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Western Weyr - Kitchen

Perhaps you followed your nose here.. the cooking aromas are tempting. This is the main kitchen of the Weyr. At any time of the day or night you find cooks and drudges busy making meals and preparing foodstuffs for storage for later use. The cavern has been shaped into a huge room with a domed ceiling. The huge ovens and cooking stoves line the outer wall, their perpetual fires fueled by natural gas from a nearby well. Vent holes pierce the cavern walls, keeping the room amazingly clear of smoke. The inner wall has long counters of smooth stone, carved from the walls. You see a large, heavy looking metal-clad door. This is the large cold storage room, much like a man-made ice cave. The walls are made of volcanic rock, known for it's insulating properties. The heat exchanger is also powered by natural gas.

Once again Kiley is in the kitchen! She looks around quickly for others before she's making her way to the trap door. There's a soft hum of consideration, and then a few numbers put into the combination on the door. A tug and there is no movement. A sigh and she folds her arms firmly across her chest, frowning at the door and considering in silence. Again, there is no much activity in the kitchens, the quiet lull between lunch and dinner.

After what seems like months, the ever-elusive is ready to make a proper appearance. And she looks absolutely haggard. The usually well dressed dolphineer is in a wrinkled pair of shorts and oversized t-shirt. Of course…the first place she was making her appearance /would/ be the kitchen. She looks around casually, searching for someone to feed her but spots Kiley instead. The dolphineer turned candidate plaster a smile on her face and steps up behind the woman, letting out a low whistle. "What kind of trouble you getting yourself into Kiley? Didn't know there was a door here."

Kelthero has apparently been in the kitchens all along - not puzzling over the door. Instead, he was on duty for preparing the meat for lunch and somehow got sucked into some extra duty to help clean up. So he appears from the storage area, whistling some tune quietly to himself as he pauses by a sink to wash off his hands and untie the apron he had borrowed and stack it with the other used ones. The sound of that all too familiar door being rattled catches his attention though and rather then slipping out of the kitchens, the former guard is on the move to investigate. He's not surprised to find Kiley there, but he does give Jeyinshi a bit of a startled look. "Hey you two! I'd ask what you're doing here Kiley, but I think I can guess." He teases with a bit of a smile, before his gaze moves to the dolphineer. "And it's good to /see/ you finally, Jey. What's brining you here?" There's a pause and Kelthero suddenly grins, holding a hand up in a 'stop' like gesture. "Actually… I think I can guess."

Patori is totally in the kitchen too! He was /lurking/. Also, curled up asleep behing some counter snugging a plushie. She squeeezes the little patchwork thing and eyes flutter open, and the squint. Has he been here all day? Possibly. Fiddling with that silly trapdoor, no doubt. Seems the computercrafter's obsession might be a touch infectious. He shuffles over toward Kiley, peeking up at her as he plops himself down beside the thing, and then mumbles, "Maybe it's just stuck?" There's a lift of his head, though, as a Jeyinshi is spotted from the corner of his eye, and the weyrbrat bobs his head to her. Kelthero, too, gets a head-bob, though Pat is being all quiet-like. And sleepy. Indeed, one hand comes up to stifle a yawn. Hopefully the boy actually has a free day and isn't just shirking chores.

Kiley squeaks softly and looks behind her. "Shells, Jey. I don't catch you for months and you sneak up behind me?" A chuckle and she smiles at her friend. "It was a secret and I've been trying to open it for awhile now." A pleasant little smile for her friend before attention flickers over towards Kelthero as he joins them in the kitchens. "Kelthero! Perfect timing. Maybe you can help me? I don't think I can really open the door on my own. That'd be wonderful." There's a gesture to draw him in and she's placing another combination into the door. "It may just be heavy, hopefully." She looks to Patori and smiles at her little partner in crime.

"Kelth….you know me too well." The dolphineer offers up a quick wink, and her expression softens at the sight of the guard. "And it's good to see you too. I've given up being a ghost. Or so I hope. Craft duties were keeping me away." Patori's sudden apperance earns another warm smile. Seems she's in the mood to be affectionate today. Distance makes the heart fonder? "Heya Patori. Sleep well?" The look in Jey's eyes says she's got another of those urges to ruffle the boys hair, but she resists, instead turning to Kiley with a soft chuckle. "Would I be me if I made a normal entrace? But hmmm, secret is right. I can help push if it's just the heaviness that's the problem."

