Past, Present, Future

Western Weyr - Public Stables

You enter into the stables where you see nothing but rows and rows of stalls filled with well kept horses that belong to the Western Weyr inhabitants.

Kershaw is in one of the now empty stalls, a pile of manure and straw is piled up outside the stall where he's piled it up. He keeps a steady rhythm with the shovel making the task easier than it would be otherwise. He is whistling a soft tune as he shovels feeling completely at home seeing as he was searched from Ista Weyr where he was a stablehand. Sudz is up on one of the beams looking down at Kershaw quite happy to be nowhere near the manure or used straw.

Kelthero is out of his element a little in the stables, having been a guard previously and had really only visited them before if he needed a runner. He's a quick learner though and it would seem he's been given the task of sweeping and cleaning up and judging by his bored expression, it's one he considers mind numbing. Broom in hand and a wheelbarrow nearby, Kelthero is busily sweeping away, lost in thought. It's not until his work takes him closer to the stall that Kershaw is mucking in that the former guard picks up his whistling. Moving so that he can peer into the stall, Kelthero takes only a quick glance, noticing that he too is a candidate. "Stable duty today too?" he says, grinning a little as he leans against his broom.

Kershaw slowly turns at the sound of a voice behind him and smiles as he sees Kelthero, "Yes I've been given the job of cleaning out the stalls, not that I mind since it was what I was doing when I was searched so its nothing new for me, what about you what were you doing before you got searched for this clutch?" Kershaw leans on his shovel deciding that a break would be nice right about now "I find it interesting to learn what each candidate was doing before they were searched, there's such a wide variety of jobs represented by all the candidates."

"Ahh, then you must feel right at home then." Kelthero muses, shifting a little from where he stands. The broom is soon set aside in favor of leaning against the stall door, arms crossing loosely over his chest. "Not that stable work is all that bad. I don't usually mind it myself." Then he grins again and gives a slight shrug of his shoulders. "I was a guard. Was posted here for only a few months. My actual home…" He pauses for a moment, faltering. "…was Torince Hold." Kelthero then gives a slight tilt of his head as he considers something, frowning in thought before glancing back to Kershaw. "You've got a point there. Since I've never been beyond the Emerald Isles, I kind of like figuring out who's from where." Now he chuckles. "So I guess my next question is - where are you from? And I guess we probably should share names as well. I'm Kelthero."

Kershaw smiles and nods his head, "I'm Kershaw born at Ista Hold where my dad is a herder, did some traveling for a while including some time on board a ship, the Leaping Packtail for a turn and a bit then I ended up working in the stables at Ista Weyr till I got searched and ended up here. Dad wanted me to be a herder but it wasn't for me, wasn't sure what was but I knew that it wasn't being a Herder as much as I loved my dad and enjoyed working with the animals."

There's a bit of a sharp inhale from the guard when Kershaw shares a bit of his history, but then Kelthero is chuckling again, any hints of something awry gone. "Well met, then Kershaw. Ahh, so Holdbred too then? Seems like there are a fair bit of candidates from the Holds - from all over." There's a bit of a surprised look when the other candidate mentions a ship. "What was it like being on a ship?" Then the former guard gives Kershaw a long look before shaking his head a little. "Now that I can sympathize with." He admits with a faint smile. "My own father was a fisherman. I tried but it just…wasn't for me. So when I heard they were recruiting for guards, I signed up."

Kershaw quirks an eyebrow at Kelthero's sharp inhale but then he disregards it, "Well it was a lot of hard work, we didn't have the luxury of having someone for each job that needed to be done so everyone had to learn everyone elses jobs so that if something happened there would be at least one other person that could do what was needed at anytime." He moves the shovel a little further inside the stall "My dad wasn't too pleased with me, but eventually he understood that I had to find my own way so he gave me his blessing when I started looking to find my way in the world. What was it like being a guard, did you have much trouble with thieves or assassins or just plain troublemakers?"

"Sounds tough, but also sounds like a unique experience." Kelthero admits with another thoughtful look. "I had considered looking into getting transferred to the mainland, maybe work on a ship for a bit. But…" And he uncrosses his arms long enough to spread them out in an idle gesture before they cross again. "…it would seem I'm to stay in Western for a little longer. Something to consider though, if I'm left Standing, although I'm very tempted to stay put here. It'd be nice to see the rest of Pern though, even if for just short visits." There's a bit of a wistful sigh and then the former guard is grinning crookedly to Kershaw. "Huh, well that's good then that you and your father reached an agreement." He then snorts a little in amusement. "I love it, despite the long and odd hours." There's a short burst of laughter and then he sobers up enough to continue. "Nah, no assassins, thank Faranth. Just the usual thieves or troublemakers or your run of the mill criminal."

