Talks of What Ifs

Western Weyr - Lower Caverns

An oddly shaped cavern. Almost kidney shaped, with tunnels leading off to various parts of this side of the Weyr. Residential, craft and storage caverns mostly. Though one exit leads to the Candidate quarters, since with all their chores, it was thought to be a good idea to have them close to the Living Cavern and the Bowl, just to keep them from disturbing the rest of the Weyr in the mornings.

In the lower caverns, Kiley is settled with a basket of laundry as she sits at one of the tables down there. Her attention is upon the actual mending of the laundry, carefully pulling the needle through the fabric. She goes very slow and everything is positioned in an odd angle so that she can still see her fingers rather than stabbing herself in the fingers. It is a surprise that she has gotten anything done at all with her current pace of work.

Kershaw comes out of the infirmary, then pauses a moment as he calls back the way he has come, "Yes ma'am I won't take too long, just need to get a little something to eat and I'll be fine…yes ma'am I know I should have eaten before I came in but I didn't want to be late…yes ma'am." He turns back to the hall and the stairs to the Living Cavern when he spots Kiley, "Hi Kiley I see you've got mending to do; they've got me working in the infirmary, changing the sheets on the cots, cleaning up and stuff like that. The healer isn't happy with me as I near fainted after she had me cleaning up after some of the patients." He comes closer and looks down at Kiley's sewing with a smile, "You're doing a fine job, don't think I could do any better myself."

Kiley lifts her head at the sound of her name, though her eyes are still pointed down towards her hands with brows furrowing in concentration. It takes a brief moment for her to push the needle through and make sure that it is firmly settled in her other hand before she settles her gaze upon Kershaw. "Hello. Working in the infirmary sounds easier than mending. Last time I kept stabbing my fingers, so I'm going slow. I don't think I'll be able to get it all done." As he steps closer, her nose wrinkles and then she stares down at the laundry. "It is all messy and doesn't line up, there are knots in it." There's a soft laugh, "I think that anyone could do better than me." A twist of the fabric to consider where she must continue mending before resettling it in the previous position. "If you've been freed to eat, you better go eat fast before they wonder what is taking you so long."

Kershaw smiles and shakes his head, "Their idea of hurry and the rest of us isn't quite the same, for them hurrying is at least a two hour adventure. Well to be fair that's unless it's an emergency then they move faster than a flock of hungry wherries!" Kershaw examines the sewing closely, "Hmmm I see what you mean, the only experience I've had in mending is mending sails and that's using needles that are a lot larger than what you're using as is the 'thread' as the repairs have to be strong to be able to withstand the strain put against it. I don't think there's anyone that 'likes' mending things as its too easy to mess up or to end up with multiple holes in your fingers."

"I don't believe that is true. I have never seen a healer that did not take their job seriously. Outside of emergencies or during them, they are always serious. There are some healers that are slower than some, yes, but…" Kiley shrugs her shoulders and shifts the mending once more to begin the slow process yet again, needle in and needle slowly out. Back and forth in a rather boring rhythm. "Think it is much the same anywhere… Bigger needles and thread, don't seem like they change too much besides the angles in which you need to sew. That depends on what your mending." Brows draw into a frown as she talks in a rather droll tone, matching the rhythm in which she sews. "Some people like it. People who are good at sewing. Someone told me it takes your mind off of things."

"Well now I don't know about taking my mind off things by sewing, can't say as I've had that happen usually I'm too busy thinking of ways of not having to mend things anymore. that's not to say that it works but I'm more than willing to do what ever I can to avoid having to mend things, mind you I usually end up mending my clothes as needed." Kershaw looks around to see if anyone else is about but most are quickly through the hall and up the stairs to the living caverns, "So what do you think of candidacy so far, what with the egg touchings, the chores, all the others that have been searched?"

Kiley hums softly, "maybe it is more for people who find mending enjoyable." The woman continues to sew at that slower pace, making sure to pull the needle all the way through before repeating. She lingers in silence for a moment, brows furrowing in concentration. Then, she's peeking up at him again and lifting her brows. "It isn't much different from the first time. The difference is that I am able to do my chores, there are different people, and the eggs all feel different and in a different Weyr." The woman smiles, "it is enjoyable, though. There is still a bit of time before it is all over, but I am looking forward to the Hatching to see what the answer to the equation will be." Her gaze drops and then mending resumes in that slow pace. "There are a lot of questions to be answered that day."

Kershaw quirks an eyebrow, "Equation, there's an equation? Shards I'm doomed then as I've no head for figures!" A sigh escapes his lips as visions of a test requirering mathematical skills flash through his mind.."So you've experienced this before, its my first time and I have to confess a bit overwhelming to me, all the people that have been searched many I'd not have had interaction's with before except maybe in passing. And those eggs, to have something invade my mind like that and not all of it very pleasantly left me a little unsettled." Kershaw stops a moment gathering his thoughts, "I don't know if I'll impress or not but this whole process has been quite the experience, like nothing I've ever experienced, not even close to anything I've experienced before!"

