A Rainy Day

Western Weyr - Records Room

A large, natural cavern that is well lit for ease of reading. Tall shelves, holding everything from old-time hides to newer printed books, cover every inch of the cavern's walls. A few round, wooden tables offer work stations, while small, uncomfortable wooden chairs give readers and refugee's a place to sit. At any given time there is at least one resident working the shelves, replacing lost books or tidying up after messy study sessions.

With weather so foul often raging, it's quite the lucky stroke to get indoor work. Keelyra was worried about being dragged along on some damp and cold transport trip, but nope! Records Room. Apparently it was learned that she spent enough time with the Weyr Harper to read competantly and so she was sent to look for certain things in the large chamber. The girl is humming and hopping from foot to foot as she squints at one of the shelves. Already there's a stack of records, books, and papers on one of the workstations.

Kiley is the lucky candidate with indoor chores, but the rather boring chore of dusting. In an area where not many people chose to go to converse. There's a heavy sigh as she dusts at the shelves. A soft murmur comes from the woman, mostly talking to herself and then she is moving near to where Keely is looking through a shelf. "Oh! Keelyra." The computer crafter smiles at the younger candidate. "What are you looking for?"

Beware! JEY WIELDS THE BROOM! Oh yes. She's got another one. But she's not chasing after anyone with it. The dolphineer is being productive and sweeping. What a nice past-time. Dressed in workclothes and a bit of sweat on her brow, the candidate stops her work for a moment, leaning on the broom and wiping her forehead. It's during this short break that Jey spots both Keely Kiley and grins, moving right on over and looking up at the stacks. "Never thought you were one for books and such Keely. Though I know you love your books Kiley. Anyhow, what're you looking for?"

"Hmm?" Keelyra stops humming suddenly and glances over at the two other candidates. She pokes at a few hides, rising dust which makes her sneeze. A spot, likely, Kiley hasn't gotten to yet. Scrubbing at her nose with one hand, the teen shrugs. "Usually never come in here, but th' rider I'm shadowin' today wanted weather records for winters goin' fourty Turns back. Guess th' Search & Rescue wings are makin' sure they're prepared." She finally seems to find a hide with the right markings and snatches it up, skimming it as she turns to head to the worktable she's taken over.

Kiley peeks over at Jey as she join them, grinning widely at her friend. "I'm dusting, not reading, Jey." She reminds the other woman with a careful look before looking back towards Keelyra as she sneezes. "Sorry." An apologetic smile is given to the younger girl. "That is a rather long time, I wonder if the patterns are enough for them to prepare what is going on with the weather now. Not too sure about weather and anything like that." She carefully moves the duster over in attempts to get the dust before Keely can get caught with more assaulting her face. "I rather hope that it stops raining."

Jeyinshi nods, "That's understandable. Once he's done with the records, think you could pass them onto me? The dolphineers' Search and Rescue unit should probably look over that stuff too. They've been training us hard to prepare." The dolphineer lets out a rather tired sigh at the thought of the training she'd been going through the past few months and shakes her head. Floating dust is waved out of her face and the candidate brings the broom up, placing it behind her neck and hanging both arms over it. A sort of scarecrow-ish pose. Jey returns Kiley's smile with a happy one of her own and chuckles softly, "Yes yes I know, you're dusting. But you /do/ like books, right?"

"I guess they can," Keelyra says, lowering herself into the terribly uncomfortable wooden chairs. Flashbacks to Harper Lessons! Aieee! The teen begins shifting through some of the records, squinting at the more difficult to read hides. "I'm just supposed to try to figure out which ones are most relevent." Shoulders rise and fall in a small shrug. "I'll, uh, let 'em know that ya need 'em, Jey," she glances over to the dolphineer. "Mebbe y'all could start sharing information like this?"

