Feeding and Swimming

Western Weyr - Kitchen

Perhaps you followed your nose here.. the cooking aromas are tempting. This is the main kitchen of the Weyr. At any time of the day or night you find cooks and drudges busy making meals and preparing foodstuffs for storage for later use. The cavern has been shaped into a huge room with a domed ceiling. The huge ovens and cooking stoves line the outer wall, their perpetual fires fueled by natural gas from a nearby well. Vent holes pierce the cavern walls, keeping the room amazingly clear of smoke. The inner wall has long counters of smooth stone, carved from the walls. You see a large, heavy looking metal-clad door. This is the large cold storage room, much like a man-made ice cave. The walls are made of volcanic rock, known for it's insulating properties. The heat exchanger is also powered by natural gas.

Lunch is being prepared and Kiley is not out serving, instead, helping prepare the food. There is a delighted hum as the woman helps put together the tray that will be making its way out to the tables for consumption. And, she isn't even eating any of the food that she works on. It goes without saying that the kitchen is bustling with activity: candidates and kitchen workers alike, all at work attempting to get lunch done perfectly, on time, and properly.

Zi'on heads into the kitchens. It's clear the bronzer has been outside running around doing who knows what. He's all sweaty and generally damp. And he probably doesn't smell that fresh either. That doesn't stop him from heading into the kitchens like he owns the place though. He uses his shirt to towel off his face. "I need lunch for Enka," he tells no one in particular. Until he spots Kiley, sliding over her way. "Hey. Can you hook me up with lunch?" As in, do what you're doing, only do a little off to the side, too. So he can take it.

Patori is stealthing! Actually, he is just in here peering at that trapdoor again. Or the rug it's under. Whatever the candidates used to cover it up. He's eyeing it with no small amount of trepidation, and a little bit of curiosity. Occasionally, tiny glances are sent to nearby cooks. At least he's loitering out of the way. All the bustling has him hugging that ever-present patchwork plushie closer to his chest, tucking the thing under his chin and scooting aside as somebody with a tray wanders past. Spotting the Kiley and the Zi'on over there, the boy begins wandering thattaway, bobbing his head and peeking, "What's for lunch?" Maybe he's hoping to nab something too. Or maybe he just has a free day and no real friends, and is bored. Either way.

A free day means a beach day for Jey. It also means that she's going to need an immense packed lunch. And that's what brings her here. KITCHEN RAID! The dolphineer strides into the kitchens all dolled up in her…black wetsuit. No spotting Taki or Luna, her usual lunch bearers, the woman wanders a bit aimlessly around the kitchen, stopping next the little group. "I need a packed lunch too. Though mine should already be ready somewhere…" There's another quick glance around. Still fruitless.

Kiley blinks over at Zi'on, offering a smile. "Okay. Do you have anything that you want specifically?" The computer crafter drifts away to fetch a plate to put something aside for the bronzerider. And then she's peering at Patori as he joins them, brows lifting a bit. "I guess I could make you a plate, too, if you want." Unable to resist Patori-cuteness, she agrees. And then there is Jeyinshi as she enters looking for lunch and then the woman chuckles softly and fetches another two plates. "What do you want, Jey?" At least they cooked a lot to replace what the woman is giving out.

Zi'on spys a Pat as he wanders closer. Zi'on considers him a friend! So he has at least one. Though with him being a candidate and Zi'on being a rider things were a little difficult. "Hey Pat. Whassat?" He points to the plushie. Where's his!? Oh the sadness of not being a candidate. There was little wonder why the headwoman was as crazy and broom-chasing as she is, with all these special orders. "Uh… I dunno. Whatever really. Some fruit… maybe a couple of sandwiches… Nothing hot, since she'll have been on the sands all morning." Normally Zi'on would just be getting his lunch in the caverns anyways. There better be enough for everyone there!

Yay, Pat has a friend! Poor boy, must be why he's hovering. Patori hugs his plushie closer and mumbles all shy-like, at Z'ion's question, "It was.. um. A gift. From, um, some other candidates." He shifts his weight from foot to foot, "I guess they made the mfor a lot of people." And he totally is peeking over and making a cuteface at Kiley, bobbing his head quickly about the lunch and asking the computercrafter, "Did the sweetrolls come out of the ovens yet?" Aha. Maybe /that's/ why he's been loitering around the kitchen. He must have smelled something delicious in particular. The boy looks way too enthusiastic about the possibility of pastry, though. Patori's attention is caught by Jeyinshi, when the girl enters the kitchens, and there is some distracted staring at her, eyebrows going up significantly, Pat asking a second later, "You're going swimming?" Curiosity, he has it.