"If you think about it, the whole thing is sort of an equation. But it is full of variables. Will you match the dragon in the egg? That is an verbal equation and there are many factors to consider as well. Though it is impossible to solve, so I wouldn't worry about that bit. Kiley chuckles softly, it all solves itself in the end, is what I mean." The sewing definitely comes to a stop and the rests her hands upon her lap, needle firmly settled where she won't prick herself. "It is a rather overwhelming experience. You are moved to a new area, and even if you aren't, there are many new people coming in and names that you must remember. Then there is touching the eggs who can be nice or harsh, or any sort of personality. Then you must come to terms that your life will change entirely." The hand with the needle wave partially in means to gesture, "because you will have a whole mind that is bonded with yours. There is no way to prepare but you must brace yourself for it or come to terms that everything can change. You'll never be able to go back to what you used to do." The woman takes a deep breath, "not never, but never to the same extent." Her head tilts a bit and she offers a smile. "You can never really know. But, it is exciting. The Hatching is a shocking experience."

Kershaw slowly nods his head, "I've attended a few hatchings but just from the touchings I can see that the experience is nothing like being on the sands waiting to see if a hatchling will chose you or it at the end of it all if you've been left on the sands. I'm not sure what my reaction will be like regardless of what happens, I suppose if I'm left on the sands at the end of it all I'll return to Ista and my job as a Stablehand. I wasn't there all that long before I was searched but still I did like it there. Of course if I impress that will be another thing all together, what with weyrlinghood, taking care of your new partner and learning what it takes to be a contributing member of the weyr." Kershaw looks to Kiley not sure if he should ask her or not…"You've done this once before does it make things any easier or does it make things harder having been disappointed once already?"

"I had never attended a Hatching before the one where I was down on the Sands. I think I'll look forward to seeing one up in the galleries at some point." Kiley chuckles once more, smiling a little wider. "Everything you said is what I mean by equation and unknown variables. There is no way to know until it happens, no way to plan your reactions, no way to plan if you will Impress. The best thing to do is to plan what you will do after, it is horrible to be left without plans." The computer crafter studies him with a single look before she's nodding, "and even then you won't know how Weyrlinghood will be for you until you experience. A friend of mine said that he did everything wrong that you could possibly do." A soft chuckle and the woman smiles a little before shifting in her seat to lean back. "I'm not sure. I will let you know after the Hatching. It was sad having everyone Impress around me almost all at once, but…" A roll of her shoulders. "Maybe it is easier."

Kershaw nods his head slowly, "There's a lot to think of that's certain, until now I've never realized all that was involved in a hatching from clutching, to search, to candidacy to the actual hatching. With all the people that have been searched who have to be fed and housed, to organizing the chores, the egg touchings…I just can't imagine all the work." He pauses a moment and takes a slow breath "As for having everyone impress around me I think that I'd be fine with it, well at least at some point but as you say till it happens there's no knowing how you'll react to it."

"It all seems rather complicated, doesn't it?" The computer crafter tilts her head a little more before shifting to lean it back against the wall, breathing in. "So much to do, it almost seems amazing that they're able to organize everything like that. The Headwoman must be really busy, along with the Weyrwomen." Kiley peeks over at him and grins, "it is a lot of work. Can't imagine being the one to organize it all." Slowly, her legs stretch out and her head shakes in response to that last statement. "They were my friends. It was hard having all my friends Impress around me and I was left there. But, I was happy for them at the same time. I didn't expect to Impress."

Kershaw snorts, "Well I have to say I can't see you not impressing this time, you seem to me to be exactly what a dragon would be looking for in a partner and you've been through this before so I'd think you'd have a leg up on the rest of us who've not had that experience." A quick shake of his head before he continues "I'm not sure if I'd stand again if I don't impress this time, I mean I never expected to be searched in the first place so I've accomplished more than I'd ever thought possible. And you're right about the headwoman and they Weyrwoman they must be run off their feet during a hatching, I know there are others that will help them but still that is one heck of a lot of work!"

Kiley laughs at that, "I was told that you can go many times without your lifemate being there. Or, you just never find them. It happens." The computer crafter shrugs, "the others I stood with had never been on the Sands before. I don't think the time really matters. It is more about the matching with what the dragon needs." She shifts to settle the sewing upon the table, abandoning it in favor of conversation. "I didn't think I would agree a second time at first, but then there was the realization after being on the Sands the first time." A smile plays at her lips, "it is a fun experience, either way. Whether I find my lifemate or not. I don't want to get the kitchen chores when they start the Hatching feast. I'll only get in the way." It is morning and two candidates are in the lower caverns. Kiley is sitting on a bench with a small table beside her and a basket of laundry to be mended on the floor beside her. Kershaw is standing near by and both are conversing.

