Feeding Fears

Western Weyr - Public Stables

You enter into the stables where you see nothing but rows and rows of stalls filled with well kept horses that belong to the Western Weyr inhabitants.

It is feeding time in the stables, and Kiley is among the people feeding. Though her arm is not in a sling today, she is treating it a little better than the opposite arm that takes the brunt of the weight of everything. Though luckily, she is not the only one so not all the work falls onto her but the others who have been assigned the feeding. Then they are given their instructions on which stalls they'll be tending to, divvying up the work to make sure each person has an even amount of work that needs to be done before they retire for the day. A roll of her shoulder and Kiley sets to work, attempting to use her non-dominant arm in place of the dominant one.

To call Rae shy around the various residents of the stables would likely be the understatement of the Turn, considering the young candidate, with a bucket of feed in her hand, is currently standing warily in the middle of the stable, eyes resting on a particularly tall, dark brown runner whose head is hanging over the door, eagerly awaiting her meal. A grumbled nudge from a stablehand, and Rae squeaks a little as she steps forward, bucket clutched tightly as she seems frozen in place once more.

Kiley peeks over at Raevella as she passes, smiling at the younger woman and then setting the bucket out of reach of and of the runners that may be going after. She then approaches and pats the other gently on the shoulder. "She's not going to bite. Just go in and put the food down, she'll be more focused on the food than you and then you leave. I have done this a few times already, it isn't awful, I promise." She gives the girl a gentle little nudge but follows along with her, should she start moving. "Do you want me to show you, Raev?"

"I don't know, she might. I mean…. Look at her." Rae mutters softly, even as the runner is attempting to reach further over the door, and the candidate glances sidelong at Kiley as she approaches, offering her a hesitant look and a shake of her head. "I'm okay.." She murmurs, eyes darting back to the runner who is busy moving her mouth, eagerly. "I mean, if you want to distract her, maybe.." She finally offers after a long moment of staring, taking a sideway, shuffling step.

There's a look between runner and candidate before Kiley focuses on Raev solely. "Okay." Though her tone is skeptical, she casts another look to the runner and then smiles at the younger candidate. "Sure. Here." She is then moving after the other if only to reach into the bucket for a handful of the feed. It is then offered out to the runner, open palmed to the runner to provide a distraction for the girl. "Are you afraid of the runners, Raev?"

"What? Of course not!" Rae says quickly - too quickly- as the girl steels her shoulders and pulls the stall door open, slipping inside and hurriedly dumping the feed bucket, body noticeably tense as she does so. Eyes never even lift towards the runner, and she's back out the door as fast as can be, face flushed. "See!"

Kiley blinks at the younger candidate at her quick refusal, chucking softly and then watching the girl as the runner takes the feed from her hand. Once gone, she drops her hand and wipes it carefully onto her pant leg. "Shells, Raev. Why don't you ask if you can go feed some of the other animals, have one of them switch with you and let someone else handle the runners?" She smiles and moves to fetch her bucket so that she may get to work.

"What!?" Rae says, voice high and squeaky as the older candidate tries to convince her to switch chores, hurriedly shaking her head, pushing her shoulders back as her eyebrows arch together and she glares at Kiley. "I can do my chore, Kiley." She snaps a little bit, huffing loudly and looking about as if she's going to throw a teenage temper tantrum - stomping her feet as she turns her back on the crafter and goes to fetch the bucket of feed for the next stable resident.

There's another blink for the reaction from Raevella, though there is a soft chuckle for that glare and her insistence. "Okay then. I won't distract the runner this time." The other candidate states, smiling just a little wider before she's fetching her bucket to make her way into a stall, and emptying the feed before stepping out and making her way to fetch another bucket. Her attention flickers back to the younger candidate, watching and mindful of her progress.

"Hey!" Rae protests again as she catches a whisper of laughter, tossing Kiley a dirty look under her arm as she is moving, and the girl is reluctantly grabbing the feed bucket, holding it on her far side as she slowly inches towards its recipient, too busy glaring at Kiley as she easily makes her way to notice the head hovering, until she's getting a nudge in the shoulder and she's squeaking loudly, nearly dropping the bucket as she steels herself.