"Double helpings of everything. If there's enough. If not…single helpings of everything." The dolphineer chuckles softly and settles down on a stool. "We might need more plates." Because of her. Her eating habits might one day make her the target of any broom-chasers. Though Jey had a desire to chase people with brooms herself. Patori's question earns a smile, slightly evil perhaps. "I am going swimming. And considering we're going on an island trip soon I think you should come with me."

"Alright." Kiley is moving to fill one plate for Zi'on, humming softly to herself as she works. The plate is finished and covered appropriately and slid over towards Zi'on with a grin, "she's lucky that you're looking out for her and making sure she has a good meal." Attention flickers over towards Patori and she considers him for a moment before looking to Zi'on, "we all got some. It was interesting." The younger candidate's question is considered and then the plate is taken. A few sweetrolls are put on along with some fruit and then she's scooting it towards Patori. She smiles at Jeyinshi, "I'll get you another plate, then." Another plate is fetched and she begins to pule up the food. "You should probably get some basic lessons with Jey."

Zi'on nods to Patori. "Yeah? That's neat. I couldn't ever make something like that. I dunno if there was anyone talented like that in my class." He looks around at the mention of sweetrolls. "They made sweetrolls? I'll be needing a couple of those, too…" It's no secret that Zi'on has a sweettooth. Maybe that's why he likes Enka so much? He peers at Jey. "How are you not like out to here?" Maybe it's all the swimming? Zi'on was kind of a picky eater. The bronzer picks up a piece of sliced meat from one of the trays and takes a bite from it. He raises a brow to Patori. "You can't swim?" Then he looks to Kiley and laughs. "I guess. If it wasn't me it'd be someone else. There are benefits. Well, for me there are, at least."

Patori is totally hovering near Zi'on and Jeyinshi while they all wait for poor Kiley, who is getting plates of food for them. Pat's been loitering in here awhile waiting for the sweetrolls to get baked, and his tummy gives a little growl, probably because he's missing a proper lunch out in the caverns. Good thing there is a Kiley! He gives the computercrafter the biggest, sweetest smile when she brings over his plate with sweetrolls and fruit, the boy adjusting his hold on that ever-present patchwork plushie, in order to grip the plate properly. He tucks the toy under an arm, and bobs his head wit ha soft little, "Thanks," to Kiley. Though her and Jeyinshi's suggestion of learning to swim has the boy going slightly pale. "I.. um. Don't," he mumbles in answer to Zi'on, briefly catching his lower lip between his teeth and then adding quickly, "M- maybe after I eat." It's probably a wonder he isn't scurrying off to escape now that he's acquired his noms. But the boy lingers, possibly the reminder of the upcoming trip having him hunching shoulders and adding, "I guess I should," under his breath.

Jeyinshi nods, "My plushie had a dolphin fin on the back of it." And she totally loved it. "I'm trying to eat light before I swim. So two plates should be plenty." So how many plates is heating heavy? "It's the swmming. When you've got a hyperactive child as a dolphin partner, you just sort of need all the extra calories." When Kiley brings the plates, Jey attempts to do one of those cute looks like Patori….and utterly fails. Nope, she can't bring herself to do those things. Instead she settles for smiling. "There'll be dolphins Pat. I can at least gurantee Sungie will be there. And we'll practice in the shallows. Learning to swim now is better than being forced to out there. I'm holding you to the after eating thing though." Well, she'll try and hold him to it."

Kiley peeks at Zi'on and then heaves a soft sigh, fetching more sweetrolls to add into is lunch. "There you go, Zi'on. And, that is true. But, you're her boyfriend and you are taking good care of her." A shrug before she grins widely, "so, she's lucky." Simple logic, it seems. She smiles in response to the smile that Patori gives her, leaning over to pat him gently upon the head. "You're welcome, Pat." A soft chuckle and the plate she fills is settled down before she's snagging another plate to fill with food. "It'd be best so we don't have to worry if you go into the water or we have to swim somewhere." A careful look to Jeyinshi and she lifts her brows. "Two plates is light? Really? I worry about you." A chuckle and she finishes with the next plate, packing them both up to offer to the dolphineer.

