Candidate Relief Effort

Western Weyr - Living Caverns
Here is the center of Weyr life, the living caverns. These two main rooms were man-shaped from smaller caves, and are joined by a carved arch with depictions of dragons in flight and dolphins leaping in swirling waves. One room has many round stone and wooden tables and a stone fire-pit instead of a hearth. Over the round-walled, gas fired pit is a large conical hood made of polished bronze, with reliefs of dragons with their riders flying over ships guided by dolphins. This hood and chimney keeps the room smoke-free. Through the archway is an enormous hall, with long tables and benches, some carved from the rock floor, many crafted of wood. This room is a combination dining and meeting hall, and can seat over 300 comfortably. Above both rooms, angled shafts lined with polished metal bring in sunlight during the day. Electric lights also burn, day and night.

Jessamin drags in a stack of very large baskets almost as tall as she is; apparently, her later evening in the Storage Cavern was well-spent. The containers make a scraping noise on the stone floor as she tries to pull them along. She is in a painfully nondescript work-type outfit, suited more for an outing in the jungle than a turn on the catwalk.

Delynni is wearing a man's sleeveless shirt, heavy jeans on her legs, and a loose jacket. She's wearing a macrame hair piece keeping her hair from getting in the way and a pair of macrame fingerless gloves with a celestial and firelizard design on it. All her clothing is old, beaten up, the jacket is so old and battered one can see the circle of ripped stitches where her old wing patches were removed from it. "its been so long since i wore this outfit." She chuckles, "Jessamin! I'm here. I'm yours to command!"

Vaine turns around from his conversation with T'burk hearing a familier name "Oh hey Jessamin how are you and what is with the baskets?" He places his notes about dragon healing in his pocket. "Hey T'burk thanks for the lession on dragon healing i found it quite interesting also if you remember that gril who impressed was you know where to find me."

Jessamin stops mid-pull with the baskets, the stack of baskets teetering precariously; it is nearly as tall as she is. She pushes her bangs out of her face, looking back over her shoulder to see Delynni and Vaine. "Oh, hey there, Delynni… huh, didn't realize you'd volunteered for this. Did Mynna manage to convince you?" She waves to Vaine and smiles. "Hey there. Managed to get the okay from the Weyrleader to take us Candidates out for a bit of a relief effort. It's not a lot, but since Xanadu was hit by those storms and their crops were pretty well devestated, a bit of fresh fruit would be welcome there right about now. Interested?"

Vora is wearing her usual, which happens to also be perfect for a day of hard labor or a day in the kitchens. She hails Jessamin and Delynni with a wave of one arm, her other being laden with mesh sacks full of wrapped food and thermoses of klah and water and juice. She hurries over to the small group and lifts the sacks to show them; "I brought goodies for the trip, so we can picnic! Made them myself!"

Vaine looks at the baskets for a moment "Sure should be fun that and i think you might want some help with the basket's" He waves to T'burk as he walks over to the baskets "So long long till we leave?"

Kyldar comes in from the lower caverns, and helps herself to some klah. "Hello, hello," she greets cheerily as she makes her way toward the gathered crowd. "So the relief project is on, then?"

You say "Looks like it, Kyldar. If you've got some old grungy clothes, I'd be wearing those. You too, Vaine." She offers the young man a smile, inclining her head. "Thanks for the help with the baskets." Her azure eyes sparkle brightly, a cheer escaping her as she sees Vora. "You're a dear! Thank you so much for thinking of that!"

Delynni grins at Jessamin. "let me help carry the baskets. And yep, its on like a gather play. On like a bad pair of socks. On like a hat that makes your head itch. On like a party till the break of dawn." The bluerider says with a cocky grin. "Right Jess? Ryukith says he's waiting outside he's ready to go too."

Vora beams happily at Kyldar, then turns to Jessa to respond, "Of course I thought of it. It's my specialty." She uses her free arm to poke Jessa in the nose, having to weave her arm around the baskets to do so, even as her firelizards pop out of between to land on her shoulders, peering speculatively at the odd… spectacle. Divine takes a second look at Jessamin and chirrups toward her favorite blue male.

Vaine grins "Well I am already wearing some old clothes i had garden duty today so i am already ahead of you there. Awesome food should be a great picnic. This is great but i have to tell you this will be the first time i have rode a dragon." He rubs the back of his head "Any way this is going to be good."

Kyldar says, "Well, I'm ready." She takes a seat and takes a swig of her klah. "An adventure within an adventure within an adventure, for me."