Kiley looks to Jeyinshi as she goes on to talk about the other dolphineers, curious and then offering a smile to her friend. "It is a good thing to learn, though, if they've been training you hard for that. I'm glad we're seeing more of you now." Her smile grows wider and she resumes dusting. "Yes, I do like books, Jey. I will not deny that." She shuffles over to the next shelf and begins dusting there. "I would've thought they were sharing information already. That simply make sense and is the most logical thing to do." A shrug of her shoulder and she drops down to the next level of the shelf.

Kiley looks to Jeyinshi as she goes on to talk about the other dolphineers, curious and then offering a smile to her friend. "It is a good thing to learn, though, if they've been training you hard for that. I'm glad we're seeing more of you now." Her smile grows wider and she resumes dusting. "Yes, I do like books, Jey. I will not deny that." She shuffles over to the next shelf and begins dusting there. "I would've thought they were sharing information already. That simply make sense and is the most logical thing to do." A shrug of her shoulder and she drops down to the next level of the shelf. <re>

"Mmm, want me to help you out? I've read too many of those types of records to care for over my crafter career." Jey nods at the passing on of information that will occur and slides into a chair, grinning. "Yeah. Remember I told you about how I wanted to set up a collaboration with the Hall and riders a while back? I hope to get started on that soon. But I think I'll wait until after the hatching. But it really needs to get set up." The dolphineer angle her chair so that she's facing both Keely and Kiley. She's still playing scarecrow with a broom and laughing. "Yes, learining /is/ a good thing. And I'm glad that everyone is seeing more of me too. And this info is public, so they aren't really making a point of sharing it. In fact, the sharing of info is pretty shaky overall. But I hope to get that to change soon.

"Riders tend to not like information shared. They don't want it out to other Weyrs… Not that, y'know, weather is secret information, but…" Keelyra shakes a paper slightly, "some of their wing formations and methods might be. Never know if something will get shared just before a Weyr Games or something." It's hard to tell if she's sarcastic or serious. Jeyinshi's offer receives a bit of a shrug. "If you'd like. I'm just making sure each one is within the time period an' pertains primarily to weather. Stuff like…" she reaches for a side pile — things that need to be returned — and plucks up a ledger list. "This talks about… a delivery ruined by a storm. That's not needed, but if … I find the details on the storm that day and any rescues or drills that had to be done, that's what they want." A glance up to the dolphineer, "Got it?" Then it seems she recalls something. Perhaps from earlier. "Did y'all see th'mention of the trip?" Her eyes glitter. "I can't wait! I hope th'rain lets up a little, but even if it doesn't… I've been collectin' things for a trip an' Velrich said mebbe he'd teach me to hunt. It'll be the perfect time!"

Dusting is boring and yet Kiley keeps at it as the conversation rolls on, dusting along each shelf and making sure to get all the dust off and no longer to be scooped up should someone go after the records. "Learning has a lot of benefits." A soft chuckle and her gaze returns to the dusting. "I don't see why you wouldn't be able to share stuff between the Hall and the Weyr." Attention flickers over towards Keelyra. "I'm not sure that they'd be sharing formations or anything, but it hardly makes sense not to share with Halls to help protect people." A glance to Jeyinshi, "why don't you see about having all the Weyrs do that? Maybe Holds, too. I'm sure they keep records, too." Attention returns to Keelyra and there's a furrow of her brows before she's heaving a sigh. "I wish I could've avoided another trip, but.. I look forward to whatever it is and whatever happens."

Jeyinshi shrugs, "I don't think the search and rescue wing has all that many secrets. But the thing that's most important is saving lives and how much more effective the operation could be if the Hall and Wing collaborated. Weyr games don't mean much when lives are at stake. Not to me at least." The dolphineer's tone says that she highly disapproves of unshared information. "Mhm, got it. Sort of expected something like that." Dropping the scarecrow look and leaning the broom against the desk, Jey reaches over and takes a few papers, skimming and sorting through them. "I did see that note!" Annoyance and disapproval aside, Jey seems like she's definitely interested. "Uncharted island in the middle of the ocean where we get to camp out? Just my thing….not really Kiley's." The dolphineer chuckles at the computercrafter's reaction to the trip, but grins broadly at the collaboration suggestion. "That's a good idea. I can try starting with Western and then spreading out to the others. Get a sort of system going. I'll have to think on that a lot though. Logistics and politics and such."