Kelthero side-glances to Patori as he's drawn closer to the trap door that vexed him for the last couple of days and no doubt notices that the young candidate seems more sleepy then sniffly this day and gives him a relaxed smile. "Feeling better?" he asks all the same (better safe then sorry?), though there is no mention of the stuffy or the fact that it's obvious he had been sleeping in the kitchens and then Kiley is drawing his attention. Giving a bit of a sigh, he seems reluctant to join the excitement over the door again. "Are you serious, Kiley?" he says, grimacing. "We've tried so many times before and it hasn't worked." Seems like the former guard is still going to complain, though he's positioning himself now to crouch down and get a good firm grip on the handle. Even as he does this, he flashes Jeyinishi a wide grin and chuckles at the wink. "Well, it's good to know you're well all the same!" Aww, was he worried? Probably. But he doesn't outright say it. Instead, his focus as gone back to the trap door and he sets his jaw a little, lips pursing into a thin line. "I think it pulls open so… whenever you're ready Kiley?" He braces himself then, getting ready to pull and judging by his expression, expecting failure.

Patori eyes the door, scooting back to give the others room and be out of the way while he watches, still curious about the thing despite all the times they've tried, and failed, to open it. "Maybe you just need someone to really pull on it," he offers to Kiley, about the weight of the door, "Somebody with a lot of muscles." And oh hey, there's a Kelthero right there! Perfect. The weyrbrat bobs his head at the former guard, "My nose stopped being drippy. I haven't sneezed all day." Maybe because he's been snoozing all day, but he is definitely without hankie or the sniffles. Jeyinshi's smile is returned, just as warmly, if a bit unterrupted by another stifled yawn, "Mhm, I was watching the door so nobody would trip over it again like A'ven did. Um. But I sort of fell asleep. It was warm over there and everything." He doesn't offer to help with the door, though, being small and scrawny, but he does say a bit softly, "I can.. um, go down. When it's open." But there's a note of trepidation in his voice. He /remembers/ the joking about candidates getting trapped under the floor, and there's a slight gulp for it.

Kiley chuckles in response, "no. It wouldn't be you. We've missed having you around." She promises her friend with a fond tone before looking to Kelthero. "Yes, I'm serious. I went and counted again and I think I have it this time." She promises, "I hope." Not too certain, there. But oh well. He is taking position anyway to try and open the door, pleased by this and then nodding. A careful look over the door and she's entering the combination. "Pull." She's scooting back, just in case it does open. She peeks at Patori. "That is what Kelthero is here for. Well, not entirely, but he does have more muscles." A soft chuckle and then she's giving the boy a single look, "really? You didn't need to…" She trails off and smiles a little wider. "We're all going in. Or, whoever wants to. I am going in."

Jeyinshi laughs, "I am…and since you've still got muscles to open the door it looks like you are too." Talk of sniffles and sneezes earn a small frown from the dolphineer. That didn't sound fun at all. "I can understand why you would sleep in the kitchen. Then again….my reasons would be different." Different being food. "And I've got muscles too. I could help open the door." Or so Jey says while stepping /away/ and over towards Kiley, who gets a tight hug. The rarely affectionate Jey strikes again! "I've missed you too. And Kiley's right. We'll go together. In fact, you probably couldn't stop me from coming along!"

"Glad to hear you're feeling better!" Kelthero seems genuine with that comment directed to Patori, though his gaze doesn't move to look his way. Instead, he's continuing to stare at his hand that he has gripping the handle, his falsely determined expression still in place. He tries not to smirk when Kiley claims her seriousness on the whole matter and the former guard simply sighs in a slightly exasperated way. "Fine. One last time and then you'll have to find someone else to try, cause I'm done." Kelthero waits until the combination is entered and then hesitates in pulling even when Kiley has given the go ahead. Instead, he's glancing up to Jeyinshi and giving her a questioning look. "Do you want to help? Cause I wouldn't mind…." And then she's moving off to sneak a hug from Kiley and he's left to shake his head and chuckle dryly. Then he gets his grip back on the door's handle and gives a good pull, smugly waiting for it to simply rattle and once again thwart them. And so this is how the former guard winds up entirely unprepared for the trapdoor to suddenly yield and pull open. In fact, he was so engrossed in it's failure that he looses both his balance and his grip and the door clatters open as he drops it and promptly gets smacked in the face by his own hand. There's skill for you! Kelthero is quick to utter quite the string of curses, rubbing at his face and all out glaring at the open door as if it were totally at fault. "It worked." Is all he grumbles out to the others, though it's quite obvious it did.

