else do you expect to stay on your dragon when we finally get to ride them?" She asks curiously "You do want to ride her, right?" She echoes S'van. "And it's actually been kind of fun playing with the leather." As for things to be hidden "Some things, the less said, the better." Fascath looks up at the clouds « Rain will make the flowers grow. » he murmurs and the moor becomes covered in a swath of flowering heather, the heady scent mingling in the mist. A glance towards their brother and then there's a vision of a sleeping dragonshaped mound covered in flowers. He does sleep so much.

And there's a mention of Krenn. Who isn't here. Sadness. Though she knows he's out there somewhere and probably at work this very moment working with leather. So it can let her feel close to him even if he isn't here, "I'll take your word for it." Baylee says. Sev's life must be alot more interesting than her own. "I know we'll ride eventually but that seems so far away." Catwin gets a quizzical look, "Yeah but…" Again the time factor. Myrakath considers the flower covered dragon mound and says, « I think that would be nice for him. He could use some flowers in his life. » Not to mention a better attitude about life, but all things in time.

"Think of it like this," and S'van sets aside his task, rubbing at his hand as he glances up at Baylee with a grin. "When you were first starting at the crafthall, did they have you begin by sewing a whole dress? Or did you practice with bits of fabric first? Learning how to cut, or sew, or stitch properly, before they even let you near your own bolt of fabric." Maybe Sephany has been sending letters. "It's like that. We're not actually putting our straps together, we're just practicing the skills we're gonna need when we do have to put them together." He picks up the scrap he was working on, with the buckle. "Just practice. Not actually gonna use it." Shrug. "But I guess you can wait, if you want."

Well, listen to mister logic there. Catwin lets him try and convince Baylee, she's working on grooving her second stip of leather and then she carefully glues the flesh sides together as she plays with the leather. « Everyone could use flowers. » Fascath muses and then there's an image of Mrya surrounded by acres of heather. There's a quirk of a smile on Cat's face, but heather is better than other things. "And you can use the tools I bought, as well." Catwin offers.

Baylee can't deny that Sev makes good sense. Playing with things is a good start! Though it's leather and leather reminds of Krenn. Sigh. There's nothing for it she's going to have to learn how to make the straps at some point anyway and she might as well do it now. "Ok." she says with another sigh, "What do we have to do?" It seems that they are both very much in the know here as opposed to her. Myrakath examines the heather. It's nice, more colorful than the grass of the training field, « I like it. »

More than a few sevens away, but some things don't really change all that much. Long barefoot strides bring Tanit to the edge of the training yard, watching the much larger dragons and their riders hard at work. She doesn't announce her presence as such, drinking from a flask pulled from the rucksack at her shoulder and grinning.

"Well," says S'van, still rubbing at the meat of his hand as he works out the muscle, "Cat's playing with her new leather stripper thingy," maybe not the actual name. Or maybe it is? "And I'm fussing with sewing a buckle on. You can basically do whatever you want. There's probably a spare awl and hammer in the stuff Sundari dropped off," and he bobs his head towards a pile o' stuff near them. "You can practice punching holes, though Cat has a really awesome hole punch that makes it easy. Or you can work on thinning the leather, getting the underside of it smooth…" a pause. "Did Krenn teach you anything about leather?" he wonders, though he does give her a soft, knowing sort of look when he brings up his name. Aedeluth is still sleeping. Unaware of fields of flowers that may be metaphorically draping over him.

A familiar scent has caught Fascath's attention and there is a trumpeting bugle. Sorry Aedeluth. This of course startles Catwin and off the leather she goes. "Fascath!" She exlaims and then there's an image of Tanit draped in heather with the sea swirling about. "What the?" And this image briefly extends to everyone and then Cat is grinning "Tanit?" She looks up and would you look at that. "You're back?!"

Baylee shakes her head at Sev's question about if she had worked on leather with Krenn, "Not really. We never really had the time. I mean maybe a little at the start before we got searched but that was all." Not a whole lot in other words. Baylee takes a bit of the leather and holds it up looking at it, "I guess that I can punch holes in this." Then everyone's attention is captured by Tanit. Cat's reaction brings to mind a question, "You were gone?" she asks Tanit. Baylee has missed some things it seems.

Tanit shifts the rucksack at her shoulder, "As it turns out Journeyman Kalen likes to hide prizes out in the training bay, so you are looking at the proud holder of a weekend pass and spiced rum." Baylee's comment earns another burst of laughter. "See Sev, told you people wouldn't notice. I have been playing catch up at the Dolphin Craft Hall." Pointing to the apprentice knot newly tied at her shoulder.