"Well I have to admit I enjoyed seeing more of Pern, there are a lot of interesting places and people to meet. I mean from the freezing temperatures of High Reaches to the heat of the Southern Continent. One thing it was good I never got sick on board ship, we had some that tried to work but the moment we left the dock they were at the rails, some got so sick we had to return to the dock to let them off." Kershaw raises his hands above his head in a stretch "I can see where being a guard could be quite interesting, dealing with different people all the time."

Kelthero grimaces a little at the thought of ship sickness, no doubt second-guessing that idea of traveling by ship now. "Shards, that sounds terrible. Was there nothing that they could take to cure that?" He then laughs again, shaking his head and raising one hand to scratch awkwardly at the side of his head. "I wouldn't say it quite like that. There are times when I wish I didn't have to deal with some folk. I enjoyed the travel more, really. Patrol or guarding caravans or any shipments going by land that required a guard or two. Though I've not seen anywhere near as much as Pern as you may have." There's a wide smile then. "But I still enjoyed criss-crossing over the Emerald Isles." Kelthero admits, still propping himself up in a casual way in the doorway of on of the stalls, his broom set-aside for now. Both candidates were on stable duty today and by chance crossed paths. Now it seems like they're having an impromptu break from work.

Kershaw smiles "Fraid not, they just had to suffer till they either got their sea legs or we put them ashore if they couldn't get used to the motion of the ship. Sounds quite interesting, figure I'll head back to Ista Weyr if I don't impress here though that's not 100 sure will have to wait and see what happens come hatching." He notices a spot he missed in the stall so he takes his shovel and removes the rest of the manure/straw combination onto the pile he's created outside the stall, "I don't know what to expect when those eggs hatch but of one thing I'm sure of and that's that the ones lucky enough to impress will have an interesting time of it."

Kiley's chores have nothing to do with the stables, unfortunately. But, she has finished her own for the day, bathed herself free of the dirt and has made her way out to the stables. The computer crafter muttering under her breath as she walks in, brows furrowing into a deeply set frown. She completely utterly lost in thought as she begins to make her way deeper into the stables, likely passing by both Kershaw and Kelthero without much notice. However, she pauses and then takes a few steps back and peeks at the two. "Sorry. I was calculating." As if this is the most normal thing in the world, she smiles at the pair. "How are you two doing? What are you talking about?"

Kelthero makes a noise of disbelief, nose wrinkling slightly. Now he's really second guessing ever stepping foot on a ship, less he get stranded somewhere. "Well, that was something I didn't know." He says slowly, no doubt still mulling over his thoughts. There is a smile given to Kershaw though. "Doesn't hurt to have plans made though ahead of time. Not even I know what to expect." As the other candidate gets back to his work, Kelthero still lingers by the stall door, propped up on his shoulder and with arms still crossed over his chest - seems like he's going to idle a little longer before having to return to sweeping. A curious tilt of his head is given though when Kershaw mentions the eggs. "Oh? You've been out to touch them, then?" He's no doubt missed Kiley walking past as well, as his back would be turned to her. So it's only when she greets him that he turns his head around to glance at her. "Hey, Kiley! Not talking of much, just what ifs and the eggs. What brings you to the stables?"

"Yes a bunch of us got to touch them, it was a unique experience as I've never had 'something' probe my mind and take residence there no matter how temporarily! The mind touches for the most part weren't too bad but one in particular was less than pleasant and not too pleased to have us touching its surface!" Kershaw turns to Kiley and smiles, "Hi Kiley we're talking about my time aboard the Leaping Packtail and people getting sea sick aboard her. As well as what happened to those that couldn't adapt to life aboard ship. And some talk bout guard duties as well as what we might expect on the sands come hatching."

"Ah. I suppose those are good subjects." Her is a little teasing before she is considering the stables and returning attention to the former guard. His answer is a shrug, "I'm not to sure, actually. I think I was just walking wherever." Kiley chuckles softly, "I am still trying to figure out that door. I may have to ask someone else for more information on how to get it open. But once we do…" Well, needless to say, they'll be able to go in. Her gaze settles upon Kershaw and nods in understanding once he explains the topics at hand. "My friend, who Impressed at Xanadu, was a sailor. His ship sank, though. They talked about it a few times while I was there, but I avoided bringing it up for the fact that it is rather said."