Zi'on nods to Patori. "It's not real hard once you get used to bein' in the water. I learned how when I was real little. Since I lived on an island most of my life and all, made sense. I like to swim. Enka thinks I should be lifting weights though, so now I'm doing that instead." Zi'on is just a little whipped. Just a little! He peers at Jey. "Ya aren't gonna eat all that then try to swim, are you? You'll get a cramp and sink like a stone. The dolphins will have to rescue you." The bronzer grins to Kiley as she bring him over some sweetrolls. The bronzer wraps an arm around her shoulders and gives her a squeeze. "I'll put in a good word for you with my old lady."

Kelthero slips into the kitchens with the movement and appearance of someone trying to escape the busier caverns and not having much success. Not that the kitchens would be any quieter, but that doesn't seem on the forefront of the former guard's thoughts at the moment. Having just finished assisting a bluerider most of the morning, he had hoped to snag a quick lunch and flee before the worst of the crowds. Alas, luck doesn't favor him today - so perhaps a certain door had crossed his mind. But then snippets of familiar voices catch his attention and with a curious glance about the kitchens, his suspicions are confirmed - friends are close by! Friends with food! Even better! Kelthero approaches with a smile that hints at relief and a bit of a half-wave, half-salute to go with it. "Hey! Didn't expect to find all of you in here for lunch." He says, chuckling. "Mind if I join you?"

Pat totally blushes at the pat on the head, but simply smiles at Kiley, all cute-like. Thew boy could totally be a brat with a cherubic little face like that, if he weren't so cluelessly innocent. Clearly, someone needs to bring him over to the side of mischief. "A fin?" Patori peeks at Jeyinshi from behind a sweetbun, scooting over out of the way to plop down on an empty stool and tuck his feet behind the rungs. Plate in lap and plushie under an arm, he sits there and nibbles. There is soem boggling, though, at the girl's claim of eating light, the weyrbrat just staring at those plates and then mumbling, "Swimming sure must be.. hard work." He doesn't look ay more enthusiastic for this, but it seems he's finally giving in. That threat of the campout must have done it. At least he's listening to their advice now. He does brighten slightly at mention of dolphins, "Really?" and one could almost see the little sparkle of curiosity behind his eyes, "Are they going to help teach?" Oh yes, this he can get faintly enthusiastic about. "I can't do wither," he informs Zi'on quietly, about swimming or lifting weights. Alas, smal land scawny. And eats nothing but sweets. Tsk. Kelthero's entrance has the weyrbrat bobbing his head to the former guard, and offering a, "Hi," in greeting, "I was waiting for sweetrolls." And now apparently for swimming lessons, as Jey is glanced at and Pat hides behind the sticky bun, nibbling it veery slowly.

"You're right. It should be 3 plates. That's light. Two plates is /very/ light. And don't worry. I don't get heartburn." With a light laugh, the dolphineer takes the pack, settling it in front of her and gently resting her chin on the top. "Look at this self control. I'm not even eating anything right now." Zi'on's warning earns a laugh and wink. "Who's the dolphineer here? I know good swim habits so you don't worry either. It's packed for me to eat later, during a break." Speaking of boyfriends…"Kelth. Course not. I'm just picking up packed lunch. Heading out for a swim. /With/ Patori later." The ex-guard gets one of those few soft smiles the dolphineer gives out. Then her attention is back to the slightly enthused weyrbrat. "Yup. The dolphins will help teach. They'll probably do most of the teaching really. And don't worry. Swimming gives you muscles. All my brothers have 6 pac abs." She is very proud of the fact for whatever reason. The slow nibbling is watched carefully. Seems like Jey has every intention of staying until he's finished. No escape!

Kiley is caught by a Zi'on! And the computer crafter laughs, leaning over to wrap her arms around him and giving a quick hug. "I don't think that she will much appreciate you calling her old." A soft chuckle and she pulls back, shuffling away and then peeking over as Kelthero approaches. "Hey. I'm working… I was setting up the trays to go out." But then everyone wanted food. Needless to say, she's no longer working at the moment. "Swimming isn't that hard. It is actually pretty easy once you get used to it." A glance towards Jeyinshi before looking to Patori. "I think the dolphins help, if I recall what Jey said before." Another shrug and the woman drifts away to set the partially emptied tray to where it can be taken out. Then, she's turning and giving a firm look to Jeyinshi and holding up two fingers. "Only two. Shells." A shake of her head and the plates are offered out to the other woman.

