Talk of Camp and Innuendos

Western Weyr - Recreation Cavern

A large cavern with gaming tables, dart boards and other sorts of things to keep people amused. There is a bar on one side of the room that will provide liquid amusment as well.

When you don't have along enough gap of free time to go off and get into some kind of trouble, but you don't want to sit around in the barracks… what better place than the recreation cavern? Keelyra has found herself a table and is sitting with her feet propped up as she sips at some juice. The teen is intently watching a group of young riders play a rowdy game of darts nearby.

Idris meanders into the recreation for much the same reason. Not too long from now there are Things To Do, Places To Be. But for now, she'd rather relax and watch people be recreational… and maybe be recreational herself. Spotting Keelyra, her path curves around to join the younger candidate. She sinks heavily into a chair beside Keelyra, letting out a 'whoosh' of a sigh as she goes. There's a glance over, and a bit of a smile. "So how goes the day for you?"

Kilarden's name on the chore chart today was right next to cleaning duties. To specify, /sweeping/ duties. This means that Kilarden has found himself a broom, and instead of doing what he's /really/ supposed to be doing (what?! The floors are clean enough!), he's taken to /pretending/ like he's doing his job while /really/ exploring the giant that is Western with one little girl named Kiltara. She's right on her brother's heels as they waltz into the recreation room, the child chatting away about sunflowers, or puppies, or something that seems to be of clear disinterest to Kilarden as eyes take in their surroundings and land first on Keelyra, second on Idris. "Keely! Idris!" There's a smile, and the abrupt interruption of Kiltara's speech has the little one puffing her cheeks up, and crossing her arms stubbornly over her chest.

There is only so much watering and fertilizing that can be done before the gardens are soggy and very…very fertile. Which is why Velrich has taken to the indoors, which is in fact a very /nice/ respite from the heat outside. Wandering into the recreation cavern, the young man does take a quick look around, eyeballing those riders and their game. But then he simply moves along, hands scooping Kiltara up from behind to just toss her onto his shoulder. Potatoes! "Hey," Is offered to the other candidates…quite casually in fact.

Pale blue eyes drift away from watching the nice, tight butts- er, the guys play their friendly game of darts and Keelyra grins a bit at Idris. "Just waitin' fer the next rider I'm supposedta shadow." She stifles a bit of a yawn, setting her drink down. "Been learnin' a fair bit tho, which is pretty neat." Her eyes light up as Kilarden calls their names and she twists in her seat, "Kil! And Kiltara." She waves to the younger of the two. And then a Velrich has scooped up the girl and there's a smile for him, too. "Hey."

"Oh yeah? What sorta stuff?" Idris asks of Keelyra, her own eyes drifting the way Keely's had just left. Her expression is considering and she nods appreciatively. "Any of them your shadowee?" Kilarden and Kiltara's arrival is met with a warm smile as Idris tears her gaze away from the darts-playing riders. "How's your da-" she starts to ask when Velrich arrives and scoops up the younger girl. "Hay /is/ for runners, you know." Bad joke, yes!

You would think that given the fact Kilarden has haunted Western near just as long as the rest of the candidates, he would be used to the fact that Kiltara has her /own/ friends. Still, the noise that the little girl makes in surprise, when Velrich's hoisting her up from behind and she suffers the momentary disorientation of not knowing exactly /who/, has Kilarden's every muscle going taut. It's the near immediate giggle thereafter that has him turning halfway to face Velrich, giving the younger candidate a sideways glance and a smile that doesn't quite reach his eyes. Can you read body language at all? You scared him, and if the rigidness of muscle is any indication of what may have come, he was ready to fight. "Velrich," he manages, with distinct ice lacing his tone as he works out the sudden rush of adrenaline by turning his eyes onto the girls. A hunter should know never to scare a hunter! Or a renegade, for that matter. Kiltara returns waves and smiles, but chooses not to use her words for no other reason than to spite Kilarden for his earlier interruption. She will just bury her face in Velrich's hair, thank you very much, and let the candidates do all the talking. "What're the three of you doing down here?" he inquires, and even goes so far as to answer Idris' unfinished question as he waits for tension to ease. "I've come to find that I'm not good at anything domestic, and can't wait for the day when I'm standing on those sands so that I never have to sweep another room again. How was your day?" Don't worry, Idris! Kiltara thought your pun was funny!

