Dragons Grow Bigger

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Weyrling Training Field

Near the tall black eastern wall of the crater is a cleared field. The earth there has been churned many times over by the landings and take offs of young dragons and only a few patches of grass cling to life in this active area. Wooden props and markers used to assist the weyrlings as they learn the precise maneuvers required for the rescue and protection work that the weyr is famous for, litter the training field. Close to the rimwall, in the east where the sun is usually shaded is a large wooden slat barracks for the weyrlings to live in. Tropical trees and shrubs have been allowed to grow here, perfuming the air with a floral scent.

It's in the cool of the evening and Fascath is stretched out in the shade of one of the trees. Catwin herself is actually not easily seen, but if one were to look upwards, she's actually up in one of the trees seated in the nook of a couple of limbs. How she got up there is easy enough, her padded ladder is up against the tree. Fascath isn't asleep, instead he's looking up at the sky as the first stars start to appear in the darkening sky.

Coincidentally, Aedeluth and S'van are very near. Conversationally near. The young bronze is half lounging, his front limbs prim and proper while his body twists out behind him to allow weight to rest upon his left hip, twisting his spine and allowing his right leg to drape across, exposed to the air. S'van is spot-washing, rubbing a soft bristled brush against skin that wants to be flaky, exfoliating each area gently but thoroughly before applying a bit of oil. The bronze is content. The weyrling, too. During a change in locations, S'van stands and stretches his back, rolling shoulders and tipping his head back as he stretches straight up. "You look comfortable," he comments, unsurprised to find Cat in the tree. Maybe he was here when she climbed on up. He's certainly close enough to see her easily.

Catwin is actually quite comfortable. She does give a bit of a nod. "I am. Thank you." she murmurs as she peers down at the pair. "They are growing so quickly, it amazes me they don't really tear out of their skin." she murmurs as she then looks towards Fascath. "I found two more dry patches even after oiling him well."

"They sure do," agrees S'van with wry amusement, sparing a quick glance for Catwin before he moves back into Aedeluth. "I know what you mean. Sometimes he'll wake me up in the night because there's a patch that just won't stop itching. I try to be thorough, but no matter what I do…" shrug. She gets it. "And they're still considered tiny," he notes with a bit of cynical amusement. "Can you imagine what it'll be like when they're near full grown, but still growing and we have to keep doing this every day?" It boggles his mind, and maybe freaks him out a little. "Stop growing," he grumps at his 'mate. Aedeluth just huffs at him, half-amused but mostly bored.

Catwin laughs softly "Well, they do say they reach almost half their full size by the time they are a few months old, so they should start to slow down some." a pause "Hopefully they start slowing down." She looks Fascath over. "If he's only about half what he should be." Wow. Yeah, lot of dragon to be oiling and washing. Fascath rumbles softly « You will do fine, my Cat. You always do a through job in oiling me. I can't help but grow. » Comes his slightly chagrined voice. The mists swirling lightly, caressing. He's content and he casts an amused glance Aedeluth's way. « As if you could stop growing, even if you were so inclined." »

"Well, that's a relief," says S'van with an actual note of true relief in his voice. "Hopefully by the time he's the size of a house," and there's a huff from the bronze again, "he won't be so flaky and patchy." It's something, at least. The insane daily-scrubbing will have a fade-off to a more manageable weekly routine. "Did you see that green at the beach earlier?" I mean, how could she have missed her? "She only had a few meters on Aede." And he's a little impressed. More progression down to the malformed right leg. Here he spends some time, not just to rub at flaky skin, but to massage at the muscle there. « And I am certainly not included to do any such thing, » states Aedeluth matter-of-fact to his brother. « I will grow for as long as I please. » or as long as it takes to reach the size genetics has told him to reach. But whatever. There's a smug sort of vibration through the connection they share, and though words are not used, the distinct impression of 'always bigger than you' is clearly impressed upon the blue.

"I noticed that he was nearly as big as she was." Catwin notes "It's just a little mind boggling. They're only a few months old after all." She grins "It is impressive, but now think of him doubled." she adds with a teasing little lilt in her voie. She watches him massage the leg. "I hadn't even thought that there might be another dragon that exhibits similiar, umm." a glance bronze "Unique traits." she finishes off just a little lamely. Fascath seems unperturbed by Aedeluth. « Indeed. » He verbalizes « Though I would not be quite as quick if I had to be your size. »

