The Weyrleaders Meet

Western Weyr - Weyrleader's Office
This is the Weyrleader's Office. In accordance with his style, there's nothing extra in here. The room is carpeted in a luxurious deep teal but there's not much furniture. The room features a simple stylish desk. Upon the desk sits a computer terminal, papers, various writing implements, brochures for new residents, and so on. Behind the desk on the wall is a map of the entire interior of Western Weyr. The room is comfortable and prepared for visitors of every rank and station. There are several chairs here for sitting.

There's a brief flurry of communication passed along in Glyith's direction, dreamy whisps of thought reaching out with a soft misty haze about that mind. Miraneith is never one to compose novellas — a simple notice that her rider is on her way to see the bronze's, and it's mere moments later that a knock is heard, the goldrider's head peeking around the doorframe. "Aint disturbin' you, am I, A'ven?" Enka queries. "Wanted to talk." She doesn't quite enter the room just yet, merely waits for some word from the Weyrleader.

A'ven looks up from his desk and offers a tilt of his head and a little smile, "No, you're not disturbing me… come on in Enka." He stands and pulls out a chair in offer. "Something wrong?", he asks. In the short time you've known him you begin to realize that even though he smiles often, he has a definite preference for 'give-me-the-bad-news-first'.

"Aint what's wrong," Enka remarks, sliding past the doorway and into the room proper, her fingers pushing at the door, that substantial barrier left barely ajar, before she moves to take the seat indicated. "It's more about what's right, rather." Seating herself, she flicks her skirts comfortably about, and leans back, one hand running up under the silver chain about her neck and the turquoise pendant suspended from it. "Or at the very least," she offers the bronzerider a smile, "makin' sure things made right."

A'ven nods, thinking he follows what you're trying to say — at least a little bit. "I think things are… improving.", he says carefully. "Are you feeling comfortable here?", he asks with a warm smile. "Oh, I think there's a lot to do… always will be but people seem happy enough. Even my little Ziani doesn't fuss much, as long as I remember to change her." His eyes crinkle with renewed humor.

Enka's smile is certainly one of cheerfulness, no worries here on her part. In fact, she's feeling relaxed enough to laugh a little, nodding. "Oh aye, I think things can be showin' a lot of improvement. We all try our best, in the end." Her lips quirk into a wry smirk at those words. "Yes," she agrees, I think there is a lot to do, but people are happy, and that's what matters." A pause, and she nods. "Feelin' quite comfortable, actually. It helps, you see, havin' my nights occupied from time to time." And the occasional day, if rumors continue fly as they are wont to do. The goldrider leans forward with some interest. "You've a daughter, then?"

A'ven nods. "A daughter.", he confirms easily. "I always wanted a big family but Kimmila took some convincing." "I'm not sure… I might have more children from flights but their mothers have not informed me of this fact, if it's so. I wish they would." He shrugs, perfectly willing to support all his children, if only he knew who they were. "Rumors hmmm? Oh shells, yes… they're everywhere. But, I think most people are polite enough not to mention to me how you spend your nights… I heard something about you having a sweetheart at Xanadu, but the budget is a little tight and I couldn't afford to pay off my usual spies to find out if that one was true."

"That's sweet," Enka leans back once more in the chair, her fingers moving from running the chain back and forth between them to polishing idly at the turquoise diamond, a slow methodical rub that seems to soothe her. "I'll have to meet her sometime, your daughter, that is. How old is she? My Emalia's gettin' close to two turns herself." there's a pause, "so in lieu of not knowin' if anyone has your children from flights, I'd say you lavish extra love and care upon the one you do have, am I right?" her brows quirk upwards for a moment. "Kimmilia is your weyrmate, yes?" She's guessing, really, but perhaps hitting close to the mark. The bronzerider's comments do spark a chuckle from her, and a nod. "Oh rumors. You know how everyone's gossipin' about everyone else. But yes, it's quite true. I've a lover from Xanadu." she winks cheerfully then, "but don't worry, I've been quite discreet."