S'van's head jerks up at Catwin's exclamation rather than the dragon bugle. And very rapidly, he is also setting his things aside and climbing to his feet. "Yeah," he tells Baylee, a wide grin on his face, "For several weeks now. She's been at the Dolphin Crafthall." He'll wait for her to come over, but he definitely doesn't miss the sip from that bottle, a wry sort of smile twitching at the corner of his mouth. "I noticed." Aedeluth… yeah. He's up again. And grumpy about it, too. « Keep your voice down, you great ox. » grumble-grumble. There is no getting up for him, though. Just a little curious sniff and a shrug. Clearly, he doesn't understand all the hullabaloo about the returning diver-girl. "You didn't tell me you were coming," but it's not accusatory in the least; Sev is just all smiles and delight.

It seems that Baylee has been out of the loop. Though given all that has been going on in their lives it does stand to reason that some things might get overlooked. Even important things like Tanit's new job with the dolphineers, "Congratulations." Baylee says with a smile, "That has got to be all kinds of fun." And alot to take in to boot. Myrakath echoes Aed's thoughts « Yes. We wouldn't want to wake him. She is at his most sweet when he is asleep. »

"I did tell you I won the passes." Tanit grins, "Well you've been having all kinds of fun too, your Myrakath is lovely." The diver making her way into the field proper, tucking the flask back into its pocket. "You weren't kidding when you said they had grown."

She's going to get a hug. It's inevitable. As soon as the flask is slipped away, S'van is reaching out to grab her, if just to let her go rather quickly. He grins, posture relaxed. "Yeah, you did. But I thought maybe you'd warn me first," and he casts a glance at Aedeluth. "He's already huge, but he's actually still tiny," cause that makes sense. "You should see Leketh. I hope he doesn't get that big, actually." Grey eyes glance towards Myrakath at the mention of her name, then back to Aede, though the bronze is still content to remain where he is, even to the point of ignoring his green hippity-hop sister.

Myrakath is perfectly content to be ignored by her brother. That shifty ne'er do well is her work in progress. There has to be good under the jerky. Somewhere in there. Buried deep deep down. At the sound of her name the green pops her head up from the blade of grass she was investigating and looks over toward the new human. She hops toward Tanit much like any sensible rabbit would do and gives her an investigatory look. « This one is new. She comes from somewhere else. » Baylee nods toward the green, "For now she does." Sev's reaction causes a smile, "He might get even bigger."

« She is of the sea. » Fascath states helpfully Aedeluth is glanced at « I was excited. » As if that was any kind of apology. He does wuffle a little at Tanit. "It's good to see you back, and I missed you." Cat says quietly. "How long are you back for and are things going as well as you'd hoped?"

Tanit grins at the awkwardness of the hug, she doesn't mind one bit. "And miss the look on your face? Never." The hopping green is watched with another laugh, "So much to scrub eh." And anyone nosing close enough gets chin scratches in greeting. "Just the weekend, and it's more than I thought it would be but in the best way possible. "

Aedeluth is not having it. The cheer is just too much for him. Loud noises, hoppity sisters. Nope. He's done with this. Two naps interrupted does not a happy-dragon make. With a bit of a snarl, he hauls himself up on to all fours, his right hind leg held aloft briefly before he rests just the toes of it on the ground. « We are going. » It's a demand. One that must be met immediately, as the bronze turns and heads for the barracks. S'van's smile wavers just a bit, and he turns to look at his limping dragon. "I'm sorry," he apologizes, "But I do have to go with him. He…" shrug. "He's in a lot of pain right now," as if to excuse the grumpity-grump bronze. And maybe it does, because Aede's lip does appear to be a bit more pronounced. "I'm glad you're here, even if it's just for the weekend. I'm going to get him settled, and then maybe I can come grab lunch with you…"

It seems like Tanit is having a good time! "I'm glad that things are working out for you." Baylee says. Everyone is having life change it seems! "I don't think we'll get a weekend pass for a long time." So there is perspective there. Then Myrakath's and Baylee's attention is stolen away by Aed. « Bye. » Myrakath says to Aed as he limps back to the barracks. Keeping things simple there. Baylee waves to Sev, "See you soon."