"Ugh, I'd rather not," says S'van with a small laugh. "He's hard enough to climb up on as it is. I'll need a rope ladder to ride him." He's kidding. Probably. "Almost makes me wish I'd gotten a little green like Baylee." Not really, no. Never. The brush is set aside, and he kneads the palms of his hands into the muscle of Aedeluth's right hind. It's not a pleasurable experience, judging by the red-twinge that begins to rotate through the faceted eyes of the bronze, but it is necessary and endurable. "It crossed my mind," says S'van, though he doesn't look up from his task. "I mean, it's not like Aede could be the first dragon ever Hatched with a physical issue, right? But I also didn't really think about it, either. I mean… Aede is unique… I don't know what I'm trying to say, but basically yeah. It's kinda nice to know there's another dragon that had a similar issue." A grin towards Cat in her tree. "You can call it what it is. Deformity." Even the bronze doesn't seem offended by the word. « I shall grow at my own rate, and no other. » Because he couldn't if he wanted too, even if he makes it sound arrogant and purposeful. As if he had control over such things. The zing and buzz of his connection is tinged with a little anxiety for the pain in his leg, but he keeps most of it back. What he does share is, for once, not meant for sympathy but in effort to share. Fascath has earned at least a measure of trust.

There's a frown and a tilt of her head "I don't know if I would call it a deformity." she muses "Ailment isn't quite right either." she hmms a little and then shrugs. It's not the most important thing to think about. Still, this talking from tree to ground is getting tiresome and Catwin climbs on down the ladder to go and sit on Fascath's forearm. The blue shifts a little so that Cat can be a little more comfortable. He also opens himself up to Aedeluth, letting the mist absorb the pain in an attempt to disipate it. Catwin winces a little and absently ups her leg. "Maybe I sat up in the tree a little too long." she murmurs.

"Well, the dragonhealers said it was malformed… isn't that the same thing?" as deformed. S'van doesn't know, so he's gonna go with 'yes'. "Misshapened?" Is that any kinder? A shrug of his shoulders as he finishes the routine. Done, the brush handle is stuck in a back pocket to free up his hand, and he wanders back to scratch absently at Aedeluth's eyeridge, which the bronze happily offers him. Yes. Affection. GIVE IT. Aedeluth is not so trusting as to give him more than a taste. Sharing pain is vulnerable, and he's just not there yet. But it was a start, maybe? Connections snap back, screens replace them as a sort of wall, and the regular hum and drone fills the silence between them. Stand-by mode. "How long were you up there?" which answers the question from before; he was NOT here when she climbed up.

Catwin thinks about it a moment "Since before dinnner." she answers after a moment "Well, I'm no Harper to have a large vocabulary." she murmurs "But that does seem to be the same." she notes and then just relaxes against the warm hide of the blue who lays his head near Cat so she can run her own hand across his eye ridge. There's a soft warble, whether for wall or scritches is not noted. However, the soft fragrant heather once more appears. "I guess I was up there a little long."

A shrug of S'van's shoulders for the contemplation of the appropriate term for his leg. "Could always call it bitchin'," he decides with a grin. This earns a somewhat amused rumble from the bronze himself, though he's more or less perfecting his 'bored and above this all' expression, even if the first set of lids is closing for the scratching of his eyeridge. "Did you even eat dinner?" he wonders. He definitely did, even if it was at the speed of light. "Do you want me to go get you something?"

Baylee has had quite the day! And now that Myrakath is awake once more there is nothig for it. She can't say a word about it to anyone cause well it's not exactly a topic thats ok to talk about right now. Baylee makes her way slowly onto the training field with a sort of dazed expression her face. The sort you wear when you have gotten an information dump and just have to slowly process through it bit by bit. Myrakath is oblivious though. She hops onto the field and makes her way straight for her brothers, « I saw the tidal pools. » she chimes in merrily almost hoping in place, « Some of them have fish in them, then I slept on the beach. »

Catwin laughs "I like bitchin', it fits him. As Facath says, he'll own it then." she then shakes her head. "No, and I don't need anything. Not really hungry." she notes with a little shrug. "I'll be fine." she says and then there's a Baylee. She then blinks "Baylee? Are you okay, dear?" she asks with a look of concern. Fascath opens his mind curiously to Myrakath « Did you catch any of them? »

Aedeluth does seem to be 'owning' his leg. Even aside from the fact that it was attached to him and so, yeah, he hasta kinda own it… anyways. He seems to approve, even if there's no outward sign of this. Perhaps it is the absence of grump that shows his acceptance? There's a flicker of a connection as Myrakath comes hippity-hopping along, but he's not in a mood to engage her in any sort of dramatics. He's lounging. This is nap-ish time. "Alright, if you're sure," though there may be a slightly suspicious look for that lack of appetite. But S'van's distracted soon enough, glancing over to Baylee as Catwin greets their classmate, curiosity flitting across his expression for her demeanor.

Baylee hears Cats words and would dearly love to be able to spill her guts to the other woman right now. She puts on her best 'I'll tell you later' face and says, "Yep. Perfectly ok." Which is an out and out fabrication but one that is necessary for the moment. It's not like Baylee to lie but there are some things that have to happen for the greater good. And right now Myrakath is the greater good. Myrakath bounces in place as she answers Fascath's question, « No I didn't catch any of them. They were really pretty to watch though. When you get the chance you should go see them for yourself. I bet there are different ones there all the time. » Aed being his sleepy self doesn't get a greeting.