Turquoise soars in from outside, chittering merrily as he lands on his human's shoulder. Said human, Jessamin, grins and scritches his belly. "You little flirt, I know why you're -really- here, hmmm?" She takes a quick count of those gathered, riders and Candidates alike, pursing her lips slightly. Okay, that's.. four of us, two riders… do we need one more? I think Lissi offered to help when it was time."

T'burk says "Vinteth says that G'len is in the Center Bowl with Dylant. I can take one, he can take one, maybe two."

Delynni frowns, "Lets see if Ryukith can catch Lissi." She says, turning back towards the door. "I'm really excited, Lissi is a rider, if it turns out she can't come with us immediately I'm sure she can catch up."

Vaine stretches "Well this sounds like it's going to be good." Hey T'burk you mind if i ride with you?" He smiles at Jessamin "So what time is is over at Xanadu anyway's?"

Jessamin shrugs, offering a lopsided smile to Vaine. "I've been on Western time so much that I've just about forgotten how much of a difference there is between here and there." To the rest, she suggests, "It might be a good idea to eat a little something now before we head out. I don't know which of us Candidates has been out flying before, but trust me… it does take a bit out of you."

Kyldar says, "Well, I've already said that I'm going. Just to keep myself on my toes, as it were, y'know."

Delynni grins, grabbing her jacket from the chair it was hung on. "Okay then, lead on." She says with a grin. "i'll take whoever T'burk doesn't take. Lets get this party started." She adds.

Jessamin plucks a meatroll from the serving table and nibbles on the edge. She glances over at T'burk, inquiring, "Well.. think we'll be all set with three riders? And since you seem to know some of the best places to pick flowers…" Her eyes twinkle merrily, and she chuckles softly. "…then we'd be open to suggestions for the best places to gather the fruit. You as well, Delynni… you've been out and about more than most of us poor Candidates.

Vaine grabs a meatroll as said downning it in a few bites. "This is going to be great." He looks at T'burk "So you ready to go?" He looks at Jessamin "How many baskets are you bringing?"

T'burk says "Okay, all you kids grab yer baskets and we'll mount up in the Bowl!"

Western Weyr - Center of the Bowl

This is the center of the huge oval crater of the Weyr. Standing here you can see how immense it is. The cliff sides rise up all around you, dotted with the caves of the dragon rider's weyrs. To the west you can see the arch open to the sea. North is the hatching grounds, south you see the cave entrance to the living caverns, and to the south east the entrance to the infirmary, raised a little from the weyr wall.

You say "Two baskets to each of us, looks like. I just hope that's enough to make a difference and not overload the dragons." She looks to the more experienced riders for confirmation as she drags out the stack of eight tall, wide baskets—big enough to not be out of place on a dragon, but small enough to still be stacked and drawn about as she is doing now. "What do you all think?"

G'len waves over to Jessamin with a big smile. "Ready to up aloft?"

T'burk strides out slipping on his jacket but not fastening it up. "Sounds good to me!" he calls to Jessamin. "We can stuff some of the empty baskets intot he cargo pouches on Vinnie, is y'all want."

Delynni exits the caverns, and Ryukith rumbles eagerly in greeting to the candidates. She waves in greeting to G'len and grins a T'burk. "okay, I'm assuming you two know where you're going, can you give Ryukith the coordinants G'len?" She asks hopefully.

Vaine smiles and nods "Lets do this then." He gives jessamin a thumbs up then turns to look at T'burk "so umm how do I get up there." He points at the riding straps on Vinteth.

Jessamin strides right on over to Dylanth, reaching up to scritch his neck briefly and smiling. "Thank you for helping." As G'len addresses her, she blushes lightly, her cheeks turning a gentle shade of shell pink. "Ready when you are. Thank you both." She raises her voice to encompass everyone coming along on the trip. "Thank all of you for coming along to help." With that, she reaches for the riding straps on Dylanth's neck, having to work a little bit but finally scrambling up.

Emerald Island - Island Road

A long road, winding through tropical jungle along the coast line of the island. Colorful tropical avians flit from tree to tree, oddly patterned, brightly colored tunnelsnakes can sometimes be seen and tropical fruits often provide a traveler with a meal.

The day brings new sounds to the area here, voices from people working nearby, splashes from those cavorting in the surf, and all the splendor of the Western Isle is in plain sight.Winter has descended once again upon the Western island, though those from the north would never be able to tell it, but the short days and the cooler nights are painfully obvious to those born here.

Gobhan looks up to see large shadows over him. He runs off the road as the dragons land. His face lights up when he sees his big brother. "Gailen!"