A'ven nods, "Oh I don't have any worries about your discretion." he says, waving a hand dismissively. "We are weyrmates…I guess, as much as two riders can be. She understands that, occasional deviations from monogamy are required." He shrugs again, "I have to share her too so it's only fair, and greens rise more often." "What about you? Do you have any plans for a family with your… your Xanadu friend? Is it serious enough for that?"

Enka nods. "There's somethin' to be said," the goldrider remarks, "about havin' a Weyrleader who isn't the suspicious type," she finishes cheerily, leaning one elbow along the chair, and propping her chin atop that upraised palm. "Especially if he's happily blissfully in love with his own gal." Enka winks then, still grinning. "Oh flights," that's so easily dismissed by the Weyrbred goldrider. "A necessity that comes once every so often. Or more, in the case of yon greens." Regarding the subect of children, she nods. "We — K'ael and I — have discussed this, yes. I love him." There's a shining moment, of pure bliss and happiness on her face, "and we'd like children. He has his, I have my daughter, but we plan on ours together someday." She bites her lip suddenly, thoughtful. "When Mir is next on the sands, we will try."

A'ven's smile warms to the gentle glow of a new dad. "That sounds like a plan.", he says with a wink. "How old are the children then? Not so young that they're still a stress for you I hope?", he asks. "Kimmila and I love each other too. It's not /easy/ to share her and I think, in all honesty, she tries to arrange it so that I'm with her… when she can." "What's that pretty thing on your neck there that you've been toying with?", he says, too polite to actually point at the necklass. Instead he glances down at his desk a moment and then back up. "Looks like fine work… maybe even something Lissi did."

Fond parenthood seems equally warmed in Enka's laugh, although perhaps in turns to come, she might not be so blissfully content, but that's yet far off in the future. "Emalia is nearly two," she supplies, "and his children are all more or less flight children and live with their mothers except for the four turn old son who stays with him. Darlin' boy," she pauses, glancing down at the necklace in her hands. "It was a gift," she comments, "from yon sweetheart." An answer, certainly before she nibbles at her lip once more thoughtful. "I'm glad you have a woman to love," she says then, rather abruptly. "And if it can be arranged that you can be together when…" her voice trails off, and she glances back towards the door and continues, "Mir rises, I'll try my best to make it happen. I like you A'ven, but not that way." there's a hint of a smile dancing around her lips now. "But if not, we shall make do, won't we?"

A'ven nods easily, "Of course we will.", he says fondly. "I know how… difficult this chat must have been for you to prepare for. You must have wondered if I had… expectations, desires.. hopes…" "Those can be so inconvenient when you already love another." "I don't take it personally at all." "I'm sure… personal entanglements are the last thing you want right now." "But, you have to promise me to bring the kids in now and then for a check up and a looking after. I wouldn't be much of a pediatrician if I didn't at least offer to help you two… that way." He nods. "I would have bedded you, if you wanted it, you're certainly beautiful… and you have a certain way about you that I might find attractive, if I was not already in love." "But I am… and it's easier this way."

Enka's nod of satisfaction at the Weyrleader's words is fervent, Enka letting the pendant drift from her fingers as she settles back with both arms resting across the chair. "Well," she says with some humor indeed, "I can see I needn't have worried for my prettily prepared speech," she offers him a cheerful grin then, "as you said regardin' hopes, desires and expectations." There's a rustle of skirt fabric, the Weyrwoman crossing her ankles and looking directly at him. "I appreciate your honesty, and I shall be blunt and honest in return. I am not minded to mix business with pleasure. As you have a woman you love, and I've found a sweetheart of my own, it shall be a good partnership, I feel. If circumstances allow, we shall be where we need to be. If we cannot," her smile is wry, she, extending a hand in the Weyrleader's direction, "we shall comply with dragon need, and carry on without the hazards of personal entanglements." A pause. "How familiar is Glyith with these Western skies?"