Patori is bobbing his head in agreement with Kiley, "He does." Yup, the former guard is totally the muscle of their littler, er, operation. And despite the attempted bravery by his offering to go down, the weyrbrat does look kind of relieved at the thought that at least someone else will be going in too. If they can get it open. And totally beaming ay Jey some. That is, until Kelthero over there is suddenly falling over, and Patori gives a /squeak/ and scurries back out of the way, eyes gone wiude. "Are you okay?" he asks the other candidate, wincing a bit in sympathy for the face-smackery there, bbefore suddenly squeaking again and announcing the obvious, but with a tinge of childish glee, "It's opened!" He even bounces on the balls of his feet a little bit.

Kiley returns Jey's hug with a tight one of her own, smiling a little wider. "I'm glad you're more free now." She smiles and pulls back. "I'll be an adventure, yes?" The computer crafter turns a grin onto Kelthero. "I'll find someone else if I'm wrong." She promises and then turns to watch with attention focused solely upon the door. And then it is opening. There's a loud squeal of delight and her hands are thrown up in a private celebration. "It /opened/!" Another hug to the dolphineer and the computer crafter squeals with delight before pulling away from Jeyinshi and giving Kelthero a look of concern. "Are you okay?! Shells. It worked!" Though, sadly, she's not waiting to see if he's okay… She's going down the stairs.

Western Weyr – Hangout

Pure, unabashed, loud laughter. That's what escapes the dolphineer's lips as the hand smacks Kelthero in the face. For a few seconds it continues, and then she's returning Kiley's hug before Jey moves over towards the guard and crouches down next to him. "Are you alright? Got some strong arms there haven't you?" The woman's tone is lightly joking, though by the way she's ignoring the door and only paying attention to Kelthero, she might be genuinely concerned. Kiley sudden movement down the stairs is what pulls Jey's attention away, and then she shrugs. "Mmm, you two boys ready to make the trip downwards?" She isn't waiting for an answer either. The dolphineer is off!

"I'm fine, I'm fine!" Kelthero assures the others, waving off their concerns with an impatient gesture of his hand. Most likely he's being truthful. The only thing injured is his pride no doubt and it's only made worse by Jeyinshi breaking out into full laughter. But then she's crouching down next to him and his mood suddenly changes. "Yeah, I'll live. Wasn't expecting it to actually work." He explains, giving the former dolphineer a sheepish grin, not complaining about her odd way of showing concern. Soon his attention is back to the actual door, rather then Jeyinshi and he gives a nod of his head. "After all the frustration this thing gave us? Shells, of course I'm going down!" It's Kelthero's turn to laugh this time, though his is much more subdued and he shuffles closer to the entrance, glancing over to Patori. "Go on before me." He says, gesturing to the young candidate. "I'm going to close the door behind us." And so he waits, crouched by the door, looking a little impatient now to be joining the two already down inside.

Patori kind of stares at Kiley squealing over there, but the boy does edge toward the now-opened door, all curious-like. There's a hurriedly-stifled snicker, Jey's laughter being slightly contagious, but the little weyrbrat manages not to crack up entirely. Instead, he just ducks his head and tries not to look too amused, following after Kiley, but hesitating right at the top there, eyes going wide at Kelthero suddenly. "Nuu, you can't close it!" he squeaks out, "What if we get trapped?" That plushie is hugged tight, before he's scuttling back away, though he's totally nabbing a glowbasket too, and peering at the former guard, "You go first. Um. Here." Right, the boy will let the girls and manly men head into the darkness before him.

Kiley is a squealer when excited. She is down in the tunnel after making her way down and considering the small space that is not too bad for being a hidden place. There's a hum of delight and then she's making her way over to that old couch and considering a little longer. "This was worth it." She decides, arms folding over her chest for a brief moment before she is pushing from the couch and making her way around to explore. "Oh! And there's a maze." A gesture towards the entrance of it and she peeks back towards the stairs, looking to the rest of the candidates.

Jey is not a squealer….unless she's speaking dolphin. And she isn't. The grin on her face and brightened eyes she's displaying however, make it obvious that she likes this little room. The word 'maze' naturally catches the dolphineer's attention. "There's another one here? Kelth! Patori! Hurry up. It's amazing down here!" The candidate turns then, going towards the maze entrance and peering inside. "The upstairs maze might be having a bit of competition for being my favorite non-lagoon spot."