Catwin hmms "Weekend pass? From being possesed by a dragon?" No. not happening "i don't think weekend passes exhist anymore. Or do you mean to go somewhere? I don't think until our dragons can travel through the air." With plates full of cheese. No. no. No. That's not right. The moors darken again and the heather is shattered and the rain pours down. Brandy fumes perfume the air. « My apologies. » Fascath says quietly and the blue lies down, though he does stay near Tanit for those scritches. Though tail sweeps around towards Catwin. "Sorry S'van." Cat herself apologizes.

Tanit nods to Sev's departure, brows drawing together as she watches the bronze limp away. "Sorry?" She grins back to Baylee and Catwin. "So tell me how life in the barracks has been, and is the gold still breaking things? I've not seen Cita since she impressed, but I would hope she's happy with the way things turned out."

"No apologies," states S'van, quirking a half-grin back at the trio. "It's just him. And it's just life with dragons." Which he is now a part of. Eyes forward once more, he lifts a hand and gives a little 'wave' of goodbye as the pair vanish into the barracks.

"It's alot like before." Baylee begins, after all they were in the candidate baracks together for a long time, "But now there's dragons there. So it's like having a bunch of new people in your space and in your head at the same time." Baylee looks over to Catwin for help. She never was any good at explaining things, that and it appears there is so much she's been missing that others have noticed. Chalk it up to dragon induced brain fog!
From afar, Jingum nods and figured as much given her recent online troubles and her posts on FB. :)

Dragon induced brain fog is a definite thing. There's likely books on the subject. Not that it helps. "She is still having umm, balance issues." Catwin murmurs and I do believe she is happy. Whats a few cots and clothes presses between friends? It's messier. Cleaning up after ones dragons is much worse than cleaing up after a canine. A glance for Fascath "I know, it's okay. It's natural, even I poop." There's a pause "Least a shovel works well enough on it." she notes. "And it's not everyday they defecate, at least Fascath doesn't. So that's something."

Everybody poops. Big poops. Little poops. Just poops. "Yeah. Poop." Thats one thing that Baylee has been very clear on. Because its something you really just can't miss, "I clean up poop now." Thats a thing that she does. "The privacy part isn't so bad really. It's not like we had lots of privacy before."

Catwin is used to lots of privacy. And though candidacy was a culture… "Fascath doesn't understand that some things just aren't ment to be shared, and I think Aedeluth likes to hold tidbits over S'vans head." she murmurs "Some things just need to stay private. Things other people really don't need to know. Things that can hurt." she notes quietly. "I mean, if you and Krenn had been intimate, would you want Myra to share some those most personal images?" she asks after a moment. She nods to Tanit. "Some things, the less said the better. Though Sundari has said that it's possible to build a mental wall around memories that you don't want easily accessed. Aedeluth seemed to really detest that idea. Fascath wasn't happy either."

"Yeah I'm getting the impression that S'van's struggling." Her gaze moving instinctively back to the barracks. "I wish I knew how to help him there. Sev's actually a very sweet guy if you get past the grumpiness. " But likely they already know that, "And he's got things that he was carrying around all locked up."

There are bonuses to having led a fairly G rated life. Even though there are, just maybe, a few things she wouldn't want shared with the group, "I think that Myrakath would be sensitive to my feelings." Baylee says. Though she isn't one hundred precent sure on that. Babies might not know things would be offensive until it was too late. Everyone is bringing up Krenn tonight and it causes her cheeks to redden. She misses him and its best not to dwell too much on that. "Sev is not one to talk about things. I've offered." So did Krenn and others too, "He just likes to keep things close to the vest I guess."

Catwin makes no comment on carrying around things all locked up. Well not really. "And there is nothing wrong with that. Aedeluth shouldn't mess with that. Just like Fascuth shouldn't as well, or any of the dragons." She sighs a little "And they do not really understand the consequences yet of such things." She looks up at the clouds "Sometimes opening up old wounds doesn't ease the pain, but just kills off a little more. Sometimes the festering isn't on the inside, it's on the outside and the only way to keep safe is to keep it closed."

"It's not the way of men to lay open their hearts easily or to just anyone." Tanit offers with a gentle smile for Baylee. "Actually that is true of people in general, it is a bit like taming a feral feline, you have to build trust sometimes painfully slowly and over a very long time." It is Catwin's statement however that has sea-green eyes focused on the bluerider. "You still have to let the poision out, or else it will come out later and worse."

It seems Catwin has issues too. Maybe at some point the weyrlings are going to need to sit arond in a big circle and talk about thier problems, "I'm not really up on festering." Baylee says tentatively, "But I think letting out a least a little is good." For Sev and for Catwin it seems. "Yeah. Men are slow."