"N'everyone is all super logical like you an' y'can't just /say/ they oughta do the logical thing and expect it," Keelyra says, barely supressing an eye-roll. You can see her eyes shift ceilingwards, at least. "There's traditions an' personal fears an' competitiveness. People got emotions and fears to contend with. We're not just … computers waitin' to be programmed an' all." She exhales a brief sigh as Jeyinshi continues, giving a small shaek of her head. "G'luck with goin' up t'people older than you who think too highly of themselves and tell them they oughta give themselves even more work, while giving up what little use they see themselves as having already. People already think riders are useless an' th' riders know it. You go in and tell them to make sure other groups can do their job? They're gonna react bad. I seen it before."

"No. Not really my thing. Did it once and that was… Fine. I never want to see someone bite into a raw egg again." Shudder. "I can make my own bed from sticks and leaves and things in the wild. And fish and cook it, so I believe I will be fine." Kiley drops down to another shelf, thoughtful of the dust there and then pausing to take a look at some of the records though. "I am simply saying that it is logical to look out for the members of Pern, we're all on the planet so we might as well help one another out. And it isn't as if they would be sharing the Weyr secrets. It is only weather reports and stuff about search and rescue." But then she is quiet, staring at the records.

Jeyinshi frowns decisively at the sudden change in the teenager's attitude. "Shards Keely. What happened these last few months? You never got annoyed over this kind of stuff before. And it's not even like Kiley said anything wrong. She's entitled to her own opinion, as are you. It doesn't mean you can be rude to her like this." The dolphineer stops shuffling papers and sits them on the ground. Is Kiley hurt? Jey looks for any reaction, but only sees papers getting stared at. Whether Kiley is upset or not, the dolphineer seems slightly annoyed now. "I understand that you're a weyrbrat and you've been in a Weyr all your life. But you are 14 turns and you haven't seen how a craft works as closely. At least not the dolphineers. There are wings that work quite well with crafters and collaborate. I am /not/ asking them to give up work. And they already know that there is a dolphineers search and rescue division. Working together won't make them obsolete. The thing is. Whether they'll react badly or not, it's better to try than not. Trying will at least get you /somewhere/. Like Kiley siad. We're just trying to save more people. Lives are more important than traditions in my opinion."

"I'm not bein' rude! I just don't think she understands an' she said once she wants to understand better. Iff'n she'd rather not understand, then fine, but I'm jus' tryin' t'say that logic don't always work. Really, it rarely does iff'n ya start gettin' peoples' emotions involved." Keelyra stares hard at a hide. She's not even reading it. The stuff crinkles a bit from the way she holds it. "You're a Journeyman an' all, I get that, but y'all are talkin' like you can just walk up to all the Weyrleaders and Craftmasters and Lord Holders of Pern and do something /your/ way jus' 'cause logic says so. Yes, logic says we do everythin' possible fer th'people, but iff'n everyone thought that, we'd never have issues."

Kiley glances back at Jeyinshi as she speaks, offering a slight smile before attention returns to the records on the shelf, considering and then quietly resuming the dusting. Silence lingers a little longer before she is clearing her throat. "I don't understand /jokes/ that well, I can understand everything else just fine. But I am starting to understand those now, too." Then she grumbles softly, "and that is why emotions are annoying and I want nothing to do with them." She lifts herself up from the bottom of the shelf and moves to the next shelf. "She won't be going to them and telling them what to do. She'll be asking. That is the most logical thing."

"Alright. You're not being rude. But I'm quite sure she understands the ways of the world. She may not show emotions as much as others. What I know is that /she/ knows not everything runs logically as much as we want it too." Jey takes a deep breathe, letting it out slowly and leaning back in her chair. "And that is not how we're talking. We simply explained what we would /like/ to do and the reasons behind it. When we're brainstorming about an idea we're not going to bring up all the ways it might be blocked before an actual plan has been made. There /will/ be conflict and resistance. But that will be dealt with when it comes. I'm talking about what I WANT to happen, not what will happen. Ideas, projects, change, that will get nowhere unless you think big /first/." Kiley's smile is returned with a small nod. Because the dolphineer can't muster up a grin quite at this point. "Exactly. I'll be asking. Not demanding."