Kelthero quirks a brow at Patori's sudden hesitation at going in, though he frowns a little. "If I don't close it, someone could not be paying attention and fall in." he says in a rather serious tone and seems quite stubborn on the matter. So he simply crouches there, staring at the weyrbrat for a moment or two, no doubt watching as he gathers the glows. There's a moment of silence and then the former guard sighs and gives in. "Fine! I'll go in, then you follow." He mutters, shuffling and aligning himself to step down onto the ladder and promptly disappears, though not before taking a basket with him. "Okay, you can come in now!" he calls from below. A pause and then he adds, barely holding back his laughter. "No dead bodies, you're safe!" Kelthero then lingers there at the bottom, quietly taking in the cozy room, gaze lingering on the well used and abused couch. There's a low whistle and a bit of a grin given to the two girls, especially when Kiley starts squealing. "Glad it was worth all the frustration then." He muses, his attention still wandering as he observes every inch of the new room. Kiley's discovery earns a surprised look. "How is there a maze down here?" he asks, not moving from his position at the base of the ladder and sounding disbelieving at Kiley's claim. But then Jeyinshi is claiming the same thing and the candidate sighs a little. "Alright, I'm coming!" he says, though he still lurks by the ladder. Waiting for Patori? Perhaps.

Patori is a squeaker. Totally. He peers down, maybe half-hearing he girls, but it's only when Kelthero gives him the okay - and assures there are no dead bodies! - that he manages the courage to scurry after the others, glowbasket held out in one hand. And that plushie tucked close under his opposite arm. "Shells," he breathes once down there, promptly deciding, "I like this place." Yup. And hurries over to the couch to test it. But keeping at least one of the other candidates in sight as all times. He is definitely not about to let himself get lost down here. Speaking of lost, the weyrbrat pauses to peer, "A maze?" And eyes widen a little more, "Do you think it's safe?"

Kiley chuckles softly at Jeyinishi, "we could explore it now, if you want?" She is excited about the maze as well, arms folding across her chest. There's a glance back towards the boys as they take their time making their way down, a grin given to the former guard. "It was. Very much so, I'm glad that we were able to open it this time. As for how, I'm not sure. It appears as if it may have always been here. Perhaps. I'm not sure about rocks or formation or anything." It is too small for Patori to get lost, at least, if he doesn't go in the maze. Her smile grows wider as she tilts a look towards Patori before attention flickers back towards Jeyinshi. Apparently waiting on the dolphin crafter's say on going into the maze. Or not.

"Of course it's safe." As if Jey knows anything at all about this place. She pulls away from the maze then, flopping down on the couch next to Patori and closing her eyes. "I could sleep down here." Yay! Another strange place to take naps. Kiley's offer soon has the dolphineer popping her eyes back open again and heading back towards the entrace. "Mmm, c'mon boys. I'll protect you." The dolphineer flexes her arm with a wink before grinning at Kiley. "I'm up for it. It's not often you get to go on an adventure like this. And there's no need to save it for another day!"

Kelthero innocently waits by the ladder as Patori makes his way down. He even gives a reassuring smile! It's not until he's by the couch and distracted by the safety of the maze that the former guard suddenly darts back up the ladder and within seconds is shutting the trap door closed. He then climbs back down, jumping the last few rungs and landing with a rather smug look on his face. Gathering the glow basket he took with him, he steps further into the room and joins Kiley and Jeyinshi by the maze, but not before giving Patori a regretful look. "Sorry. I had to close it. Don't want anyone dropping in and hurting themselves." Kelthero's way of saying "deal with it". But he eases up a little and does give a reassuring smile this time. "You're safe down here though and the door isn't that heavy. Probably much easier to push open." Then it's his turn to inspect the maze entrance and Kelthero's verdict seems to be - uncertainty. An outdoor maze is one thing, but the underground one seems to unsettle him, though he's careful to mask his emotions. "I'm glad we figured it out too. But how large is this maze? If we're going in, we're going as a group." And he gives all three candidates a look that shows that the former guard is not going to budge easily on that matter. Jeyinshi's comments earn a snort of amusement from him though. "Oh, I feel safer already." He teases, before adding in a half-serious tone. "I wouldn't nap here, personally. You could miss the Hatching if no one knows where to find you!" It would seem the decision is made to enter after all and he simply shrugs his shoulders to show his agreement. "You two want to lead then?" he asks of Jeyinshi and Kiley. "You found it first."

Patori ponders the maze entrance from afar, absently chewing his lower lip and looking hesitant. He does return Kiley's smile, if faintly, though there are darting looks sent around. His cheeks pinken at Jey's promise of protection, the lad scurrying after her to the maze entrance, and mumbling, "I'm up for adventure," as if trying to convince himself as much as the others. Kelthero's darting back up to close the door, though, earns a /squeak/, and a dismayed look from Patori. The weyrbrat just STARES at him. Eyes all wide. There's even a bit of wibbly lip. Sneef!