Patori is padding into the stables all sneaky-like, ducking down, shoulders all hunched, quiet little steps as if he were trying to wander in without being noticed. It's ruined, however, by the squeaky little sneeze, quickly muffled though behind a hankie. There's an eyedart around, and a little bit of sheepish straightening, totally trying to look like he's supposed to be here now. And eyeing the stalls like something in them might bite him. "Stable hand.. Murney?" is mumbled out, the boy adjusting the plushie under his arm - the thing he's taken pretty much everywhere for the past several days. He spots a few familiar faces, and instead of going on his way, he scurries over with a head-bob and a, "Hi." Peeking at what they're doing, and glancing over his shoulder, "Anybody seen um," rummaging now in a pocket, but Kiley's talk about the door has green eyes widening, the weyrbrat piping up helpfully, "Maybe we could ask people who were candidates here before? Somebody must know."

Kelthero quirks a brow a little towards Kershaw, looking rather bemused. "I've touched a few of them and it is unique. A little unsettling too, until you adjust." There's a chuckle and there's a knowing nod given to the other candidate. "I know which egg you mean. It's a dark red one, right? Cold and angry?" He then seems to give himself a bit of a shake, either over the memory of that particular egg or Kershaw mentioning the fate of those not seaworthy. Kiley's little teasing remark earns her a grin before he gives her a surprised look. "Still trying to figure out the door? I thought you and the others would have it solved by now." Seems it's the guard's turn to tease and then he's back of his feet and reaching for the broom he so "innocently" ignored until now. He half mumbles, "Just a second, I'll be back." And then he's shuffling off with it, no doubt to return it. It won't take him long, however, until he returns and is back to leaning against the stall as if he never left. There's a quick nod to Patori and then a wary look. "Hey. Uh… are you still not feeling well?" He asks, though he doesn't seem to move away. Yet.

"Door, what door? I mean there's a lot of them around the place most of which I've managed to explore. Yes that's the one I'm talking about, it didn't seem pleased to have me touching its surface." Kershaw looks at Patori eyebrow quirked, then nods at Kiley's statement about the sailor, "Good thing you didn't it would have been a dramatic event for him, sailors practically live on their ships so they consider it their home. Not feeling well Patori did you talk to the healers to see if they could help?"

Kiley peeks at Patori, "maybe. That may work. Who was a candidate at the last clutch? I suppose we could ask Zi'on, but maybe he doesn't know. We'd have to have a few people we could ask, not just settle on one because only one of them may not remember. The more the better." Then she settles her hands upon her hips, considering the youngest of the current gathering. "Are you getting better at all, Patori? You're sleeping and making sure to eat?" Concern pulls at her brows and then her arms are folding over chest. Her gaze is drawn towards Kershaw. "There's a door hidden in the kitchens. You need a combination to open it up." Then she's zoning in on the topic of the eggs, "that one was the same with me. Maybe it was shy?" The talk of her friend has her nodding. "Yeah. I imagine it was pretty bad. A few of the members of the Weyr were also on board."

"Mm'fine," Patori mumbles to Kelthero and Kershaw, bobbing his head at the guys, which soon as the boy's nose wrinkling and there's a squeaky little 'ah- achoo!' to follow, muffled at least by the hankie quickly brought up to his face. Riight, totally fine. "We should ask him. He seems like he'd be the kind of person to go snooping around in the kitchen," Petori tells Kiley, for asking Zi'on, the boy pondering some and then nodding about asking more people. "Y-is," he again nods to Kiley, though time sneezes halfway through and it comes out sounding a little odd, "It's m'nose." Cue littlepout. "I should deliver this note," he mumbles quickly, before combody can suggest soup or more healers, scurrying off abruptly. He'll probably be back!

At the mention of the trapdoor, Kelthero gives Kershaw a bit of a sheepish look before glancing back to Kiley and Patori. In then takes a slow breathe and brings a hand up to scrub at the side of his head and he's about to explain it all but Kiley beats him too it. Instead, the former guard only grimaces. "If it weren't for that shardin' combination part we'd be in." He then snorts, shaking his head and smirking a little. "I don't think that egg is shy. It actually seemed to repel me on the first touch, though it does mellow out a little." Kelthero frowns then, gaze dropping as he considers something and then chuckles softly. "Actually, maybe you're right. It is shy, but in an "leave me alone or else" sort've way." This time, when Patori does sneeze, Kelthero gives him another wary look and seems to edge away a little, only to discover there isn't much room for him to move unless he wants to be rude. Not that his staring is helping the matter. "Uh-huh. I still think you should see a Healer over it." He then eyes the note and blinks a little in surprise as the weyrbrat makes an abrupt retreat. "See you around then!" he calls down the aisle, before turning back to glance between Kiley and Kershaw.