"Doesn't there come a point where you've stood so many times that you feel it's just not going to happen? I guess saying that I'd not stand again if I didn't impress this time is a little premature but I'd think that after standing so many times you'd just think that there isn't a dragon out there for you." Kershaw just isn't sure at this point what he'd really do but it is something he thinks about "Then again i suppose you'd always think 'what if' as in what if the dragon that was meant for you is at the next hatching and you're not there…you'd always wonder if you've stopped too soon or not."

Unaware of any current assignment for himself, Draval is content to slink along like any other free boy, with his hands in his pockets and scuffing up dust; the conversationalists are spotted, and he flits his way over there, nosing about to see what nthey're up to. "Hi." He even offers, because for once he isn't merely being nosy: he wants something to do, someone to bug. A strange boy he is.

"I don't know? This is only my second time. I think one of the Weyrlingmasters in Xanadu stood eight times? Maybe less. It was quite a lot of times, though." Kiley shrugs, "maybe some people give up. Maybe some people find their lifemate that one last time. Or, maybe it was simply not meant to be." The computer crafter smiles and then rolls her shoulder a little, making herself more comfortable. "I think that is all rather complicated and shouldn't really be thought about. The 'what ifs' are only good for planning… For example: what if I traveled to this place before heading to somewhere else? Things like that, I find, are better to dwell on for 'what ifs'." Her attention is drawn towards Draval and she smiles pleasantly, patting a spot beside her. "Hello Draval. How are you doing? I think I may have time today for a lesson, if you want?"

Kershaw nods his head, "You might be right, though its awfully hard not to think of all the what if's that there might be. Hello Draval, how are you?" Kershaw straightens out a bit and looks around at the foot traffic, "I'll think I'll wait a bit longer before wandering up to the living caverns, still a lot of people up there and the noise can be a little over whelming. Eight times?? Not sure if I could deal with being disappointed that many times…"

THe boy pauses, watching the pair for a long moment, and blinks. "Why Stand eight times? Bit much, isn't it?" He asks, taking the proffered seat and smiling. "I think I would love that — I need to get me some /skills/." He rubs his hands together gleefully, nodding to Kershaw thoughtfully.

"That is true, it is hard not to think about it. But you can always think of other things that are within your control." A thoughtful smile settles upon the woman's lips, before she's taking a deep breath. "I think I'm getting a bit hungry, myself. Something sweet would be nice. A good distraction from mending, at least." As for the disappointment, she shrugs. "They say that finding your lifemate is worth the disappointment you face. That's what she said and she encouraged us to try and find ours at some other time." A glance to Draval and there's a shake of her head. "It depends on if you think it is worth it or not. No rider ever says that it wasn't worth it, and I'm going to believe them. But, if I don't Impress at all, I would be just as happy to try and go on to Master rank." Laughter spills out for his reaction to the lesson and Kiley smiles widely. "Having skill in the craft before you join is good. I'll write them after the Hatching, depending on what happens, and ask to take you on as my mentee."

Kershaw nods his head, "Food sounds like a good idea, I have to admit that I'm getting a little hungry myself. As for facing disappointment well I'd have to agree that finding a lifemate is worth any disappointment you might have to go through, since there would be nothing like finding the one that you were meant to be with and strengthening that bond." With that Kershaw heads up the stairs to the living caverns.

Kershaw nods his head, "Food sounds like a good idea, I have to admit that I'm getting a little hungry myself. As for facing disappointment well I'd have to agree that finding a lifemate is worth any disappointment you might have to go through, since there would be nothing like finding the one that you were meant to be with and strengthening that bond." With that Kershaw heads up the stairs to the living caverns.(repose)

Draval considers these things quietly, then scratches his head. "I don't know 'bout any of that, but I agree to bein' hungry. Let's go find some food." He gives Kiley a sweet grin, and nods. "Yeah, that way I've got to get a leg up on the other apprentices, don't I. Can we study over food?"

"Sounds good." Then she considers the sewing on the table and sighs. "I won't be able to finish this quickly without hurting myself." A shrug and she picks it up again to get back to work on finishing the mending. Kiley lifts her gaze briefly to watch Kershaw head to the living caverns before picking up her pace while being mindful of her fingers. Draval draws her attention, "sure. Let me get this back to the laundry and then I'll join you in the caverns with my laptop. I don't think they expected me to get much done considering my work from last time." And with that, she gathers her things. "I'll see you both there."

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