A'ven explains, "I was in the delivery wing at Eastern before I moved here. The flying was, exacting, technical, relentless, and often. Supplies move in and out of a Weyr all the time, at all hours as you well know. He has more hours in the air carrying freight and passengers than most of the dragons in our wings." "Even now I travel more than most Weyrleaders… I consider it stupid to have such a beautiful dragon partner nad expect him to stay on the ground all the time." "That's like, having a runner that you keep in a cage. It's just not right." He chuckles, "I knew these skies before I even moved here… and that was Turns ago." "I agree, I think we have the potential for a partnership the other Weyrs will envy… truly envy… uncomplicated and formidable."

"Excellent," Enka steeples her fingers together, tapping the tips together repeatedly with the smug look of a feline-in-the-cream. "Then he will be very familiar with the skies indeed whereas Mir will not, and therefore, she will make a mistake as she has done twice now. It might not be much, but it will be enough to allow her to be caught, intent thought she might be on runnin' and hidin'," the goldrider smiles wryly, nodding. "Quite formidable, and uncomplicated, which is oft rare with a Weyrleadership." she looks thoughtful for a moment. "I do believe there will be other chasers, it is to be expected. But," and here she holds up a finger, "a gal can influence her dragon as best she might. And I shall do my best to persuade Mir to do somethin' that allows Glyith the best chance possible. I might not want you as a weyrmate, but you make a shardin' fine Weyrleader, and I'm minded to keep you there."

A'ven blushes fiercely, a rare and rather comical thing to watch. He looks a lot younger when he does that. "I will always serve my Weyr. Title or not." "But, if the winds are with us on the day… the title may still be of some use." His smile matches hers, somewhat sly, somewhat playful.

Enka giggles softly, gray eyes watching the bronzerider for a moment before she nods. "Hopefully all will go as planned." she remarks, satisfied at the turn of the discussion. "Mir will likely rise within the next sevenday or so. I'm hopin' that everything is smooth sailin', as the sayin' goes." She looks as if she might stand, but remains seated. "So, anythin' else you might want to tell me? Plannin' anythin'?"

A'ven says "Oh, well, there's Foster's Day, that's coming up. I'll probably get something for the tree. We've had some minor squabbles in the wings but I think… nothing serious. "I will be… unavailable tomorrow morning for about six hours as I assist with a very difficult eye surgery. Thankfully, I won't be the Healer on record for that one, I'm just helping…" "Other than that… things are pretty quiet." "The weather people are saying there's a big storm coming, but when… they don't know exactly."

"Heard about that happenin'," Enka nods, grinning then. "Sounds like a marvelous idea, lettin' the kids get treats and such. I'll bring Emalia, and we'll have somethin' special too. Maybe bake some little pies." There is something to be said for a Weyrwoman who makes great desserts. "Tomorrow mornin', all right." There's a bit of mental note-taking on Enka's part, and then she nods. "Well, hopefully the storm won't hit durin' the flight." That could be a disaster. The goldrider ponders such things for a moment, and finally stands. "Oughta let you get back to your work then. Thanks for talkin'."

A'ven's fond smile returns. "Not at all. I enjoyed it very much.", he says. "… and no doubt we might very well have occasion to talk again, now and then." He tilts his head, "Thank you for stopping by." He stands again, though not as stiffly this time. Something… some careful barrier has been dropped and it shows in a subtly more relaxed stance.

There too, in Enka's manner, is some relief. The goldrider swishing her skirts away from the chair legs, and dipping her head in a respectful nod towards the bronzerider. "Thanks for understandin'," she remarks, relieved now that the discussion is out of the way, and certain matters have been spoken of, and then all is well. "Talk again soon." There's a finger wiggle, and she's gone, striding out to the door, opening it — and nearly stumbling over a drudge who had been cleaning around the infirmary nearby — before vanishing outwards into the rest of the world.

A'ven returns to his desk, but only for a moment before he says quietly to himslef, "Glyith my boy.. I think it would be wise to do a little flying.." A slow smile lifts his eyes again. "No no… let's stay around here."

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