The concern deepens, but there's also a softening of sympathy for the younger woman. She gives a slight nod of her head to Baylee and then she's nodding to S'van. "Believe me, I'm sure." she murmurs quietly. Her eyes flicker back towards Baylee though "Well, I'm glad things are doing great." she notes even as Fascath whuffles « I will indeed have to see this delightful spot that you speak of. » There's a glance at his Cat and then there's a dropping of her shoulders. It would figure he would be attracted to water.

S'van is concerned as well, though he's also rather confused. That intuition thing that passes between Catwin and Baylee is SO FAR over his head it's not even funny. There's a look? He just looks baffled. But at the core, there's concern for his friend, even if she can't speak of it right now. So he just offers her a sympathetic look. A look that says 'life stuff. sucks' even if he has NO CLUE. Aedeluth just plain doesn't care, though he's not really rude about it. This is human-woman stuff. None of his business. "It seems like Myrakath liked the beach," he'll offer in a helpful sounding voice. "Aede liked the waves."

Sev is the only guy in a group of women. Alas that he does not have that unspoken intution. Baylee moves and sits herself on the ground near Cat and just stares off into space. She's listening really but at the same time trying to process everything that she learned today. Myrakath nods her head up and down to Fas, « I think you'd like it. It isnt' very far away from the beach where you were getting washed earlier. »

Poor S'van. short fall of the male chromosome. Still, Catwin more than understands about not saying things around awake dragons for one. Still, how does one fill in the intermittant silence that comes from such things. Talk of the dragons of course. Though she does cast a glance Sevwards. Course, sometimes when you want to say things, it just doesn't come out. Fascath certainly enjoys the water. He really wants to go play deeper in the water and try out the currents he's heard about." Fascath snuffles Baylee lightly and then his attention is back on Myrakath « I think I will check it out. »

S'van is not the only guy. There is Le'em (though he's a bit snooty and uptight) and there's H'yu (who… maybe doesn't count?). But as far as their group of friends? Yeah. Only guy. And he knows when he's out of his league. So when Baylee goes and sits herself down, looking distant and broody, he'll just pretend like he's invested in the new topic of conversation. He'll leave the girl-talk to Cat. As for talking about dragons? Sev nods about the currents and adds, "That sounds like something Aede would do, too," though there is no real response one way or the other from the bronze beast. Just the contented whirl of eyes and the low thrum of his mental connection.

H'yu doesn't count. Not as a man or really as one of the girls either. H'yu's just H'yu. Le'em might count but Baylee doesn't really talk to him so same difference in the end. Sev hasa sisters so he's got to understand the basics. It's less of a brood and more of a just dazed sort of thing. Though that probably is what a brood is in the end. Myrakath continues to hop in place, bouncing slightly from left to right, « I'll show it to you tomorrow ifyou want. Its easy to find though. You probably wouldn't need me to do it. » Baylee absently nods at Sev and Cat's words, "Yeah water is nice."

H'yu is… H'yu a factor all of his own. Course, so is Fascath's hide. There's a twitch, and another twitch and then Catwin is looking downright embarrased « It itches again. » Fascath says quietly and looking a little out of sorts since he was just freshly oiled. It's that point .14 meters he just grew. Honest. Ahem. "I'm so sorry." she murmurs as she slides off his foreleg "I really must go get the oil for him." she pauses a moment to look at Baylee and she herself almost twitches. She knows that most people off hugs in these situations, but sadly she just can't bring herself to do it. So instead she just says "I'm sorry and then she's following Fascath off into the barracks

H'yu is at least preoccupied with his own little green to worry about seducing anyone. So there is that… S'van's lips press into a thin line, the furrow of his eyebrows clearly indicative of his thoughtful concern. Girls. So weird. As Cat takes her leave with Fascath, there's a soft, "S'ok. Don't worry about it. It's what they do." Grow. And itch. And then grow some more. With a final little scratch to Aedeluth's eyeridge he pushes away from the bronze head and comes to drop down next to Baylee, settling on the ground nearby. He'll just offer the solidarity of support. At least that's his intention. And maybe a hug, since Catwin failed to provide it. "I'll be OK." Cause he knows enough to know that something's amiss, even if he's at a loss otherwise.

Baylee will catch Catwin up on everything later. Sorry Sev. Your a guy and can't really understand these things. When Catwin gets up to go take care of Fascath, Baylee gets to her feet too. Perhaps it's best to just call this day and be done with it. She will give Sev a quick hug though before she follows Catwin to the barracks and her cot along with the green. "I'll see you guys tomorrow." she calls to them both.

S'van will remain where he is, though he lays back in the grass, folding his arms behind his head and staring up at the night sky.

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