Kershaw straightens out and smiles, "Friendly it wasn't, near had me on my butt there at first. I've had some experience dealing with doors that won't open, maybe later I can go take a look at it and see if I can do anything to open it?" He steps out of the stall and closes the door and then leans his shovel against it "Well I need to get cleaned up then see about getting something to eat." He turns to Kiley and nods his head, "Yes I'd imagine it would have been bad, I know we came close a few times in rough seas to capsizing but fortunately we remained upright or we'd have been swimming a fair distance to the nearest land!" With that he gives a wave and heads out to the baths then the living caverns.

"Zi'on seems like that type?" Kiley considers before nodding her agreement on that statement. Patori's confirmation of taking care of himself is met with a smile, "maybe you're just… Whatever it is that makes you sneeze." There is no help from the computer crafter, she is no healer or anything close to that. She watches the youngest take off with a soft chuckle before attention is drawn back towards Kelthero and Kershaw. "We would be. We found the door, after all… Hmm." She trails off, thoughtful. "I have a few more ideas to try, actually. I'll go back there after I leave here, probably." A tilt of her head, this way and that I n consideration, mulling over numbers, possibly. "A harsh sort of shy, not knowing what's going on so it responds with violence. Every other egg seems welcoming, however. I wonder what one will come from that red one." There's a glance at Kershaw, "you can't really force it open. I wouldn't try, either. I'll ask around and figure out a combination. I will show you it once it is open, though." A promise of that and she smiles widely. It fades after a moment and she's nodding her agreement before her eyes follow him out. It takes a moment before attention resettles upon Kelthero.

Kelthero is soon finding himself without a stall entrance to lean against when Kershaw is suddenly moving to close the door. He politely side steps out of the way and instead promptly sits on a nearby bale of hay, leaning forwards and resting his arms loosely on his knees. "Any help would be appreciated, I think. Might keep some of us from going mad trying to figure out the combination." There's a crooked grin then and a nod of farewell given to Kershaw before he leaves. "Nice meeting you, Kershaw!" he adds, before glancing up to Kiley. "I've got no idea what will hatch out of the red one or any of the eggs. Part of the suspense, I suppose." Now it seems the group of four has dwindled to two and Kelthero leans back to stretch out his legs, giving her a curious look. "How've you been, Kiley? Other then puzzling out the door."

"It is all a big gamble. If you are looking to bet, I would suggest going all green. You've got a better chance on that than anything else." The computer crafter grins widely, "I am sure that I made one of the Weyrlings in Xanadu a few marks, at least." Kiley gives a slight shrug of her shoulders and shifts her arms so that she may tuck her hands into her pockets. "I'm looking forward to seeing what happens, however." A brief pause of consideration follows before she's answering. "I've been good. Talking with some of the others about the eggs and the Hatching. My arm is all better, too. And been trying to figure out that door. It occupies my mind lately, so, I suppose that could be considered a good thing?"

Kelthero laughs at Kiley's suggestion on gambling, nodding his head a little before sobering up and grinning crookedly. "I've hardly got anything to bet, unless we're just taking verbal ones for fun. Are you serious about the greens though?" he asks, his tone curious. "I thought that was only rumors," the former guard mumbles, "That there tends to be quite a few greens per hatching." He too shrugs his shoulders a little, shifting a little awkwardly on the bale of hay - can't be the most comfortable of seats. "I am too, though like I told Kershaw earlier, I've already got plans in mind in case." Kelthero then smiles widely, "Ah, that's good news about your arm! And I guess it's a good thing." He admits, before giving her a mock-serious look. "Just don't get all obsessive on me, alright?" For a moment, his thoughts seem to drift for a moment and he glances away from Kiley, fingers idly plucking at some of the hay. "Any more thought on that ghost prank?" he asks, though he keeps his tone low.