Doesn't everyone have issue? There's a glance for Baylee and her remark about letting it out and then Catwin's looking back down at her strip of leather she's been working on. "Who would wnt to tame a feral feline?" she asks, deliberately missing the point. A glance for Fascath, but the young blue has finally passed out now that he's settled down long enough to fall asleep. If only it had happened sooner for Aedeluth's sake.

Tanit does not reply to the taming of feral things. Nope. "I need to get going, but I will try to catch you all before I leave again. " She grins to both weyrlings, before making her departure.

Baylee waves to Tanit as she wanders off. It is good to touch base with people from the outside world. It's so insulating in the barracks, "I don't know who would want to do that." Seems like it would so much work for so little benefit. Myrakath seems to have settled herself down for a little dragon nap as well.

Catwin hmms a little and nods "Though I'm sure there is someone, someone where who would look upon it as a challange and do it for doings sake." she notes quietly as she too waves to Tanit. At least no sudden hugs this time. The barracks are downright crazy if you ask Cat, one reason she's out of it so much. She looks at the sleeping dragons "sometimes I wish I could just fall asleep like that."

"Always people out there willing to do dumb things becasue they can." Baylee says. The world is full of examples of that sort of thing. Crazy stuff happens all the time, "What stops you?" she asks. Probably not a question she would have asked otherwise because she knows how private Cat is, but when someone gives you an opening you take it.

Catwin gives a nod as she sets the leather down. She's made quite a mess with gouging tracks and all, but she's much straighter with it. She grabs the stich spacer and runs the wheel along the groove. "This is true." she murmurs and then comes the question and off goes the space making dots across the leather. She's silent a moment. Luckily in a way Fascath is fast asleep, the darn blue barometer. Sticking spacer back in groove she answers "Well, takes me awhile to easily fall asleep. Him, sometimes he seems almost narcoleptic." Yes, that's a good answer. Right?

Baylee has yet to even begin to play with the piece of leather in her hand. Too many distractions up until this point, "Has it always been that way for you?" she asks. There's probably a reason for Catwin's sleep troubles and Baylee assumes it has to do with that festering she referred to earlier.

Lots and lots of distrations, thank goodness Cat isn't actually trying to make straps. She sighs a little and then shakes her head "No, but it has been for several Turns now." She admits. Not really willing to give an outright lie. In fact through candicacy it was always late to sleep and real early to rise. It's only been recently that she's been sleeping in a bit later. Thanks to Fascath. She doesn't wake up in the middle of the night half so many times.
Baylee fiddles with the piece of leather but doesn't make any real effort to do anything with it, "What started the sleeping problems?" Alot can happen in a few turns. Alot can happen in even half a day!

"Things best not talked about." she murmurs softly and has stopped working on her piece of leather. "Things that shouldn't ruin a perfectly nice" Not hot "Day." she adds She looks out across the bowl. "It's not important anyways."

There are lots of reasons not to talk about things, but there are also lots of reasons to talk about things, "Well you don't have to say if you don't want too." Baylee isn't the sort to try to force secrets out of people, "But I can take it." she says. She might be inexperienced with alot of life stuff, but she isn't so sheltered that she doesn't know bad things happen out there, "Day won't be ruined I'm sure."

Sleek black hair hangs loose down to mid point of her back, framing a round face and a small snub of a nose. Her dark brown eyes seem almost heavy-lidded, giving her a sleepy-eyed look. She's of minimal stature, being quite petite and also small-framed. She does have a small bit of curves, giving her quite the feminine shape.%R%R She's dressed in vibrant color from her head to her toes. Her light-weight tunic is a deep and vibrant hue of red, offset by yellow and orange embroidery. Her floor length gauzy skirt is full and also a deep vibrant shade, this time of blue. A slightly darker shade of blue has been used to embroider all over the skirt with vivid yellow accents added at intervals.

There is silence and Catwin continues to look out across the bowl "Perhaps you can, I don't doubt that. I'm not sure I can though." She says and then looks over at Baylee, her green eyes dark and looking a bit haunted. "It's something I try to not think about. But, sometimes it's hard not too. So many things that bring up reminders." She murmurs and then runs a hand along her arm absently.

It sounds bad whatever it is, "If not talking about it and trying not to think about it isn't working for you then maybe you should try talking about it." Baylee says, "Just because it might actually help. Can't be any worse off right?" If things are already that bad then it's not like it will go from bad to worse.
Catwin eyes Baylee and then there's a little quirk of a smile "You and your logic, you're as bad as S'van." she says softly "Well, maybe it will, maybe it won't?" She doesn't seem to sure either way. She sighs a little "You won't say anything?" she asks after a moment.