T'burk puts his arm around Vaine's back, being shorter than he and not being able to reach his shoulders. "Well, it was short, but how did you like your first ride?"

Jessamin slides down Dylanth's neck, using the riding straps to help ease her way onto the ground; her technique is decidedly lacking, but at least she manages to dismount without falling on her rear end. She pats Dylanth's neck and warbles softly to him. "Thank you." A stray lock of hair is tucked behind her left ear, as she turns about to ensure that everyone has made it safely. "Ah, good. Nobody lost." Baskets are removed from cargo pouches, and lined up in a row. "Let's try to fill these up as much as possible with however many different kinds of fruit we can find. I'd suggest pairing up, the work will go a lot easier."

Vaine looks at Vinteth and grins "Thanks for the ride." He then turns his attention to T'burk "Thank you too. The ride was amazing it was better then i thought it was going to be." He looks at Jessamin "Ok let's get to work then." He grabs his baskets and get's started on harvesting the fruit.

There is a warm breeze blowing this afternoon and the smell of ripe fruit drifts through the air. There's the sweet scent of guavas, mangos and papayas mixed with citrus. From inside the lush jungle there are the occasional caws of the wild, brightly plumaged avians with their long tails.

Delynni looks around. "oooooh, mangos! and citrus!" She squeals, grabbing a basket and climbing the nearest orange fruit tree. She starts picking right away, Ryukith keeping a watchfull eye on his rider.

G'len gets a basket and is ready to head into the jungle.

Kyldar picks up a basket and heads off toward the trees.

Jessamin shakes her head and laughs. "Sure you're not part avian there, Delynni? You look right at home in that tree!" She grabs a basket and heads off towards what looks like a promising stand of mango trees. Her flits pop out of *between*, following along behind her. A few lower branches catch her eye, and she starts plucking some of the ripe, luscious-looking fruits and dropping them in her basket. "So… what colors do the rest of you hope to Impress?"

T'burk calls out to the other male rider. "G'len! Y'all got your knife? Not your belt knife…one like this." He reaches into one of Vinteth's cargo pouches and pulls out a machete in a leather sheath. He pulls out the heavy blade. ( Shshshing!) It clearly is well kept with a keen edge.

G'len's jaw drops. "Uh…no."

Kyldar climbs up into a mango tree and proceeds to pluck the fruit, gathering the mangoes into the basket. "Well, if I don't get a gold, then any dragon will do, but I'm partial do blue or green," she comments in answer to Jessamin's question.

Vaine is high up in a citrus tree hanging from his feet upside down grabbing the fruit and tossing them down into his basket. He shimmys over to the next area listening to jessamin "Well i would like a Bronze but brown would be cool to how about you?" His face a little red from the blood rushing to his head.

Gobhan laughs as he runs up to Jessamin. "What'cha all doing here? Picking fruit for the Weyr?"

Jessamin smiles as she looks over to Gobhan. "Not Western. Xanadu's in a bit of a spot, and we're trying to do what we can to help. Would you like to join us?" She looks over to Vaine, and smiles. "I'm just hoping to Impress. Gold… it's funny, but I had a dream last night that I was on the Sand, and a beautiful honey-gold hatchling found me. Strange, huh?"

Kyldar smiles and shrugs. "Not so strage. It's just your aspiration as a candidate, coming up in a dream."

Gobhan says, "Sure, I can help. Got another basket?"

Vaine smiles at jessamin before rolling over hanging off the branch placing his feet on the next branch down letting go and catching the next branch. "I hope you get your gold then Jessamin As i said I would love a big old bronze but a brown would be great. He would show up a bronze with the right motavation." He waves to Gobhan "Got one over here."

Delynni is picking away up in the tree, listening to Jessamin and Gobhan. "I used to live at Xanadu, so I'm helping out. I was on their search and rescue wing, no way I'm gonna let them starve if they need it." Ryukith approaches a mango tree, climbing up on his hind legs and grabbing a branch full of mango. Ryukith shakes the tree, sending mangos spiraling down to the ground. "Heeey, Ryukith easy you'll bruise them! Hey Jessamin, look at Ryu!"

Jessamin bursts out laughing as Ryukith reaches up to shake some mangoes down from the tree she is harvesting; she has just a moment to duck out of the way of falling fruit. "Careful there, that almost hit me!" But, she cannot stay too mad for long, sketching a bow to the playful blue. "Thanks for the help, this will help save a little time." With that, she's plucking up fruits from the ground and filling her first basket in short order, inspecting each mango to make certain it's not bruised or otherwise damaged.