"I'm not making fun of you, Raev." Kiley notes as she makes her way to the next stall. The glaring is only met with a pleasant smile as she passes. But then there's a nudge from the runner in the stall behind the girl and the squeak draws her attention. Eyes widen and she stares, "are you okay? You need to pay attention to them or they'll feel ignored and remind you that you need to feed them." She reminds her softly before moving to go into the stall behind her and empty the feed. It is a quick process and she is out just as fast, closing the door behind her and approaching the younger girl.

Something is muttered under Rae's breath - thankfully something that goes unheard by even the runner at her shoulder, the girl tugging the stall door open and turning her back to the animal as she upends the feed bucket in a quick motion, shoulders still tense as she's stepping out into the center aisle as Kiley draws near. "Told you I could do it." She replies a bit sharply, even as she's pausing out of reach of any nudging noses.

"I didn't think that you couldn't. I just felt that you would be more comfortable doing something else." Kiley smiles, "but, good for you. I'm glad you did it." The computer crafter inclines her head just so and smiles a little wider before making her way to collect more feed for the next stall. She peeks back over towards the other and then makes her way back, heading towards the next stall.

"I'd be more comfortable in the Laundry, but -she- didn't want to trade." Rae snaps quickly at Kiley, rolling her eyes as she lingers, taking her time as Kiley continues to work at a much quicker pace, eyes slipping after Kiley as she comes and goes, wrinkling up her nose a little. "At least dragons eventually talk. One of these might decide to bite me and I'd never know why."

"Who is she?" Kiley blinks and looks over at Raevella once more, pausing before entering a stall. "There were no guys wanted to trade? Normally they whine about the laundry." A shrug and she's entering the stall, carefully emptying the feed before making her way out again. "This is true. But, a runner only bites if they are hungry or if you do something to anger them. That's what I've learned, at least, from asking around. I'm certain there are more reasons, but those are the more prominent one. At least they didn't try to eat your hair." She is slowly starting back to get more feed. "They're not that bad, though."

"Stupid little blonde girl." And by little, its likely the young woman is older than Rae, no matter what she may say. "They just wanted to trade for latrines. Shards if I'm going to do -that-." She gags a little as she stands there, watching Kiley head back for another bucket, dragging her feet, and waiting for the older candidate to fetch hers before she finally gets another one, progress slow, to say the least.

Kiley blinks at the other, "ah." A slight smile and she begins making her way back with the feed. "I don't blame you. It doesn't smell too pleasant in there. But, here can be just as bad when you're mucking out the waste." The woman muses, "unless you have no problems with it because runners are animals." She approaches the next stall and pauses there. "I'll switch laundry with you the next time I have it, though. I'm awful at it and when they have me mending I hardly ever get anything done. Better to have someone who will get something done than someone who doesn't."

"Its disgusting. And I think some of them do things in there on -purpose- just to make it worse." Rae protests more, shaking her head as she lingers, finally giving the next runner its meal, dumping the grain into the trough, leaning against the door, and hesitantly lifting a hand towards the runner - a relatively small one who for now just sniffs. "Deal. Unless its my off day." Then she's just out of luck.

"It is possible that they do, knowing candidates will be stuck cleaning it. But, they don't stay around to see it so I do not really see the point of them doing so." The computer crafter shrugs just a bit and then offers a slight smile. "It could be worse, however." Into the stall Kiley goes, taking a moment to empty the feed and the making her way out. She spots the girl lifting her hand to the runner and smiles a little wider. "I wouldn't want to take your day off. That would be simply unfair."

"Jerks." Rae says sharply, and then the runner is licking her palm and she's making a little gurgling sound, shaking her head as her hand is hurriedly rubbed on her pants as she's turning and fleeing, leaving the remainder of her chores undone for now, though hopefully she'll return calmer.

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