Baylee shakes her head, "No. Who else needs to know right?" she says. It isn't like there is a line of people pumping Baylee for information about other people. "We are friends. Gotta stick together right?"

There's a nod, but Catwin is silent for sometime. Things left unsaid are not easy to bring out. So instead of saying anything, she unbuttons the cuff of one of her sleeves that covers her arm. Up until this point, Cat has either changed elsewhere or under the covers of her cot. She has certainly never been seen bathing by anyone either. She pulls up the sleeve and scars cover her arm. "Someone whom I thought cared about me did this and more. Or saw it done to me." She pulls the sleeve down and then buttons the cuff again.

Baylee isn't exactly free in her changing either. She, much like Catwin, has hidden herself away though for reasons more having to do with modesty than covering anything up. When Catwin shows the scars she doesn't react negatively but simply nods her head. She knows Cat isn't the sort who goes in for sympathy even if sympathy might be present. In for a penny in for a pound it seems, "Why would they do that?" she asks quietly.

Catwin just shakes her head "Why does anyone purposefully do anything so wrong. Greed. I was but a means to an end. An elaborate sham." She murmurs "And I was an easy mark. So easily won over by mere words and gestures. It was while I spent much of my time doing my journeying with a caravan. Safety in numbers I thought. I even vouched for him. Fool that I was."

A look of puzzlement crosses Baylee's face, "But what would someone get out of doing that to your arm? They wouldn't get any money." You don't just get handed marks for hurting people. Not unless you are some sort of hit man.

Catwin lets out a sigh, once she too was so innocent. "It wasn't me, it was the cargo." she notes quietly "He wasn't an honest man, he was part of a band of renegades." She goes silent for several long moments "There were gems from the minercraft, there was also plenty of alchohol, though I think that was just the ice.." she trails off and then changes what she was gonna "That was just an added bonus I think. The caravan was heavily guarded." There's a scoffing laugh "And he was one of them. All because of me. He drugged the guards food, for they ate separate. Still, it had been a night of celebration and most of us were quite inebriated when they set upon us. we fought. Or tried to. It was a disaster." She trails off again and then she just looks down at the leather her face constricted as if seeing it all over again. She shakes her head and tears begin to fall. Silently. There's no sobbing.

Yeah….thats pretty bad. Baylee nods her head slowly, "So they robbed you and attacked you." There's the greed at work. "How bad did they hurt you and the people that were with you?" That seems to be the most salient point anyway. Because it seems Catwin is blaming herself for something that anyone could have fallen victim too.

Seems so simple when put that way. "They took us. The held us. It felt like forever." Her speech becomes a little more stilted. The attack was bad, what came after was so much worse. "I thought he loved me. I'd known him for some time. Long before the caravan. He wooed me. He courted me." she swallows a little "We made love." her voice catches and then there's a little laugh "Or so I thought." She looks over at Baylee and there's a look of confusion on her face "Who goes so far as to get someone pregnant just to pad their story?"

So the betrayal runs even deeper than just a friend who turned out to be a bad man. This was someone who was as close as a person could be. And he even got Catwin pregnant! Wow. The man is scum. Baylee nods slowly and asks, "What happened to the baby?"

Looking at her arm, though it's still covered, Catwin shakes her head "I have those all over me. I was a plaything. A toy." she murmurs. "Cut. Hit. Half-drowned. Passed around. I dunno. So much in so little time. They said it was only a matter of days before it was noticed that something happened. They sent riders." she frowns a little "So much I don't really remember. They said I was delirious. There was a fever. No one would tell me about the baby, no matter how muched I asked." She bites her lips a little and shakes her head "I overheard a remark though. They couldn't believe I would stab myself." she laughs a little oddly. "I killed it. I killed an innocent baby."

This story explains so much about why Catwin is the ways she is. Baylee remains impassive since a big show of emotion wouldn't do Catwin any good. She probably got those from others and it didn't help her, "If you weren't in your right mind, and it sounds like you weren't, you didn't kill anyone. No one could be expected to do any more than you did, and you survived. Shows just how strong you are. Even if it doesn't always feel like it."