G'len makes sure that the fruit being dropped down to him from the Candidates above in the trees goes carefully into the basket, not mashes below. He's pretty good at the catching.

Kyldar continues picking mangoes.

T'burk chuckles at Ryukith's helpfulness. "We may be taking over some jellies and jams, eh?"

Gobhan stands beneath Kyldar's tree reaching as high as he can to get the mangos. He uses his own knife to cut at the stems and places then into the basket. "What do you do with a drunken mango, what do you do with a drunken mango, what do you do with adrunken mango, err-lye in the mor-nin'!"

There's a distinct sound coming from afar that sounds like runner-hooves striking the ground, a bit of a rumble but in a steady rhythmatic beat which indeed indicates an animal of some sort. In short order, the animal with rider is visible over through the vegetation. Overhead there's a disgruntled trumpet from a bronze dragon, nothing like the sort of rumble a dragon normally makes - it's like the piteous bellow of the beast comes through with the sound of his bleat. Still, the rider on the horse seems adept enough to control the animal, using one hand to steer as the other sits on his thigh as the animal prances at a lope through the brush. Hooves dance as the man aboard the animal reins it in, the beast rearing just a bit at the fallen mangos, but definitely not at the dragons - well trained to be around dragons this one is. The man on top is a red head wearing a Weyrlingmaster's knot, his blue eyes skimming the faces of those as he keeps the horse somewhat steady - the beast skitterish and frisky, dancing in one spot and sometimes swinging from side to side. N'kor sniffs a bit, "Good day," he calls out, eyes lingering on T'burk for a moment as he nods greeting to T'burk and G'len, "I require the candidates attention."

Delynni chuckles, slowly lowering a bushel basket of orange fruit to the ground. She grabs an empty basket and continues picking. Ryukith bows politely to Jessamin with an amused rumble and moves on to a papaya tree a few trees away, where it won't hit Jessamin and starts shaking the second tree, catching one of the sweet fruits in his mouth and eating it. The blue rumbles in delight, the sweet treat making his eyes whirl a little faster. "Hey, Ryukith don't eat so many you get sick okay?" Delynni tells her dragon. Ryukith rumbles in disappointment, eating just one more papaya before leaving the rest for the humans.

Vaine sees a nice big group of citrus he crawls along the branch as it narrows it starts to dip. he start's droping the citrus down to the basket below he laughs as he sees Ryukith being helpful "Smart idea." He keeps chucking down the citrus till he can't reach them anymore. He picks the last one he can reach he climbed down the tree placing it in the now half full basket. Turning around at the sound of a dragons call he sees the other man who was with T'eo when he was searched. He hears somthing about candidates he walks over to listen better.

Jessamin calls out over to Kyldar, "Any papayas or redfruits over your way?" She looks to her basket; it appears about half to two-thirds of the way full. "Good idea there, Ryukith, this is shaving some time off. T'burk… G'len… think your lifemates can help as… oh my." She is cut short by the bleating of a terrified runner and the trumpeting of a dragon overhead. It is soon apparent that this is someone she's run into before, her face going beet-red in an instant. She offers N'kor a salute, and smiles. "Hello, Weyrlingmaster. What brings you out this way?"

T'burk nods and snaps a salute. "As you wish! We can bring 'em in for y'all." He makes a loud whistle. "Lasses! Lad!…Hey, Candidates! Bring it in, please!"

Delynni waves to the man. "N'kor! Long time no see man!" She offers N'kor a salute and turns and echoes T'burk's bellow. "Candidates! Come back please!", Delynni calls in an appropriately loud "rider voice".

G'len gathers up fruit that has been picked so far but stands quiet when he sees that N'kor is there and here's Delynni and T'burk calling after the Candidates.

Vaine walks over to N'kor "Vaine reporting for duty sir." He looks at N'kor "What do you need?" He rubs the back of his neck before going back to a more formal stance.

N'kor seems to be comfortable on the runner that he's sitting on, but not as comfortable as if he were on his dragon. The dun gelding he's on though, seems to be more energetic than truly needed, keeping it's neck arched and hooves mashing the ground. N'kor seems a bit annoyed at the constant movement of the runner, but still, his gaze acknowledges those that cluster around him. Jessamin gets a slight smirk but otherwise, to the rest, he says clearly and loudly so that most can hear over their own words, "The interruption isn't dire, but there is now an opportunity for the candidates to return to the Weyr and step onto the sands. The eggs are hard enough that touching them will not risk a shell or dragonet inside. Touching is optional, but those who wish to attend, gather your things and return immediately." Blue eyes flash over toward Delynni, a smirk there for her, but he seems preoccupied with gathering candidates at this point. Fetching them, as it seems.

