Chat In The Garden

Western Weyr - Roof Garden

This roof garden is being planted with medicinal herbs. Even in its current, unfinished state, patients are often brought up here to get some fresh air and sun.

Chores have been done for the day and dinner is not long past, the sun is beginning to set but not quite there yet. Kiley is settled in the garden, her arms crossed across her chest as she's leaning back in her seat. Then, her eyes clothes and she breathes in deep, her head tilting back and enjoying the feel of the sun for the last bit it remains up. After a moment, her shoulders roll and she slowly sits up and considers the gardens around her.

From the stairs from below, Kaldrozen walks tiredly up an into the garden, not seeming to notice anyone about as he goes. He stops apon entering the garden and takes a deep breath, closing his eyes for a moment, seeming to be trying to make himself relax.

Kiley notices Kaldrozen in her scanning of the garden, offering a polite smile in his direction along with her hand lifting to offer a wave of greeting. "How are you doing, Kaldrozen? Wandering around?" Her smile grows a little wider before she's looking up towards the sky and considering, her gaze lingering there rather than settling straight upon the other candidate once more.

At hearing the greating Kaldrozen blinks and nods a bit to Kiley, "yeah a bit." he shrugs, "Still learnin my way around this place." he rock back on his heels slightly, looking over towards Kiley he smiles slightly.

"It is a rather big Weyr, there is so much here to explore. Especially with the maze." Kiley's gaze resettles upon him and she grins. "Have you explored the maze yet? There's a lot to it. I don't recommend starting now, though." Then she considers the sky, "the light will be gone soon and we should probably be back. Maybe on your next free day you can check it out." Her legs stretch out and she peeks at him once more. "Are you missing your home?"

Kaldrozen looks in the dirrection of the maze and says, 'I was considerign goin in there, but you are probably right, it is a bit late." he sighs a bit at your question and nods not looking back to her, "Just feelin a bit lonely here I guess, I miss my friend. I am not really one to make them easy ya know?

Kiley chuckles softly, "You don't want to get lost and then get in trouble for not being in the barracks. Though, I suppose if you found your way to the treehouse you'd be fine if it should rain or anything." She pushes up to her feet and stretches out slowly before pinning a look at him. "I can understand that. But, I find making friends is all about talking with people. Whether or not you have common interests or point of views, you can still be friends with them."

Kaldrozen nods and says, "If they want to talk to you." he shrugs, "I just feel like I am intrudin half the time ya know." he shrugs, "I will be ok. Though, one way or another this will all be over soon right? Either we will be going home or we will have the best friend we will ever have."

"You have to be willing to try and talk to them, first, not just… Standing off somewhere watching where you make yourself feel more and more like you're intruding." Kiley gives a slight shrug in response before she's tucking her hands into her back pockets. "If you do end up Impressing, you're going to feel alone with the other people around you who also Impressed. You should try and get to know the other candidates. And, you don't have to leave, either." A tilt of her head, "though it sounds like you're quite ready to."

Kaldrozen says, "nothing wrong with here, but I will likely return to Ista if I don't.' he smiles, "I have a position and alot of friends there. And it isn't like i haven't tried to get to know people it just…" he shrugs, "I don't know really I don't."

Kiley nods once. "Of course." She considers and then smiles a little more, "we should probably be heading back to the barracks, then. It was a nice chat, Kaldrozen." She inclines her head and then moves to make her way down the stairs, pausing once to peek back at him. "It's just something you have to figure out. We've all got things to figure out." A dip of her head and then she makes her way back down the stairs.

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