There's a wrinkle to her brow and few odd twists of her mouth "Do you know that sometimes I can hear the baby?" There's an odd smile "And then I realize that there's nothing there. There never will be. So many lives were lost or ruined. But that was one that I took. It was me. I ended a life." Thank goodness that Fascath is so completely out of. Poor little blue would slip his fur with anxiety, if he had fur that is. "That's. I mean. It's been so hard to live with it. I've been told that I'm not at fault. But it was my hands. It was still me. This was someone I had loved and I was looking forward too seeing. I never got see the baby."

No. This is not a dragon safe topic. At least not as young as they are. Baylee considers her words once more and takes it at face value then, "Ok. So it was still you. Why did you do it?" she asks. That seems to be the most relevant point anyway.

Catwin shakes her head "I dunno. I don't remember. I think that makes it even worse really. I don't know what my reason was. I can guess at it. I have nightmares about it. Not always the same. Sometimes it's some monster. Other times it's his face." She sighs a little and gets herself a little under control and absently wipes at the tears "I know that you can't hold a child responsible for what their parents are. But I think I must have. Or maybe I was punishing myself. Could be all of it." She lets out a breath "The healer said that I was in a highly emotional state and no one was holding me accountable for my actions. They said that in such situation it is not unusual for a person to want to abort. They said I would get over it, life goes on all that." she snorts. "Basically it was get over it. You're alive, what more do you want."

Baylee is no mindhealer, but she can project herself into something like that and make guesses, "Sounds like your hands might have done it, but your heart didn't. Otherwise it wouldn't bother you. We only get haunted by the decisions we make when we feel like we have no other choice. I don't think you should let go of it. You loved your baby and the pain is all you have left of him or her." Makes sense to Baylee, "So you hold onto that instead."

Catwin glances at Baylee and blinks a little "That makes an odd sort of sense." she notes softly. She gives a little nod as she mulls it over. "You're probably right. I probably always will." And even so, she seems just a little more at ease. And then there's an embarrased look. "I am sorry about. I so did not mean to end up unloading on you like that. I'm sure that was more than you bargained for."

"I figured it was pretty bad. Otherwise you wouldn't be bothered by it." Baylee says with a shrug, "It isn't unloading. You just told a friend about your life is all. Thats what friends do." They listen, "I'm not going to tell you that things will be alright because no one can know that but I'll tell you what I do know. Most guys wouldn't do that. Even the really scummy ones. And the good ones wouldn't even dream of it. I'm not saying go out there looking or anything." Because it's obviously the wrong time for that on so many levels, "But I do think you'd be a good mom someday." She smiles, "I hope to have a baby after all this is done."

There's a little smile "Thank you for that. You've a good head on your shoulders, to be sure." Catwin murmurs "No, I suppose most guys wouldn't. But it's hard not having that super impose itself over everything." She notes. "I can't help but keep wondering at motives. I know it's not fair to them, but I can't help it." she shakes her head a little "And I can't help freaking over some things." She glances at Baylee "I think you'll be a good mother, as I said, you've a good head on your shoulders."

"I think you have every right to freak out." Baylee says. She'd wonder about motives and such too after all that, "Maybe some day you'll meet someone that can prove to you that they have good motives. And even if you never do thats ok too. But no matter what happens nothing like that will ever happen to you again. You have Fascath now. He wouldn't allow it. So your safe no matter what." Baylee smiles at the compliment, "Thanks."

There's a glance for Fascath and she nods "Very true. He most certainly wouldn't allow it." She quirks a grin, her little gentledragon would likely turn into the quite the beast if such a thing were to transpire. "He eases some of the pain, and comforts when the nightmares hit. He sends me other images. He takes over the nightmare." Catwin hmms a little "Maybe someday. Though I know of no one that would be likely to go to such lengths. I would think that would be too much to expect of anyone."

It is good to hear that Fascath is taking care of her. Thats how it should be really, "Maybe they would and maybe they would't. I'd just say be open to giving someone a chance when the time is right. Maybe they won't prove it to you, but at least you can have the satisfaction of knowing you gave the shot."

Hmmph. Too much logic. Bah. "Okay, I'll be as open to the idea as I can be." Catwin murmurs. She's not sold on the idea. But she's not rejecting it right out of hand. "Though I still reserve the right to." To what? Pass judgment. No. "To whatever." she finally says and picks up the leather and looks at it "Again, good thing it's scraps." A glance a Baylee and a grin "And how is yours going?" Or not.

Baylee looks down at hers and she really hasn't even begun to do anything with it. "Mine's not." she says living it up to show her, "Thats ok though. We'll get lots of chances I'm sure." And the day is still young. They'll have the chance to keep going.

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