Dancing and Defense. Same thing, right?

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Weyrling Training Field

Near the tall black eastern wall of the crater is a cleared field. The earth there has been churned many times over by the landings and take offs of young dragons and only a few patches of grass cling to life in this active area. Wooden props and markers used to assist the weyrlings as they learn the precise maneuvers required for the rescue and protection work that the weyr is famous for, litter the training field. Close to the rimwall, in the east where the sun is usually shaded is a large wooden slat barracks for the weyrlings to live in. Tropical trees and shrubs have been allowed to grow here, perfuming the air with a floral scent.

The sun is just peeking above the rim of the Weyrbowl, flooding the training field with early morning rays. It would be a beautiful way to wake up, if S'van hadn't already been awake for several hours. At least now he can see a little bit better. Aedeluth is fed, washed, oiled, and curled up for a nap. Sev is hungry, filthy, and running. Because that's life was a Weyrling. He's on his second lap of the training field, sweating profusely (which is not at all helped by the still, muggy air, though now and again an ocean breeze will sweep through).

Fascath is awake! Alive! And he's taking a walk around the training field, stretching his wings out as he does. Catwin had disappeared for a little after her morning excercises and now she's back freshly washed. She notes S'van running around the perimeter and then looks for Aedeluth. Such a stark contrast to her blue. Asleep. Though, perhaps that's for the best. She waits until S'van swings back her way and calls out a greeting. "Working hard."

There's a wry grin for Catwin, a small bob of his head, and he slows down just a touch in order to converse. "Wouldn't wanna lose the tone, ya know?" he's mostly joking, or so suggests the gleam of humor in his eyes and the lift to the corner of his mouth. "Fascath's got the right idea. Stretch those muscles." Even if his own beast is snoozing the morning away. Oh well. "Join me?" but he knows it'll be refused before he asks. "Running is good for the soul."

Catwin surprisingly so she joins in with him. She can always wash again. "I have no soul." she says as she tries to match his stride. Nope, this isn't going to last for long. Too much disparity in size of legs. She take a few lengths to settle into a bit of a running stride. Were that it were all she had to worry about. "There is no getting out of the dancing." she says after a bit "I have no idea what I'm going to do. Hand to hand defense as well." she stares straight ahead. Luckily Fascath doesn't seem to notice anything off. She's getting better at blocking.

S'van is indeed surprised by her willingness to participate in physical activity. He will make it easy on her (or just show off) by turning around and running backwards, facing her. "That's a lie," for her lack of a soul, and he grins at her in humor and affection. The mention of dancing has him grimacing in an exaggerated sort of way, groaning out his next complaint, "They seriously want to kill us I guess." But combat? This peeks his interest. "Defense? That I can get behind. I mean, it's a good still to have, don't you think?" A smirk. "Maybe I'll learn to duck faster." A bit more seriously he'll add, "If you want to practice outside of… well. Practice. I'd be game. I'll even keep it on the down low."

The idea has merit and Cat seems to contemplate it and then she sighs "I probably need to do something." she admits as "But yeah, bows, knife, hand to hand. To protect ourselves, or others as needed." There's a slight furrow of the brow there. "I knew rider protected and rescued, but I never saw myself having to do that. Even after Impressing. I never thought about that. But now?" She shakes her head and then "I can't do it."

"No?" asks Sev, looking mildly surprised. "You can't see yourself learning to defend yourself?" Maybe he misunderstood. "I don't relish the idea of ever having to use these skills," he admits, "but I would like to have them. I would like to know that I am capable of protecting myself. Of protecting others." And maybe there's a deeper weight behind those words, for the shadow that suddenly crosses his face and wipes all trace of humor from his eyes. For a moment, he turns back and runs forward again, keeping his pace slow enough that Cat can keep up even with their size difference.

Catwin nods a little "I can see you protecting others." she notes. One could joke that hopefully he's better at it then he is of defending himself, but at the moment there's no joking in Catwin "MAybe with a bow, something with distance between me and them." She frowns a little as she tries to put voice to thoughts. "Remember the orchard?" she finally asks.

There's a bit of a smile for her observation of him, and S'van flashes a glance her direction as he jogs. Hand lifts, wipes at the sweat on his brow. There's a bit of panting as well, considering he's been doing this for at least a two laps and is likely on his third now. "I do," remember the orchard, and there's another glance her way, a curious and concerned sort of look that says he's willing to listen if she wants to share, but isn't going to ask about it. No pressure.

Again silence for some time before Cat says. "It was irrational, but it scared me." she says after a little and then she hehs a bit "Okay, hugs freak me out. Physical touch period." There's a glance towards the blue, but between the physical exertion and blocking, he's oblivious. Though he is tiring and then once he's near Aedeluth he settles down for an early morning nap. "I don't know how. How I can tolerate the lessons without making a complete fool of myself."

There's a look on S'van's face, one that says he's deeply wants to know the 'why' of all these fears. And maybe he will ask. But not here, and not now. And maybe not until baby dragons aren't really babies anymore. Because dark stuff is dangerous; he knew that all too well. "It'll be OK," is what he offers instead, a firm and steady reassurance. "And you won't be the only one who fumbles through it. That's the point of the lesson, right? To learn. But after the first one, if you want to practice with me, we can. We can either get up before everyone else and come out and practice, or stay up and sneak out." Yes. He is condoning rule-breaking. "Doesn't even involve much touch, at least at the beginning. We can use dummies, and work up to touching actual people." A sigh, and begrudging confession, "I don't sleep much, anyways," with a shrug. "Maybe the physical exertion will help with that, too." He slows his pace, dropping from the run-jog down to a walk, allowing himself a reprieve and a chance to catch his breath.

Catwin is silent as she see's the look on S'vans face, but is thankful that he doesn't push at the moment. She then hmms "Will it though? It's more than fumbling through, I mean just thinking about it makes me want to scream. Literally. If I were to do that in lessons?" Horrifying. There's a glance his way "I have noticed you keep about as odd of sleep hours as I do." she notes a little wryly "But the practice might be a good idea. I dunno. Maybe things will get better by then." She continues her pace, she has gotten much better with the running, but then daily going after an active blue can do that to you. "Maybe it will be okay, and I'm just being too paranoid about it."

"Hm," considers the bronze-weyrling. "If I held up my hand, and asked you to punch it, would that freak you out?" S'van wonders. "Because I'm pretty sure that's what the first few lessons will be. I don't think we'll get to the really physical stuff until later." He thinks. He hopes. He doesn't really know, though. "Have you thought about speaking to the Weyrlingmasters about it? Maybe they can modify things, just to help you… I dunno. Get used to it before you have to get too touchy-feely?" Trying to be helpful. And although Cat's good to keep going, Sev has met his limit. Between the normal training and now the additional laps, he's tired. "Yeah," about the sleep habits, but that's all he offers at this time. And then a total change of subject with, "I think I'm gonna go get a bath while Aede's asleep. I'll try to catch you at breakfast." Because maybe Breakfast is a thing they can do now. Without baby dragons interrupting? Maybe. "Later."

Catwin frowns a little as she ponders that thought of hitting Sev's hand and huhs a little "No, I don't think I would freak out with that." she says looking thoughful, and that is indeed a start. She does wrinkle her nose at the word touchy-feeling, but it's a silly enough word that it breaks some of her tension. "You're smart to get it while you can." She comes to a stop "Thank you Sev, you've given me something to think about." As for speaking to the Weyrlingmasters, she makes no comment or remark about that. Nope, nope, nope. "See you at breakfast then." she says and then wanders over toward Fascath.

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