Kiley watches Jey's progress and laughs for her offer. "Of course." A bright smile before she's considering the maze. "It really isn't. I'm going to head in." The computer crafter announces and then takes a single step forward. Attention is quick to be drawn from the maze to those behind her, totally unawares of Kelthero and Patori's thing about shutting the door. At least until Kelthero is giving his apologies to the youngest candidate. Brows lift in question before she's shrugging. "It may be really big. Or small." She furrows her brows, "we'd need something to find our way back. Does someone have string or something? Something to make marks, at least." And his warning to Jeyinshi about naps is met with a nod. "He has a really good point." A soft chuckle, "I'll head in as long as someone has something to help us find the way back." Another look to Patori and she smiles warmly, "you don't have to come, Patori. It's okay." And in she goes!

Jeyinshi grins at the guard turned candidate, "Good. You should be. Though….that is true. I guess I'll have to stick to sleeping in normal places." Oh the horror. A reassuring smile is given to the small boy and she brings up a hand. "If you're that worried, you can hold my hand?" The dolphineer seems pretty serious about it. Perhaps it's the fact that the boy doesn't /look/ like he's a teenager. But he is, so of course the entire gesture could be totally awkward. "String? I don't actually. We could use some of the sofa stuffing?" Resourceful, see?

"All I have is this glow basket that Patori here grabbed on the way down." Kelthero offers when Kiley asks, shrugging his shoulders a little and spreading his hands, palms out to indicate there is nothing else - not with him anyhow. Just before he follows the others into the maze though, the former guard notices the quivering lip on the youngest candidate and signs. "Listen, you're fine, ok? Just stick close to us. Don't worry about the door." Easier said then done, but Kelthero does try to reach out and give Patori a reassuring pat on the shoulder. To Jeyinshi, he simply chuckles and shakes his head. "You've the strangest sleeping habits of anyone I know." He muses, before frowning at her suggestion. "That could work… but we'd be destroying the couch." Even as he admits that, he's moving forwards into the maze, gaze darting around as he takes in the various tunnels leading Faranth's knows where.

Patori does not look reassured! Despite the pat on the shoulder. His lower lip even sticks out for a moment, giving Kelthero a proper pout. Just lookit that poutyface. And he hugs his plushie closer, edging towards Kiley, despite Jey's offer of a hand. Pat is totally blushing though, gaze trained on the floor even after he abruptly starts hurrying after the computercrafter with a hastily blurted, "I- I'm coming too!" And off into the maze he goes, without a second thought, chin lifting eventually as he totally.. walks down the wrong tunnel. Oops. Which way had Kiley gone again?

"If we use the couch stuffing no one will be able to sit on it. I suppose we'll just get lost." Kiley chuckles softly and looks back at the others and then moves on forward, humming thoughtfully. "That's fine, Kelthero. We don't want to take the glows out of the basket." Her hands are tucked into her pockets as she begins to wander. Patori's cry is heard and she looks behind her. But then there's no one behind her! Eyes blink and then, shrugging, she pushes onwards.

"Me? Strange sleeping havits? I've got no idea what you're talking about." The dolphineer chuckles and gives the man a small shoulder bump before stepping ahead a few steps. "I guess that really wouldn't work. Maybe we should just go another ti—Kiley! Pat!" Jey looks a bit surprised at their sudden disapperance and begins heading down one of the tunnels. Which may or may not be the one the two had gone down. "Oh well, getting lost is fun. Coming Kelth?"

Kelthero doesn't quite fall for the pout Patori has for him, instead simply giving the younger candidate another helpless shrug as he studies the first half of the maze. He's not as eager to venture in it seems, warily eying each tunnel and looking more and more uncertain as time ticks on. "Uh… hey, wait!" he calls out to Patori but is too late - he's gone his way and Kelthero is left to wander with Kiley and Jeyinshi. The thought of getting lost doesn't seem to sit well with the former guard. "Maybe we should go back and get supplies?" he asks, frowning a little as Kiley continues on despite Patori going in a totally different direction and Kiley in her own. Hey, what happened to sticking together? Jeyinshi's shoulder bump is returned and for a moment Kelthero follows along, but soon he's lagging again, gaze darting from side to side. "I'm… going to wait by the couch. In case you guys do get lost. Someone will need to get help." Yeah, that's his excuse anyways as he begins to move backwards rather than forwards. "You go on Jeyinshi. I'll see you guys when you come back out." He gives her an apologetic smile and then he's retreating back to the couch, where he promptly sits and waits for the others to finish their exploring.