"I don't bet. I just like the statistics of it all, the calculations. Though I hardly remember any of that while on the Sands. I'll have to look at Xanadu's last Hatching and calculate that because I was meaning to." The computer crafter notes, "and no. It isn't much of a rumor. Greens tend to be more prominent in clutches along with blues, browns are next, then bronze, and gold follows. Sometimes they are there more often than not. Sometimes they aren't there at all, even if there is an egg with gold on it, apparently. One of the riders was talking about that shortly after I was Searched." Kiley notes in a tone that is far too much lecturing before she is relaxing. "You should have a plan. Plan for all, even the unknown. Though it is easier to plan for non-Impression than the variable that is impossible to determine." She really is starting to ramble, though, even if she's relaxing. The comment on obsession has her coloring, "I am obsessing over it already. I'm running through the numbers and there are so many possibilities." And then the topic of the prank draws her away from the numbers. "Oh! No. I forgot! Shells. I was going to talk to Zi'on about it, but then the…. Things went missing and I wasn't thinking about pranks at all."

Kelthero gives quite the amused look to Kiley, grinning crookedly. "I figured you'd find some way to work calculations or logic into it." He says, his tone still teasing to take some sting out of his comment. "But that seems an easier way of going about it and you don't loose well earned marks in the process!" As she explains the various outcomes, the former guard makes a small 'huh' like sound, head tilting to the side as his gaze refocuses on the piece of hay he plucked earlier. Kelthero then begins to promptly shred it, piece by piece. "So in other words, it's usually completely random until they actually Hatch and there is no way to accurately guess?" He doesn't seem to notice Kiley's lecturing tone, since his focus seems divided. Eventually though, he glances back up to her, smirking. "I've never really "planned" my life before. Never had too." When she blushes, the former guard laughs softly. "Don't worry, I don't think you're the only one." He says with what looks like a wink. Kelthero then waves a hand in a slight dismissive gesture. "Don't worry about it! I was just curious to know. Do you think we'd still be able to pull it off though?" There's a pause. "Or should we?"

Kiley laughs, "I'm quite predictable, I'm afraid." The computer crafter returns the grin given by the guard, "it is a lot easier that way. I suppose I could play the betting game and win a bunch, but I figure that would make people angry at me in the process. I'd rather spend my marks on my computers or other such things." Then, his next question is what earns a firm nod. "Yes. Exactly. There is no way to tell until they Hatch. But, maybe that is what people find fun. The guessing and see if you are correct and I suppose it gives you bragging rights?" Brows lift at this, questioning him for the answer. Then, she nods. "I don't think I could go without planning, I mean… I'm not like Nik where I plan every minute, but there is some things that it is better to plan for." His reassurance earns a sheepish smile as she shuffles slightly and moves to rest against one of the stalls near by. "I would hope not. It is rather exciting to find a secret door of sorts." Her head tilts back slightly and she sighs. "Not sure. Probably not… And after the missing items, perhaps it would be best not to?"

"Exactly! Though I won't be using my marks on computers or tech, I'd still prefer to keep what I have earned for some future purpose." Kelthero seems to finish with shredding various pieces of hay and instead focuses his attention solely on Kiley. "Bragging rights? I guess it would. To be honest, I'd really only be interested in that if I were just watching the Hatching. Not being a part of it." There's a bit of a chuckle and the former guard shakes his head again, "I guess you've got a good point there. Some planning isn't too bad. I used to go day by day but I'm beginning to think that that won't always work out." When she brings up the door again, the guard lets out a sigh, smiling slightly. "Oh, I'll admit it, I'm itching to know what's under that door. Has to be something good, right, if they go through so much to keep it locked?" Kelthero then lapses into silence for a moment, before nodding his head slowly in agreement. "Maybe it is for the best, though it would have been fun." After a moment, the guard slowly gets to his feet, brushing any stray pieces of hay from his clothing. "Though nothing says we can't figure something else out." There's a wide smile given to Kiley then, before a bit of an apologetic look. "I don't know about you, but I'm kind of getting hungry. Want to head back to the caverns?" he asks, most likely lingering just long enough to get her response before heading off and out of the stables regardless if she joins him or not.

Kiley grins widely, "well, you'd be purchasing things you're interested in, of course." Then she considers and chuckles, "exactly. Perhaps maybe when I'm not on the Sands is when I'll bet. People say it is bad luck to bet as candidate, if you believe in such things." Shoulders shrug in this relay of information. "I hear a lot of things." This is a true fact, then she stretches and stands straighter. "Not always, it is better to have some sort of plan, even if it is a small one." Laughter spills from her lips and she grins, "maybe it is something good. Or just a place to hide. Either would be fine with me." A slight shrug of her shoulders. "Maybe another time on a larger scale?" But she quiets after that offer and she's returning that smile and gracing the response with a nod, the slightest of ones but still a nod. "Food sounds great." She agrees and then quickly follows on after him.

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