Velrich tilts his head a moment at Kilarden, looking almost..satisfied with the other man's tension? Maybe not quite. He does move closer though, free shoulder nudging into Kilarden. "I had to do something. She looked like she might explode." It's true! Her cheeks were puffing out like filled-up balloons! He lets Kiltara burrow against him though for the time being, not at all bothered by the cling. Instead he looks at Idris and Keelyra, head tilting just a little..although a smile does form on his lips. "So it is.. It seemed like a good place to cool off. …The chairs are comfy." Comfy chairs are a blessing to be had!

"Naw," Keelyra answers Idris, flushing a bit as she casts a shy glance to the other girl. "Just like lookin' is all." But, really, she's happier looking at Kilarden for now, though her brow does knit slightly as she picks up somewhat on that body language. Not enough to do anything… or maybe enough to know not to do something. "Sweepin' is pretty easy. Shadowing can be hard. Some riders're happy t'just talk, some want ya to do their work." A bit of an eyeroll. She gestures to the other chairs around the table she and Idris are at, "Feel free t'sit down," she offers, before stifling a yawn. "Talked to Kh'zan for a bit 'bout how wings work."

"Well, they are nice for looking," Idris grins at the younger girl, leaning over as if to knock shoulders. Oh yes, they are indeed comfy chairs! As the menfolk flare up, Idris can't help the play of amusement in her expression as she watches the body language between the young men. She may not 'get' anything deeper than brotherly protection, but that's enough to be entertained. "Guess you've drawn the short end of the chores stick one time too many?" Idris asks of Kilarden, still grinning with humor.

Kilarden only seems to tense more when Velrich presses his shoulder into his own, carefully schooling his own expression into neutral indifference. "Well at least if she passed out from holding her breath too long, I wouldn't have had to hear any more about puppies." Eyes go to Kiltara, brows up, and the child giggles just before sticking her tongue out in good-humored retaliation. Then Keelyra is offering seats, and Kilarden doesn't waste any time in descending upon the ladies to claim a seat of his own. Before he sits, however, one hand is placed on the top of Keely's head, to muse her hair, and grey eyes are seeking out Idris again. "Velrich over there has more free days than he knows what to do with, and I'm always stuck doing /something/ that involves a broom, a stove, a duster, or fertilizer." He makes a face, then sinks into his seat with long legs extended in front of him, crossing them at the ankles as he leans back as much as the back of his seat will allow. He /does/ lean over though, to tweak Idris' nose with a hint of his old, ever-present amusement creeping back into place. "See something you like?" he asks, though not unkind, and he's settling back to focus on Keely again. "I think I would like to shadow a rider. At least if you're forced to do their chores for them, you'll have a little taste of what's to come if you /do/ land yourself a dragon, eh? And then, turns down the line, you can be the one gleefully making innocent candidates wash /your/ lifemate." It's the perfect plan! Really!

Yes. They should all aspire to /one day/ tormenting candidates. It seems like a worthy goal. Velrich shakes his head just a little bit though, hauling Kiltara with him for now as he goes to flop into a chair. He simply moves the girl to his lap though, eyes rolling as free days are mentioned. "Sure, when I'm not wrist-deep in dirt or taking care of /infants/." Sure, he seems to get a lot of days off. But the chores he gets…well. "I was in the infirmary a few days ago, even." With that smell! He eyes the girls for a moment once the 'looking' comes into play, and he shifts his gaze off toward the group of riders and their darts, smirking faintly.

Hair mussed, Keelyra gets a peculiar expression on her face, just stares at her lap a moment as she smooths it over. "Cleanin' someone's dragon would be better'n digging through the record's room for old, dusty hides." She makes a face at that, glancing up at the two male candidates as they join her and Idris. "I'd just like more days off m'self. Only gotten a couple. I think th' Headwoman might jes' be punishin' me or somethin'." A pause as she grabs her juice, taking a sip. "Speakin' of punishments… y'see they wanna send us off on a trip? Folks're already complainin'. I can't wait!" Pale gaze drifts to Velrich, eyes wide, "Mebbe y'can teach me some huntin'."

"That's right, there's supposed to be some kind of campout, isn't there?" Kilarden inquires, and suddenly all the tension that was there before is gone. He looks to Velrich when Keelyra asks him if he would be so kind as to teach her how to hunt, and even laughs. "Did you even bring any of your tools with you?" Kiltara is quite content to sit there, upon Velrich's lap, playing with what most certainly is the stuffie that Keely made for Kilarden. She leans back into Vel, enjoying the companionship that her own imagination conjures up. "This is something that I know how to do," Kilarden says, pausing, and the laughing again. "Though, sometimes I'm not exactly the most brilliant when it comes to directions. Have you ever done anything like it before, Keely?"