"Yes Jey?" Kiley's voice calls out and luckily can still be heard in the echo of the maze. As for where she is? Well… Who knows? Wandering continues!

Jeyinshi frowns a bit and nods, "Alright, I'll see you later then." Why the frown? She'll miss him of course! Though miss prideful high and mighty won't ever admit it. "Nothing Kiley! You're alive right?" And then the dolphineer's wandering also continues.

"I'm alive! Are you doing okay?" Kiley calls out in return, wander wander wander. She is entirely lost. Or, simply enjoying the trip. Or something.

"No. I think I've died." Another dose of Jey deadpan humor. They must've missed it, right? Wander wander wander.

"You wouldn't be talking if you were dead, Jey, dear." Kiley laughs, though and it echoes along with her voice. "I keep finding walls." Wander wander.

"Yes I would. I'm a ghost." The dolphineer chuckles…and the chuckling is abruptly cut short as she runs smack dab into a wall. "OW! Who put a wall here? That's so rude of them."

"Depends on the ghost. Did Kelthero get you those stories?" The computer crafter questions. The sound of pain is met with a squeak. "Are you okay? Are you bleeding?" Pause, "Jey… We're in a maze. Of course there will be walls."

"Stories? What stories? I'm a talking ghost." A few months of not seeing anyone means that Jey has forgotten most previous conversations. "Oh! Those ones you were trying to remember? No I don't remember. And don't worry I'm doing fine! I'm not bleeding, though I think the wall is. But I still think these walls shouldn't be here. Why don't they use something nice like shrubbery instead?"

Kiley shakes her head. Oh wait! "Ghost stories. Kelthero asked me for some and I got them from Landing. The other stories… I forgot to ask the others when they were visiting me." There's a sigh of relief. "I'm glad you're not hurt." Though more laughter slips out. "Because it was made when the cave was formed, Jey."

Jeyinshi lets out a low whistle. "I haven't heard any. You should share them sometime." Sometime being now. Or when they're not in some dark creepy underground cavern. "They should've have designated better builders. Their interior decorator was obviously not very good at his job."

"Kelth still has the papers. I'll have him give them to you after we get out." Kiley replies with a rather cheerful tone. "Jey… I don't know if you're joking or not."

Jeyinshi grins. Of course, Kiley can't see that considering where they are. "Sounds good! Perhaps I'll share them with the littles during nanny duty." Oh, she's just on a /roll/ with the jokes today. "Me? I never joke. I'm glad that the same interior decorator didn't do my hut. It would have been disaster."

"You'll scare them. They can pick out the logic behind these stories, Jey." Though she doesn't seem to be /scolding/ the other candidate. There's a loud snort of laughter from Kiley. "You're joking."

Jeyinshi laughs, "That's the general idea of it! Maybe I should try it out on Patori first and see how he reacts. Though…I might feel a bit guilty afterwards." Scolding? What's that. "Imagine! Big black volcanic stone walls making a cube on the beach. And stones as decorations. Just beautiful!"

"That is mean, Jey. Those poor kids. Don't torment Patori, either. He's small and fragile." Kiley does have a fondness for the youngest of their group. If the computer was one to facepalm, she'd certainly be doing so over her friend's commentary.

Jeyinshi snickers, "Relax Kiley. I really am joking about it. I'd never do that to the poor kids." She's got a soft spot for the kiddies too. Jey /had/ taught at the crafthall for a while…Jeyinshi then proceeds to facepalm at her own commentary. Yup, that tired haggardness she has going on right now and the immense darkness is making her stranger. Well, stranger than usual.

"Right. It is hard to tell when you are serious, Jey." There's a sigh, "I think I'm going to try and find my way back! When I can determine when I'm not getting lost." Kiley shuffles about and attempts to find her way out!

Jeyinshi grins, "Is it? That must be why I'm good at poker. I've got a great puh-poker face!" Why the stutter? Simple. Jey's tired and out of breathe. But she's not giving up. "I'm going to stay in here a bit longer. I'll see you later outside then, yeah?"

Kiley laughs, "I didn't know that there was a poker face of sorts. Well, maybe I should practice." Though there is no reason for that, really. "I'll see you outside, Jey. Try and find Patori!" And she makes it out. Woo!

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