Zi'on gives a nod to Kelthero as he joins their little group. "Hey Kel. How's it hangin'? I'm not eating lunch here either. Just picking something up for Enka and myself before I go pull her off the sands for the afternoon. It's too hot out there this time of day." The bronzer is carefully wrapping up the food that Kiley has so graciously provided, putting things into containers if need be so he can pack them all into a bag. "I can't really lift either. But I'm getting a little better. I still swim, just not as much." He peers at Jey. "Just don't let me find you floating face down in the water later. That's all I'm sayin'." The bronzer lifts his shirt. "I don't really have too much muscle." He tightens up his abs. Maybe there's a six pack there? He grins to Kiley. "No, probably not. Not that she's really that old anyways." He finishes up the packing and lifts the bag from the table. "I should go find her, speaking of. Before she wanders over here. See ya, all."

There's an amused snort from Kelthero when Patori mentions waiting for sweetrolls. "I'm not surprised." He muses, giving the younger candidate a crooked smile as he somewhat squeezes in - obviously closer to Jeyinshi, or as close as he can manage. There's no comment on her eating habits, though his smile does widen into a grin and he's obviously trying not to chuckle. Instead, he gives a slight cough, as if clearing his throat. "Smart idea with the packed lunch. And swimming lessons, huh?" There's a quick side-glance to Patori and then his attention focuses back on Jeyinshi. "Sounds like fun. If I'm not needed later, maybe I'll pop by and visit? Been awhile since I've seen Sungie." Glancing to Kiley, he chuckles a little. "Ahh, so you're actually here on duty then? Or was, rather." There's a bit of a guilty look then, as he spies the partially emptied tray and the other plates of food. "There uh, wouldn't happen to be something I could grab in here, too?" he asks. "Just point it out. I'll serve myself." There's a friendly enough grin given to Zi'on, though Kelthero quirks a brow a little at the greeting. "I'm doing well." He simply answers, though he has to bite his lip to refrain from commenting on the muscle part, as tempting as it is. But then the bronzerider is moving on and he can relax. "Have a good lunch!" he calls out.

Patori disbelieves Jey about eating light, he does, giving those plates a bit of a dubious look, but contenting himself with nibbling on his sweetbun. And maybe hunching down a little at the reminder that he isn't getting out of swimming lessons so easily, the boy asking Jey, "It does?" with a look down as his own scawny, twig-like self. No muscles there! Or barely any. "You should come swimming too," this suggested to Kiley and Kelthero. If there's more of them, there's less liklihood he'll get swept away in the waves, hopefully. Weyrbrat logic! A head-bob and a, "Later," is mumbled to Zi'on, the boy tlting his head and watching the bronzerider go before asking the others, "I wonder if we impress.. if we'll get all muscley too. I mean," he shifts slightly in his seat, "It always looked like a lot of hard work. The weyrlingmasters in Telgar made people run laps around the bowl and they were always climbing their lifemates to oil and wash them." He does sound as if he likes the idea of this. Then again, with Jey watching him like that, he's totally nibbling the sweetroll a little faster. Kelthero's smile is returned, but Pat has to mumble, "I don't know. I sink like a stone. I don't think it would be fun." Pout. Then again, possibly his only experience with swimming would have been when the bigger boys pushed him in the water.

"Yes motherrrr." The dolphineer laughs easily and winks before taking the plates and sliding them into the pack she usually uses to carry her lunches. "Where would I be without you?" Zi'on's warning gets a good natured eyeroll and chuckle. "Yessir! Don't need search and recue workers getting rescued. Have a fun afternoon though, see ya around!" The muscle show seems to have little effect on the dolphineer. She sees shirtless men on the beach all the time. Many of which she would rather /not/ see. A wave is sent after the departing rider and then the candidate turns back to the rest of the conversation. "Please do! Sungie misses you." As does the dolphineer, but that's not going to be said aloud. "It does give you muscles. And you are /not/ going to sink like a stone. No one's sinking. But it'd be nice if you all came down." Running laps? Jey makes a face at the thought and sighs, "I don't like running at all. I'm meant for the water not for land. But I guess it would get us in shape if we Impressed."

