Dropping in on a friend...

Half Moon Bay Weyr - East Bowl
The eastern end of the crater that forms the Weyr. The cliffs rise to the east, north and south of you, small openings in the face are individual weyrs of dragons and their riders. To the north is the large ledge and cave mouth of the Queen's weyr, with a wide ramp and stairs made by skilled stone masons providing access to the bowl floor. To the east is the Weyrling training area and the barracks, where young riders and dragons learn to work together.

Over the course of the past few days, Nehehkath has grown bored with walking around the weyrling grounds, and perhaps Xyvette has too, for she's brought her young brown out to move about one end of the bowl instead, his progress steady and deliberate as he takes in the sights around him. It's reasonably quiet at the moment, with many in the caverns in anticipation of the evening meal, leaving time for Nehehkath to investigate this and that as they go without troubling anyone else or getting in the way. As they reach a point with the corrals in sight, he sits himself down to watch what he can, Xyvette finding a halt at his shoulder, where she leans, arms folded.

A large bronze dragon will glide in and back wing into the bowl, its rider and a verbal exchange happens between him and the passenger. With a nod the passenger will slide down and wave his thanks as the bronze goes to take off and head out. Riohra is left standing in the bowl still in his hunting gear, hair a mess and clothes soiled in dirt from his chosen profession seems he was in a bit of a hurry to catch a ride.

Xyvette is the first to look Riohra up and down, though Nehehkath soon does the same, only for his gaze to drift to the angle of the bronze's wings as the older dragon departs before bringing his focus back to the person who has captured his rider's attention. She lifts a hand - her left, that isn't bandaged - in greeting, tilting her head a little as she takes in the present stage of him, and while she might not be about to leave her manners behind and ask the why of it, Nehehkath must want to know to a pressing extent. "Nehehkath would like to know what happened to you," she utters dryly.

Riohra grins and turns the tall man having a growth spurt is now well over six feet tall, he smiles at the brown dragonette and address him "When you hunt boars make sure the ground is stable, I had one ready to spear and the hill we were on gave out." He will then smile at Xyvette "and then I got a note saying my friend got hurt" At least he left the spear at home.

Amber eyes go distant for a little bit, until focus returns and Xyvette shares, "He thinks it would be a better idea to try from the air," with that same dry edge. "Not," she feels the need to add, "that he has any experience in that department yet." Nehehkath gives a low snort and nudges against her, mindful of her damaged hand. "Nehehkath, this is Riohra; Riohra, Nehehkath." As for being hurt, she insists, "I'm not sure that cracking my own hand on the Sands really counts as getting hurt. It would probably be better filed under stupidity. Still, there's not much that can be done. Another few weeks, then physical therapy, they said."

Riohra laughs and nods saying "so I am told but I dont have wings to fly I am afraid" he will then incline his head as introductions were made "A pleasure to see you again Nehehkath, though you are much larger than last we met." He glances at Xyvette's injured hand then back to her face saying "Well a broken bone is an injury so yes you got hurt" Says the master of disaster himself "But for what I can not understand is why you would say it wasn't Nehehkath's fault? I have been around dragons for a while now and I know he would never hurt you"

"He wouldn't hurt me, no," Xyvette agrees. "Not deliberately. Hatchling dragons are clumsy though and it'd be easy to believe that it happened because of something or other on the Sands or after that wasn't my own fault. The records are full of instances of Candidates and weyrlings getting clawed or tripped up." Beside her, Nehehkath sprawls down to the ground, stretching out, only to curl up, head on his paws, and observe the exchange his rider is having. "It just means that writing isn't very easy at the moment, which… I suppose isn't really a loss, given it's not where my focus should be." She twitches a shoulder. "How've you been?"

Riohra listens to her explanation, it is clinical and well thought out like she is giving facts in a briefing, a small smile twitches at his lips as he waits. When she asks how he has been he will say "Oh the usual hunting, adjusting to life of being less restricted in what I can do. Kassala moved up to Fort so it is an adjustment, because of the back long she has had at the Dragonhealer school I see her less now than I did during candidacy." He gives her a sly little grin and winks at the brown dragon "But while your answer was thought out, framed and structured well enough, it didn't answer my question. You of all people know that words have meanings and we don't use them lightly" Looks like someone has learned from the Harper of law.

More directly than she may mean to, Xyvette enquires, "Are you going to get married?" as she drapes an arm over Nehehkath's shoulders. "I mean… not that you have to. Not that you could, if either of you wish to Stand again. In terms of paperwork, anyway, but there are ways of showing commitment without…" What was that about that sort of thing not being her focus at the moment? Old habits die hard. She shakes her head and exchanges a look with Nehehkath, who doesn't seem apt to help her avoid answering. "I'm okay," she tries to assure. "I have Nehehkath and I'm okay. The rest… my family, anything else… they have to wait now. He comes first."

Riohra again, will smile and listen patently probably returning the kindness she had to once show the Fortain with the mind full of questions. "We have decided that since the dragons seemed fit to choose us we won't leave a one out on the sands. We are committed to each other more than any law or rule could say anyway. She knows my heart is only for her, and I know that there is no other in hers." When she speaks of family and waiting he will nod saying "well We will be here for you when you do catch up. Or call as the case maybe" he will look over and regard the brown now asking "How is it? The connection, S'van seemed to say it was like a take over, but I am told it is different for everyone"

"It seems the safest thing to do, both for yourselves and the dragons." Xyvette smoothes her hand along Nehehkath's ridges, careful to avoid bumping her bandaged and splinted thumb, the motion an idle one. "It would be sad to risk resenting each other for restricting your options." It's a little stiltedly that she elaborates, "I don't mean to be shutting everyone out, but there are some people… such as my father and… to some extent, my… weyrmate… that it would be better not to see so frequently at the moment. As the latter has repeatedly told me: this time is for Nehehkath. I intend for that to be true." As for her bond being like a takeover, she shakes her head. "It's like we're two parts of a whole. Together and independent of each other. He didn't choose me to posses me."

Riohra nods and smiles "I understand, and your weyrmate sounds like a smart man." he watches her interact with the brown saying "You aren't shutting me out, at least not yet. And even if you did you would have your reasons and I would still be here. That is what friends do, they stick by you in the good and the bad." he grins over at Nehehkath "you picked a good one with her"

Nehehkath supplies a huge yawn in response, prompting Xyvette to draw herself upright and suggest, "I should go and get this one settled for some sleep, but we could go to the kitchen and see if there's anything interesting we can raid to eat after?" Whatever passes between Xyvette and her brown, it doesn't seem like she's going to need to ask his permission to leave him to his sleep for a little bit. "I've been starving ever since I Impressed," she admits. If it's an acceptable arrangement, it won't be long before she's back from the barracks, ready to go hunt down some food. And tea.

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