Velrich shakes his head faintly, although there's a vaguely pleased look that spreads across his face. "I'd hardly call it a punishment. Finally something I'm familiar with." A hand briefly comes up to smooth back Kiltara's hair. Who says he wasn't familiar with children? Keelyra gets a glance then, brows lifting up ever so slightly. "Well if we're allowed, I don't see why not. ..Of course I brought my things!" There's an almost offended stare given to Kilarden, before he shakes his head again, settling back comfortably in the chair. "I had my things with me when Jessa picked me up. I'm not going to just..leave my things behind somewhere.." Where who knows /who/ might take them!

"Nope, I've never been on a camping trip." And by her expression, Keelyra might be one of the few girls who is /excited/ about it. "I've always wanted to, so I've got stuff like a special pack an' a tent an' I'm hopin' my da'll give me a knife or something. Better'n the one I got. For cuttin' through brush an' all." Many stories she's heard, but hey… it's better than the wailing heard by some holder girls when the signs first went up. She grins at Kiltara playing with the stuffy, eyes going to Kilarden as she smiles slightly. "Should I get anythin' t'prepare fer huntin'?"

Idris shakes her head away when Kilarden tweaks her nose, laughing a little. "Gotta say my chores've been not bad at all… though I've been in the stables an awful lot, feels like. I never spent much time there before now." Grinning, she dares a wink at the boys- yep, she sees things she likes. But maybe it's with the riders, because her gaze shifts quickly back to them and she tunes out for a moment, blinking back into attentiveness with talk of the camping trip. "What kind of critters do you think we'll catch to eat? I should stow some spices. Maybe I could stow something to marinate with?"

Kilarden rolls his shoulders back at the questions, looking at Velrich with brows furrowed in a thoroughly contemplative look. "I have my bow, so you can borrow that while Velrich teaches you. Might be a little uncomfortable to hold though, since it might be too big for you." He's not being rude! He's being honest! "I have have more strings too, but…" Pause, and eyes are going to Idris. Food? /Edible/ food? Oh, glorious day. "I think you should /definitely/ bring that, but I'm not really familiar with what's hanging around this far out." He scratches the back of his head, looking from Keelyra, to Velrich, and back again. "I can't really think off of the top of my head what else we'd need aside from shelter and the obvious. Skinning knives, of course, but… Can you think of anything else, Vel?"

Velrich nods, quietly assessing as Kilarden lists items. "That's probably about it.. I don't know what will be brought already, but things to start a fire, obviously." There's an interested glance at the mention of marinating…and an abrupt nod as well. "I would appreciate that as well. I'm pretty used to cooking my own but…there's not a lot of flavor." He's getting spoiled by all these people who make food all the time! There's a sigh though, bringing a hand up to scratch at the stubble that's grown back on his jaw again. "I'm not sure what all's around here either.. Suppose we'll find out."

"Least that means you know how to butcher meat," Keelyra says to Velrich with a brief grin. The four are arranged around a table. Velrich as Kiltara — Kilarden's younger sister — in his lap, while Keely is sipping at a cup of juice. "I don't mind doin' it, of course, but help is always good." She's been considering Kilarden's offer, before giving a small shrug. "I'll try it. Mebbe th' Weyr has one in stores I could use or somethin'." She's tall, if not strong. Just lanky. It'll help, likely. "Guess mebbe we oughta ask someone, see what kinda supplies they already got. I'd hate t'be taken out fer a while an' they expected us t'just /know/ what we needed."

Lissi wanders into the gaming cavern with a box in her hands. She goes to the poker table and sets it down then nods to a man there who takes it and smiles, quiet words exchanged. "Enjoy," she says, a little louder, then she turns, seeing the gaggle of candidates, heading their way. She pauses just far enough away to be polite but still greet them, a hand lifting, "H'lo there," she says with a nod.

Idris smiles warmly, pleased with Kilarden and Velrich's responses. "Well, I suppose me and Keely can put together a variety of ready-made baggies… there's some spices and marinades go well with everything from fish to bird to the four-legged kind." She nods at Keelyra, "That's a good idea, but who's planning it? I've only heard bits and pieces, been so busy with chores and whatnot." As Lissi approaches, a flicker of a lightbulb pops on in her expression. "'Lo, Weyrlingmaster… might you know details of this rumored trip we're getting taken on?"