"I'm jus' tryin' ta explain that… y'can't just tell them to do something because it's logical. Logic this, logic that. Y'all love yer logic, but the world isn't like that and hopin' it will be won't do an ounce of good." Keelyra shakes her head and starts gathering up hides, books, and papers. There's a side glance to Kiley, "I find it strange how ya can have yer Nikolas guy, but claim you avoid emotions. Love is a pretty big one, ya know. Dragons are full of 'em, too. Be 'round people an' dragons an' ya gotta deal with emotions somehow. Mebbe," and this time she looks to Jeyinshi, trying to explain for earlier, "I'm tired of feeling like I'm not supposed to have my emotions. Like I'm /faulty/ for having them." She gets up, holding onto her bundle of information, as it were. "I'm not broken. An' I'm tired of hearing it like I am. I'm either not logical enough or I'm too young. Or too this or too that. I'd like if someone would just appreciate me for who I am without tryin' ta change me." She glances over things, then back to those that remain on the table. "I'll clean that up when I get back." Then she's making to leave.

Kiley dusts in silence, but still clearly listening to the conversation. She doesn't even respond to Keelyra's comments, staring at the shelf for a long time until she's finally turning to Jeyinshi. "She doesn't really listen to what anyone says, does she? It is as if half of what we said. We say one thing and she goes off on a different tangent about something we said but not listening to the whole of it." The computer crafter shrugs. "It's different with Nik…" A soft sigh and she leans to rest her head on the shelving unit, frowning and simply staying like that.

"That is /not/ what is being said. We are saying it's logical. When you propose and idea there have to be REASONS behind it. Those reasons are logical. And when an idea is proposed they must be put forth. It's the same in any situation. And no one is telling them to /do/ anything. I'm asking. That is how plans begin. How things get started." Jey leans back in her chair then, closing her eyes. Hey, she's dealt with emotional teenagers in the past, via dolphineer lessons. The key is not to yell and scream. As if Jey ever would. "No one is saying you're faulty or broken. Kiley doesn't want to deal with emotions. But she isn't saying that you shouldn't. No one is trying to /change/ you either. At least neither of us are." Keely's sudden departure is met with no surprise nor reaction at all rather. Instead, the dolphineer opens her eyes and turns to Kiley with a wisp of a smile. "Teenage emotions. Makes them touchy. You're right about the not listening bit too. Stubborn. And don't worry I know what you mean…." Jey eyes close again and she lets out a sigh that mirrors the computercrafter's. "..,Kelth is different too."

"I didn't do anything of that sort as a teenager." Kiley sighs softly, "this is the second time that someone has gotten mad at me and made rude comments that were uncalled for." More open to sharing with her friend when no one else is around, it seems. She peeks back and frowns slightly before offering a weak little shrug. "I can't really explain it with Nik. Maybe it is love, but I don't understand it. I do, but, don't. It is too complicated." A frustrated sigh and she turns back to the dusting.

Jeyinshi laughs softly, "I believe you. And I wish there were less drama ridden children. Then there wouldn't be accidents…." The dolphineer trails off, falling unusually silent for a few moments before coming back to the situation and nodding. "I don't know what's gotten into people. You didn't say anything wrong. And you weren't even being abrasive in any way." She stands then, picking up her broom and heading over to giver her friend a tight squeeze. "I wish I could tell you. But I forget what real love feels like. I do know what real like is. And I think we've both got a case of that….anyways. If anyone else starts being all mean like that, I have a broom to chase them with!" Jey winks and holds her broom for all to admire. "For now though. We've got both dust to chase. Let's get this done quick and grab something to eat!" And with food as a goal, serious cleaning begins again!

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