"No, she isn't old at all. Unless you think I am old, too." Kiley teases but then waves a farewell for the departing bronzerider. Rather than continuing work, she is snagging a meatroll to nibble on while turning to consider the others. A glance between dolphineer and the guard with a smile that is hidden behind the meatroll. "I'd like to see Sungie soon, too. That would be fun." To Kelthero she nods, "For the most part. I think I'm done now, no one has come over and told me to get back to work or put a tray in front of me." A glance around before she's snagging another plate and filling it before handing it over to the guard. Even if he said he would serve himself. Oh well. Then she goes back to nibbling on her food. "I suppose I could come along, I enjoy swimming." A thoughtful tilt of her head as she considers Patori and she nods, "dragons seem like a lot of hard work, but, that's what we signed up for." Jeyinshi's comment earns a coloring of her cheeks, shaking her head and laughing softly before she returns to nibbling on her meatroll.

"Oh, it's not that hard to swim." Kelthero ends up scoffing, rather then making the comment as reassuring as intended. Then again, this is advice coming from someone born and raised in a fishing cothold. He does give Patori a bit of a grin though, followed by a good-natured chuckle. "I'd imagine we'd get some toning, at the very least." He admits with a thoughtful frown. This is not something the former guard had considered - not that he'd have to, with the way he's built already. "Well, I guess I could join you two when you have your lesson then." Kelthero offers before glancing back to Jeyinshi and pausing a moment before giving her a knowing smile. "Tell Sungie that I miss him too." He can't help but laugh though at the face the dolphineer makes. "I doubt we'll just be doing running. Patori had it right… basic care is a workout of itself I bet. Forget running all together." He gives a shrug of his shoulders then, before turning to Kiley. There's a look of surprise when she fills a plate for him, but his smile is grateful. "Thanks!" he's polite enough to say before all but digging in and stuffing his face. Boy, somebody is hungry! He's careful to keep an ear on the conversation though, and there's a bit of a curious given to Kiley when she blushes. Nothing is said though, since he seems focused on devouring his lunch and has enough manners not to speak with a full mouth.

Patori totally has to stifle a snicker for Jey calling Kiley mother over there, and looking dubious for the assurance that he won't sink like a stone. Clearly, the boy will have to see it to believe it, but he does nom his sweetroll faster at least. "You should," Patori bobs his head to Kiley, about coming to swim. He'll probably hide behind her all shy-like and try not to squee at the dolphins. He has to nod agreement about dragons being hard workm too, murmuring a soft, "It's worth it though. My parents wouldn't give up being riders for /anything/." He doesn't look like he believes Kelthero either, about the swimming, being easy that is, but he stuffs the rest of the sweetroll in his mouth and munches instead of protesting that he can't. He lives on an island - he has to learn to swim /sometime/. Plus, all the peer pressude has kind of worn away any protest he might make. He'll just sit there nibbling till Jey heads out, following after the others like a little puppy, likely.

"We'll be doing heavy lifting, my friend said. He Impressed in Xanadu and scolded me when he saw my arm in the sling." Kiley chuckles, "so I know that we'll be using both arms." The computer crafter continues to nibble until the meatroll is gone entirely. "Not a problem. I've been getting food for everyone so far as they've been coming in. And now Jey is calling me mother." Cheeks color a little more and she's shuffling over to gather some fruit for herself. "I will, then. I think they'll let me off so that'd be fun to do." A careful look at Patori and she nods, "everyone is saying that it is worth it." She too, waits until Jeyinshi is going out and following along after.

Kelthero busily makes short work of the lunch Kiley set out for him and in record time, the plate is clean and he gives a satisfied sigh. "Shouldn't have skipped breakfast." He mumbles, half apologetically as he sets the now empty plate aside. There definitely won't be any swimming for him for a bit, though that hasn't changed his plans it seems. "Well, if I'm to join all of you for a swim, I guess I better head back to the barracks then first." Even as he says this, he's pushing away from where he had settled, lingering only because a comment from Kiley keeps him from outright leaving. "Well, that's good to know then." Kelthero muses, chuckling a little to himself. At the mention of the food, he grins. "Thanks again, eh? For the lunch, that is. Hit the spot!" He hesitates again, gaze sliding over to Jeyinshi and lingering there for a moment before he shakes his head a little. "Swimming it is then. I'll meet you guys down at the lagoon." While Jeyinshi gathers her packed lunch and slips out with Kiley and Patori to the lagoon, Kelthero keeps to his word and slips away to the lower caverns, meeting up with them later but still joining in and swimming, as promised.

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