Speaking of little sisters, Kiltara has since taken to curling herself into Velrich's side, settling down with an arm wrapped tight around tiny stuffed dragons, and her head lolling backward. Asleep? You can count on it. As for bows, Kilarden merely nods his head. "They probably have a few lying about somewhere, but you're always welcome to mine if you find it comfortable enough." It's Lissi's voice that draws his attention toward the woman, and he greets her with just as warm a smile as he's ever had for anybody else. Hand comes up in a partial wave, but he's silent in favor of waiting to see how she will respond to Idris' stroke of genius.

Velrich doesn't move much, letting Kiltara snooze as she likes. Though he does eventually settle an arm around the child. It's more comfortable than trying to find another place for his arm to go! Nevermind that his fingers play just a bit with a bit of her hair. Lissi's arrival earns his interest though, waving at the Weyrlingmaster before perking at the questions asked. Yess…answers she might have!

"Weyrlingmaster," Keelyra greets, remembering a few beats too late to offer a salute. They aren't weyrlings yet, but they /might/ be and when you're a weyrbrat… the more folks on your side, the better. The teen looks from Kiltara to Kilarden and smiles briefly, "Glad one of ya liked it." She finishes off her juice and sets the cup on the table between them all. "Mebbe y'can give me some tips with that bow sometime." Insert eyebrow waggle? Then she, too, is awaiting Lissi's reply.

Lissi smiles a the trio and down a the little one then she inclines her head, "I'm Green Damasth's Lissi.. nice to see you all.. your names please? I don't think I know any of you.. and it might be helpful." she says with a grin. "As for the trip, nothing I can relay to you, no," she says, a bit vaguely, her green eyes dancing with mischief. She migh know, she might just like letting you all think she knows!

There's a salute as Idris introduces herself. "Idris, formerly of our kitchens… you might've tasted my bubblies in the living caverns," Of course she's got to promote the bubblies. Even if she hasn't been able to bake lately given the bustle of candidacy. "So we should just bring along whatever we can think of based on the crazy rumors flitting around?"

"Lissi," Kilarden repeats, trying to name on his tongue before exchanging his own. "I'm Kilarden. That little beast there is Kiltara," a point towards the slumbering girl in Velrich's arms, but when disappointment comes in the form of information not being divulged, he's all eyes on Keelyra. "I /do/ like it, Keelyra. Kiltara stole it from me, and I've made many valiant efforts to get them back, but she won't budge." Whether or not it's true will be left a mystery, answered only by the ability to read enigmatic smiles and the minds of sleeping children. Lissi is regarded once again by the lounging candidate as Idris asks her question, again waiting a response.

"Could probably do a bit better job of that than Kilarden, myself." Velrich speaks up! Softly, of course, but he peers over at Keelyra in all seriousness. He does move though, finally, before pulling the slumbering Kiltara with him as he stands. "I'm Velrich..though.." He trails, turning a look on Kilarden quickly. "I'll go ahead and put her to bed.." Since the little girl is already rather..zonked out. There's a nod though for the other candidates as well as Lissi, skirting around them to head out of the cavern.

"Keelyra," the teen says, glancing at Lissi. She does look towards Idris as the question is posed, brows furrowed a bit. "Iff'n they're testing us to see iff'n we can prepare… s'kinda hard t'prepare fer somethin' ya got little knowledge about." Velrich's offer gains a faint coloring at the ears. Perhaps because she's wondering if he caught onto anything. Ahem. "Well, mebbe y'both can help? I've never used a bow before, so I'll need a lot."

Lissi smiles at Idris, "I probably have, I know with four littles we go through a lot.." and she winks. She nods her head to each as they give their names and smiles, "Wull I kin honestly say I dinna have annathin ta do with tha plans.. but I'm sure you'll prove yerselves!" she says encouragingly. "I'm glad ta meet all of ya," and she waves to Velrich as he takes the little one out, a smile on her face. Awwww.

Idris beams back at Lissi. "Bubblies are popular with the young ones." Saying this, her gaze drifts to Velrich as he carries Kiltara and the stuffie out. Idris shakes her head in amusement, chuckling lightly at Keelyra, "Guess they were a good notion, huh? We /could/ get you another one," she offers Kilarden. "Can't guarantee any colors though you strike me as…," Brown eyes settle on Kilarden, expression considering, "the patchwork sort. Agree, ladies?"

