Letters between friends (Catwin and Tanit)


Dear Cat,
It was great seeing everybody, No matter how short a time it lasted. I am working hard so that I might be able to get back sooner. It is exhausting work, but mostly rewarding. I'll share some of the prize rum with you next visit.

Tell me all about your adventure, we didn't get much time to talk.

~~ Tanit ~~

Dear Tanit,

It was wonderful having you come visit. I really enjoyed the chance to see you. It amuses me to watch Fascath with you. Silly blue. He has been an interesting one to work with. Nothing like what S'van seems to have to deal with concerning Aedeluth, but he is his own special something. I have to be so careful with my reactions to things. It's hard sometimes to control things internally. He is very much a barometer for the world to see on how I feel. It's difficult.

Training though has been helping, Sundari was telling S'van and me about how to build a wall in our mind to protect certain memories. Course, this doesn't help with what they've already gleaned, though perhaps in time they'll forget. It saddens Fascath that I would hide things from him, but he is still young and hasn't learned discretion. He is such an open book in so many ways.

It has been odd getting used to wearing pants, they're not the most comfortable things, but I am seeing about getting some made for me. The ones from out of the stores that we found fit all right in the waist, but was much to long in the legs and the hips don't fit quite right either. I'll write more later, now it's time to head out for another walk around the training grounds, and Fascath is eager to get going.


P.S Curacao likes taking nips out of unguarded drinks

When you say nips, I didn't think he would drink down the whole thing. If he flies wobbly… well you can guess why. I can't even imagine having everyone know what is going through my head at any given point. It's a scary prospect, but I'm glad Sundari is helping with walling off memories.

Pants suck. I would rather run around in a Sarong and swim gear personally. Though they do allow you to climb things, even if they are tricky to take off. Maybe Cita has some tips on how to adjust them? Littal could probably find you a decent well fitting pair.

I have no idea what goes on in Fascath's head, but it's kind of like being around a stray canine that you don't know what to expect from him. He is such a sweet blue, at least he cares about you.

I worry about Sev, but he's capable of taking care of himself. Just try not to tease him too much about anything grumpy bronze overshares.

The dolphins are interesting. I haven't worked with them yet but I have enjoyed watching others work with them. They have this course underwater with pipes and things for them to swim through. Oh! I did get to see Riohra too, he came to the hall for swimming lessons.

Gotta run, or they won't feed me.

~~ Tanit ~~

Dear Tanit,

It was so good to get your letter. I am so sorry about Curacao, but he's fine. He gets knocked down and he just gets right back up again. Been working with leather and learning how to use the tools for making straps. I'm getting much better at it, but I am so glad that we're not making the actual straps yet. Fascath so enjoys training. He's always eager to get out there and stretch his wings and flare them. He likes feeling in shape he says.

Speaking of Fascath, he likes the way you smell. It fascinates him, and I'm not sure it's just the scent of the sea. I should probably ask about that, but it slips my mind. I wouldn't dream of teasing Sev, I understand about unwanted things getting shared.

How is Riohra doing? I never quite know where I stand with him. He's so young it's hard to figure what he's thinking. I can't even imagine having to swim through a course of pipes. Though I suppose it wouldn't be too hard for dolphins to do.

I hope you're back soon.



I'm not sure you mean by where anyone stands with Rio, he seems like he's okay though. If a bit on the mischievous side. His swimming lessons seem to be going well.

As for young, he's only a little bit older than I am. (Here a drawing of a smiley face with the tongue sticking out.)

As for smells, I can't really help smelling of the ocean. One of those things that I can't seem to get rid of no matter how hard I scrub. Sometimes people would comment on it, sometimes unkindly. I am not sure what else it would be that he smells on me.

Straps sound interesting though, they look rather complicated from the few times I have been able to see them up close and personal. How does it feel to know that you guys will be able to fly soon? Are you excited? Terrified?

I have to run, but I hope to hear from you soon.

~~ Tanit ~~

Dear Tanit,

I am both excited and terrified about flying. What if the straps I make aren't good enough and they break? That is what worries me the most. They do tell us that is what all the inspections of straps are for. They'll know if they're not done correctly. It's all about safety. And my dear, there is a difference between being of a younger age and being young. Though I am told women mature faster than men. So there is that as well.

Fascath is growing like a weed, I swear I just oil him and he's needing it again. Luckily he's a fairly clean dragon, he's not as apt to lie in a mud puddle as Aedeluth is. He does enjoy the grump. To be truthful, he seems to enjoy all his siblings. Which is good. I'm glad he's not one for picking at one. Though he does tend to push Aedeluth's personal space it seems.

Well, I must end this quickly, they are calling us out for anatomy lessons. So much to learn. Take care, my friend.


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