Kyldar eases up onto a higher branch, within reach of some of the better fruit of the mango tree, but pauses in her picking to watch the newcomer curiously. After the announcement is made, she just drop right out of the tree, landing with athletic lightness. "A touching? Um, I'm all for it if we can postpone this operation for a while?"

Jessamin eyes the runner warily, more concerned about it than its rider's wrath if one does not move quickly enough. Slowly, she nods, a smile spreading across her face. "I'm up for it. Think we can try for another time, guys? With the dragons' help, we got quite a bit in one short run." She pushes her hair out of her face. "What we have can go into the cold storage room temporarily."

Delynni grins wickedly. "i'm going back to the Weyr to watch from the galleries, I can take you guys back with me! No way I'm gonna miss this." She chuckles with an enormous ear to ear grin. "Its a mind blowing experience, literally." Delynni says with a smug chuckle. "I can carry the gathering back too if you want." She adds. "Since my blue picked them all." Ryukith whines, clearly tempted by the prospect of more fruit. "Ryukith, how about you go back and catch a nice ovine instead. Too much fruit will make you sick."

Kyldar nods to Delynni. "Right. So, I'll be riding with you again, then?"

Vaine nods his head at jessamin "I am all for going to do a touching. We have done quite well in a short run. He gives T'burk a grin "I quess that answer's my question from before." He looks at the baskets of fruit "Did real good for a short run."

T'burk nods to the Candidate lad. "I think so, too. You were all pretty industrious there."

Delynni nods to Kyldar. "Yep, sure thing." She tells Kyldar. She looks over at the candidates, watching them and listening to their talk. "Yeah, we did do good. Ryukith needs to tone down on the fruit though, its not good for him."

From above a flurry of red, yellow and green feathers heralds a small flock of jungle avians that hurry by.

N'kor regards the riders in the area, "If you wouldn't mind taking those willing back to the Weyr so they can get prepared for the sands. Such as putting on sandals… If there are those who intend to stay, a rider must stay as well." As in, those who agreed to escort the candidates out must ensure they all get escorted back in or remain in safe keeping if they stay. With a sharp movement to the reins and a quick leg movement, N'kor has the animal turned around, the thing prancing in a circle, "Candidates. You will line up outside of the hatching cavern and wait for my orders to enter. I give you thirty minutes to prepare." Such should be the time it takes for him to return the blasted horse to the stables and get to the hatching grounds himself. With a salute to the riders present, he clucks his tongue and gets the beast in motion again.

Jessamin breathes a sigh of relief she didn't even realize she was holding as the runner starts on his way back to the Weyr. "Shards… I'll never get used to those hay-eating, fertilizer-making little beasties!" She picks up her basket, harrumphing a little bit as she realizes she picked more than she thought. "Huh. Definitely a good run. Ummm… help?" She shoots a desperate look to the riders, batting her eyes at them. "Please?"

G'len reaches out to Jessamin. "C'mon, Dylanth can get you back, Jessie."

Vaine runs over to T'burk "Well i am ready to go better hurry i guess right?" He looks over at the baskets "Wow did we really pick that many so fast."

Kyldar takes her basket back toward the dragons. "Not bad for a short run, not bad at all. It won't be our fault if the Xanaduans aren't well fed." Then to Jessamin in particular, "My mom told me that she bought a whole herd of runners once at auction. Well, that she bought enough of them to make a herd of her own. She sold most of them off, as it turned out, though."

T'burk says to the young-uns, "Well, come bring your baskets and place them in the cargo pouches. Let's get going!"

You say "Then your mother was a very brave soul!", is Jessamin's parting shot, softened by a laugh and a wide grin. She turns her gaze to G'len, inclining her head and hefting her basket over to him. "Thank you… I really appreciate this. Shall we go?"

Vaine heads over to his baskets placing them just right in the cargo pouch " Well lets hit the skies then." He gives T'burk a grin "Vinteth ready to show her stripes?"

Kyldar nods to Jessamin. "Yes, let's shall."

G'len places the basket into the cargo pouch and helps Jessamin up to Dylanth's shoulders. The dragon lowers himself and holds out a forearm in such a way to make it easier for her to mount.

Meanwhile, back in the Bowl….

Jessamin slides down Dylanth's neck, not quite as graceful in her landing as before. "Gaah… what a klutz I am!" She chuckles, patting the blue's neck. "Thank you for the help. My best to you and your lifemate, hmm?" With that, she is off to the dorms, to freshen up and change into something more suitable for the Sands.

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