Woah, wait a second. Pern to Kilarden! Pern to Kilarden! He catches the exchange between Keelyra and Velrich, noting the blush that follows after words, and the recovery thereafter. "Did I miss something?" he inquires, polite as always, but Velrich is rising to leave and opting to take Kiltara with him. Brows furrow at the notion as Kilarden leans foward, almost as if to leave with the other candidate or take his little sister from him; whatever the motion might suggest, it's clear that he's uneasy with the man taking the child away. He doesn't intervene, instead closing his eyes for a moment. When he opens them again, he's smiling, relaxing back into his previous position and the new banter. "Patches?" He sounds incredulous! "Are you suggesting that I look /poor/, Idris? You wound me." Lissi's comments and cooing of the sister are also noted, and with sincerity, he's telling her, "It's good to meet you too. Even if you aren't as helpful as one might have hoped." It's good-natured! Really! Hopefully it will be received as such.

"Nice t'meet ya too," Keelyra says to Lissi. Likely, depending on how long she's been WLM, she's seen Keely sneaking around in past Turns to listen in on lessons. It was, ah, just future planning! Yes. The girl looks at Idris with somewhat wide eyes, specially at Kilarden's incredulous reply. She coughs briefly, "Mebbe I can… ah, come up with something properly suitable… An' I promise it won't be pink like Kelthero's."

Lissi glances to the door then smiles, "Well.. I should get going, a lot ta do in the next few weeks..and ya'll gotta adventure to plan!" she chirps at them. "Be careful.. look out fer each other.." she says as if it /could/ even be dannnngerous. Dun dun dunnnn. "See you all when you return.." brow waggle.

"No no, I mean patchwork like you've all the best mixed together. Like the bottom of the fabric barrel, you know, all the little pieces make up the best stuff." Yes, let's try to explain and make even more of a potential muddle! Idris stumbles around trying to explain. Once Keelyra speaks up, though, Idris latches on to a tangent. "Pink /is/ all the rage right now. Maybe we /should/ give him pink. Maybe Kiltara will want that one, then, and he can have his little two-fer back!" Lissi is given a pondering look, lips pursing consideringly. "Adventure can be good…"

Did Keelyra just cleverly dodge Kilarden's question by jumping on Idris' change in topics? You are getting the /eye/ miss, and Kil is wracking his brain for any plausible reason that events may be unfolding with /blushes/. He spares her his questions, for now, turning his attention back onto Lissi. "I always look forward to a good adventure. You can count on me looking after these two, though." Speaking of these two, eyes go to Idris and Kilarden /laughs/. "Easy, Idris. I /do/ have a sense of humor, you know. Though not if you give me a pink dragon. I think the only thing a man will never find funny is the color pink." Talk about de-manning.

Cleverly or just by happenstance? It's never a certain thing with Keelyra. She might be a conversation ninja or just stumbles her way along. The world may never know. She watches the Weyrlingmaster depart with a knitted brow. Fingers tap-tap-tap on the edge of her chair as she looks from Idris to Kilarden. Lips pull in a bit of a smile, but fortunately it's not a wicked one. "I'll come up with somethin' that ain't pink and ain't too mockingly manly," like Velrich's, "fer ya. I promise."

All Idris has for Kilarden is a pssssshh. "Like we need some big strong /man/ to look after us- why, I'm pretty sure I'm older than you!" There's a gleam in her eyes, humor tempered with challenge, and she snorts at Keelyra. "Special favors for Kilarden, huh? What if all that's left in the barrel is pink? What're you gonna do then?" Ooooh, what a tease!

"You could always put it in an apron," Kilarden offers, "shooting an arrow into one that looks like Velrich." There's a mischievous smile to make up for Keelyra's lack of wickedness, and then brows are arching toward his hairline as Idris says those simple words. "Older than me?" he inquires, and much like a cat stalking its prey, he's leaning forward languidly slow. On his feet, he simply moves to Idris' chair, placing both hands on either side of her to trap her as he leans in /much/ too close, "But not stronger." And then? He's scooping the woman up with one arm, hauling her over his shoulder as he turns on Keelyra and stalks towards /her/. "Having the same sentiments?" he inquires, fighting laughter until he's right on her and leaning down to heft her up just as easily. Yep! Keelyra goes over the other shoulder, and while it's clear that there's /some/ strain to lifting both women this way, he's got the muscle to pull it off. "Come along, girls. I think the barracks are calling our names." And he will promptly exit stage right! Candidate barracks, here they come!

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